Royal Rumble 08

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Royal Rumble 08

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The scene pours into millions of homes all over the world. The desert sand is seen as the wind kicks up sand tornados, suddenly a pretty nifty special effect takes place and a house appears to be dropping right in the middle of the Iraq dessert, it lands in shambles and the front door to the house swings open revealing D-Generation X. The Troops cheer at the video as the cameran pans each of them one at a time, Hunter and Shawn appear as normal. Chyna however is in a black and green plaid dress, braided pigtails, and emerald green slippers.
Chyna: Ummmmm Boys... I don't think we're in Texas anymore...

Triple H: Yeah, I hired the tornado to bring us to Iraq? Didn't you get the in house memo?

Chyna: Iraq?

Shawn Michaels: Duh, DX does the Royal Rumble. Bringing HOME to the troops.

The graphics kick up. Footage of the troops are mixed in with images of the fueds leading to tonight's matches. After a great pyro display the video kicks in again on the emerald green slippers being clicked three times and a blur comes over the screen as if it's a dream sequence as Chyna's voice fills the sound system.

Chyna: There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like... The Royal Rumble...

DX fully came into view...

Chyna: Welcome to the road to Wrestlemania Boys... Hope you make it out alive.

Three beautiful smirks as Red, White and Blue pyro went off to a chant of USA!

Match #1
Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen...welcome to the Royal Rumble! The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the EBWF X Division Championship!
Waz up hit the speakers, and Ron Killings Emerged onto the stage and made his way to the ring.

Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring, The Challenger, weighing in at 260 pounds... Ron "The Truth" Killings!

Killings Climbed into the ring and paced confidently as he awaited Val Venis. Val Venis' Music hit the speakers as the X Division champion Val Venis walked out with the familiar towel around his waist and the X title on his shoulder.

Lilian Garcia: And weighing in at 260 pounds... he is the EBWF X-Division Champion, Val Venis!

Val walked down the ramp. He took the championship off from his shoulder and slid into the ring under the bottom rope. He went to the ropes and pulled the towel off seductively, taunting the crowd. As he started to turn to taunt the other side Killings charged after him and started hitting rights and lefts in Val's face and midsection. Killings backed Val in the corner and delivered a chop... Val grabbed his chest but Killings pulled his arm away and chopped him again. The fans Wooooed as the shot connected and Val's chest looked a little sore. Killings whipped Val into the other corner then backed up and charges at him, hitting a clothesline! Val walked out of the corner and fell down to the mat. Killings walked over to a fallen Val and locked in a reverse chin lock. The ref checked Val, asking him if he wanted to quit... Val shook his head then got on his hands, then his knees and finally back to his feet and charged to the corner backwards crushing Killings between his body and the ring post. Killings had to break the hold. Val turned around and nailed Killings with a right hand to the jaw. Val picked Killings up and hit a knee to the midsection, and another one for good measure. Val grabbed Killings by the arm and whipped him into the other corner. He then charged at him. Killings moved out of the way and Val hit the post shoulder first! Killings pulled Val back by the trunks and rolled him up, ref counts 1..2...... KICK OUT! Killings bounced off the ropes charged at Val, but Val knocked him down with a stiff clothesline. Val bounced off the ropes and attempted an elbow drop but Killings moved. Val tried it again and missed. The crowd was heating up as Killings got up to his feet and bounced off the ropes. He Hit a Flying Spin Kick on Val, knocking him down. Killings bounced off the ropes and hit a dropkick to Val right in the head as he was on one knee. Val fell back to his back and Killings covered...the ref counted, 1..2.. KICK OUT! Killings picked Val up and hit a scoop slam. Killings went to the top rope and hit a leg drop! Val grabbed his head and rolled to the outside. The ref started to count him out. 1......2......3....4....5...6... Val slowly got up to his feet and walked around the ring. Killings got impatient, and he bouncec off the ropes on one side of the ring and came charging across to Val's side. He dove over the top rope and went flying, hitting a body splash on Val! Both men were down as the ref started his count over. 1......2........3.....4....5....6...7.... Killings finally made it to his feet and picked Val up. He rolled him back in the ring before continuing a verbal assault. Killings got onto the apron, looked down at Val and smirked. He dove over the top rope and hit a corkscrew elbow drop on Val! Killings covered Val and the ref counted, 1...2... KICK OUT! Killings looked at the ref, and the ref said it was only 2, Killings picked Val up and backed him into the corner. Killings chopped him again, and again! Val stopped the chopping by raking the eyes of Killings. Killings backed away and Val charged Killings and hit a spear! Val went for the cover and the ref counted...1...2... KICK OUT! Val got up and picked Killings up. He whips him into the ropes and caught him with abell to belly suplex! Killings seemed to be out. Val went for the cover, ref counted, 1..2... KICK OUT! Val got back to his feet and kicked the ropes out of frustration. He paced around the ring and he finally went back over to Killings, but Killings shot his legs up and caught Val around the neck with his ankles. He hit a hurricanran from his back and the crowd couldn't help but cheer out of respect for Killings' athleticism. Val was on his back on the mat. Killings went to top rope and hits another Leg drop! He covers Val, ref counts 1.....2......... KICK OUT! Nobody could believe the match was still much more did these men have in them? Killings looked to be tired as he looked at the ref, shaking his head and quietly cursing out of sheer shock and disbelief. Killings picked Val up, but Val hit Killings in the midsection and set him up for a powerbomb. He hit it! Val covered and the ref counted once more...1...2... Killings somehow kicked out and Val was furious! Val picked Killings up and attempted a Deathy Valley Driver...but Killings countered out of it and got Val into a backslide then down into a pinning position. The ref counted, 1....2 KICK OUT! Killings got up and attempted a kick, but Val caught his foot. Killings reversed and hits an enzuguri! Val fell to the mat in a heap. Killings picked up Val and hits a huge DDT sending Val Crashing into the mat so hard he bounced back up to his feet. Val stumbled back into the ropes and doubled ove. Killings bounced off the ropes on the other side of the Ring and Hit the Scissor Kick, sending Val crashing to the Mat. Killings covered for the pin and the ref counted 1...2....3! It was finally over and Killings could hardly believe that he had finally put Val away. Killings Music began blasting throughout the arena, and the crowd cheered loudly, not particularly for Killings himself, but out of respect for the contest they had just seen. The referee helped Killings up and handed him The X-Divison championship. He then raised his hand as the fans went nuts over a thrilling victory and an awesome match!

