Warfare Results - 10/5/2020

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Warfare Results - 10/5/2020

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The Enterprise Center in St. Louis came alive as EBWF Warfare went live on the A&E network. Fireworks filled the arena, and the crowd cheered as the announce table came into frame.

Mauro Ranallo: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I'm Mauro Ranallo, alongside Nigel McGuinness and this is EBWF Warfare!

Nigel McGuinness: This is sure to be one hell of an evening, Mauro. Randy Orton is in action in his hometown. The EBWF World Champion, The Rock, is in action later tonight and we are going to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of all things Chris Jericho!

Killer Kross' music hit and he proceeded to the ring to a chorus of boos. He received an introduction from Christy Hemme and entered the ring. "Counting Bodies Like Sheep" hit the PA and the crowd got to their feet for Randy Orton. Randy wore the Gateway Championship around his waist and the Tag Championship over his shoulder. Christy introduced him as well, and he got into the ring and relinquished both championships to the referee. The bell rang.

Mauro Ranallo: Here we go!

Orton went to work on Kross with right hands and took it to the corner. Kross turned it around with a clothesline in the corner and a big right hand. Kross worked over Orton and grabbed him for a chokeslam. Orton fought out of it and clubbed away on Kross. Orton beat Kross to the mat and started stomping.

Nigel McGuinness: We've seen this from Orton so many times. He's well in control here.

Kross blocked the DDT and took control of the match. Kross worked over Orton and got a 2 count before keeping him on the mat. Orton tried to fight back but Kross cut him off. Kross charged in the corner and Orton hit him with a big boot. Orton came out but Kross caught him with a big side slam for another 2 count. The crowd booed relentlessly as Kross continued to keep control of the match.

Mauro Ranallo: The hometown crowd is firmly in Orton's corner.

Kross hit a long vertical suplex on Orton for another 2 count. Orton finally made a comeback and went for a kick. Kross came up from the mat and leveled Orton with a big kick. Somehow Orton kicked out at 2 to Kross’ surprise. More back and forth. Orton whipped Kross off the ropes and whipped around.

Nigel McGuinness: What?

Mauro Ranallo:RKO!

Nigel McGuinness: How did he do that?!

Orton went for the pin on Kross.




Randy sat up on the mat and grinned, chuckling to himself a little and shaking his head as EBWF went to commercial.


Mauro Ranallo: Up next, Chris Jericho celebrates the 30th anniversary of his professional wrestling debut! Whether you love him or you hate him, you have to respect him... he’s had one hell of a career.

Nigel McGuiness: Absolutely, Mauro. He is the only superstar on the EBWF roster who has been here since day one, and before that he made a name for himself wrestling all around the world. He’s held championships in Japan and Mexico, and when he signed for EBWF he was regarded as one of the hottest wrestling prospects in North America. What a legacy he’s created, and he’s not finished yet.

A video package aired recapping Jericho’s 30 year wrestling career. The video showed footage from his debut in 1990, highlights from his time in CMLL, Smoky Mountain Wrestling and WAR, then briefly skimmed over his time in ECW and WCW due to copyright (thanks WWE) before focusing on his accomplishments in EBWF. The video included clips from each of Jericho’s 11 EBWF World Title wins, and at the end of the video an infographic showed all of Jericho’s championships and accomplishments in EBWF. After the video had finished, “Judas” by Fozzy hit and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as they anticipated the arrival of Chris Jericho. The camera cut to the stage, but Jericho was nowhere to be scene. His music was cut, and Jericho appeared on the tron.

Chris Jericho: Mauro, Nigel, thank you for your kind words. And thank you to the production crew for putting that video together... it was lovely. I had tears in my eyes! This past Friday marked 30 years to the day since I wrestled my first match - Lance Storm and I fought to a 10 minute draw at Moose Hall in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada. I’ve spent over 19 years of my career working here, and Wes wanted to acknowledge that. He said to me, “Chris, I think we should celebrate your anniversary on Warfare. We can do whatever you want to mark 30 years since your debut. And since Warfare is here in St. Louis, which just so happens to be my hometown... I decided to celebrate at home.

