Fallout 08

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Fallout 08

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The scene faded in and focused only on the Canadian flag that DX had defaced earlier in their promo. The crowd gave a mixed reaction as Lance Storm came into the shot. Walking by casually, he reached for the flag and tore it from the wall. He smirked, adjusted the world title on his shoulder, and walked out of the frame as the camera faded to black and the Fallout Intro began to play.

Match #1
As EBWF’s Fallout was just kicking off, the X-Division Champion, Paul London, made his way to the ring. Once he had taken his belt off and past it to the referee, his challenger Kurt Angle was in the ring ready to go. The match started with Angle gaining a power advantage, and bringing London to the mat, where he kept the advantage using his technically ability to ground the high-flying X-Division Champion. However, London saw an escape and took it, using the ropes to springboard himself over a pursuing Angle, who spun around to meet a devastating Spike DDT. London pulled Angle up, and delivered a powerful Dragon Suplex, before climbing to the top ropes to nail a perfect London Calling. London then pinned Angle for a 1…2…Kickout! London stays focused though, and jumps back up to the top rope and then nails an impressive 450 Degree Splash for a 1…2…3!

Match #2
Maybe it was Paul London’s impressive performance before hand, or maybe it was the fact that he was facing the Undertaker, but Maven seemed overly nervous as he watched the Undertaker join him in the ring. Early on, Maven used his speed to avoid the Undertaker, until he slipped up, and was met with a big boot. He recovered quickly and rolled to the outside to regroup. As he was outside, the Undertaker attempted to dive over the top ropes onto Maven, but Maven saw it coming and dodged it. This was all the opening that Maven needed, as he rolled the Deadman into the Ring, and then perched himself on the top rope, leaping off as the Deadman stood up, and nailing a Halo DDT on the Undertaker. Maven readied himself once, more, as the Deadman stood up, Maven grabbed ‘Taker’s shoulders and hit an M-Plosion for the three count. Maven celebrated his victory, until the Undertaker sat up, and then Maven hit the ground running.

Match #3
The Intercontinental Championship #1 Contenders Match was next, and got pretty heated pretty fast. Shane knew that although Dusty was older, he was still a legend and had to be handled as such. Shane clearly had a speed advantage, and used the most of it, dodging the majority of Dusty’s attacks tiring him out. Dusty managed to finally grab ahold of Shane, and loosed an irish whip that gave Shane whiplash. As Shane bounced off the ropes, he was ready, as he ducked the forearm that Dusty had waiting. Shane quickly stopped himself, as Dusty turned around to face him, he was met with a Nightmare on Helms Street, and three seconds later, Shane became the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

Match #4
It's cage of Death two time. The cage has just finished being built around the ring. And the fans in the gardens are on there fight just as wazzup begins to play. Yellow and black strobe lights pan over the arena as Ron makes he way from behind the Guerrilla position wearing his trademark camo. He makes his way down the ramp not once losing eye contact with the cold yellow metal of the cage. The Referee helps him inside just as Black Widow by Children of Bodom starts to play on the P.A. Lacey steps out to a chorus of boo's and sporting her new black hair and gothic attire. She stares at the cage then a Killings with a sadistic glare on her face and points to her no limits title draped over here shoulder. Lacey ran down the rampway sliding in between the ropes and the cage door she stood up and her and Killings start to exchange some of the stiffest blows EBWF fans have ever seen. Ron, grabbed Lacey by the head and carried her over to the corner where a glass pane was sitting her picked her up and suplexed her through it cutting her back up like crazy as blood spilled all over the ring. Ron went to the other side of the ring to get a chair but somehow through the pain to stand up just as he was about to hit her with the chair she countered sending it in his face. Lacey, picked him up and hit a Last Falcony on him and start climbing the cage. She then starts to climb onto the scaffold. Lacey stood perched high above an unconscious Ron Killings, on the scaffold above the cage. Looking down to the barbwired table that Killings was layed out on Lacey made a bold move, and leapt down almost 20 feet, sending Killings through the table as the barbwire tore his flesh. Both combatatants were down and couldn't get up. Lacey got up and so did Killings Lacey tried to hit a lariat on Ron but Killings dodged Lacey's lariat, and as she turned to regain the offensive, she was met with a boot to the mid-section, and keeled over. Ron pulled her in, and lifted her above his head, turned to face a corner, and powerbombed Lacey through a plate of glass set-up against the turnbuckle. Killings pulled her towards the middle for a pin as the referee counted 1...2...KICKOUT. Ron, got up to get a chair and Lacey with her ring awarness Lacey grabbed a Light-tubed, as Ron ran towards her with a chair, but before he could connect, she Tomahawked him with the Light tube, shattering it across his forehead. She grab Ron set him up and planted him with the lightning spiral on shards of glass and covered him as the ref dropped down and counted to three.

