Fanniversary Results 10/27/2019

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Fanniversary Results 10/27/2019

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Mauro Ranallo: Good evening and welcome to Fanniversary! We are live from the Enterprise Center in the home of EBWF... St. Louis, Missouri! Mauro Ranallo alongside Corey Graves, and Corey, what a great show we have in store tonight!

Corey Graves: Absolutely, Mauro. We've got four championship matches, and the professional wrestling debut of Blaine Ikeda!

Mauro Ranallo: I never thought I'd see Blaine Ikeda in an EBWF ring, but how will he do against the 20 year veteran, CM Punk?

Corey Graves: I honestly don't know, we'll find out later on tonight. Up first though, Hardcore Holly defends the Breakout Title in a triple threat match!

"Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest hit and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as Drew McIntyre made his way to the ring. Tommaso Ciampa came out next to a chorus of boos, and the boos continued as Hardcore Holly headed to the ring, accompanied by Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. When all three superstars were in the ring, the referee called for the bell. McIntyre charged at Hardcore Holly, taking him down with a clothesline then stomping on him several times. Ciampa attacked McIntyre from behind, hitting him in the back of the head then throwing him out of the ring. Ciampa pulled Holly to his feet and hit him with a knee to the midsection, then went to whip him against the ropes, but Holly reversed the Irish whip, sending Ciampa into the ropes. As Ciampa ran back towards him, Holly hit a dropkick, then followed it up with a pumphandle slam. He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Ciampa kicked out! As Hardcore Holly got to his feet, Drew McIntyre re-entered the ring, and he charged towards Holly, hit him with a big boot. Holly fell to the mat, then rolled out of the ring, and McIntyre turned his attention to Tommaso Ciampa. McIntyre and Ciampa exchanged right hands back and forth, and after gaining the upper hand, Ciampa whipped McIntyre against the ropes. As McIntyre ran back towards him, Ciampa went for a clothesline, but McIntyre ducked out of the way and grabbed Ciampa from behind, hitting a German suplex. As Ciampa got to his feet, McIntyre set him up for the Future Shock DDT, but Ciampa blocked it, countering with an over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver. Ciampa then pulled McIntyre to his feet, and hit him with Project Ciampa!

Mauro Ranallo: Project Ciampa! We could have a new champion here!

Ciampa covered McIntyre, and the referee counted – 1… 2… Hardcore Holly interrupted the count! Holly pulled Ciampa to his feet and hit him with a series of punches, then threw him out of the ring. Lashley grabbed Ciampa and hit him with a powerbomb, while Lio Rush handed Hardcore Holly a steel chair.

Corey Graves: There are no disqualifications in a triple threat match... and Hardcore Holly is taking full advantage!

Holly waited for McIntyre to get to his feet, then swung the chair at him... but McIntyre ducked out of the way! McIntyre then snatched the chair from Hardcore Holly and drilled it into Holly's ribs, before hitting a DDT onto the steel chair! McIntyre hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Holly kicked out! McIntyre got to his feet and stomped on Holly several times, then signalled for the Claymore Kick! Before he could hit it, Tommaso Ciampa re-entered the ring with a kendo stick and attacked Drew McIntyre from behind, smashing him over the head with it! McIntyre fell to the mat, and Ciampa threw him out of the ring, then Ciampa turned his attention to Hardcore Holly. Ciampa hit Holly with a knee to the midsection, then set him up for a piledriver onto the steel chair, but Holly blocked it, countering with a back body drop. Holly then picked up the steel chair, and as Ciampa got to his feet, Holly hit him over the head with it! Holly followed it up with the Alabama Slam, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It's over! Hardcore Holly is still the Breakout Champion!

Holly rolled out of the ring and celebrated with Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. The trio then made their way to the backstage as Ciampa recovered in the ring.


Mauro Ranallo: A great match to start the show!

Corey Graves: Up next, we're going to crown a new Gateway Champion as Randy Orton takes on Tommy End in the tournament final!

"Lost in the Static" by After the Burial hit and the crowd booed as Tommy End made his way to the ring. When End was in the ring, "Counting Bodies Like Sheep" by A Perfect Circle hit and the crowd cheered as Randy Orton headed to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Looks like this crowd ae backing Orton tonight, Corey!

