Summerslam Results 08/29/2021

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Summerslam Results 08/29/2021

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A beautiful array of pyrotechnics shot off from the stage at Allegiant Stadium as the capacity crowd was on their feet.

Mauro Ranallo: 71,835 EBWF Fans have sold out Allegiant Stadium for Summerslam! And Nigel, what a night this will be!

Nigel McGuinness: Randy Orton is in action against the King of the Ring, Rey Mysterio, for the EBWF World Championship! The long-awaited matchup between Becky Lynch and Raquel Diaz will happen tonight in Hell in a Cell. We'll hear from Chris Jericho, and right now... Eva Marie takes on Dr. Britt Baker.

The fans gave a mixed reaction as Eva Marie came to the ring and gave a flip of her hair as she moved down the ramp. She got under the bottom rope, and turned toward the entrance way. The crowd began to chant "DMD", as Leva Bates accompanied Britt Baker to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Britt Baker is certainly proving herself to the EBWF fans, and you have to wonder how long it will be before she makes a run at the EBWF Women's Championship.

With Britt in the ring, the bell rang.

Mauro Ranallo: And Summerslam is underway!

Eva charged at Britt. Britt ran the ropes and hit a neck breaker then a butterfly suplex. Baker went at Eva in the corner landing a big elbow strike. Eva turned the tables and hit a flurry of strikes.

Nigel McGuinness: Britt showing a lot of aggression here!

They went back and forth on the ropes but Baker hit a sling blade. Britt turned to show off to the crowd, and Eva tried to take advantage, rolling her up!


Britt kicked out and got back to her landing a kick on Eva, then following up with a swinging fisherman neck breaker. Britt hit a thrust kick then followed up with another. Leva cheered Britt on as Eva fell to the ground, and Britt cinched on the Lock Jaw. She wrenched back until Eva was forced to tap out.

Mauro Ranallo: A victory for Dr. Britt Baker.

Britt taunted the crowd with her DMD finger point as they shouted the letters aloud and a Fanniversary promo began to play.


Mauro Ranallo: Up next, we've got the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin, making his return to the ring as he goes one on one with Seth Rollins!

"Visionary" by Def Rebel hit and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as Rollins made his way to the ring. When Rollins was in the ring, "Glass Shatters" by Disturbed hit and the fan inside the stadium erupted as Stone Cold Steve Austin stepped out onto the stage.

Nigel McGuinness: Stone Cold is one of the most popular superstars of all time, and the fans here in Nevada are delighted to see him back in action!

When Austin was in the ring, he climbed the turnbuckle and raised his arms in the air, then stepped down and turned his attention to Rollins. As the bell rang, Austin charged towards Rollins, taking him down with a Thesz press then hitting him with multiple punches. Austin dragged Rollins to his feet and threw him into the corner, then hit him with the mudhole stomps. Austin pulled Rollins to his feet once more and hit a suplex, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Rollins kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: Austin in complete control here!

Austin set Rollins up for a piledriver, but Rollins blocked it, countering with a back body drop. As Austin got to his feet, Rollins hit him with a series of punches, then whipped him against the ropes. As Austin ran back towards him, Rollins hit a high knee, then as Austin got back to his feet, Rollins followed up with a superkick. He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Austin kicked out! Rollins looked frustrated at only getting a two count, and he signaled for the Curb Stomp! He hit Austin with a knee drop, then stepped back, readying himself for the Curb Stomp... but Austin rolled to the edge of the ring and used the ropes to pull himself up. Rollins charged towards him, going for a clothesline... but Austin pulled down on the ropes, sending Rollins to the outside.

Nigel McGuinness: Clever strategy there by Stone Cold, and what quick reflexes too!

The crowd chanted "You've still got it!" as Austin ran against the ropes, before hitting Rollins with a baseball slide. Austin threw Rollins back into the ring, then hit the Stone Cold Stunner! He hooked the leg, and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3! The referee called for the bell and raised Austin's arm in victory. Austin celebrated with a couple of beers as a video recapping the storyline between Trish Stratus and Alexa Bliss began to play.


As the video outlining the feud between Alexa and Trish came to an end, "Papercut" by Linkin Park hit and the crowd cheered the arrival of Alexa Bliss.

