Warfare Results 03/02/2020

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Warfare Results 03/02/2020

Post by Ashlee » Wed Mar 04, 2020 11:04 pm


Pyro went off inside BOK Center as EBWF Warfare went live.

Mauro Ranallo: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to EBWF Warfare!

Nigel McGuinness: Hello, Mauro! I'm Nigel McGuinness, and we are coming to you live from Tulsa, Oklahoma on the road to Wrestlemania!

Mauro Ranallo: And we are kicking things off with main event level action.

Matt Hardy's theme hit, and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as Hardy came out to the stage and began doing the Delete Taunt as he headed down the ramp and into the ring. He took his long duster off, as "I Hope You Suffer" hit and Jimmy Havoc came onto the stage to cheers from the crowd.

Mauro Ranallo: Still riding high from his EBWF return, the former World Champion takes on Matt Hardy here tonight.

Havoc was barely through the ropes when the bell rang and Havoc rushed Hardy! Hardy dodged, ran back in and rammed Havoc! Hardy whipped but Havoc reversed hard. Havoc ran in but Hardy slipped out to the apron. Jimmy taunted Matt until he came back into the ring, and the two men locked up. Hardy whipped Jimmy into the corner, and Havoc hit the turnbuckle. Then Hardy springboarded to drop an elbow on Havoc’s back! Hardy went for a quick cover. ONE!

Nigel McGuinness: Jimmy Havoc kicks out.

Jimmy got back to his feet, but Hardy ran and dropkicked Havoc out. Hardy dove to wipe Havoc out! Hardy kept moving, and hit another dive for a tornado DDT! Hardy had the crowd booing as he dragged Havoc up. Havoc pushed him away so Hardy stomped him. Hardy put Havoc in a hold and headed up top. The fans tried to rally behind Havoc as Hardy leapt, but the flying huricanrana was blocked! Havoc brought Hardy up for a buckle bomb! He then reeled Hardy in for a brain buster!

Mauro Ranallo: Havoc may have put him away!



Mauro Ranallo: No! Hardy kicks out!

Havoc stomped Hardy and dragged him up to stomp on him, and then send him hard into the turnbuckle! Havoc stomped and ground his foot into Hardy in the corner. Hardy kicked back but Havoc grabbed the legs to yank Hardy out of the corner. Hardy landed hard on the mat and Havoc covered again.



Nigel McGuinness: He kicks out again!

Havoc kept on Hardy with a neck crank. Havoc shifted to a facelock guillotine. Hardy threw body shots, but Havoc threw a half hatch suplex, and followed it up with a stiff neckbreaker.



Hardy kicked out again, and the crowd couldn't believe it. Havoc whipped Hardy into the corner. Havoc blocked boots but Hardy pushed him away. Hardy wheelbarrowed and victory rolls, to go up and springboard right into Havoc’s capture. Havoc dragged Hardy into a LeBelle lock! Hardy endured and powered across the mat. Hardy got the ropebreak with his foot. Havoc let go as the ref counted, and he dragged Hardy up from the apron. He bent Hardy backwards against the ropes and started clubbing away on Hardy’s chest! Havoc let up at 4, and brought Hardy to the corner. Havoc bent Hardy back against the crossbar, then yanked him into it! Hardy fell to the floor in a daze as the ref reprimanded Havoc. Havoc shrugged the ref off as Hardy powered back to his feet, and climbed on the apron. Havoc dragged him in for a gut wrench toss.

Nigel McGuinness: Havoc is being relentless!

Hardy throws haymakers and body shots, but Havoc shoved him away. Hardy runs into a discus punch. Havoc ripcords and hits the Acid Rain Maker!

Mauro Ranallo: That's got to be it!




Nigel McGuinness: What a match to open Warfare! He puts Hardy away!

Havoc allowed his hand to be raised in victory as EBWF went to commercial.


"Being Evil Has a Price" hit as Winter came to the stage as EBWF returned from commercial.

Mauro Ranallo: It's time for women's action here tonight in Tulsa!

Once Winter was in the ring, "Loyalty is Everything". hit and Shayna Baszler came to the ring with a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Mauro Ranallo: The new women's champion is very divisive within the EBWF Universe.