Upon entering the ring, Orton looked across at Tommy End and smirked. As the referee called for the bell, End and Orton exchanged right hands back and forth. Orton gained the upper hand whipped End against the ropes, then took him down with a Thesz press, before hitting a series of mounted punches. Orton got to his feet and stomped on End several times, then pulled him to his feet and hit a gutwrench elevated neckbreaker.

Mauro Ranallo: A dominant start by Randy Orton!

Orton pulled End to his feet and hit him with a knee to the midsection, then whipped him into the corner. Orton sat End on the turnbuckle, then set him up for a superplex, but End fought back, kicking Orton away then hitting a diving double axe handle. End stomped on Orton several times, then pulled him to his feet and went to whip him against the ropes. Orton reversed the Irish whip, sending End into the ropes, before hitting a snap scoop powerslam. He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... End kicked out! Orton sat End up, applying a chinlock.

Corey Graves: Orton continues to control this match... how much more can Tommy End withstand?

End broke free from the chinlock and both men got to their feet. Orton went for a clothesline, but End ducked out of the way, then hit a deadlift German suplex. As Orton got to his feet, End hit him with a brainbuster, then followed it up with a springboard moonsault!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! Incredible athleticism from Tommy End!

End hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Orton kicked out! End pulled Orton to his feet and whipped him into the corner, then hit him with a series of kicks. Orton fell into a sitting position, and End took several times back, then charged towards Orton and hit a knee to the face!

Corey Graves: Did you hear that sickening thud, Mauro? Randy Orton might be out cold!

End moved Orton away from the ropes then climbed the turnbuckle, hitting a double foot stomp. He hooked the leg once more – 1... 2... Orton kicked out just before the 3! End looked frustrated, and he pulled Orton to his feet, then went for the Owari Death Kick... but Orton ducked out of the way and countered with an inverted headlock backbreaker! Orton seemed to have a sudden burst of energy, and he stomped on End several times, then dragged him towards the ropes and hit a rope-hung DDT. Orton began punching the mat, stalking End. End got to his feet... and Orton hit him with an RKO! He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It's over! Randy Orton is the new Gateway Champion!

The referee called for the bell and raised Orton's arm in victory. As the referee handed the Gateway Title to Orton, the Viper held it aloft, then made his way backstage.


Mauro Ranallo: Still to come, Aiden English defends the World Title against former champion The Miz, and Blaine Ikeda makes his pro wrestling debut against CM Punk! Up next though, we've got women's action as the reigning Women's Champion, Zahra Schreiber, takes on the Irish Lass Kicker, Becky Lynch!

"Celtic Invasion" by CFO$ hit and the crowd cheered as Becky Lynch headed to the ring. After Becky had entered the ring, "512" by Lamb of God hit and the crowd booed as Zahra Schreiber made her way to the ring.

Corey Graves: Becky Lynch has wrestled Zahra twice here in EBWF, and both times Zahra Schreiber has been victorious. You have to wonder how that affects Becky psychologically... it's added pressure given what's at stake here tonight!

Mauro Ranallo: Becky Lynch thrives on pressure, Corey... I'm sure she'll be just fine!

When Zahra was in the ring, Christy Hemme introduced both superstars. The referee then held up the Women's Championship and called for the bell. Becky immediately charged towards Zahra, hitting her with a series of punches, but Zahra fought back with some right hands of her own, then whipped Becky against the ropes. As Becky ran back towards her, Zahra hit a clothesline, then followed it up with a DDT. Zahra hooked the leg, and the referee counted – 1... 2... Becky kicked out! Zahra got to her feet and stomped on Becky several times, then pulled Becky to her feet and whipped her into the corner. Zahra ran at Becky, going for a forearm smash, but Becky got her feet up and blocked it. As Zahra staggered backwards, Becky climbed the turnbuckle and hit Zahra with a diving crossbody! She hooked the leg, and the referee counted – 1... 2... Zahra kicked out!

Corey Graves: Both these women trying to put this match away quickly!

Becky pulled Zahra to her feet, but Zahra shoved her away then took Becky down to the mat with a spear. Zahra punched Becky on the mat several times, then sat her up, locking Becky in a sleeper hold. Becky fought out of it, and as both women got to their feet, Becky whipped Zahra against the ropes, before hitting a dropkick. As Zahra got to her feet, Becky got behind her, then hit the Bex-Plex! She hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Zahra kicked out! Becky pulled Zahra to her feet and hit a DDT, then grabbed Zahra by the arm, locking in the Dis-Arm-Her! Zahra cried out in pain, but she was able to get to the ropes and the referee ordered Becky to break the hold. Becky stepped back, and as Zahra used the ropes to pull herself up, Becky set her up for the Manhandle Slam... but Zahra blocked it, countering with a sitout jawbreaker! Becky looked dazed as she got to her feet, and Zahra hit a reverse STO, then followed it up with American History X! She hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It's over! Zahra Schreiber retains the title!

