Warfare Results 10/21/2019

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Warfare Results 10/21/2019

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Pyro went off and the crowd cheered as EBWF Warfare went live.

Mauro Ranallo: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is EBWF Warfare!

Corey Graves: We are one week away from Fanniversary!

Mauro Ranallo: I'm Mauro Ranallo.

Corey Graves: And I'm Corey Graves, and we get started tonight with Lio Rush versus Matt Sydal.

Sydal came to the ring first, followed by Lio Rush. Both men met in the center of the ring

Rush got a shot in on Sydal before the bell. Rush avoided Sydal but Sydal kicked Rush in the leg. Sydal got in some knees to the midsection and then he hip tossed Rush into the ropes. Sydal hit a cravate and he sent Rush into the turnbuckles. Sydal picked up Rush and dropped him to the mat and got a near fall. Sydal trapped the arms and then he got a near fall with a rollup. Rush went to the floor and Sydal followed.

Corey Graves: Matt Sydal able to go after Lio here because Rush didn't bring any of his posse!

Rush tried to send Sydal into the ring steps but Sydal blocked it. Sydal grabbed the leg but Rush got in a slap and rolling kick into the ropes to knock Sydal off the apron. Rush hit a standing moonsault.

Mauro Ranallo: Some amazing athleticism from Rush though!

They returned to the ring and Rush got a near fall. Rush hit a chop in the corner but Sydal came back with forearms. Rush executed a slam and he got a near fall. He followed up with a kick to the back and he applied a waist lock. Rush stretched upward for a bridge for a near fall. Sydal fired back with a punch and forearms. Rush countered with a kick to the knee and Sydal went down. Rush payed a kick to the chest and elbow to the back of the neck. Rush hit with a snap mare and he tried for a roundhouse kick but Sydal blocked it and sent Rush to the mat. Sydal flew at him with a forearm. Rush went for a cross body but Sydal dropped down and Rush hit the ropes and bounced off them. Sydal connected with a double thrust and head butt followed by a European uppercut. The momentum didn't stop for Sydal who hit a running forearm into the corner. The crowd applauded as Sydal hit the Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Sydal set for the running kick but Rush rolls through. Sydal blocked a kick and applied an ankle lock. Rush rolled through again and escaped. Rush went to the turnbuckles and flipped off but landed on his feet. Sydal got in an overhead belly-to-belly suplex into the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Corey Graves: Sydal almost had it won there!

Sydal charged into the corner but Rush moved. Sydal blocked a slap and connected with forearms and punches. The referee pulled Sydal out of the corner and Rush got in a kick to the knee and to the head. Rush went up top and hits the frog splash for the 1...2...3!

Mauro Ranallo: There's a win for Lio Rush!

Corey Graves: This team of Holly, Lashley and Lio is proving to be damn near unstoppable.


Mauro Ranallo: Up next, Tommy End takes on Chris Jericho in a Gateway Championship tournament semi-final match... the winner will face Edge or Randy Orton this Sunday at Fanniversary!

"Lost in the Static" by After the Burial hit, and the crowd booed as Tommy End made his way to the ring. When End was in the ring, "Break the Walls Down" hit and the crowd cheered as Chris Jericho stepped out onto the stage. Jericho looked confident as he walked down the ramp, and upon entering the ring he locked eyes with his opponent. The referee called for the bell and the two men began circling the ring. End went for a roundhouse kick, but Jericho ducked out of the way, then hit End with a series of punches. He whipped End against the ropes, and as End ran back towards him, Jericho hit a dropkick. Both men got to their feet and Jericho hit a double underhook backbreaker, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... kickout!

Mauro Ranallo: A strong start from Jericho!

Jericho pulled End to his feet and hit him with some more right hands, then whipped him into the corner. He ran at End, hitting him with a corner clothesline, then as End staggered out of the corner, Jericho took him down with a bulldog. Jericho ran towards the ropes, going for the Lionsault... but End got his knees up and blocked it! As Jericho clutched his ribs, End dragged the ten-time World Champion to his feet, and hit a brainbuster. He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Jericho kicked out!

Corey Graves: Tommy End is in control now... can Jericho make a comeback?

