Warfare Results 9/14/2020

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Warfare Results 9/14/2020

Post by Ashlee » Wed Sep 16, 2020 9:44 pm


Pyro went off inside the arena as EBWF Warfare went live!

Mauro Ranallo: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Warfare and we are heading right to the action…

"Dead Silent" by def rebel played as Killer Kross, sporting a menacing glare, headed down to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Killer Kross is looking to make Paul London "fall and pray" tonight as he goes one on one with the space faring one himself.

Nigel McGuiness: I have to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what is going on, Mauro.

As Killer Kross' music faded, it was replaced by the secular selection of "The Heat Goes On" by Asia.

Mauro Ranallo: As long as I live, I will never understand his music choice.

Nigel McGuiness: Pretty sure that's the point.

Paul London enthusiastically made his way out to the ring. He got a running start and slid in, jumping onto the turnbuckle and playing to the crowd. He looked restless as the ref slid into the ring to call for the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: Paul London is anxious to get a little payback tonight for his friend, the Luchasaurus!

London charged forward but was met by a steamrolling Killer Kross who turned him inside out with a clothesline. London did a flip before landing on his back.

Mauro Ranallo: MAMA MIA! What a clothesline by Kross! This man is the picture of intensity.

Killer Kross growled and picked London and threw him to the opposite corner of the ring in a--

Nigel McGuiness: Belly to Belly suplex and a beautiful one at that! I think London found himself in another zip code!

Not hesitating, Kross immediately charged forward and went for a spear on a slowly rising London. At the very last second, London leapfrogged the charging opponent and Kross smashed into the corner shoulder first. A sickening clang reverberated throughout the arena when Kross' shoulder impacted with the unforgiving steel. Kross stumbled backward, clutching his shoulder. London followed up with a dropkick, sending the stunned Kross to the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: And just as quickly as Kross got this match started, London has turned the tides!

Nigel McGuiness: As unstoppable a behemoth as Kross seems to be, I think London has figured out the strategy!

London grabbed Kross by the chin and brought him up to a vertical base. Eager to keep on the pressure, London leapt up and connected with a huracanrana, sending Kross crashing right back into the same turnbuckle he had just impacted earlier.

Mauro Ranallo: OH! A second shot on the turnbuckle! London could pull this one off!

Kross was bent over, clutching his shoulder. London mounted the second turnbuckle and leapt right onto Kross' back.

Nigel McGuiness: Sunset flip power bomb! Right onto that damaged shoulder!

Kross was motionless, wincing in pain. London without a second's hesitation climbed to the top turnbuckle!

Mauro Ranallo: The space and time traveling dynamo is looking to end it here!

London jumped off the top turnbuckle and hit a textbook 450 splash, landing square on Kross' chest. He hooked Kross' leg and got to 1...2...3!

Nigel McGuiness: And London exacts his revenge!

Mauro Ranallo: Paul London picks up the victory!

London looked down at Kross as the referee raised his arm in victory as Warfare went to commercial.


As we returned from commercial, the camera cut backstage where a flurry of tossed stuff crossed the screen. A towel, a gym bag, a chair, another chair, a shipping crate! Then an EBWF official bolted across the screen in a panic. The camera panned to reveal Luchasaurus throwing anything he could get his hands on. Several EBWF employees had him surrounded and cornered. One rushed to get a hand on him but he hit a hip toss onto a bed of steel chairs. Luchasaurus yelled, his attempt at a roar, toward them. His head whipped rapidly back and forth. The camera panned away just as Luchasaurus lunged toward them. The sounds of screaming, crashing and shattering followed. The camera continued to pan until it revealed Kris Statlander and Paul London hiding behind a shipping crate.

Kris Statlander: There he is! Let’s go get him!

Paul London: We can’t!

Kris Statlander: Why not? He’s going to reinjure!

Paul London: That… hasn’t happened yet. Summerslam is next week.

Kris Statlander: No, last week.