Zahra celebrated, then made her way backstage, leaving Becky laid out in the ring.


Mauro Ranallo: I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy this next match!

Corey Graves: The boss’s son, a kid we’ve all watched grow up is set to take on CM Punk after he issued a challenge to him on Warfare.

Mauro Ranallo: I can’t imagine the feelings Blaine has built up inside of him after weeks of Punk attacking his father verbally and physically.

Corey Graves: Wes said it himself, CM Punk was considered practically family by the Ikeda clan.

Mauro Ranallo: You’ve got to wonder what Aiden English has done to turn CM Punk into the monster he’s become.

Corey Graves: You can’t blame The King of EBWF for CM Punk’s actions!

Mauro Ranallo: He’s taken credit for all of this! It’s at his request Corey!

“Cult of Personality” by Living Colour started to play and the crowd went wild with boos and “CM Sucks” chants. Punk made his way down to the ring, taunting the crowd by repeatedly shouting “It’s Clobberin’ Time” at the fans sitting nearest to the ramp. “Stuntin Like My Daddy (Rock Mafia Remix” by Birdman and Lil’ Wayne hit and the angry crowd flipped on a dime to raucous cheers. Blaine Ikeda stepped out from backstage and had to take a moment to take it all in. He made his way down to the ring. Punk clenched his fist and pointed it at Blaine while mouthing “you asked for this.”

Corey Graves: You’ve got to worry for the safety of Blaine Ikeda.

Mauro Ranallo: I’m hoping for the best. He has been trained by some of the best in the industry!

The bell rang. After just a couple circles around each other Punk and Blaine locked up in the center of the ring to start the match. Punk was yelling at the younger wrestler. He pulled Blaine down into a side headlock but Blaine very quickly pushed Punk off back to the center of the ring. Punk paced back and forth, nodding his head and yelling “okay” repeatedly. Blaine rushed at Punk and ducked down for a shoulder tackle, lowering his head toward the mat. CM sidestepped the sudden attack and slapped Blaine in the back of the head as he passed by.

Mauro Ranallo: Blaine is going to have to keep his wits about him to beat the veteran CM Punk!

Corey Graves: He just needs to make sure he survives tonight!

Blaine turned around and Punk backed him into the ropes.He launched Blaine across the ring with extreme force, throwing himself to the mat in the process. Blain rebounded off the ropes as Punk scrambled to his feet and hit a diving shoulder tackle. The crowd booed. Punk followed up a hip toss to Blaine as he climbed to his feet. Punk covered Blaine with one arm and a smile. 1… Blaine kicked out.

Mauro Ranallo: Punk is just trying to humiliate Blaine.

Punk sat up and laughed. He hauled Ikeda to his feet and picked him up in a suplex position, dropping him gut first over the top rope. Punk ran across the ring, bounced off the ropes and delivered a dropkick to Blaine’s back and neck. The crowd booed. Punk grabbed Blaine and pulled him off the top rope, basically tossing him to the mat. He went for another pin. 1… 2… The referee looked up before the three and noticed Punk with both feet draped over the second rope. Rather than get upset, Punk smiled and shrugged as the referee pulled him off Blaine. Punk quickly pulled Blaine to his feet and tossed him to the corner. Punk followed in with an elbow to the chin. He mounted the young wrestler and started raining down hard rights. It didn’t take long for the referee to pull Punk down out of the corner.

Mauro Ranallo: Punk continues to push the limits of the rules!

Punk whipped Blaine into the opposite corner but Blaine hopped up onto the second rope, spinning around to face Punk as he followed in toward the corner. Blaine leapt from the second rope and hit a missile dropkick. Neither man was quick to his feet and the referee knelt down to check on the young Ikeda. Blaine confirmed he was okay and grabbed hold of the bottom rope. As Blaine was climbing to his feet using the ropes the referee turned his attention to Punk.

Corey Graves: I am completely surprised by Blaine’s showing here tonight!