End got to his feet and stomped on Jericho several times, then pulled him to his feet and whipped him into the corner. End charged towards Jericho, hitting him with a knee strike. As Jericho staggered out of the corner, End got behind him, hitting a deadlift German suplex. End bridged it, and the referee made the count – 1... 2... Jericho kicked out once more!

Mauro Ranallo: Jericho is not going down without a fight, Corey!

End looked frustrated as he got to his feet, and he stalked Jericho, waiting for the veteran superstar to get to his feet. When Jericho was up, End went for the Owari Death Kick... but Jericho ducked out of the way, then took End down and locked in the Walls of Jericho!

Mauro Ranallo: Great counter there by Chris Jericho! Tommy End could be in trouble!

Jericho yelled "Ask him!", but End refused to tap out and was able to get to the ropes. Jericho reluctantly broke the hold, then took a step back, allowing End time to get to his feet. When End was up, Jericho grabbed him, going for the Codebreaker! End blocked it by grabbing the ropes, then when Jericho hit the mat, End hit a double foot stomp to the chest. End pulled Jericho to his feet and hit a saito suplex, then stalked Jericho once more. When Jericho was back on his feet, End spun his leg around, hitting the Owari Death Kick! He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Corey Graves: It's over! Tommy End advances to the final!

End celebrated as Warfare went to commercial.


“Oh My Here We Go”.

Mauro Ranallo: Well, this wasn’t on the agenda for the evening.

Corey Graves: I’m sorry, Mauro. Does the Chairman of EBWF need to tell us when he’ll be addressing the EBWF Universe?

Mauro Ranallo: I’m just surprised to see him out here is all.

Wes barely acknowledged the crowd as he headed down the ramp. He kept his eyes on his Doc Marten’s as they trodded up the steel stairs and then he entered the ring between the top and second rope. He pulled a microphone from his back pocket, but held it at his side.

Mauro Ranallo: Wes doesn’t even want to dignify this situation with a response, Corey. Look at him.

Corey Graves: He looks beside himself, Mauro, and if you ask me that’s just proving CM Punk right. Who is this guy, and what the hell has he done with Wes Ikeda?

The crowd cheered when Wes finally lifted the mic to his lips.

Wes Ikeda: I don’t know if CM Punk is here yet. There hasn’t been a general sense of dread and an overinflated feeling of self importance backstage, so my initial reaction is no. Perhaps he’s not. But what I do know is that wherever he is, he’s watching. You wanted to make this personal. So let’s get personal, Phil. I’ve known you for a long time. Over a decade, right? And it’s gone beyond wrestling, hasn’t it?

You were a groomsmen in my sister’s destination wedding. When Natalie and I got married, you were on the guest list, sitting right there in our home. And that wasn’t the first time you’d been there either, was it? I can’t count how many birthday parties, backyard barbeques, and Christmas Eve dinners you’ve been a part of. Nothing in this business really surprises me anymore though, Phil. I didn’t spend a lot of time wondering why you targeted me. It’s the nature of the beast. Everyone does it eventually. And when people come after me, it’s usually par for the course that they go after Chris. We’re used to that. Then there’s the occasional jab at my wife, and to be honest with you, Phil, that bothers me, but it doesn’t worry me. Nat is tougher than you and me put together, so I can live with that. What I can’t understand, and what few are bold enough to do is involve my children. That’s a bridge too far, Phil.

I remember when you used to stand on your own two feet. I remember when the only agenda you were running was your own. I don’t know what your new puppet master promised you to convince you that targeting me is a good idea. I don’t know what you have to gain from making an enemy out of me. I sure as hell don’t know when you became a little bitch…

That finally drew a reaction of applause and cheers from the crowd.

Wes Ikeda: CM Punk playing second fiddle to the World Champion, rather than trying to become world champion? You’re calling that man a king with a straight face! If you weren’t straight edge, I’d think you were high. He’s a king as much as I’m the fuckin’ Pope.

Mauro Ranallo: I hope the people in the truck have their finger on the censorship button.

Wes Ikeda: So you’ve shown me who you are, and made it pretty clear what you’re going to do. So now, let me tell you what I’m gonna do. I know what you want, and I know what this crowd wants. As much as I want the EBWF Universe to get their match…

The crowd was cheering at full volume now, but their joy quickly turned to negativity as Wes completed his thought.

