Christmas Eve of Destruction Results 12/24/2020

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Christmas Eve of Destruction Results 12/24/2020

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A holiday themed intro package played before Christmas Eve of Destruction went live from Indianapolis. Red and green pyro shot off from the stage as the fans moved to their feet in anticipation of EBWF’s most destructive night.

Mauro Ranallo: Happy Holidays, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Christmas Eve of Destruction!

Nigel McGuinness: It’s a night like no other as EBWF superstars put their titles, careers and bodies on the line in all manner of match scenarios. Tonight, The Rock will take on Aiden English in a Crown of Thorns match. Randy Orton will put his Gateway Championship on the line in a Sadistic Madness match, and right now, Liv to Riott take on Becky Lynch and Winter in a Holiday Hijinx match that is sure to get us in the spirit.

“Celtic Invasion” hit and Becky Lynch was to the ring first accompanied by her tag team partner, Winter. Christy Hemme did the formal introductions before “We Riott” hit and Ruby Riott came to the ring with Liv Morgan.

Christy Hemme: And their opponents, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan... Liv to Riott!

The crowd cheered the newly returned tag team as they slid in under the bottom rope and squared up to get the match started. The referee separated the teams and made them decide who would get started. The ring and ringside area were littered with a plethora of Christmas themed weapons, and the crowd was already into it when the referee rang the bell.

Winter started off with Ruby Riott, and a “Riott Squad” chant went up in the arena. Riott ducked a big boot, knocked Lynch off the apron, and reached over to the corner to pick up a plastic yard decoration shaped like a candy cane, and unloaded on Winter. Liv waited for Ruby to back Winter into the ropes, and smashed her over the head with a wrapped gift. She moved between the ropes for the double team but it backfired as Winter drop kicked them both. Winter went for the pin, and Liv kicked out at 2.

Mauro Ranallo: Winter trying to make fast work of the Riott Squad.

Lynch was back to her feet and moved in for the double team on Liv. Riott eventually fought back, and went under the ring for a candy striped kendo stick. She knocked Winter off the apron, continuing to hit her with the kendo stick until Becky got away from Liv and interrupted slapping Ruby from behind. Riott went after Lynch and chased her around the ring but Winter dropped her at ringside by smacking her over the head with a sheet pan filled with frosted holiday cookies!

Nigel McGuinness: Gives a whole new meaning to tossing cookies!

Winter pinned Riott on the floor, but it was only good for a two count. Lynch came back in for more double teaming on Riott while she was down. Riott rolled Lynch for a 2 count. Lynch dropped Riott for another quick pin attempt. Lynch kept Riott down on the outside and in came Winter for another double team and pin attempt. Liv was up know, and moved to the top steps, hitting a suicide dive to take out the whole lot. Ruby managed to get up, but Winter grounded her. Riott looked to fight back at one point but Winter dropped her again and took her time, covering for another 2 count. Becky moved to work Ruby over too. Lynch put a knee in her back and locked on a submission. Liv grabbed Winter by the hair and dropped her to the floor, before fighting up and throwing her into the barricade. Liv picked up another wrapped gift and slammed it into Winter. Becky lunched at Riott but Ruby nailed an enzuigiri.

Mauro Ranallo: The genius of Ruby Riott! Using Becky’s momentum against her.

Ruby was down, and Winter chased Liv toward the time keeper’s area. Liv reached over the barricade to a decorative tree. She grabbed an ornament off of the tree, and turned wildly on Winter before smashing the glass bauble over Winter’s head. Winter let out a screech and was immediately covering her eyes. Liv rolled back into the ring where Becky met her, and Liv ran wild on her. Liv dropped Lynch with a kick. Then Becky ran into a back elbow in the corner. Liv came off the second rope with the double stomp. She went for the pin.