Mauro Ranallo: How could you be surprised? This business is in his blood!

Blaine attempted to pull Punk up off the mat before the referee had finished checking on his, accidentally pushing the referee down in the process. Punk seized the opportunity and jammed his thumb into the eyes of the CEO’s son! Blaine stumbled backwards and slumped into the corner, holding his hands over his face. Punk’s eyes darted around the ring, looking for a way to deliver more damage. He rushed across the ring to an adjacent corner and quickly ascended to the top rope. He posed at the top of the rope and was promptly showered in boos.

Mauro Ranallo: Is Punk setting up for the Coast to Coast? Talk about a slap in the face to Wes Ikeda!

Corey Graves: Punk didn’t ask for this match, Blaine did! He’s going to drive his point home.

Mauro Ranallo: What point is that Corey?

Corey Graves: This is Blaine Ikeda paying for the sins of his father!

Mauro Ranallo: What are you talking about?

Caught up in his taunting of the crowd, Punk didn’t notice Blaine rushing across the ring until he hopped up on the second rope and wrapped his arms around Punk. Blaine delivered a quick belly to belly to Punk tossing him toward the center of the ring. The crowd cheered loudly for Ikeda. Blaine made the cover. 1… 2. Punk kicked out.

Mauro Ranallo: That’s a nearfall off the belly to belly from the top rope!

Blaine sat up and slapped mat. He went back to the corner and climbed to the top rope. He taunted and the crowd cheered loudly. Blaine was caught by surprise when he lept off without looking and got hit by a knee to the gut from a jumping CM Punk. Punk followed this up by stomping on a downed Blaine Ikeda multiple times. Punk slid out of the ring and started digging around.

Mauro Ranallo: No good can come from this.

Punk pulled a chair out from under the ring and set it on the apron. The referee picked the chair up as Punk slid under the bottom rope. Punk took hold of the chair and tried to take it away from the referee who held firm. Punk narrowed his eyes and tugged a second time and again the referee held firm. A third furious tug at the chair and Punk pulled it loose. The effort of the pull spun him around into a diving clothesline from Blaine Ikeda. The impact spun Punk head over heels and crashing to the mat, the chair bounced across the ring. Blaine covered. 1… 2.. Punk kicked out! As soon as the pin was broken Punk rolled out of the ring to catch his breath.

Corey Graves: Smart move from CM Punk. Create some separation, reassess the situation.

Punk looked up at the ring and yelled for the referee to keep Blaine back. He threw a leg up on the apron and when Blaine started to approach he got back down. Punk backed away from the ring with his hands up and continued to yell for the ref to keep Blaine back. The referee stepped in front of Blaine and pushed him back away from the ropes long enough for Punk to get back in the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Punk looks shaken!

Punk pushed the chair toward the corner with his foot and rushed at Blaine, squishing the referee between the two of them in the process. Punk pressed on pushing Blaine back into the corner as he defended himself from a flurry of kicks and strikes. Finally Punk landed a blow to Ikeda’s stomach that doubled him over. With a sudden snap Punk lifted him off his feet and powerbombed him onto the top turnbuckle. With both the referee and Blaine laid out, Punk turned his attention back to the chair.

Corey Graves: This is starting to look dangerous.

Punk crossed the ring and quickly wedged the chair in between the top and second ropes. He turned and leaned against it, waiting for Blaine to find his feet. The referee found his feet, glanced at Punk leaned in the corner and then turned his attention to Blaine. The referee bent down to check on the young wrestler as Punk continued to play possum. Ikeda slowly used the opposite corner to pull himself up and found himself leaning against the top staring at Punk across the ring. Punk motioned for him to come on and laughed. Blaine pushed himself off from the corner and ran at Punk headfirst. At the last moment Punk rolled out of the way letting Blaine slam headfirst into the chair. The young Ikeda stepped back away from the corner on the verge of falling over. Punk spun Blain around and hauled him up onto his shoulders and paraded around the ring.

Corey Graves: Things are looking real bleak for Blaine Ikeda as he’s about to Go To Sleep!

Punk dropped Blaine to the mat and brought his knee up to finish the move. The crowd was livid at what seemed to be a sudden end to the match. Punk dropped down and hooked Blaine’s leg for the cover. 1…. 2…. Punk sat up abruptly and pulled Blaine’s shoulders off the mat with him. The referee shouted at Punk but Punk simply laughed in his face. He slapped Blaine across the face and shouted at the referee.

