Hayteful LIVing

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Hayteful LIVing

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It was at Gateway to Glory that Oedo Tai began to show its full strength as a unit. First was the match between Alexa Bliss and Sakisama. After Alexa won the match, she was immediately attacked by Jamie Hayter. Jamie dropped her with the Ushigaroshi. She followed that up with a vile chair shot right into Alexa’s face. The chair shot was so vile that it would cause even the most hard-stomached person to cringe. She finished up the assault with a devastating HAYTERADE.

After the vicious beat down on Alexa, Jamie grabbed a microphone and told her that her search for the person that attacked her was all over. The name of the mystery person that attacked Alexa Bliss had finally been revealed. It was Jamie Hayter all along that attacked Alexa Bliss.

However, Jamie’s night was not over yet as she, along with the rest of Oedo Tai, would interfere in the Women’s Championship match between Trish Stratus and Tam Nakano. When Trish thought that she had the match won, the referee was out cold, and Oedo Tai made its presence known.

First, it was AZM that hit Trish with a sign and then Jamie dropped her with a Sister Abigail. Help came for Trish in the form of Britt Baker and Natalya, but it ultimately ended up being fruitless as Tam Nakano successfully defended the Women’s Championship via pinfall. It really goes to show how no one in the EBWF is safe from the very stable that has dominated STARDOM for years.

Now for the first episode of Monday Night Warfare to take place after Gateway to Glory, Jamie Hayter of Oedo Tai finds herself in a match against Liv Morgan of the Rebellious Angels. With Becky and Alexa nowhere to be found, Liv is alone against the Most Powerful Woman in Wrestling, Jamie Hayter and that is just how Jamie likes it.

Like a lion stalking its prey, Jamie looks to make mincemeat of the energetic New Jersey native. She knows that Liv is the only Rebellious Angel left after what she did to both Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss, so once this match concludes, she’ll have taken out all three members of the Rebellious Angels single-handed. That is the dominant thought encircling the mind of Jamie.

Jamie wants to destroy all opposition and destroying Liv on Warfare will finally put an end to the trio known as the Rebellious Angels. The question is, will Jamie Hayter succeed in destroying the last member of the Rebellious Angels or will Liv Morgan manage to gain a measure of retribution for her friends?
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“Teenage Nosferatu Pussy” by Rob Zombie hits the PA System and the crowd instantly gets to their collective feet, beginning to boo. The entrance curtain opens, and Jamie Hayter walks out onto the stage, greeted by the reaction intensifying. She’s clad in a black pair of jeans, a pair of black boots, and a Cowboy Bebop shirt. She wears a smirk on her face as she begins walking down the entrance ramp.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” Ring announcer Christy Hemme says, “Please welcome at this time… Representing Oedo Tai… JAMIE HAYTER!!!”

“At Gateway to Glory, Jamie Hayter attacked Alexa Bliss on her own. Later on that night, she joined Oedo Tai in attacking Trish Stratus in order to secure the continuance of Tam Nakano’s championship reign.” Mauro Ranallo says.

“In addition to those attacks, she admitted to being the person that attacked Alexa Bliss all those weeks ago. Tonight on Warfare, she faces the third member of the Rebellious Angels, Liv Morgan” Nigel McGuinness says.

Jamie makes it to ringside with great haste and climbs up onto the apron. She enters the ring and is handed a microphone by Christy Hemme. Christy leaves the ring and Jamie raises her microphone as “Teenage Nosferatu Pussy” by Rob Zombie fades out while the crowd’s booing never waivers, which causes Jamie to grin before she begins.

“Gateway to Glory was one of the most important nights…” Jamie stops herself before continuing. “Gateway to Glory was the most important night in EBWF history. First, you had me taking care of Alexa Bliss.” On the jumbo tron, a video plays of Jamie attacking Alexa after her match with Sakisama. “There you see my power on display, a power that is unmatched. Even though I didn’t need the chair to hurt someone, I used it anyway because it was fun.”

“But that’s nothing compared to what that old slag, Trish Stratus, went through later on that. She thought it was all fine. She thought all was well, until Oedo Tai showed up to send her to hell.” Jamie says as the jumbo tron shows a recap of the closing moments of the Women’s Championship match, especially Jamie dropping Trish with the Sister Abigail. “Down goes Trish, the most overrated woman in wrestling history not named the Fabulous Moolah! I love when a plan comes together!” Jamie says with a chuckle as the crowd boos her. “No one will ever forget the night that Oedo Tai took out two celebrated former Women’s Champions, and speaking of Alexa, that brings me to the last member of the Rebellious Angels, Liv Morgan.”

