Warfare Results 10/07/2019

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Warfare Results 10/07/2019

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The excitement could be felt throughout the entire Bankers Life Fieldhouse as EBWF was in the house this week with their signature show, Warfare. The cameras panned the arena and showed the energy on each and every member of the EBWF Universe. The cheers echoed as Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves spoke out.

Mauro Ranallo: There is no bigger night on Warfare than tonight, Corey.. We have the start of the EBWF Gateway Championship tournament. Jon Moxley and Seth Rollins join forces once again to challenge Hardcore Holly and Bobby Lashley..

Corey Graves: And don’t forget.. EBWF King of the Ring, the “Drama King” himself will be in action against the pinnacle of EBWF, Chris Jericho.

Mauro Ranallo: That one is sure to be a Match of the Night contender.. But up first we have..

Before Mauro could continue, all the lights in the arena cut out in one thunderous pop.

Mauro Ranallo: Wha.. What’s going on?

Static took the titan tron and everyone instantly knew just what was happening. The excitement in the arena quickly turned into a loud chorus of boos as “Lost In the Static” by After the Burial took to the sound system. A single golden spotlight flashed to life and shone down on the center of the stage. There they stood in complete unison. In the center, Tommy End stood in a black suit with a black undershirt. To his right, Dante towered over him, dressed similar aside from his white undershirt. He also held both EBWF Tag-Team Championship belts against his sides. To Tommy’s left, the raven haired beauty herself, Zahra. Dressed in a tight pair of ripped jeans and a black graphic shirt. The design of the shirt covered by Zahra’s leather jacket. Her EBWF Women’s Championship draped over her shoulder.

Mauro Ranallo: What are they doing here? They.. There weren’t scheduled to be here.

Corey Graves: Who cares! It’s EBWF Women’s Champion, Zahra Schreiber. The television ratings just went through the roof with her walking out here.

The EBWF Universe continued to boo as the three champions continued to stand there in the spotlight for a few more moments. Dante was the first to take the steps forward towards the ring. Tommy turned his head to look at Zahra. She looked back and then headed down the ramp a few steps behind Dante. Tommy stood alone on the stage for a few seconds longer before he made his descent to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: This is a rare appears of Legion.. What could they have to say?

Dante placed the title belts onto the apron before he grabbed the bottom rope and pulled himself up onto the apron. He entered the ring and bent down and picked the tag belts once more. He folded them up and placed them at his sides. Zahra walked around the ring and climbed up the steel steps. She walked the apron midway before she entered the ring. At this time, Tommy reached the ringside area. He looked around at the EBWF Universe in the darkness. Tommy turned and followed Zahra’s footsteps. He climbed up the steel steps and walked the back side of the ring. Dante and Zahra walked to the center of the ring and turned to the camera. Tommy stepped into the ring and turned as he stood perfectly in the center of Legion. The single spotlight shone down on the trio who stood there and listened to the displeasure of the Universe. After a few seconds, a microphone was handed out of the darkness to Zahra, who instantly passed it on to Tommy. He took it as he looked over at Zahra. He raised the microphone and turned his gaze forward.

Tommy End: It would appear, that a lot of people have begun to put Legion in the back of their minds.

The loud chorus of boos took over and cut Tommy off completely. He lowered the microphone and stared out at the crowd.

Tommy End: Everyone has been talking about The Miz.. Aiden English.. CM Punk and.. Wes Ikeda...

A cheer rang out through the EBWF Universe with the mention of EBWF’s owner. Zahra stood there next to Tommy and rolled her eyes at the reaction. Tommy waited a few moments as the Universe got it out of their system.

Tommy End: You are all caught up in this.. This brazen display of smoke and mirrors. You are fed what EBWF wants you to want. You focus on everything that the company hands you, but you forget about what you should truly be worried about. You shouldn’t burden yourself with the fear of what Aiden English has done with the EBWF World Championship.. You shouldn’t get excited wondering when The Miz will get his rematch.. You shouldn’t pray for the day Wes Ikeda makes his return and takes out CM Punk. Those.. Those feelings are arbitrary.