CM Punk: I’m not finished!

Punk slapped Blaine a second time before starting to pull him to his feet. Punk attempted to whip Blaine into the ropes but Blaine countered, sending Punk across the ring. Blaine lifted the returning Punk up on his shoulder and quickly snapped him backwards to the mat. Blaine kept a hold on Punk’s legs and started to lock in a Sharpshooter. The crowd cheered Blaine on as Punk fought the turn with everything in him.

Mauro Ranallo: Blaine Ikeda is channeling the Hart half of his heritage with a Sharpshooter! If Blaine can get this move locked in there is a very real chance that he wins this!

Blaine rolled Punk onto his stomach and sat down. Punk screamed out in pain clawing toward his back wildly. The referee got down next to him and started asking if he was submitting. Punk waved him off and attempted to power out of the move. He arched his back and pushed off the mat, tipping Blaine forward but Blaine fought back and kept the sharpshooter locked in. Punk lunged forward just enough to grab the bottom rope and force the ref into breaking the hold.

Corey Graves: Punk saves himself! That’s good ring awareness.

Mauro Ranallo: I don’t know how much more of that Punk could have handled!

Punk drug himself out of the ring and flopped to the floor, both hands instantly went to hold his back. Inside the ring Blaine was clearly enraged. He glanced at the chair still hanging in the corner and started moving toward it. The referee stopped him feet away, placing himself between Blaine and the chair. He pleaded with Ikeda not to use the weapon or he would have to disqualify him. The crowd started to chant “Count him out” to the referee. He pulled the chair free, dropped it over the top rope and started. 1…. Punk was barely moving outside the ring. 2… 3… Punk finally found a knee. 4… Punk pulled himself up to the apron and rested there. 5… 6… Punk hadn’t moved since making it to the apron. 7… 8… Blaine got a running start and hit a baseball slide on Punk. The referee shouted at both men.

Corey Graves: He should know he can’t win the match out there!

Blaine quickly jumped up and pulled Punk to his feet. He whipped Punk alongside the ring and sent him backfirst into the stairs with a loud crash. The crowd cheered as the referee restarted the count. 1… Blaine walked over to Punk and bounced his head off the stairs. 2… 3… Two more bounces off the stairs in time with the referee’s count. 4… 5… 6… Blaine drug Punk back to the apron and rolled him under the bottom rope.

Mauro Ranallo: Not a bad idea to use the environment to soften up Punk.

Corey Graves: I can’t believe you, if Punk had just done that you would be yelling about how cheap it was.

Mauro Ranallo: When you’ve pulled the crap Punk has recently, it’s just karma Corey!

Corey Graves: Don’t talk to me about karma, I must have done something real bad in a past life to be sat here next to you in this one!

Blaine followed Punk into the ring and quickly went to pulling him toward the center of the ring. Blaine bounced off the ropes and landed a running elbow drop onto Punk. Blaine hooked the leg and slapped the mat along with the count. 1… 2… Punk just barely escaped the loss. Blaine protested the speed of the count, mad that the match wasn't over. He pulled Punk up off the mat, and set him up for a suplex. Punk locked his leg around Blaine’s to block the suplex. He delivered several blows to Blaine’s ribs. Blaine attempted to pick Punk up a second time but the leg was still locked. Another set of blows to the ribs and Ikeda loosened his grip. Punk pulled out of the suplex and planted Blaine to the mat with a DDT after a stiff kick to the midsection.

Corey Graves: If Blaine knew when to cut his losses that wouldn’t have happened!

Punk pulled Blain off the mat and tossed him into the corner. Punk rushed in with a shoulder tackle. CM grabbed onto the top rope and proceeded to stomp on him repeatedly. He drove Blaine down to a seated position with the stomps. CM Punk put his boot in Blaine’s neck and pulled the ropes up to increase the pressure. The referee started to count. 1… 2… 3… 4… The referee pushed Punk off of Blaine and backed him into the center of the ring. He shouted at Punk and motioned to his neck. Punk threw his hands up and turned away. The referee went to check on Blaine who was gripping at his throat and coughing. Punk climbed to the top rope in the distant corner. He signaled the crowd.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh no, Punk isn’t trying this again is he?

Corey Graves: Punk could take this match Coast to Coast.

