Summerslam Results 08/25/2019

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Summerslam Results 08/25/2019

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Mauro Ranallo: Good evening and welcome to the hottest event of the summer, EBWF Summerslam! We are live from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

Corey Graves: What a great show we have in store tonight, Mauro! We'll see Zahra Schreiber defend the Women's Championship against Liv Morgan, CM Punk goes one on one with Wes Ikeda, and in our main event, The Miz defends the EBWF World Title against both Aiden English and AJ Styles!

Mauro Ranallo: We've also got Jon Moxley challenging Hardcore Holly for the Breakout Title in a falls count anywhere match, and a triple threat match to determine the new number one contender for the Women's Championship. Up first though, Bobby Lashley takes on Tommy End in a last man standing match!

"Dominance" by CFO$ hit and Bobby Lashley made his way to the ring, accompanied by Lio Rush. When Lashley was in the ring, "Lost in the Static" by After The Burial hit and Tommy End came out.

Corey Graves: It's interesting that Bobby Lashley has been accompanied to the ring by his hype man, Lio Rush, but Tommy End is out here alone...

Mauro Ranallo: I think Tommy End wants to prove a point, Corey – that he doesn't need any help to beat Lashley. But he isn't alone... you never know who is part of Legion!

Tommy End entered the ring and looked across at Lashley, then sat on the mat as the referee called for the bell. Lashley charged towards End, going for a kick to the face, but End rolled out of the way then got to his feet. Lashley turned around, and End hit him with the Owari Death Kick!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia!

Lashley fell to the mat, and End took a seat as the referee began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... Lashley got to his feet at the count of 7. End whipped him into the corner, then ran at him and hit a high knee. As Lashley staggered out of the corner, End grabbed him, setting him up for a brainbuster, but Lashley blocked it and countered with a belly-to-belly suplex, slamming End into the turnbuckles! As End fell to the mat, Lashley stomped on him several times, then pulled him to his feet and hit a gut wrench powerbomb. Lashley yelled at the referee to begin counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... at the count of 6, Tommy End got to his feet. Lashley hit him with a series of punches, knocking End back against the ropes, before sending him to the outside with a clothesline. Lashley followed End out of the ring, then threw him into the ring steps! As End stumbled to his feet, Lashley picked up the steel steps and hit End in the face, knocking him back down onto the ground. Lashley then dropped the steps on Tommy End, trying to keep him grounded! The referee counted – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... at the count of 8, End was able to get to his feet. Lashley grabbed him and slammed his head off the ring post, then tossed him back into the ring.

Corey Graves: Bobby Lashley is in complete control here, but Tommy End is refusing to stay down!

Just as Lashley was about to re-enter the ring, Lio Rush handed him a steel chair. Lashley took the chair into the ring with him, and swung the chair at Tommy End... but End ducked out of the way, then grabbed Lashley from behind, hitting a deadlift German suplex!

Mauro Ranallo: Impressive strength there by Tommy End! Lashley outweighs him by about eighty pounds!

Lashley dropped the chair as he hit the mat, and End picked it up, then hit Lashley with it several times. Lashley cried out in pain, and End placed the chair on the mat, then pulled Lashley to hit feet, hitting a DDT onto the chair!

Corey Graves: That might have knocked Lashley out cold!

The referee began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... Lashley began to stir as the referee counted 8, and at the count of 9, he got to his feet. End went for another Owari Death Kick, but Lashley ducked out of the way, then grabbed End and lifted him up, hitting the Dominator! Both men were down, and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3... 4... at the count of 5, Lashley got to his feet. The referee continued counting – 6... 7... End sat up at the count of 8! Lashley grabbed End and pulled him to his feet, and End hit a jawbreaker, causing Lashley to stagger backwards. Lashley was on the ropes, and End ran towards him, going for a knee strike, but Lashley countered with a back body drop, sending End to the outside! Lashley followed End out of the ring, then threw him into the ringside barrier. After hitting End with a series of kicks, Lashley stepped back, and charged towards End, going for a Spear... but End moved out of the way! Lashley went through the barrier, almost taking out a fan in the front row! Lio Rush looked stunned, and he ran towards Lashley to try and help him, but End caught him with the Owari Death Kick! End then turned to Lashley and pulled the All Mighty to his feet.

Corey Graves: What is Tommy End doing? He could have had Lashley out for the 10 count there!

Mauro Ranallo: Hold on, Corey, he's heading this way!

End dragged Lashley towards the announce table, slamming his head off it and then clearing the table. As Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves evacuated the area, End hit Lashley with the ring bell, knocking him onto the announce table. End then climbed to the top rope... and leapt towards Lashley, hitting him with the Owari Death Stomp!

Mauro Ranallo: HOLY SHIT!

The crowd had the same reaction as Mauro Ranallo, and a "Holy Shit" chant broke out as Lashley went through the table. Both Lashley and End were down, and the referee began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... End back to stir... 9... End got to his feet... 10! The referee called for the bell!

Corey Graves: Tommy End gets the victory, but at what cost?!

The referee raised End's arm in victory, and End stumbled to the back as ringside officials tended to Bobby Lashley.


After a video package highlighting the events EBWF had hosted around Calgary in the build-up to Summerslam, the camera cut to Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves at ringside.

Mauro Ranallo: What a last man standing match we witnessed a few moments ago between Tommy End and Bobby Lashley... I'm pleased to say our crew have managed to get us another announce table! It's almost as if they expected someone to destroy our table and brought a spare...

Corey Graves: Well Mauro, four of the six matches we've got booked for tonight are no disqualification, so it was inevitable that someone would go through a table really...

Mauro Ranallo: That's true, I'm just glad we didn't get caught in the crossfire! One of those no disqualification matches is up next, as it is a triple threat match to determine the next number one contender for the Women's Championship. Becky Lynch takes on Torrie Wilson and Nikki Cross!

Torrie Wilson came out first, followed by Nikki Cross and finally, Becky Lynch. All three women were warmly received by the crowd. After Christy Hemme had introduced the competitors, the referee called for the bell. Becky Lynch immediately ran at Torrie Wilson and took her down with a clothesline, then turned her attention to Nikki Cross. Cross and Lynch exchanged punches back and forth, and after gaining the upper hand, Becky threw Nikki out of the ring. As Becky turned around, Torrie Wilson was back on her feet, and the two women locked up. Torrie put Becky in a headlock, but Becky fought out of it and whipped Torrie against the ropes, then hit an arm drag. As Torrie got to her feet, Becky hit an exploder suplex, before hooking the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Nikki Cross interrupted the count! Nikki pulled Becky to her feet and whipped her into the corner, then ran at her, hitting a forearm smash. Becky fell into a sitting position and Nikki stomped on her several times, then pulled Becky to her feet and hit a Samoan driver. She hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Becky kicked out! As Nikki got to her feet, Torrie Wilson hit her with a dropkick! Both women got to their feet, and Torrie hit Nikki with a snapmare, then followed it up with a leg drop. She hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Nikki kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: Great back and forth action in this triple threat match!

Corey Graves: All three of these women are giving it their all, Mauro!

As Torrie got to her feet, Becky Lynch grabbed her and threw her out of the ring. Becky then grabbed Nikki Cross and whipped her against the ropes, before hitting a leg lariat. As Nikki got to her feet, Becky applied a hammerlock, then hit an inverted DDT! She hooked the leg, and the referee counted – 1... 2... Torrie pulled Becky out of the ring! Becky looked furious, and she swung a right hand at Torrie, but Torrie blocked it, then hit Becky with a roundhouse kick!

Mauro Ranallo: Great counter by Torrie Wilson! The ten time Women's Champion is rolling back the years!

With Becky taken out, Torrie re-entered the ring and grabbed Nikki Cross, setting her up for the Nose Job. Nikki blocked it, then hit Torrie with a swinging fisherman's neckbreaker! Nikki climbed to the top rope, and hit Torrie with a diving headbutt!

Corey Graves: Glasgow Kiss! This could be it, Mauro!

Nikki hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Becky broke up the count! The Irish Lass Kicker pulled Nikki away from Torrie and hit her with the Bex-Plex, then grabbed Torrie and locked in the Dis-arm-her! Torrie tapped out!

Mauro Ranallo: It's over! Becky Lynch is the new number one contender for the Women's Championship! What an action packed triple threat match that was, Corey!


Mauro Ranallo: What a night it's been so far! Up next, we've got...

Mauro was interrupted by the sound of "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest. The crowd booed as Drew McIntyre made his way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Well I was about to say we've got Hardcore Holly versus Jon Moxley up next, but instead we're getting an unscheduled appearance from the Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre!

Corey Graves: He looks like he's ready to wrestle, Mauro. Maybe there's been a late change to the card?

McIntyre walked around the ring and approached ring announcer Christy Hemme, then snatched the microphone from her and entered the ring. After his music was cut, McIntyre began to speak.

Drew McIntyre: Summerslam is supposed to be the "hottest event of the summer", and yet the hottest prospect on the EBWF roster is not even booked? It's funny how Wes Ikeda can find a place for himself on the card, and give spots to old-timers like Torrie Wilson and Hardcore Holly... but yours truly, Drew McIntyre, is the forgotten man. It's a sign of everything that's wrong with this company, and I'm here to make a stand.

Mauro Ranallo: What's McIntyre going to do? Is he planning to hijack the show?

Drew McIntyre: I know you're all desperately looking forward to seeing Jon Moxley and Hardcore Holly run around the arena trying to get themselves over, but I'm afraid you're going to have to wait. Because right now, I am issuing an open challenge to every single person in the locker room... I don't even care whether it's a sanctioned match, I just want to fight.

McIntyre dropped the microphone and began pacing around the ring. Suddenly, all the lights in the arena went out.