Jericho grinned, and the camera zoomed out to confirm that Jericho was indeed at home, celebrating with his family. Jake Hager and Lance Storm could be seen in the background.

Chris Jericho: Mauro, you said that I should be respected for what I’ve accomplished over the past 30 years, and you’re absolutely right. I should be respected. But the problem is I’m not. The EBWF fans don’t respect me, and I’m not sure the locker room does either. I’m tired of being disrespected. So I decided to limit my celebrations to only include people that I love and respect. People that I know love and respect me. I’m here with my family, my best friend Lance Storm - the man I started my career with - and my right hand man, Jake Hager. I don’t need anybody else. We’ve got a little bit of the bubbly, so I think we’ll be just fine.

Jericho raised a glass of champagne, then the scene faded to black.


Nigel McGuinness: We’ve heard from Chris Jericho, celebrating 30 years from home. Now we’re going to see the other two men who will be competing for the EBWF World Championship at Fanniversary.

Mauro Ranallo: That’s right Nigel, The Rock and Aiden English are set to go one on one in our Main Event. And, the last time we saw these two men in the ring together they were on the same team.

Nigel McGuinness: On the same team but not on the same page. The Rock delivered a devastating Rock Bottom to Aiden English and left him alone to the vultures.
Mauro Ranallo: The tension is building to an epic triple threat but tonight these two men don’t have to worry about Chris Jericho.

“Moments” by Sevendust started playing and Aiden English stepped out onto the entrance ramp to a mixed reaction from the St. Louis crowd. He taunted at the top of the ramp before making his way to the ring.

“If Ya Smeeeellllll”

The crowd lit up as the Rock made his way down to the ring. He interacted with a few of the fans before climbing in the ring. He made a show of taking off the title, climbing into the corner and displaying it high in the air. As he made his way to the next corner he starred down Aiden English. He dropped down out of the second corner and handed the belt off to the referee. Aiden English paced in the opposite corner.

Nigel McGuinness: English looks like an animal caged.

The bell sounded, and Aiden rushed across the ring hoping to catch the Rock by surprise. The Rock stepped forward and met him with a stiff shoulder tackle, dropping Aiden to his back. Aiden climbed to his feet as Rock bounced off the ropes and put him back down with a second shoulder tackle. This time Rock pulled Aiden to his feet and hit a snap suplex. Aiden rolled out of the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Aiden retreats out of the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: It’s been all Rock since the bell rang.

Rock leaned over the ropes and taunted Aiden, telling him to get back in the ring. Aiden yelled at the referee to make the Rock back away from the ropes. Rock stepped back and Aiden slid in, again hoping to catch Rock off guard. The Rock caught Aiden with a stiff right. Then another. And another. He threw his hand up in the air behind him, looking to finish the combination off but Aiden ducked the last punch and hit a neckbreaker as Rock swung around. Both men were quick to their feet. They locked up. Each man tugged at the other and they jockeyed for the upper hand. Aiden swung out and applied a wrist lock on the Rock. He swung under his arm and brought it down hard over his shoulder. He raised his leg and used his weight to pull the elbow down onto his shoulder a second time. Rock stepped forward and grabbed his arm. Aiden didn’t let up, jerking the arm free and using it to hit an arm drag on the Rock.

Nigel McGuinness: And just like that, Aiden has turned this match on its head.

Aiden wrenched the Rocks arm up and dropped a knee on the same elbow.

Mauro Ranallo: It looks like Aiden has put a target on that arm.
Nigel McGuinness: That’s the arm he uses to deliver the People’s Elbow!