Becky kicked out as Ruby got back into the ring. Liv and Ruby went for the double team but Lynch fought them off. Liv got sent to the floor. Winter ran in and they followed through for the suplex double team to Riott. Winter covered for the pin in the middle of the ring but Liv leapt in to break it up. Lynch also ran in and the two went at it. Liv blocked a direct hit, and moved pushing Winter into Lynch, who had the wind knocked out of her. Liv hit the Ob-Livion on Lynch, and Becky rolled out under the bottom rope. Winter came right back. Liv kept the momentum with double knees to Winter and Riott followed up with the Riott Kick. Ruby Riott went for the pin.




Mauro Ranallo: Liv to Riott have done it!

Nigel McGuinness: Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan have won the opening bout tonight at Christmas Eve of Destruction.

The women hugged in the center of the ring and had their hands raised in victory.


Mauro Ranallo: Well folks, up next we were due to have Tomohiro Ishii defend the Breakout Championship in a Flaming Tables match, but unfortunately that match is no longer taking place. Tomohiro Ishii has had to return to Japan for personal reasons, and as he is unable to defend his title, the Breakout Championship has been declared vacant.

Nigel McGuinness: It is unclear when or if Tomohiro Ishii will be returning, so on behalf of everyone here at EBWF I would like to thank Ishii for his service and wish him all the best. Our next match this evening is a Christmas House of Fun match between Alexa Bliss and a Japanese wrestler who has made an immediate impact here in EBWF... Tam Nakano. The winner of this match will challenge the Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, for the title at the Royal Rumble next month.

After a video package recapping the rivalry between Alexa Bliss and Tam Nakano, "Bossy" by Kelis hit and the crowd cheered as Trish Stratus stepped out onto the stage. Trish stood at the top of the stage and held up the Women's Title, then walked down the ramp and joined Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness at the announce table.

Mauro Ranallo: Well this is an unexpected surprise... welcome Trish!

Trish Stratus: Thanks, Mauro. The winner of this match is going to be my next challenger, so I thought I'd take a closer look at the action.

Nigel McGuinness: I bet you're glad you're an observer rather than a competitor, Trish... this match looks like it could be violent!

The camera cut to the ring, which had a variety of weapons hanging above it including: a baseball bat wrapped in tinsel, a steel chair with a bow on it, a trash can, a kendo stick and a wreath. "Another Me" hit and the crowd booed as Alexa Bliss made her way to the ring. When Bliss was in the ring, "Violet Kung Fu Girl" hit and the crowd cheered as Tam Nakano headed to the ring, accompanied by P-Chan.

Mauro Ranallo: Tam Nakano has made it clear that she doesn't want to hurt Alexa Bliss, but she is willing to do so if that's what it takes to win this match... she says it's her dream to earn a shot at the Women's Championship.

Trish Stratus: As well it should be, Mauro. I've always said if you're not here to win titles, why are you here? I'm a little confused by Tam saying that she doesn't want to hurt anybody though... wrestling is a physical sport. Sometimes you get hurt, sometimes you have to hurt your opponent. It's part of the business.

As she reached the bottom of the ramp, Nakano walked around the ring, placing P-Chan on the announce table. She asked Mauro, Nigel and Trish to "look after him", then rolled into the ring. As she entered the ring, Nakano grabbed the Christmas wreath and handed it to Alexa Bliss as if it were a peace offering. Bliss shook her head, tossed the wreath away and then charged towards Nakano, hitting her with a series of punches. Bliss then whipped Nakano into the corner, and grabbed the baseball bat. She swung the bat at Nakano... but Nakano ducked out of the way! Nakano then grabbed Bliss from behind, hitting her with a German suplex. Both women got to their feet, and Nakano hit Bliss with a roundhouse kick, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Bliss kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: Tam Nakano resisting the urge to use weapons so far... although you could say those kicks are a weapon of hers!