The PA crackled to life with “I’M AWWWWWEEEESSSSOOOOMMMMEEEE” and “I Came to Play” by Downstait continued to play. The Miz burst out of the back at a full sprint headed toward the ring. Punk turned and waited, perched on the top turnbuckle.

Mauro Ranallo: Last week on Warfare, Miz said he was going to take out Aiden’s support system. It looks like the former Champ is here to deliver on that promise!

Miz stopped dead in his tracks as the lights in the arena flashed. “Moments” by Sevendust started to play and Miz spun around to face the ramp. Aiden English walked out with the EBWF World Title in his hands. His gaze was focused on Miz as he made his way down the ramp.

Corey Graves: These two are going to kill each other before they make it to the main event!

Mauro Ranallo: They’re going to ruin Blaine Ikeda’s in ring debut!

Corey Graves: CM Punk is going to do that when he breaks this kid’s neck.

Miz and Aiden clashed midway down the ramp, unleashing a flurry of blows to one another. Inside the ring Punk turned to continue his Coast to Coast and saw Blaine running at him. Blaine ran up the corner jumped up onto Punk’s shoulders and hit a hurricanrana. Punk bounced across the ring. Aiden and Miz had brawled their way down to ringside and were now inches from the apron still punching each other wildly. “Break the Walls Down” broke over the arena and Chris Jericho streamed down the ramp at full speed. Miz shoved Aiden back and he stumbled into a…

Mauro Ranallo: Codebreaker! Chris Jericho just laid out the World Champion with a Codebreaker!

Miz pointed at Aiden laying on the ground and started laughing hysterically at his rival’s misfortune. Suddenly a hand grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. Wes Ikeda hit Miz with a straight right sending him to the floor. The crowd cheered. Six members of security emerged from the back at Wes’s request and made toward the ring. They made it just in time to get in between Aiden and Miz as the two attempted to continue their brawl at ringside. Three men took hold of each superstar and hauled them to the back. Wes Ikeda followed the crowd up the ramp and at the top of the stage he gave one last look at the ring. He paused a moment before brushing the curtain aside and heading backstage.

Mauro Ranallo: I’d hate to be either one of those two superstars. Wes did not look happy!

Corey Graves: Have you been living under a rock Mauro? He never wanted this match to happen. He knows what Punk is capable of!

Blaine was leaned over the top rope staring at the chaos outside the ring as CM Punk started to pull himself up in the opposite corner. Chris Jericho slapped the mat and broke Blaine from his near trance-like state. He pointed toward CM Punk who was leaning into the turnbuckle.

Chris Jericho: Wrap it up!

Blaine shot a glance at his mentor who nodded and once again pointed across the ring to Punk. Punk stumbled out of the corner and into a huge Codebreaker from Blaine! Blaine hooked the leg and the referee started to count. 1… 2… Punk barely managed to get a finger on the bottom rope. The crowd let out a sigh in near unison. The referee pulled Blaine off of Punk and pointed to his hand, now fully gripping the bottom rope. Outside the ring Jericho continued to slap the mat to fire up the young Ikeda.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh, almost! Blaine Ikeda just moments from pinning CM Punk in his first match!

Corey Graves: You can never count out a veteran like CM Punk!

Chris Jericho: Show these people what a second generation star can do, kid!

Blaine sat up on a knee and smiled, like the brightest idea had just hit him. He grabbed CM Punk and lifted him up to his feet slowly. Punk, having only technically escaped the pin, was still wobbly on his feet. Blaine turned and put Punk back down to the mat with a sudden RKO. Punk bounced up and landed seated in the corner. The crowd erupted in cheers. Blaine sprinted across the ring, climbed to the top turnbuckle and took a breath. The crowd fell silent. Blaine Ikeda left the top rope and flew across the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: OH MY GOD! Blaine Ikeda just hit a Coast to Coast on CM Punk!

Blaine drug Punk out of the corner and slumped over him. The Coast to Coast had a terrible effect on both men as neither moved while the referee counted. 1… 2… 3!!! Chris Jericho slid under the bottom rope and rushed to celebrate with Blaine.

Mauro Ranallo: Blaine Ikeda upsets CM Punk in his debut match! This kid is going to go far in the EBWF!

Corey Graves: If his dad lets him wrestle!


Cameras were waiting backstage with Renee Young as Aiden English passed by with security and Raquel Diaz following him. Aiden turned to walk back the way he came and the security prepared to hold him back.

