Warfare Results 11/26/2018

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Warfare Results 11/26/2018

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Pyro shot off in the Target center and the crowd left their seats, ready for another edition of Warfare!

Mauro Ranallo: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to EBWF Warfare. I’m Mauro Ranallo, and he’s Corey Graves.

Corey Graves: That’s right, Mauro. We are just three shows away from Christmas Eve of Destruction, and a Breakout Title tournament that’s shaping up to be one for the ages!

Mauro Ranallo: Right now, we’re about to find out whose halls are going to be decked, as we get ready for women’s action!

“Rush of Power” hit and Summer Rae came out to the ring to boos from the crowd.

Corey Graves: Has this Minneapolis crowd lost their minds? They’ll never extinguish the Rae of Truth!

Mauro Ranallo: Oh, give me a break, Corey!

Corey Graves: Don’t hate on Summer Rae because she knows what’s up, Mauro!

“Stars in the Show” hit next, and the crowd welcomed Candice LeRae, who ran out to the ring, and charged at Summer. The bell rang and Candice dropped Summer and headed to the top rope.

Corey Graves: What is happening?!

Mauro Ranallo: Candice is going to go for it.

Summer rushed up though, and caused Candice to abandon her plan, and jump down. Summer charged at her, and managed to get on her back, but Candice backed up and drove her into the corner. Summer hit a jumping knee to the face, and then doubled kneed Candice on the ground. Summer tried for a hammerlock DDT, but Candice got the upper hand and rolled her up!

Corey Graves: No!



Kickout! Candice was annoyed that Summer managed to best that pinfall, and began delivering chops and forearms to her over and over again. Candice hit the running elbow, and bounded to the top rope. She hit a missile dropkick and covered Summer.



Mauro Ranallo: And another kickout from Summer Rae!

Candice was quick to her feet and hit the hurricanrana. This set her up to lock on the crossface.

Corey Graves: No, Summer! Don’t do it.

Summer struggled, looking for the ropes to break the hold, but Candice had her well controlled in the center of the ring. Summer had no choice but to tap, and the referee rang the bell.

Christy Hemme: Your winner, via submission, Candice LeRae!

The referee raised Candice’s hand in victory as EBWF went to commercial.


“Making a Difference” hit and Andrade Cien Almas was to the ring first, accompanied by Zelina Vega. “Today is the Day” hit and Elias was to the ring next.

Corey Graves: Elias’ music career is really taking off! Let’s see if he can best Andrade Cien Almas in the ring tonight!

The men got introductions from Christy Hemme, and the referee rang the bell. Almas backed Elias into the corner, but Elias got away. Almas tried to attack the upper body, but Elias punched back and hit a clothesline. Almas came back with a suplex and began stomping on his opponent.

Corey Graves: Almas is making this match look pretty one sided, Mauro!

Almas stomped away at him, but then hit the mat to apply a chin lock. Almas transitioned to an overhead wrist lock, before applying a bear hug. Elias had had a number done on his ribs, and cradled his midsection as Almas kneed him in the ribs, before applying an abdominal stretch. Elias battled out, and put some of his own kicks to Almas’ legs. Almas scooped Elias up, but Elias slid off, avoided Almas’ knee and hit Drift Away. Elias covered him.

Mauro Ranallo: He’s hooked the leg!




Corey Graves: It was looking a little dicey there for a moment, but Elias comes out victorious here tonight!


Mauro Ranallo: Next, we have more women’s action as Alexa Bliss takes on the LassKicker, Becky Lynch!

“Celtic Invasion” saw the arrival of Becky Lynch who looked over the EBWF crowd and confidently went down to the ring. She looked unimpressed as “Crushed” hit and the winner of the 2018 Royal Rumble sauntered down to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Christmas Eve of Destruction is right around the corner! But before we know it the Royal Rumble will be here! Do you think Alexa can repeat, Corey?

Corey Graves: I think that Becky Lynch might have something to say about that, Mauro!

The referee rang the bell and Alexa and Becky locked up. The two women took turns shoving each other, and pushing the other away so neither could gain the upper hand. Becky shoved Alexa so hard she fell down, and Becky pounced for the dis-arm-her, but Alexa scrambled away and got to the bottom rope.

Mauro Ranallo: You can’t underestimate Becky, Alexa!

Bliss got a takedown that she turned into a cover, but Becky countered with a backslide pinfall attempt of her own.



Corey Graves: This close!

Alexa had kicked out, but Becky stayed on offense, hitting a few arm drags into an armbar, keeping Alexa on the ground. Alexa tripped Becky up and drove her down on the mat, but Becky hit an overhead suplex and tried to pin Alexa again!



Mauro Ranallo: This could do it!

