Warfare Results 07/20/2020

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Warfare Results 07/20/2020

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Pyro shot off in the Bridgestone Arena as the Nashville crowd got to their feet for EBWF Warfare.

Mauro Ranallo: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to EBWF Warfare. I'm Mauro Ranallo.

Nigel McGuinness: And I'm Nigel McGuinness. Tonight, we get things started with Women's Wrestling Action.

"Like a Lady" hit and Lacey Evans proceeded to the ring, looking ready for a fight.

Mauro Ranallo: This is a Queen of the Ring Semi-Finals rematch as Lacey Evans will take on the winner of the tournament. Here comes...

"Bossy" hit and the crowd went wild for the arrival of the EBWF Women's champion, Trish Stratus. She wore the belt around her waist and proceeded to the announce table. She grabbed a head set as Mauro welcomed her.

Mauro Ranallo: Trish, welcome to the broadcast booth. We weren't expecting to see you out here.

Trish Stratus: Just thought I'd get a better look at my competition at Summerslam, Mauro.

"Celtic Invasion" hit and Becky was next out to the ring. Christy Hemme gave formal introductions, and the bell rang. The crowd gave Becky a mixed reaction.

Trish Stratus: Sounds a bit different than when I came out, doesn't it?

Nigel McGuinness: The EBWF Universe does seem to be firmly behind you.

Becky immediately nailed a dropkick and unloaded on Evans in the corner as the referee backed her off. Becky tossed Evans to the mat and hit a basement dropkick. Becky took Evans back down and she scrambled to the floor for a breather.

Trish Stratus: Lacey, girl, you can't win out there.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky might have Lacey's number.

Trish Stratus: We already know she's beaten her before. The question is whether or not she can beat me at Summerslam, and I'm betting she can't.

Becky ran the ropes and hit a baseball slide. Evans grabbed Becky on the floor but Becky countered and sent her into the barrier. Evans pleaded with Becky and tried jumping over the barrier but Becky grabbed her and slammed her face-first into the apron.

Trish Stratus: Sure, reason with her. That'll work.

Becky brought it back in. Becky charged but Lacey side-stepped and tried to send her face-first into the corner. Becky avoided it but Lacey kept on and finally got some offense in. Evans worked on Becky's arm and talked some trash while she was down. Evans stompped away on Becky's hand now.

Nigel McGuinness: Trish, what do you think about this strategy?

Trish Stratus: Honestly, I like anything that makes it harder for Becky to slap on her submission.

Evans got a Gator Roll into the corner. She continued working on the arm, using the ring post on it as the referee counted. Evans brought it back into the ring for another rollup attempt and a 2 count. Evans laid on more offense and another pin attempt. Evans keeps Becky grounded and taunted her.

Trish Stratus: There you go, Lacey! Get in her head.

Becky executed an arm drag but Evans came right back with a neckbreaker and a 2 count. Evans pulled a rag out of her top and wiped her sweat off, then rubbed it in Becky's face.

Nigel McGuinness: The disrespect.

Trish Stratus: Not only is that utterly disgusting. Lacey should be embarrassed to be working up such a sweat.

Becky came back swinging. Becky landed a kick to drop Evans. She came off the top with a flying forearm and Evans went back down. Becky mounted more offense. Becky hit the Bexplex and a shot in the corner.

Mauro Ranallo: What an explosive move!

Trish Stratus: Is it though? I'm not that impressed.

Becky came off the top and hit a dropkick. Evans rolled to the floor for a breather but Becky came off the apron and took her down. Becky brought it back in for a close 2 count. Evans dropped Becky on her face and followed up with a knee for a 2 count. Evans tried to roll Becky up but the referee didn't count the pin as Becky's shoulder wasn't down.

Trish Stratus: Are you kidding me, Lacey? It's a ROLL UP. This whole division... I swear...

Becky rolled through and went right into the DisarmHer. Lacey immediately tapped.

Trish Stratus: Disappointed, but not surprised, Mauro.

Mauro Ranallo: We did see that victory before.

Trish nodded as Becky's hand was raised in victory. Becky looked to the announce table with an unfriendly glare, and Trish stood at her chair, removing the belt from her waist and raising it above her head as Warfare went to commercial.


Mauro Ranallo: Up next, we’ve got the Breakout Champion Tomohiro Ishii in action as he goes one on one with Tommaso Ciampa!

"Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads hit and the crowd booed as Tommaso Ciampa made his way to the ring. When Ciampa was in the ring, "Stone Pitbull" hit and the crowd cheered as Tomohiro Ishii headed to the ring. Once Ishii had entered the ring, the referee called for the bell. Ciampa charged towards Ishii, hitting him with a series of punches, but Ishii fought back with some right hands of his own, then whipped Ciampa against the ropes. As Ciampa ran back towards him, Ishii hit a clothesline, then as Ciampa got to his feet, Ishii hit him with a headbutt. Ciampa staggered backwards, and Ishii got behind him, hitting a German suplex. As Ciampa got to his feet, Ishii threw him into the corner, then hit him with a series of backhand chops. Ishii then went to whip Ciampa into the opposing corner, but Ciampa reversed the Irish whip, sending Ishii into the corner. Ciampa then charged towards Ishii, hitting him with a knee to the face! Ishii fell to the ground, which seemed to amuse Ciampa. He stomped on Ishii several times, before pulling him to his feet and putting him in a headlock. Ciampa began punching Ishii in the head, but Ishii fought back, hitting a series of punches to the midsection before lifting Ciampa up and hitting a side suplex. He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Ciampa kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: A strong start from Tomohiro Ishii! He's taking control of this match.

