Warfare Results - 12/13/2021

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Warfare Results - 12/13/2021

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Warfare cold opened in the arena where the crowd booed loudly as Better Than You hit the speakers and Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his way down the ramp with a smirk. His facial expression quickly changed to one of anger as his eye caught a fan wearing an Austin facemask at ringside, waving a sign that read “MJF IS SCARED OF RATTLESNAKES.” He made his way over the fan and snatched the sign from his hands, ripping it in two before throwing it to the ground and jumping all over it. The fan seemed annoyed by this and flipped MJF the bird. MJF spat onto the fans mask before sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. He walked over to each of the four ring posts, climbed the turnbuckles and raised his hands in the air, grinning as he was showered in even more intense boos. He took a microphone from a member of staff at ringside.

MJF: Here we are in wonderful Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, Nevada, there are two types of people. So tell me, Vegas, are you tourists or hookers? Whoa, calm down Las Vegas, you all look like I just banged your mom…without paying. Anyway, on the topic of cheap, wrinkled, old bitches…Steve Austin…

The arena erupted in loud cheers. MJF waited for the noise to quieten before continuing.

MJF: Steve, you challenged me to a match at Christmas Eve of Destruction. I’m out here tonight to give you my answer, as you so rudely took a swing for me last week before I could finish. Austin, you and me, Christmas Eve…I say…

The sound of glass breaking filled the arena before "Unbreakable" by Cage9 hit and Stone Cold walked out to massive cheers.

Mauro Ranallo: I guess Austin wants to hear MJF’s answer in person.

Nigel McGuinness: Poor Maxwell can't do anything without that rattlesnake interrupting.

Austin entered the ring and flipped MJF off as he made his way to grab a microphone before looking back at Maxwell.

Stone Cold: First of all I want to say thank you for accepting my challenge. Now I know you hadn't said it yet but I could tell by the look in your eyes that you were gonna say yes.

Nigel McGuinness: He could tell by the look in his eyes? Oh, come on.

Stone Cold: Now one thing I forgot to tell you last week is the type of match we're gonna have. Now I was gonna make it a Last Man Standing match, but the problem with that is there's already gonna be a Last Woman Standing match at the Pay-Per-View. We could probably do a Street Fight, but it's Christmas Eve Of Destruction and we need to make the match more extreme so EH-EH a Street Fight is not gonna cut it.

The crowd cheered in anticipation of the match type.

Stone Cold: At Christmas Eve Of Destruction, it's gonna be Stone Cold Steve Austin against MJF… we’re going to bring barbed wire bats, we’re going to bring barbed wire chairs…. We’re going to bring barbed wire ropes!

Mauro Ranallo: Oh My God.

Nigel McGuinness: Not a Barbedwire Ropes match.

The crowd went wild at the news of the stipulation. MJF looked increasingly concerned as he processed this new information. He raised the microphone to his lips.

MJF: Steve, buddy…pal…I think we perhaps got off on the wrong foot. I mean, sure, we COULD do that, but you and I, we’re professional wrestlers. We don’t need those kind of stipulations to have a great match, and with our combined star power, we don’t need them to be a huge draw for this upcoming event. So, I have a counter-proposal…

As MJF was talking, the fan with the Austin mask had entered the ring with a steel chair.

MJF: Whoa, whoa, whoa. How did that guy get in here? SECURITY! Can we get security to kick his ass out of the arena?

The fan moved towards MJF, then suddenly turned and clocked Austin over the head with the chair. He dropped the chair and pulled off the mask.

Mauro Ranallo: That’s Richard Holliday! MJF’s partner from The Dynasty! What’s he doing here?

Nigel McGuinness: It looks like EBWF just got a little more Dynastic.

MJF and Holliday put the boots to Austin, but retreated up the entrance ramp as Austin began to get to his feet. A closeup shot on MJF showed him shouting the words “You want barbed wire? You’re on!” back at Austin.

The camera cut back to Austin whose face was covered in blood as he gave MJF the double bird. Warfare went to commercial.


As Warfare returned from commercial, Kris Statlander was on her way to the ring for the next match.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back! Up next, we’ve got Kris Statlander in action as she goes one on one with the number one contender for the Women’s Championship, Leva Bates!

When Statlander was in the ring, “Geek” by MC Chris hit and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as Leva Bates made her way to the ring. After Bates had entered the ring, the referee called for the bell and the two women locked up. Bates put Statlander in a headlock, but Statlander broke free and applied an arm twist. Bates fought out of it and hit a snapmare, then applied a headscissors. Statlander got her feet on the ropes, and the referee ordered Bates to break the hold. Both women got to their feet and Bates hit a series of punches, then whipped Statlander against the ropes. As Statlander ran back towards her, Bates hit a big boot, then as Statlander got back to her feet, Bates hit a bridging northern lights suplex. The referee counted - 1… 2… Statlander kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: A strong start here for Leva Bates!

