Over the Edge

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Over the Edge

Post by Billy » Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:52 pm

Renee Young was standing outside of a locker room with some indiscernible yelling coming from it. The words couldn’t be made out but clearly two people were arguing with one another on the other side of the door. The hall fell silent and Renee shifted awkwardly from side to side. The handle turned and the door burst open. A fit of static plagued the video as Aiden English emerged into the hallway.


Aiden slammed the door behind him with force before turning to Renee. He broke into a fake smile and nodded.

Aiden English: I’m sorry you had to see that little outburst Renee. Are you waiting out here for me?

Renee Young: Actually, I wasn’t sure who was in there. Mind telling the EBWF Universe who you were having such a heated conversation with?

Aiden English: Actually I’m going to be keeping those cards held a little close to the chest for now. It’s not that I don’t like you, I’m just not sure I can trust your worldwide audience to keep a secret. And, oh boy Renee is this a juicy secret!

Renee Young: Oooooooooh kay….. Well, let’s talk about something else.

Aiden leaned forward playfully and continued to force out a smile toward the camera.

Aiden English: Anything, shoot!

Renee Young: No one has seen or heard from CM Punk since your interactions with him. Do you know where he is?

Aiden English: Oh, nope. We can’t discuss that one either. You just keep picking all the wrong targets Renee. How about we try something a little less taboo? Ask me how my wife is.

Renee Young: Well you did say anything. How about we talk about your schedule this past week?

The static cut back in for a pair of frames. Aiden stood upright and adopted a sour look. He glanced back at the door he came out of momentarily, forcing Renee’s gaze to follow.

Aiden English: Didn’t I say to ask me how Raquel is doing?

Renee Young: Well yes, but…

Aiden English slapped the title laying across his shoulder and laughed. He stared at Renee with a newfound intensity. His smile bordered on creepy.

Aiden English: Certain benefits come with being the Champ! You want to interview me, sometimes you’re going to have to let me lead. Clear?

Renee nodded, slightly shook by his sudden change in demeanor.

Aiden English: So once again, ask me how my wife is doing.

Renee Young: How is Raquel doing after her unfortunate encounter with Natalya?

Aiden English: Well the last time I talked to her, ON THE PHONE, she seemed to be healing well. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to fly home and check on her personally because along with the benefits of being the Champion certain duties are expected of me. Duties that seemed to have seen a spike in recent days. Fortunately my wife has an excellent support structure in place to handle situations just like this one. Currently her mother, the legendary Vickie Guerrero, is staying with her to make sure she doesn’t push herself too hard.

Renee Young: Speaking of your wife’s family, you had to face Chavo at a house show this past week. The reports from that show say you were particularly aggressive. Is that a new side of the EBWF World Champion or is the hatred between the two of you that intense?

Aiden licked his upper lip. His stare turned toward the camera. His smile slowly faded.

Aiden English: Chavo is a particularly infuriating opponent. He’s family. He’s foe. He’s betrayer. He’s everything and he’s nothing. What you saw from me in that ring should be considered the standard of competition expected from me from now on. When I’m told I have to go out to the ring, I’m going out there to injure the person opposite of me. I’m going out there to show how truly dominate I have become in this industry! Was I cruel in my handling of Chavo Guerrero Jr. this past week? Maybe! But I showed that same cruelty to Elias and Tommasso Ciampa.

Renee Young: It does seem like Wes Ikeda is digging into your past and pitting you against people you’ve called allies at one point or another. What are your thoughts on that?

Aiden English: I’m not sure what the boss’s intent is. I’m not sure where his head is at when he hands me a list of names like Ciampa, Elias and Chavo. But, I’m happy that he did. The actions I took in the ring against Punk two weeks ago were meant as a message. Not to Punk but to the entire Universe. Aiden English doesn’t rely on people, I allow them to stand next to me. When you start to drag me down, you get put out to pasture.

Renee Young: It is well documented that you have a history of turning on people after they help you.

Aiden English: You wouldn’t call it betrayal to toss away the banana peel once you’ve eaten the fruit, or to trash an empty bottle of fingernail polish. This is the same. It’s not anger or hatred. It’s not betrayal. Each of them have outworn their usefulness and I’ve set them aside. What Wes has offered me is an opportunity to finish what I started with CM Punk and BURY the past. This is going to help me focus on the road ahead.

Renee Young: Where does that road ahead lead? Where does the EBWF World Champion go from here?

Aiden English: Go? I’m at the top, I have nowhere else to climb! The road that stretches out before me is a path to me. It’s…

There were four quick bursts of static. Aiden snapped his head around and looked at the door he came out of. One more quick burst of static.

Aiden English: SHUT UP! It’s the path that people take to get to me. The path those stupid enough to attempt to take my crown walk. It’s the path to defeat, the path to pain, the path to suffering! SHUT UP!

The static cut in a quick burst followed by a longer one and then another two rapid bursts. Aiden placed his hand on the door and whispered something under his breath. Renee leaned in to hear him. Aiden slapped the door and growled. Suddenly Aiden turned his attention back to Renee and smiled. She shot a glance at him and half smiled to the camera.

Renee Young: Speaking of the path to you, tonight you’ll be taking on Edge in the main event. What is your plan heading into that match?

Aiden English: You think I’m on edge? That there’s something wrong with my head? That’s what you think isn’t it Renee? You want to see on edge? I’ll show you on edge!

