Warfare Results 07/25/2022

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Warfare Results 07/25/2022

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Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks… it’s time for Warfare! Tonight, we are live from Oklahoma City, and kicking things off we’ve got the King of the Ring Xavier Woods in action as he takes on Chris Jericho!

Nigel McGuinness: A main event caliber match to open the show… what a treat this is, Mauro!

The crowd cheered as Xavier Woods made his way to the ring first. When Woods was in the ring, “Judas” by Fozzy hit and the crowd sang along as Chris Jericho headed to the ring. After Jericho had entered the ring, the referee called for the bell and the two men locked up. Jericho put Woods in a headlock, but Woods fought out of it and took Jericho down with Russian legsweep. As both men got to their feet, Woods went to whip Jericho against the ropes, but Jericho reversed it, sending Woods against the ropes before hitting a dropkick. Both men got to their feet once more and Jericho went for a clothesline, but Woods ducked underneath it, then grabbed Jericho from behind, hitting a bridging German suplex. The referee counted - 1… 2… Jericho kicked out! Woods pulled Jericho to his feet and set him up for a DDT, but Jericho blocked it, broke free and hit Woods with a double leg takedown, before locking him in the Walls of Jericho!

Mauro Ranallo: Woods could be in trouble here!

Woods was able to get to the ropes, and the referee ordered Jericho to break the hold. Jericho did so and stepped back, allowing Woods time to get to his feet. When Woods was up, Jericho hit him with a series of punches, but Woods fought back with some right hands of his own, then hit Jericho with a superkick! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Jericho kicked out! Woods hit Jericho with a series of chops, then whipped him into the corner. Woods ran at Jericho, going for a leaping forearm smash, but Jericho moved out of the way, causing Woods to collide with the turnbuckles. As Woods staggered backwards, Jericho grabbed him by the arms, lifting him up for a bridging tiger suplex! Both of Xavier’s shoulders were down, and the referee counted - 1… 2… Woods kicked out just before the 3!

Nigel McGuinness: That was a 2.9 count!

As both men got to their feet, Jericho went for the Judas Effect… but Woods sidestepped it, then grabbed Jericho and threw him out of the ring. Woods then climbed to the turnbuckle, but as he did so Jericho got to his feet on the outside and ran up the ring steps, grabbing Woods and hitting him with a series of punches. Jericho then climbed up onto the turnbuckle with Woods, and hit him with a superplex to the outside!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! Jericho went high risk!

Both men were down outside the ring, and the referee began counting… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10! The referee called for the bell, and the crowd booed as Christy Hemme announced the double countout.

Nigel McGuinness: The fans here in the arena understandably disappointed at how the match ended… but what a performance that was by Jericho and Woods!

Mauro Ranallo: You have to wonder if Jericho might have hurt himself… and why he took that risk in the first place!

Nigel McGuinness: Well he’s been on a bit of a losing streak recently, Mauro… I guess maybe he thought he needed to step up his game?

The referee checked on Woods and Jericho as Warfare went to a commercial break.


When Warfare returned from the commercial break, "Papercut" by Linkin Park played and the crowd cheered as The Goddess Alexa Bliss made her way to the ring. Alexa was wearing the pink version of her ring gear.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa seems very confident going into this match tonight.

Nigel McGuinness: I just hope she doesn't underestimate Mina Shirakawa.

Alexa entered the ring and received a microphone from a crew member as her theme cut off.

Alexa Bliss: Ever since Total Supremacy I've been silent. I haven't posted anything on social media and I wasn't at Warfare last week, now I guess it's time I tell you why.

The crowd was anxious to know why Alexa has been absent recently.

Alexa Bliss: The reason why I've been silent is that I needed time to process my loss to Allysin Kay, you see it really stung when I lost, everything that I worked so hard to get ever since Fallout… slipped through my fingers and now Allysin Kay is the Queen Of The Ring and will face Britt Baker for the EBWF Women's Championship.

The crowd booed and Alexa shook her head.

Alexa Bliss: Yeah I know it sucks and when I was at home processing everything I knew that I let everybody down.

Alexa looked disappointed.

Alexa Bliss: But after a while I realized that the best thing to do was to move forward and put that loss behind me. Tonight starts a new chapter in my career and…

Before she could get so much as another syllable out, Riot of Flowers hit and instantly drew a loud chorus of boos. The music played for a few moments before Utami Hayashishita emerged through the curtains. Those boos got louder and louder as she posed dramatically, arm outstretched to the camera and holding a single red rose in her hand. Alexa glared as the Crimson Queen made her way to the ring, an icily haughty expression on her face. Slowly Utami ascended the ring steps and motioned to the time keeper for a mic. With boos cascading down on her, Utami entered the ring and glared daggers right back at Alexa.

