Facing the Inevitable

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Facing the Inevitable

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OOC: Sorry, I fell asleep last night before I could post anything. I've been given an extra 4 hours of classes a week during test and report season so it's been hectic.

Ace Austin is shown backstage. He’s sporting a black leather jacket over his wrestling trunks, and his hair is dyed a vibrant shade of purple.

Ace: Austin Gunn, the third greatest Austin in EBWF. Tonight, you’re betting it all on becoming the King of the Ring: your reputation, your legacy, perhaps even your career. The problem is, you don’t seem like much of a gambling man. You got to where you are today through Daddy Ass, sheer nepotism. You’re not the type to take risks, but I am. You’re stepping into my domain, and the house always wins…it’s inevitable.

He flicks a card towards the camera as it cuts to black.