Lilian Garcia: Here is your Winner,and the NEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW...EBWF X-Division Champion...Ron "The Truth" Killings!

Killings Draped the X-Division Championship over his shoulder and then stood in the center of the ring, taunting and celebrating his victory.

Joey Styles: My god! What an opening contest...what a way to kick off the Rumble of 2008!

King: Oh you're absolutely right, Joey...and there's sure to be a hell of a lot more where that came from!

Match #2
Lacey made her way to the ring looking deadly serious. She wore her No Limits title over her shoulder and was accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs. The two exchanged a few words in the ring as the familiar pompous tune began to blast over the PA System and JBL made his appearance. He didn't have a limo tonight... but he wore his cowboy hat and jacket, as he slid into the ring. He posed obnoxiously for the crowd, who booed him happily, then he turned to Lacey. Jacobs left the ring and Lacey didn't even think about backing down from the self-proclaimed wrestling God. JBL seemed disgusted with his opponent, and was in the process of complaining to the referee when Lacey smashed him in the head without warning, and the bell rang. Lacey proved that she was tougher than she looked as she wrestled JBL blow for blow, matching everything he threw at her with something equally effective and innovative. JBL seemed frustrated with the fact that Lacey was holding her own against him, and in some ways she was even taking it to him. The two were free to use weapons as the match was being contested under No Limits Rules, and JBL brought a steel chair into the ring. He swung it at Lacey but she ducked and dropkicked it into his face. It landed on top of him and she hit a legdrop onto it, smashing the chair into JBL's skull. Surprisingly, the crowd approved. Lacey shot them a warning look and just continued about her business. She pulled the chair off JBL's face to reveal that he was bleeding pretty nicely. JBL got to his feet and forced Lacey into the corner before catching her with a Clothesline from Hell. He almost took her head off, but he didn't go for the cover. His blood was dripping down his face and he exited the ring once more. JBL started to look under the ring for some weapons, and found a trash can.
King: What is JBL doing? He could have the match won!

Joey Styles: Clearly he wants to hurt and humiliate Lacey. This might cost him...look, Lacey's moving!

Lacey was indeed moving. JBL came back into the ring with a trashcan, and Lacey looked groggy, but mobile. He swung the trashcan at her and she rolled aside. The trashcan hit the canvas and bounced back up in JBL's hands. He kept hold of it, and moved to stand over Lacey, with a leg either side of her. He raised the trash can again and swung it down.

King: Oh no, this could be bad!

Joey Styles: Wait! Low Blow!

Lacey raised her leg and kicked JBL between his. He instantly dropped the trashcan and held his groin area. The referee couldn't DQ anyone, and Lacey fought to her feet.

Joey Styles: Lacey pulled that outta nowhere. She may have just saved the match for herself.

Lacey acted quickly. JBL was doubled over and the trashcan lay in the ring. Lacey hit the Lightning Spiral, driving JBL into the trashcan! The object was instantly flattened, and JBL was on his back. Lacey was barely moving, but she had an arm over the fallen "Wrestling God". The referee counted...1...2..3!

King: It's over! Not only is she hot, but Lacey is tough!

Joey Styles: And she's still the No Limits Champion.

Jacobs slid into the ring, and helped Lacey to her feet. He handed her the No Limits title and she held it up over her head weakly as the referee raied her hand. Jacobs escorted his fellow Age of the Fall team mate to the back.