Nakano pulled Bliss to her feet and whipped her against the ropes, then as Bliss ran back towards her, Nakano went for an arm drag. Bliss blocked it, then took Nakano down with an STO. Bliss stomped on Nakano several times, then grabbed the steel chair. She lifted the chair up... then slammed it down hard on the back of Tam Nakano! Nakano cried out in pain, and Bliss hit her with the chair several more times, before placing the chair on the mat. Bliss then pulled Tam Nakano to her feet... and hit a DDT onto the chair!

Nigel McGuinness: Did you hear that thud? Tam Nakano might have been knocked out cold!

Nakano lay motionless on the mat, and Bliss rolled her over, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Nakano kicked out just before the 3! Bliss looked stunned, and as she got to her feet she grabbed the baseball bat. Bliss waited for Nakano to get to her feet, then swung the baseball bat at her... but Nakano grabbed the bat, blocking it, then snatched the bat away from Alexa Bliss! Bliss suddenly looked fearful, and stepped back away from Nakano. Nakano lifted the bat up... then tossed it away before charging towards Bliss, taking her down with a spear! As Bliss hit the mat, Nakano punched her several times, then pulled her to her feet and hit a swinging neckbreaker. She hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Bliss kicked out! As Nakano got to her feet, she took several steps back and signalled for the Violet Shoot. When Bliss was on her feet, Nakano charged towards her... but as she went to hit the Violet Shoot, Bliss ducked out of the way! As Nakano turned around, Bliss hit her with a clothesline, then grabbed the kendo stick. As Tam Nakano got back to her feet, Bliss hit her across the head with the kendo stick, breaking the kendo stick in half! Nakano fell to the mat, and Bliss hit the Insult to Injury, then hooked both legs. The referee counted – 1... 2... Tam Nakano kicked out! Shaking her head in frustration, Bliss rolled out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron, pulling a table out from underneath the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa Bliss has decided there aren't enough weapons in and around the ring... she's got that table and I'm guessing she isn't going to put Christmas dinner on it!

Bliss brought the table into the ring, and set it up in the center of the ring. Bliss then pulled Nakano to her feet, and set her up for a suplex through the table. She went to lift Nakano up... but Nakano blocked it! Nakano then hit Bliss with a knee to the midsection, before lifting her up and hitting a body slam, slamming Bliss through the table!

Trish Stratus: That's more like it! Tam Nakano showing that she has a mean streak! I think I can hear P-Chan applauding her.

If P-Chan was applauding Nakano, it couldn't be heard over the cheers of the crowd. Smiling, Tam Nakano pulled Alexa Bliss to her feet, and hit a bridging Tiger Suplex onto the steel chair! Both of Alexa's shoulders were down, and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Nigel McGuinness: It's over! Tam Nakano wins, and she earns her dream title match with Trish Stratus!

Trish Stratus: She should be careful what she wishes for, Nigel... that dream could turn out to be a nightmare.

As the referee called for the bell and raised Nakano's arm in victory, Trish Stratus got to her feet. She applauded Nakano, then walked around the ring and made her way to the back. Nakano rolled out of the ring, grabbed P-Chan and hugged him, then continued to celebrate as a promo video for the Royal Rumble began to air.


Christy Hemme: This following contest is a Sadistic Madness Match scheduled for one fall, and it is for the EBWF Gateway Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Boston, Massachusetts, Tommaso Ciampa!

Ciampa came to the ring to mercilessly being booed by the crowd. Those boos turned to cheers when A Perfect Circle hit.

Christy Hemme: Introducing the champion, from St. Louis, Missouri, he is Randy Orton!

Randy got into the ring, and before he could even turn over the title to the referee, Ciampa immediately punched Orton and beat him down in the corner. Ciampa kneed him in the face a few times for good measure. Ciampa sent him to the opposite corner and hit a running clothesline. He sent him to another corner and charged, but Randy got his boat up. Orton ducked a clothesline and hit a Lou Thesz Press. Ciampa got up and grabbed for Randy, but Orton wriggled out of it. Orton went for an RKO but Ciampa pushed him off. Ciampa clotheslined him over the top rope and followed him outside.

