Warfare Results 07/27/2020

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Warfare Results 07/27/2020

Post by Ashlee » Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:38 pm


Mauro Ranallo: Good evening and welcome to Warfare! Tonight, we are live from Atlanta, Georgia, and kicking things off we've got Darby Allin versus The Breakout Champion, Tomohiro Ishii!

"I Fell" hit and the crowd cheered as Darby Allin made his way to the ring. When Allin was in the ring, "Stone Pitbull" hit and the crowd continued to cheer as Tomohiro Ishii stepped out onto the stage.

Nigel McGuinness: Both of these superstars are popular with this Atlanta crowd tonight, Mauro!

Ishii walked down the ramp and entered the ring, held up the Breakout Title, then handed it to the referee, who took it out of the ring and called for the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: Folks, the Breakout Title is not on the line in this match, but if Darby Allin can get the victory he would surely be considered the number one contender...

As the bell rang, Ishii charged towards Darby Allin, who was still in the corner of the ring. Allin jumped onto the turnbuckle, then leapt over Ishii and hit him with a sunset flip powerbomb! The referee counted – 1... 2... Ishii kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: Oh my goodness... Darby Allin almost pulled a fast one there!

Both men got to their feet, and Allin hit Ishii with a series of punches. Ishii fought back with some right hands of his own, then threw Allin out of the ring. Ishii followed Allin to the outside and threw him into the ringside barrier, then picked him up and slammed him onto the ground. As Allin got to his feet, Ishii went for a clothesline, but Allin ducked out of the way and grabbed Ishii from behind, throwing him into the ring steps! Ishii stumbled to his feet looking dazed, and Allin tossed him back into the ring, then climbed to the top rope. As Ishii got back to his feet, Allin went for a diving crossbody... but Ishii caught him in mid-air and countered with a fallaway slam! Both men got to their feet, and Ishii hit a snap suplex, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Allin kicked out! Ishii got to his feet and stomped on Allin several times, then pulled him to his feet and whipped him into the corner. Ishii hit Allin with a series of chops to the chest, before pulling him back towards the center of the ring. Ishii lifted Allin up for a German suplex... but Allin landed on his feet! Ishii turned around and Allin took him down with a drop toe hold, then locked in the Fujiwara armbar!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! Is Allin gonna make Ishii tap?!

Ishii was able to get to the ropes, and the referee ordered Allin to break the hold. Both men got to their feet, and Allin hit Ishii with a springboard arm drag, then locked in the Fujiwara armbar once more! Ishii cried out in pain, but once again he was able to get to the ropes. Allin looked frustrated and he refused to break the hold! The referee threatened to disqualify Allin, and began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... Allin broke the hold and got to his feet.

Nigel McGuinness: Allin is determined to get the victory here, Mauro... he's willing to do whatever it takes!

Ishii used the ropes to pull himself up, and Allin ran towards him, going for a clothesline. Ishii ducked out of the way and hit Allin with a back body drop, sending him over the top rope! Ishii exited the ring and grabbed Darby Allin, lifting him up and hitting a powerbomb onto the ring apron! Allin screamed, and writhed around on the floor clutching his back. Ishii threw Allin back into the ring, then covered him. The referee counted – 1... 2... Allin kicked out just before the 3!

Mauro Ranallo: How did Allin kick out of that?!

Ishii shook his head, then dragged Allin to his feet and set him up for the vertical drop brainbuster. He lifted Allin up... but Allin countered with a stunner! Allin then ran to the corner and climbed to the top rope, before hitting the Coffin Drop! He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Nigel McGuinness: It's over! What a match!

Darby Allin celebrated as Warfare went to commercial.


As Warfare returned from a commercial break, the ring was set up for Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel. The ring mat had been covered by a blue carpet, there were two chairs in the ring, and in the center of the ring was the obscenely expensive Jeritron 5000. A pre-recorded message from Chris Jericho began to play over the PA system.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the eagerly awaited return of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel! Introducing first, your host. He is the reigning EBWF World Champion, celebrating his record-breaking eleventh reign. He is a wrestler, a rockstar, an author, an actor, a podcaster and an entrepreneur. He is the demo god, and he is better than The Rock in every single way. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Chris Jericho!"

"Judas" by Fozzy hit and the crowd booed as Chris Jericho stepped out onto the stage. Jericho was wearing a suit, and he had the World Title over his shoulder.

Mauro Ranallo: Well that was one hell of an introduction, Nigel... it's almost as if Chris Jericho wrote and recorded it himself...

Nigel McGuinness: Do you have any idea what a "demo god" is, Mauro? I think that's the first time I've heard that phrase.

Mauro Ranallo: Well Nigel, EBWF does very well in the 18-49 demographic... as the EBWF World Champion, I think Chris Jericho wants to take credit for that.

Jericho entered the ring, placed the World Title on a stand underneath the Jeritron 5000, then picked up a microphone and signalled for his music to be cut.

Chris Jericho: Thank you for that friendly welcome. It's great to be back here in...

Jericho looked at his hand.