The crowd cheers unanimously once Jamie utters the name “Liv Morgan,” and she just shakes her head. “Yeah, that’s right. Go ahead and cheer Liv. Love her. Believe in her. Go ahead and do all of that, because it’ll make it that much sweeter for me to knock her head off with the HAYTERADE.” The cheering from the crowd instantly changes to booing. “That’s because I love causing people pain and misery. I love to look out into the crowd and see the disappointed looks on your faces, and the disappointment that all of you must have felt at Gateway to Glory will only get worse tonight. All of you would love to see that oompa loompa, Liv Morgan, come out on top. You would all love to see the daring underdog topple the Most Powerful Woman in Wrestling.”

The crowd cheers at the idea of Liv Morgan beating Jamie Hayter. “You’d all love to see Liv somehow fluke her way to a victory, but I’m here to remind you that I’m Jamie FUCKING Hayter. What that means is that Liv won’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of beating me. She won’t even come close to beating me. Sure, she’ll come at me with her brash bravado. She’ll tell me to bring it. She’ll probably even call me a bitch. All of that might seem entertaining and endearing to all of you, but to me, it’s foolhardy. It’s foolhardy, because trying to make yourself look tough when you’re in the presence of me won’t work. I can’t count the number of people that thought they were tough before they met me.”

The crowd starts booing again before Jamie continues. “Britt Baker thought she was tough. I knocked her the bloody out. Becky Lynch thought she was tough. She’s not so tough when she’s lying in a hospital bed, now is she? My most recent victims were Trish Stratus and Alexa Bliss.”

Jamie smirks. “I sent Trish Stratus back to the retirement home from whence she came, because that’s where she belongs. The next time she decides to show her face, I’ll do more than break that old bitch’s hip. I’ll just break that old bitch. That scene that Becky did back in January that still makes her cry uncontrollably? I’ll make it a reality. The only difference is I don’t need a prop gun with blood packets. I don’t even need a real gun.” Jamie balls her hands into fists. “These are all I need in order to make that scene a reality.”

“As for Alexa Bliss…” Jamie grins as the crowd cheers at the mention of Alexa’s name. “I found it to be highly entertaining that the sawed-off half-pint was trying to act so tough. For weeks, she threatened to destroy the person that attacked her. Once she came face to face with me, all of that toughness went out of the window. I gave her the worst beating of her life. What do Becky, Trish, and Alexa all have in common? All three of them are nowhere to be seen, because I took them out.”

The crowd boos Jamie again as she continues. “So, Liv, the biggest question on your mind has to be ‘What can I do? How can I combat the awesome might of Jamie Hayter?’ The answer to that is quite simple. There is absolutely nothing that you can do that will save you from my onslaught. Nothing you do will save you from experiencing the worst pain that you have ever felt in your entire life. I destroyed both of your friends. I destroyed Becky Lynch and I destroyed Alexa Bliss. I had so much fun doing it. It was simply orgasmic, but you know what?”

The crowd looks on in confusion, hanging on every word that Jamie says. “I’ll have even more fun when I destroy you. If I can physically dominate the likes of Britt Baker, Trish Stratus, and your two best friends - Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss, then just imagine what I’m going to do to you.” Jamie says as the crowd boos.

“Hell, you don’t even have to imagine what I’m going to do to you, Liv. The footage I showed speaks for itself. If you thought what I did to your friends and Trish Stratus were bad, then just wait until I get you into this ring tonight. I had a great deal of fun hurting Becky Lynch, Britt Baker, Alexa Bliss, and Trish Stratus, but I’ll have even more fun hurting you, Liv. Not only will I hurt you, but I’ll embarrass you in an extended session of pain. That pain will only stop when I choose to make it stop. When I think that you have suffered enough, I will knock your head off with the HAYTERADE. I will embarrass you so bad that you’ll get plastic surgery, a name change, and live out the remainder of your days working at Hooters in anonymity in the middle of nowhere in New Jersey. Despite all of the changes that you’d make to run away from what I’ll do to you, it’ll stick with you for the rest of your life. You will never forget the day that you fell hard at the hands of the Most Powerful Woman in Wrestling.”
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