Utami Hayashishita: And what? What is it that you are going to do to move forward? After falling short of your goal are you just going to slap a smile on that face and move on to the next disappointment to come? That is what you mean, even if it is not what you were going to say. But all I see is someone who has become nothing but a failure. You want to know why you failed to defeat Allisyn Kay? Because you have become a weak shadow of what you could be.

Alexa crossed her arms over her chest and replied with a sarcastic question.

Alexa Bliss: And who invited you down here? My match is with Mina Shirakawa, not you, “your highness.”

Utami smirks.

Utami Hayashishita: Patience, Alexa. You are in the presence of someone who has already surpassed your talents in a third of the time you have been wrestling. Unlike the last woman to put you down I do not need to win a tournament to call myself a queen. I claimed my crown with nothing short of complete domination of every woman to step up to me. After the mockery you made of yourself, you do not deserve to share the ring with me.

This drew more boos and Alexa stepped forward with a determined look in her eyes.

Alexa Bliss: You sure talk a lot for someone who’s not here to fight tonight. How about we change plans and I show exactly what I can do?

Utami shook her head.

Utami Hayashishita: Oh, you do still have some fire after all. Be careful, the last woman who tried to burn me with her fire got it extinguished.

Alexa turned to the crowd.

Alexa Bliss: All of these people know what I’m made of, Utami. And they know that I’m absolutely capable of knocking self-proclaimed queens off their throne.

The crowd cheered, and Utami just shook her head in response.

Utami Hayashishita: No. We will not fight tonight. But if you put on a good show against Mina, I might consider offering you the opportunity to serve me.

Alexa Bliss: As if I would ever do that.

Utami rolled her eyes at Alexa’s response, then dismissively waved before exiting the ring. While Alexa shot a death glare at her, Utami grabbed a chair from ringside and set it up to watch the following contest. Before Alexa could continue verbally fighting back against Utami, Everytime We Touch hit and Mina Shirakawa emerged for their match. Alexa shifted her attention to Mina as the Glamor Knight made her way to the ring, expression focused fully on her opponent.

When Warfare came back from a commercial break the referee called for the bell to start the match and the two women locked up, Mina forced Bliss into the corner before she broke the lock-up by shoving Alexa, the crowd booed this act and Mina began to taunt Bliss.

Mauro Ranallo: Well it looks like Mina is not lacking in confidence.

Alexa laughed and shook her head. The two locked up again this time Alexa forced Mina into the corner and after the ref reached a count of four Alexa broke the hold before she slapped Mina across the face, the crowd cheered this act and Alexa taunted Mina by striking a cute pose.

Nigel McGuinness: Mina made the mistake of trying to play mind games with an expert.

Mina had a shocked expression that turned to anger as she charged at Bliss attempting a clothesline but Alexa ducked and ran the ropes only to be hit with a dropkick. Mina attempted a pin but Bliss kicked out at 1. Mina went to Alexa up but was hit with a kick to the gut. Alexa capitalized with a wheelbarrow arm drag followed up with a roundhouse kick. Alexa began to taunt Utami who had a look of disgust on her face. When Mina tried to get up Alexa hit her with a dropkick, Bliss attempted Insult to Injury but Mina moved out of the way and charged at Bliss again only for Alexa to sidestep and send Mina to the outside. Mina attempted to get back in the ring but Alexa stopped her with a dropkick, with Mina down Bliss looked at the corner and smiled before she climbed the top rope.

Mauro Ranallo: What is Alexa gonna do?

When Mina got to her feet Alexa went to hit her with Twisted Bliss but Mina moved and Alexa crashed and burned on the floor.

Mauro Ranallo: OH MY GOD!!

Nigel McGuinness: Alexa landed hard on the concrete floor.

Alexa clutched her midsection in pain and Utami instructed Mina to capitalize which she did by throwing Bliss back into the ring. Mina entered the ring and applied an abdominal stretch. Bliss was in a lot of pain but refused to give up which caused Mina to unleash a series of elbow strikes to Alexa's ribs.

Mauro Ranallo: Vicious elbow strikes from Mina.

Nigel McGuinness: Alexa has had rib injuries in the past and that Twisted Bliss attempt may have given her another one. Mina is being very smart by going after Alexa's midsection.