Wes Ikeda: ...I won’t do it. Because the second I teach this locker room, or my enemies, shit, this locker room full of my enemies... that targeting my children gets you rewarded with exactly what you want? Well that’s the second I put my children in irrevocable danger. You know I won’t do that, so you have to decide if we’re just in a never ending cycle of me telling you no, and you kicking my ass all over…

The crowd popped and Wes lifted his head toward the stage. Movement behind the curtain had caught his eye, and the crowd was acknowledging the silent arrival of Blaine Ikeda. He looked over his shoulder tentatively before proceeding down the ramp way.

Mauro Ranallo: That young man has been a permanent fixture backstage since he was a toddler.

Corey Graves: And since Summerslam, he’s been out here on TV week after week. He should have stayed in the back.

The look on Wes’ face said that he agreed with Corey. Blaine easily slid in under the bottom rope, and gingerly moved to his feet. He walked up to his dad and covered the microphone with his right hand, pushing it down to waist level as not to be overheard. He leaned closer to Wes’ shoulder so he could speak near his ear.

Mauro Ranallo: We might not be able to hear them Corey, but I have to say it looks like that young man is encouraging his father to get out of that ring.

Corey Graves: You think so, Mauro? I think he might be encouraging Wes to issue the challenge for that match.

Whatever they were discussing, they ran out of time to come to a decision as the PA system came alive. “Cult of Personality” hit and the crowd turned instantly to booing. Wes and Blaine both turned their attention to the ramp as the song continued playing. Eventually, CM Punk thrust the curtain aside in a large motion and made his way out with a mic in hand. He intermixed clapping his free hand against his bicep and pointing toward the ring in a mocking show of appreciation for the moment happening inside the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: I wish I could say I’m surprised to see CM Punk but after the last few weeks nothing surprises me concerning him.

As he made it to the top of the ramp he pulled the mic up to his lips. He looked at the booing crowd and shrugged before holding a finger up in a failed attempt to silence them. He flicked the microphone and the sudden sound gave him the half second of silence he needed to start talking.

CM Punk: Awwww, what a cute scene. Father and son together in the ring at last! All it took was a gentle push from the Punker to make it happen. Really, I think you should be thanking me for all the kicking your ass I’ve done here recently. It looks like I’ve gone and done what you couldn’t in twenty years of being a dad. I made a man out of little old Blaine. Look at him! He’s not hiding backstage or chatting up a certain female wrestler,

Punk faked a cough to cover the name.

CM Punk: Liv Morgan, on twitter! He jumped a barricade and was ready to fight! Not you though, you’ve come out here to tell me you won’t. You won’t fight or you can’t fight. Sure, you can tell these people it’s because you don’t want to set an example but Wes it looks like I’ve been making an example out of you. I’ve been showing all the people of the Universe that you’re more than willing to go toe to toe with someone like Havoc. But, slot in a real wrestler and you start pulling reasons out of that playbook on why you can’t do it. You damn sure can’t climb in the ring with the Best in the World and walk out the other side like you did two years ago at Mania!

Punk sat down at the top of the ramp and crossed his legs.

Mauro Ranallo: What is he thinking?

Corey Graves: It looks like CM Punk is making himself comfortable!

CM Punk: You did have a lot of questions. About my motives, my reasons for aligning with the Champ, why I call him the King. I got answers to all those questions Wes but if you want them, you’re going to have to come up here and beat them out of me.

Punk pulled on his feet and rocked backwards laughing into the mic hysterically.

CM Punk: I won’t hold my breath, I’d hate to think you might reward my bad behaviour. Then again maybe Blaine there will come up here and beat it out of me. Seems like he’s the man of the family these days anyhow!

Punk tossed the mic to the side and motioned for Wes to come on. He continued to yell taunts toward the CEO but the audio was drowned out by the noise of the crowd. Blaine rolled his eyes in the indignant way that young men do, and Wes shook his head. The elder Ikeda pointed over near the timekeeper, clearly telling Blaine to exit in that direction. Wes’ was trying to hide the fact that his head was on a swivel, looking for any sign of Punk’s friends. Blaine wasn’t retreating, and Wes was slow to take the bait, not leaving the young man in the ring by himself.