Corey Graves: What is going on?!

Mauro Ranallo: If you're watching at home, we appear to be experiencing some technical difficulties, don't go anywhere!

The lights stayed off for about a minute, then when they came back on, Drew McIntyre was laid out in the ring. As the camera zoomed in, blood could be seen trickling down McIntyre's face.

Corey Graves: Well McIntyre said he wanted a fight... be careful what you wish for, I guess.

Mauro Ranallo: That wasn't a fight, Corey – someone saw an opportunity to take out Drew McIntyre in the blackout, and we don't even know who it was!

As trainers and EMTs checked on McIntyre, the show cut to a commercial for Fanniversary.


Mauro Ranallo: Up next, Hardcore Holly defends the Breakout Title against Jon Moxley in a falls count anywhere match!

"Indestructible" by Disturbed hit and the crowd cheered as Jon Moxley made his way to the ring. When Moxley was in the ring, "How Do You Like Me Now?" hit and the crowd booed as Hardcore Holly came out. Holly brought a trolley full of weapons with him, and as he reached the bottom of the ramp he grabbed a baseball bat from out of the trolley before entering the ring.

Corey Graves: Hardcore Holly taking full advantage of the fact that there are no disqualifications in this match...

Mauro Ranallo: Hardcore by name, hardcore by nature!

After Christy Hemme had introduced both superstars, the referee called for the bell. Holly immediately swung the bat at Moxley, but Moxley ducked out of the way, then hit Holly with a low blow!

Corey Graves: Moxley is playing Holly at his own game!

Holly dropped the bat, and Moxley picked it up, then hit Holly with it several times. Moxley pulled Holly to his feet and hit a neckbreaker, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Holly kicked out! Moxley got to his feet and stomped on Holly several times, then pulled him to his feet and whipped him into the corner. Moxley ran at Holly, going for a corner clothesline, but Holly got his knees up and blocked it. As Moxley staggered backwards, Hardcore Holly grabbed him, throwing him out of the ring. Holly followed Moxley out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair, then hit Moxley across the back with it. Moxley fell to the ground, and Holly hit him with the chair several more times, then hit a DDT onto the chair!

Mauro Ranallo: That might have knocked Ambrose out cold!

Holly hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Moxley kicked out! Hardcore Holly looked frustrated, and he dragged Moxley to his feet, setting him up for a piledriver onto the chair! He went to lift Moxley up... but Moxley blocked it, countering with a back body drop! As Hardcore Holly got to his feet, Moxley hit him with a kick to the midsection, then threw him back into the ring. Moxley was about to re-enter the ring, when he looked across at Holly's trolley full of weapons. Smiling sadistically, Moxley walked over to the trolley, grabbing a trash can and a lead pipe. Moxley threw the trash can into the ring, then as Hardcore Holly tried to grab it, Moxley hit him over the head with the lead pipe!

Corey Graves: Clever strategy there by Jon Moxley, distracting Hardcore Holly with the trash can!

Mauro Ranallo: I think he intends to use the trash can too, Corey... look!

Moxley picked up the trash can, and as Holly tried to get to his feet, Moxley put the trash can over his head! Moxley then grabbed the baseball bat and swung it Hardcore Holly! A loud thud echoed through the arena as the bat connected with the trash can, and Hardcore Holly fell to the mat. Moxley pulled him out of the trash can, then made the cover. The referee counted – 1... 2... Holly kicked out! Moxley pulled Holly to his feet, and set him up for the Dirty Deeds... but Holly blocked it, then lifted Moxley up, slamming him onto the trash can! Holly made the cover and the referee counted – 1... 2... Moxley kicked out! Holly stomped on Moxley several times, then rolled out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron, grabbing a table. Holly set the table up in the ring, then lifted Moxley up, setting him up for the Alabama Slam... but Moxley countered it into a rollup! The referee counted – 1... 2... Holly kicked out! Both men got to their feet, and Moxley hit Holly with a kick to the midsection, then powerbombed him through the table! Moxley then pulled Holly to his feet, and hit the Dirty Deeds! He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Corey Graves: It's over! We have a new Breakout Champion!

The referee called for the bell and handed Moxley the title, then raised his arm in victory. Moxley lifted the title up and celebrated with some of the fans at ringside, then made his way to the back.


SummerSlam roared on when suddenly, “We Riot” blasted onto the sound system. The EBWF Universe jumped to their feet and screamed out. A few moments passed as the music played. Finally Liv Morgan walked out onto the stage. She looked all around her and quickly turned around. A nervous look plastered on her face as she stopped and looked around her.

Corey Graves: Liv looks a little on edge tonight..

Mauro Ranallo: Wouldn’t you be, Corey? Her whole squad has been kidnapped..

Unlike her normal self, Liv walked slowly down the ramp. She continued to look all around her as Zahra was clearly in her head.

Christy Hemme: Making her way to the ring, from Elmwood Park, New Jersey... She is the 2019 Queen of the Ring!! LIIVVVV MOORRRRGGANNN!!!

Liv walked up to the side of the ring. She went to the ring skirt and she lifted it up and looked under. Liv walked around the ring and she replayed her actions with each side of the ring. After the final apron was lifted and checked under, Liv stood up and looked up at the ramp. She hopped up on to the edge of the ring and slid inside. Liv got to her feet and walked over to the referee and Christy Hemme. She looked to converse with them before she turned to face the stage. Her music continued for a few more seconds as she had her held on a swivel as she continued to look for Zahra and her druids.

Mauro Ranallo: How could Liv be focused tonight.. One of the biggest nights of her life, and her mind is worried about her squad..

Corey Graves: She should keep her mind on Zahra..

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra made sure that was not the case.

As Liv continued to look around inside the ring, the lights in the entire arena cut out. The entire arena was cloaked in darkness. After a few seconds, a deep red spot light flashed on and shown Liv Morgan in the center of the ring. The fear was on her face as she stood there, alone. The lights remained off for a while before a soft chant rang out over the sound system. The chant was seemingly musical, but very soft.

Mauro Ranallo: The mind games continue..

Cell phones flickered throughout the EBWF Universe as they sat in darkness. The red spotlight over Liv showed her panic as she backed all the way to the ropes. After a few more seconds, that red spotlight flicked off. As soon as the light flicked off, the roar of static sounded throughout the arena. The titan tron flickered to life, filled with static. While the static played, a faint glow of a flame could be seen as it emerged from the backstage area. The flame was that of a single torch, held by a hooded druid.

Mauro Ranallo: Great.. Liv is all alone and Zahra is bringing her druids.

Corey Graves: Actually, Mauro.. I’ve been informed by my sources within Legion.. Those aren’t druids. They’re Legionnaires.

Mauro Ranallo: Legionnaires?! What sources do you have inside Legion?

The single Legionnaire turned into two. Then into four. The Legionnaires continued to multiple until the stage was full of Legionnaires with torches. A total of sixteen Legionnaires stood next to one another and held their torches to the crowd. The static abruptly stopped and within seconds, “Lost in the Static” by After the Burial blasted onto the sound system. Smoke flowed out of the entrance way as a strobe light flashed from tunnel. In the smoke, a slim yet fully figure silhouette stood. The EBWF Universe attempted to outdo the theme with their chorus of boos as Zahra Schreiber walked out onto the stage from the smoke.

Corey Graves: THERE SHE IS!!

Mauro Ranallo: Calm down, Corey.

Corey Graves: You calm down, Mauro.. We are in the presence of the Queen of the Mountain.. The Queen of Darkness.. Show some respect to the greatest Women’s Superstar to grace EBWF.

Zahra walked to the line of Legionnaires and stood at the center of the line. She stopped and looked down the line of Legionnaires to one side. She turned her head and looked down the other side of the line. The same red spotlight flashed back to light and lit up the EBWF Women’s Champion, the title shined as it rested snugly around her slender waist. She turned her head forward and stared down the ramp at Liv in the ring. Zahra step away from the line as she started her decent down to the ring.

Christy Hemme: Her opponent, from Saginaw, Michigan. Representing Legion.. She is the EBWF Women’s Champion. ZAAHHHRRRAAAAA SCCHHHRRREEEEIIIBBBEERRRR!!!

Once Zahra was halfway down the ramp, the Legionnaires began to extinguish their torches. Starting at the end, one by one on both sides of the line started going dark. Zahra walked to the edge of the ramp and stared up into the ring. Liv looked back with the worried eyes. She glanced up the ramp and saw the extinguishing torches. The Legionnaires slowly vanished into the darkness. Zahra turned to the steel steps. As she approached them, the torches continued to fade away, now with only twelve torches remaining. Zahra climbed the steps and stood at the top. She looked into the ring and stared as Liv with a smirk on her face. She turned her head and looked down at the ringside area where the Riott Squad would have been. She chuckled to herself before she stepped up onto the apron. She slid her hand along the top ring rope as she walked the apron. She stopped at the middle and turned to face Liv. The torches continued to vanish, now down to eight. Zahra rested her arms on the top rope as she stared in at Liv.

Mauro Ranallo: Why doesn’t she get into the ring and start this thing..

Corey Graves: She can take all the time in the world, Mauro.. Just sit back and enjoy the view, like me.

Behind Zahra, two more torches vanished. A few moments passed without movement from Zahra and another two vanished behind her. Zahra finally stepped through the ropes and stood in the right. She stood up and in the center of the ring and smirked at Liv. Two more torches disappeared, leaving only two remaining. Zahra walked up to Liv, but the referee stepped in between. Out of the corner of her eye, Zahra glanced at the ref. She turned her body and looked up at the remaining two torches, which remained lit. She looked up at them, and then turned her head and looked at Liv. Confused, Liv looked back, and then up to the stage, then back at Zahra.

Mauro Ranallo: What is Zahra doing?