Ishii pulled Ciampa to his feet and hit him with a forearm smash to the face. Ciampa fought back with an uppercut, then hit Ishii with a headbutt. Ishii stared at Ciampa, then retaliated with a headbutt of his own. Ciampa staggered backwards, and Ishii hit a chop to the chest, then went for another forearm smash, but this time Ciampa blocked it and slapped Ishii across the face!

Mauro Ranallo: Blatant disrespect by Tommaso Ciampa! And he may live to regret that...

A collective "oooh" could be heard throughout the arena, and Ishii's face was red where Ciampa had slapped him. Ciampa smirked, but Ishii pointed to his cheek, daring Ciampa to slap him again. Ciampa hit him with another hard slap, but Ishii responded by slapping Ciampa on both sides of his head, then hitting another headbutt! Ciampa fell to the mat, and Ishii ran against the ropes, before hitting a senton. He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Ciampa kicked out! Ciampa slowly got to his feet, and Ishii ran against the ropes once more, this time going for a clothesline. Ciampa ducked out of the way, then hit Ishii with a big boot. Ciampa set Ishii up for a piledriver, but Ishii countered with a back body drop, then as Ciampa got back to his feet, Ishii hit another headbutt before lifting Ciampa up, hitting a vertical drop brainbuster! He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Nigel McGuinness: It's over! Tomohiro Ishii gets the victory!

Ishii celebrated as Warfare went to a commercial break.


When Warfare came back from a commercial- our main event competitors were in the ring waiting to get the match underway. The Rock was bouncing from foot to foot while Orton was stretching his neck muscles and looked extremely intense.

Mauro Ranallo: What a match this is going to be between the EBWF King of the Ring and the former longest reigning World Champion. Orton will be looking to avenge the loss of his partner Edge who The Rock defeated in the King of the Ring Final.

Nigel McGuinness: Definitely quite the main event right here.

The bell rang and the match was underway. Orton methodically paced around the ring while The Rock had an extremely serious look on his face. The two finally after several tense beats locked up. The early advantage went to The Rock. He put Orton in a side headlock and Orton almost right away shoved The Rock into the ropes. On the rebound The Rock dropped Orton with a shoulder block. Orton slowly got up as The Rock just stared a hole into Orton as he made his way to his feet. The tension of this match build some more as Orton signaled for a test of strength. The Rock went to accept it but Orton kicked The Rock right in the gut. Orton grabbed Rock's head and immediately brought him up for a suplex in which he dropped The Rock back first in the center of the ring. Orton then proceeded to stomp on The Rock three times before The Rock made his way to his feet. Orton went to whip The Rock off the ropes, but The Rock reversed it. Orton caromed off the ropes and into a belly to belly suplex from The Rock. Rock went for a cover and earned a two count.

Mauro Ranallo: Back and forth action here so far.

Both men were back to their feet again. This time it was an aggressive Orton. He charged at The Rock, and The Rock tried to side step him and slam his head into the turnbuckle, but Orton blocked it. He instead slammed The Rocks head face first into the turnbuckle. Rock staggered backwards towards the center of the ring. When The Rock turned around Randy went to throw The Rock out of the ring but The Rock only made it to the ring apron. As The Rock tried to re-enter head first, Orton caught his head. He then hit a low DDT through the ropes, a signature move of Orton's. Orton went for the cover and earned a two count himself. Randy looked annoyed as he got up, and quickly went to pick The Rock up by the head once again. The Rock quickly slapped Orton's hands away and went for the Rock Bottom. Orton elbowed The Rock in the back of the head and went for an RKO. The Rock pushed Orton into the ropes and then went for a spine buster. Orton blocked this as well and hit a two handed axe handle smash to The Rock's back. He then ran the ropes as the Rock was hunched over and caught a high knee right to The Rocks chin. Orton went for a quick cover and once again earned a two count.

Nigel McGuinness: This match is getting awfully physical here.

The Rock slowly made his way to his feet with the help of the ropes. Orton ran at a staggered Rock, but The Rock had the wherewithal to back body drop Orton over the ropes to the floor below. Orton was down, and The Rock stumbled to his feet near the center of the ring. He looked to the outside at Orton who was using the barricade to help himself get to a vertical base. Orton slowly tried to climb in the ring, but The Rock was quick to catch him with a trio of stomps. Orton crawled in the ring whilst getting stomped by The Rock. The Rock grabbed Orton by the head and pushed him into the corner. As The Rock backed away to play to the crowd for a second, Orton seized the opportunity with a chop block to the People's Champ. Orton then turned to slam the ground and began to stalk The Rock as he made his way to his feet again, Randy went for an RKO and again The Rock countered this time with a Samoan Drop. The Rock went for the cover and earned yet another two count.