Paul London: For us, yes! For him, no! That’s two weeks ago Luchasaurus. Just wait.

Kris held her head in her hands confused. The camera panned back to Luchasaurus walking circles on the nest of steel chairs. The carnage surrounding him spiraled out to the edges of the screen. Referees, Security and even a couple local wrestlers laid on the ground near him. Funaki rushed into frame wearing red samurai armor with a wooden katana drawn. He lowered the wooden blade at Luchasaurus and said something in Japanese. Next Lince Dorado sprinted in wearing a black leather vest and an oversized cowboy hat. He held a little pop cap revolver out toward the nesting dinosaur of a man. The pair carried on a conversation, Funaki in Japanese and Lince in Spanish. They stood there with their weapons trained on Luchasaurus until Paul London arrived dressed completely differently than when he was talking to Kris Statlander.

Paul London: Good! Now take him back to the ship. And, try not to lose him again!

The camera panned back to Paul London and Kris Statlander. They had their backs to the camera walking away.

Kris Statlander: This was you?

Paul London: Me yes, but from two weeks ago.

Kris Statlander: So this Luchasaurus…

Paul London: Hasn’t had a debut. Hasn’t been hurt. Doesn’t know about wrestling.

Kris Statlander: When will you teach him?

Paul London: Next we… Last we… Our past, his future.

Kris Statlander: Time travel is confusing.

Paul London: Yeah, I know it’s all wibbly wobbly… Confusing. Confusing is a good word for it!

The camera returned to the ring.


As Warfare returned from a commercial break, "Rise of Damascus" hit and the crowd cheered as Matt Hardy made his way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back! Up next, Matt Hardy makes his return to EBWF as he goes one on one with the Breakout Champion, Tomohiro Ishii.

Nigel McGuinness: Is Matt Hardy returning to EBWF, Mauro? Or is Matt Hardy merely the vessel for "Damascus"?

When Hardy was in the ring, "Stone Pitbull" hit and the crowd cheered for Tomohiro Ishii as he headed to the ring. Once Ishii was in the ring, the referee called for the bell and the two men locked up. Hardy locked Ishii in a headlock, but Ishii fought out of it and whipped Hardy against the ropes, before taking him down with a lariat. As Hardy got to his feet, Ishii whipped him into the corner, then hit him with a series of chops to the chest. Ishii pulled Hardy out of the corner and set him up for a DDT, but Hardy blocked it, countering with a northern lights suplex. Hardy covered Ishii and the referee counted – 1... 2... Ishii kicked out! Hardy pulled Ishii to his feet and whipped him into the corner, then ran at him, hitting a corner dropkick. As Ishii staggered out of the corner, Hardy hit an inverted DDT, then climbed to the top rope and hit a diving leg drop. He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... again Ishii kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: A strong performance from Matt Hardy in this match, but Tomohiro Ishii is showing impressive resilience!

Hardy pulled Ishii to his feet once more, this time setting him up for the Twist of Fate... but Ishii fought out of it and got behind Hardy, hitting him with a German suplex. Both men got to their feet and Ishii hit Hardy with a headbutt, then followed up by hitting a powerbomb. He hooked both legs and the referee counted – 1... 2... Hardy kicked out! Ishii got to his feet and stomped on Hardy several times, then pulled him to his feet and whipped him against the ropes. As Hardy ran back towards him, Ishii hit a powerslam, then pulled him to his feet, setting him up for the Vertical Drop Brainbuster. He lifted Hardy up... but Hardy landed on his feet behind Ishii and hit him with a Russian legsweep! Both men got to their feet, and Hardy hit Ishii with the Twist of Fate! He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Nigel McGuinness: It's over! Matt Hardy gets the victory!

Hardy celebrated, then made his way to the back as Ishii recovered in the ring.


“Moments” by Sevendust hit the speakers in the arena. Aiden English stepped out onto the entrance ramp and posed. The crowd cheered for the returning English.