Slowly, Zahra lifted her right hand up towards the stage. The spotlight that illuminated her flashed off and the arena was filled with darkness once more, only the two remaining torches remained lit. Moments passed before all the lights arena came back to life. At that moment, gasps from all over the arena rang out as on the stage, two large wooden logs were stood upright on two separate platforms at both ends of the stage. Bound to either log was The Riott Squad, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. The two women struggled against the ropes that bound them to the logs. Liv lunged forward and reached over the top rope.

Liv Morgan: RU!!!!

Screams were heard as Ruby and Sarah yelled back at Liv. The two remaining Legionnaires separated and each walked to their own platform. They walked up the steps to the top of the platforms and stood next to the logs with the torches still in hand.

Mauro Ranallo: Wha.. What is going one?! Is Zahra going sacrifice the Riott Squad like their witches..

Corey Graves: I wouldn’t use a w there.. But..

Mauro Ranallo: We need someone out here right now.

The referee walked over to Liv and attempted to keep her in the ring. You could see tears in her eyes as she witnessed her squad mates bound. Liv reached out once again over the top rope and suddenly, Zahra attacked and clubbed Liv in the back of the neck. Liv bounced against the ropes and leaned against them. Zahra pushed Liv against the ropes, her throat right against the top rope. Zahra grabbed Liv by the hair and stood next to her. She pressed Liv’s throat against the top rope as she made Liv look at her squad.

Zahra Schreiber: Take a good look little Livvy.. Their fate is in your hands..

Zahra yanked back on Liv’s hair and threw her down to the center of the mat. Liv coughed as she clutched at her throat. The referee warned Zahra before he knelt down and checked on Liv. Liv continued to cough as she reached out for the ref. You could clearly hear her ask him to save Ru..

Mauro Ranallo: What is Zahra thinking?!

With a smile on her face, Zahra unstrapped her championship and she walked it over and handed it out of the ring without even giving it to the referee. She turned around and walked over to the ref and Liv. The referee stood up and stood in her way. She shoved him out of the way and she reached down and picked Liv up by her hair slowly. The sadistic smile on her face showed her pleasure in this. The referee signaled for the bell against his better judgement and the tolls rang out. Zahra continued her games as she lifted Liv all the way to her feet. She forcefully turned Liv’s head to the stage by the chin. Once she made Liv stare at her friends again, Zahra slapped her across the face. Liv dropped to a knee and held her face. Finally Liv showed some life as she threw a punch that connected with Zahra’s midsection. Zahra doubled over slightly, but instantly straightened up. Liv struck her again, and then a third time. Before Liv could hit a fourth, Zahra lifted her knee and connected right under Liv’s jaw. Liv fell back to the mat as Zahra paced around her body.

Mauro Ranallo: You have to admire Liv’s spirit..

Corey Graves: I’m too busy admiring Zahra there, Mauro..

Zahra took the sole of her boot and she toyed with Liv as she brushed the sole against the back of Liv’s head and egged her. Liv got her hands and knees under her, but she was knocked down with a stiff kick to the ribs by Zahra. Liv clung to her ribs as she rolled onto her back. Zahra walked over and she stood over her. She dropped down to a knee as she mounted Liv. Zahra reached down and she took a handful of Liv’s hair and lifted her head up. The referee nudged at Zahra’s shoulder and warned her about the hair. Before she released the hair, Zahra used to it hold Liv’s head in place. She continued her assault as she threw a few forearms down onto Liv’s skull. As Zahra let go, she slammed Liv’s head down onto the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: This brutality is uncalled for..

Zahra stood up, still over Liv’s body. She lifted her foot, but before she stepped over Liv, she dropped her boot down on Liv’s stomach. Liv rolled over to her stomach and clutched at it. She’s head looked up at the stage. With tears in her eyes, she still reached out for her squad. Zahra reached down and put Liv’s hand flat against the mat. She put her boot on the hand and held it into place. The referee waved her off and told her not to do it. Zahra smirked and shook her head right before she lifted her boot and stomped down on Liv’s hand. Liv cried out in pain and rolled to edge. The referee knelt down and checked on Liv. Zahra turned towards the stage and walked to the ropes. She rested her arms on the top rope and leaned against them as she looked up at Ruby and Sarah cockily. Zahra looked over her shoulder and noticed Liv at the edge of the ring against the bottom rope. She dropped down and rolled out of the ring. She stood for a second at the end of the ramp and looked up at the stage. Zahra followed as she walked around the ring and walked up to Liv. Zahra reached in and grabbed the hand that she just stomped on and she pulled it away from Liv. She took the hand and slammed it against the edge of the apron.

Mauro Ranallo: She’s going to break Liv’s hand!!

Corey Graves: What makes you think that’s not Zahra’s plan?

Mauro Ranallo: What did Liv Morgan do to deserve this?

Corey Graves: Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan abandoned Zahra when she injured her foot.. They went on and left her behind.. Liv had this coming for a long time.

Mauro Ranallo: Do you hear yourself, Corey?

Corey Graves: Yes.. Quite clearly thank you.

Zahra pulled on the arm again, this time she pulled Liv out of the ring. On her feet now, Liv threw a punch with her free hand. She connected, which caused Zahra to release her grip. Liv threw another, and then another. One after another, Liv continued to throw punches and connecting with Zahra. She back Zahra up to the barricade. Liv kicked Zahra in the midsection and reached down. She lifted Zahra’s arm and she yanked on it. With a quick Irish whip, Liv sent Zahra into the apron. Liv walked up to Zahra and she leaned her back against the apron. Liv positioned herself, and without thinking, chopped Zahra’s chest with her bad hand. Liv screamed out in pain as she cupped her hand in her other. Zahra brought her own hands up to her chest and covered where Liv chopped. Liv shook her hand of the pain, and as she turned back to Zahra, she was met with a right hand. Liv stumbled back, which allowed Zahra to duck down and ram Liv back against the barricade. Liv bent back over the barricade in pain. Liv groaned out in pain. Zahra looked out into the crowd where a couple of members of the EBWF Universe their up their middle fingers at her. She reached forward and grabbed Liv by the hair and pulled her away from the barricade. She adjusted her positioning and whipped Liv Morgan towards the steel stairs. Liv managed to jump up onto the top of the steel steps. Zahra was shocked momentarily, which allowed Liv to get a seconds. Liv flipped over her shoulder and connected with a moonsault cross-body. The two women fell to the ground with Liv on top. The referee warned the two women and waved them to get back into the ring. Liv sat on her knees next to Zahra. She looked up at the referee, but then she belt down and she lifted Zahra’s head and started to rain down on her skull with forearm after forearm.

Corey Graves: The referee needs to count this hoodlum out.. He needs to get control of this.

Mauro Ranallo: He knows this match is personal, so I think he’s letting them fight.

Liv screamed out in frustration as she continued to throw down on Zahra. The referee quickly got out of the ring and got Liv Morgan off Zahra. Liv stood up and stepped back. She looked up at the stage as she remembered her squad. She stepped over Zahra and headed towards the ramp. She rounded the corner and started up the ramp. Just then, everyone heard Zahra’s voice.

Zahra Schreiber: Oh Livvy.. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Liv walked a few more steps towards the stage before the two Legionnaires adjusted themselves and turned towards the logs with their torches. Liv noticed this and stopped. She turned her head and looked back at ringside where Zahra stood in the time keeper's area with a microphone in hand.

Zahra Schreiber: I told you.. Their fate is in your hands. Do you want to save them? Do you want to be their savior.. Then you have to choose. Them, or the EBWF Universe.

Zahra walked up to the steel steps. She climbed the steps and stood on the apron and looked up the ramp from across the ring. She shook her head and motioned to the EBWF Universe. Liv looked out at the crowd who cheered her on.

Zahra Schreiber: Get back in this ring.

She pointed into the ring and then tossed the microphone to the side. The referee slid into the ring and motioned for both women to get in. Zahra obliged and got into the ring. She smirked as she watched Liv, torn between heading up to the stage or going back to the match. Zahra egged her on as the Legionnaires stood with their torches towards the logs, as though if Liv got closer, they were going to light them. Liv yanked at her hair and you could clearly see the frustration as tears began to swell up in her eyes. Liv turned towards the ring and she ran down the ramp. She slid into the ring, which was the wrong idea.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra is torturing Liv Morgan..

As Liv slid into the ring, Zahra jumped into the air and she brought her boot down across the back of the neck and drove Liv’s face into the mat with a curb-stomp.


Corey Graves: This is it!! Zahra retains!!

Zahra quickly dropped to the mat as the EBWF Universe booed out. She rolled Liv over onto her back and she hooked the leg. The referee dropped down to the mat and started his count.

Referee: 1... 2... ..

Liv rolled her right shoulder off the mat and the referee stopped the count and pointed. Zahra looked over at the ref. She scowled at him with anger. You could hear her as she screamed, “Are you kidding me?” at the referee. He held up two fingers to show Zahra that it was only a two count. Zahra sat up on her knees and turned around to Liv’s body.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv still has some life left!

She looked down at her and shook her head. Zahra grabbed a hold of Liv’s hair and she stood up, pulling Liv off the mat. The referee warned her to get off the hair as Liv sat on her knees. Zahra pulled back on Liv’s head before she slammed it forward onto the mat. Liv reached up and grabbed her face. The referee got in Zahra’s face and warned her that he’ll disqualify her, but she brushed him off. She bent down and grabbed onto Liv’s head. She brought her up to her feet this time and led her over to the corner. Zahra turned her around and propped her up on the turnbuckle. Zahra bent down and she rammed her shoulder into Liv’s gut, which drove her in between the top and middle turnbuckles. With Liv’s stuck in the ropes, Zahra backed away and walked to the other side of the ring. She taunted the fans at ringside as the all booed her. Zahra ran at the ropes and bounced off. She charged at Liv with the momentum and jumped in the air. Zahra brought her knee and connected with the side of Liv’s face. Liv head dropped forwards as though she was out cold. Still stuck in between the turnbuckle, Liv remained elevated.

