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King Midas

Post by D.J » Mon Sep 13, 2021 9:12 pm

The Miz had been on and off TV over the better part of the last year. He was a new father and it was clear that he was trying to establish a pretty solid work/life balance. However- he had the EBWF Gateway Championship around his waist, and for all of those that know him, it's like when a shop-a-holic has money in their pocket to spend. The belt was quite literally burning a hole on his.. well shoulder or waist I guess.. and so when Miz made his presence felt at Summerslam- it really should have come as a surprise to nobody. Rey and Miz had had their problems in the weeks leading up to the match, but the bigger issue for Miz- was that at the matches conclusion he wanted Randy Orton to know that become the EBWF Champion for the fifth time- was certainly high on his priority list. Before he could do that though, The Miz would be back in action against Christian Cage at Warfare. Miz and Christian had tangled plenty of times over the last ten years- and Miz had gotten the better of Christian in all of those occassions. One would have to believe he would be hell bent on making sure that continues.

The scene opened up on the set of "Inside and Out" Jim Rosses offcial EBWF show. Jim was getting mic'd as The Miz walked into the room. Miz was wearing an expensive dark blue suit and black undershirt. A tie that matched the blue on his suit perfectly brought the outfit together. He had the EBWF Gateway Championship over his shoulder and his hair looked almost wet with how much gel he had in it, he looked rested and quite frankly like a million bucks. Miz shook hands with Jim Ross- and sat down. He was also mic'd up and Jim- dressed in his traditional black EBWF button up and signature cowboy hat. Looked towards the camera and it was clear they were ready to begin shooting.

Jim Ross: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another addition of EBWF's Inside and Out. I'm your host Jim Ross. Of course as you all know this is a show exclusive to where we meet with superstars in the company- and we get true thoughts and feelings both inside the wrestling ring and outside of it.

The Miz: Hence the name.

Jim smirked.

Jim Ross: Right you are. My guest today- is a 4 time EBWF Champion- and CURRENT EBWF Gateway Champion. He is a brand new husband.. and father. He is Mike Mizanin- better known around these parts as "The Miz" .. Miz how are you today?

The Miz: You know JR, I'm doing real well. Thanks for asking. How about you? How you doing?

Jim Ross: Well just peachy, Miz. First of all, let me publically congratulate you on your wedding- and your new addition. How is married life and being a brand new father.

The Miz: It's great JR, honestly all of it, it's really great. I am outnumbered by women in the house now.. but you know I'm somehow managing to get by. In all seriousness- Alexis is doing great- and Mickie is really the worlds best mother. I'm very lucky- not just because I'm The Miz- but because I get to share my life with one of the most amazing human beings I could have ever asked for.

Jim nodded.

Jim Ross: Well Miz- that's just wonderful to hear.. and I'm truly happy for both of you. So tell us- what have the last couple of months been like for you? Aside from a few spot appearances and matches on EBWF programming- you've been sort out of out the public eye, at least with regards to the EBWF. Despite the fact that you are currently the EBWF Gateway Champion. How has it felt to be, more or less, away from the ring as of late?

The Miz: Honestly JR, even though the girls have been keeping me plenty busy, anytime you are away from something you love.. it's never easy. It just so happens that I have more things in my life that I love right now. For the longest time my top loves have been wrestling.. and well.. myself. So now that I have fallen in love with a beautiful woman, and together we have a daughter that literally has me wrapped around her finger.. being away from wrestling hasn't been as difficult as it maybe would have been before all that. With that said though JR, you and I have known each other for a very very long time. You know how I'm wired.. how I'm driven.. you know that my heart bleeds for this business.. and this COMPANY in particular. I have said this before and I'll say it again.. it's never been enough for me to just simply be in the EBWF.. I want to be the BEST in the EBWF.. and on four separate occassions I've reached the top of the mountain. Summerslam marked the official road to number 5. I have missed the feeling I got when I planted Rey Mysterio's maskless face right onto the championship on Sunday. I miss the feeling I got.. when I was feeding off my Mizfits as I ran down the ramp. I missed the feeling of literally doing what I do better than anyone that's ever existed.. and that's being a pro wrestler. I missed it. So I guess what I'm trying to say.. is it's good to be back.

Jim Ross: Well it certainly is good to have you back. You mentioned Rey Mysterio Jr. A man who on the inaugural episode of this very show, shocked the world by throwing his mask, an important piece of his heritage on the floor. He then proceeded to go on a hot streak that quite frankly nobody, including myself, saw coming. Only to see his winning streak snapped in the biggest match of his run, the title match at Summerslam with Randy Orton. You of course then made your presence felt after the match concluded. What do you make of Rey's run, and of course how it culminated at Summerslam?