Mauro Ranallo: What a surprise return we got from Aiden English this past weekend at Summerslam!

Nigel McGuinness: No kidding! A return that former EBWF World Champion, Chris Jericho, isn’t likely to forget.

Mauro Ranallo: Let’s take a look at Aiden’s return.

The screen cut to Jericho sliding out of the ring after his match with the Rock. The Summerslam logo rested on the bottom right of the screen with text above it giving the number of days since. Jericho made it to the top of the ramp, fuming at his loss and shouting incoherently about the title. Suddenly a chair crashed across his back dropping the former champion to his knees. The video package heightened the sound of the chair impacting Jericho’s spine. The next few frames were slow motion as Aiden stepped in and grabbed Jericho’s hair, tugging it back to force him to look up. Aiden shouted, “I’m Back!” but the audio was crystal clear. Finally, the video showed Aiden hit Chris with the Director’s Cut before fading to black.

Nigel McGuinnes: What a moment to end on.

Mauro Ranallo: Just goes to show you that you never know what’s going to happen on EBWF Pay Per View!

Back in the ring Aiden English was staring at the tron with a microphone in his hand, chuckling. He walked to the nearest corner and stepped up on it, posing for the crowd. They gave a cheap return pop. Aiden stepped back to the center of the ring.

Aiden English: I don’t think I can express with words what it feels like to be back in this ring! Through the trials and tribulations of these last few months, I thought that I might never find my way back. It hasn’t just been downs, there have been ups as well. You’ll notice the absence of my wife, Raquel Diaz, at my side. Like me, someone put her on the sidelines with a debilitating injury. One that might end a lesser woman’s career. But Raquel isn’t here today for a different reason. A reason that I think you all deserve to know. Just days after Chris Jericho took MY title and put me on the sidelines, my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world. Lynn Marie Rehwoldt is the newest member of a wrestling legacy! And oh my, she’s as beautiful as her mother and father combined!

Mauro Ranallo: We’d like to congratulate Raquel Diaz and Aiden English on their new daughter.

Aiden English: That’s why I had to make my way back into this ring. To show my daughter that you don’t let anyone dictate your life! If someone knocks you down, you get up, dust yourself off and make them PAY! At Summerslam I made an impact with my return. You know what, let’s watch it one more time!

Aiden pointed at the tron and the chair shot replayed, but the camera stayed focused on Aiden. Aiden winced and clutched his back at the loud crashing sound of steel colliding with Jericho’s back. He turned a half circle away from the screen and closed his eyes as it showed him hitting Jericho with the Director’s Cut. Suddenly the video was cut off by the familiar sounds of “Judas” by Fozzy. Aiden turned and approached the ropes closest to the ramp. Jericho stepped out with Hager close behind.

Chris Jericho: Well, well, well... look what the cat dragged in, Jake! It’s a former EBWF World Champion. The man I beat at Wrestlemania. After a significant injury – caused by yours truly - he made a startling recovery! And now, he’s back on Warfare! Aiden. You should have stayed home with that new baby and wife of yours. Personally, I don’t have time for you! You’re not even on my level English!

Aiden English: Oh really? From up here it looks like we’re on even footing! I’m a former EBWF World Champion, you’re a former EBWF World Champion! I’m not seeing much difference.

Chris Jericho: You want to know the difference, assclown? The difference is that I have a contractual rematch! So, I’m a FUTURE EBWF World Champion!

Aiden English: Oh! A future? You couldn’t get it done this time. How is next time going to be any different? The Rock, has your number Chris!

Chris Jericho: My number? Let’s talk about numbers! You’re the LAST in line for a title shot of any kind. You’ve got to work your way back up the ladder from the bottom. Which is where you belong!

Aiden English: So when is this magical rematch Chris?

Chris Jericho: At Fanniversary! The Rock and Chris Jericho go one on one for the EBWF World Championship! Then I go home with the title and me and Hager celebrate with a little bit of the bu…

Aiden English: Wait, hang on. Roll it back! We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Did you say at Fanniversary you’re going up against the Rock for the title?