Mauro Ranallo: This one is sure to be unforgettable, Nigel!

Alexa was not alone, as Christian, Maven and Kane accompanied her to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa is accompanied here tonight by the rest of The Coalition.

Nigel McGuinness: I have to imagine they're a rather imposing presence for Trish here tonight!

Once Alexa was in the ring, "Time to Rock n' Roll" hit and Trish came out to the stage, pointing out to the audience before strutting down the ramp. She eyed the male members of The Coalition standing near Alexa's corner, but got into the ring anyway. She stared across the ring at Alexa, and subtly rolled her eyes as she told the referee to ring the bell. The referee checked that Alexa was ready, and then motioned to the time keeper.

Mauro Ranallo: Here we go!

Trish and Alexa locked up and Alexa grabbed an arm wringer. Trish flipped out and got a heel trip. Pinning her, but Alexa reversed into an Oklahoma Roll for two. The two locked up again with Trish grabbing a side headlock. Alexa sent Trish to the ropes, and Trish came back with Air Canada and then some right hands. Alexa hit a back elbow in the corner, but then Trish went for the Stratusphere, but Alexa blocked and hit a hurricanrana out of the corner. Both Trish and Alexa then hit a double clothesline on each other, and both were down.

Mauro Ranallo: Fast paced action here.

Christian pounded his fist on the mat, trying to spur Alexa on. Alexa hit a dropkick and then went to the top rope but this time Trish scored with the Stratusphere. Trish hit some right forearms and then a handstand into the whirly bird head scissors. Trish measured Alexa for the Chick Kick, but Maven grabbed her by the ankle. Trish fell onto the mat, and Alexa rolled her up again.


The referee was trying to gain control as Trish kicked out and they began trading punches. The crowd cheered.

Nigel McGuinness: Edge! Edge is here...

Edge went straight for Christian, landing punch after punch before Christian went down to the mat. He turned to Maven and began laying in to him too.

Mauro Ranallo: Edge is not having any of The Coalition involving themselves in this match.

Once Maven was down, Kane turned on Edge, and Edge made a quick decision to head to the back. Kane followed after him, as Christian and Maven tried to collect themselves on the outside. In the ring, Trish hit the Chick Kick and went for the pin.


Nigel McGuinness: The Coalition tried to even things up, but Trish Stratus has put an end to this!

Trish climbed the turnbuckle and put both hands over her head triumphantly as a EBWFShop commercial began to play.


Mauro Ranallo: Our next match up will see Christian Cage take on Samoa Joe. You have to wonder, with The Coalition getting involved in the previous match if Christian is 100%.

Nigel McGuinness: Edge could have done a lot worse to Christian, it's probably for the best that he didn't.

"Nation of Violence" hit and Samoa Joe came out to cheers from the crowd.

Christy Hemme: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it's for the Breakout Championship. Introducing first representing the Nation of Violence, he is The Samoan Submission Machine, SAMOA JOEEEE.

Mauro Ranallo: It was a few weeks ago when Samoa Joe challenged Christian Cage to this Breakout title match.

Nigel McGuinness: Samoa Joe has been dominant ever since he returned. Can the Nation of Violence help Joe capture the Breakout Championship?

When Joe entered the ring "Take Over (Prequel)" hit and the camera cut to Christian Cage backstage walking to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: It was last month on Warfare when Christian Cage became Breakout Champion. Tonight is his first title defense. Can he overcome Samoa Joe? We'll find out in a few moments.

The camera cut back to the arena as "Take Over V2" began to play and the crowd cheered Christian.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent, representing The Coalition, from Tampa, Florida by way of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he is the Breakout Champion, The Instant Classic, CHRISTIAAANN CAAAGGEE.

Nigel McGuinness: Christian doesn't look too worse for wear. You have to wonder if that punch from Edge will bother him here.

Christian got in the ring and climbed the turnbuckle to look for his peeps then threw up the double c sign before climbing down and handing the title to the referee. The bell rang and the two locked up. Christian got Joe in a headlock but Joe pushed him off toward the ropes and nailed him with a clothesline. Joe pulled Christian up to his feet and hit him with a series of chops before he whipped him towards the ropes. Joe went for another clothesline, but this time Christian ducked and took Joe down with a dropkick.

