Wrestlemania XIX Results - 3/29/2020

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Wrestlemania XIX Results - 3/29/2020

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The scene faded in to reveal the city of St. Louis from overhead. A wide, sweeping angle of the Arch was seen, and then the camera drone continued it's journey over the city showing view of EBWF HQ, Busch Stadium, Anheuser Busch Brewery, Union Station and the Aquarium before finally flying over the Enterprise Center. The drone flew lower to the ground and into the open doors before heading across the concourse and down a tunnel into the arena. The seats were empty as the ring came into view with the figure of a man in the center. As it came closer, it was clear that this was Wes Ikeda and once his face was in the frame if the screen, he grinned.

Wes Ikeda: 19 years, and each one of them, featuring the hardest working athletes wanting that ONE. MOMENT. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the grandest stage of them all. Welcome to Wrestlemania 19!

A video package played to segway into the show, and when it completed the cameras were back in the arena, but now it was filled with a capacity crowd.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Wrestlemania 19!

Pyro went off on the stage to the delight of the fans in attendance.

Nigel McGuinness: I'm Nigel McGuinness.

Mauro Ranallo: And I'm Mauro Ranallo, and we have a lot of action in store for you here tonight. So why not get right to it...

The crowd gave a mixed reaction to Britt Baker as she proceeded to the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: She may be new to the women's locker room, but she kicks off Wrestlemania here tonight.

Becky Lynch came to the ring next in a flurry from the fog machine, and looking over the crowd with what could only be described as pride in herself. She moved into the ring, and the match began. They locked up and went at it. Becky took it to the corner and got in Baker's face but got slapped. The crowd showed some displeasure at that.

Nigel McGuinness: Look at the disrespect!

They had words as fans began chanting for Becky. Becky took Baker to the floor for a leg lock but Baker quickly got to the bottom rope. There was more back and forth that landed Britt in the corner. Becky took her from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Becky hit a springboard kick out of the corner. Britt went to the outside and Becky executed a baseball slide kick while Baker was on the floor. They came back in and Baker finally turns it around with a shot to the ribs.

Mauro Ranallo: That looks like it hurt!

Britt wrapped Becky around the ring post and slammed her into it over and over as the referee warned her. Fans booed Britt as she dragged Becky over for a 2 count. Britt laid in more shots to the ribs and kept Becky down. Baker took Becky to the corner and kicked away at the ribs as the referee warned her again. Britt focused on the injured left arm and the ribs, pounding on Becky while keeping her grounded. Baker tried to steal two pin attempts while keeping Lynch grounded with elbow strikes. Becky clutched her ribs while trying to mount offense. Baker came right back with a tackle for a pin attempt but Becky powered up out of nowhere and rocked her.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky on the come up!

Becky springboarded with another kick. Baker turned it back around in the corner and looked to go for a superplex but Becky rolled her to the mat and over, going for the Disarm-Her. Baker tangled and we got another a 2 count. Becky went back for the hold but couldn't get it all the way locked in as Britt broke it up. Becky charged but Baker sent her face-first into the turnbuckle. Baker launched herself into another big ribs shot in the corner but Becky kicked out at 2.

Nigel McGuinness: Those ribs are aching! I'm not sure how Becky is staying in this.

Baker showed off and posed but the crowd booed her. Lynch took advantage and unloaded on Baker to make the comeback. Baker landed a right hand to the ribs. Becky came right back and hit a flying forearm shot. Becky charged into the corner and stomped away as the referee warned her. Becky hit the Bexploder suplex for a close 2 count.

Mauro Ranallo: These women can't be stopped!

More back and forth now as Baker kept things coming. Baker finally turned it around and leveled Lynch but couldn't get the 3 count. Baker showed frustration and argues with the referee. Britt went to the top but Becky cut her off and sent her to the mat. Lynch immediately applied the Disarm-Her and Baker had no choice but to tap!

Mauro Ranallo: Becky Lynch has done it! She's sealed her Wrestlemania victory!

The crowd roared as a hype video for the Gateway Championship Match began to play.


As Wrestlemania returned from a promotional video package, there were several ladders set up around the ringside area, and the Gateway Championship was hanging above the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Up next, Randy Orton defends the Gateway Title in a ladder match!