Mauro Ranallo: A stiff knee by the champion..

Zahra stood in front of Liv before she tucked Liv’s head under her arm. Zahra hooked both of Liv’s arms behind and before she dropped backwards. Liv’s head was driven directly into the mat. Zahra sat up as Liv’s body went limp and fell to the mat. Zahra rolled her over pulled her legs out of the corner and covered. The referee dropped down once more.

Referee: 1... 2... ..

Liv threw her right arm up into the air once more to break the count. Zahra’s eyes widened before she turned towards the referee. He held up two fingers to her. Zahra then looked out at the crowd who were cheering from Liv’s kick out. Zahra returned to her feet and turned to the referee. She motioned for him to count, but he told her it was only two. She looked down at Liv before she bent down and grabbed her arm. She outstretched Liv’s right hand, which was injured earlier in the match. She stood on the hand once again. The referee shook her off and told her to get off. Zahra looked at him before she lifted her foot and stomped down on Liv’s hand once more, right in front of the referee to taunt him.

Mauro Ranallo: She is outright disobeying the referee..

Corey Graves: She’s not doing anything illegal, Mauro.. This is a wrestling match. If Liv can’t handle this, she needs to retire right now.

Liv rolled out of the ring holding onto her hand. She knelt at ringside and shook her hand in an attempt to get feeling back to it. Zahra exited the ring on the other side of the ring. The referee looked at both women and told them to get back in the ring. Zahra looked across the ring at where Liv was kneeling. The referee started a count for the first time.

Referee: 1... 2...

Zahra slowly stalked around the ring over to where Liv was. As she rounded the final corner, Zahra ran at Liv. She once more connected with her knee to the back of Liv’s neck this time. Liv fell forward against the mat outside.

Referee: 5... 6...

Zahra slid into the ring just slightly, but then rolled back out to break the count. The referee yelled at her to get back in the ring, but she just stood over Liv. Zahra looked up the ramp at the stage. Still completely bound, Ruby and Sarah yelled from their logs in support of Liv. Zahra smirked before she bent down and pulled Liv up to her feet by her hair.

Referee: 1... 2... 3...

Zahra led Liv over to the steel steps. She lined Liv up and pulled back on the hair. She lifted Liv’s head and was about to slam Liv’s head down on the steps. Liv however put her hands down on the steel to block the assault. Zahra attempted it again as she pulled back on lives head. She went to slam her face on the steel against, but it was blocked once more. This time, Liv rammed her elbow into Zahra’s midsection. She rammed it into the midsection a second time before Zahra released Liv’s hair. Now, Liv reached up and grabbed a hand of Zahra’s jet black hair and quickly she slammed Zahra’s face into the steel. Zahra’s face connected with the steel, but Liv quickly pulled her head back up and slammed it down a second time. Zahra fell to her knees and sat against the steel. The referee broke is count and jumped out of the ring. She checked on Zahra as Liv back away. The EBWF Universe cheered out at Liv’s offense. Liv turned back and faced Zahra, and without warning, Liv charged. Liv threw her body into the hair and she hit a cross-body on Zahra and pinned her against the steel. Liv rolled away as Zahra held onto her torso.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv is pulling out an aggressive side.

Corey Graves: Why is the referee allowing this?! He needs to disqualify her right now.

Liv jumped up to her feet in front of the EBWF Universe. They cheered as she threw her hands up and celebrated. The referee knelt down and checked on Zahra while Liv was turned away. Liv looked up the ramp at the stage. Her demeanor changed as she remembered about her squad. Liv turned back around to Zahra and walked over to her. She knelt down and grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her to her feet. Liv pulled Zahra around the ring by her hair and led her to the barricade. Liv put Zahra against the barricade and turned her body. Liv drew her right hand back as though she was going for a chop, but she quickly stopped and turned to the other side of Zahra. This time, she drew her left hand back and brought it straight across Zahra’s chest. Zahra screamed out in pain as she reached up to her chest. Liv put Zahra’s arms back down and she connected with another chop. Then another. The EBWF Universe cheered out with “WOO!!” after every chop. Liv screamed out in frustration as she chopped away freely at Zahra. A total of ten chops connected with Zahra’s chest.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv is letting loose now!!

The referee walked up to Liv and pulled her away and stood between Zahra and Liv. He warned Liv and told her to get the match back into the ring. Liv attempted to get around the referee, still red with fire as she wanted more of Zahra. The referee would not let Liv past and continued to tell her to get in the ring. Behind the referee’s back, Zahra reached into the crowd and she snatched a large cut from a member of the EBWF Universe. She took the cup and she threw the contents of the cup right in Liv’s face, drenching both Liv and the referee in liquid.

Mauro Ranallo: What the..

Liv brought her hands up and whipped the liquid away from her face and out of her eyes. Zahra used the moment to reach over the referee’s back and jab her nails into Liv’s eyes. Liv cried out in pain and turned away as she clung to her eyes. The referee turned around and sternly warned Zahra about the eyes. He also motioned to his shirt which was soaked. He then pointed to the ring and told Zahra to get it back in the ring. Zahra walked past her and grabbed Liv’s wet hair and she led her to the ring apron. Zahra threw Liv back into the ring. The referee followed as Zahra turned around and yelled at the fan who she stole the drink from. Liv rolled to the center of the ring and turned towards Zahra. She continued to try and regain her vision as Zahra rolled into the ring. As Zahra attempted to get to her feet, Liv leaped forward and she club Zahra in the back of the neck. The two women sat up on their knees as they began to exchange lefts. The fight got so intense that the grappled each other and just continued to wale on each other in close quarters.

Mauro Ranallo: This is starting to break down!!

Corey Graves: These two women hate each other.. Did you expect anything different?

The two battled back and forth as they returned to their feet. Liv took the upper hand as she switched from a punch and kicked Zahra in the midsection. Zahra double over and clutched at her stomach. Liv grabbed Zahra’s head and jumped in the air. She dropped down on her butt and drove Zahra’s face into the mat. She quickly rolled Zahra over and hooked a leg.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv could have it!!

Referee: 1... 2..

Zahra threw her right arm into the air and rolled over. Liv looked over at the referee and shook her head. She then looked up at the stage as though she still wanted to run up there and save her squad. Liv sat up on her knees and looked down at Zahra, but as she does, Zahra quickly rolled to the edge of the ring. Liv returned to her feet and walked over to where Zahra rolled. She bent down to grab Zahra, but Zahra rolled out of the ring. Liv shook her head and turned the referee. Zahra stood outside and as Liv looked away, Zahra reached in and grabbed Liv’s legs. She pulled them out from under her and Liv fell back against the mat. Liv’s head bounced off the mat. Zahra lifted Liv’s right leg and brought it down on the edge of the apron. Liv cried out in pain as she sat up and reached through ropes to get to her knee. Zahra punched her in the face and knocked her back down. She followed up and lifted the same leg into the air and dropped it down over the ring apron once more.

Mauro Ranallo: She’s going to destroy Liv’s knee.

Corey Graves: I think Zahra just wants to destroy Liv period..

Zahra released her hold on Liv’s leg, which allowed Liv to pull herself into the ring. She grabbed at her knee in pain. The referee knelt down next to her and checked on her knee. Zahra watched this from the outside before she knelt down and lifted the ring skirt. She reached under the ring and when she came out, she pulled out a steel chair. The EBWF Universe erupted in a loud boo as the sight of the weapon.

Mauro Ranallo: Now come on!! She can’t use that!! What is Zahra doing!

Corey Graves: Are you going to go tell her she can’t do something, Mauro? I didn’t think so.. Zahra always has a plan.

Zahra lifted the chair in front of her and smiled devilishly. She peered over the chair into the ring as Liv, who just noticed the chair. Liv tugged at the referee’s shirt and pointed outside the ring. The referee turned around and noticed Zahra with the chair. He quickly jumped up and stood at the ropes and shook his hands. He instantly told Zahra no, but Zahra just looked up at him with that evil smile. She stood there and lifted the chair in the air and smashed it against the apron. She stepped forward and was going to enter the ring with the chair, when out of nowhere, Liv drop kicked the chair and set it right into Zahra’s face. The edge of the top of the chair connect right above Zahra’s left eye as she fell to the ground. Liv smiled at the edge of the as she looked out at Zahra on the ground. The referee turned to Liv and questioned her about the move. Liv bit her bottom lip and slid out of the ring. She grabbed Zahra’s by the hair and lifted her up. She threw Zahra into the ring. As she was about to slide in after, she stopped. Liv stood there and watched Zahra roll to the center of the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: What is Liv doing?! She needs to get in there and take advantage of Zahra!! This could be her moment.

Liv slowly tilted her head down and her eyes locked onto the steel chair. She thought for a moment and then bent down and picked up the chair. The referee noticed this and warned her about the chair. Liv slid into the ring with the chair and stood up. She tightened her grip on the chair as the referee continued to warn her not to use the chair.

Mauro Ranallo: Don’t do it Liv!!

Corey Graves: Why is the referee not taking that chair away from her!! Disqualify her!!

Liv stood there with the chair as Zahra got up onto her hands and knees. She lifted her body up and sat up on her knees. Zahra lifted the black hair out of her eyes to reveal a cut above her left eye. The blood flowed over her eye and down her face. She looked at Liv and she smiled at her. Zahra egged Liv on, which caused Liv to grip the chair tighter. Liv lifted the chair into the air and held it above her shoulder. The referee continued to tell her to put it down, but Liv’s eyes remained on Zahra. With a look of pleasure, Zahra smiled back at Liv and outstretched her arms as she asked for it. Zahra begged for Liv to hit her as the blood already flowed and covered the left side of her face.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra is begging for Liv to get herself disqualified! Don’t do it Liv!