Mauro Ranallo: Christian Cage seems to have gained control here in the early going.

Christian hit Joe with an elbow drop then began choking him. The referee counted to four before Cage let go and picked Joe up. Christian walked Joe over to the corner and slammed his head off the top turnbuckle before climbing up the middle rope and hitting him with a series of punches as the crowd counted along. The crowd counted to nine before Joe pushed Cage out of the ring. As Christian got to his feet, Joe ran toward the ropes and hit a Corkscrew Suicide Dive.

Mauro Ranallo: OH MY GOD.

Nigel McGuinness: The agility of Samoa Joe is unreal.

Joe threw Christian back into the ring and re-entered the ring himself. Joe picked Cage up and hit him with a powerbomb holding on to Christian's legs for the pin.


Christian got his shoulder up, but Joe transitioned into a Boston Crab Christian screamed in pain and reached for the ropes. Joe then transitioned into an STF but Christian grabbed the bottom rope and he was forced to break the hold. Joe dragged Cage to the middle of the ring before hitting a running Senton and went for the pin.


Joe looked frustrated and picked Christian up. Joe sat Christian on the top turnbuckle, but Cage kicked him and hit a spinning uppercut.

Nigel McGuiness: Christian is back in control.

Christian put Joe in a chin lock. Joe was able to get to his feet but Christian took him back down with an inverted DDT before climbing the top rope and hit a frog splash. Christian went for the pin.


Mauro Ranallo: Both these men are refusing to lose.

Nigel McGuinness: When Championship gold is at stake everyone has that extra gear to keep going.

Christian positioned Joe on the middle rope before standing on his back and using the rope to choke him. The referee counted to three before Christian got off Joe's back and went to climb the middle rope. When Joe got up, Christian dove off the ropes, but Joe caught him with a cutter and went for the pin.


Joe was enraged and picked Cage up for a powerbomb but Christian countered with a hurricanrana and knocked Joe out of the ring with a clothesline. Cage climbed up the top rope and dove to the outside but Joe caught him in mid-air with a uranage.

Nigel McGuinness: Are you kidding me?!

The crowd chanted "holy shit" as Joe picked up Christian in a powerbomb position before swinging him into the barricade.

Mauro Ranallo: I think we're about to see a new Breakout Champion.

Joe threw Christian back into the ring and re-entered as well. Joe sat Christian on the top rope again and went for the muscle buster, but Cage slipped out and went for the Unprettier, only for Joe to grab him in the Coqina Clutch. Joe went to lay back but as he did Christian rolled over and covered Joe with one foot on the top rope.


Christian rolled out of the ring and collapsed on the floor as Joe sat up in shock.

Mauro Ranallo: Christian caught Joe that time and retains the Breakout Championship.

Nigel McGuinness: The referee didn't see Christian's foot on the rope but at the right place and time, The Instant Classic is not afraid to take advantage.

Christian got to his feet and was handed the belt by the referee before limping to the back as a commercial for Fanniversary began to play.


The crowd came alive as Natalya was shown walking backstage, dressed in a pair of dark washed denim jeans and a black EBWF t-shirt. As she rounded a corner, she heard a muffled grown. Nattie tilted her head toward the sound, and hurried over toward a stack of production crates. She heard the groan again and rolled the crates aside, gasping as she looked down.

Natalya: Adam!

Nattie crouched down beside the battered body of Edge, who was bleeding profusely from his face and struggling to prop himself up on one arm.

Natalya: No, no. You lie still. Lie still.

She raised her voice.

Natalya: Help! I need some help over here! Just try to breathe, Adam.

Edge sputtered, causing more blood to come from his mouth, and Nattie reached out trying to help him onto his side. She called out for help again. Having heard the distress in his wife's voice from elsewhere in the arena, Wes Ikeda rounded the corner in a hurry, and looked down at the scene.

Wes Ikeda: Nat, are you okay?!

Natalya: I'm fine. I found him this way.

Wes kneeled beside her, as Edge coughed up blood, and reached out for a handful of Wes' t-shirt, trying to pull himself up.

