One Bullet to welcome a Chief

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Adam Cole
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One Bullet to welcome a Chief

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For weeks, Adam Cole set the world on fire when he became the number one contender for the breakout championship. Then ever since, the Bulletclub has once again broken the internet as they do every time they get together in a new company. Another week has passed and still the Bulletclub are on the top of their game and this time their fearless leader will main event against the self proclaimed Tribal Chief.

“Everywhere I go, Everywhere I look, all I hear is the fans chanting for BULLETCLUB… Now it doesn’t matter what I do in this life, Bulletclub will always follow me, I’ve been a Demon prowling through smoke and shadows and now I’ve returned to my family, my roots to do what I do better than anyone… Dominate the wrestling world! Now I am quite aware of the behemoth who stands in my way but just like Kross, this behemoth will recognise the weapons I wield in my arsenal and while he begs with all his desperate need of attention for everyone to acknowledge him… I stand before you all and say this… Strength doesn’t come from appearance, it comes from within and I already can tell that the strength within me is far stronger than my opponent’s! Now Roman, you better be ready for me when that bell rings because if you don’t I will destroy you and leave you laid out, rather devastated by your loss. Because here’s the thing, Roman… Destruction follows the strong, devastation follows the weak!”

With that, the Prince pointed his finger guns at the camera as it faded to black.