Wes Ikeda: The questions were rhetorical, Phil. I don’t actually give a shit about the answers. Whatever they are, I know they’re pathetic.

Punk jumped up and shouted something. Even without the audio it was clear there were several vulgar words mixed in. He started his way down to the ring, clearly rattled at Wes’s comment. Just as he made it to the ring the lights flickered and “Moments” by Sevendust hit the PA. Both Wes and Blaine started looking around for Aiden English. The lights went out for just a moment and when they came back on Aiden was standing outside the ring on the opposite side of CM Punk. Wes put himself between Aiden and Blaine, momentarily turning his back to Punk, and attempted to get Blaine to get out of the ring again. CM Punk took advantage of the momentary disorientation caused by the ruse and slid under the bottom rope. He launched himself at Wes and tackled him to the ground. The two men rolled around the ring exchanging punches to the head and control of haphazard guards. The crowd cheered as Wes found himself of Punk and unloaded repeated rights. They booed when Punk was able to roll Wes off and countered with repeated strikes of his own.

Corey Graves: These two men don’t care about looking good, they just want to hurt one another!

Mauro Ranallo: You’re right Corey and I hope Blaine gets out of there before Aiden English’s thoughts turn wicked.

Punk and Ikeda ended up in the middle of the ring with Punk on top. He held Wes’s head with his right hand and struck several hard punches with his left. Blaine grabbed at Punk’s shoulder in an attempt to pull him off but was pushed away. CM Punk continued to attack Wes, this time with his elbow. Blaine grabbed him again, this time on both shoulder and wrenched him away from Wes. Punk snapped up quickly and shoved Blaine into the corner with both hands. He stared at the younger Ikeda leaned against the turnbuckle as the crowd booed him. He shot a glance outside the ring toward Aiden who was nodding with a smile three miles wide.

Mauro Ranallo: Get out of there!
Corey Graves: With Aiden outside the ring, where can he go?

Mauro Ranallo: I don’t know but I can practically hear the evil thoughts running through Aiden’s head!

Punk turned his attention back to Wes. He started pulling him up off the mat until Blaine grabbed his shoulder a third time and spun him around. This time Punk responded with lariat using the momentum of the turn that sent Blaine head over heels to the mat. Wes made it to a knee as Punk paced back and forth near Blaine rubbing the back of his head to help make a decision. Wes made it to his feet, shakily as Punk took in a deep breath to prepare himself for his next action. Wes reached out and put his hand on Punk’s shoulder. Punk looked at Wes’s hand on his shoulder without turning around and brushed it aside. That enraged Wes, and he reached forward and grabbed Punk with enough force to spin him around. Punk used that momentum to spring forward and pounce on Wes. Wes put his arms up in front of his face in a defensive position, but Punk grabbed the arm and began to wrench until he had Wes in the submission.

Mauro Ranallo: CM Punk has the Anaconda Vice on the boss! Somebody needs to get out here and stop this!

Wes started to fade, and he tapped on Punk’s shoulder in vain. The crowd was booing mercilessly, and when Punk finally broke the hold it was only to help Wes up on shaky legs and throw him into the turnbuckle shoulder first, leaving him hung. Punk turned his head malevolently, his eyes trained on Blaine Ikeda, still down on the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh come on, Punk! Leave the boy alone.

In the corner, Wes came up for one last gasp of air, and tried to pull himself up on the second rope, but just as he lifted his head…

Corey Graves: Aiden English! He just smashed that EBWF World Championship belt in Wes Ikeda’s face.

With Wes limp and unresponsive, Punk stalked Blaine and then began to stomp at him. The crowd rained down boos until the all too familiar sound of a guitar riff signaled that a Hart was on their way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: NATALYA!

Corey Graves: It’s been over 18 months since the Queen of Harts has been on Warfare.

Punk had looked up toward the rant at this unexpected turn of events, and Natalya came running down the ramp in black pleather pants and a hot pink cropped tank top. Her high heeled boots belying her height. Punk had stopped his attack, but as Natalya slid into the ring he smirked and went back to work stomping the younger Ikeda.

Corey Graves: She’s one tough woman, Mauro, but she needs to get out of there!

