EBWF Shows & You - Please Read

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EBWF Shows & You - Please Read

Post by Ashlee » Mon May 14, 2012 5:34 pm

EBWF has one show per week, including six PPVs a year:
January - Royal Rumble
March - Wrestlemania
June - King of the Ring
August - Summerslam
October - Fanniversary
December - Christmas Eve of Destruction

Warfare is kayfabe scheduled on Monday and PPVs are kayfabe scheduled on Sundays with the deadline at 12:01am Tuesday Morning. There will be no Warfare the week of a PPV.

New cards are posted with the results. If results are delayed for any reason updates will be posted on the OOC Shoutbox.

Results Guidelines
-Warfare Deadline is Tuesday morning 12:01am, unless otherwise stated on the card.
-There is a countdown timer on the EBWF Boards notating the deadline.
-If you no show your Warfare match without notice, you may be scheduled on the next card in a Show or Go match.
-Warfare segments must be written in past tense.
-Mauro Ranallo & Nigel McGuinness are your announce team for Warfare. You may use any other wrestling interviewer to conduct your segments.
-Christy Hemme is the EBWF in-ring announcer
- You need consent to assault/use other character. Please PM Ashlee or Ben or consult the handler of the character you wish to work with.
-You may request a Warfare match at any time. Please PM Ashlee or Ben.

1. Ashlee & Ben must be made aware of "fixed" matches at least 72hrs before deadline.

2. If your match is fixed, you must write it yourself.

3. Intent to "fix" a title match must be reported to Ashlee & Ben. The plan must be approved and the match must be written by you.

4. When a title match is fixed, you must RP for it. If a title match has enough story behind it to be fixed, you should be able to write an RP to further that storyline. It is embarrassing when championship matches are not RPed for. It also makes the EBWF seem clique-y to new members. If there are no RPs for a fixed title match Ben & Ashlee reserve the right to vacate the title.

5. If you have a segment scheduled on the Warfare card it should be PMed to both Ben & Ashlee by RP deadline. If you are unable to send the PM by deadline, please send a PM with an estimated time.

6. If you are not booked on the card, and would like a segment included, it should be PMed to both Ben & Ashlee by RP deadline.

7. If you are booked on the card and would like to include a segment in the results, an intent to write said segment should be sent prior to deadline. This rule is in place because your writing staff works hard to include transitions and continuity in the writing. It is a lot of work to have everything storyboarded out, and have to force in a segment. The sooner we know of segments, the easier it is for us to find placement for them.

8. Champions will legitimately defend their titles at minimum once per month. (This may exclude the tag team division depending on current interest.)

Please reply with Questions or PM Ashlee or Ben M.
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Re: EBWF Shows & You - Please Read

Post by Ben M » Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:54 pm

Hey everyone!

As we’ve had quite an influx of new members recently, Ashlee and I wanted to draw your attention to the above post. There are a number of rules in place with regard to title defences, and fixed/storylined matches, which we’ve been a bit lax in enforcing. Going forward, we’ll be enforcing these rules more stringently.

A couple of clarification points below…

Match Writing/Results: Ashlee and I both work full time, and with the time difference (I live in England) it’s not always easy for us to communicate. That’s why we ask anyone who is writing a match/segment to send it to both of us, in a PM. The last thing we want is to duplicate work. We are always grateful for offers of help, but if you’re writing a match we need to receive it in good time so it doesn’t delay results. This is particularly important for storylined matches. If you’re storylining a match, as a general rule of thumb this should be sent to Ashlee and I before deadline. If you’re writing a match that isn’t storylined, this should be sent to us within 24 hours of the RP deadline.

Title Defences: The rule that titles should be defended at least once per month was created when we had monthly PPVs, with the idea that titles would be defended at every PPV. Since we moved to fewer PPVs, we’ve had fewer title defences, which was not our intention. We want EBWF to be competitive, and therefore going forwards, we will reinforce the “one title defence per month” rule. With the spirit of completion in mind, we’d like to reduce the number of storylined title matches. If you want to storyline a title match, please ensure Ashlee and I are informed as soon as possible, and reminded before the show where the match is happening. Also, as stated above these matches must be RPed for; if it’s important enough to your storyline that a title match needs fixing, you should be able to write an RP about it. As a side note, big PPV title matches will not be permitted to be storylined. By “big PPVs”, I’m referring to Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Fanniversary.

If you have any questions, please let us know :-)

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