Match #3
The Cleveland Mafia got barely a reaction as they made their way to the ring. When Hart Attack hit however, the troops erupted. Bret Hart and Teddy Hart made their way to the ring and Bret smiled at a group of Canadian troops waving the Canadian flag. He slapped their hands as he walked past them, and Teddy went ahead of him, sliding into the ring and raring to go. J-Rocc started out, and Teddy seemed keen to begin the match-up too. The two locked up and J-Rocc, being the larger of the two, got the upper hand at first. Teddy was able to use J-Rocc's size against him as he lowered his center of gravity, causing J-Rocc to become unsteady on his feet. Teddy then wrapped a leg around J-Rocc's ankle, and swept his opponents leg out from under him, causing him to fall to the ground. Teddy decided to show off and hit a standing moonsault on the fallen J-Rocc. 1...2...kickout.
Joey Styles: It's a little early for that, Teddy.

King: It's never too early for that kind of athleticism. This kid's impressive.

Joey Styles: Yes, but kinda cocky. Let's hope it doesn't cost him.

Teddy got back up, and ran into the ropes. He hit a dropkick on J-Rocc's head, but didn't go for a second cover. Instead, he tagged in Bret. Bret's style completely contrasted with Teddy's... he didn't go in for any of that high flying stuff, but he kept the advantage for his team by using his technical ability to keep J-Rocc grounded. Ray Rowe was on the apron getting more and more irritated. He kept reaching out his hand, but J-Rocc didn't have a chance to tag him. Bret had him in a headlock, and had his knee planted firmly in the center of J-Rocc's back. Ray Rowe was done with waiting, and he simply charged into the ring and took Bret down with a clothesline. Teddy Hart quickly ran into the ring too, and took down Rowe with a flying forearm. The referee tried to get control of the match, but it quickly turned into a free for all. Teddy grabbed Ray Rowe by his wrist and threw him over the top rope.

Joey Styles: Let's hope he remembers that strategy for the Rumble later tonight.

Teddy ran into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, and launched himself up over the top, taking Rowe into the barriers with a devastating suicide dive, as the fans roared in approval.

King: Let's hope he doesn't try that strategy in the Rumble, unless he wants to eliminate himself...

Teddy seemed a little hurt by his big move, and both he and Rowe were out of commission for the time being. Inside the ring, Bret hit a nice suplex on J-Rocc, but J-Rocc reversed and landed on his feet. He whipped Bret into the ropes and Bret ducked a clothesline, and came back knocking J-Rocc down with a back elbow. J-Rocc was on his back, and Bret grabbed his legs. The crowd knew he was going for the sharpshooter, and they got behind him. J-Rocc resisted, but Bret managed to get the move locked in. J-Rocc tried to get to the ropes but he couldn't. He edges closer, and closer, but didn't quite get there.

King: Give it up, J-Rocc! How much longer can this guy hold on?

Joey Styles: He might not have to hold on! Ray Rowe is on the apron!

Rowe was on the apron...he was slowly making his way back into the ring. Or he would have been. A pair of hands appeared, followed by the unmistakeable face of Teddy Hart as he used the ring apron to pull himself up. He turned, so he was facing the crowd, and reached upwards. Wrapping his arms around Rowe's midsection, Teddy Hart viciously powerbombed Rowe off the apron and onto the concrete below!

Joey Styles: Holy cow! Did you see that?

King: I'm not blind, Joey! Next you'll be pulling a JR and telling me he may be broken in half. No kidding! He was just powerbombed into the concrete!

Rowe was truly out of commission now, and back in the ring his partner was still in the sharpshooter. J-Rocc was writhing in agony, and he raised his hand. He kept it there, and the referee asked him if he was going to give it up. J-Rocc shook his head, gritted his teeth, then brought his hand down to the canvas, repeatedly tapping. The bell rang, and Bret released the hold just as Teddy was climbing back into the ring. Teddy and Bret raised each other's hands as the troops cheered them on.

Joey Styles: And the Hart Foundation will go on to face DX for the Tag Team Titles. What a match that's gonna be.

King: You bet it will be. But we've still got plenty of great matches to come tonight. Stay tuned as we bring you a brief message from our sponsers.

The advertisements played, as the Hart Foundation left the ring victorious.

Match #4
After the advertisements, the fans were greeted by Jillian Hall, standing in the ring. She was wearing a huge grin, had Rico by her side, and already had a microphone in hand. She held it to her lips, and there was a collective groan from the troops.
Jillian Hall: Heelo Iraq! I am deeply moved by you all, so I thought I would respond emotionally, by geacing you all with a so--

"I want you bad" by The Offspring hit and Melina stepped out onto the stage, cutting Jillian off. Jillian looked infuriated and Melina simply smirked and held up her women's title as she walked to the ring.

King: Oh, I know I say this pretty often, but thank god for Melina! You don't think Jillian was gonna sing, do ya Joey?

Joey Styles: Unfortunately, King, I think exactly that. But it doesn't look like it's gonna happen now, Melina's in the ring...these two seem set to go!

Styles was right. Melina and Jillian were staring each other down with a serious competitive look in their eyes. The referee removed Melina's title from her possession, and handed it to the timekeeper. The bell rang and the match began. Having learned quite a bit about each other during their last encounter, the two women put on a great show. Melina started off strong, taking Jillian down with a bulldog headlock followed by an elbow drop to the chest. Melina didn't go for a cover, because as she anticipated, Jillian was quick to her feet. Jillian got up, and swung at Melina with a right hand. Melina ducked, caught Jillian's arm, and took her down with a full nelson powerbomb. The fans cheered, and this time Melina did go for the cover. 1...2... kickout.

