Syxx to retire?

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Syxx to retire?

Post by Benjamin » Tue May 24, 2016 5:04 pm

Reports have indicated that Sean "Syxx" Waltman may be mulling retirement.

Waltman, 43, has only been sporadically used on television of late and is rumored to be in a "very bad place" since the death of co-worker and ex-girlfriend Joanie "Chyna" Helmsley. While Waltman is a noted recluse, EBWF officials are said to be concerned with how little he has been interacting with his co-workers as of late. It was also reported that Waltman was overheard in a shouting match with longtime on-screen rival Alex Shelley on the May 16 episode of Warfare.

Speaking of Shelley, as of this writing the former EBWF world champion HAS NOT signed a new deal with the company. This is said to be a fluid situation and the door is wide open for Shelley to appear on future EBWF programming.
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