Wes Ikeda: Easy, buddy. Easy.

He guided Edge back down and called out.

Wes Ikeda: I need a medic!

More people began gathering in the hallway and the cameras caught Randy Orton pushing through the crowd.

Randy Orton: Are you o... Adam?

Randy went to his knees near Edge's head.

Randy Orton: What the hell happened?

Natalya: I don't know. I just found him this way.

Edge's face was a crimson mask, and he turned toward Randy's voice. His bloody hand grabbed a fistful of Randy's shirt.

Edge: Tr...

He coughed and sputtered, trying to shake the cobwebs off.

Randy Orton: No, no. There's gonna be plenty of time for talking. We're going to get you some help.

Edge: Tr... Tr...

Edge pulled Randy's shirt hard with his remaining strength, and tried to peer at him with the one eye that hadn't yet swollen shut.

Randy Orton: Trish?

Wes Ikeda: Trish? Randy... where are the girls?

The girls being Trish Stratus and Randy's wife, Nicole Ikeda Orton. His message received, Edge let go of Randy's shirt. Natalya helped support Edge's body as he leaned on his side.

Randy Orton: I... I don't know. I was in the media room.

Randy raised his voice.

Randy Orton: Where the hell is the medic?!

Wes pulled a walkie talkie off of his waist band and spoke into it.

Wes Ikeda: Ikeda to production. Anyone see Jericho?

The walkie talkie crackled and the camera picked up a familiar voice.

Chris Jericho: Hey, Wes. What's up?

Wes Ikeda: Do you have eyes on my sister?

Chris Jericho: Yeah, she's here in production.

Wes Ikeda: I've got a bit of a brawl situation on the west side of the building. Could you stick with her, please?

There was silence for a few long moments.

Chris Jericho: Yeah, I can keep an eye on her until you get back.

Wes Ikeda: Thanks.

Wes put the walkie talkie back on his waistband as a team of EMTs came around the corner with a stretcher.

Wes Ikeda: Randy, I'm going to go find Trish. Can you stay with, Nattie and Adam?

Randy looked pallid, but nodded, and Wes tore off toward the women's locker room. The camera followed him into another hallway, and settled on the placard on the door. Wes knocked loudly and waited a moment before someone pulled the door open from the other side.

Leva Bates: Oh, Mr. Ikeda... can we help you?

Wes Ikeda: Sorry to intrude. I was looking for Trish. Is she in there?

Leva Bates: No, after her match she grabbed her things to take a shower. I think she was going to the Rated RKO locker room. She offered up the bathroom there to all of us. Said it was nicer.

Wes Ikeda: Thanks, Leva. Sorry to have bothered you.

Wes turned and hurried the opposite away, passing several doors before he came to the door labeled for Rated RKO. It was half open, and he pushed it the rest of the way. The fight had obviously started here. There was blood on the wall, and the lamp and chair were turned over.

Wes Ikeda: Trish?

Wes walked over to the bathroom door, which was standing open. There were some toiletries out on the sink, but otherwise no sign of anyone.

Wes Ikeda: Trish?

The shower door was glass, and seeing no one inside, Wes turned back into the dressing room. Seeing a standard sized closet to his left, he grabbed the doorknob, and quickly pulled the door opened, steeling himself for an ambush. Instead he was met with a frightened scream. The camera found Trish, seated in the corner, with her back to the wall. Her hair was wet from the shower, and she wore a comfortable t-shirt and jeans, ready for the drive to the airport.

Trish Stratus: Wes!

She clamored to her feet, and Wes caught her by the arm, before she wrapped him in a hug.

Trish Stratus: Wes, oh my God. It all happened so fast.

Wes Ikeda: Did you see who did this?

Trish frantically shook her head.

Trish Stratus: No. Adam opened the door and someone jumped on him. I just hid before I even made out who it was.

Wes Ikeda: We'll figure it out, Trish. We'll figure it out. Don't worry.

Wes reluctantly embraced her as the scene faded.


