Rated RKO Become Longest Reigning Tag Champs

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Rated RKO Become Longest Reigning Tag Champs

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Zach Heydorn

Yesterday, Edge and Randy Orton, known collectively as Rated RKO, became the longest reigning tag team champions in EBWF History. They have been champions for 689 days and counting. This is the second time the duo has been the longest reigning tag team champions, they previously set the record at 513 days in 2014. Most recently, Michael Dante and Tommy End had been the longest reigning tag team in EBWF history. Dante and End left the company in March 2020.

A huge achievement for the tag team to be sure, the accolade is even more momentous for Orton who is also the longest reigning EBWF World (274 days) and EBWF Gateway (463) Champion in the company's history. Making him the only triple crown champion in professional wrestling history to also have the distinction of the longest title reigns in each of the Triple Crown Categories.

To mark the occasion EBWF hung two 20 story banners off of their 30 story headquarters in St. Louis, one featuring both Edge and Orton reading "Congratulations Rated RKO - Longest Reigning Tag Champs in EBWF History". The other features just Orton with the words "Congratulations RKO - Longest Reigning World, Gateway, and Tag Champion in EBWF History". Fans have already congregated near the plaza in front of EBWF Headquarters for photos of and with the banners. They are expected to remain on display throughout the month of February. EBWF Headquarters is just across the street from Busch Stadium, on Market Street in Downtown St. Louis.
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