Raquel Diaz: You three need to back up! If you do anything to harm the World Champion before his title match tonight, I'll see to it you’re fired!

Renee Young: Aiden, Aiden! I wanted to ask you about what just happened out there.

Aiden turned and glared at Renee.

Aiden English: What happened? Chris Jericho just hit me with a Codebreaker in an attempt to harm me before my match with the Miz! That’s what happened out there.

Renee Young: No, I mean you going out to help CM Punk. You said earlier this week that Punk could defend himself and you wouldn’t get involved if Miz went after him.

Aiden walked up to Renee and got uncomfortably close.

Aiden English: No. I said I wouldn’t get involved if Miz attacked Punk before Fanniversary. The contract signed for our match stipulated I couldn’t lay hands on him BEFORE Fanniversary. Not before our match! When the night started, Miz became fair game and my hands were untied! Jericho and Ikeda had no business getting involved out there.

Renee Young: But, Wes’s son Blaine…

Aiden put his hand in front of Renee’s face.

Aiden English: Didn’t need to worry about me. I was out there to keep Miz from ruining his debut. Doing him a favor because he stood up. He attacked his problem head on. I admire that. Seems like the apple fell a long way from the tree in the Ikeda family. Practically a different orchard. Almost like an Orton Orchard. If you catch my drift. That’s none of my business Renee. But Jericho just made himself my business. I hope he keeps Blaine around to protect him like Wes does.

Aiden and Raquel then walked away from Renee as the camera cut back to the arena.


"I Came To Play" by Downstait hit and the crowd cheered as The Miz made his way to the ring, accompanied by Mickie James. When Miz was in the ring, "Moments" by Sevendust hit and the crowd booed as Aiden English stepped out onto the stage, accompanied by Raquel Diaz.

Mauro Ranallo: Well these two superstars have already come to blows tonight, but now it's for the World Title!

Corey Graves: The Miz is desperate to regain the title after losing it to Aiden English at Summerslam... and you have to suspect our new Gateway Champion Randy Orton will be watching this contest closely.

After English had entered the ring, he handed the World Title to the referee, EBWF's senior official Mike Chioda. Christy Hemme stood next to the referee and began the introductions.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event of the evening! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the EBWF World Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. From Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at...

Before Christy Hemme could finish introducing The Miz, Aiden English ran across the ring, hitting Miz with a forearm smash! Miz stumbled backwards into the corner, and English pummelled him with a series of punches and kicks. Christy Hemme quickly exited the ring, and the referee pulled English off of The Miz, then called for the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: No love lost between these two superstars, Corey!

The referee stood between Miz and English, and ordered English to stay back, allowing Miz time to get to his feet. When Miz was up, English charged towards him once more, this time taking him down with a shoulder block. English stomped on Miz several times before pulling him to his feet and throwing him out of the ring. English followed Miz to the outside and threw him into the ringside barrier, then slammed Miz's head off the steel steps. Miz looked dazed, and English grabbed him, hitting a DDT! English then rolled back into the ring, and yelled at the referee to count Miz out.

Corey Graves: English wants to finish this match as quickly as possible!

The referee counted – 1... 2... 3... 4... at the count of 5, Miz got to his feet and slid back into the ring. English immediately grabbed Miz, applying a chinlock! Miz tried to fight out of it, but English kept the hold locked in. Miz continued fighting, and was able to get to his feet. English refused to let go, but Miz hit him with a stiff elbow to the midsection, forcing English to break the hold. Miz then hit English with a series of punches, before whipping him against the ropes. As English ran back towards him, Miz hit a hip toss, then as English got back to his feet, Miz hit an inverted facelock backbreaker followed by neckbreaker slam. He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... English kicked out! Miz pulled English to his feet and whipped him into the corner, then hit him with a series of kicks. Miz then took several steps back, before charging towards English, going for the Awesome Clothesline. English quickly moved out of the corner, hitting Miz with a big boot! English then hit a leaping leg drop and hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Miz kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: The momentum is swinging back and forth in this match! Can Aiden English seize control and retain his title?

English pulled Miz to his feet and set him up for a single underhook facelock drop, but Miz blocked it, then hit a double leg takedown. He grabbed English by the legs, going for the figure four... but before he could lock it in, English kicked him away and got to his feet. Miz then went for a clothesline, but English ducked out of the way and grabbed Miz from behind, going for a back drop... but Miz landed on his feet, then kicked English in the back of the leg, taking him down!