Mauro Ranallo: This one is moving fast!

Ciampa sent Randy into the barricade and uppercut him. Ciampa head-butted him and they fought up the ramp. Orton came back with punches and kicks. Orton gave him an uppercut and Ciampa answered right back with a right hand. Orton bounced Ciampa off the apron and got a kendo stick from under the ring. Orton hit Ciampa in the midsection, before raising the kendo stick again and again to get him in the back and legs. Orton slammed it down and had a crazy look on his face. Orton got in the ring and dragged Ciampa to the apron. He went for the rope hung DDT but Ciampa back body dropped him over the top rope. Ciampa followed him outside and sent Randy into the barricade.

Mauro Ranallo: Ciampa has turned things around here.

Ciampa spun Randy toward the apron, and he did some quick thinking and slid back into the ring. Ciampa followed after and began punching away at Orton in the middle of the ring. Ciampa picked him up and hit a snapmare. Ciampa went into the ropes and hit a low dropkick to the face for a near fall. Orton came back with some punches but Ciampa quickly kneed him. Ciampa sent him to the ropes but Orton held on. Ciampa charged, but Randy adjusted and he ran into an elbow. Ciampa charged again and Orton pulled the top rope down, sending Ciampa over. Orton went to the apron and jumped off but Ciampa uppercut him out of mid-air! Orton hit the floor.

Mauro Ranallo: What a nasty splat!

Nigel McGuinness: Orton might have to sleep in while his family is opening gifts tomorrow.

Ciampa took the top of the announcer’s table off and got rid of the monitors. Orton pulled himself up on the apron and Ciampa taunted the crowd. Ciampa grabbed Randy but Orton fought it. Ciampa moved to lift him, but Orton used the momentum to get up on the table. Orton punched Ciampa off and kicked him away. As he did that Orton planted his foot where a monitor would go. Ciampa smiled sadistically, and gave Randy a shove, toppling him over and causing the table to turn over with him attached to it. Orton let out a pained sound, but mustered the strength to send Ciampa into the ring steps. Orton then collapsed and clutched his knee.

Mauro Ranallo: Orton is going to have to figure out how to retain his title on one leg after Ciampa’s quick thinking!

Orton took the top half of the steel steps off and viciously assaulted Ciampa. Orton put Ciampa’s leg on the bottom half and stomped it. Orton grabbed the top half of the steps again and slammed it down on Ciampa’s ankle!

Nigel McGuinness: There’s that instinct from Randy Orton. Even things up by taking out Ciampa’s leg too!

Orton grabbed Ciampa up and helped him back into the ring. He followed in after him and kicked Ciampa in the leg. Orton went into the ropes and ate a big boot. Ciampa then fell in pain from his injured leg. Ciampa hobbled to the apron and climbed to the top rope. Ciampa went for a diving lariat but Orton avoided it. Ciampa clutched his ankle in pain and Orton sent him into the ring post shoulder first. Orton hit the rope hung DDT, and then smiled maniacally and dropped to the mat. Orton waited for Ciampa to get up and went for an RKO but Ciampa pushed him off. Ciampa hit him with a sidewalk slam for a near fall.

Mauro Ranallo: I guess they’re going to bust each other open with brute strength.

Nigel McGuinness: If there’s two men who could do it, I think it might be these two.

Ciampa fought up to his feet and went to the top rope again. Orton slowly got up and turned around to eat a diving lariat. Ciampa grabbed his ankle in pain but found a way to get up. Ciampa signals for Project Ciampa and Orton turned around, hitting an RKO out of nowhere!

Mauro Ranallo: You can’t win that way, Randy! Ciampa isn't bleeding!