Shayna held up the championship before handing it over to the ref. The bell rang and they went at it with Baszler sending Winter to the floor. Winter caught her with a kick. They brought it back in and Winter mounted offense for a 2 count. Winter tried to lock on a submission but Baszler retreated to the floor to break it. Winter ran with a kick from the apron but Baszler caught it and Winter ended up on the floor. Baszler launched Winter into the barrier. They brought it back into the ring and Baszler kept control before pinning Winter for a 2 count.

Nigel McGuinness: Shayna is looking convincing here!

Winter finally turned it around and stomped on the arm as Baszler began to favor it almost immediately. Winter got another shot to the arm and the shoulder before covering for a 2 count.

Mauro Ranallo: Winter trying to get a quick victory over Shayna Baszler.

Winter went to the top but Baszler hit the ropes and cut her off. Winter turned it back around but Baszler caught a break and bailed to the outside. Winter was on the top now while Baszler was on the floor. Winter leapt from the top and hit a suicide dive on the floor. The fans counted with the referee as both Superstars were down on the floor. They made it back in right before the 9 count. Baszler got the Kirifuda Clutch applied out of nowhere. She cinched it in. Winter tried to fight it, and work her way to the bottom rope, but Shayna locked it in tighter, and Winter had no choice but to tap.

Nigel McGuinness: Winter tried to hang in there, but she proved to be no match for Shayna Baszler.

Mauro Ranallo: Trish Stratus meets Shayna in just four weeks and the Quintessential Diva has been strangely silent.

Nigel McGuinness: I would be a fool to underestimate Trish, but I got to wonder if anyone can take on Shayna!

Shayna held up the championship in the center of the ring as a Wrestlemania ad began to play.


The glass shattered and the crowd went wild as Stone Cold Steve Austin stomped out to the ring and immediately climbed the turnbuckle, throwing his fists in the air. The crowd had no time to settle down though when "If Ya Smell...." filled their ears and they remained just as excited. The Rock entered the ring, but didn't get to acknowledge the crowd as Austin attacked his challenger before the opening bell, smacking away at the People's Champion.

Mauro Ranallo: It feels like a blast from the past, but these two men still have it!

The "Rocky" chants started early, as Rock turned the tables on Austin. Rock went for the Rock Bottom early on, but Austin battled out of it, and bailed out of the ring all together. The two slugged it out on the outside, with Rock spitting water into Austin's face.

Nigel McGuinness: Where did that come from?

The fight moved its way up the entrance ramp with the men trading lefts and rights all the way to the stage, where Rock suplexed Austin right on the steel stage!

Mauro Ranallo: The referee is letting these men fight. They must be well beyond the 10 count.

Stone Cold recovered and went for a piledriver onto the steel, but Rock reversed and backdropped Austin. They fought there way back toward the ring and Austin slingshotted The Rock into the ringpost head-first, and slammed him down on the outside. Austin helped Rock back in the ring, and went to work on The Rock, methodically wearing him down, and repeatedly choking him on the middle rope. The referee did start a count now, and Austin broke the hold each time before he was disqualified. Austin even took some time to taunt the crowd, who were firmly behind the People's Champion.

Nigel McGuinness: The EBWF Universe has chosen a side here tonight, and they're still loving The Rock.

Austin was taunting the crowd when Rock snuck up behind him for a roll-up, but Austin kicked out of the pinfall attempt at two. Rocky wouldn't stay down, so Austin went back to work, assaulting his opponent with punches and kicks. The men battled to the outside and onto the announcer's table, where Austin kicked Rock in the midsection where he looked like he was about to hit the Stunner, but Rock pushed Austin off onto the floor. Austin reached up and dropped Rock onto the announce table ribs-first. The two men chopped away at each other, and Austin suplexed Rock onto the announce table, which Rock hit knee-first.

Mauro Ranallo: We have to restore order here! There's a long storied history between these two legends.

The People's Champion clutched at his knee after the maneuver as Austin got back in the ring. Rock made his way back. Austin went after him and immediately went to work on his knee. Austin stopped to jaw off to the referee, and Rock attacked him with a clothesline. Austin rallied with a Lou Thesz Press and fists and fire for a near fall. Stone Cold went back to work on Rock's knee, as he continued to taunt the crowd.

Nigel McGuinness: He has no respect for this crowd!