Aiden went to pull Rock to his feet and was countered and driven into the corner by Rock. The Rock whipped him across the ring into the other corner. As soon as Aiden hit the corner, Rock hit him with a forearm across the back of the neck. Aiden stumbled out backwards into a huge belly to back suplex. Rock kicked Aiden’s arms down beside his body and pulled off his elbow pad, throwing it into the crowd. Rock bounced off the ropes but Aiden rolled out of the ring again.

Mauro Ranallo: Once again Aiden breaks the flow of the match by escaping to the outside.

This time the Rock didn’t wait for Aiden, instead choosing to follow him out of the ring. The two exchanged punches outside the ring until that exchange turned into an all-out brawl. The two men shoved and pushed one another around the ring while unleashing punches, chops and other strikes. Aiden whipped Rock into the barricade. Rock hit a scoop powerslam on Aiden leaving him arching his back. A few more moments of brawling lead to Aiden hitting a back body drop right onto the apron. Both men were down and groggy. Slowly they made their way to their knees. Aiden threw a punch. Rock returned a punch. Both men climbed to their feet. Aiden threw another punch. The Rock with a solid punch of his own. Aiden struck back with a wild left. The Rock delivered a rapid flurry of blows, backing Aiden up against the apron. He hit a big forearm strike to Aiden, dropping him back to the floor. Rock stepped away clutching at his elbow momentarily and shouted in pain. After a moment to recover he pulled Aiden up and rolled him into the ring. Rock paced a moment and then followed Aiden in.

Nigel McGuinness: Finally, the action is back in the ring.

The Rock drug Aiden English to the center of the ring and kicked his arms into his side. He pulled off the opposite elbow pad and threw it into the crowd. He bounced off the ropes and drove his elbow into Aiden’s chest. Aiden bounced to the side but Rock couldn’t capitalize as he gripped at his elbow.

Mauro Ranallo: And now we see the merit of Aiden’s targeting of that elbow.

Rock gathered himself enough to make the cover. 1… 2… Aiden kicked out! Rock climbed to his feet a moment ahead of Aiden and looked for the Rock Bottom. The pain in his elbow stopped him from getting a sudden lift and Aiden capitalized by hitting a couple of strong elbows. Rock stumbled out of the set up only to get hit with a diving clothesline from English. Aiden tried for a pin of his own but barely got a one count on the champion. Both men scrambled up. Rock stepped in and attempted another Rock Bottom. He lifted Aiden up off the mat and dropped him firmly on the mat. He pulled the leg up.


Mauro Ranallo: And the Rock with a big win over one of his upcoming challengers!

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah but Aiden made him pay for it. We’ll have to keep an eye out on…

“Judas” by Fozzy started playing as Jericho and Hager erupted from backstage. They rushed down to the ring, but Rock was quick to roll out. He was met by the referee at the bottom of the ramp and handed his title. Rock held it up to taunt Jericho to a loud cheer. Jericho and Rock shouted at one another as Rock backed up the ramp. Hager turned his attention to Aiden, pulling him up from the mat and throwing him into the corner. Jericho closes in.

Chris Jericho: You couldn’t stay away could you? Couldn’t learn your lesson! I’m better than you Aiden!

Nigel McGuinness: There’s going to be nothing left of Aiden English by the time Fanniversary arrives!

Jericho chopped Aiden across the chest. Hager followed with a massive chop of his own that left Aiden clutching at his chest. Jericho shouted at Hager to get him in position for the Judas Elbow. Hager dragged Aiden toward the center of the ring. Suddenly “Moments” started playing again and Elias Samson and Chavo Guerrero Jr. came running toward the ring with chairs. Both Jericho and Jake Hager fled from the ring immediately. Hager tested Chavo’s mettle lunging toward the ring but Chavo hit the top rope with the chair.

Mauro Ranallo: The cavalry has arrived!

Chavo pulled Aiden to his feet while Jericho and Hager backed up the ramp. The show went off air on a shot of Aiden English being flanked by Chavo and Elias in the center of the ring!
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