First victim

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First victim

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The scene opened backstage as Renee Young was standing by with Christian Cage.

Renee Young:Christian Cage,tonight in the first round of the King Of The Ring tournament you will take on Bray Wyatt,what do you think of your chances?

Christian looked at Renee like her question was stupid.

Christian Cage:My chances? Renee do you know who you're talking to,I'm Christian Cage,I'm an Eight time EBWF World Champion,I'm the Instant Classic,I'm the biggest star in professional wrestling. My chances are as high as they can possibly be.

Christian smirked.

Christian Cage:I'm not afraid of Bray Wyatt,all Bray Wyatt is,is a guy who plays with puppets and could stand to lose some weight. The only thing scary about Bray is having to look at the food crumbs in his beard when you get in the ring with him.

Christian "gagged."

Christian Cage:This tournament is mine to win Renee,this tournament is the first step on my road to being the EBWF World Champion once again AKA where I belong and unfortunately for Bray Wyatt he's just the first victim that I run over on that road.

Renee Young:Well Christian it's just Bray that you should be worried about,over the last month you've made an enemy out of Hook and-

Christian snatched the microphone away from Renee.

Christian Cage:I am not concerned about Taz's kid because if he does decide to get his revenge then..

Christian paused before smirking again.

Christian Cage:What I did to him a few weeks ago will look like child's play. Now are we done?

Renee leaned towards the microphone.

Renee Young:Yes

Christian Cage:Good now get the hell out of here.

Christian tossed the microphone to Renee and she quickly left leaving a chuckling Christian as the scene faded to black.


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