He lowered the microphone as he took a pause. He looked out on the EBWF Universe as he peered into the darkness. He spoke out again after lifting the microphone back to his lips.

Tommy End: The thing that everyone should be worried about, stands before you now.. Last year, Legion stormed into EBWF like a raging fire. A fire that came and purged EBWF of the false sense of security that it allowed itself to fall into. The false sense of security that you all fell victim of.. But we came, and we opened your eyes. We revealed that there was no one you can trust. Not your workmates, not your friends.. Not even your kin could be trusted. We opened your eyes to the reality that is before you right here, right now. That reality is, Legion reigns.

Tommy glanced down at the EBWF Tag-Team Championship held by Dante. He slowly turned his head and he looked over at Zahra and the EBWF Women’s Championship draped over her shoulder. A few seconds passed before he turned forward and continued.

Tommy End: We have dominated EBWF since we arrived. Since Dante and I showed up and revealed to the world, the depths Legion has. We’ve taken everything, everyone, that has been thrown at us. All of the EBWF’s strongest and most valiant servants.. We’ve survived. We’ve destroyed. We have opened the eyes of the lost and we have shown the true path. Take Zahra.. Since we’ve burned away her past. Since we baptised her in the fire.. She has come back to EBWF stronger than ever. More dominant than ever. Zahra’s rebirth is proof that everything Dante and I have spoken since we arrived, has been true. The fact that the three of us stand before you draped in your gold, is proof of our dominance. There has been no doubt.. We have left you no doubt one who really runs EBWF.. Aiden may be the King. He may be the EBWF World Champion. This darken path that Aiden has begun to walk has him believing in his own immortality. Untouchable. Undeniable.

You could see Zahra rolled her eyes as Tommy spoke about Aiden English.

Tommy End: Aiden.. Your beliefs will be your undoing. In due time, you will be shown the real truth.. And that truth.. That truth will be your awakening. That truth will show you that you are nothing more than a mere speck of what you believe yourself to be. You are not this omnipotent savior. You are not the righteous leader you believe yourself to be. No..

Tommy paused for a moment as he let his words sink in.

Tommy End: You believe that you have brought the dark days to EBWF.. Since winning the EBWF World Championship, you believe that you have ushered in the plaque that will consume EBWF, when in fact, Aiden.. That plaque has been here. That darkness has been here. These troubling times, they weren’t caused by you. They weren’t the outcome of your championship victory. No no, Aiden.. There has, and will always be dark days in EBWF. From the time of its inception, EBWF has been in a shroud of darkness.. We know this, because even in those perilous days at the beginning.. Legion has watched. Since the dawning of the new age, Legion has watched. And now, with the darkness at its thickest, the eyes of Legion watch.

Tommy looked at Dante, then slowly over to Zahra. He gave each of them a subtle nod. He then turned forward and continued.

Tommy End: We may be just watching for now, but believe me when I tell you. Soon, Legion will be done watching. Soon we will continue our dominance over EBWF. Soon.. We will come for the EBWF World Championship. And there is nothing, anyone will be able to do when we do..

He paused, but at this point, he looked as though he said everything he wanted, but then Tommy spoke out one last time.

Tommy End: We are here.. We are watching.. We. Are. Legion.

With the final word, the golden spotlight flashed out, leaving the arena in darkness once more. A few moments passed before the entire arena lit up in one flash of light. The ring was empty, as Legion escaped in the darkness.

Mauro Ranallo: Wha.. Did Tommy End just stake his claim to the EBWF World Championship?

Corey Graves: It sounded that way to me..

Mauro Ranallo: Is Aiden English ready for Tommy End?

Corey Graves: With this Gateway Championship Tournament starting, Aiden better prepare himself for anyone, including Tommy End.

Mauro Ranallo: What a way to start of Warfare!

The EBWF Universe looked around before the energy returned. They were ready for the show to continue just as the show cut to a commercial break.


The camera panned to the announce table when the video ended.

Mauro Ranallo: We are three weeks away from EBWF’s party to end all parties. Celebrating 18 years with Fanniversary.