Nigel McGuinness: Don't forget, Randy Orton is outnumbered, Mauro... he's got to outlast The Miz, Tommaso Ciampa and Jimmy Havoc in order to retain his title!

Tommaso Ciampa made his way to the ring first, followed by Jimmy Havoc, then The Miz. As the three challengers waited in the ring, "Counting Bodies Like Sheep" hit and the crowd cheered as Randy Orton made his way to the ring, accompanied by Edge. As Orton entered the ring, Edge walked around the ringside area, joining Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness at the announce table.

Mauro Ranallo: Well it looks like we've got a special guest commentator for this next match... thank you for joining us, Edge!

Edge: Well I had to get on Wrestlemania somehow, Mauro... I've got bills to pay! Besides, ladder matches are kind of my thing.

Upon entering the ring, Orton looked around at his opponents and smirked. The referee called for the bell, and Ciampa charged towards Orton, going for a clothesline. Orton ducked out of the way, then hit an...

Nigel McGuinness: RKO outta nowhere!

As Ciampa rolled out of the ring, Orton got to his feet and looked at Havoc, then Miz, as if to say "who's next?" Miz pointed at Havoc, then stepped back. Havoc called Miz a coward and spat at him, then charged towards Orton, hitting him with a series of punches. Orton fought back with some right hands of his own, before hitting a European uppercut! Havoc looked dazed, and Orton threw him out of the ring, then turned his attention to The Miz.

Mauro Ranallo: Randy Orton is making fast work of his opponents!

Edge: Well Mauro, I'd say he has a dinner reservation, but all the restaurants are closed!

Orton flashed The Miz a devious smile, then challenged Miz to come and fight him. Miz walked towards Orton and offered to shake his hand, but Orton shook his head and slapped Miz's hand away. Orton then hit Miz with a series of punches, before whipping him against the ropes. As Miz ran back towards him, Orton hit a snap scoop powerslam, then began pounding the mat, signalling for the RKO. Miz staggered to his feet, and Orton went for the RKO... but Miz blocked it, then hit Orton with the Skull Crushing Finale! Miz quickly rolled out of the ring and grabbed a ladder, then slid back into the ring and set the ladder up underneath the Gateway Championship. Miz began climbing the ladder, but before he could reach the top Jimmy Havoc entered the ring with a steel chair. Havoc hit Miz across the back with the chair, causing Miz to lose his balance. As Miz fell down from the ladder, Havoc drilled the chair into his ribs, before hitting Miz with a DDT onto the chair! Having taken Miz out, Havoc was about to begin climbing the ladder when Tommaso Ciampa re-entered the ring. Ciampa charged towards Havoc, and the two men began exchanging punches back and forth. Ciampa was able to overpower Havoc, and he clotheslined Havoc over the top rope, then began climbing the ladder. As Ciampa began his ascent, Randy Orton got to his feet, and the Viper followed Ciampa up the ladder, pulling him down then slamming his head off one of the rungs of the ladder. Orton followed up with a series of punches, then dragged Ciampa towards the corner and slammed his head off the turnbuckle. Orton punched Ciampa in the corner several times, then sat him on the top rope, setting him up for a superplex. Just as Orton was about to hit the superplex, The Miz grabbed Orton and hit a powerbomb, completing the Tower of Doom spot beloved by wrestling fans worldwide!

Nigel McGuinness: Everyone is down except The Miz... we could have a new champion here!

The Miz climbed the ladder and was about to grab the title when Jimmy Havoc entered the ring with a second ladder. Havoc swung the ladder at Miz, hitting him in the back and causing him to lose his balance, then set his ladder up next to the first ladder and began climbing. As he reached the top of the ladder, Havoc hit Miz with a series of punches, but Miz fought back with some punches of his own. The two men exchanged punches back and forth, but then The Miz grabbed Havoc and slammed his head against the top of the ladder, dazing him. Just when it looked like Havoc was going to fall, The Miz grabbed him and hit a Skull Crushing Finale off the ladder!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! The Miz just took Havoc out with a Skull Crushing Finale from seven feet in the air!

Edge: But he's hurt himself in the process, Mauro... a wreckless move!