The Miz: You know Rey is an interesting guy. For so long he was so unassuming. It almost felt like he was just happy to still be able to be around and perform. Then on this show he has that moment, and BAM he's all of a sudden someone that we're talking about. Someone that found himself QUICKLY in the main event of one of the biggest shows on our calendar. I gotta hand it to him, he had me interested and intrigued as to what he was going to do or say next. He's of course an in ring talent as well- and I always find it fascinating when guys can reinvent themselves after a lot of years doing it a certain way. With that said, I think Rey lost sight of what made him successful at the beginning of his latest run. I think Rey started to do what we've all done at times, and that's start to believe in our own hype. People- including Rey- were wondering if he was ever going to lose again.. and the second you start doing that.. is the second you're going to lose. Orton is a mainstay in the EBWF, and he's always a threat to be on top. So I think Rey beat Rey before Orton ever did.

Jim Ross: So then why the attack after the match?

The Miz: Honestly JR, Rey had to be reminded that there's just been so many guys.. too many to even name.. that have had little mini runs in this company. They come out.. they do something shocking that intrigues people.. and just like that they are headlining Summerslam. There have been far less guys though Jim, that can boast sustained success. There is only a select few that can point to the last 10 years- and say hey- I have been one of the top dogs around here year in and year out. What Rey has done over the past few months is what I've been doing for the last DECADE. He needed to be reminded that before he decides to try and BIG TIME ME.. just who the heck I am- and what the heck I've done here. His little run is now over- and it's time for him to slump back into the alley's.. yell boo-yah-kah.. and leave the winning and the success to the people.. like me JR.. who are winners and worthy of it. That's the reason for the attack. I respect Rey.. I think what he's been able to accomplish as of late has been impressive.. but all things have to come to end. When you're not a CONSTANT JR.. that means that your success.. is not going to be CONSTANT.. it may happen.. it may exist.. but it's not going to last. Rey Mysterio's success run is now over.. and once again.. The Miz is back up to bat.

The Miz smiled.

Jim Ross: Well- that's well said Miz. So you are back.. you are dead set once again on becoming a five time EBWF World Champion. Before you'll have that opportunity.. you will be back in action on Warfare against a man whom you're quite familiar with in Christian Cage. One of the leaders of the group "Coalition" share with us some of your thoughts on that.

The Miz: Christian is a guy that I really just don't understand Jim. It's hard to believe that he and Edge were once one of the most enjoyable takes this business had to offer. Since then Edge of course has gone on to be an EBWF legend, while Christian despite some early success- has been floundering around- attempt after attempt- trying to make someone notice him. He is a guy that apparently nobody is honest with. He hits them with an idea like.. hey what if we did a group with Jeff Jarrett.. Maven.. Kane.. and Alexa Bliss.. and whoever he's telling this idea to.. for some reason says.. "yeah you know I love it.. " Christian then sits there with a satisfied smile on his desperate to matter face. Like REALLY? That's the idea we're going to greenlight? That's what we're going to let him do? We're going to let Christian be the "Co-Leader" of the island of misfit toys.I have beat Christian up, down, and around the ring JR. Match after match- year after year- I have been someone that has literally served as a loud and clear reminder as to what Christian WISHES he was.. but he of course will never be. I've led factions.. I've played that whole strength in numbers bit JR.. but you know what the difference is? When I did... I actually won.. I actually succeeded. You see JR, it's one thing if you use the numbers to your advantage. It's one thing if you use having a group by your side that's going to help you win at all cost. This group has clearly forgot the most important thing about being a group in pro wrestling. In order for people to fear you.. you have to incite that fear. You can't do interviews like you're a second grader doing a book report.. lose all the damn time.. and then expect anyone to be worried when they hear they're facing you. Christian and I have a match at Warfare JR.. and guess what.. I'm not remotely scared. If Christian has a problem with that.. good.. I don't care.. why should I? There's nothing he can do.. there's nothing he's capable of doing.. that is going to make me put my foot in my mouth.. in fact JR.. I'm going to put my foot right up his ass instead. Then I might take it out.. and put it in his mouth. At least that way we won't have to hear him try and talk for awhile.

Jim Ross: You mention his group- do you see them factoring into this match at all?

