EBWF sign Dakota Kai and Bayley?

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EBWF sign Dakota Kai and Bayley?

Post by April » Thu Feb 18, 2021 1:15 pm

EBWF.com news and rumors have just been informed that both Bayley and Dakota Kai have been signed with the company over the weekend. Still not sure what their alliance may or may not be. The only information EBWF.com has received is the following...

Bayley has asked to receive a large PYRO entrance (even at house shows) when entering the EBWF ring. Also any 'HUG' signs or 'Wavy Balloon Men' that appear near Bayley within the arena shall be taken down and the fan must be ejected from the arena. Bayley also has a strict catering list to appear at every event. EBWF staff will be given instructions in the near future.

As for Dakota Kai.

Dakota Kai will not be referred to as an Australian when she is in fact from New Zealand. Any mention of an Aussie will resolve in a KICK from Kai herself without any fines or repercussions.

Again no word other than these demands have been given to EBWF. We will see how this some what of an Alliance and negotiations with the company will go as we receive more updates within the coming days.

- EBWF.com

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