Bates pulled Statlander to her feet and whipped her into the corner, then ran at her, going for a corner clothesline. Statlander got her knees up and blocked it, then as Bates staggered backwards, Statlander grabbed her, taking her down with a bulldog. Statlander followed up with a somersault senton, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Bates kicked out! Statlander pulled Bates to her feet and set her up for a body slam… but Bates broke free and countered with a reverse DDT. She stomped on Statlander several times, then turned her over, putting Statlander in the Lasso from El Paso! Statlander tapped out and the referee called for the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: Leva Bates gets the win using Raquel Diaz’s submission hold! She’s sending a message to the Women’s Champion!

Nigel McGuinness: An impressive performance from the Librarian… will she emerge victorious at Christmas Eve of Destruction when Raquel enters the Library of Violence?

Bates celebrated, then made her way to the back.


The camera cut to a scene from earlier in the day at an office. Cathy Kelley was sitting across from Alexa Bliss.

Cathy Kelley: First of all, Alexa, I want to thank you for joining me here. Of course, after what happened last week we had to have this take place earlier in the day and at a different location. Now, my first question is the same thing I asked last week. What did you mean when you told Britt Baker "be careful what you wish for"?

Alexa smiled.

Alexa Bliss: It's simple, Britt said she wanted to face my dark side at Christmas Eve Of Destruction, and that’s exactly what she's gonna get. Unfortunately, I'm gonna make her live to regret it.

Cathy Kelley: Well Alexa, Britt Baker has claimed that your change of heart this year is nothing more than an act. Now you said that your change came because you realized you were in a dark place. Can you elaborate on that?

Alexa took a deep breath before she spoke.

Alexa Bliss: Well Cathy, everyone saw where I was at the end of last year and beginning of this year. I was angry at the world and when Tam Nakano came to EBWF I took my anger out on her. I attacked her injured arm with a chair. I ripped the head off of her mascot P-Chan, and I powerbombed her into a razor wire board.

Alexa took another deep breath as she had a look of regret.

Alexa Bliss: Although Tam never said it after what I did to her she was never the same again. Hell a couple months after that she was gone from EBWF. It wasn't until soon after the Coalition was formed that I realized that something needed to change and now I have the fan's support again and now I'm in a better place in my life.

Cathy Kelley: Britt Baker told you last week that your change of heart meant that you wouldn’t be able to tap into your dark side so easily. How do you respond?

Alexa chuckled.

Alexa Bliss: It's funny how Britt thinks she knows me very well and she is so wrong. After she helped cost me the number one contender spot at Fanniversary it won't be hard at all to unleash my vicious side on her. At Christmas Eve Of Destruction, I will use all of my physical and emotional pain and use it against her. At the end one of us is gonna be the last woman standing and the other is going to leave in an ambulance.

Alexa got up and left as the camera faded to black.


As the camera cut back to the arena, Winter was standing in the middle of the ring, a lone spotlight shining upon her. The crowd was in a frenzy over what had transpired the last time Winter was in the ring. The crowd chanted “Becky! Becky! Becky!” Winter shook her head and raised her microphone.

Winter: Chant her name all you wish. Go ahead. Keep chanting her name. It will not bring her back from oblivion. I destroyed what remained of her after Fanniversary, and all is right with the world. I have been dominating all who cross my path.

The crowd booed and the “Becky” chants grew even louder.

Winter: Whomever decided to try to play mind games with me will learn that you cannot out mind game the master. Whomever it was that decided to try to get into my head will suffer dire consequences. I will do to you worse than what I did to Becky Lynch. What could be worse than setting one on fire? Why, breaking every limb in your body. So, this is the only chance for that person to come forward. Should you decide to come forward, then I will bring you to your demise very quickly. Should you not, then there is no limit to the torture that you subject yourself to.

Winter looked toward the entrance and waited for the culprit to make an appearance. What she got was not who she expected. “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio hit the PA System.

Mauro Ranallo: Who is this, now?

Nigel McGuinness: I have a sneaking suspicion of who that is. It has to be her. One of the most dominant women in wrestling today.

The entrance curtain opened and it was none other than the AK47, better known as Allysin Kay, that walked out onto the stage.

Nigel McGuinness: There she is. It’s ALLYSIN KAY!

Mauro Ranallo: Was she the one that tried to get into Winter’s head during her match with Leva Bates?

Nigel McGuinness: I wouldn’t be surprised. She can play mind games with the best of them. In addition to that, she’s known for her brute force.

Allysin raised her left hand and extended her left pinky as she started making her way down the entrance ramp while Winter looked on with a raised eyebrow. Once Allysin entered the ring, “Gangsta’s Paradise” cut out and the crowd looked on in awe as Allysin stood face to face with Winter.