Corey Graves: Are we not going to talk about Zahra bleeding? She could be seriously injured.. We need to the medics out here right now. Referee, stop this match!

Liv looked down at Zahra, the tears of frustration returned to her eyes. Her body shook as she was torn over what to do. Liv looked over her right shoulder up at the stage. Zahra noticed this and drove her shoulder into Liv’s right knee. Liv dropped the chair and flipped over Zahra’s body and grabbed at her knee. The referee quickly grabbed the chair and slid it outside. Zahra stood up as Liv rolled around on the mat holding her knee. Zahra reached up to her face and she slid her fingers through her own blood. She looked at her fingers and then put them in her mouth. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed her own blood. Zahra then turned to Liv and walked over. She reached down and grabbed at the right leg. Liv attempted to kick Zahra away with her left foot, but Zahra grabbed it as well. She took both legs and quickly tied them up and rolled Liv over in a submission.

Mauro Ranallo: UNLUCKY 13!!!

Corey Graves: This is the end of Liv Morgan!!

The referee dropped down and question Liv, who screamed out in pain and slammed her fists onto the mat. She reached out for the ropes and struggled in the hold. Zahra rocked back and forth as she applied more pressure on the right leg of Liv. The referee looked over that the time keeper readying himself to call for the bell. He continued to ask Liv is she gave up, but she screamed no. Liv grabbed at her hair and pulled at it. She put some of her hair into her mouth and bit down on her own hair to try and block out the pain. She pushed up onto her elbows and tried to pull Zahra towards the ropes. Slowly she moved closer and closer to the ropes. Liv continued cry out in pain as she pushed herself.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv is fighting with everything she has.

The referee knelt down to make sure Liv was alright. Liv threw her arm at him to push him away. She continued up on her elbows and moved closer to the ropes. Zahra leaned back as she applied more pressure and tried to keep Liv away from the ropes. Liv’s reached out for the ropes but her hand just missed it as her arm fell to the mat. Liv’s head dropped to the mat and she turned to look at the stage. Zahra continued to wrench on Liv’s leg. The referee adjusted himself to check on Liv who looked like she was passed out in pain. Liv’s eyes looked directly up the stage at her squad.

Mauro Ranallo: This is it.. Liv looks done.

The referee continued to talk to Liv, but no response was given as Liv’s eyes slowly started to close. The referee shook Liv in an attempt to get her to respond. He stood up and was about to signal for the bell when all of sudden Liv reached up and grabbed his pant leg. She screamed out no as she pushed herself back up onto her elbows. She turned her head to look at her squad. Zahra shook her head as Liv looked forward at the ropes and pulled herself a little more. She reached forward with one last gasp and grabbed onto the bottom rope. The referee jumped over the women and knelt down forcing the break. He untangled the women’s legs and Zahra scooted back and looked at Liv who out of it. Her hand clung to the rope, but her arm just draped down.

Corey Graves: How..

Mauro Ranallo: The pure heart of Liv Morgan shined through right there.

Corey Graves: Heart? I call that stupid, Mauro.. She should have just given up and went back to the back with her knee still in one piece.

Zahra now looked frustrated as she got up to her feet. She walked over to Liv and she just began to stomp down on Liv’s right knee. Over and over she attacked the knee. The referee pulled her away, but Zahra just pushed past and went on attacking the knee. Liv curled up as she wrapped her arms around the knee in an attempt to block some of the stomps. Zahra bent down and lifted the right leg into the air. She kicked the back of the leg over and over before dropping the leg. She backed off as the referee forced her back. Liv held onto her leg and scooted herself over to the corner. The referee walked over to Liv and checked if she could continue. Zahra moved in on the two, but the referee stood up and held her back. Zahra turned around and stared up to the stage where she scowled at the Riott Squad.

Mauro Ranallo: It seems like Zahra is taken off a bit by the determination of Liv Morgan.

Liv used the ropes to pull herself up to her one leg as she hopped in the corner, keeping her weight off her bad knee. Zahra turned around and charged at Liv, but Morgan pushed up on the top rope and lifted her body over Zahra’s. Zahra’s face hit the middle turnbuckle hard, while Liv slid down Zahra’s back. Liv pulled her back and slammed Zahra onto the mat. She tucked her legs over Zahra’s arms. The referee dropped down for the pin.

Referee: 1... 2... ..

Zahra pushed off with her legs and lifted her right left shoulder, which was held down by Liv’s injured leg. Liv fell back out of exhaustion as Zahra rolled over onto her stomach. The two women laid there on the mat, both seemingly depleted of energy.


The chant rang out through the arena, over and over. Liv scooted herself into the corner once more and looked over at Zahra who looked just as tired as her. Zahra got her arms under her and pushed herself onto her hands and knees. She turned around and looked over at Liv in the corner. Zahra sat up on her knees as Liv pulled herself up to her feet using the ropes. Liv scowled at Zahra and moved out of the corner. She grabbed Zahra by the head and turned her body. Liv held Zahra’s head on her shoulder. Without using her injured leg, Liv managed to hop up the turnbuckle and flip over Zahra, driving her down into the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: HASHTAG 201!!! IT’S OVER!!

Corey Graves: NO!!

Liv lunged over Zahra’s body and sat on her chest. Liv reached forward and grabbed both of Zahra’s legs and pulled them up and leaned back. The EBWF Universe erupted as the referee dropped down on the mat and began his count.

Referee: 1... 2... ...

At the very last second, Zahra pushed Liv off her and rolled onto her right side. Liv bounced off Zahra and landed bottom first on the mat. She looked at Zahra after the kick out and then over at the referee who held up two fingers. Liv reached over and tugged on his shirt and looked to beg him. He shook his head and still held up only two fingers. Liv looked back over to Zahra in disbelief. Zahra laid on her side slightly out of the corner. Liv looked up at the stage at her squad, seemingly to ask them what to do. She looked back at Zahra who just wouldn’t stay down. Liv slowly got up to her feet, still balancing herself on her left leg to keep the weight off her right. She hopped in the center of the ring as she looked down at Zahra, who began to stir. Zahra got her hands under her again and pushed herself up to her hands and knees.

Mauro Ranallo: These two women will not give up!!

Zahra fell back to the mat as her arms left under her. Liv walked up to Zahra’s prone body and she looked out at the EBWF Universe. She started to breathe very heavily before she took her foot and she tucked it under Zahra’s jaw. The EBWF Universe erupted in excitement as they knew what Liv was doing. Liv used her foot to slowly lift Zahra off the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: Is this...

Corey Graves: She can’t do that!!

Zahra slowly returned to her hands and knees with Liv’s foot still under her jaw. Liv brought her foot back as Zahra was on all fours. Liv then looked out at the EBWF Universe again, then up at the stage. She took a few deep breaths as he eyes narrowed. Liv turned her head and looked at Zahra once more before she ran at the ropes. Liv bounced back and charged in Zahra’s direction. Liv jumped in the air and brought her own foot down across the back of Zahra’s neck, forcing Zahra’s face into the mat.


Corey Graves: She stole Zahra’s move!! She can’t do that, Mauro.. Get in there and stop this!! The injustice!!

Liv dropped down and quickly rolled Zahra over. She hooked both legs and pulled them over her own body. Liv kicked her feet as she urged the referee to get down faster. He dropped down and started his count. In the excitement, the EBWF Universe joined in on the count.

Referee: 1... 2... ...

With her last breath, Zahra threw her right shoulder in the air at the very last moment. The EBWF Universe finished the count with a three, but the referee swooped is hand away from hitting the mat. He rolled onto his back but quickly got to his feet and held two fingers at the time keeper’s area. He then turned to Liv and held the fingers to her. Liv looked at him, her eyes wider than an owl’s as she could not believe it.


Corey Graves: Oh thank god..

Graves sounded out of breath on commentary as he seemed he held his breath through the entire count. Liv grabbed at her hair and tucked her head down. She seemed defeated, yet the match was not over. Zahra rolled over to the edge of the ring and slid under the bottom rope to apron. Liv continued to sit there in disbelief. The EBWF Universe stood on their feet as they too could not believe what they were witnessing. Liv got up onto her knees and sat on her knees for a second. She looked over her shoulder at Zahra who remained on the apron.

Mauro Ranallo: What is it going to take to keep one of these women down?

Liv slowly got up to her feet, you could see the pain on her face. She looked up at the stage as she fought for her squad, not just herself. Liv turned to face Zahra and she walked over to the ropes. Liv bent down and leaned through the ropes and grabbed a hold of Zahra. She started to lift Zahra up to her feet. Liv moved back through the ropes and reached the top. She stood up on the bottom rope as she reached over the top to pull Zahra up. Just then, Zahra broke Liv’s grip on her hair and grabbed Liv’s arm. Zahra dropped back and brought up her foot and put it right under Liv’s jaw. Zahra pulled down as she hit her move, which also brought Liv’s throat down across the top rope.

Corey Graves: OH MY GOD!!!

Mauro Ranallo: JAWBREAKER!!! HOW?! Zahra Schreiber just hit her Jawbreaker over the top rope!!

Liv bounced off the top rope and flung back onto the mat. Zahra smiled as she looked into the ring at the motionless Liv Morgan. Zahra held onto the bottom rope as she turned her head and looked out at the EBWF Universe. Both fresh and dried blood stained her porcelain skin. She smiled through the blood before turning her head back to Liv, who still has not moved. Zahra reached up and grabbed the second rope and was about to pull herself to her feet, but she stopped. Zahra’s gaze looked straight up at the top turnbuckle pad. She took a second and then looked at Liv. Zahra pulled herself to her feet, but instead of entering the ring, Zahra walked over to the corner on the outside of the ring. She looked at the top rope once more for a second.