“Kingdom” by All Good Things started playing across Allegiant Stadium. The crowd booed as Raquel Diaz emerged from the back in a gold and red version of her ring gear. She held the EBWF Women’s Championship over her head to a loud boo. She made her way quickly down to the ring and rolled under the bottom rope. She hung the title over the top rope and called for a microphone. The crowd got louder in an attempt to drown her out but Raquel waited them out. Soon a chant for Becky Lynch broke out and Raquel doubled over in laughter.

Raquel Diaz: Don’t worry, I have all night! We can wait with me in this ring until everyone in Paradise learns some el respeto. RESPECT! I’ve earned it and you’re going to show it to me.

She twirled her arm around as she walked from one corner of the ring to the other.

Raquel Diaz: Now, let’s talk about that hero you’re so hell bent on summoning with your mindless chatter. Becky Lynch isn’t going to show her face at SummerSlam. Shocking isn’t it? You see, that little stunt Becky pulled on Warfare was the destruction of private property. What’s worse is she would have been out by now but the police found a second vehicle ruined in the same sort of vicious attack. My car to be exact. My personal vehicle was vandalized outside that very same arena. And, the police can only assume it was Becky Lynch. Funny story, I’m not so sure that it was. I think it was someone different but I’m not an officer of the law.

She shrugged.

Raquel Diaz: So, since Becky Lynch isn’t going to make it here tonight and she’s already put me in the mood to hurt someone. So, I’m going to do something that has never been done at SummerSlam before! I’m going to issue an Open Challenge to ANYONE in the back who wants a shot at la diosa de la lucha libre. ANYONE!

Raquel lifted her title off the ropes and slung it over her shoulder.

Raquel Diaz: Someone has a great opportunity to walk out of Paradise, Nevada as the EBWF Women’s Champion! Who is it going to be?

Mauro Ranallo: Who is going to answer this challenge?

Nigel McGuinness: Better yet, who destroyed the champion's car?

Mauro Ranallo: I’ve got a feeling it was an inside job.

An unfamiliar music hit and the crowd let out a mixed reaction. Red Velvet stepped out onto the entrance ramp and the crowd shifted to cheers. She posed as her music continued to play. After several moments she calmed her nerves and started the walk to the ring. She took the time to interact with fans on both sides of the ramp. Raquel Diaz was standing in the ring preparing herself to fight. Red Velvet used the stairs, stepping in between the top rope and the second. She jumped up in the corner to a chorus of cheers.

Mauro Ranallo: Looks like the EBWF Universe is firmly in the corner of Red Velvet.

Nigel McGuinness: What a place to make your debut!

Mauro Ranallo: What an opportunity, she could become the EBWF Women’s Champion in her very first EBWF match!

The referee checked with the two competitors and then called for the bell. Raquel and Velvet met with one another in the center of the ring. They exchanged inaudible words and Raquel held out her hand. Red Velvet looked around as the crowd urged her to decline the offer. Raquel reasserted her request. Red Velvet stuck her hand out reluctantly. The two shook hands. Red Velvet attempted to return to her corner but Raquel didn’t let go of her hand. She looked back in shock only to get a boot in her gut. Velvet doubled over. Raquel grabbed hold of her and hit a suplex. She swung her legs around and hauled Red Velvet up. She hit a second suplex. The third suplex completed the Three Amigos and left Red Velvet arching her back in pain. Raquel stood over her yelling.

Mauro Ranallo: A cheap shot from our champion!

Raquel stomped on Red Velvet’s stomach repeatedly before hauling her up off the mat. She lifted Velvet and over her shoulders setting up for the Gory Bomb. She walked around the ring so that fans on every side could get a view of the panicked Red Velvet. In the center of the ring she hit the Gory Bomb. The crowd booed. Raquel rolled Velvet over and spun her arm over her head like a cowboy swinging a rope.

Nigel McGuinness: We’ve seen this before! Raquel Diaz is looking for the Lasso from El Paso!

Raquel wrapped up Velvet’s legs and turned her over into the Lasso. Without hesitation Red Velvet started to tap out and the bell sounded. The referee started to demand that Raquel release the hold but she refused. He tugged at her hands but she only cinched the hold in tighter. Red Velvet cried out in pain. Raquel laughed hysterically as Velvet violently thrashed at the mat. More officials stormed the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: What is going through the mind of Raquel Diaz?