Winter: You tried to play mind games with me? Who in the hell do you think you are?

Allysin snatched the microphone from Winter’s hand and the crowd let out a gasp.

Allysin Kay: I’m Allysin Kay. I’m the most ruthless, dangerous woman in wrestling, and no, I had no hand in the attempt to play mind games with you, although getting inside your head would be a simple task. I came out here because I was looking for a fight. Seeing as you have no match at Christmas Eve of Destruction, and I’m looking for a fight, I’m out here to challenge you to one, face to face. So, what do you say?

Winter spoke into the microphone that was now being held by Allysin.

Winter: Who in the hell do you think you are to come out here and challenge me? What makes you think that you are even worth my time? What makes you think--

Allysin held a hand up in Winter’s face and that stopped her in her tracks.

Allysin Kay: Do you accept or do you yield? Accept if you’re not a coward.

The gall of this newbie to just interrupt her and disrespect her.

Mauro Ranallo: I have to say that I admire her guts.

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah, Allysin won’t back down from anyone. Believe me, I know.

Winter: I accept.

The crowd cheered over the announcement made, that Allysin Kay would take on the Devil herself in her very first match for the EBWF.

Allysin Kay: Let me be the first to tell you that when you face me at Christmas Eve of Destruction, you’re the one that will get burned.

Allysin dropped the microphone and turned her back. Winter ran at her, but Allysin was ready for her and kicked her in the stomach before she hoisted Winter up and dropped her with the AK47 (Yokosuka Cutter) as the crowd cheered.

Mauro Ranallo: And just like that, Winter’s out from that move.

Nigel McGuinness: That’s the AK47 and if Allysin can hit that at Christmas Eve of Destruction, then she’ll defeat the Devil known as Winter.

Allysin headed up the ramp as the screen above her flickered to the backstage area.

Mauro Ranallo: What’s this?


The cameras were lurking backstage yet again this week and seemed to stumble upon a private conversation.

Wes Ikeda: You’ve lost your damn mind. Would you just listen to me…

Blaine Ikeda: No! Why won’t you listen to me? I have this.

Wes Ikeda: Blaine… look, kid. I have faith in you, but you are not ready for how personal this is. And you went behind my back! You went to Paul. You went to Lynne. You went to your Uncle Chris.

Blaine Ikeda: And they all towed the company line and didn’t help me at all.

Wes Ikeda: So you put a 3.2 million dollar car on the line. That I bought for you as a gift?

Blaine Ikeda: Once you transferred the title to me I could do whatever I wanted with it!

Wes Ikeda: I expected you to do something stupid like crash it! Not something stupid like wager it in a match against AJ Styles. 3.2 million dollars, Blaine. And AJ Styles isn’t worth three dollars and two cents!

Blaine shook his head.

Blaine Ikeda: And when he puts a crowbar in my stomach or a steel chair across my head I want you to remember that it’s comments like that that put such a chip on his shoulder. Support this, or get the hell out of my way.

Wes’ shoulders fell as he sighed. He took a step to the side and let Blaine pass as Warfare went to commercial.


“Cold World” hit and the crowd gave a mixed reaction to Eddie Kingston who walked to the ring with a purpose. Christy Hemme made the announcement and then “New Day New Way” hit as King Xavier came onto the stage to wild applause.

Mauro Ranallo: King Xavier is here and looking to prove himself in EBWF!

Nigel McGuinness: He’s going to have a hell of a time against The Mad King here tonight.

Xavier got in the ring and the referee rang the bell. Woods went for the quick roll up but Kingston kicked out. A right hand by Kingston and he threw Woods to the ropes. Woods hit him with a Russian leg sweep. He went for the cover but Kingston kicks out.

Mauro Ranallo: King Xavier is trying to make short work of Eddie Kingston.

Kingston rolled onto the ring apron and pulled himself to his feet. He got a right hand on Woods, and slammed Xavier’s face into the turnbuckle. Kingston got on the top rope as he jumped for the forearm but Woods landed a drop kick. He went for the cover but Kingston kicks out. Woods followed up with a chop to the chest. He went for a suplex but Kingston picked Woods up and hit him with a Tiger Suplex.

Nigel McGuinness: Will Eddie go for the cover?

Kingston got up in a hurry and kicked Xavier in the side of the head.

Mauro Ranallo: No!

Kingston hit Woods with a knee to the face. He went for the cover but Woods kicked out. Kingston put on a head lock but Woods got out of it. Woods knocked Kingston down with a right hand. Woods lifted Kingston up and threw him onto the top rope. Woods used a knee to the face to knock Kingston to the outside. Woods followed to the outside and threw Kingston back into the ring. Woods climbed the top rope, and hit Kingston with a leg drop. He went for the cover but Kingston kicked out. Woods climbed the top rope, but Kingston was quick after him.