Joey Styles: I think it's gonna take a little bit more than that to put Jillian Hall away.

King: Oh don't you worry, Styles...I'm sure Melina has plenty to give. She can come over here and give a little somethin' to me if she feels like it.

Joey Styles: Oh lord... Back to the match, please.

Both women were once again on their feet and were exchanging blows. Jillian was a little bit slower, having absorbed some punishment, but she recovered well. She dodged to the right of a punch from Melina and caught the Women's Champion with a martial arts kick to the side of the head. Melina grabbed her skull and became instantly unsteady on her feet, and Jillian took advantage by hitting her with an uppercut that knocked Melina backwards and into the ropes. Jillian took Melina down with a DDT, and then walked across the ring showcasing to the fans. She did a cartwheel back towards Melina, finishing it up by hitting an elbow drop. She stayed on top of Melina for the cover...1...2...kickout. Melina wasn't out of it yet. Jillian dragged Melina to her feet and Melina caught Jillian with a sneaky thumb to the eye to regain the upperhand. The referee missed it, and Melina swung Jillian to the ground by her hair before stomping on her opponent's head.

King: This is getting a little aggressive here. I love aggressive women, Styles!

Joey Styles: You love all women, King. But Melina certainly is showcasing a little bit of a mean streak right now.

Melina continued pounding away on Jillian. She grabbed her by the hair and rubbed her face across the canvas. Jillian struggled, and kicked out at Melina in order to create some distance between them. Melina backed off a little, and gave Jillian a chance to get to her feet. Jillian did, and Melina went right back on the offensive. She grabbed Jillian in a front facelock and went to suplex her. But instead of taking her over, Melina dropped Jillian back down so her feet were resting on the ropes.

Joey Styles: What's Melina doing?

King: I don't know, but I hardly think Jillian is going to like it.

Melina left her feet, and raised up both of her knees. She fell backwards but pulled Jillian's hair so Jillian's face smashed into both of Melina's knees. The crowd "oooohed" at the brutality of the move, and Jillian fell onto the canvas looking to be out of it. Melina got one arm over Jillian, and the referee dropped to his knees to count. 1...2...No! Jillian got a foot on the rope. Melina couldn't believe it. She slammed her fists on the canvas in frustration. There was still life in Jillian Hall. Melina dragged Jillian to her feet and positioned her for a reverse DDT, but Jillian twisted her body so that Melina was in the vulnerable position. She picked Melina up and threw her into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Then she dropped down, and rolled Melina up in a schoolboy position. It wasn't enough, and Melina kicked out. The two were on somewhat equal footing yet again, and charged at each other. They both went for a clothesline at the same time, and both ended up lying on the mat. The referee started to count a knockout. 1...2...3...Jillian moved an arm...4...5...Melina lifted her head up...6...Melina sat up...7...Melina got to her feet. She was up first. She kicked Jillian in the ribs and started to set up the California Dream! Jillian fought...but Melina soon had it locked in. The referee asked Jillian if she wanted to give it up and Jillian shook her head. Melina wrenched in the move all the more tightly, and the seconds ticked by. Jillian was crying out in agony by now, but Melina wasn't easing up. Eventually, Jillian nodded her head and the referee rang the bell. Jillian had submitted, and Melina retained the title by submission.

Match #5
The troops were pumped by now, and they were eagerly awaiting the Women's Royal Rumble. Kelly Kelly was scheduled to appear first but "Run Baby Run" by Garbage hit and everyone in the vacinity looked somewhat confused. There was some conversation and a buzz of anticipation and everyone stared at the stage. A second...two...three...four...and out stepped Christy Hemme. She got a decent reaction as she walked down the makeshift rampway and she slapped hands and smiled at the troops as she walked past them. She walked over to where Joey Styles and Jerry the King Lawler were commentating, and pulled up a chair.
Christy Hemme: Joey...King.

King: Christy! I gotta ask...where did you come from? And what are you doing here?

Christy Hemme: I don't want to give too much away, King...a girl needs her secrets. But for now, I'm just here to watch the women's rumble. That's supposed to start any second now, right?

Joey Styles: Well, that's correct. In fact...