Mauro Ranallo: She’s not...

Corey Graves: Any means necessary, Mauro! Any means necessary.

Zahra started to scale the turnbuckles until she was on the top. She looked into the ring, but before she stood up, she spun around. Now she faced out at the crowd who were on their feet. She rose to her feet and stood tall on the top rope. She closed her eyes and bent her knees. She pushed off and flipped backwards as she straightened out her legs. With a high angel, Zahra floated in the air until she came and crashed down on Liv’s body.

Mauro Ranallo: MAMA MIA!!! A MOONSAULT!!! Wha.. What are we witnessing?!

Zahra reached down and grabbed Liv’s right leg and hooked it. The referee still in shock from the high flying move took a couple of seconds before he finally was able to drop down and start his count. One again, the EBWF Universe counted along with the ref.

Referee: 1... 2... ....

Mauro Ranallo: NOOO!!!!

Mauro’s excitement was shared by the EBWF Universe as they cheered out as Liv Morgan somehow managed to get her left shoulder off the mat as she threw her arm over Zahra’s shoulder. Zahra got up and sat on her knees as she looked over at the referee. Here eyes seemingly out of her skull in disbelief. The referee shook his head as he held two fingers in Zahra’s direction.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra leaving it all out on the line with that Moonsault.. What does she have left?

Corey Graves: I think Zahra is asking herself that right now..

Mauro Ranallo: I can’t believe the heart and determination in both of these women. We are witnessing an instant classic..

Zahra sat there in the middle of the ring on her knees. She started forward, not at Liv Morgan, not at the EBWF Universe, but seeming at nothing at all. She looked like she was lost, and all out of ideas. Both women’s breathes were hard as they struggled to breathe. Zahra finally came to and looked down at Liv. Zahra stood up and stood over Liv. She stomped down on Liv’s shoulder which caused her to roll onto her back. Zahra continued to kick and stomp away at Liv until Liv rolled onto her stomach. Zahra took her boot and she placed it under Liv’s jaw.

Corey Graves: Here we go!! Let the real woman show you how it’s done!

Mauro Ranallo: I don’t see how Liv can survive this..

Corey Graves: She can’t.. That’s why this is going to be the end of Liv Morgan.

Zahra slowly and methodically lifted Liv’s head off the mat. She continued to lift Liv until she was on her hands and knees. Zahra backed off as Liv remained on her hands and knees. Zahra backed up to the ropes as she looked at Liv. She took a second and looked over to the left and stared up at the stage. The Riott Squad helplessly looked on as Zahra stood against the ropes. Zahra lined up her sights before she leaned back against the ropes and then pushed off. Zahra ran forward and jumped in the air to bring her boot down on Liv. At the last moment, Liv scooted back as Zahra’s leg drove straight down into the mat. Liv lunged forward and she took out Zahra’s leg with a chop block. Zahra crumbled to the mat as Liv got to her feet. Liv bent down and grabbed onto Zahra’s leg. Liv looked down at Zahra and flipped her off before she quickly applied Zahra’s own submission on her.

Mauro Ranallo: UNLUCKY 13!!! ON ZAHRA!!!

Corey Graves: Look at this thief.. She’s stealing another one of Zahra’s moves. Doesn’t she have her own move set.

Liv screamed as she applied pressure onto Zahra’s on legs. Zahra yelled out in pain as she reached back her knee. She attempted to hit Liv’s bad knee, but she couldn’t find it. Zahra reached out forward for the ropes now but she was still out of reach. The EBWF Universe stood on their feet as the end was near. The referee knelt down next to Zahra and this time he asked her if she wanted to give up. Zahra continued to scream out and flail her arms in pain. She reached forward and clawed at the mat as she pulled herself towards the ropes. Liv continued to scream as she rocked back and forth.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra doesn’t know what to do!!

Zahra continued to move towards the ropes but she still could not reach. She reached out as the referee continued to check with her to see if she wanted to quit. Zahra screamed and pleaded with the referee. She grabbed a hold of his pants and tugged on them to pull herself closer. He shook her off as she reached for the ropes. Liv laid her head on the mat as she continued to pull on Zahra’s leg. Zahra reached out and still could not reach the ropes.

Corey Graves: No.. This can’t...

Zahra lifted her hand into the air as she looked as though she was about to tap. She shook her head as the referee readied himself. He held his hand towards the time keeper as she waited for the tap. Zahra lowered her hand closer to the ropes. She brought it within inches of the mat, but as she was just about to tap, Zahra brought her hand in and she bit her own hand to draw the pain away from her leg.

Mauro Ranallo: She’s biting herself!! What is Zahra thinking?!

Corey Graves: She doesn’t want to lose.. She won’t let herself lose.

Zahra released her own hand from her bite as she reached out again. This time she didn’t seem to be reaching out for the ropes. She pointed at Christy Hemme and waved her over. Christy looked confused as she stood up and walked to the edge of the ring. Zahra waved her hand as she screamed out. Christy shook her head, still confused, but then Zahra clearly screamed for a microphone. Christy hesitated for a second before she handed a microphone into the ring.


Liv looked around for a second and then tilted her head up and looked at the stage. The two Legionnaires slowly started to turn towards the Riott Squad. Liv instantly let go of the hold and scrambled to the edge of the ring on her knees. She screamed out “NO!!” at the top of her lungs. Zahra scooted to the other side of the ring and laughed. She held the microphone to her chest and you could hear her deep breath. Liv slid out from under the ropes and began to head up the ramp when Zahra spoke up again.

Zahra Schreiber: Stop..

The Legionnaires stopped in their tracks and turned forward. Liv stopped halfway up the ramp and looked back into the ring. Zahra breathed heavily into the microphone as she smiled.

Mauro Ranallo: Wha..

Zahra Schreiber: Livvy... Get back here.

Liv turned her body to the ring as Zahra used the ropes to pull herself back to her feet. She leaned back against the ropes as she watched Liv get closer. Cautiously Liv continued to look back at the Legionnaires to make sure they were still standing still. Liv got to the edge of the ring and she slid back into the ring. She sat on her knees and shook her head. She begged Zahra to let her squad go.

Zahra Schreiber: You want to save them?

Zahra breathed heavily into the microphone as she continue smirk through the blood. She walked to the center of the ring, mere feet away from Liv Morgan. Liv looked at her and she answered Zahra’s question with a nod. Liv looked over her shoulder and checked on the Legionnaires once more.

Zahra Schreiber: If you want to save them.. Give me your neck.

Liv looked confused as she shook her head. You could see Liv question Zahra, who stood there. Zahra took her finger and she pointed right in front of her. She raised the microphone back to her lips.

Zahra Schreiber: I told you, their fate was in your hands. You wanted to show your heart.. You wanted to try and survive me. You’re weak, and everyone will learn just how weak you are. You have a choice to make, Livvy. My championship, or your squad?

Zahra threw the microphone down onto the mat as she kept her finger pointed in front of her. Liv looked torn as she looked at Zahra and then back up at the stage. He squad shook their heads as they watched this. Liv looked down at the mat as she seemed to contemplate the choices that were in front of her.

Mauro Ranallo: Is.. Is Zahra really asking Liv Morgan to choose the EBWF Women’s Championship or the Riott Squad?! How could she expect Liv to make this choice.

The EBWF Universe erupted in a continuous, “NO!” chant as the attempted to influence Liv’s decision. Liv looked up at Zahra with tears in her eyes. She begged for Zahra not to do this. She pleaded with her to just finish the match. Zahra stood there like a stone with a cocky smirk on her face. She enjoyed seeing the agony on Liv’s face. Liv looked back up at the stage where even the Riott Squad told her to fight. They screamed from the stage for her to beat Zahra. Liv turned her head around as she looked at the EBWF Universe who continued their “NO!” chants. She looked as though she was apologizing to them. Liv slowly started to move towards Zahra against the will of the crowd. Zahra lowered her hand as Liv sat on her knees right in front of her. Liv looked out at the EBWF Universe once more before she lowered her head in front of Zahra.

Mauro Ranallo: This is humiliating.. And you call this a champion?!

Zahra knelt down on one knee beside Liv. She leaned forward and she took Liv’s head into her hands. She then lowered her head and she kissed the top of Liv’s head. Zahra stood back up and took a few steps back. Zahra jumped in the air and she brought her boot down on the back of Liv’s neck and drove her face down into the mat. Liv’s body fell under her and she lay prone on the mat, motionless. Zahra dropped down and she rolled Liv’s body over. She hooked the leg as the referee dropped down. The EBWF Universe instantly began to boo as the referee started his count.

Referee: 1... 2... 3.

The referee shook his head as he called for the bell. The lights in the arena went out as “Lost in the Static” blasted onto the sound system. The dark red spotlight shined on the center of the ring where Zahra sat on her knees next to the fallen Liv Morgan. Zahra lifted her hand and she put her hand in the blood once more, this time, she took her blood and she smeared it on Liv’s face.

Christy Hemme: The winner of this match.. And still EBWF Women’s Champion, Zahra Schreiber..

The tone of Christy’s voice showed her displeasure of the actions that just happened. Zahra stood up as the referee walked over with the championship. He handed it to Zahra who took it and looked down at the belt. She smiled as she lifted it into the air as she stood over Liv.

Mauro Ranallo: I can’t.. This is a travesty..

Corey Graves: I told you Zahra will stop at nothing..

Mauro Ranallo: She held Liv Morgan’s best friends.. Liv Morgan’s family as hostages, and used them against Liv this entire match.. How can you condone this, Corey?