Mauro Ranallo: Don’t go up there!

Kingston landed a right hand as he climbed the second rope. He lifted Woods on his shoulders and hit him with a Samoan drop. He went for the cover but Woods kicked out. The crowd popped!

Nigel McGuinness: This crowd can’t believe it!

Eddie stepped back and charged at Xavier, but Xavier caught him by the arm and spun him around hitting Lost in the Woods.

Mauro Ranallo: King Xavier with the pin.




Nigel McGuinness: Eddie Kingston put up one hell of a fight, but King Xavier is victorious here tonight!

Xavier was reunited with his scepter and put his crown back on his head as EBWF went to commercial.


When Warfare returned from commercial, King Xavier stood in front of the camera backstage. He just got done competing in a match but he refused to be quiet wanting to address his loyal subjects.

King Xavier: That was amazing wouldn't you agree? I am looking forward to my next battle but can anyone really step up and take out the king? My loyal subjects deserve praise every chance they get. My loyal subjects want to see their king competing no matter who it is. I have my eye on a few people already but looking around I am not sure if they are worthy of sharing the spotlight with the king. I wanted MJF but according to his agent "He is better then you and you know it." With that being said I have an open challenge for anyone in EBWF to entertain the crowd with me and deliver main event quality....

King Xavier was about to continue when he heard some chatter behind him. The king turned around and noticed one of the biggest names in the company looking at him.

It was the Breakout Champion Christian Cage along with the rest of The Coalition.

Christian Cage:Yo Xavier, what's up man? That was a good match you had with Eddie Kingston. You know I'm excited about you being in EBWF and all but I gotta ask what are you the King of exactly? I mean Alexa thinks you might be the King of video games since you have a gaming channel on YouTube.

King Xavier smiled as he stood tall facing the Breakout Champion.

King Xavier: Alexa is a smart lady. I am king of video games but I am king of the people protecting them and providing them with excitement. I appreciate you taking the time to come greet me and my match against Eddie Kingston was just the beginning. How about you and I have a little match and let me prove myself against a champion?

Christian Cage: You know I've been looking for new challengers for my Breakout Championship so name the date and the match is yours buddy.

King Xavier: Next week let's entertain the fans and end the year with a bang.

Xavier walked away leaving Christian Cage standing there.


The scene returned to the arena and the crowd got to their feet when…


The drum beat blended into “Go Back to Sleep!” and the sounds of A Perfect Circle brought Rated RKO to the stage. Both men were dressed in jeans and Rated RKO t-shirts as they played to the crowd from the stage. Orton had the Tag Team Championship around his waist, and Edge wore the other while holding the Gateway Title on his shoulder. Edge was wearing sunglasses, and propped them up on his head as the two of them continued down the ramp. Randy paused as Edge threw his arms in the air with his signature rockfist before pyro shot off behind them.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the EBWF Tag Team Champions Rated RKO!

Mauro Ranallo: Randy Orton and Edge haven’t been on EBWF TV since Fanniversary, but they will be defending their tag team championships against Rey and Domink Mysterio

Nigel McGuinness: The Mysterios won the Tag Team Invitational just a few weeks ago and on Christmas Eve we will see if they can end this historic title reign from Rated RKO.

Edge took a microphone from Christy while Randy played up to the crowd a little more.

Edge: 50 more days!

The crowd cheered.

Edge: Just 50 more days. Randy tell ‘em what happens in 50 days!

Randy took a microphone from his back pocket and smirked.

Randy Orton: On February 1, 2022 the longest reigning EBWF World Champion of all time…

Edge: That’s him.

Randy Orton: The longest reigning EBWF Gateway Champion of all time…

Edge: That’s also him.

Randy Orton: …will become the longest reigning tag team champion of all time. Again.

Edge: And when we do become the longest reigning tag team champions of all time again, Randy Orton will earn the distinction of being THE Triple Crown Champion with the longest reigning championships for ALL three titles. I’m trying to articulate that, but honestly words are failing me. It’s unprecedented. Twitter will correct us if we’re wrong, but I’m pretty sure no one has ever done that in the history of this business.

The crowd cheered.

Randy Orton: And let’s not forget, Edge, when that happens not only will it be the longest Tag Team Title reign in EBWF History, no it’s not just that. Our names will be together in the history books. Me and him. My ride or die for the last 15 years - Rated RKO will become the longest reigning champions of all time. Any title. Any division. Any era. Period.