Kelly Kelly's music hit, and she began to make her way to the ring to a nice reaction from the troops. Ashley Massaro followed and the two started off the match. They smiled at each other, showing their respect, then went at it. 90 seconds passed, then Karen Angle came down. She went right to work on Ashley Massaro and Kelly Kelly seemed inclinded to defend her friend. It ended up being Ashley and Kelly double teaming Karen Angle for a minute or so, but she held her own until Vickie Guerrero made her way to the ring. The four divas fought it out between them, and Kelly turned her attention to Guerrero while Ashley fought Karen. Guerrero was out quickly as Kelly Kelly took her over the top rope with a clothesline. Karen knocked Ashley down with a DDT, then turned her attention to Vickie. From the outside, Vickie Guerrero grabbed at Kelly's leg, and Kelly turned to kick her. Karen saw her opening and grabbed Kelly Kelly by the hair, forcing her over the ropes to join Vickie. Miss Jones was the final female to enter. Ashley Massaro and Miss Jones were on their feet by the time Miss Jones entered. The fans, along with Christy Hemme who was still watching from the announce table, seemed interested in the match up and the girls put on a good show. Karen Angle and Ashley Massaro seemed content to fight each other, so they temporarily teamed up on Miss Jones. Miss Jones fought back, and almost had Karen over the top rope at one point. Massaro tried to help, but Karen held on and rolled back into the ring. From then on any kind of alliance was broken, because it was every woman for herself. Any of the divas could have taken it. The three were fighting near the ropes and Karen hit Jones with a stoff punch, busting open her lip. Miss Jones held her hand to her mouth and tasted her blood, when she was blindsided by a clothesline from Ashley. Miss Jones went over the top rope and Ashley turned around to walk into a kick to the gut from Karen Angle. Karen hit her with a swinging neckbreaker and at ringside, Christy Hemme nodded, looking somewhat impressed.

King: We're down to the final two. Which of these lovely ladies will be going to Wrestlemania? Joey, Christy?

Joey Styles: To be honest it could be either of them.

King: Oh, pick a side, Joey! That fence between your legs has gotta get uncomfortable after a while.

Christy laughed at the King's comment but her eyes remained on the action in the ring.

Christy Hemme: Ya know, both these girls have the attitude and the drive to wrestle at Wrestlemania, but I think Karen is a little wiser...and a little less naive.

King: You're picking Karen?

Christy Hemme: I guess so.

Ashley took down Karen with a suplex, before pulling her back up by the hair. Karen punched Ashley in the stomach and shoved her into the corner. Karen punched Ashley in the face and whipped her across the whole length of the ring. Ashley hit the other turnbuckle hard. Karen went for another clothesline to follow through, and Ashley dived to one side and Karen hit the ringpost. Ashley grabbed Karen by the back of the shirt and threw her over the top rope. It looked like Ashley had won it, but the referee said no! Karen held on, her hands gripping the ropes for dear life. Ashley charged again in order to take Karen fully over, and Karen dropped to the apron, pulling down the ropes. Ashley fell over the top, and the bell rang! Karen Angle was headed to Wrestlemania! She smirked, then locked eyes with Christy. Christy shrugged, then turned to look at King and Styles.

Christy Hemme: I guess the observational part is over. I'm impressed... so impressed that I think I'll stick around. I'll see you guys in Germany, allright?

King: Wait, Christy! Do you work here now?!

Christy Hemme: What did I say about a girl and her secrets, King? You're a smart man... let's focus on Karen Angle, ok? She earned her spotlight tonight.

Karen celebrated in the ring as Christy left the announce booth and headed to the back. They locked eyes once more, but Karen was on top of the world, and wore a confident smile as the referee raised her hand.

Match #7
It was now time for Chyna versus Edge, for the Intercontinental title. Thrash Unreal hit and Chyna made her entrance first. She looked calm but confident as she made her way to the ring. She had insisted that she come alone, and was not accompanied by either Triple H or Shawn Michaels. She could fight her own battles, and she knew they had their own business to take care of. Metalingus started to blast over the PA System and the fans were roaring loudly. The reaction was split seemingly 50/50...some pro-Chyna, some pro-Edge, but the troops were definitely making some noise, and that was what counted. Edge glared at Chyna hatefully as the ref removed the Intercontinental title belt from his waist. Chyna's eyes never left Edge's face. She didn't show an ounce of intimidation. The bell finally rang, and the two athletes sprung into action.
King: Here we go. The second inter-gender title match we've seen tonight!

Joey Styles: Well, Lacey was succesful against JBL earlier tonight...if Chyna can beat Edge she'll be one of very few women to have held a typically male championship in EBWF gotta believe she's out to achieve that honor.

The Match Began with a lock up, followed by an Armbar Takedown by Chyna to Edge. Chyna didn't take time to showboat getting the initial offense in, because her opponent was soon on his feet again. He charged at Chyna but she stepped aside and he bounced into the ropes, grabbing onto them to prevent himself from springing back towards the 9th Wonder of the world, who was waiting for him. Edge seemed to realize that the match would be tougher than he thought, and he began charging at Chyna a few more times but only to be thrown over the top rope and to the outside. She seemed to have the upper hand early on over the cocky IC champ. The match had its first turn over once Chyna followed Edge outside and went to throw Edge into the ring, but was kicked to the gut by Edge and DDTed to the outside floor. The crowd let out a collective oooohhhh as Chyna's skull hit the floor hard. Edge continued the attack by throwing her into the ring and going for the first unsuccessful pinfall of the match: Chyna kicked out after two.

King: Chyna won't go down that quickly, Edge! And believe me, I've tried.

Joey Styles: And obviously failed... the action is continuing in the ring, Edge is back in control!