Alexa kicked out again, and Becky argued with the referee over the count. Alexa took the opportunity to roll out of the ring to try to recover. Becky egged her on, and Bliss charged back into the ring. Becky whipped her into the corner, and ran toward her, but Alexa charged out with a thunderous DDT

Corey Graves: Are you kidding me!

Mauro Ranallo: Insult to injury!

Bliss hit the famed Insult to Injury, and quickly pinned Becky. She screamed at the referee to count it.




Mauro Ranallo: Becky Lynch dominated that match!

Corey Graves: And that wasn’t enough to defeat the Goddess of EBWF! Alexa is the winner tonight!


Warfare comes back from commercial with the camera on the Breakout Title at ringside on a podium. The lights dim and “Devil’s Sky” by Yonosuke Kitamura begins playing in the arena.

Corey Graves: This next match is a part of the Breakout Title Round Robin. Kenny Omega takes on Tommaso Ciampa!

Mauro Ranallo: And, joining us on commentary is former Breakout Champion Aiden English!

Aiden English: I’m excited to see these two go at it! Both men lost their first matches, making this a chance at redemption for both men!

Corey Graves: And one of them to drop to two losses.

Aiden English: And that.

Kenny Omega made his way down to the ring to the roar of the crowd. Once Omega was in the ring, “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads started to play. Tommaso Ciampa stepped out onto the ramp. He laughed as the crowd booed his arrival.

Corey Graves: Ciampa gets no love from the fans here in the Target Center!

Aiden English: I don’t think he minds that!

Omega and Ciampa starred each other down until the bell rang. They locked up in the center of the ring. Kenny gained the upper hand and planted Ciampa on the mat with a hip toss. Omega sat Tommaso up and locked in a seated headlock. Ciampa fought to his feet trying to escape the hold but Omega let go and delivered a german suplex.

Mauro Ranallo: What a dominating start by Kenny Omega.

Aiden English: This is a different wrestler in the ring than last week!

Corey Graves: You’re not kidding!

Ciampa and Omega both made it to their feet but a dazed Ciampa stumbled backwards into the corner. Omega got a running start and delivered a massive splash to the empty corner as Tomasso rolled out of the way. Kenny stumbled out into a right hand from Ciampa. He returned the right with one of his own. Tommaso with another right, followed by another right from Omega. Omega blocked an incoming third blow but landed his own. Kenny with a kick to the gut and then planted Ciampa with a DDT. Omega covered.

1.. Kickout!

Corey Graves: Not even a two!

Aiden English: Ciampa is tough, that’s one of the reasons I selected him for the tournament!

Kenny lifted Tommaso from the mat and whipped him into the ropes. Omega with a dropkick on the returning Ciampa. Kenny mounted his fallen foe and delivered a handful of punches to the head. Kenny lifted Ciampa again and whipped him into the corner. He walked to the center of the ring and pointed a finger at the camera!

Kenny Omega: BANG!

Aiden English: Looks like he’s setting up for the One Winged Angel.

Mauro Ranallo: You must have done some serious scouting before that Gateway Title match.

Aiden English: Classic Omega here.

Corey Graves: Could be the end of this match!

Omega turned just in time to catch a diving chop block to his recently healed knee. Kenny clutched at his knee in agony. Ciampa circled like a vulture before locking in a single leg crab on the hurt knee. Kenny yelled out in pain but found the ropes in a hurry. The referee broke the hold but Ciampa drug Omega back out into the ring before letting go. Ciampa let out a sinister smile before stomping on Omega’s knee. A loud yell from the former World Champion. Ciampa stomped a second time and a second scream echoed in the arena. Ciampa held his hand out and mimicked Omega’s bang taunt, his finger aiming at the knee. Tommaso stomped on the knee a third time. Omega rolled toward the ropes, holding his knee.

Mauro Ranallo: Tommaso Ciampa taking a very underhanded route to gain control.

Aiden English: Not underhanded just smart.

Corey Graves: That may be the first thing we’ve agreed on since this new Aiden showed up.

Aiden English: If Omega isn’t a hundred percent he shouldn’t be back in the ring. That’s a good way to get your career ended!

Ciampa walked to the center of the ring to taunt the booing crowd. He held his hands up to his ears and laughed as the boos grew louder. Tommaso approached Omega to continue the assault but as he grabbed Kenny he was rolled into a pin!

1.. 2.. Kickout!

Mauro Ranallo: Kenny’s years of experience showing through as he almost steals this one!

Corey Graves: Steals is right!

Ciampa sat up his eyes wide with shock at almost losing the match. Suddenly Kenny delivered a dropkick to his back! Kenny pulled Ciampa to his feet and slung him into the corner. He lifted Tommaso onto the top turnbuckle and sat up for the One Winged Angel.

Mauro Ranallo: This match is over!