Chris Jericho: Yes, you stupid idiot! Weren’t you listening?

Aiden English: That’s funny. I haven’t looked at the fine print lately, don’t all EBWF contracts have a rematch clause for lost titles?

Chris Jericho: OBVIOUSLY! And, I’m cashing mine in.

Aiden English: Me too!

Chris Jericho: What?

Aiden English: That’s right! At Fanniversary, it’s NOT going to be Chris Jericho versus the Rock. No no no. It’s going to be Chris Jericho versus the Rock VERSUS Aiden English! A triple threat to determine the EBWF World Champion!

Aiden smiled wide as Jericho started throwing a fit.

Mauro Ranallo: What a bombshell Nigel! Aiden English, the Rock and Chris Jericho in a triple threat match at Fanniversary!

Nigel McGuiness: A shocking turn of events. Clearly Jericho isn’t pleased.

Mauro Ranallo: I can’t imagine the Rock will be too happy with it either! Now he’s got to defend his newly won title against two of the best wrestlers in the company at once!

Chris Jericho slapped Jake Hager on the chest and pointed at Aiden.

Chris Jericho: Go teach him some damn respect!

Hager rushed the ring and slid under the bottom rope. Aiden met him and the two exchanged blows. Hager whipped Aiden into the corner and followed him. He was looking for a big boot to the head but Aiden moved out of the way leaving Hager hung up on the top rope. Aiden pulled Hager from the corner and hit a Director’s Cut. He stood over Hager with his trademark menacing smile. Suddenly, Jericho hit a low blow from behind. Aiden doubled over and fell to the mat. Chris smiled at the camera and helped Jake Hager to his feet. Without waiting for Hager to regain his sense he started yelling for Aiden to be pulled up. Jake lifted Aiden from the mat and held him up while Chris walked across the ring to get in place for the Judas Effect. Then…


The Rock burst through the curtain in a sprint toward the ring. Jericho abandoned the Judas Effect and slid out of the ring, followed by Hager. The Rock slid in the ring and popped up to a knee staring down at the two wrestlers outside the ring. He cautiously checked on Aiden English who was still clutching his stomach. Jericho and Hager walked around the ring and backed up the ramp taunting and pointing the whole way. Rock extended a hand to Aiden who pushed himself into a corner and used it to stand. The two stood their starring at one another.

Mauro Ranallo: I’m just getting word from the back that next week we’ll see these two men, The Rock and Aiden English take on Chris Jericho and Jake Hager in tag team action!

Nigel McGuinness: That’s sure to be a great match, but we’ve still got a great main event tonight! The Rock is set to go one on one with Randy Orton and that’s next!

The show cut to commercial with The Rock and Aiden English still starring at one another.


After a couple minutes of commercials about laundry detergent, these unprecedented times and some new cure with a mile-long list of side effects, Warfare came back. The Rock was already in the ring warming up for his match with Randy Orton.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back! Before the commercial break, we saw Chris Jericho and Jake Hager try to beat up Aiden English, but The Rock came to Aiden's aid. Next week, The Rock and Aiden English will team up to take on Jericho and Hager in tag team action, but up next The Rock goes one on one with the Viper, Randy Orton.

"Counting Bodies Like Sheep" by A Perfect Circle hit and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as Randy Orton made his way to the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: As the Gateway Champion, Randy Orton has the right to "cash in" his championship for a shot at the World Title... what do you think the chances are of him cashing in at Fanniversary, making the triple threat match a fatal four way?

Mauro Ranallo: I think Orton will bide his time, Nigel, and wait for the ideal opportunity to "strike"!