Styles was right. Edge began to dominate the match and got increasingly cocky as he did so. He continued the fight by hitting a few clotheslines and a huge back toss. Chyna put her hand on her spine, and favored it slightly as she got back up only to walk into a second DDT...but this one was on the canvas. Edge made the cover...1...2...Not yet. Chyna kicked out. After another unsuccessful pinfall, Edge then decided to go for the win a little early. Chyna began to rise to her feet, while Edge stalked her, waiting anxiously. Once Chyna gained complete composure, Edge charged at her, looking for the Spear! Chyna moved to the side, sending Edge through the second and third ropes and completely out of the ring. Chyna didn't hesitate in following him to the outside, and the fight continued there.

King: Watch out, Joey! They're coming this way.

Chyna threw Edge over the announce table and he hit the plastic, getting tangled up in all the wires as he did so. She hit him with an elbow to the face, and a few more right hands just for good measure. The referee warned her to get back into the ring, but she ignored his request and he began his ten count. She rolled her eyes and hopped onto the apron, but she didn't get back in the ring. After arguing with the referee for a moment, she held up her index finger and turned to face Edge again. He was moving, but only just. Chyna seemed to be determined to put a stop to that, and she leapt off the apron, much to the surprise of everyone in the audience. She may not have had the muscle mass of her WWE days, but she was still as fit and agile as any wrestler in the back, and the move was picture perfect. The crowd roared in approval as both Edge and Chyna went through the table, and were curled up half-conscious on the floor. The referee was still counting...he was up to 4 now. Edge and Chyna started to stir, and Chyna was on her feet first. She slid back into the ring, dragging Edge by the hair. Edge fought back, and threw a few punches in her direction. She let go of his hair, and he grabbed her wrist, attempting an irish whip. Chyna was driven into the ring post, and Edge charged at her. She ducked, and Edge went into the ringpost. She held him there, turning him to face her. Then she ran across the ring, and did three backflips across the ring, into a flying back elbow that caught Edge in the face. Chyna stepped back, and waited for Edge to stir. He did... and Once he stepped back toward Chyna, he was met with a forearm to the face and a kick to the ribs. As he staggered back, Chyna took this opportunity to grab him. The crowd were expecting the Chyna Bomb, but they didn't get it. Instead, she forced Edge's head between her thighs, hooked his arms and hit the Pedigree! She turned Edge over, and fell on top of him, hooking the leg. 1........2.......3! Chyna was the new Intercontinental Champion. She could hardly believe it as the referee handed her the belt, but she grinned and held it up proudly before talking trash to her fallen opponent. She left the ring, and made her way up the ramp. Triple H met her there, and they shared a few words before he held up her arm, pointed to the belt and crotch chopped the crowd before they headed to the back.

King: Oh boy...all three members of DX wearing gold. Is this good news?

Joey Styles: I'm not sure, but it's definitely good news for DX, and that's all they care about anyway, right?

Edge got back to his feet, and punched the turnbuckle padding in frustration before leaving the ring.

Match #8
The troops were on their feet as the Rumble was set to being. The rules were explained by Lillian Garcia, and the first two competitors were slated to come out. BG James made his way to the ring followed by Christpher Daniels. They sparred for ninety seconds and were joined by an underwhelming Michael Facade. The three of them mixed it up for some time, when Ray Rowe finally made his way to the ring ninety seconds later. The troops were amazed that the four men were able to stay in the ring without an elimination when Shane Helms entered at number five. He was hot the moment he got in.

Shane Helms eliminated BG James.
Shane Helms eliminated Michael Facade.
Ray Rowe eliminated Christopher Daniels.

Randy Orton made his way to the ring and joined the mix with Ray Rowe and Shane Helms. 90 seconds passed with John Cena stepping into the ring, and Maven followed after him.

Maven eliminated Ray Rowe.

Val Venis made his way to the ring and mixed it up with Helms, Cena and Maven. Val was taking the boots to Cena and Helms and Maven were standing with their backs to the corner. Cena hit a powerbomb on Venis as The Undertaker made his way to the ring with a respectful pop from the fans. AJ Styles came to the ring with a childlike charm, and immediately took hits on Taker.

AJ Styles eliminated the Undertaker.

Helms, Cena, Maven, Val, and AJ Styles in the ring now. CM Punk entered the ring and Maven charged him.

Maven eliminated CM Punk.
Shane Helms eliminated Val Venis.

Helms, Cena, Maven and Styles in the ring now. Kurt Angle out of the gate. He clotheslines Styles. The other three are not impressed.

Kurt Angle eliminated by Maven & Helms

Helms, Cena, Maven, and Styles still in the ring. Ron Killings out to the ring now. The five men brawl it out, but no one can get the upper hand. Rhino makes his way to the ring and gores Cena. He then gores Helms. Killings starts kicking him in the gut. Maven hits a bulldog on Rhino. Killings returns to his stomping.

Killings eliminated Rhino.