Chris Jericho: Atlanta, Georgia. This is the first Highlight Reel in a long time, and what a guest we've got for you. He's an amateur wrestler turned pro wrestler turned MMA fighter. He is 6'7", he weighs 254 pounds, and you don't want to mess with him. Just ask Dwayne Johnson. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for my friend, Jake Hager!

"I Got Em Hurt" hit and the crowd booed again as Jake Hager headed to the ring. Hager was wearing jeans and a polo shirt, and as he entered the ring he shook hands with Jericho, then took a seat.

Chris Jericho: Thanks for joining me, Jake.

Jake Hager: It's my pleasure, Chris. Besides, you're the person that brought me to EBWF... it wouldn't really look good if I turned down a chance to be on your show.

Jericho laughed.

Chris Jericho: True. I've got an eye for talent, and you are one tough son of a bitch Jake. EBWF is lucky to have you.

Jake Hager: Thank you. It's great to be here, and to have the opportunity to work alongside the best wrestler in the world.

Chris Jericho: The best wrestler in the world, eh? And who would that be?

Jake Hager: Randy Orton, obviously.

Jericho frowned, then both he and Hager burst out laughing.

Jake Hager: You know I mean you, Chris. You've dedicated 30 years of your life to professional wrestling, and I respect the hell out of you.

Chris Jericho: Thanks Jake, that means a lot. I respect you too... you're like me, a real wrestler. You got into wrestling through hard work, not because of who you're related to, and for the past 14 years you've continued to show dedication to wrestling, even when you had other opportunities. So let me ask you a question Jake, man to man. As another wrestler who has earned your spot, does it frustrate you when someone like The Rock takes this business for granted?

Hager nodded.

Jake Hager: It doesn't just frustrate me, Chris... it infuriates me. You know as well as I do that The Rock is just waiting for his next big movie deal. He says he wants to be the EBWF World Champion, but that's just because it means he can add another zero onto his next movie cheque. But look on the bright side... we took care of The Rock last week, and he's still in the hospital.

Jericho grinned.

Chris Jericho: That's true, let's take another look on the obscenely, obtusely, obesely expensive Jeritron 5000...

A clip aired of Jericho and Hager attacking The Rock and putting him through the announce table on last week's Warfare.

Chris Jericho: That was fun.

Jake Hager: It really was. I just hope The Rock realises the risks he's taking, trying to take that World Title from you.

Chris Jericho: Well I think after last week, he'll probably be begging Wes to get out of his contract. I'll have to find a new opponent for Summer-




Followed by "Electrifying" by Jim Johnston- brought the crowd to their feet The Rock came out in a white "I Bring It" Tanktop and black joggers. Sunglasses covered his eyes and his brow was already covered in beads of sweat. He paused for a second already holding a microphone in his hand. A "Rocky" chant started faint and picked up major steam until it was deafening, the louder it got the more infuriated Jericho and Hager became. When it finally died down The Rock spoke in a mocking tone.

The Rock: "Hi Jake" .... "Hi Chris." "You're a real wrestler," "no you're a real wrestler," "I love you," "no I love you more" "Kiss Kiss Kiss" AWWW SHUT YOUR MOUTH you rolly polly olly wanna be rock star and 6 foot 7 254 pound bag of steaming stinking MONKEY CRAP.

The crowd went crazy and another "Rocky" chant broke out.

The Rock: You see last week Chris Jericho- Jake Hager- did you beat up The Rock? Yeah you beat up The Rock. After a full match where The Rock WHAM defeated Randy Orton, Peoples Elbow center of the ring. You came out and you double teamed The Rock- similar to the way you two double team large pizzas. You put The Rock down last week.. but the one thing you didn't do.. is put The Rock.. out.

The Rock paused again for cheers. Jericho smirked as did Hager.

The Rock: You see last week The Rock- pretty beaten- pretty tired- from a hard fought match. This week.. The Rock- FRESH. So quite simply..

The Rock began walking down the ramp.

The Rock: The Rock is going to come in there and show you just what a FRESH people's champ looks like..

Jericho yelled at Hager to take care of him. Hager rolled out of the ring and charged towards The Rock, hitting him with a series of punches. The Rock fought back with some right hands of his own, then hit Hager with a kick to the groin and DDTed him onto the steel ramp! The Rock then got to his feet and ran down the ramp, sliding into the ring. Jericho grabbed the World Title, and ran towards The Rock with it... but as Jericho swung the title, The Rock ducked out of the way, then hit Jericho with a clothesline. Jericho fell to the ground, and The Rock stomped on him several times, then pulled him to his feet. He set Jericho up for the Rock Bottom... but before he could hit it, Jake Hager re-entered the ring and grabbed one of the chairs, smashing it across The Rock's back! The Rock dropped to the mat, and Hager pulled him to his feet, hitting a uranage then locking him in an arm triangle choke. Jericho got to his feet and looked down at The Rock, laughing. As Hager broke the hold, Jericho picked The Rock up, then threw him into the Jeritron 5000! The screen shattered, and The Rock fell to the mat, clutching his face. As blood began to trickle down The Rock's face, Jericho and Hager exited the ring, making their way backstage. For the second week running, EMTs tended to The Rock as Warfare went off the air.
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