Orton got to his feet, still clutching his right knee. Orton stood over Ciampa before backing up to the corner. Orton went to punt Ciampa but Ciampa rolled out of the ring to avoid it. Ciampa grabbed a steel chair from ringside and threw it into the ring. Ciampa got in and Orton was struggling to get up. Ciampa hit him in the midsection with the chair and cracked it over his back!

Mauro Ranallo: This could be it! We could have a new Gateway Champion.

Ciampa hit him a few more times on the back with the chair and Orton writhed in pain on the mat! Ciampa waited for Orton to get up and went to get him in position for a Tombstone Piledriver on the chair.

Nigel McGuinness: Not like this!

Orton slid out of the hold. Orton went into the ropes and Ciampa moved after him but Randy slithered to the side and hit the RKO on the steel chair. Ciampa looked dazed, and he rolled over the camera caught blood streaming from Ciampa’s nose. Orton hooked the leg, and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Mauro Ranallo: Are you kidding me?

Nigel McGuinness: Randy Orton has retained, and this 424 day Gateway Championship reign is ongoing.

Mauro Ranallo: Will 2021 be the year we see Randy Orton regain the World Championship?

Orton held the title high as a promo video for Hager versus Jericho began to play.


"I Got 'Em Hurt" hit and the crowd booed as Jake Hager made his way to the ring for the next match.

Mauro Ranallo: There are high stakes in this next match, Nigel. Jake Hager takes on Chris Jericho in a Last Man Standing match... and the loser will leave EBWF!

When Hager was in the ring, "Judas" by Fozzy began to play and the crowd sang along as they awaited the arrival of Chris Jericho. As the chorus hit, Jericho was nowhere to be seen and the camera cut to Jake Hager, who was standing in the center of the ring fists clenched.

Nigel McGuinness: Jericho making Hager wait here... is he scared, or is he playing mind games?

Mauro Ranallo: Neither, Nigel... look!

The camera cut to a shot of Chris Jericho jumping over the ringside barrier, and the crowd cheered as Jericho entered the ring, attacking Hager from behind! Jericho knocked Hager down to the mat and stomped on him several times as his music was cut and the referee abruptly called for the bell. Jericho pulled Hager to his feet and whipped him into the corner, then ran towards him, going for a forearm smash. As Jericho ran across the ring, Hager charged out of the corner, taking Jericho down with a clothesline. As Jericho got to his feet, Hager hit him with a series of punches, then threw him out of the ring. Hager followed Jericho to the outside, then hit him with a powerbomb onto the ramp! The referee began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... at the count of 6, Jericho got to his feet. Hager went to hit him with a big boot, but Jericho ducked out of the way and grabbed Hager from behind, hitting a one-handed bulldog! There was a loud thud as Hager's face hit the steel ramp, and the referee began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... Hager stumbled to his feet at the count of 5. Hager still looked a little dazed, and Jericho hit him with a series of punches, then dragged him towards the top of the ramp. As the two men reached the top of the ramp, Jericho threw Hager into the LED board at the side of the stage! The LED lights went out, and Hager fell to the floor. The referee began counting once more, but as he reached the count of 7, Jake Hager got to his feet. Jericho ran towards him, going for the Judas Effect... but Hager ducked out of the way, then grabbed Jericho from behind, hitting a release German suplex! The referee began counting – 1... 2... 3... Jericho got back to his feet and stumbled towards Hager, who hit him with a knee to the midsection then set him up for a piledriver.

Mauro Ranallo: He's knocked out the lights on the stage... could this be lights out for Jericho?

Before Hager could hit the piledriver, Jericho broke free and grabbed both of Hager's legs, then took him down and locked in the Walls of Jericho!

Nigel McGuinness: Jericho can't make Hager tap out in this match... but if he keeps this hold locked in for long enough, Hager might not be able to get back up!