Rock answered that as the men sluggged it out, and Rock hit Austin with a Lou Thesz Press and fists and fire of his own for a near fall! Before the men could get to their feet, Austin locked on a sleeper, as the crowd chanted for Rock. Rocky soon fought out of the hold, and he soon had Austin in a sleeper of his own, until Austin battled out of it. Austin hit a spinebuster for yet another near fall, and locked Rock in a Boston Crab to try and wear down the Brahma Bull. The fatigue factor was clearly setting in to both men as Rock finally made his way to the ropes, forcing Stone Cold to break the hold.

Mauro Ranallo: How much more can they give us?

Austin mouthed off to the ref again as Rock got to his feet. The men soon had a mid-air collision, knocking both down, until they struggled to their feet. The punches continued to fly, and Rock hit a huge flying clothesline and a body throw for a near fall. Rocky reversed an Irish Whip. Rocky then hit a spinebuster. He went off of the ropes and hit the People's Elbow. The crowd cheered as he went for the pin.




Mauro Ranallo: What a battle!

Nigel McGuinness: That was on hell of a match, and The People's Champion is victorious.

The Rock climbed the turnbuckle and did his signature pose as EBWF went to commercial.


The show returned from commercial to find Nigel and Mauro at the announce table.

Mauro Ranallo: Ladies and Gentlemen we are four weeks away from Wrestlemania where the Grandest Stage of them all meets the Tampa Bay Area, and up next on our road to immortality is tonight's main event!

AJ Style's theme hit first and the EBWF Veteran headed to the ring ahead of EBWF World Champion Aiden English. The crowd was ready for the action as the bell rang and they sized each other up. They locked up and went to the corner. The referee backed AJ off and counted. AJ got in a quick shot to English as he backed off. They locked up and went back to the corner as fans did dueling chants. They broke again and locked back up to trade holds. English got a takedown but AJ countered the follow-up. They face off again for a pop.

Nigel McGuinness: The crowd is appreciating this sportsmanship.

There was more back and forth between the two. English leveled AJ with a big clothesline. English hit a chop into the corner. English kept control and dropped a knee for a quick 1 count. English hit a kick to the spine to keep AJ down. English chopped AJ into the corner but he fired back with a chop of his own. AJ ran into a boot in the corner. English came off the top but had to land on his feet. AJ came right back with a dropkick. AJ kept control and took English to the corner for shoulder thrusts as the referee counted.

Mauro Ranallo: I see the referee hasn't suspended the rules for this match like the other official did for Rock and Austin!

AJ chopped English and nailed a backbreaker. They unloaded on each other with strikes in the middle of the ring, before they ended up on the apron. AJ went for a Piledriver on the apron but it was blocked. AJ hit a knee to Aiden's face from the apron, sending English down on the floor. AJ went out after him and brought it back into the ring. They counter on the apron. AJ dropped English over the top rope. English ran the ropes and nailed a suicide dive, sending AJ back into the announce table. The referee counted, and they made it back in at the 7 count. English immediately sent AJ back over the top rope to the floor. English landed another suicide dive sending AJ into the table again. English brought it back into the ring and unloaded. AJ hit a forearm to the face. English nailed a DDT. Aiden went out through the ropes, and hit a forearm and a springboard clothesline from the apron. English hooked the leg, and AJ kicked out at 2.

Nigel McGuinness: I thought Aiden had it there!

They traded more shots in the middle of the ring. AJ dropped English's neck into his knee, and followed up with a flying forearm in the corner. AJ called for a Styles Clash but English counters with a schoolboy for a 2 count. AJ reversed and rolled him up with a 2 count of his own. English reversed with another pin attempt, and when Styles kicked out he hit the buckle bomb. English went to the top for a big frog splash but AJ kicks out at 2. English rocks AJ with a right hand in the corner. Aiden backed up and Styles charged at him right into...

Mauro Ranallo: Director's Cut!

Aiden went for the pin, hooking the leg.




Nigel McGuinness: AJ Styles gave it his all, but it wasn't enough to beat the champ.

Mauro Ranallo: Chris Jericho better recognize that Aiden will not go quietly.

Nigel McGuinness: Anything can happen between now and Wrestlemania!

Mauro Ranallo: And we continue on the long and winding road to the grandest stage of them all next week on Warfare!

Aiden raised both arms in victory as the fans cheered on their feet and EBWF went off the air.
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