Helms, Cena, Maven, Styles, and Killings in the ring. Teddy Hart out, followed by Seamus. The sheer size of Seamus made the others appear nervous. Helms and Maven exchanged looks and Cena seemed to catch the drift. They took it to Seamus as best they could as Helms went up top. The crowd cheered, but the match was starting to take it's toll on the seasoned vet. He connected the Hurricanrana which brought Seamus to his knees. Killings helped Seamus to his feet picking him up by the hair. Cena and Killings charged at Seamus and knocked him over the top rope.

Seamus eliminated by Cena and Killings.

Helms, Cena, Maven, Styles, Killings, and Teddy Hart still in the ring. JBL makes his way to the ring now. Helms beats him down with right hands. Lacey comes to the ring, and begins taking it to Killings.

Helms eliminated JBL.
Lacey eliminated Styles.

Helms, Cena, Maven, Killings, Teddy Hart, and Lacey are still in the ring. J-Rocc on his way to the ring. Teddy immediately takes it to him.

J-Rocc eliminates Teddy Hart.
Maven eliminates J-Rocc.

Helms, Cena, Maven, Killings, and Lacey still in the ring. Bret Hart makes his way to the ring with thunderous fan approval. Bret is immediately ambushed but no one is eliminated before Shane Douglas got out to the ring. Maven hit the inzugiri kick on Douglas. Helms hit a clothesline to throw him out.

Helms eliminated Shane Douglas.

Helms, Cena, Maven, Killings, Lacey and Bret Hart still in the ring. As the countdown for entrant number 23 finished, the lights went dark and another cryptic Jericho video began to play. A ticking clock could be heard throughout the arena, and the number 23 appeared on the EBWFtron. Messages such as “NOT_YET/SOON”, “WATCHING_YOU.ALL” and “STORM_WILL.PAY” circled the 23. The message then changed to “RETRIBUTION_IS.COMING, SAVE_US.Y2J” before the lights came back on and the Rumble continued. When it was apparent that Jericho wasn't coming to the ring the crowd booed. Jimmy Jacobs entered the ring. And he and Lacey attempted to team up against Killings.

Killings eliminated by Lacey and Jacobs.

Helms, Cena, Maven, Lacey, Bret Hart and Jacobs still in the ring. "Time to Play the Game" hit but recieved little fanfare as Triple H made his way to the ring. He immediately began taking it to anything that moved. Power clothes line on John Cena.

John Cena eliminated by Triple H.

Jimmy Jacobs eliminated by Triple H.

Helms, Maven, Lacey, Bret Hart, and Triple H in the ring now. Four EBWF vets and one new comer. The troops were coming to life, and for a moment the Rumble seemed to stop. The five of them were aware that they needed to come to life when Khali's music hit. Triple H charged at Maven and and hit the facebuster, but Helms stopped Triple H's reign of terror by busting his chops. Khali hit Maven with a headbutt, and Triple H went for Bret Hart. They were exchanging punches when Lacey jumped on Hunter's back. Not knowing who had accosted him, he used all of his strength to monkey flip her to her back, but he wasn't deterred as he went back for Helms. Batista entered the ring and the troops kept the energy level up. Edge made his way to the ring.

Edge, Helms, Maven, Lacey, Bret Hart, Khali, Batista and Triple H in the ring now. Triple H took the boots to Edge. Matt Hardy entered the ring and immediately approached Triple H. They exchanged punches.

Matt Hardy eliminated by Triple H.

Edge, Helms, Maven, Lacey, Bret Hart, Khali, Batista, and Triple H are in the ring. Lacey and Maven were locked up. Batista and Triple H were exchanging blows, and then a huge pop.

Joey Styles: Oh My Gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwd It's JEFF HARDY!!! JEFF HARDY IS HERE! JEFF HARDY IS IN IRAQ!!

The King: But the entrant number has not changed! Jeff Hardy IS NOT in the Royal Rumble! Is he back?! Is JEFF HARDY BACK?!?!

The troops were on their feet, cheering as Jeff slid into the ring. He went for Edge. The cheers grew louder.

Edge eliminated by Jeff Hardy.

Shane Helms, who had been in the rumble for some time now. He eyed his former partner, but before Jeff could do anything Triple H grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. They weren't audible, but their lips were clearly read.

Triple H: What in the hell are you doing?

Jeff Hardy: Unfinished business.

Before Jeff could say anything else he felt a presence behind him and he turned around, fists flying, right in the chest of Batista. The crowd popped, and then as if somethign rose inside of him, Jeff found the strength in his medium frame to throw Batista out of the ring. He then climbed the top turnbuckle. "Thrash Unreal" hit the PA system as the troops were enthralled with the action on the top rope. Chyna made her way to the ring and stopped just outside of it, while the men in the ring watched Jeff Hardy intently. He watched Batista in pain on the floor below and raised his eyebrow as a "Hardy, HArdy" chant went up. He pointed to the troops in the crowd, and his lips clearly read, "No thank you." as he threw up the gunz with his rebel yell and hit an amazing swanton to the floor below.