Hager cried out in pain as Jericho bent his knees, applying more pressure. Jericho kept the hold locked in for over a minute, then released Hager and yelled at the referee to begin counting. The referee counted – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... Hager was able to get to his feet. As the camera cut to a close up of Hager, Hager grabbed the camera, snatching it away from the cameraman and hitting Jericho with the camera! The camera lens cracked as it hit Jericho's face, and blood began to trickle from Jericho's forehead as he fell to the ground.

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! That's got to be it!

As Jericho lay motionless on the ground, the referee began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... Jericho began to stir... 9... Jericho got to his feet just before the 10 count! Hager couldn’t believe it, and he dragged Jericho back down the ramp, then threw him back into the ring. Hager then lifted up the ring apron and reached underneath the ring, pulling out a ladder.

Mauro Ranallo: What the hell is Hager doing with a ladder?

Nigel McGuinness: It's probably the first thing he was able to find under the ring, Mauro. I think Hager just wanted a weapon, I don't think he cares what weapon it is!

Hager slid the ladder into the ring, then climbed back into the ring. Jericho was back on his feet, and he was able to grab the ladder first. He charged towards Hager, hitting him in the face with the ladder, then placed the ladder on the mat and dragged Hager to his feet, before hitting a double underhook powerbomb onto the ladder! The referee began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... Hager was able to get to his feet! Once again, Jericho went for the Judas Effect... but once again, Hager ducked out of the way! Hager lifted Jericho up and threw him out of the ring, then climbed out of the ring and walked towards the announce table. He lifted the lid off the announce table and cleared the table as Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness stepped back, getting themselves out of harm's way. Hager then grabbed Jericho and hit him with a series of stiff right hands, before placing him on the announce table. Hager then reached into the ring and grabbed the ladder, pulling it out of the ring. Hager hit Jericho with the ladder, then set the ladder up at ringside and began to climb it.

Mauro Ranallo: Hager is going high risk here... I'm not sure I've ever seen him climb a ladder before!

As he reached the top, Hager used the top of the ladder to slingshot down onto Jericho, hitting the Hager Bomb through the table!

Nigel McGuinness: HOLY SHIT!

Hager and Jericho went crashing through the table, and with both men laid out, the referee began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... Hager managed to pull himself to his feet... 9... Jericho got back up just as the referee counted 10! Hager argued with the referee, claiming it was a 10 count, but the referee shook his head. While Hager was arguing with the referee, Jericho grabbed the ring bell and charged towards Hager, hitting him in the face with the bell! The force of the blow busted Hager open, and as he fell to the ground, the referee began counting once more – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... Hager got back to his feet! Jericho charged towards him, hitting Hager with the Judas Effect! Jericho then placed the ladder on top of Hager, sat on the ladder, and yelled at the referee to count again. The referee counted – 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!

Mauro Ranallo: It's over! These two men have put each other through hell, but Chris Jericho emerges victorious, and Jake Hager has to leave EBWF!

The referee raised Jericho's arm in victory. Jericho looked exhausted, and he stumbled to the back as a promo for the main event began to play.


Mauro Ranallo: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event of the evening... the first ever Crown of Thorns match. Can the man who came up with this sadistic idea for a match, Aiden English, place the Crown of Thorns on The Rock's head and retain the EBWF World Championship? Or will The Rock make Aiden English the victim of his own creation, and become a two-time EBWF World Champion?

The camera showed the barbed wire crown hanging above the ring, then cut to the stage. "Electrifying" hit and the crowd cheered as The Rock made his way to the ring. As he entered the ring, The Rock looked up at the Crown of Thorns, then walked to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle, raising his arm and looking around at the crowd. As The Rock climbed down from the turnbuckle, "Kingdom" by All Good Things hit and the crowd booed as Aiden English stepped out onto the stage. English stood at the top of the ramp, held the World Title up high, then placed it over his shoulder and headed to the ring. As he entered the ring, English looked up at the Crown of Thorns then smiled, looking pleased with himself. English then looked across at The Rock and smirked, leaning back into the corner as his music was cut and Christy Hemme introduced both superstars.

