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Queen of the Ring Final

For the last few weeks, the EBWF has been booking tournaments that will determine a King of the Ring and a Queen of the Ring. The finals of each respective tournament will be taking place at the King of the Ring pay per view. For the finals of the Queen of the Ring tournament, you have Becky Lynch taking on Mickie James.

Both women worked hard to get to this point in the tournament. Mickie James toppled the likes of residential 1980s cosplayer Charlotte Flair, the Queen of Harts also known as Natalya, and the juvenile delinquent better known as Liv Morgan in order to make it to the finals.

On the other side of the bracket, Becky Lynch destroyed the likes of Miss All Red Everything better known as Eva Marie and the Sassy Southern Belle also known as Lacey Evans in order to make it to the finals of the tournament.

Both Becky Lynch and Mickie James had become quite acquainted in the last few months and this match is just another chapter, another addition to their catalogs. Only this time, the match is for much higher stakes. The Cerebral Lassassin and the A List nutcase shall meet one more time in order to determine the 2020 Queen of the Ring, and more than likely, a shot at the Women’s Championship.

So, who will go onto become the Queen of the Ring? Will it be the A List Wife, Mickie James? Or will the Cerebral Lassassin continue dominating the Women’s Division and add another accolade to her name?

Scene 1: Jetlag
Starring: Becky Lynch and Winter

We see the Cerebral Lassassin also known as Becky Lynch and the Satanic Diva better known as Winter walking through the airport after disembarking after their plane touches down. While it may seem that everyone else in the airport is moving faster than the Becky and Winter, it is only because the two women are tired and worn out after a long flight.

Given that both ladies were highly uncomfortable during their flight, thus being unable to get any sleep whatsoever, they were extremely tired and irritable. Any one thing, no matter how small, could set the two women off at the drop of a hat. While the Cerebral Lassassin and the Satanic Diva are making their way through the airport, it slowly dawns on them that they are both being watched by everyone.

The two stop walking and notice that they are both being watched by everyone in the vicinity and before Becky can react, it is Winter that yells out at the onlookers. “THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU ALL STARIN’ AT?!” After that outburst from the Satanic Diva, all of the onlookers resume going about their business as usual before Winter lets out a sigh of relief before she and Becky continue making their way through the airport.

After a few minutes, Becky and Winter stop. “Fook…” Becky says after letting out a sigh of exhaustion. “I can’t go any further. I’m too fookin’ tired.” Becky says as she takes a seat on a bench.

“Yeah…” Winter says as she takes a seat on the same bench next to Becky. “Me too.”

“I need some sleep or I won’t be in top shape fer Mickie tomorrow night.” Becky says as she looks around the airport at the people passing her by.

“Yeah, but do you really need to be at one hundred percent?” Winter asks. “Even if you were in a coma, you would still beat Mickie James. I mean, time after time, you have proven that Mickie has not what it takes anymore. She is too occupied with the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, and being a Hollywood wife.”

“Yeah, I’m at a point now where I’m not leavin’ anythin’ to chance. I’m goin’ to need to rest up, but fer right now…” Becky says as she eyes a Dunkin’ Donuts out of the corner of her tired eye. The Cerebral Lassassin stands up and turns to Winter. “Be right back.” With that said, Becky drags her feet over to the Dunkin’ Donuts to order a couple of coffees.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the Satanic Diva become fixated on Becky as she walks away before Winter looks around the airport. A few minutes late, Becky comes back with two coffees and hands one to Winter before sitting back down. After a few sips, the two women get back on their feet and make their way out of the airport.

Scene 2
Starring: Becky Lynch and Winter

The scene opens up with Winter standing in the spotlight of a dimly lit room. It is just a mere half hour before showtime, seven thirty local time. An eerie silence fills the room before her cold voice is heard.

“Tonight we are emanating from Calgary, Alberta, Canada…” Winter begins. “How fitting that on the night that the EBWF shall crown two of newest additions to the lineage of the Royalty of the Ring that we do battle in the very city that is well known for wrestling royalty. Being royalty might mean something to various people, but to Rebecca, it means absolutely nothing.”

“You see, while I am already royalty, I am the Queen of Hell, the Queen of Chaos…” Winter says before she shakes her head. “Being royalty means nothing to Rebecca. As has been said and echoed for the last three weeks, Rebecca and I only see being either King of the Ring or Queen of the Ring as nothing more than a smokescreen. To Rebecca, being Queen of the Ring means nothing. Why would the Queen Slayer want to be a Queen? It makes zero sense.”

The camera slowly pans around Winter slowly as she continues speaking. “Rebecca and I have already made our intentions clear. The only reason that she is even lowering herself when it comes to participating in this cheap little Queen of the Ring tournament is because she wants the Women’s Championship. She has already beaten everyone that has been placed in front of her including her opponent this even, Mickie James.”

“Mickie…” Winter begins. “Two times you entered that ring in order to do battle with Rebecca, and both times you have failed, and failed miserably. Tonight will not prove the adage of the third time being a charm true. In fact, the only thing that will happen is a threepeat in the favor of Rebecca. The last two times that you have faced her, admittedly, she went easy on you because you are such a pushover.”

Winter shakes her head again. “But tonight will be a different story. You see, tonight Mickie, you will be facing Rebecca at her best. You will be facing someone that will not leave an opening. You will be facing someone that has nothing to lose and a championship match to gain. You will be facing the very embodiment of hellfire, Straight Hellfire. You might very well be the Queen of Hollywood, but you will fall once again to the Queen Slayer.”
Achievements: Queen of the Ring (2020)

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