Edge: Randy and I welcomed the Tag Team Invitational because we have nothing left to prove. But we do have one more thing left to do. So Mysterios… you find yourself in an interesting predicament. The acclaimed Rey Mysterio and his promising son Dominik. But the problem is that what Rated RKO can achieve in the next 50 days is an unmissable opportunity. And the legend and his kid just happen to be walking into the Ultimate Opportunist and the Legend Killer.

The crowd popped again.

Randy Orton: When Rated RKO has an opportunity we make the most of it, and December 24th is the most wonderful show of the year to do just that. So we’re going to put our titles on the line in a match that this man right here created.

Randy paused for the cheers that rained down.

Randy Orton: A match that EBWF then put a little spin on.

Edge: Rey, Dom… we’ll see you for TLC4.

The crowd went wild, and Randy continued.

Randy Orton: There isn’t a tag team in that locker room that is going to keep us from making history on February 1st. Not one. So with all this history being made it kind of makes me wonder…

Randy looked directly into the camera.

Randy Orton: Why exactly do I need you Paul Heyman?

The crowd booed at the mere mention of Paul’s name.

Randy Orton: Carrying this company on my back for 12 years, plowing through everyone, record after record. What potential is it that I’m not reaching?

Edge laughed as the crowd cheered Randy’s intensity.

Randy Orton: The truth is you want to latch on to me to elevate yourself. To elevate your status backstage. To elevate your paycheck. And it didn’t work, so the next best option was The Miz? Oof, I know the talent is lean around here, but I certainly thought there was something more MID between me and the bottom of the barrel.

The crowd cheered as Edge cocked an eyebrow unsure if that reference was intentional or not.

Edge: And what will you have Paul when Miz is no longer the World Champion?

He gestured to the Gateway Championship.

Edge: Not only do I have this, but what will you and Mike do when I win the Royal Rumble and become the double number one contender.

Randy Orton: Which again, we’re not even sure is a thing, but one must make these things up since we can’t be stopped.

They paused for the adulation from the crowd.

Randy Orton: But Paul this message isn’t really for you. It’s for your monster. Bray Wyatt, Fiend, Windham… whatever you’re calling yourself. Let me make myself clear, these lights better stay the hell on our we’re going to have more problems than we already do. It’s the holiday season. I’m feeling benevolent. I understand that for the better part of the last few months you’ve had a complete psychopath in your ear, and let me tell you that I know a thing or two about that.

He gestured to Edge who chuckled and shook his head.

Randy Orton: Coming after me will not get you whatever you think it is you want. Listening to Paul Heyman will not get you what you want. Walk away. Change this now. Stop this insanity and I will not be forced to end you faster than I end title reign records around here.

Edge: And Paul, you’re gonna learn what the Mysterios will learn, what every tag team has learned over the last two years. Randy has something you don’t have. Backup.

Randy and Edge each threw their mics on the ground as “Metalingus” hit and the two of them rolled out of the ring heading up the ramp before EBWF went to an add for Christmas Eve of Destruction.


When Warfare returned from an EBWFShop advertisement, "Head of the Table" by CFO$ came across the loudspeakers as the EBWF fans booed loudly, Roman Reigns walked out onto the stage dressed in his ring gear and walked down the aisle. Reigns climbed inside the ring and grabbed a microphone, he turned around facing the hard camera and began to speak.

Roman Reigns: Las Vegas, Nevada...

The fans booed loudly.


The crowd booed even louder as Reigns nodded his head.

Roman Reigns: The time has come for Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose. Funny thing is I ain't seen him all day, what's wrong Mox are you scared? Because the guy that I remember from The Shield wasn't scared of anything. We set the WrestleMania sign on fire and we burned it to the ground.

The crowd booed.

Roman Reigns: I am right here man where you at Mox!?

The crowd booed as they sat waiting for Jon Moxley's arrival.

Roman Reigns: Don't waste my time Mox, just walk down that aisle and do what's right.

Nigel McGuinness: Where is Jon Moxley?

Mauro Ranallo: I have no idea Nigel, I haven't seen him all day.

Roman Reigns: You know what's right don't you Mox? Come to this ring and ACKNOWLEDGE ME!

The crowd booed.

Nigel McGuinness: Roman Reigns wants Jon Moxley to acknowledge him as the Tribal Chief.

Mauro Ranallo: You don't actually think Jon Moxley is going to do that do you Nigel?

Roman Reigns: My patience is growing thin and I don't like to wait Mox, can someone please tell me if he's even here tonight!?

Reigns asked while he paced around the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Can someone please inform him if Moxley is here tonight?

Nigel McGuinness: Why else would he not be here Mauro?

Roman Reigns: So let me get this right, I show up to Vegas to SMASH HIS ASS! But he doesn't even show up?

The crowd chanted for Moxley.

Roman Reigns: Yeah, let's get a little louder so maybe he'll come out from wherever he's hiding.

The crowd booed.