Match #5
The Tag Team Match started with the Hart Foundation coming out with Nattie Niedhart. DX came to the ring with the tag titles, but without Chyna as she was defending her IC Title later in the evening. The match got off to a good start but Nattie was ejected from ring side when she grabbed Shawn's boot. He kicked her off like a yapping dog, but it was still enough for her to hold up the sweet Chin Music. Shawn tagged in Triple H, who went toe to toe with Bret Hart. Bret was able to get Hunter in the sharp shooter and the crowd couldn't decide who to root for. Teddy thought Bret would be able to get the upper hand and distracted the refree. Seeing an opportunity HBK jumped into the ring and super kicked Bret right in the chin in order to get him to break the hold. He fell to the mat as Shawn got the ref's attention, causing him to turn back around in time to count as Hunter covered Bret, 1..2..3.

Match #6
Thrash Unreal hit and Chyna made her entrance first. She relished only in the glory of being Champion for a moment, examining her nails instead of the fans. She was not accompained by either member of DX as she got into the ring, and refused to taunt to her home state crowd. She shrugged, disinterested as Jimmy Jacobs theme hit. He entered the ring and Chyna charged him with a few hard rights. The referee separated them and rang the bell. The Match Began with a lock up, followed by an Armbar Takedown by Chyna. Jacobs charged at Chyna but she stepped aside and he bounced into the ropes. He returned to her receiving a facebuster for his efforts. The crowd cheered in recognition of the similarities to her DX Stablemate. She took her boots to Jacobs midsection and he seemed to be down for the count when the tron gave a loud pop and caught Chyna's attention.
It was flickering on and the Ninth Wonder of the World ignored it, but when the fans didn't give much of a reaction she seemed curious too. The DX locker room door was in plain sight on the left of the screen, evident by the DX Logo adorning it. The camera was more interested in the wall beside the door. It read in smoldering painted crimson 'You want something that belongs to me, well you have something that belongs to us.' Confused and disinterested Chyna turned back to her fallen opponent, but snapped back toward the screen as the crowd began to boo.

King: Oh My God Joey...

Joey Styles: Shawn Micheals and Triple H have been completely wiped out by... someone.

The screen showed HBK and Triple H lying nearly four feet apart, blood trickling from their heads to the concrete beneath them. Chyna only had a second to look alarmed before Jimmy rolled her up and took the pin. 1..2..3.

Chyna kicked out too late, and sat up pushing the hair from her face. Irritated with heself she looked back to the screen. EBWF Trainers were now rushing the area and she slid out of the ring to rush to the backstage area. The cameras followed her as Joey Styles and King filled the silence with an update for those who were just joining and further clarifying that they had no idea who had attacked DX. Chyna finally made it back to the locker room area. The crowd cheered as Triple H and HBK had both made it to a sitting position. Chyna quickly kneeled between both of them, grateful to see them awake. Ed Kaufman was standing nearby overseeing the happenings, and though the crew was there in full force it seemed as if their were no cameras at all. Chyna grabbed a hold of Triple H's wrist, and pushed away the bloody hair that was stuck to his face as an EMT tended to HBK.

Chyna: Who did this?

Triple H: I don't know.

Chyna: Shawn?

Shawn Michaels: We didn't see a thing.

She looked at Hunter.

Chyna: Are you okay? ...Are you both okay?

Shawn Michaels: I think we're okay, Hunter?

Triple H: I'm fine... What do you make of this Joanie?

She looked at the message on the wall.

Chyna: Bret thinks the main event at Wrestlemania belongs to him, which is the something that belongs to him. They want the tag titles, which is the thing you have that they feel belongs to them, and... you got attacked from behind. Smells like a Canadian to me.

Shawn shook his head, and Hunter forced the EMT's off of him as he got to his feet, and a hype package played for the Women's Division.

Match #7
The segment got started with a video from the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. Beth informed everyone that she would not be participating in tonight's match, as she had other things to worry about. Jillian and Bobbi seemed up to the task of putting on a show for the fans. Bobbi started by taking hard lefts to the former #1 Contender. Jillian returned the favor, and the women fell to the mat in a fury of hair pulling and punching. Bobbi was able to get Jillian in the head scissors, but Jillian reversed it for the rollup. 1..2..3.

