RNN Update

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RNN Update

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The Randy News Network logo rotated in the center of the screen before shrinking and moving down into the lower right corner. The camera faded in on a well decorated card table in the middle of a random hallway. Randy stacked a few papers together and placed them neatly next to the EBWF tag team title belt resting on the table.

Randy Orton: Welcome to RNN - the Randy News Network. The three most budget friendly letters in sports entertainment today. This week we're discussing luchadors and high flyers like Angelico, who is my opponent tonight in the King of the Ring tournament. What is their purpose in EBWF?

Randy turned and looked into camera #2.

Randy Orton: Is there any other reason for them to exist, other than to make my RKO look incredible? We'll find out tonight as I take on a guy who jumps a lot. You remember... that time where he jumped real far? Yeah. That was neat.

Randy checked his watch.

Randy Orton: I'm probably going to win this match. Tune in next week to the Randy News Network as we discuss the topic of malignant mask-wearing World Champions. Does it make sense to keep them off TV for 6 weeks?

The RNN music played and Randy once again stacked his papers as the scene faded and the EBWF logo flashed in the corner.