The More Ya Know

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The More Ya Know

Post by Jayme » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:50 pm

Charly Caruso stood backstage in the interview area along side Liv Morgan.

Charly Caruso: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, tonight, I am standing here live with Liv Morgan. Liv.. as I'm sure you already know, you have a match later this evening.

Liv Morgan rolled her eyes and chewed on her gum like a cow.

Liv Morgan: Duh, bro. I'ma knock that weird little psycho out in like two seconds, yo. Bet. Nikki Cross ain't got ish on me, ya feel me.

Charly Caruso furrowed her brow in confusion.

Charly Caruso: Nikki? You're facing Mickie James.

Liv Morgan popped her gum and let out a "huh".

Liv Morgan: Ohhhh... maybe I misheard Ruby when she told me earlier. I'unno mayne, but I was under the impression that she never wrestled. The more ya know.. ya know?

Charly Caruso just nodded her head in agreement.

Liv Morgan: Anywho, I think we all know that it's been quite some time since Mickie's been relevant in this division. In wrestling in general. My career still slaps, yo. What's she got to say? Probably nothing worth listening to, yanno. She be on about some air fryer she was gifted at her wedding. Ain't nobody care about that, I've had my damn air fryer for like 3 years already. Get with the times. Tonight, I'mma show home girl what's up. The Honey Moon is over baby girl, now you's about to get a beat down bro!

Liv Morgan slammed her right fist into her flattened left hand and walked off without another word. Camera faded out on Charly Caruso who just shrugged her shoulders.

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