Mauro Ranallo: This is her family, Corey! That’s her husband! They’ve been together for nearly a decade. As far as Nattie is concerned, that is her child!

Unexpectedly, with Punk still stomping, Natalya threw herself down near Blaine’s head. Shielding him with her back as she threw her hands up at Punk pleadingly. Her words were inaudible, but she could clearly be seen saying “Stop. Don’t do this.” Punk hesitated, his foot hanging in the air. Aiden jumped up on the apron urging him to continue the assault but Punk was laser focused on Nattie and Blaine.

Mauro Ranallo: Not even Punk can be deranged enough to continue this assault with Nattie in the way!

Corey Graves: It looks like the champion wouldn’t hesitate.

Aiden reached over the ropes and smacked Punk on the shoulder to snap him out of his daze. Punk looked at Aiden who was pointing at Blaine and yelling for Punk to keep stomping on him. Punk shook his head at Aiden and put his foot down. Aiden climbed in the ring, clearly angered by Punk’s refusal. The two allies stood face to face for a moment before Punk slapped Aiden on the chest and smiled. Aiden nodded. CM Punk knelt beside Nattie and said something quietly to her. In the corner Aiden pulled Wes to his feet and drug him back out to the center of the ring. Punk finished what he was saying and backed away from Nattie and Blaine. He stepped backwards into Aiden holding the CEO upright. Punk turned, hauled Wes up on his shoulders and…

Corey Graves: Punk just hit Mr. Ikeda with a GTS!

Punk jumped up and put his hand out quickly, catching Aiden before he could continue the assault. He stepped backwards toward the ropes pushing Aiden with him. Both men climbed out onto the apron and it was Aiden completely focused on Wes Ikeda laying in the middle of the ring. Punk dropped off the apron and practically had to pull Aiden down in order to get him to follow. Punk put himself in between Aiden and the ring and walked the Champion up the ramp. Natalie was tentative for a moment, a look of confusion etched her features, almost as though she didn’t trust that Punk and Aiden were simply walking away. She turned to Blaine, still on her knees, and helped to sit him up as he coughed. She was talking to him and he was nodding in response, before finally she reassured enough that the young man was okay for the moment, she turned to her husband. He hadn’t even moved to get up though he did lift his hand toward her, and she took it, leaning down to talk to him. The camera panned to Blaine, looking up the ramp after Aiden and Punk. Officials ran past the two men, now on the stage, and headed to the ring to tend to the Chairman. Blaine turned his head to the left and spotted the microphone his father had dropped on the mat. He clutched his midsection, but reached for it. The crowd muttered and then began to cheer as Blaine pulled himself up to lean onto the second rope, staring daggers up the ramp. Natalie hadn’t even noticed. Looking up only when the PA system broadcast his voice.

Blaine Ikeda: Punk!

He coughed and the tron showed Punk narrowing his eyes toward the ring as Aiden smirked.

Blaine Ikeda: You want Punk versus Ikeda at Fanniversary?

The crowd popped.

Blaine Ikeda: YOU GOT IT!

Corey Graves: Did he just…

Mauro Ranallo: Blaine Ikeda, the heir apparent, just told CM Punk he’d see him at Fanniversary!

Punk spun around on his heels at the sound of Blaine’s voice. The camera cut away to his reaction to the challenge. He was clearly confused by the source of the challenge but Aiden English was all smiles. It took a moment for everything to register with Punk but he began to nod. He mouthed “that works” toward the ring as he continued pushing Aiden backstage.


EBWF returned from commercial showing Corey Graves and Mauro Ranallo behind the announce desk.

Mauro Ranallo: I still can't believe it, Corey... Blaine Ikeda has challenged CM Punk to a match at Fanniversary!

Corey Graves: He's left his emotions get the better of him, Mauro... CM Punk has been wrestling for twenty years and has fought in UFC. The only fights Blaine has been in have been on the school playground!

Mauro Ranallo: Well emotions were certainly running high, but as far as we know that match has been made official for Fanniversary. Anyway, we're on to our next match this evening, Corey, and it is a continuation of the Gateway Championship Tournament.

Corey Graves: Legendary tag team and long-time friends, Rated RKO, will go toe to toe, and things were a little tense between them earlier today.