Zahra looked down at Liv before she turned and walked to the edge of the ring. Zahra exited through the ropes and walked up the ramp. The EBWF Universe continued to jeer her as she walked past them. Zahra attention remained straight ahead as she walked up the ramp to the stage. Zahra turned around as she looked back at the ring. Inside the ring, Liv stirred to life and rolled around on the mat. The referee stayed with Liv as he checked on her. Liv brushed him off as she gathered her sense and turned to face the ramp. She looked up at the stage as she saw Zahra lift the championship in the air once more. Liv shook her head. Zahra looked the championship and then she turned and walked into the back. The two Legionnaires extinguished their torches and disappeared into the darkness. Liv slid to the edge of the ring and she quickly rolled out onto the ground. She stumbled to stand at first, but then she grabbed onto the referee.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv Morgan is completely out of it, Corey.. Her emotions have been pulled from all ends during this match.

Corey Graves: I’m not disagreeing with you..

Mauro Ranallo: But you still don’t disapprove of Zahra’s actions.

Corey Graves: This is the EBWF Women’s Championship were talking about.. This is the most prestigious championship in the business..

Using the referee to help her, Liv managed to make her way up the ramp. She instantly stumbled over to the platform where Ruby was bound. She climbed up the stairs as numerous officials exited the back and rushed up both platforms. With knives in hand, they hurried up the platforms. Liv reached Ruby and she clung to her. The referee frantically tried to cut the ropes behind Ruby and Sarah to free them.


Liv screamed with the tears still in her eyes. Sarah’s ropes were undone first as she busted out of the bind. Sarah jumped off the platform and rushed over to the other. Ruby’s ropes were finally cut. Liv dropped to her knees as Ruby wrapped her arms around her. Sarah joined the squad and the three embraced each other. Ruby took Liv’s face into her hands. Liv could do nothing but continuously apologize to Ruby. Both women reassured Liv as the squad slowly turned to walk down the stairs. They pushed the official out of the way as Sarah and Ruby held onto Liv as the trio turned to walk backstage. As they exited, the EBWF Universe stood on their feet and they gave Liv Morgan a standing ovation. The ovation continued as the trio disappeared behind the curtain.


Mauro Ranallo: I don’t even know where to start on this next match! It all got started on Warfare when Wes Ikeda added AJ Styles to our main event this evening.

Corey Graves: That’s right and Punk went to show him the errors of his way!

Mauro Ranallo: After a brutal attack on the CEO, CM Punk issued several challenges online and backstage prompting Wes to make a match between the two of them here tonight!

Corey Graves: I’m not sure I’d agree with your characterization of it as a brutal attack.

Mauro Ranallo: What would you call it Corey?

Corey Graves: Two old friends sitting down to hash out their problems.

Mauro Ranallo: Where we even watching the same show?

Corey Graves: Sure it got out of hand, but how do we even know that’s Punk’s fault?

Mauro Ranallo: We witnessed the attack in progress!

Corey Graves: That’s the issue, we don’t know what started this! Wes could be the instigator in all this!

Christy Hemme: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 220 pounds. He IS CM PUNK!

“Cult of Personality” by Living Colour blared over the arena as CM Punk stepped out onto the entrance ramp to a chorus of boos. He held his hands up in front of his chest in a large X before making his way down to the ring. Punk shouted insults at the crowd from inside the ring.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, the CEO of EBWF and the Rebel Without a Cause, WES IKEDA!

“Sound of Madness” by Shinedown began to play. Wes Ikeda stepped out onto the entrance ramp to the roar of the crowd. He looked down toward the ring and mouthed “they love me” toward Punk. Wes took his time coming down to the ring, interacting with the crowd and taunting Punk the whole way. Inside the ring he climbed the turnbuckle and posed for the crowd one last time.

Mauro Ranallo: How long has it been since we’ve seen Wes Ikeda compete in a match?

Corey Graves: Over a year. His last match was a death match against Havoc at Wrestlemania last year.
The referee went to each man’s corner and had a quick chat with him before making his way to the far ropes. He leaned between the ropes and yelled something to the time keeper. CM Punk bolted across the ring and hit an unsuspecting Ikeda with a huge dropkick tossing him into the corner back first. Punk followed him into the corner driving repeated shoulder thrusts into Wes’s stomach. The referee rushed over and pulled Punk out of the corner. Punk threw his hands up and walked away to let the referee check on Wes. Wes confirmed that he was okay to continue after taking a moment to catch his breath. Suddenly CM Punk came flying over the referee hitting a clothesline to drive Wes back into the corner post. Punk continued the assault with strikes to the abdomen. Again the referee pulled Punk away to create space between the two men.

Mauro Ranallo: This match hasn’t even started!

Corey Graves: That’s because the referee hasn’t called for the bell. CALL FOR THE BELL!

After continued affirmation that he could compete the referee left Wes to continue his conversation with the time keeper. Again Punk bolted across the ring. This time the bell sounded just as Punk launched himself into the air and mounted Wes in the corner. Punk looked to rain down mounted punches but Wes dipped down and hooked Punk’s legs. He took several steps out of the corner and planted Punk flat on his back with a powerbomb.

Mauro Ranallo: What a reversal from the CEO!

Punk pulled himself back up using the ropes and the two men met in the center of the ring. They locked up each one trying to pull the other off balance. Wes took control of the lock up and whipped Punk into the ropes. On the return he hit a dropkick of his own. Punk hit the mat and immediately rolled to the outside of the ring. Wes leaned over the ropes and shouted at Punk to get back in. Punk flipped him off and paced at ringside while the referee counted.

Corey Graves: What a great idea to take a few moments to find your center.

Mauro Ranallo: More like waste everyone in this arena’s time.

Punk threw his leg up on the apron as the referee called out 6 but quickly pulled it back down and took a few steps back. He shouted at the referee to keep him back. Wes willingly backed away from the ropes laughing. Once again Punk threw his leg up on the apron. He paused a moment as if he had an epiphany. He pulled his leg back down and walked around to the other side of the ring. There Blaine Ikeda was standing in the front row cheering for his dad. Punk made a beeline for Blaine, getting in his face and shouting at him.

Mauro Ranallo: This man has lost his mind!

Wes left the ring in a hurry but Punk threw his hands up and backed away from Blaine. He mouthed “should have stayed home” to the Ikedas before sliding back into the ring. Wes took a moment to check on his son before running and sliding under the bottom rope to get back in the ring. Punk was waiting for him and immediately started stomping on Wes’s back. The crowd booed loudly. Punk drug Wes back to the ropes and draped his neck over the bottom rope. He put his knee in Wes’s back and pulled up hard on the ropes. Wes gasped for air and struggled to escape. The referee pulled on Punk’s shoulder but he didn’t flinch. The referee counted quickly Punk let go and quickly backed away.

Mauro Ranallo: If Punk’s not careful he’s going to lose this match.

Corey Graves: I’m not sure winning is his primary concern!

The referee helped Wes off the bottom rope. As he continued to check on him, Punk grabbed Wes’s legs and pulled him toward the center of the ring. He stepped over Ikeda and locked in a camel clutch. He held the move for several seconds until it became clear Wes wasn’t going to submit. CM released the hold but stomped on Wes’s back for good measure. Punk pulled Wes up off the mat and locked in a standing side headlock. He wrenched back hard on the neck. Wes struggled to get free but Punk tightened his grip. Wes planted his feet and shot Punk across the ring. He landed a shoulder tackle on the return and Punk scrambled to the corner in shock.

Mauro Ranallo: Don’t count Ikeda out just yet!

Wes came running across the ring and hit a basement dropkick on the seated CM Punk. The crowd roars as both they and Wes realized at the same time that Punk was in the perfect position for the coast to coast. Wes quickly ascended the turnbuckle but spun around just in time to see Punk drop out of the ring onto the floor below. Punk pulled himself to his feet and stumbled around outside the ring. Wes commited to his assault leapt from the top rope with a suicide senton. Both men laid on the ground for several moments before even starting to stir.

Corey Graves: That wasn’t a smart move for the CEO. It looks like it may have done more damage to him than it did to Punk.

Both men struggled to get to their feet. They exchanged half-hearted blows with the referee yelling at the pair to get back in the ring. Wes blocked a right hand and returned with one of his own. Punk stumbled long enough for Wes to slide into the ring. Punk followed him and the two didn’t even make to their feet, brawling on their knees. Punk blocked a strike this time and tackled Wes. The two exchanged rapid blows as they fought for control on the ground. Punk managed to take control and quickly locked in the Anaconda Vice. Before the referee could make it to the pair, Wes took hold of the ropes. The referee tugged at Punk’s arms but he refused to break.

Mauro Ranallo: What is he thinking?

Corey Graves: He’s going to do every bit of damage he can before releasing that hold.

The referee counted 1..2..3..4.. And Punk threw his hands up and slid away from the CEO. The referee backed Punk up further into the corner. The referee kept CM Punk at bay until Wes could make it to his feet. The pair locked up in the center of the ring. Punk whipped Wes into the corner and charged after him. Ikeda hit him with an elbow out of the corner, sending Punk stumbling backwards. He connected with a superkick to Punk’s chin. Wes grabbed Punk by the neck and tossed him down into the turnbuckle in a seated position. He stomped on Punk once for good measure and then ran across the ring and started to climb!

Mauro Ranallo: This could be it! Wes Ikeda is going to beat CM Punk if he hits this Coast to Coast!

Punk shook his head and quickly rolled out of the ring, propping himself up against the apron. The referee started counting as Wes urged Punk to continue the match. CM Punk brushed the count and Wes’s words off and started to walk around the ring toward the entrance ramp. Finally fed up with Punk’s antics, Ikeda slid out of the ring to cut him off from leaving. Punk stopped dead in his tracks.