Christy Hemme: The following contest is the main event, and it is for the EBWF World Championship! In order to win this match, you must retrieve the Crown of Thorns hanging above the ring and place it on your opponent's head. Introducing first, the challenger. From Miami, Florida, weighing in at 260 pounds... The Rock! And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 215 pounds. He is the EBWF World Champion... Aiden English!

Once again, the crowd booed English, and began chanting for The Rock. The referee held up the World Title and called for the bell. The Rock charged towards Aiden English, hitting him with a series of punches before whipping him against the ropes. As English ran back towards him, The Rock went for a clothesline, but English ducked out of the way, ran against the opposing set of ropes, then took The Rock down with a sling blade. English stomped on The Rock several times, then rolled out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair from ringside. As English re-entered the ring, The Rock was back on his feet. English drilled the chair into The Rock's ribs, then hit him across the back with the steel chair, knocking him down to the mat. English then placed the chair on the mat and pulled The Rock to his feet, before lifting Rock up and hitting a spinebuster onto the chair! As The Rock writhed in pain, English rolled out of the ring once more, this time grabbing a ladder from ringside. English set the ladder up in the center of the ring and began climbing it. Before he could reach the top of the ladder, The Rock got to his feet and he grabbed English, pulling him down from the ladder, before slamming English's head off the later. The Rock then whipped English into the corner and hit the World Champion with a series of punches, before hitting him with a clothesline, sending English over the top rope. The Rock then walked back towards the center of the ring and began climbing the ladder. As The Rock neared the top of the ladder, Aiden English rolled back into the ring. He grabbed the steel chair he had brought into the ring earlier and threw it at The Rock, hitting him across the back with it. The Rock cried out in pain, and English climbed up the ladder after him, grabbing The Rock and hitting a back drop off the ladder! Both men were down for several seconds, then English got to his feet. He stomped on The Rock several times, then began to climb the ladder once more. As English got to the top of the ladder, he reached up for the Crown of Thorns... but before he could grab it, The Rock pushed the ladder over! English landed on the ropes, then fell out of the ring. The Rock climbed out of the ring and pulled English to his feet, then hit him with a series of punches. As English stumbled backwards, losing his balance, The Rock grabbed him and threw him into the ringside barrier! English used the barrier to pull himself up, but The Rock grabbed him, hitting the Rock Bottom! The Rock then threw English back into the ring, before re-entering the ring himself and climbing the ladder.

Mauro Ranallo: I'm not sure why The Rock threw English back into the ring there, Nigel... I would have thought he'd want Aiden English further away from him, to give him more time to climb the ladder and retrieve the Crown of Thorns.

Nigel McGuinness: Don't forget Mauro, The Rock doesn't just need to retrieve the Crown of Thorns... he needs to put it on Aiden English's head. So if he does manage to get the crown now, when he climbs back down the ladder, English is closer to him.

As The Rock reached the top of the ladder, he reached up for the Crown of Thorns... but before he could grab it, Chavo Guerrero and Elias Samson ran to the ring! The Rock saw them coming and shook his head, then jumped down from the ladder, landing on his feet. Chavo entered the ring first, and he ran towards The Rock, but The Rock grabbed him and hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! As The Rock got to his feet, Elias Samson entered the ring and charged towards The Rock, hitting him with a series of punches. The Rock fought back with some right hands of his own, then hit Elias with a flowing snap DDT. As The Rock got back to his feet, he turned his attention to Chavo Guerrero, grabbing him and setting him up for the Rock Bottom... but before he could hit it, Aiden English attacked him from behind! English knocked The Rock down to the mat, then helped Elias Samson to his feet. Aiden, Chavo and Elias then surrounded The Rock, triple teaming him.

Mauro Ranallo: The Rock is in trouble now, Nigel... it's three on one!