The fans were in shock as the shortened version of "The Game" blared through the PA System with the drum beats coming first. Triple H proceeded to the ring. A fresh black t-shirt, blood stained jeans, and a bandage on his head. He got in the ring and took a microphone from Lillian Garcia.
Triple H: Now, Shawn and Joanie didn't know I was coming out here right now, but I think that I need to let Bret Hart in on a little secret...

'Ohhhhhhh Shawn!' Despite the serious atmosphere the crowd couldn't help but give a pop as Sexy Boy hit the PA and Shawn Michaels proceeded to the ring much in the same manner Triple H did. He got in and took his own microphone. The crowds cheers grew louder as he spoke.

Shawn Michaels: Shut up. Shut up all of you. I'm not here to entertain you. I'm not here to make you cheer, and I'm sure as hell not here to earn your approval. Now listen to me Bret Hart. You're going to say it wasn't you...

Triple H: You're probably even going to say you had nothing to do with it Bret, but believe me, Shawn and I know that you are deathly jealous of us, but this is a new low. Even for you.

Shawn Michaels: In four weeks, this guy over here will be headlining Wrestlemania. That little stunt you just pulled cost Joanie the IC Title. And then you drag poor Teddy into this like he's immediately got to have some problem with me because of his last name...

Triple H: You think tonight proved how big and bad you are Bret? Jumping a couple of guys from behind after they beat you clean in a tag match? The only reason you even lost was because Teddy got his fat head...

The tron flickered and Hunter rolled his eyes. He was expecting some message from Bret, and Shawn took post at his side. The camera focused on a wall far from the DX Locker Room, a different message appeared this time. 'See what happens when you get so hot headed?' The camera tilted down to reveal Chyna, knocked out cold on the concrete floor. Though she didn't appear to be bleeding, the attacker had sprawled a message on the concrete floor beside her. 'And then there were none.' The camera went back the the ring. Triple H had already exited the ring. He stopped only momentairly to retrieve a sledgehammer from underneath the canvas and he proceeded up the ramp with Shawn Michaels behind him.

King: DX is angry Joey. Who in their right mind would attack DX.

Joey Styles: Whoever it was got exactly the response they were looking for.

Match #8
Bret Hart made his way to the ring first. Taunting the New York crowd, seemingly unfazed by the attack on DX. Lance Storm came to the ring and the crowd cheered. He handed the world title over to the ref. It got all business from here. Storm was more prepared, and he got the better of the exchange. Bret tried to get in some hits to the ribs, and then the familiar Fozzy tune came over the PA. The crowd cheered as Chris Jericho made his way to the announce booth. He thanked King and Joey for having him. Storm was obviously distracted by his presence but tried to play it off as he released a submission hold. Bret slammed his hands on the mat and took him down with an underhook DDT. He went for the pin. 1...2... Lance put his foot on the rope... 3! The crowd went crazy, thinking Bret had won the world title. The ref started to award Bret the belt but 'Almost Over' hit the PA system. Wes Ikeda stepped out into the stage. Wearing a pair of distressed blue jeans and a black tshirt that read 'Doll Rocked' in vertical font up his right side, he carried a microphone. He quickly spoke into it.
Wes Ikeda: Jack! Open your eyes man! I'm going to have a panic attack just saying this, but... Lance had his foot on the ropes. It won't go down this way. Restart the match.

The bell rang and the match restarted.

King: It seems Wes doesn't want to see either of these men as Champion.

Jericho: Who could blame him? Someone who knows how to talk to people might be a little more beneficial, or maybe someone with an ounce of talent. Good looks don't hurt either.

The match continued on as Lance tried to quickly end it by hitting a powerbomb. Lance went for the cover. 1...2... kickout. Wes looked frustrated on the stage, but Jericho seemed to enjoy the action. Both men got to their feet but Hart was able to knock Lance down. Hart locked on the sharpshooter. Lance struggled. He went for the bottom rope, but no luck. Storm tapped. The ref rang the beel, and Hart became the new World Champion. The crowd seemed half shocked as they cheered for Hart. He started to climb a turnbuckle when the tron lit up again. Wes spun around, this time revealing the word 'Hemme' in the same vertical font, on the left side of his back. Bret watched the screen. Lance watched it from the outside, and Jericho stood up to get a better look.

Bret looked increasingly annoyed. Wes smirked and shrugged his shoulders. Lance pounded his fist into the ring apron and Jericho grinned.

King: To borrow a phrase from a friend of mine, it looks like business is going to pick up.

Jericho: Well King, the more people who get their ass kicked by Jericho, the merrier.

Jericho threw his headset back on the announce table, and Bret finally climbed the turnbuckle as the PPV went off the air.


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