As he entered the ring, Orton stared menacingly at The Rock, who stared right back. After Christy Hemme had introduced both superstars, the referee called for the bell. The Rock charged towards Orton, hitting him with a series of punches, then whipped him against the ropes. As Orton ran back towards him, The Rock took him down with a clothesline. Orton rolled out of the ring, but The Rock followed him to the outside and hit him with some more right hands, then grabbed Orton and slammed his head off the steel steps!

Mauro Ranallo: The Rock is taking the fight to Orton here!

The Rock then threw Orton into the ringside barrier, and went to clothesline him over it, but Orton ducked underneath it and lifted The Rock up, slamming him onto the barrier. As The Rock clutched his ribs, Orton hit a DDT on the outside, then rolled back into the ring and told the referee to begin counting Rock out. The referee counted – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... The Rock began to stir, and got to his feet as the referee counted 6. As The Rock re-entered the ring, Orton grabbed him, whipping him into the corner then hitting a running knee to the chest. As The Rock slumped in the corner, Orton stomped on him several times, before dragging him back to his feet and hitting a European uppercut. The Rock stumbled forwards, and Orton hit a T-Bone Suplex, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... The Rock kicked out! Orton sat The Rock up and applied a chinlock, but The Rock fought out of it, and as both men got to their feet The Rock hit Orton with a series of punches. Orton fought back with some right hands of his own, then whipped The Rock against the ropes, before hitting a snap scoop powerslam. Orton began pounding the mat, signalling for the RKO. As The Rock got to his feet, Orton went for it... but The Rock blocked it, and took Orton down with a Russian legsweep! The Rock stomped on Orton several times, then pulled him to his feet and whipped him against the ropes. As Orton ran back towards him, The Rock lifted him over his shoulders, hitting a Samoan drop. He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Orton kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: Both of these men showing why they are worthy champions, Mauro... tremendous action thus far!

The Rock got to his feet and stomped on Orton several more times, then grabbed him by the legs, setting him up for the sharpshooter! Before he could lock it in, Orton kicked him away and got to his feet. Orton hit Rock with a stiff kick to the midsection, then set him up for the gutwrench elevated neckbreaker, but The Rock countered it, hitting Orton with a spinebuster! The crowd cheered in anticipation, and The Rock removed his elbow pad, signalling for the People's Elbow. As The Rock ran against the ropes, Jake Hager ran down the ramp, and as The Rock dropped his elbow on Orton, Hager climbed onto the ring apron, trying to enter the ring! The Rock hooked Orton by the leg, but the referee was distracted by Hager! The crowd booed and The Rock got to his feet to deal with Hager, but before he could do so, Chris Jericho attacked him from behind! Jericho hit The Rock in the back of the head, knocking him down to the mat, then stomped on him repeatedly. He then pulled The Rock to his feet and hit him with the Codebreaker! Jericho grabbed Orton and placed him on top of The Rock, then rolled out of the ring. Hager quickly climbed down from the ring apron, the referee turned around, saw Orton covering The Rock and began counting – 1... 2... 3!

Mauro Ranallo: Unbelievable! Orton gets a victory over The Rock with the assist from Jericho!

The referee called for the bell and raised Orton's arm in victory. Jericho and Hager immediately entered the ring and began to double team The Rock. Orton watched on, smirking, then exited the ring and made his way to the back.

Nigel McGuinness: Orton deciding not to get involved... but after The Rock helped Aiden English earlier, will Aiden return the favor?

As Orton headed up the ramp, Jake Hager pulled The Rock to his feet and whipped him into the corner, then ran at him and hit a clothesline. As The Rock fell to the mat, Hager went to the top rope, hitting the Hager Bomb! The crowd began chanting for Aiden English, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Mauro Ranallo: They say it's lonely at the top, and that certainly seems to be the case for The Rock right now!

Jericho grabbed The Rock and locked him in the Walls of Jericho while Hager got in Rock's face, taunting him. Eventually referees and road agents rushed to the ring, and they were able to force Jericho to break the hold. Jericho and Hager exited the ring and made their way backstage. A medic checked on The Rock as Warfare went off the air.
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