The Miz: Honestly- I could see them trying to factor in. I mean I tried to hook up with Caitlyn Murphy in High School.. the only difference is.. you guessed it.. I succeeded. The Coalition could literally tie me up like a freaky adult film.. and I'd Houdini my way out of the ropes.. and proceed to beat the absolute nonsense out of all of these guys. That's what this is JR.. in all honesty. It's complete nonsense. Christian Cage.. needs to be put in a cage.. and never be allowed to wrestle or have an idea ever again. Christian has always been a bit annoying JR, but now I'm actually legit worried about him. I think he's honestly lost his damn mind. From the weirdest assortment of people in his group.. to him going off on a fan.. to the way he interacts on social media. It seems as though Christian has lost touch with reality. This will of course be completely comfirmed if he comes out and tries to tell ANYONE that he believes he can beat me. There's crazy and then there's downright delusional JR. I'm an EBWF LIVING LEGEND.. I am the greatest of the great, cream of the crop, your FAVORITE WRESTLER'S- FAVORITE WRESTLER.. and I have been through about 6 stupid Christian gimmicks. It tears Christian up inside without question JR, that every idea I've ever had.. has clicked. Miz and Funaki.. works.. Trilogy with Miz, AJ, Funaki.. works. Kick out Funaki.. add Ted Dibiase.. works. Become EBWF Appear to join Paul Heyman.. in a group called.. you guessed it the "Coalition".. works... you understand that JR.. I was literally in a group called the Coalition.. I was handed the IC Title for joining.. I made that group work.. until I left it.. because obviously I wasn't hanging around with Mr. Kennedy..but I'm literally so in Christian's head.. that he couldn't even think of a name of a group that hadn't already been used. Start the Vertex.. win another title.. join the Varsity Club.. take over the Varsity Club immediately. EVERYTHING I've touched in this business JR.. has turned to gold. I am King Freaking Midas. While everything Christian has tried to do.. to basically mimick me.. has fallen on it's face.. JUST LIKE HE WILL when I plant him with an SCF in the center of the ring.. which will of course add to an extremely long list of failures that Christian has earned himself as an employee here.

Jim Ross: Correct me if I'm wrong.. but you seem to really hate this guy..

The Miz: NO it's not that.. I don't HATE him.. I don't HATE anyone. What I hate is just watching guys, that actually have some talent, like Christian does. Waste it- because they simply just have no sense for what to do with themselves. I hate guys that think there's a blueprint formula to actually find success in this company. As I've proven.. there's no formula.. it just comes down to one word.. entertain. If you are entertaining.. whatever you do.. is going to work. Here's how good I am JR.. if tomorrow.. I became the leader of his little Breakfast Club assorted gift basket group.. that group would IMMEDIATELY matter. Everyone would talk about us.. and yes JR.. they would fear us. Why is that? Well it's because I am the smartest guy this business has ever seen. I would motivate Kane.. I would make Maven and Jarrett henchmen that would kill for me. I would makeout with Alexa.. just kidding Mickie.. but seriously.. I might. I would just RUN THE SHIT out of that group to the point where we really would be a group that would work. We would be a group that would be a force to be reckoned with. Christian on the other hand is just a guy that can't carry anything. He can't make me care about his group.. because I don't care about him. He's not entertaining, he's not a draw, nobody gives a shred of a shit about him anymore. So what I HATE is watching him try and prove to himself that they actually do. I hate watching him try and earn that adoration.. I hate watching him try to make something work. It borderline makes me want to cry. My advice to the rest of his group.. RUN.. you guys are smart enough to know that this is a crazy pathetic attempt to get into the spotlight. Does Kane really need to be in this group? Jeff Jarrett? Mav... well I mean I guess Maven kind of does need to be in thie group.. because otherwise he's just freaking Maven.. but the point is.. start to think about this a little. You are hitching your wagon to Christian? Really? Your hopes and dreams to relive the glory days.. are going to rise and fall with the successes of.. Christian? Well if that's something you feel good about.. then the more power to you.. but let me tell you something I feel good about Jim. I feel good about the fact that Chritian ONCE again.. is going to run into someone that is quite literally ALWAYS in his way. He's going to run into someone that has built a career that he could only dream of.. while he continues to fall WAY WAY short. I feel good about the fact that at Warfare- The Miz will be back in the ring.. being the god damn GOAT- while Christian will simply just be the unfortunate victim. Miz' first match back after a small hiatus.. is not an enviable position for my opponent.. and that should make Christian really comfortable.. because nobody has EVER been jealous of him.. and so why should they start now. Planting Christian face first is my plan.. and it's a plan that just like EVERYTHING else I touch around here.. will WORK.. but it's the first step..the first win.. that will eventually once again.. TURN TO GOLD.

Because I'm The Miz.. JR..

and I'm...


The Miz went from intense to a quick flash of his signature million watt smile. The two men shook hands as the show faded out to a commercial.

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