Corey Graves: Punk looking to walk away from this one, but the boss isn’t going to let him off that easy!

Punk turned and started walking back the way he came with Ikeda just a few steps behind him. Wes grabbed Punk by the shoulder but Punk spun and threw his hand away. Punk landed a stiff right on Ikeda. The referee continued the count in the ring at 6. Another right from Punk sent Wes staggering backwards on shaky legs. The ref counted 7! CM Punk hit Wes with a hard right to finally drop him to a knee. The referee counted to 8. Punk slammed Wes’s head off the corner post and rolled under the bottom rope and right back out to kill the count at the last possible second.

Mauro Ranallo: Despicable tactics from CM Punk.

Corey Graves: Smart if you ask me, out here he can’t get beat!

Punk hauled Wes up and whipped him into the barricade. He followed it up with a massive clothesline moving the barricade back. Immediately Punk slung Wes into the corner steps with a loud clash. Punk stomped on Ikeda’s back repeatedly as he lay over the bottom steps. The referee stopped counting and got out of the ring to create space between the two wrestlers. Punk pushed past him and kicked Wes several times before the referee pulled him away and pushed him back. Punk yelled for the ref to get out of the way. After some arguing Punk walked off and the referee checked on Wes.

Mauro Ranallo: Things have certainly taken a turn for the worst here.

Punk walked around the outside of the ring and took note of a concerned Blaine Ikeda standing in the front row. Blaine was trying to see around the ring to check on his father. Punk put himself in the way.

CM Punk: You might want to turn away Blaine. I’m not finished!

The referee backed away from Wes as he started to stir and pull himself up from the wreckage of the ring steps. Punk sprinted around the ring and landed a crushing big boot just as Wes found his way to his feet. Punk climbed on Wes and started raining down closed fists to the forehead. After a moment of shock the referee grabbed at Punk trying to pull him away from Wes. Punk turned and shoved the referee backwards into the ring steps. Punk continued to land unprotected strikes to Wes. Again the referee tried to pull Punk away and this time Punk stood up before shoving the referee off. The referee bounced off the corner post and collapsed to the floor.

Mauro Ranallo: CM Punk has lost it! He just blatantly attacked an EBWF official!

Corey Graves: You expected less from Punk? He blatantly attacked the EBWF CEO!

Punk looked down at the referee and his eyes focused, his brow furrowed. Punk drug Wes to his feet and tossed him up on his shoulders. He landed the GTS on Ikeda. The crowd booed as Punk stood over Wes Ikeda chuckling. He glanced at the top ring steps and back to Wes several times before picking them up.

Mauro Ranallo: This can’t be good.

Punk labored to lift the stairs up over his head. Just as he got them up someone tackled him from behind, sending the stairs sprawling across the floor. Punk quickly climbed to his feet to see Blain leaning over his father checking on him. Punk yelled at Blaine to get back. Blaine shook his head and shielded his father with his body. Punk walked over to the top stair and picked it back up. From the entrance ramp Randy Orton and Edge came streaming down to the ring. They positioned themselves in-between CM Punk and the Ikedas. Punk grunted and tossed the stairs aside.

Mauro Ranallo: Thank heavens for Edge and Orton coming out here to stop this!

Punk skirted around the two wrestlers to make his way to the ramp. As the referee came to his senses he draped his arm over the apron and motioned for the bell to be rung. Punk held his fist up in the air at the top of the ramp and laughed.

Corey Graves: Wes Ikeda has won this match by disqualification but I’m sure it doesn’t feel like he’s won.

Mauro Ranallo: We’re seeing a whole new CM Punk and I’d bet it has something to do with his association with our King of the Ring.


Mauro Ranallo: It's time for the main event. The Miz has had an iron grip on the EBWF World Championship and tonight he'll have to defeat two people to continue his reign.

Corey Graves: Wes Ikeda knew what he was doing when he booked this match, Mauro! Miz doesn't even have to be pinned to lose!

Aiden English's music hit first to kickoff the entrances, and the crowd booed him as he stepped out onto the stage, alone.

Corey Graves: It's unusual to see Aiden English without Raquel Diaz or Chavo Guerrero.

Mauro Ranallo: The stipulation was that if anyone interfered on Miz's behalf, he would be stripped of the EBWF Championship. And if anyone interfered on behalf of the challengers they'd be disqualified.

Corey Graves: They're between a rock and a hard place!

AJ Styles came to the ring to cheers from the crowd. He showed the P1 sign by holding his arms above his head and joining his gloves. He proceeded to the ring as "I Came to Play" hit and the crowd booed again.

Mauro Ranallo: The EBWF World Champion is out here without his insurance policy, Trilogy.

Miz posed on the stage, and then proceeded to the ring. The referee took the championship from him, and presented it to the audience, before giving it to the timekeeper. He called for the bell, and The Miz quickly got out of the ring. Miz wanted to watch English and Styles fight. They locked up, and English wrenched the arm. Styles transitioned to a hammerlock and rolled him up for a one count. Miz got on the apron, but quickly backed away. They locked up, and Styles applied a side headlock. Styles took him down, but English got out. Miz started to get in, but he thought better of it once again. English asked him if he’s in or out. Miz backed away with his hands up. English and Styles circled the ring, and Miz went to grab Styles’s feet. Miz quickly scurried away. English and Styles looked at each other before getting out of the ring on opposite sides and trapping Miz.

Corey Graves: This is an unlikely alliance!

Miz got in the ring and ran off. Miz ran around ringside before getting in the ring only to find himself in front of Styles with English behind him. Miz tried to cheap shot Styles, but Styles punched and kicked him. English took him down, and Styles threw Miz out of the ring. English rolled Styles up and got a two count. The kick out knocked English into Miz. They hit Miz a few more times before Styles dropkicked English. Styles drove English into the corner and punched him. English reversed a whip, but Styles avoided him. Styles kicked English back, and Miz pulled him down off the apron. Miz got on the apron, but English dropkicked him to the floor. English hit Miz with a plancha. English and Styles put Miz in the ring, and English threw Styles out. English went for a move, but Styles pulled him back. Miz tried to attack Styles, but English pulled him away. English went to the top rope, but Miz threw him off to the floor.

Mauro Ranallo: Miz trying to gain the upper hand here.

Miz turned his attention to AJ taking Styles down with a chin lock. Styles fought up and punched out. Miz reversed a whip and turned him inside out with a knee to the midsection. Miz geared up in the corner, but Styles booted him and hit some clotheslines before hitting a low dropkick. English then took Styles out with a springboard cross-body that spiked him on his head! Miz avoided an avalanche and rolled English up. Miz then sent him into the ring post shoulder-first. Miz started hitting dropkicks in the corner before hitting his patented clothesline. Miz went to the top rope and hit a double axe handle for a near fall. Miz worked on English before sending him into Styles, who just got on the apron. Miz started stomping both men before doing big kicks to their chests. Styles ducked a big kick and sent him into English. Styles then dropkicked English, who in turn hit Miz with a DDT.

Mauro Ranallo: The champ is down!

Styles got to his feet, and the crowd started chanting, “This is awesome.” Styles started chopping away at both guys before Miz reversed a whip. Styles slingshot over him and chopped Miz. Miz went to the top rope, but Styles kicked him in the head to send him to ringside. Styles then clotheslined English out of the ring. Styles got on the apron and hit Miz with a running kick to the face. Styles then ran around ringside and dropkicked English into the barricade. Styles got English in the ring and hit the Styles Clash, but Miz broke up the pin. Miz tried for a Skull Crushing Finale on Styles, but he fought out. Styles then sent Miz out of the ring. English elbowed Styles back, but Styles soon dropped him with the Sling Blade. Styles set up in the corner, but Miz swept the feet and pulled him groin first into the ring post. English countered the Skull Crushing Finale into a roll-up for a near fall. Miz immediately dropkicked the bad knee before giving him a vicious kneeling DDT for a near fall. Miz worked over English’s knee and applied the Figure Four Leglock. Styles broke it up with a running boot to the face. The crowd's “This is awesome.” chants grew louder. Styles forearmed away at Miz before English hit him with a Pelé kick. Styles then kicked English, but English came right back with a superkick for a near fall.

Corey Graves: Aiden English can't believe it! He thought he was the new champ.

All three men were down. Styles and English struggled up to their feet. English hit a running forearm in the corner before catching Miz with a reverse STO into the turnbuckle. English hit Styles with a hard left hand, and Styles went to bounce off the ropes. English grabbed Styles up for the Director's Cut.

Mauro Ranallo: What?

Corey Graves: Miz is out!

Aiden went for the pin.




Corey Graves: Are you kidding me?!

Mauro Ranallo: We have a new champion.

The referee presented the title to Aiden English and lifted his arm in victory.

Mauro Ranallo: And he never even had to turn in the Gateway Championship! The Drama King is... wait a minute? Oh no...

The Miz was coming to, realizing he had lost his championship without being pinned. Boos rained down from the crown as Alex Riley and Ted DiBiase Jr. were seen coming down the ramp.

Mauro Ranallo: What a sore loser.

A prone Aiden English looked like he was going to try to fight off Trilogy, but he was gassed from the match when DiBiase and Riley joined Miz in the ring and attacked English without hesitation.

Corey Graves: CM Punk was in a hellacious match earlier tonight, and even if Elias came out here to help the new champion he'd still be outnumbered.

With Aiden beat down on the mat, the three men began stomping him with their boots. Soon, a half dozen officials were running down the ramp to break up the melee.

Corey Graves: A short lived celebration for Aiden English. We have a new champion, but Trilogy is proving they're still at the top of the mountain. What will happen on Warfare?

The officials struggled to break up the fight as Summerslam went off the air.

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