Alexa grabbed the ropes and the referee forced Mina to break the hold. Mina dragged Bliss to the middle of the ring and hit her with an inverted DDT before she went for the pin.


Mauro Ranallo: It's gonna take more than that to keep Little Miss Bliss down.

Mina grabbed Alexa and put her in a surfboard stretch. Alexa screamed in pain but still refused to give up, she managed to slip out of the hold. Mina went to pick Bliss up but was caught in a Small Package for a two count. Mina charged at Alexa but was nailed with a forearm smash.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa is back in control.

Nigel McGuinness: But can she capitalize or will her damaged midsection be too much of a problem?

Alexa grabbed Mina's arms and unleashed a series of stomps to her chest as the crowd counted along. After the tenth stomp Alexa let go and waited for Mina to get up before she ran at her. Mina saw it coming and kicked Bliss in the gut before she tried a running attack after hitting the ropes only for Alexa to grab her by the throat.

Nigel McGuinness: Uh oh!

The crowd cheered as Mina looked terrified. Alexa laughed at her before she took her down with a Chokehold STO and followed up with Insult to Injury. Alexa went for the pin.


Alexa went for the DDT but Mina slipped out and capitalized with the Glamorous Collection Mina! She hooked the leg and the referee counted…


The two women ran at each other and Alexa caught Mina in a crucifix pin.


The two ran at each other again this time Mina caught Alexa in a roll up.


The two ran at each other for a third time and Alexa caught Mina with a tilt-a-whirl small package.


The two stayed down this time and the crowd applauded the efforts of both women. Mina was able to get up before Bliss and Irish whipped her into the corner. Mina charged at Alexa but The Goddess was able to evade and land on her back before she hit her with a Code Red. She made the cover…


Alexa was shocked and held up three fingers at the referee but was told that it was only a two count. Alexa went to the apron but Mina stopped whatever she had planned with a kick to the gut and hit her with a Rope-hung DDT.

Mauro Ranallo: Shades of Randy Orton right there.

Mina waited for Alexa to get to her feet before she hit her with the Glamorous Sword and went for the pin.


Mina was frustrated and she stomped on Alexa's damaged midsection. As Alexa was clutching her midsection in pain Mina signaled for the end.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa is in trouble.

When Bliss got her to feet Mina went for the Glamorous Strong Style but Alexa slipped out and hit her with the DDT.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa hits the DDT but it looks like she can't capitalize.

Both women were down and the referee began a ten count as the crowd booed not wanting the match to end like that. The two women managed to get up at eight and stared each other down but before they could go at it again Utami entered the ring with her Chair and hit Alexa in the back causing the referee to call for the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh come on!

The crowd were furious and booed Utami for ruining the match. Utami didn't care though and proceeded to hit Alexa in the back and ribs with the chair over and over.

Mauro Ranallo: This a heinous assault.

Mina looked a little disturbed at Utami's attack. Utami eventually put the chair down and pulled a near unconscious Alexa up and hit her with Rose's Thorns. Utami had an evil smile on her face as she put one foot on Alexa's chest and outstretched one arm in a pose. As Utami was taunting Liv Morgan ran down to the ring and chased her and Mina out of the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Blatant disrespect from Utami Hayashishita tonight.

Nigel McGuinness: That's just what she does Mauro, she views herself as better than everyone else and Alexa used to be the same way.

Mauro Ranallo: I know Nigel but I don't think Alexa was ever as arrogant as the Crimson Queen.

Utami and Mina went to the back not wanting to engage with an angry Liv Morgan. Liv checked on Alexa Bliss as Warfare went to commercial break.


"Unsettling Differences" played and the crowd in Oklahoma City was not happy to see Kevin Steen walk out on stage.

Mauro Ranallo: Well ladies and gentlemen it's time for Kevin Steen to explain his actions from last week.

Nigel McGuinness: It was on this show last week that Kevin Steen attacked Christian Cage and I for one am waiting to hear his explanation.

Kevin entered the ring and snatched the microphone from Christy Hemme before he yelled at her to leave the ring. "Unsettling Differences" cut off and Steen began to speak.

Kevin Steen: Why Steen Why, that's what I've been hearing all week from everyone whether it be fans or wrestlers, Everyone is confused as to why I attacked Christian Cage last week. Do you people want to know why I attacked Christian?

The crowd cheered.

Kevin Steen: Well if you shut up I'll tell you.

The crowd booed which brought a smile to Kevin's face.