Mauro Ranallo: I am hearing some rumblings backstage Nigel.

Nigel McGuinness: I don't understand why Moxley hasn't come out here yet.

Mauro Ranallo: Roman Reigns is visibly becoming more and more irate the longer this continues.

Roman Reigns: This won't be long Mox, just do us both the favor man. Come out here and ACKNOWLEDGE ME... make this easier than it has to be, because if I have to come back there and drag your ass to this ring... I'm afraid this is going to be really bad!

The crowd booed.

Roman Reigns: It's really simple Mox, just do the right thing man. Acknowledge me as your Tribal Chief and I don't end your career right here TONIGHT!

The crowd booed.

Mauro Ranallo: I think he's heard enough Nigel.

Nigel McGuinness: Jon Moxley is here!

"Unscripted Violence" by Violent Idols hit and Jon Moxley walked out making his way to the ring. Roman Reigns stood in the center of the ring awaiting his opponent.

Mauro Ranallo: Sparks are about to fly Nigel.

Nigel McGuinness: Roman Reigns hasn't budged.

Upon entering the ring Jon Moxley went face to face with Roman Reigns. Both men clashed heads but neither one moved a muscle. Roman Reigns shoved Jon Moxley in the face as the crowd booed. Roman Reigns shouted out "ACKNOWLEDGE ME" but Jon Moxley just shrugged his shoulders and then delivered a headbutt to Roman Reigns who staggered backwards holding his forehead. Moxley sent him on the irish whip but Reigns came back with a thunderous leaping clothesline. Reigns taunted the fans. The crowd booed loudly. Reigns lifted Moxley up to a standing position and threw him into the corner. Reigns charged towards Moxley and hit him with a strong corner clothesline before repeatedly hitting Moxley with multiple corner clotheslines. Moxley staggered out of the corner and fell flat on his face. Reigns taunted the fans. The crowd booed.

Mauro Ranallo: Roman Reigns is on fire right now Nigel.

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah I think the headbutt from Moxley set him off Mauro.

Reigns shouted out at Moxley "GET YOUR ASS UP" while stalking him. Moxley got up slowly and turned around only to get hit with a huge SUPERMAN PUNCH! The crowd booed. Reigns shouted out to the fans "ACKNOWLEDGE ME" and the crowd booed even louder. Moxley rolled outside the ring. Roman went outside the ring and tossed Moxley into the steel steps. Reigns forcefully lifted him up off the mat and tossed Moxley into the padded wall that separates the fans from the stars of the show. Moxley bounced off the wall to a sickening thud and landed hard on the mat outside the ring. Reigns forcefully lifted him up once more and threw Moxley back inside the ring. Moxley laid draped across the bottom rope as Reigns taunted the fans. The crowd booed. Reigns trash talked the fans before he turned around and hit Moxley with the drive by running front dropkick.

Mauro Ranallo: Drive By!

Nigel McGuinness: Roman Reigns is on a different level tonight Mauro, have we ever seen this much aggression from this man before?

Mauro Ranallo: Not that I can remember Nigel and I can't say honestly that I'm a fan of this version of Roman Reigns either.

Roman Reigns walked up the steel ring steps and climbed inside the ring. Moxley stood up swinging wild but missed Reigns by a mile. Reigns delivered a stiff knee to the mid-section and then hit Moxley with the Niagara Driver before he went for the pinfall.


Roman Reigns lifted him up off the mat. The crowd booed.

Mauro Ranallo: What the hell is he doing?

Nigel McGuinness: I don't think he's finished with Moxley just yet Mauro.

Mauro Ranallo: Come on now guys this has got to stop!

Roman Reigns locked Moxley in the Guillotine Choke. The referee began to check Moxley who was fading quickly. Reigns then all the sudden released the hold and forced the referee to back off. The referee yells at Roman Reigns who shouts out back at the referee "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY" before he turned back to Moxley. Moxley out of nowhere gets a little bit of offense and hits Reigns with a Pendulum Lariat. Moxley fell on the mat and laid motionless for a few seconds. Reigns crawled towards the corner and shook his head, trying to shake off the effects from that Lariat out of nowhere. Moxley slowly stood up staggering and flips off Reigns with the middle finger "FUCK YOU" he shouted. Reigns holds his chin after his shook off the effects from the Pendulum Lariat and smirked at Moxley. Reigns charged towards Moxley and delivers a sickening SPEAR!

Mauro Ranallo: MAMMA MIA!

Nigel McGuinness: He may have just broke Jon Moxley in half with that SPEAR!

Reigns lifted Moxley to a standing position. Moxley stood on both feet staggering as Reigns trash talked him. Moxley fires off and slaps the spit out of Reigns mouth. Reigns took a step backwards holding his jaw. Moxley yells out "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT YOU SON OF A BITCH" and Reigns completely snapped. He threw Moxley outside the ring over the top rope. Reigns followed him outside the ring and tore the announce table apart.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh come on Roman...