Mauro Ranallo: Orton really wants to put The Rock away, but The King of the Ring won't budge.

Orton shook his head as the pinning predicament was broken. Now it was The Rock who was stalking Orton for The Rock bottom. As Orton staggered into The Rock's grasp, he went for The Rock bottom, only to once again have Orton elbow The Rock's head, and then quickly strike with an RKO. The referee was quick into the cover and counted




NO! The Rock kicked out of the RKO and the crowd went crazy.

Nigel McGuinness: TWO! Just TWO!

Mauro Ranallo: Orton is livid!

Randy was slamming the mat, infuriated that the RKO did not do the job. He looked poised to deliver another to The Rock as The Rock slowly made his way to his feet. As he went to try The Rock wriggled his head free. He kicked Orton in the stomach and planted him with a DDT. This sent both men to the ground with neither moving an inch.

Mauro Ranallo: Both men are spent here!

The Rock managed to roll his way into the cover and once again received a two count. The Rock was to his feet first as Orton wasn't too far behind. Orton ran at The Rock again and went for a clothesline that The Rock ducked. Orton turned around and swung wildly at The Rock who then ducked that back hand and turned it into a Rock Bottom in the center of the ring. The Rock got into the cover and the referee counted.




NO! Orton kicked out of The Rock bottom. The crowd couldn't believe it and neither could The Rock who became wide eyed in disbelief. He got up and pleaded his case as Orton made his way back to a vertical base.

Nigel McGuinness: This match has been outstanding - it's been a thrill ride.

Orton stumbled to his feet as The Rock delivered a right hand, and then another, and another. Orton stumbled into the corner as The Rock spit on his hand and went to deliver another blow. Orton ducked this last one and went for The RKO, but Rock pushed Orton into the ropes. On the carom, The Rock hit a spine buster in the middle of the ring. The crowd went crazy knowing what was coming. The Rock kicked Orton's arm to the side and then threw his elbow pad into the crowd. He ran the ropes and hit the people's elbow in the middle of the ring. He quickly went into the cover.




The bell rang and "Electrifying" by Jim Johnston was heard over the PA.

Nigel McGuinness: The Rock has done it, he beat Orton here tonight, but if you take one look at him - it's clear he's been in a war here tonight.

The Rock was happy to win, but as McGuinness had said he was in the corner looking exhausted as Orton was slowly coming to in the middle of the ring. Orton nodded to The Rock, then rolled out of the ring and made his way to the back. The Rock climbed the turnbuckle and held up his arm, celebrating with the crowd. Suddenly his music was interrupted by the sound of Fozzy's "Judas", and out came Chris Jericho.

Mauro Ranallo: And here comes Chris Jericho, who looks ready to fight!

Nigel McGuinness: He knows how to pick his moments, Mauro... The Rock has just been through a gruelling contest!

Jericho was wearing his trunks, and he had his fists clenched as he walked down the ramp. The Rock sighed, but beckoned Jericho to the ring, making it clear that as tired as he was, he was prepared for a fight. As Jericho reached the bottom of the ramp, he stopped as if waiting for something. The Rock raised his eyebrow, then began walking towards Jericho... but before he could exit the ring, he was attacked from behind! A man had hopped over the barrier and he clobbered The Rock with a clothesline to the back of the head, then lifted him up and hit a powerslam. As the man got to his feet, the camera zoomed in to reveal who it was...

Mauro Ranallo: I don't believe it, Nigel. That's Jake Hager! What's he doing here?

Nigel McGuinness: Well by the looks of things, Mauro, he's Jericho's hired muscle!

Jericho entered the ring and stomped on The Rock several times, then pulled him to his feet and handed him to Hager, who hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Hager then ran to the corner and followed up with the Hager Bomb! As The Rock writhed around the ring in pain, clutching his ribs, Hager pulled him to his feet. As Hager held The Rock in place, Jericho hit him with the Judas Effect!

Mauro Ranallo: This is despicable, Nigel. Someone needs to put a stop to this!

Nigel McGuinness: Would you want to try and stop Jake Hager, Mauro? Look at him... he's huge!

Jericho then pointed to the announce table, and Hager nodded, then threw The Rock out of the ring. As Jericho and Hager exited the ring, Jericho yelled at Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness to "get the hell out of here!" then began clearing the table. As Ranallo and McGuinness stepped away from the table, Jake Hager pulled The Rock to his feet and hit a gutwrench powerbomb through the table! The Rock lay motionless on the floor, and as EMTs rushed to the ringside area, Jake Hager held Jericho's arm up. Grinning, Jericho made his way to the back with Hager following. The Rock could be seen being placed on a stretcher as Warfare went off the air.

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