Kenny took a step out of the corner and collapsed under the weight of Ciampa. Both men lay there for a moment before Ciampa got his feet under him. He circled Kenny, slapping his knee and the back of his head tauntingly. Ciampa grabbed a handful of hair and lifted him to his feet. Ciampa delivered a suplex and rolled on top of of Omega. Ciampa unleashed a flurry of forearms to Kenny’s head. He made the cover, hooking Omega’s injured knee.

1.. 2.. Kickout!

Ciampa slapped the mat and rolled out of the ring. He paced back and forth yelling at the crowd at ringside to vent his frustration. Inside the ring Kenny crawled to the corner and pulled himself up using the ropes and turnbuckles. He took several steps out of the corner before collapsing back to the mat. Ciampa rolled back into the ring and took survey of Omega clutching his knee. Omega grabbed at Ciampa and started pulling himself up using Tommaso’s leg. Ciampa grabbed a handful of hair and craned Kenny’s head backwards.

Mauro Ranallo: There are evil intents in those eyes!

Corey Graves: I love it!

Aiden English: This is what I was expecting from these two in the ring!

Ciampa hit Kenny in the head with an elbow sending Omega staggering backwards toward the ropes. He rebounded and the two men locked up again. Omega dropped his weight and locked in a side headlock. He put all his weight on Ciampa forcing him to take a knee. Ciampa reached up for hair but couldn’t get a hold on any. Kenny tightened his grip as Tomasso clutched at his own neck.

Corey Graves: And just like that the momentum shifts.

Aiden English: You have to stay vigilant in a fight like this.

Ciampa drove his elbow into Kenny’s knee forcing him to let go of the hold. Tommaso jumped to his feet and spun around into a last ditch diving clothesline from Omega. Omega tossed his arm over Ciampa.

1.. Kickout!

Omega rolled over and hooked Ciampa’s leg. 

1.. Kickout!

Corey Graves: Kenny has to be wondering what it’s going to take to put Ciampa away in this match!

Mauro Ranallo: Both men pulling out all the stops!

Aiden English: That’s what it takes to be the Breakout Champion! 

Omega climbed to his feet and pulled Ciampa up. He whipped Ciampa into the ropes and followed closely behind. Kenny delivered a Kotaro Krusher! Omega followed it up with a leg drop. Omega moved to the corner and started to ascend slowly. 

Aiden English: The damage to that knee is slowing Kenny down.

Mauro Ranallo: Let’s hope he knows what he’s doing!

Kenny leapt from the top rope for a shooting star press but Ciampa got his knees up! Omega crashed down stomach first on the knees and rolled to the side. Ciampa got to his feet and placed Omega’s foot on the bottom rope. He yelled something at Kenny before dropping a knee on his injured leg. Omega flopped around the ring clutching at his knee and screaming.

Corey Graves: Ciampa’s strategy is really paying dividends in this match.

Aiden English: You could be watching your next Breakout Champion at work!

Ciampa loomed over Kenny and looked out at the crowd as they booed him. He bent down and locked Omega in a cloverleaf. Omega drug himself toward the bottom rope, reaching out and grasping for it. He lunged at the rope, barely missing it as Ciampa pulled him back toward the center of the ring. Omega started to pull himself back toward the ropes but Ciampa held his ground. Omega held his hand out and considered tapping before lunging and grabbing hold of the bottom rope. The referee called for the break. Ciampa refused to let go.

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Ciampa released the hold and walked away from Omega dusting his hands.

Mauro Ranallo: The hold is broken but the damage is done. 

Corey Graves: Let’s hope Omega doesn’t have to go back into physical therapy after this!

Aiden English: He’s still got another match in the round robin, against Hardcore Holly!

Mauro Ranallo: Holly could benefit from the damage done here tonight!

Corey Graves: I hope not!

Aiden English: I think you speak for the fans too!

Omega clutched at his knee with his head and torso under the ropes for protection from another leg submission. The referee bent down to see if Omega could continue. Kenny told him he could just as Ciampa landed a running knee strike from the outside! Ciampa rolled into the ring and drug Omega to the center of the ring. Tomasso grabbed Kenny’s hair with both hands and lifted him to his feet. Ciampa hit the Project Ciampa and quickly hooked Omega’s hurt leg to set in the pin!

1.. 2.. 3!

Corey Graves: Ciampa wins! Tommaso Ciampa has his first win in the Breakout Title Round Robin Tournament!

Aiden English: I’m more excited to see what these four men do going forward after this match!

Mauro Ranallo: Who do you think is the best choice for the Breakout Title?

Aiden English: Despite the words he had for me going into the Fatal Fourway, Tommaso Ciampa is my favorite! That’s been cemented here tonight!

Corey Graves: I’m shocked at the number of things we agree on.

Aiden English: Ciampa needs to work on a few things but he’s a great wrestler.

Ciampa rolled out of the ring and approached the Breakout Title. He placed his hand on the case over the title and nodded before making a title motion across his waist as the show went off the air.
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