Corey Graves: Our Gateway Championship Tournament starts next week and will culminate in crowning a new champion at that pay-per-view show.

Ciampa’s music hit and the crowd booed as he made his way to the ring. He taunted the crowd once inside, and Sydal’s music hit.

Mauro Ranallo: The man who wins this match tonight may very well earn himself a ticket into the Gateway Championship Tournament.

Once Sydal made it inside the squared circle the bell rang. The match started off quickly with the pair locking up, and making multiple pin attempts on each other until Ciampa gained the advantage with a DDT into the corner, and then did the double stomp on Sydal’s chest.

Corey Graves: Oof! That’s going to leave a mark.

Ciampa pulled Sydal up, but he came back with the upper hand, working on Ciampa’s back with multiple kicks and eventually a standing Moonsault. The men exchanged punches and Ciampa tried to hit a German suppler, but Sydal held on to the ropes. Sydal threw his head back for a headbutt to Ciampa’s face. Ciampa released the hold and Sydal popped up for the standing hurricanrana to bring Ciampa to his feet. Sydal went to the top rope for the Shooting Star Press, and hooked the leg for the pin.




Corey Graves: There’s a win for Matt Sydal! His return to EBWF might have been unexpected, but he’s certainly looking to create a new lane for himself!

Sydal’s hand was raised as the camera cut to the backstage area.


The concrete floor was rushing by as a cameraman was running along with the clicking sound of high heeled shoes. A female voice could be heard.

Renee Young: Mr. Ikeda? Mr. Ikeda... can we have a...

Wes Ikeda: Just walking out to the truck, Renee. You aren't scheduled to hear from me tonight.

The opening of a door could be heard and the camera was following the CEO outside, still pointed at the asphalt.

Renee Young: Mr. Ikeda...

Wes Ikeda: It's Wes, Renee. You know that.

Renee Young: Wes...

The CEO must have come to a stop because the camera man was able to heft up his equipment and point it at Renee and Wes, who were standing just in front of the metal platform that led up into one of the production trucks. The frame was rather dark as the area was only lit by regular street lights in the parking lot.

Renee Young: It's been six weeks since your match with CM Punk at Summerslam. CM Punk...

Wes Ikeda: He demolished me. I know I was there.

Renee Young: He threatened your son.

Wes Ikeda: Blaine should not have come over that railing, and I've talked to him about that. My brother-in-law shouldn't have had to come down to the ring to defend his nephew.

Renee Young: What was Blaine thinking?

Wes Ikeda: Blaine has known Phil since he was 9 year old. He wasn't thinking. He didn't think someone he knows, and trusts, would threaten his personal safety. He was concerned for me, not for himself.

Renee Young: Punk has insinuated that the reason you've been quiet about the situation...

He sharply cut her off.

Wes Ikeda: What Punk thinks is of no concern to me. The truth is that I've learned a lot of things as a parent, as a CEO, and here is the one and only I've been quiet. You simply don't reward bad behavior. Thanks, Renee.

And before Renee could say anything else, Wes moved up the stairs and disappeared behind the door of the production truck.


Corey Graves: You know it might be that Ikeda is just scared of Punk after that beat down.

Mauro Ranallo: You go back there and pose that question to Mr. Ikeda.

Corey Graves: You don't think I will?

Mauro Ranallo: No, I don't think you will.

Moxley and Rollins were out to the ring first, followed by Lashley and Holly. Jon Moxley was primed to start against Bobby Lashley. The referee rang the bell to get the match underway. Lashley quickly clubbed him and went for a scoop slam, but Moxley got out. Seth Rollins blind tagged in, and they took Lashley down. Hardcore Holly ran in, and Rollins and Mox hit a double-team suplex. Rollins and Moxley cleared the ring of Holly and Lashley. The crowd was cheering as the two stood tall in the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Can Lashley and Holly overcome the chemistry of Mox and Rollins?

