Tic tok

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Tic tok

Post by Killer cross » Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:56 pm

The Scene Open With A Black And White Screen And You Here Tic Tok Big Boy. Your Time is coming to A Fast End but you all ready now that don't you as Kross Laughs at the camera. This is my house now it's time for you to go down fighting.
I am the only man in this business who can and will take your fat ass down to hell with me. Im ready But The Question is Are You Ready as looks at camera. I hope we Tiar the house down at Warfare see you real soon fat boy.
You're Doomsday Is coming quicker than you think. Because I all was get what I want in the Damm end. Which is To Make You Scream in Pain at the hands of me. That would give Me Sick Enjoyment to beat you in middle of the Damm Ring clean As a Damm wisle.
Then he gets up slowly and starts at war and says you leave me no choice big man. What did you take a match with someone like me of all people. I hurt people for a living I can do this better than you in every Damm way possible. I am the new blood of this business and no one is better than me at this Damm job plan and simple.

It's time to put old yellowed to sleep with my submission move. I'm going to lock you in tight and choke you out cold. This place will know and fear me for will all of the Worong Damm reasons.

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