Raquel dropped the hold at the sight of security and medical climbing into the ring. She moved away from Red Velvet who clutched her knee tightly and continued to scream in pain. The security separated the two wrestlers by forming a line in the ring. Raquel leaned over the ropes and called for another microphone. It was handed to her alongside her title. Raquel laughed into the microphone.

Nigel McGuinness: I think we’re about to find out.

Raquel Diaz: Becky Lynch! We’re not finished! You mired my title reign with your bullshit! You tried to cast doubt on my ability to be the best champion this company has ever seen! You tried to slander my good name. This. This is all your fault. You got this woman hurt tonight because you couldn’t admit defeat. When I get you in this ring, you’re going to get the same treatment. You’re going to get the same punishment. You’re going to feel the same defeat when I force you to tap out in the Lasso from El Paso! And since you avoided hell, that’s what I want as a replacement. That’s the penance for making me wait. When our match happens, I want an I QUIT match!

Raquel threw the microphone at the mat and rolled out of the ring. The stunned crowd mustered a slight boo as she walked up the ramp. The camera cut away to a promo for the upcoming World Championship match between Rey Mysterio and EBWF World Champion, Randy Orton.


The camera joined Wes Ikeda, Natalya, Randy Orton, and Trish Stratus, standing at the back of an ambulance in the parking garage. Paramedics had The Rated R Superstar on a gurney, getting ready to transport him to the hospital. Someone had tried to wipe away the blood from his face.

Randy Orton: Is there room on the rig?

Paramedic: Yeah, we can take one.

Randy Orton: Okay. Wes, I...

Randy looked from Wes, into the back of the ambulance, then down at Edge.

Randy Orton: I have to go. The belt should still be in my bag in my locker room. Nikki can show you where. If you have to take it I understand. I just... I have to go with him.

Natalya: Randy, are you sure?

Wes said nothing, just nodded slightly. Edge coughed.

Edge: No, pal. No. I can't let you do that.

Randy Orton: This was personal. This wasn't just an attack on you. This was an attack on us. Because of me. I'm coming with you.

Edge: No. The show must go on, and we handle our business.

He gasped for a breath.

Edge: You defend the title. That's what you'd want me to do. Stay.

Trish Stratus: He's right, Randy. You stay. I'll go.

Paramedic: We really need to get him loaded up.

Not waiting for more conversation, the medical team around them began to load Adam inside. Randy wordlessly looked at Trish. Their eyes locking for a long time before he finally nodded. He grabbed her by the hand and helped her into the back of the ambulance and looked on until they closed the doors. Together, Wes, Randy and Natalya turned to walk back into the arena with Wes and Nattie leading. As they opened the door and stepped into the hallway, all three of them noticed Paul Heyman standing idly by some production crates. As Wes and Nattie passed, Heyman smiled.

Paul Heyman: Good evening, Mrs. Neidhart, Mr. Ikeda.

Wes leered at Heyman, who continued to smile, and paused only briefly when he heard Randy come to a stop behind him. Randy leaned in toward Heyman, his voice even.

Randy Orton: I'm going to kill him.

Heyman's smile twisted a bit broader as rage took over Randy's face.

Randy Orton: And when I'm finished, you'll be next.

Heyman's smile quickly vanished as Orton stepped out of frame and the scene moved back into the arena.


"Judas" by Fozzy hit and the crowd cheered as Chris Jericho made his way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: And here comes Chris Jericho, who we understood is planning to issue a challenge to Aiden English...

Nigel McGuinness: Will the war between these two men ever end, Mauro?

Jericho reached the ring as the chorus of Judas hit, and he smiled as the crowd sang along. After his music was cut, the crowd continued singing, and Jericho waited for them to stop before he began to speak.

Chris Jericho: I'll tell you what, every time I hear the fans sing Judas, it gives me chills, but Nevada... that was something else.

The crowd cheered.

