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The scene opened up at a house show at the site of EBWF Warfare. A match had just concluded when all of a sudden the familiar music of the acclaimed played over the PA system. There was a mixed reaction as Max Caster and Anthony Bowens made there way out from the back. Max wore grey and pink matching clothes as did Bowens. Caster had a flat brimmed hat on forwards and had a microphone to his lips.

Max Caster: Listennnn listennnnn

I step out here tonight and listen I’m in a rage.
Because in just one night I’ll be wrestling Christian Cage.
I know one thing - he won’t be wrecking this.
He’ll barely touch me.. it’ll be like Alexa Bliss.
He’s partnered with Kane and other frightly faces
But I’m about to make him blue- like his balls on a nightly basis.
I can’t lose to this fool for real under no condition
You’re the lamest thing going- no love for the coalition.
So listen- I’m bout to smoke you like a sour joint
Since you’re not interesting - college professor PowerPoint
You continue to suck it’s a poor precedent
All these ideas and you still couldn’t be more irrelevant.
You’re like Sum 41 because you’re in too deep
Your promos go to insomniacs to help them get some sleep.
I’m a different breed- not at all what you’d expect
Crazy to be such a vet - but have such little respect.
The pressure this match brings gotta make you perspire.
Another L to a rookie has got to make you wanna retire.
Seeing you as a failure is actually nothing short of just soothing.
Talk shit and “pay” like edge at a dinner of a tag team reunion.
I’m killing you and my lines are nothing short of a miracle
You’ve been here for 20 and still suck.. nothing short of hysterical.

Anthony Bowens grabbed the mic.

Anthony Bowens: The Acclaimed have arrived!!

The two men held the A signal as the scene faded out.

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