Miz appeared to have hurt his knee, and was struggling to get to his feet. Jimmy Havoc was out cold, and lay motionless on the mat. At this point, both Ciampa and Orton got to their feet, and grabbed a ladder each. Ciampa swung the ladder towards Orton, but Orton blocked it with his ladder, then hit Ciampa in the face with the end of the ladder. Ciampa dropped the ladder he was holding, and stumbled backwards, falling into the ropes. Orton grabbed Ciampa and hit him with the rope-hung DDT! As Orton turned his attention to The Miz, Miz grabbed the steel chair Havoc had broad into the ring earlier and drilled it into Orton's ribs. Miz then grabbed Orton, setting him up for a Skull Crushing Finale onto the ladder... but Orton blocked it, then turned around and hit Miz with an RKO! There was a sickening thud as Miz was slammed face-first onto the ladder. Orton grabbed the other ladder and set it up in the center of the ring, then climbed it and unhooked the Gateway Title. The referee called for the bell.

Nigel McGuinness: What carnage that was... Randy Orton retains!

Edge entered the ring to celebrate with Orton, then the two men made their way to the back as EMTs checked on Miz, Havoc and Ciampa.


Mauro Ranallo: Still to come, Chris Jericho challenges Aiden English for the EBWF World Title. Up first though, the Women's Royal Rumble winner Trish Stratus seeks to win her eighth Women's Championship!

"Bossy" by Kelis hit and the crowd cheered as Trish Stratus made her way to the ring. As she entered the ring, Trish stared looked around the arena, then climbed the turnbuckle and posed for the fans. She then stepped down and waited for the arrival of her opponent. "Loyalty is Everything" hit and the crowd booed as Shayna Baszler stepped out onto the stage.

Nigel McGuinness: Shayna Baszler made a huge impact upon signing for EBWF, winning the Women's Championship just a few weeks after making her debut. Tonight she steps into the ring with one of the most successful superstars in EBWF history... what a Wrestlemania moment it would be if she can retain the title!

As Baszler entered the ring, she unhooked the Women's Title from around her waist, then held it up and got in Trish's face, taunting her with the gold. The referee took the title from Baszler, and after Christy Hemme had introduced both superstars, the referee held the title in the air and called for the bell. As the bell rang, Baszler charged towards Stratus, hitting her with a series of punches. Baszler then grabbed Trish and dragged her towards the corner, slamming her head off the turnbuckle. Baszler kicked Trish in the corner several times, causing her to fall to the ground.

Mauro Ranallo: The former cage fighter is taking the fight to Trish Stratus!

Trish fell into a sitting positon and Baszler put her foot on Trish's throat, choking her! The referee threatened to disqualify Baszler and began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... Baszler stepped back just before the referee counted 5. As Stratus got to her feet, Baszler grabbed her, setting her up for a vertical suplex. Stratus blocked it, countering with a sitout jawbreaker, then grabbed Baszler by the legs and catapulted her into the turnbuckles! As Baszler staggered backwards, Stratus hit a neckbeaker slam, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Baszler kicked out! Trish got to her feet and stomped on Baszler several times, then pulled Baszler to her feet and whipped her against the ropes. As Baszler ran back towards her, Stratus took Baszler down with a Thesz press, then hit her with repeated punches against the ring mat. As she got to her feet, Stratus ran against the ropes, before hitting Baszler with an elbow drop. She hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Baszler kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: Trish Stratus is in complete control here, but Shayna Baszler isn’t giving up without a fight!

Stratus pulled Baszler to her feet, and set her up for the Stratusfaction! The crowd cheered in anticipation... but as Stratus ran towards the ropes, Baszler broke free and shoved Trish into the ropes, before locking in the Kirifuda Clutch!

Mauro Ranallo: The Kirifuda Clutch! Trish Stratus could be in trouble here!

Trish tried to break free, but Baszler held on tight. Trish then tried to grab the ropes, but Baszler pulled her backwards, dropping down to the mat as she did so. The referee asked Trish if she wanted to submit, but Trish shook her her, then rolled backwards, pinning Baszler's shoulders onto the mat! The referee counted – 1... 2... Baszler kicked out just before the 3! Both women got to their feet, and Baszler went for a clothesline, but Stratus ducked out of the way then hit Baszler with a Chick Kick! Baszler was down, and Trish was about to make the cover... but instead she dragged Baszler to her feet, and hit the Stratusfaction! She hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Nigel McGuinness: It's over! An impressive victory for Trish Stratus!