Corey Graves: Great counter by The Miz!

Miz stomped on English's knee several times, then went for the figure four leglock once more, but this time English grabbed onto the ropes before Miz could lock it in. The referee ordered Miz to take a step back, and Miz reluctantly did so. English used the ropes to pull himself up, but when he was on his feet Miz hit a clothesline, sending English to the outside! Miz followed English out of the ring, but Raquel Diaz stood in front of English, protecting him from The Miz! Miz tried to get around Raquel, but she blocked him off.

Mauro Ranallo: Come on this isn’t right... Raquel Diaz has no business getting involved in this match!

Corey Graves: She's not getting involved, Mauro! She's just standing there, supporting her husband... what's wrong with that?

Miz looked frustrated, which seemed to amuse both Aiden and Raquel. Suddenly Mickie James ran around the ring, charging towards Raquel and taking her down with a spear! The crowd cheered as Mickie pummelled Raquel with a series of punches. Aiden tried to help Raquel, but before he could do so Miz grabbed him, slamming his head off the ring post then tossing him back into the ring. Miz re-entered the ring and hit a snap DDT, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... English kicked out! Meanwhile, at ringside, another referee had ran down to the ring to separate Mickie and Raquel. Mike Chioda then pointed up the ramp, ordering Mickie and Raquel to the back!

Mauro Ranallo: It looks like Mickie James and Raquel Diaz have been banned from ringside!

The crowd booed and began chanting "let them fight", and Raquel tried to argue, but Mike Chioda shook his head. Mickie James shrugged, accepting the referee's decision... but before she walked backstage, she hit Raquel with the Mick Kick! Back in the ring, Miz had been watching the drama unfold, and he blew a kiss to his wife as she headed up the ramp. Miz then turned his attention back to English, and went to pull the champ to his feet, but English had been playing possum and he rolled Miz up into a small package! The referee counted – 1... 2... Miz kicked out just before the 3!

Corey Graves: Miz wasn't paying attention, and it almost cost him this match!

Both men got to their feet, and English hit a double leg takedown, then locked Miz in a Boston crab!

Mauro Ranallo: Is Aiden English trying to beat Miz with the Walls of Jericho?!

Corey Graves: Well before this match he made it clear he was unhappy about Jericho getting involved in his business... I think he's trying to send a message to the ten-time World Champion, Mauro!

Miz cried out in pain, but he was able to get to the ropes, and the referee forced English to break the hold. As Miz got to his feet, English hit him with a series of punches, then went to whip him into the corner. Miz reversed the Irish whip, sending English into the corner, then ran at him, hitting the Awesome Clothesline! As English staggered out of the corner, Miz grabbed him from behind, hitting the Skull Crushing Finale! He covered English, and the referee counted – 1... 2... English got his foot on the rope! The referee was about to count the 3 when he noticed the rope break. Miz couldn't believe it! He pulled English away from the ropes, then hooked both legs. The referee counted – 1... 2... English kicked out! Miz looked frustrated, and he was about to set English up for a second Skull Crushing Finale when "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour blasted through the arena.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh come on... CM Punk has no business getting involved in this match!

Corey Graves: The Miz had no business getting involved in Punk's match earlier, Mauro... Punk is gunning for revenge!

Miz stared towards the ramp, readying himself for a fight, but CM Punk was nowhere to be seen. Punk's music was cut, and Miz realised it had been a ruse. He turned his attention back to Aiden English, but English was now on his feet, and he lifted Miz up, hitting a fireman carry spinebuster. English then followed it up with the Director's Cut! He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3! The referee called for the bell, and raised English's arm in victory.

Christy Hemme: Your winner, and still the EBWF World Champion... Aiden English!

As English celebrated his victory, suddenly the arena lights went out. When the lights came back on, Randy Orton was stood in the ring behind Aiden English! The crowd cheered, and as English turned around, Orton hit him with an RKO outta nowhere! Orton picked up the World Title and smiled, then placed it on top of Aiden English.

Mauro Ranallo: Well Aiden English might have retained the World Title tonight, but it looks like Randy Orton won't be wasting any time cashing in the Gateway Title for a shot at the big one!

Smirking, Orton rolled out of the ring and made his way up the ramp as Fanniversary went off the air.

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