The promo showing the two of them meeting backstage in the hallway in front of Charly Caruso played for the crowd and immediately after "Metalingus" began to play. The crowd cheered as Edge came out, his entrance complete with pyro, before he came down to the ring. He shed his leather duster and turned his attention to the entrance ramp when "Counting Bodies Like Sheep" hit and Randy made his entrance. He sized edge up from the floor before getting up on the apron and entering the ring. They stood across from each other and the referee rang the bell.

Corey Graves: This should be one hell of a match, Mauro.

Randy and Edge stared each other down and then suddenly they charged each other and locked up. After a moment, neither men gaining momentum, they broke the hold, took a step back, and locked horns again. After a struggle, that brought them closer to the ropes, they broke the hold again. Suddenly, Edge flopped down on his back onto the mat, and rolled out under the bottom rope.

Mauro Ranallo: What is he doing?

Randy stood in the ring, looking out at Edge on the floor. The referee looked between the two men, and then stared down at Edge exasperated. Neither man moved, and the referee had no choice but to start his count.



Corey Graves: What is happening?




The crowd began to boo as Edge made no move to get back in the ring, and Randy made no move to go out and get him.



Mauro Ranallo: Rated RKO has no intention of having this match!



Corey Graves: This is ridiculous!


The referee rang the bell.

Christy Hemme: Your winner via count out, Raaaannnnnnnddddyyy Orrrrton!

Edge moved around to the timekeeper's area and grabbed a microphone. The crowd was booing the announcement as Randy met Edge on the outside and shrugged toward the angry crowd. They began to head back up the ramp.

Edge: Guess they didn't like that, compadre.

He held the microphone toward Randy.

Randy Orton: Guess not.

Edge: You actually thought that we were gonna have that match. On Warfare. For free?

They smirked at each other and then laughed. The crowd booed.

Mauro Ranallo: Why do we even like these guys?

Corey Graves: I certainly do not like these guys.

Randy Orton: If you came to see an RKO from outta nowhere, I'm afraid that'll have to wait until Fanniversary.

The live audience booed.

Edge: You won't be booing when Randy beats Tommy End and becomes the Gateway Champion.

Randy Orton: And you won't be booing when you realize that that victory will be just the catalyst for making 2020 the year of Rated RKO.

Randy's theme hit again and Edge dropped his mic before the two disappeared behind the curtain.


Warfare came back from commercial to a shot of Corey Graves and Mauro Ranallo.

Corey Graves: Welcome back to Warfare folks as we are just about ready for tonight's main event.

The camera cut to Elias who was in the ring bouncing back and forth trying to get loose.

Mauro Ranallo: There you see Elias already in the ring as he prepares to face the former 4 time EBWF Champion The Miz.


Followed by "I Came to Play" by Downstait was heard through the arena as the crowd erupted in cheers. The Miz exploded through the curtain flanked by his wife Mickie Mizanin. He confidently made his way to the ring high fiving some of the Mizfits on his way down the ramp, Mickie did the same. The Miz jumped up onto the ring apron and smiled at the crowd, as the camera then cut to Elias who was scowling at the confidence of the Miz.

Christy Hemme: His opponent from Cleveland, Ohio accompanied to the ring by Mickie Mizanin- THE MIZ!

Miz entered the ring and removed his T-Shirt. He smirked at a very jacked up Elias in the opposite corner.

Mauro Ranallo: Looks like Miz isn't exactly worried about Elias- even though Elias seems pretty intent on getting a win here.

Corey Graves: Well you have to think about what a huge win this would be for Elias if he could pull it off.

Mauro Ranallo: Interesting that Aiden English is not at ringside here tonight- to get a closer look at the man that will challenge him for the EBWF Championship.

The bell rang and the match began. Elias came at Miz with an aggressive lock up he put Miz into a hammerlock and laughed but before he could even enjoy the advantage Miz- reversed it immediately Elias some wildly with a back elbow but Miz ducked it and then pushed Elias into the ropes belly first. On the rebound Miz hit a back breaker which sent Elias to the mat. The crowd cheered loudly as he raised his arms to the crowd. Elias got up and again went for an aggressive clothesline Miz ducked when Elias turned around Miz hit a stiff left hand which led to a "YEAHH" then Elias countered with a right that led to a "BOO" this exchange went on for 3 more punches each before Elias hit Miz with a low knee which caused him to slump over. Elias then grabbed him by the head and viciously threw him to the mat. When Miz slowly got up. Elias went for a belly to belly but Miz countered and shoved Elias into the ropes again. Elias countered and Miz hit a knee and then a low DDT. He went for the count and the referee counted 1.. 2.. but Elias kicked out.