When both men were back in the corner, Holly tagged in. Moxley dropped him onto the top rope. Rollins was tagged in, and he hit Holly with a Sling Blade. Rollins knocked Lashley off the apron, ducked a clothesline from Holly, and hit Lashley with a suicide dive. Rollins quickly got Holly out of the ring, and he hit both Holly and Lashley with a second suicide dive. Rollins got the crowd going before getting Holly back in the ring. Rollins went to the top rope, but Lashley shoved him off. Holly hit Rollins with a scoop slam for a near fall.

Corey Graves: Hardcore Holly nearly snapped Rollins in half there.

Lashley tagged in and stomped away at Rollins. Holly tagged in, and they both stomped Rollins. Holly applied a chin lock. Rollins fought up, so Holly jumped on his back to apply a sleeper hold. Rollins tried to walk himself over to his corner, but Holly cinched it in. Rollins got out of the sleeper hold with a back suplex. Lashley quickly tagged in and tried for a back suplex, but Rollins chopped him before hitting a step-up enzuigiri. Rollins walked toward Moxley, but he had to sidestep an attack by Holly. Rollins then superkicked Lashley out of the ring! The crowd was going nuts as Rollins went for a tag, but Holly pulled Moxley off the apron. Moxley chased Holly around the ring, but Lashley wiped him out. Lashley got in the ring, but Rollins stunned him. Rollins went for the Stomp, but Lashley cut him off. Lashley hit a reverse Alabama Slam for a near fall.

Mauro Ranallo: Bobby Lashley taking a page out of Holly's book there.

Rollins made it to the corner to tag in Mox, who moved in on Lashley and wore him down with some punches before putting Lashley on the top rope. Lashley blocked a superplex and punched him down. Lashley came off the top rope, but Moxley moved. Rollins blind tagged in. Moxley hit a neckbreaker on Lashley before hitting a suicide dive on Holly who was still on the outside. Rollins hit Lashley with a frog splash for a near fall. Rollins went to the top rope, but Lashley cut him off. Rollins fought him off and hung him in the tree of woe. Lashley then sat up and turned Rollins inside out with a slam off the top rope. Moxley quickly dropkicked Lashley in the corner, but Holly soon tagged in, pulled him out, and threw him into the barricade.

Corey Graves: Holly taking Moxley to task here.

Holly went to the top rope, but Rollins caught him with a superplex and a falcon arrow for a near fall. Rollins got fired up and stomps his foot. Rollins kicked Holly and went for the Stomp, but Holly moved. Rollins went for a Buckle Bomb, but Holly rolled him up. Rollins went for a Buckle Bomb, but Lashley caught Holly. Moxley went for Dirty Deeds on Lashley, but he got out of the beginning hold. Lashley then hit a big right hand on Moxley, incapacitating him. Rollins sent Lashley out of the ring, and Holly sent Rollins into the ring post before hitting him with an Alabama Slam.

Mauro Ranallo: What?!

Holly went for the pin.




Corey Graves: Wow!

Mauro Ranallo: That will do it. Hardcore Holly and Bobby Lashley take another Mark in their win column, and Moxley and Rollins can hardly believe it.


EBWF came back from commercial with Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves standing a few feet from the announcer’s table. Corey was laughing about something that was said while at break.

Mauro Ranallo: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve made it to the Main Event of this episode of EBWF Warfare!

Corey Graves: That’s right Mauro and this is sure to be a treat!

Mauro Ranallo: Tonight, live from Indianapolis, TEN TIME EBWF World Champion, Chris Jericho, takes on our current EBWF World Champion, Aiden English one on one!

Corey Graves: You mean King Aiden English!

Mauro Ranallo: If that’s what you want to call him.

Corey Graves: You need to show a little respect for the KING!

“Break the Walls Down” started playing across the arena and the camera cut away to the entrance ramp! The lights dimmed to allow for Jericho’s entrance. The moment Chris Jericho emerged from the back the crowd roared to life. Chris made his way down to the ring pandering to the crowd along the way. Jericho climbed the steps into the ring and posed. “Moments” by Sevendust hit and the lights went out. A red light illuminated the stage revealing Aiden English. The crowd booed as Aiden made his way to the ring with Raquel only a few feet behind.