Chris Jericho: I've got to say, I missed having fans in attendance when Aiden English and I had our unsanctioned match at King of the Ring, but it was something that needed to be done. I thought fighting Aiden in an empty arena, having us both sign waivers to declare the match unsanctioned so anything goes... I thought doing all of that would allow Aiden English and I to settle our rivalry once and for all. It was supposed to just be me and him... but of course, Aiden doesn't go anywhere without his Kingdom henchmen.

The crowd booed at the mention of Kingdom.

Chris Jericho: I wish I could say I underestimated Aiden, but the truth is I overestimated him. Because I thought he would be man enough to handle things by himself. Instead, he took the coward's way out. He had Chavo and Elias try to run me over! The three of them assaulted me, and if it hadn't been for Paul London and Jurassic Express coming to the rescue... I might not be standing here right now. That night I realized something. After everything that's happened between Aiden English and myself, this is more than just a rivalry, this is more than just a feud... this is a WAR! And so, to end the war, we're going to have to do something that's never been done in EBWF before...

Jericho pointed to the tron, and a video began to play. The video showed two rings side by side, surrounded by a steel cage. In blood red writing, the words WARFARE GAMES appeared. The crowd cheered with excitement as the camera cut back to Jericho in the ring.

Chris Jericho: It's a concept that's been used in a lot of different places since Dusty Rhodes came up with it back in 1987, and I know the rules can vary from promotion to promotion. I want you to know exactly what I'm challenging you to, Aiden, so here are my proposed rules for Warfare Games.

Jericho pointed to the tron again, where the rules for Warfare Games were listed:
1. Both teams will have four members
2. Warfare Games begins with 1 member from each team for a 5-minute period
3. After the 5 minutes have expired, each team will alternate sending a man in every 2 minutes
4. Once all 8 men have entered the cage, the Warfare Games match will officially begin
5. The only way to win is to make your opponent submit or surrender

Chris Jericho: I've got my team... Paul London, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. There are just two questions you've got to ask yourself, Aiden. First off, are you willing to enter Warfare Games, and settle this war once and for all? And if you are... can you, Elias and Chavo find someone else who is willing to team with you? I'll be waiting for your answer, junior.

Jericho smirked and dropped the microphone, then headed to the back as "Judas" echoed throughout the stadium once more.


Mauro Ranallo: I can't believe it... Chris Jericho has challenged Aiden English to Warfare Games!

Nigel McGuinness: I hope Aiden accepts, Mauro. It would be so great to get to call the first ever Warfare Games match in EBWF with you!

Mauro Ranallo: Thank you, Nigel. And speaking of firsts... for the first time in his EBWF career, Rey Mysterio will challenge for the EBWF World Championship! Here is how this match came to be...

After a video package recapping Rey Mysterio's unmasking and his success in the King of the Ring tournament, "Booyaka 619" hit and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as Rey Mysterio headed to the ring. When Mysterio was in the ring, "Counting Bodies Like Sheep" hit and the crowd cheered as Randy Orton stepped out onto the stage.

Mauro Ranallo: After the vicious assault on Edge earlier tonight, you have to wonder what frame of mind Randy Orton will be in...

Nigel McGuinness: Knowing the sort of character Orton is, Mauro, I think that will make him even more determined to win tonight!

After Orton had entered the ring, Christy Hemme introduced both superstars. The referee held up the World Title, then called for the bell. Orton and Mysterio immediately charged towards one another, exchanging right hands back and forth. Just as it looked like Orton was gaining the upper hand, Mysterio caught him off guard with a knee to the midsection, then hit a headlock takedown. Orton fought out of it and whipped Mysterio against the ropes, then went for a hip toss... but Mysterio countered with a wheelbarrow bulldog! Orton looked dazed as he got to his feet, and Mysterio whipped him into the corner, then hit him with the ten count punches. As Orton stumbled out of the corner, Mysterio set him up for a reverse STO, but Orton countered into an inverted headlock backbreaker, then stomped on Mysterio several times. Orton pulled Mysterio to his feet and hit a gut wrench elevated neckbreaker, before hooking the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Mysterio kicked out! Orton pulled Mysterio to his feet and hit him with some more right hands, then whipped him against the ropes. As Mysterio ran back towards him, Orton went for a pop-up powerbomb, but Mysterio countered it into a hurricanrana!

Mauro Ranallo: Both of these men have done their homework... they have one another well scouted!