Nigel McGuinness: Someone has to stop this!

Reigns lifted Moxley up and delivered a thunderous POWERBOMB THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!

Mauro Ranallo: OH MY GOD!

Nigel McGuinness: Did you see the way Jon Moxley's head bounced off the floor Mauro.

Reigns forcefully lifted up Moxley and carried him to the ring before he tossed him back inside the ring. Reigns climbed back inside the ring and shouted "GET YOUR BITCH ASS UP" before he performed his signature taunt. Reigns charged towards Moxley and hits him with another sickening SPEAR! Reigns goes back to the corner and hits Moxley with yet another SPEAR! Reigns then lifted Moxley on both feet as it was visibly clear he was motionless. Reigns locked him up in the Guillotine Choke and immediately the referee called for the bell. Moxley was out cold! Reigns however would not release the hold. EBWF officials immediately rushed to the aid of Jon Moxley. Roman Reigns dropped him in the middle of the ring and stared out towards EBWF officials. "Head of the Table" by CFO$ hit across the loudspeakers and the crowd booed. Roman Reigns taunted the crowd some more before he exited the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Roman Reigns just sent a message loud and clear to EBWF officials. He means business Nigel and I personally don't like this side of Roman Reigns at all.

Nigel McGuinness: He told Jon Moxley to acknowledge him and instead he delivered a headbutt to Roman Reigns which sparked this man to snap.

Mauro Ranallo: Who the hell does he think he is Nigel? Roman Reigns cannot expect his opponents to acknowledge him, is this the same guy that we just saw competing in an EBWF ring nearly five months ago?

Nigel McGuinness: Not at all Mauro. I have never seen this side of Roman Reigns, and I'm actually afraid for the men who's got to compete against him.

Mauro Ranallo: Someone has to do something about this new found attitude, and someone has to do something, Nigel, about the aggression that he now has towards his opponents.

Nigel McGuinness: I think Roman Reigns feels like Jon Moxley owed him so therefore we saw a completely different animal in this match tonight.

The camera showed Roman exiting through the curtain as Warfare went to commercial.


When Warfare returned from a commercial break, the crowd quickly turned from a normal buzz to a unanimous symphony of boos as a familiar montage came on the tron. Words like “liar” “manipulator” “ruthless” “obsessive” “vicious” all stopped to once again cause the arena to go dark. Until the final word hit the tron. “Champion”


I came to play!

I Came to Play by Downstait bellowed over the PA System. Paul Heyman emerged out of the back first. Dressed in a gray suit. He held the Miz EBWF title over his head, as he stared straight ahead. The Miz came through the curtain a few beats later, wearing a white suit and black tie. He had sunglasses covering his eyes and his hair was slicked all around. He showed no emotion as he sauntered ahead of Heyman. Heyman walked behind Miz keeping his title above his head the entire time. Miz got into the ring and requested a microphone from the time keeper. Heyman put Miz’s title over Miz’s shoulder. Miz barely acknowledged this. Standing in the center of the ring soaking in boos from the crowd, he began to speak calmly and methodically with very little emotion behind his words.

The Miz: A couple of weeks ago. I came out here…

The boos got louder. The Miz paused sneering at the crowd.

The Miz: The champion is talking now, which means you’re not.

Louder boos. The Miz smirked. Now deciding to ignore them going forward.

The Miz: As I was saying… a couple of weeks ago - I came out here, and I told everyone that I didn’t care who I faced for the EBWF Title on Christmas Eve. I stood in this ring, and made a proclamation that it didn’t matter… because nobody… NOBODY… in the back… on this roster… in this company… was... is... capable of beating me for this title... MY title.

The Miz paused. The crowd booed him viciously as the camera went to Heyman, who was smiling at Miz and inaudibly said “Nobody” for all the lip readers out there.

The Miz: …and I meant it. I meant it, but here’s the thing. Just because it doesn’t matter to me, just because it’s irrelevant who it ends up being… just because I know that at the end of the day... when it’s all said and done… I’m going to win... Does NOT mean that in my view everyone deserves the opportunity. Last week - Chris Jericho appeared in the tron - why? Because he was touring with his Little Rock band thing that he does… and couldn’t even bother to be in attendance.. and he challenged me to a match at Christmas Eve of Destruction…

The crowd cheered. The Miz side eyed the reaction.

The Miz: Yeah - you idiots would. You would cheer for that. You would clamor for someone who could care less about any of you. Like the dads who’ve walked out on you, or the boyfriend or girlfriends that have dumped you, that’s what losers do - they clamor! Yes Jericho! I love Jericho! So what if he’s chosen pie, cake, ice cream, and apparently pretending to play an instrument with a bunch of other ancient posers - I love him - yay !!