The referee called for the bell and handed Trish the title, then raised her arm in victory.

Mauro Ranallo: Congratulations to Trish Stratus on winning her eighth EBWF Women's Championship!


Christy Hemme: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening!

"Judas" hit and the crowd gave a fierce reaction to Chris Jericho who came to the stage and stood there, surveying the crowd behind aviator sunglasses. They sang along to Judas, which left the EBWF Legend trying not to smile before he proceeded down the ramp and into the ring.

Christy Hemme: Introducing first, the challenger, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada... Chris Jericho!

Aiden was to the ring next, and he wore the EBWF World Championship around his waist as he headed down the ramp.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois. He is the EBWF World Champion, Aiden English!

Aiden got into the ring and relinquished the championship to the referee. The bell rang and they locked up. Jericho went for an early Walls of Jericho but it was blocked. Jericho ended up sending English to the floor and going to the top for a big splash early.

Mauro Ranallo: Risky offense from Jericho!

Jericho sent English into the steel steps and worked him back into the ring. Jericho kept control as dueling chants broke out. English managed to create some space and turned it around. English mounted Jericho and talked some trash as the crowd booed. English charged into the corner, drop kicking Jericho. Jericho rolled out to the outside onto the apron. English brought it back into the ring and kept control, working Jericho around and talking trash. English hit more offense and a senton for a 2 count. English got too cocky and Jericho took him down with a dropkick. They ended up on the floor and Jericho countered an apron powerbomb with a back drop. Jericho kept control on the floor and brought it back in the ring. Jericho dropped an elbow from the top for a 2 count.

Nigel McGuinness: I thought Chris may have had him there.

English kept control after more counters. Jericho climbed up and rocked English with rights. Jericho nailed a big hurricanrana for a 2 count. The crowd was hot and Jericho yelled at the referee. Jericho went on and hit the running bulldog. Jericho went for the Lionsault but landed on his feet. English nailed a superkick for a close 2 count. Aiden tried to follow up by going up top. Jericho countered a Frogsplash with knees but English countered the Lionsault. English went up top again but Jericho blocked that offense that too. English kept control and covered for another close pin attempt. Jericho blocked a pop-up powerbomb and hit the Lionsault for a 2 count.

Mauro Ranallo: Are you kidding me! Jericho was almost the world champion one more time!

Jericho worked on the ribs. English ran into an uppercut. He was almost unaffected and got Jericho in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho tries to break his own hold but English tightens it. Jericho finally broke it but English ended up kicking him into the corner. Jericho blocked a corner cannonball and pulled English over for the Walls of Jericho. He finally got it locked in. English made it to the bottom rope and broke the hold.

Nigel McGuinness: Both of their legs must feel like rubber!

Aiden hit the Director's Cut, but Jericho kicked out at two and three quarters!

Mauro Ranallo: Jericho is spent!

Aiden pulled Jericho up to his feet, and left him standing in the middle of the ring. He went rope to rope, and moved to hit a powerful clothesline on the unsteady Jericho, but he ran right into the Judas Effect.

Mauro Ranallo: Jericho got all of it, but Aiden still knocked the wind out of him.

Aiden's legs had buckled and he'd fallen flat on his back. Jericho had fallen with him.

Nigel McGuiness: They're out! What is happening. The referee doesn't know what to do. He has to start a count.

Rather than starting a ten count, the referee fell to his knees.


Mauro Ranallo: Wait, Nigel! Look at Jericho's hand.


The camera angled in on a tight shot of Jericho's hand which had fallen to rest over Aiden's right shoulder.


Mauro Ranallo: Are you kidding me!

Nigel McGuinness: Is Chris Jericho the new EBWF World Champion?

"Judas" hit the PA and the crowd was stunned. The referee moved to rouse Jericho.

Mauro Ranallo: He is! Can you believe it Nigel?

The crowd gave a mixed reaction that seemed to tilt in Jericho's favor as he struggled to his feet, and the referee put the EBWF World Championship over his shoulder. Pyro went off from on the stage.

Nigel McGuinness: What a Wrestlemania 19! Unbelievable.

Mauro Ranallo: And we're never going to hear the end of it from Chris Jericho.

Jericho seemed to finally be catching on to what happened and he held the EBWF World Championship above his head in the center of the ring as EBWF Wrestlemania 19 went off the air.
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