Corey Graves: And here he is, the EBWF World Champion and King of the Ring!

The lights came back up as the two superstars met in the center of the ring to stare one another down. Jericho took his jacket off and tossed it toward the apron causing the crowd to cheer loudly. Jericho closed the gap between the two and they stood face to face. Aiden rocked back slightly and lifted the World Title up to Jericho’s face. The crowd booed. The referee stepped in between the two men and took the title. Aiden turned and went to the corner where Raquel was waiting for him. Jericho paced the opposite side of the ring. After handing the belt off to someone else the referee called for the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: And our main event is underway!

English and Jericho circled one another and then locked up in the center of the ring. Jericho took control of the hold and whipped Aiden into the ropes. As Aiden rebounded Jericho hit him with a dropkick. Both men were on their feet quickly and Chris followed up with an armdrag. Aiden rolled out of the ring on the other side to create some separation. Jericho moved to the ropes and started calling Aiden back in. English paced outside the ring and told the referee to get Jericho away from the ropes. Chris walked to the far side of the ring and allowed Aiden to get back in.

Corey Graves: The King gets out of the way and forces a soft reset.

The two men locked up in the center of the ring again. This time Aiden powered Jericho back into the corner. Aiden hit a European Uppercut on Jericho and followed it up with a trio of hard chops. English whipped Chris across the ring to the opposite corner and followed closely. Jericho hauled himself up on the top turnbuckle allowing Aiden to run under him. Aiden quickly turned only to receive a splash from Jericho. Chris pulled Aiden out of the corner and used the Champion’s head to pull him into a backbreaker. Aiden flopped around on the mat holding his back. Chris went for the early pin. 1… Aiden kicked out. Both men got to their feet and faced off. Jericho moved toward Aiden but Aiden shoved him back.

Mauro Ranallo: It’s going to take more than that to put away Aiden English!

Corey Graves: You’re not joking Mauro!

Jericho shoved Aiden back. Aiden responded with a quick right which Jericho returned with one of his own. Aiden delivered another right followed by another one from Jericho. Aiden attempted a third strike and Jericho blocked it. Jericho followed up with a forearm and then another one. Jericho grabbed Aiden and went to whip him across the ring but Aiden reversed the whip into a standing drop kick. As soon as they hit the mat both men scrambled back to their feet. Aiden powered Jericho back into the corner but Chris was prepared and turned it around shoving English into the corner instead. He hit Aiden with a knee to the abs.

Mauro Ranallo: It’s hard to believe these two men don’t hate each other.

With English doubled over, Jericho lifted him up and delivered a powerbomb into the center of the ring. Jericho hooked the leg for the pin. 1… 2. Aiden kicked out! Jericho groaned in frustration but didn’t let off the pressure. He hauled Aiden off the mat and got him in position for a double underhook. Aiden stood up and sent Jericho flipping over his back. The crowd booed as Chris crashed to the mat.

Corey Graves: And just like that the Champion turns the match around!

Mauro Ranallo: Let’s see if he can get anything going, so far this match has been all Jericho!

Aiden hit a leg drop on Jericho. He left his leg laying over Chris’s body and called for the referee to count. Before the ref could even get down for the count Jericho kicked out of the disrespectful pinning position. Aiden was quick to his feet and began stomping on Chris’s head and shoulders. Aiden grabbed Jericho’s waist and hauled him up into a powerbomb. Aiden bounced Chris off the top rope before slamming him hard to the mat. Aiden grabbed the top rope and used his feet to shoved Jericho out of the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Once again the Champion is looking to create space between himself and Jericho!

Corey Graves: It’s a brilliant strategy to give himself a chance to breathe.

Jericho used the apron to pull himself to his feet only to get hit with a baseball slide. Aiden continued out to the floor quickly dragging Jericho to his feet and whipping him into the barricade. Aiden followed through with a flurry of blows before driving Jericho head first to the ground with a DDT. Aiden rolled Jericho back into the ring and turned to taunt the crowd. The crowd booed as Aiden laughed.

Mauro Ranallo: No love for Aiden English tonight!

Corey Graves: Disrespectful peasants!