The Miz paused for more boos. Heyman had a sadistic smile on his face.

The Miz: I love the EBWF. I am the EBWF. I am the champion, I’ll be the champion, and I say what goes. So though I’d have no problem destroying Chris Jericho - Mr Bon Jovi - he simply… doesn’t deserve it. So Chris... Van Halen… wherever you are. My answer… is no.

Heyman laughed and said “No.. N-O” loud enough for the ring mics to pick it up. Miz remained emotionless as the crowd booed all around him. Miz was about to say something else, but before he could, “Judas” blasted through the arena and the crowd cheered as Chris Jericho stepped out onto the stage. Jericho was wearing black jeans and a leather jacket over a black and gold “Le Champion” t-shirt. Jericho slapped hands with several fans as he walked down the ramp, then grabbed a microphone from ringside before entering the ring. Upon entering the ring, Jericho signaled for his music to be cut then began to speak.

Chris Jericho: You know Miz, you talk… and talk… and talk… you think you’re pretty funny don’t you?

Miz smiled and nodded, mouthing “I do”.

Chris Jericho: You know what’s really funny though, Mike? You claim you can beat anyone in EBWF, but all I’m hearing is excuses.

Jericho then began doing a whiny Miz impression, wiping the smile off the World Champion’s face.

Chris Jericho (impersonating Miz): “I can’t fight Chris Jericho at Christmas Eve of Destruction, I’ve got a boo-boo on my heinie. Roman Reigns said he’d smash my ass, he did and it really hurt. Besides, I’m scared of Chris Jericho. Please don’t make me fight him mommy”.

The crowd laughed. Jericho smirked as he saw Miz getting riled up.

Chris Jericho: You’re being a coward, Miz, and you know it. You probably also know that you’re contractually obliged to defend the title at Christmas Eve of Destruction… so the way I see it, you’ve got two choices. You can refuse to fight me, in which case I’ll talk to Wes and let him decide who you should defend the title against… maybe he’ll make you defend it in an Elimination Chamber. That would be fun, wouldn’t it? Or… you can man up, accept my challenge and defend the title against me. And if you choose that second option, I’ll even let you pick what type of match we have. Consider it an early Christmas present.

Miz squinted at Chris.

The Miz: Oh that's just rich isn't it. A typical Jericho response. "Oh I didn't get my way, so now I'm going to run and tell Wes on you!" It's disgusting. That impersonation of me? Really? A five year old could do better, Chris. You are actually almost making Roman Reigns "See and Say" repetitive promos entertaining.

The Miz sighed, and looked exasperated about what he was about to say.

The Miz: You know what though, fine. I will face you Chris. I will, because even though you don't deserve it.. I can see it in your stupid smug little face that you actually think you're going to win. You do, and it's because of that.. that I want nothing more.. I'll enjoy nothing more.. than beating the realization into you.. that this is NO longer your company.. IT'S MINE. You may have the boss on speed dial, that you can use as a tattle tale threat, but honestly that has nothing to do with me accepting this challenge. I see now.. since you've been out here.. that you're desperate.. and well Chris.. desperate people.. do really.. really stupid things.. and you challenging me to a match.. well that's the stupidest thing you could do. So yes.. I accept.. and as far as the type of match. I think I have just the thing.

The Miz smirked as Heyman looked on, grinning at how confident Miz was.

The Miz: We'll call it a "Rock Around the Christmas Tree" match. A hardcore match in which the weapons will be freaking musical instruments. I want you to be surrounded by drum sticks, and guitars, and mic stands.. and whatever else you pretend you can use and play. I want this whole ring to be filled like it's the dressing room of your roadies. I want instruments everywhere.. so that I can beat you half to death with them.. and then I might even sing a song to your lifeless body when I'm done. a song that will sound a lot better.. a lot sweeter.. than any song Fozzy has ever released in it's pathetic existence.

Chris smiled and nodded as if to say "okay, okay."

Chris Jericho: Wow… an original idea from The Miz! I never thought I’d see the day. “Rock Around the Christmas Tree” sounds like something I’d come up with… I like it. You’re on, Mike. Shall we shake on it, for old time’s sake?

Jericho extended his hand. Miz seemed hesitant, but he grabbed Jericho’s hand and shook it, grinning. Miz pulled Jericho towards him and went to set him up for the Skull Crushing Finale… but Jericho blocked it, then hit Miz with the Judas Effect! Jericho turned his attention to Paul Heyman, who quickly exited the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Jericho takes out Miz! Could this be a preview of what we’ll see at Christmas Eve of Destruction!

Standing over Miz, Jericho celebrated as Warfare went off the air.
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