As both men got to their feet, Mysterio hit Orton with a series of kicks, then dragged him towards the corner. Mysterio went to slam Orton's head off the top turnbuckle, but Orton blocked it and retaliated by slamming Mysterio's head off the turnbuckle. Orton then sat Mysterio on the top rope, setting him up for a superplex... but Mysterio countered it into a sunset flip powerbomb! He hooked both legs and the referee counted – 1... 2... Orton kicked out! As Orton sat up, Mysterio ran against the ropes and hit a rolling neck snap, then hooked the leg once more. The referee counted – 1... 2... Orton kicked out! Mysterio then climbed to the top rope, and when Orton was on his feet he went for a diving crossbody... but Orton caught him in mid-air with a dropkick!

Nigel McGuinness: What a counter by Randy Orton!

As both men got to their feet, Orton hit Mysterio with a series of punches, then whipped him against the ropes before hitting a powerslam. Orton followed up with a jumping knee drop, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Mysterio kicked out! Orton got to his feet and stomped on Mysterio several times, then signaled for the RKO. He waited for Mysterio to get to his feet and grabbed him... but Mysterio blocked it and countered with a reverse DDT! Orton rolled out of the ring, giving himself a moment to recover, but Mysterio jumped onto the top rope, hitting a springboard seated senton!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! Mysterio went high risk... and it looks like he might have hurt himself in the process!

Both men were down outside the ring, and the referee began counting them out. As the referee reached the count of 6, Mysterio got to his feet and threw Orton back into the ring, before sliding under the bottom rope. Mysterio hit Orton with a leg drop, then hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Orton kicked out! Mysterio got to his feet and stomped on Orton several times, then applied a crucifix armbar! Orton was able to get his foot on the ropes, but Mysterio refused to break the hold! The referee began counting – 1... 2... 3... 4... Mysterio released Orton just before the 5 count.

Nigel McGuinness: Mysterio starting to get frustrated here... he's willing to do whatever it takes to walk out of here with the EBWF World Title!

Mysterio dragged Orton away from the ropes, the climbed onto the ring apron. When Orton was up, Mysterio went for the West Coast Pop... but Orton countered it into a powerbomb! Orton then dragged Mysterio back towards the ropes, setting him up on the second rope and hitting the hangman DDT. He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Mysterio kicked out just before the 3! Orton pulled Mysterio back to his feet and hit him with a series of punches, then went to whip him against the ropes... but Mysterio reversed the Irish whip, sending Orton against the ropes before taking him down with a drop toe hold. Orton landed on the second rope, and Mysterio hit him with the 619!

Mauro Ranallo: 619! Could this be Mysterio's moment?

Orton was down on the mat, and Mysterio climbed back onto the ring apron, then jumped up onto the top rope. He went for the Springboard Splash... but Orton quickly got to his feet and hit an RKO outta nowhere! He hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... 3!

Nigel McGuinness: It's over! Mysterio gave Orton the fight of his life, but Orton retains!

The referee called for the bell and handed the World Title to Orton, then raised his arm in victory. As Orton celebrated, Mysterio hit him with a low blow! The crowd booed as Orton fell to the mat. Mysterio picked up the World Title, then as Orton tried to get to his feet, Mysterio hit him in the face with the championship.

Mauro Ranallo: Talk about a sore loser!

The referee ordered Mysterio to go to the back, but Mysterio shoved the referee down then began pummeling Orton. As Orton tried to fight back, the camera cut to the ramp, where The Miz could be seen running to the ring! Mysterio saw him and got to his feet, and as The Miz entered the ring, the two men began exchanging right hands back and forth. Miz was able to gain the upper hand, and he hit Mysterio with a snap DDT, then followed up with a Skull Crushing Finale onto the World Title!

Nigel McGuinness: The Miz seeking retribution for what happened a few weeks ago!

As The Miz picked up the World Title, Randy Orton got to his feet and stared at him. He held out his arm for the title, and The Miz reluctantly handed it over, then began pointing to his waist, as if to signal himself as Orton's next challenger. Orton held up the World Title, and he and Miz continued to stare one another down as Summerslam went off the air.