Jericho made his way to his feet in the corner while Aiden continued to taunt outside the ring. Aiden slid in the ring and went directly for Jericho in the corner. Jericho surprised Aiden and pulled him around into the corner. Jericho climbed to the second turnbuckle and rained down punches while the crowd counted with him. Jericho ran to the ropes and bounced back toward Aiden in the corner. Aiden rolled out of the way as Jericho dove over him into the corner for a shoulder tackle. Jericho’s shoulder impacted with the turnbuckle leaving him hung up in the ropes. Aiden got himself into position for the Director’s Cut as Chris pulled himself out of the corner. Aiden pounced!

Corey Graves: Looks like Aiden is calling for an end to the action!

Jericho hooked his leg around Aiden’s and grabbed the top rope to block the move. English clubbed Jericho in the back of the head with a forearm sending him tumbling over the top rope. Aiden turned to celebrate, not noticing Chris had landed on the apron and was already on his feet. Jericho jumped back in the ring and ran at Aiden. English turned at the last moment allowing Chris to hit a Codebreaker on the Champion.

Mauro Ranallo: Chris Jericho could have just beat our EBWF World Champion!

Jericho rolled Aiden over and made the cover. 1… 2… Raquel put Aiden’s foot onto the bottom rope and yelled at the referee. The referee stopped the count and pointed out Aiden’s foot to Chris. Jericho hit the mat and frustration and tried to tell the referee Raquel must have done it. Raquel held her hands up and back pettled away from the ring. Jericho yelled at her to stay out of it. Suddenly, Aiden rolled Chris up! 1… 2. Chris Jericho kicked out!

Corey Graves: It looked like Aiden had that one in the bag!

Mauro Ranallo: Are you serious Corey? Aiden English is only in this because of his wife!

Aiden rolled out of the ring to catch his breath and his wife came to check on him. Jericho regrouped in the corner. Aiden slid back into the ring and attacked Chris in the corner. Aiden mounted Jericho and landed blow after blow. Jericho shoved Aiden back and grabbed his legs. Aiden dropped back first onto the mat and Jericho rolled him over into the WALLS OF JERICHO!

Mauro Ranallo: Aiden is in another tricky situation!

Corey Graves: Can the Champion survive this?

Aiden tried to pull himself across the ring while his wife reached for him from the outside. The referee told Raquel to get back before asking Aiden if he gave up. Aiden shook his head and fought to power out of the move. Jericho leaned forward as Aiden attempted to stretch his legs out but cinched the move back in. Jericho stepped back and further arched English’s back. The crowd cheered as Aiden screamed out in pain.

Mauro Ranallo: Aiden English has to start thinking about the future of his career if he doesn’t submit!

Corey Graves: I don’t think he has any quit in him!

Aiden clenched his fists and attempted to power out with his upper body this time. Again Jericho fought to keep the move locked in. Aiden collapsed back to the mat. The referee continued to ask Aiden if he would like to submit but Aiden shook his head. He continued to struggle, but with each grasp at the mat he slowed down. Finally he stopped trying to pull himself. The referee lifted Aiden’s hand and let it drop to the mat. He threw up a one count on his hand. He lifted Aiden’s hand a second time and let it drop to the mat. TWO! The referee picked up English’s hand a third time and once again it dropped to the mat. The ref jumped up and started to force Jericho to break the hold while calling for the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: Chris Jericho just beat Aiden English! You have to think this puts Jericho in the title race. He’s beat both Aiden English and the Miz in just a few weeks!

Corey Graves: He didn’t beat the King, there was no submission!

Mauro Ranallo: The referee called the match because English couldn’t compete.

Jericho celebrated the victory as he made his way up the ramp and the crowd showered him in praise and cheers. Jericho made it to the top of the ramp and posed for the crowd. The lights flickered and dimmed. The camera cut to Aiden English standing in the middle of the ring with his eyes closed and his hands outstretched. Raquel Diaz brought the silver World Title Belt to her husband in the ring. The camera cut away to Jericho at the top of the ramp motioning to his waist as the show went off the air.
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