Nigel McGuinness: We've seen The Rock come out on top before when he's outnumbered though, Mauro... I've learned never to bet against The Great One!

Aiden, Chavo and Elias pummelled The Rock with a series of punches and kicks. Elias Samson then hit The Rock with the Drift Away, before Chavo Guerrero hit The Rock with a Frog Splash. Aiden English then ordered his henchmen to get a table from underneath the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Aiden English is loving every second of this... he knows that no one is coming to The Rock's aid.

Nigel McGuinness: And whose fault is that, Mauro? The Rock had the chance to pick a tag team partner a few weeks ago, he had several EBWF superstars offering to be in his corner, and he still chose to go it alone. He's made his bed.

As Chavo and Elias set up the table in the ring, Aiden English moved the ladder into the corner. He then grabbed The Rock, and dragged him towards the table. As Kingdom set The Rock up for a triple powerbomb, "Sound of Madness" by Shinedown hit, and the crowd cheered as Wes Ikeda ran towards the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: The EBWF Chairman and CEO has seen enough... he's putting a stop to this!

Nigel McGuinness: He has no business getting involved, Mauro!

Aiden ordered Elias and Chavo to deal with Wes, who had stopped at the bottom of the ramp. Elias and Chavo exited the ring, and Chavo approached Wes first. As soon as Chavo got near him, Wes lifted him up over his shoulder, hitting It's Time To Go on the ramp! As Wes got to his feet, Elias took him down with a big boot, then dragged Wes towards the edge of the ring. Elias set Wes up for a powerbomb onto the ring apron, but Wes countered with a back body drop, then grabbed Elias and threw him into the ring steps. Elias went head-first into the steel steps, then slumped to the ground. With both Elias and Chavo taken out, Wes Ikeda then entered the ring and walked up to Aiden English. The camera zoomed in on Ikeda and English, close enough that their exchange of words could be picked up.

Aiden English: What the hell are you doing, Wes? This is nothing to do with you!

Wes Ikeda: You wanna be the king, huh? You wanna be the king, Aiden?

Aiden English: I AM THE KING, Wes! This is my Kingdom now. You just can't accept that.

Wes Ikeda: If you really want to be the King, Aiden... take your Crown of Thorns and end this match. Prove you can do it by yourself.

Wes then patted Aiden English on the shoulder and exited the ring. As Wes left the ring, Chavo Guerrero had just gotten to his feet. Wes lifted Chavo over his shoulder once again, hitting a second It's Time To Go, then made his way backstage. A furious looking Aiden English turned his attention back to The Rock, who was still down on the ground. English pulled The Rock to his feet, setting him up for the Director's Cut through the table... but The Rock blocked it, then hit English with a Rock Bottom through the table!

Mauro Ranallo: The Rock was playing possum! He's turned the tables on Aiden English... literally!

Nigel McGuinness: Are you kidding me, Mauro? If The Rock wins this match, he has Wes Ikeda to thank for it... English had Rock down and out before Ikeda got involved!

The Rock grabbed the ladder and set it back up in the center of the ring, then began to climb it. He reached the top of the ladder and managed to unhook the Crown of Thorns, then climbed back down. Aiden English was beginning to stir, so The Rock grabbed a steel chair and hit English with it, then sat English in the corner of the ring. The Rock shouted "here's your crown, bitch!" before forcing the barbed wire crown onto English's head! Blood began to trickle down Aiden English's face as the referee called for the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: Well 2020 has certainly been an interesting year, and what an interesting end to the night we've had. The Rock is now a two-time EBWF World Champion!

Nigel McGuinness: Surely Aiden English is entitled to a rematch though, especially after the controversy we witnessed earlier?!

Mauro Ranallo: That's a question for 2021, Nigel! Thank you everybody for watching, and for sticking with us in this most challenging year. Happy holidays, and we'll see you in the New Year!

The Rock celebrated with the EBWF World Title as Christmas Eve of Destruction went off the air.