Aiden’s lip and nostrils flared suddenly.

Renee Young: No, Aiden. Tonight you are facing Edge! The wrestler. You know, a long time friend and partner of EBWF Gateway Champion Randy Orton?

Aiden English: Why did you bring up Orton? Is he going to interfere? What do you know Renee? Are you working for them?

Renee Young: No, I work for the company!

Aiden English threw up air quotes.

Aiden English: The company! They own the company.

Renee Young: I brought up Orton and the fact that he’s the EBWF Gateway Champion because he could cash that in for a shot at the EBWF World Title.

Aiden English: Yeah? Oh yeah!

Aiden looked around frantically and then tapped the title hung over his shoulder and sighed in relief. He shook his head as if he was dazed. There was another fit of static short, a pair of longer ones and then another quick little sputter of white noise. Aiden’s eyes narrowed.

Renee Young: Are you okay? Have you been getting enough sleep?

Aiden English: No, this week has been a gauntlet of competition set up by Wes Ikeda to punish me for the actions of CM Punk! Actions that Punk was already punished for. First he was humiliated in defeat by Baby Ikeda…

Renee Young: You mean Blaine.

Aiden English: Did I say Blaine?

Renee Young: No, you said Baby Ikeda.

Aiden English: Don’t tell me what I mean Renee! CM Punk was humiliated by his loss to Baby Ikeda. Then he was shown to be lacking by Mommy Ikeda!

Renee Young: You mean…

Aiden stepped forward as his eyes widened. Renee was shocked into silence before she could finish.

Aiden English: Mommy Ikeda!

Aiden stepped back and smiled.

Aiden English: Anyhow! She proved that Punk was failing at his job. Then, I saw to Punk’s proper punishment! The way I see it, I dealt with Punk’s actions to the benefit of the Ikeda Family. I stopped him from stirring up more trouble and this is how I’m rewarded?

Renee Young: I think Mr. Ikeda sees you as responsible for Punk’s actions. From his point of view you were the source of the attacks on him and his family.

Aiden English: I didn’t challenge Baby Ikeda to a match! I didn’t fight Baby Ikeda! It wasn’t me! Now I have an injured wife at home and Daddy Ikeda has me at every house show. He has me at every press event. By hell he has me doing this and doing that! I don’t care about EBWF2K21! I bet they cancel it after the poor sales this year with Miz on the cover. I care about my wife and not much else! Meanwhile, Big Bad Papa Ikeda is purposely keeping me from checking on her. You know why Renee? You know why Wes doesn’t want me to see Raquel?

Renee Young: As a way to punish you?

Aiden leaned forward and began talking in a voice that mimicked a whisper without lowering his volume even slightly. Renee looked confused.

Aiden English: No… Because, he thinks that if he keeps us apart the old Aiden will start to seep back in! He could control that Aiden. When Wes said jump he did a one eighty and joined team EBWF like a good little boy! That Aiden didn’t have a stranglehold on his top prize. That Aiden wasn’t keeping all of Wes’s pals from parading around here as the face of the company! Wes doesn’t like me at the top. Wes doesn’t like that I’m the best wrestler on his roster. More importantly, Wes doesn’t like that I don’t follow orders anymore!

Renee Young: I really think it’s more simple than that!

Aiden English: You do? Do you remember Summer Rae? What happened to her? Wes kicked her off television because he couldn’t control her. Wes proceeded to bury her career. He even had her taken off the roster on the company website! When Wes Ikeda doesn’t like someone he does everything in his power to take control over their lives and ruin them!

Renee Young: You think Summer Rae was targeted?

Aiden pushed in closer to Renee and cupped his hand around the side of his mouth away from the camera.

Aiden English: She saw through the illusion Renee and so do I! I know what’s really going on around here. You think I’m the big bad guy of the EBWF? You think LEGION are the big bad guys? You’re wrong! Dead wrong! Wes Ikeda, he’s the big bad guy! He and his little squad of yes men and cronies! Orton, Jericho, Miz and EDGE. They’re all in on it! It’s plain to see!

Renee Young: Speaking of Edge, you never answered my question. What’s your plan for the match against him tonight?

Aiden’s demeanor snapped. He stood upright, his hands fell to his sides and for a moment he looked confused about where he was. He smiled to Renee.

Aiden English: I’m sorry, it seems my emotions got the better of me and I was derailed momentarily. I’m looking forward to tonight's match with Edge. You pointed out earlier that I seem to have developed something of a mean streak since Raquel left to heal. I’ve been on a mission to clear up any misconceptions about my abilities in the ring! Tonight I am going to go out to that ring and I am going to continue doing what I’ve been doing. I’m going to find Edge’s weakness, I’m going to target it and I’m going to tear him apart. I’m going to send Edge home to Randy and Wes in a body bag if I have to! And Renee, I’m going to look damn good doing it. By the time I finish with this roster, there going to learn to fear the name English. I’ll turn them all into little Paul Reveeres. When I enter the locker room they’re going to rush to each other shouting English is coming! English is coming!

Aiden tilted his head back and laughed maniacally. Renee shook her head to the camera while motioning for recording to be cut. The video ended abruptly with a flash of static and a still image of Aiden English in a Mirrored Silver Phantom of the Opera style mask.
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