Corey Graves: Great action here thus far.

Miz motioned for Elias to get up, and Elias slowly made his way to his feet. The two men locked up again and this time Elias got the advantage he grabbed Miz' head and attempted to throw him out of the ring. Miz caught himself on the otherside of the ring and was standing on the apron. Elias charged at Miz and hit a forearm which sent Miz crashing to the floor below. As Miz slowly made his way up to his feet. Elias launched himself over the rope to the outside, Miz moved to the side and threw Elias face first into the barricade. Miz picked up Elias by the head and through him into the ring. Miz picked Elias up and went for a SCF, Elias escaped hitting Miz with two back elbows. He then planted The Miz with a diving hip toss. He went for a cover and received a two count. Elias was back to his feet and picked Miz up and put him into the corner. He hit a chop which led to a "wooo" from the crowd. He then backed up and charged The Miz crashing into him with a body splash. He then followed it with a bulldog, and then went for a cover, receiving yet another two count.

Corey Graves: Elias definitely getting the better of this action at the moment.

Mickie begin to bang on the mat to try and wake her husband up. The crowd clapped along with the bangs. Elias yelled "SHUT UP" and went to stomp on Mickie's fingers, she yelled at him and he yelled back "shut your mouth woman" As Elias took his mind off Miz, Miz was back to his feet and hit a chop block on Elias sending him to the mat. Mickie clapped and Miz winked at her. Miz hunched down looking for the SCF again and Elias staggered to his feet and quickly noticed Miz low stance and backed away, which led to a laugh from The Miz. Elias went to lock up again with Miz but Miz kicked him right in the gut, he then went for another left but Elias blocked it and back body dropped Miz, who then landed on his feet on the ring apron, Elias never turned around thinking he sent Miz to the floor, Miz tapped Elias on the shoulder and when he turned around he drilled a left hand on Elias before entering the ring again. Elias went for an Irish whip into the corner but Miz reversed it and sent Elias to the corner. He then followed the whip with a clothesline that led to Miz straddling the ropes, his signature move. He then went to the center of the ring waiting on Elias once again. Elias weakly got to his feet, he went for a weak punch, but Miz ducked it and planted him in the center of the ring with a Skull Crushing Finale. The crowd erupted as Miz went for the cover and the referee counted.. 1.. 2.. 3!! The bell rang and Miz hand was raised in victory.

Christy Hemme: Here is your winner- The Miz!

The Miz kicked Elias out of the ring who slumped to the floor. He almost looked vicious in this moment. He demanded a microphone from the time keeper who gave him one quickly.

Corey Graves: Looks like Miz wants to say something.

The Miz began speaking slightly out of breath.

The Miz: You know something- over the past couple of weeks- a lot of changes have taken place in my life. I did something that I didn't know if I'd ever do by getting married- I dumped my two ankle weight friends- to return to my Mizfits..

The crowd cheered this.

The Miz: The one thing that hasn't changed is who the heck I am around here. I'm The Miz- and I AM the EBWF- and an EBWF without The Miz as its champion is quite frankly an EBWF that.. well.. kinda sucks.

The crowd cheered again.

The Miz: So Aiden English- I know you're probably too busy backstage playing with yourself to Tarentino movies to come out here, but I hope you catch some reruns of me disposing of your little buddy down there, you can consider that a coming attraction before the FEATURE PRESENTATION of me beating the living hell out of you VERY soon to ONCE AGAIN become the EBWF Champion. I got rid of my little posse so it only feels right that one by one.. I get rid of yours.. until our rematch.. when I GET RID OF YOU..




"I Came To Play" by Downstait hit as the Miz flipped the mic to the mat and exited the ring to join his wife. He put his arm around her as the two made their way up the ramp. Warfare went off the air with the crowd cheering and Miz and Mickie raising their arms at the top of the ramp.

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