Kevin Steen: I attacked Christian Cage because of one thing… opportunity.
You see, ever since I came back to EBWF I have rarely been given the opportunity to be successful because I'm barely even on TV and last week it finally dawned on me that I needed to create my own opportunities. The first step was to stop being a nice guy and be who I truly am and that's "Pro Wrestling's Worst Nightmare'', the second step was to go after somebody that has been given a bunch of opportunities and that was Christian Cage.

The crowd began to chant "Instant Classic" and Steen sneered at them.

Kevin Steen: For more than a year Christian has been given loads of opportunities, especially at the Breakout Championship and this year he got two byes in the King Of The Ring tournament. If you look at all of Christian Cage's accomplishments in this company you can definitely tell that he has been given a lot of opportunities which is strange because I thought Wes didn't like him. You know during the entire week, I thought about what I did to Christian and I realized that the problem is not just with it's with the entire Coalition.

Kevin nodded his head.

Kevin Steen: Think about it, at Total Supremacy Kane became the number one contender for the Breakout Championship. The Dudleys are in every number one contender's match for the Tag Team titles and Alexa Bliss can just lose every number one contender match and still get a title shot.

The crowd began to chant "You Suck".

Kevin Steen: Now I don't know if you heard but apparently Christian Cage will be on Warfare next week and I know he will be looking to get his hands on me but here's the thing I'm not a guy you want to fight Christian, I am an extremely violent individual and a guy who is very good when it comes to fighting hell last week I beat Chris Jericho and sent him from the main event to the opening match.

Kevin laughed and stared directly into the camera.

Kevin Steen: See you next week.

Kevin dropped the mic and left the ring as the crowd continued to boo him.

Mauro Ranallo: Well if Kevin Steen is to be believed then Christian Cage will be back on Warfare next week.

Nigel McGuinness: That should be a wild confrontation between Cage and Steen.

Kevin went to the back as Warfare went to commercial break.


When Warfare returned from the commercial break, Matt Riddle was on his way to the ring for the next match.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back! Still to come, we’ve got Allysin Kay versus Liv Morgan in our main event. Up next though, we’ve got Matt Riddle in action as he goes one on one with The Viper, Randy Orton!

After Riddle had entered the ring, “Counting Bodies Like Sheep” hit and the crowd cheered as Randy Orton headed to the ring. Upon entering the ring, Orton stared Riddle down. Riddle responded with a goofy grin and a wave. As the bell rang, Orton hit Riddle with a stiff kick to the midsection and set him up for a suplex, but Riddle slipped out of it and put Orton in a sleeper! Orton dropped to his back to slam Riddle into the mat, forcing Riddle to break the hold. Both men got to their feet and Riddle went for a kick, but Orton ducked out of the way and grabbed Riddle from behind, hitting an inverted headlock backbreaker. As Riddle got to his feet, Orton hit him with a series of punches, knocking him back against the ropes. Orton then hit a clothesline, sending Riddle to the outside. Orton followed Riddle out of the ring and lifted him up, hitting a back suplex onto the announce table!

Nigel McGuinness: Well at least the table didn’t break… Riddle looks in pain though!

As Riddle clutched his back, Orton threw him into the ring, then slid under the bottom rope and stomped on Riddle several times before hitting a knee drop. He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Riddle kicked out! Orton pulled Riddle to his feet and hit him with an uppercut, but Riddle fought back with a series of chops. Orton responded with a series of right hands, then whipped Riddle against the ropes before hitting a snap scoop powerslam! He hooked the leg once more and the referee counted - 1… 2… Riddle kicked out! Orton sat Riddle up and put him in a chinlock, but Riddle fought out of it, and as both men got to their feet, Riddle hit Orton with a hard Irish whip into the corner. Riddle ran at Orton, hitting him with a forearm smash, then as Orton staggered out of the corner, Riddle took him down with a kick. Riddle followed up with a Broton splash, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Orton kicked out! Riddle turned Orton over and went for the Fujiwara armbar, but Orton got to the ropes before he could lock it in. As both men got to their feet, Orton hit Riddle with a kick to the chest followed by the draping DDT off the ropes. Orton began pounding the mat, and as Riddle got back up, Orton hit him with the RKO! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It’s over! Randy Orton gets the victory!

Orton celebrated, then made his way to the back as Riddle recovered in the ring.