Batista eliminated by Jeff Hardy

Helms, Maven, Lacey, Bret Hart, Khali, Triple H and Chyna in the ring now. All hell breaks lose. Bret Hart charges at Triple H. Helms charges at Chyna. Triple H and Chyna turn nearly in unison, with punches to their respective opponents. Both grab their contender, throwing him to the opposite rope, double spinebuster. The troops had their hands in the air with applause as Triple H nodded his approval at Chyna. Before she could even so much as thank him with a smile she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and was greeted with hard rights from Lacey, and though it took her a minute to collect herself she began to return them with hurried ferver. Triple H was taking it to Hart, and Helms and Maven who still had staying power tried to stay out of Khali's path by locking up with each other. As if from nowhere Chyna grabbed Lacey by the hair and set her up in the Gorilla Press.

Lacey eliminated by Chyna.

Helms, Maven, Bret Hart, Khali, Triple H and Chyna remain. Bret Hart went at Maven. Triple H and Chyna started teaming up against Khali.

Maven eliminated by Bret Hart.

Great Khali eliminated by Chyna.
Chyna eliminated by sacrafice.

Helms, Bret, and Triple H are still in the ring. Helms spent several minutes taking it to his opponents, but his number five entry began to take its toll as Bret clotheslined him over the top rope. The crowd cheered as Bret turned around, faced with the last man in the ring Triple H. They traded blows as the competition became fierce. Right hand from Bret. Right hand from Triple H. Bret tries for a suplex. Triple H counters, turns it around, face buster. Bret moves to his feet, dazed, big clothesline from Triple H, Bret falls over the top rope, but hangs on! Bret was on the outside and grappled Hunter on the inside. He tried to pull him over, and then in an instant Triple H threw his weight forward, and slammed Bret to the top rope, causing him to bounce off and land on the floor below, leaving Hunter the final man standing in the Royal Rumble match. The crowd gave up a "Triple H" chant and the new #1 Contender paid them no mind as he headed back up the ramp, keeping true to his bad guy ways by not addressing the crowd and heading to the back.

Match #9
The fans gave Lance Storm a mixed reaction as he made his way down the ramp. He looked intense, but at the same time he seemed calm. Like he knew what he had to do, and was prepared to go ahead and put his plan into action. Storm waited in the ring, and the fans erupted as HBK stepped through the curtain, with his tag belt and his World Championship. He did his usual entrance, and slid through the ropes. He posed on the turnbuckle, before raising the world title above his head. Lance stared at the belt intently as Shawn surrendered it to the referee. The two men stared at each other, and the bell rang. For a moment, neither moved, then they both dove towards each other at the same time, and locked up. Storm was the stronger of the pair, and he got the better of the exchange. He forced Shawn back into a corner, and the referee came over to separate the two. They got back to a neutral position and Shawn tackled Storm to the ground. He took Storm's legs out from under him so Lance was on his back, held the Canadian’s legs apart and hit a leg drop across the groin and lower stomach area. He then hit a quick front flip over onto Storm’s chest and stomach, and stayed on top of him. The referee counted, but it was too early. Lance threw Shawn off after a two count. The two men got back to their feet and started exchanging right hands. They fist fought for a while before Lance ducked under Shawn's blow, and hit him with a neckbreaker. He went for a cover, but again the referee only got to two. The minutes passed, and the two men in the ring offered the match of the evening. Shawn's quick pace merged with Storm’s more methodical style to create an interesting contest. The men fought passionately and either man could have emerged the victor. They seemed to be neck and neck on equal grounds when Lance Irish Whipped Shawn into the ropes. Shawn was prepared though and tuned up the band, going for the Sweet Chin Music. He didn’t connect. Lance ducked the kick. Shawn was greeted with a DDT, and there was a collective "ooooh!" from the crowd. Shawn winced in pain and attempted to get to his feet. He managed it, but did so incredibly slowly. When he stood, it was only to be met by a sharp kick to the stomach. Storm got Shawn in position and hit him with the Powerbomb. He covered the World Champion, and the referee counted...1...2...3!!!
As Lance celebrated his victory, the lights went dark the cryptic video that played during the Rumble seemed to be repeating. The ticking sound returned, and the number 23 appeared on the EBWFtron again. However, the circling messages now read “NO_MORE.WAITING”, “PAY_BACK.TIME”, “THIS_IS.WAR” etc. The screen flickered, and the circling text was replaced by two messages accompanying the 23 – “RETRIBUTION_IS.HERE” above it and “SOMEONE_SAVE.STORM” below. The number became a countdown, and the fans started cheering. When the countdown had reached zero, several fireworks went off and the lights came back on. Chris Jericho stood at the top of the ramp, staring at Storm. Lance dropped the belt and encouraged Jericho to come at him. Jericho granted his request, charging down the ramp and sliding into the ring. After a flurry of punches, Jericho got the upper hand and began beating Storm down. Once he was grounded, Jericho locked him in the Walls of Jericho, applying great pressure. After a short while, Jericho released Lance, before turning him onto his back and hitting a Lionsault. He picked up the World Title and laid it over Storm, making it clear this had nothing to do with the belt. He walked away, leaving Storm barely conscious, as the pay per view came to an end.

"If you don't pay attention to me,I'm going to make you pay attention to me. I've always been that way."
- Alexa Bliss