Christy Hemme: The following contest is scheduled for one fall…

“Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio hit the PA System and the entire crowd began booing. The entrance curtain opened and Allysin Kay walked out onto the stage, and the reaction from the crowd intensified. She raised her arms and extended her pinkies, milking the crowd’s reaction as she walked down the entrance ramp.

Christy Hemme: Introducing first… From Detroit, Michigan… She is the Baddest Bitch in the Building… ALLYSIN KAY!!!

Mauro Ranallo: Here comes Allysin Kay, and as we all know, she wanted to have this match with Liv Morgan. Initially, she wanted it in the Queen of the Ring tournament, but it didn’t happen. Now, she’s got it.

Nigel McGuinness: With how focused Allysin is tonight, almost otherworldly, Liv’s in for a long night.

Allysin climbed up onto the apron and entered the ring. She did a bow and extended her arms with her extended pinkies as “Gangsta’s Paradise” cut out.

The booing immediately turned to cheering once “Faint” by Linkin Park hit the PA System. Liv Morgan walked out onto the stage and down the entrance ramp with a purpose, a serious look adorned her face as she did so.

Christy Hemme: Her opponent… From Elmwood Park, New Jersey… LIV MORGAN!

Mauro Ranallo: Liv’s coming out here with a more serious demeanor, especially after what happened to Alexa.

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah, and I’m not sure if her being more serious will actually help her.

Liv made it to ringside and climbed up onto the apron. Once she entered the ring, Liv walked up to Allysin and got right into her face as “Faint” by Linkin Park faded out. The two went to their respective corners and the opening bell rang.

Mauro Ranallo: Here we go. It’s a match that both women wanted.

Nigel McGuinness: Only one of them will regret it.

When the match began, Allysin approached Liv in the Southwest corner and Liv punched her in the abdomen before scurrying out of the way. Liv quickly moved toward the Northeast corner and Allysin turned to face her. Allysin approached Liv again, backing her into the corner, only for Liv to punch her in the abdomen again before scurrying behind her. This time, when Allysin turned around, Liv punched her in the face. The punch forced her back into the ropes before she continued moving toward Liv, backing Liv into the Southwest corner. When Allysin approached the corner, Liv punched her in the abdomen and moved behind her once again. When Allysin turned around, Liv punched her in the face again, and she continued pursuing Liv.

Mauro Ranallo: No matter what Liv does to her, Allysin just keeps coming.

Nigel McGuinness: It’ll take a lot more than a few punches to keep Allysin at bay. You might as well run over her with a lorry, but even then, that probably wouldn’t work.

Liv backed into the ropes on the east side of the ring, and when Allysin approached her, Liv punched her in the stomach before moving behind her. When Allysin turned around, Liv punched her in the face, backing her into the ropes. With Allysin leaning up against the ropes, Liv ran at her and clotheslined her over the top rope with Allysin landing on her feet on the floor. Liv turned her attention to the referee for a split second, allowing Allysin to grab her by the ankles, tripping her up and Allysin pulled Liv out of the ring. With Liv out of the ring now, Allysin punched her in the throat and grabbed her by the head. Allysin, having Liv’s head in her hands, ran full speed toward the Northeast ring post and rammed her face-first into it. Liv was knocked for a loop and quickly rolled into the ring as the crowd booed.

Mauro Ranallo: Allysin just drove Liv face first into the ring post.

Nigel McGuinness: That had to hurt.

Allysin climbed up onto the apron just as Liv was getting to her feet in the ring. When Allysin was entering the ring between the bottom and middle ropes, Liv approached her and nailed her in the face with a knee lift, stunning the Queen of the Ring before pulling her into the ring. With Allysin back in the ring, Liv punched her in the face, continuing to knock her for a loop as the crowd cheered. Liv punched Allysin in the face again before backing her into the Northeast corner. With Allysin in the Northeast corner, Liv whipped her into the opposite corner, and Allysin hit the corner extraordinarily hard. Liv approached the corner that Allysin was now in – the Southwest corner, and punched Allysin in the face. Liv attempted to whip Allysin back into the Northeast corner, but Allysin stalled and held the top rope. Liv attempted to whip Allysin again, but again Allysin stalled – this time, she punched Liv in the throat before switching places, so Liv was in the Southwest corner. With Liv in the corner, Allysin punched her in the face before whipping her into the Northeast corner.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv thought she might have been in control.

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah, but Allysin is one that knows how to turn the tables in an instant.

Back in the ring, Allysin approached Liv and grabbed her by the throat, and she started to squeeze, choking her. The referee started to count.

“ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FI-” Allysin broke up the choke at the last possible second. She glared at the referee for a moment before whipping Liv into the Southwest corner. Allysin approached the corner and grabbed Liv by the throat again, choking her while the referee counted.

“ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FI-” Allysin broke up the choke at the last possible second again. Allysin turned her attention toward the referee and he backed away with her keeping her eyes on him, turning her back to Liv. Allysin turned her attention back to Liv and brought Liv to her feet in the corner. With Liv back on her feet in the corner, Allysin punched her in the face.

Mauro Ranallo: A hard punch from Allysin to Liv.

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah, I think I felt that one.

Allysin grabbed Liv by her left arm and whipped her into the Northeast corner. Liv stumbled out of the corner and dropped to her knees. Allysin backed into the ropes and ran at Liv, dropping her to the mat with a Discus from Detroit to her face while the crowd booed. With Liv on the mat, Allysin quickly crawled into the cover.

“ONE! TWO!” Liv kicked out and Allysin grabbed her by the throat, choking her like she was before as the referee started counting.

“ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FI-” Allysin broke up the choke at the last possible second and glared at the referee before dropping an elbow onto the chest of Liv as the crowd booed.

Mauro Ranallo: Allysin really taking some liberties here tonight.

Nigel McGuinness: Just tonight? Look at what she’s done over the last month.

Allysin grabbed Liv by the head and brought her up to her feet. She whipped Liv into the ropes. After Liv bounced off the ropes, Allysin knocked Liv down with a Big Boot. With Liv on the mat, Allysin mounted her and started hitting her with piston-like punches to her face as the crowd booed and the referee started counting.

“ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FI-” Allysin let up and got to her feet. Allysin grabbed Liv by the head and brought her up to her feet in a bent over position. She raised a pinky and the crowd booed. While Allysin was taunting the crowd, Liv quickly jumped up and took Allysin down with a variation of the ObLIVion as the crowd cheered.

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! Liv with the ObLIVion out of nowhere!

Nigel McGuinness: If Liv can collect herself, she can pull off the upset of the year.

Liv used the ropes to pull herself up to her feet. Meanwhile, Allysin climbed back up to her feet as well. When Allysin encountered Liv again, Liv sent Allysin back down with the Jersey Codebreaker. Liv laid in wait while Allysin got up to her feet, though staggering a little this time. When Allysin turned around, she stumbled right into Liv, the latter of whom dropped her with another variation of the ObLIVion.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv with another ObLIVion!

Nigel McGuinness: If Liv can cover Allysin, it will be the biggest upset of the year.

Back in the ring, Liv slowly but surely crawled over to the prone body of Allysin and draped her arm over Allysin’s shoulders.

“ONE! TWO! THR-NO!!!” Allysin got the shoulder up and the crowd booed.

The crowd began cheering for some reason. The camera panned and everyone saw Becky Lynch jumping over the barricade and she grabbed the ring bell.

Mauro Ranallo: BECKY’S HERE!

Nigel McGuinness: This isn’t gonna be good for Allysin.

In the ring, Allysin managed to gain the upper hand and she dropped Liv with the AK-47, and crawled into the cover.

ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! Becky pulled the referee out and stomped on the back of his head. Before Allysin could look around to see what happened, Becky slid into the ring with the bell, jumped up and hit Allysin hard in the back of the head with the bell. With Allysin on her back, Becky draped Liv’s arm over Allysin’s shoulder as the crowd cheered. Becky left the ring and woke the referee up before she rolled him into the ring.

With the referee in the ring, he started counting. ONE! TWO! THREE!!! The crowd cheered wildly as “Faint” by Linkin Park hit the PA System.

Christy Hemme: Here’s your winner… LIV MORGAN!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! Liv is the first person to beat Allysin Kay here in EBWF!

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah, but it was because of Becky’s interference! One thing we know is that Allysin’s gonna be angry.

Becky entered the ring with a microphone as Liv managed to pull herself up to her feet. Becky and Liv came face to face, and Becky pulled Liv into a hug before she raised Liv’s arm. While Liv celebrated, Becky turned her attention to Allysin.

Becky Lynch: How are ya feelin’? How does it feel to lose fer the first time? I bet that while yer lyin’ there and lookin’ at the lights, yer dreamin’ of hurtin’ me more than ya tried the last few weeks. Well, I’ll give ya the opportunity. You and me, next week on Warfare in a street fight.

Mauro Ranallo: A street fight?! Oh my… that’s sure to be a violent one!

Becky and Liv celebrated together as Warfare went off the air.