Warfare Results - 8/15/2022

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Warfare Results - 8/15/2022

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The EBWF logo flashed across the screen in front of a black background which signified the end of the traditional EBWF introduction. Unexpectedly, the scene transitioned to a remixed version of Rhea Ripley’s “Hail to the King” entrance theme overlayed over the promo last week with very quick edits to the frame as “LAST WEEK” in white text faded in on the bottom right of the screen. The scene began with Rhea Ripley speaking over a shot of herself laughing.

Rhea Ripley: How stupid can you people be?

The scene transitioned to a quick frame of Rhea hitting Liv with the Big Boot and Riptide from last week as the gongs and heavy drums of Rhea’s music hit louder with each impact.

Mauro Ranallo: What is the meaning of this attack?!

The camera shot transitioned back to Rhea Ripley as she spoke to the fans in attendance.

Rhea Ripley: Because the reality is: that your failures –

The scene transitioned from Rhea as she spoke, to Rhea as she shook Alexa Bliss in the Bearhug like a ragdoll! The filter over the scene turned gray as the camera zoomed in on the blood that oozed through the teeth of Alexa Bliss.

Rhea Ripley: YoUr FaILuREs

The audio distorted on the repeated line as the camera flashed white aligned with the music’s bass beat in tune with Rhea when she shook Alexa Bliss’s motionless body.

Rhea Ripley: -Are the only way

The scene then transitioned to Rhea dropping Alexa before a cut happened that showed her deadlifting Bliss straight in the air and caught the Bearhug again.

Rhea Ripley: THE. ONLY. WAY.

The audio again was distorted as the line repeated with rapid edits of the carnage Rhea Ripley caused.

Rhea Ripley: To keep the Reaper from knocking on your door.

The scene showed Rhea stand over Alexa and Liv with Liv having used her body to shield Alexa from further assault.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv is protecting Alexa! The Riptide may have slowed her down, but it hasn’t defeated Liv Morgan!

The scene turned black as we heard the laughter of Rhea Ripley before the segment concluded with one last distorted line over the darkness.

Rhea Ripley: How StUpID can YOU PeOPle BE?

After the opening credits for Warfare played, pyro exploded from the stage and the camera panned all over the arena where it showed the ravenous fans in attendance. A graphic at the bottom of the screen showed that there were 19,393 fans in attendance, meaning the arena was at full capacity.

Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks! It’s time for Warfare! We, of course, appreciate the invite into your homes. My name is Mauro Ranallo and I am, as always, joined by my broadcast partner, Nigel McGuinness! We are here live from Portland, Oregon in the Moda Center, home of the Trail Blazers!

The scene changed to showcase the two announcers as they sat at the announce desk talking about the show.

Nigel McGuiness: We also have a doozy tonight with so many pieces on the card! However, you and I must truly be somber here. It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that our medical staff found last week, Alexa Bliss, has worsened physically following that heinous assault by Rhea Ripley.

Nigel and Mauro’s voice mellowed.

Mauro Ranallo: That is correct, Nigel. It has come to our attention, as of this morning, that our medical staff has found that Alexa Bliss has suffered further bruising around the ribcage and potentially is under constant supervision to discover if she suffered pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung due to pressure of a collapsed chest following the horrific Bearhug inflicted by “The Reaper” Rhea Ripley last week. This isn’t the only injury as Alexa has also been moved to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for more extensive tests for any other organs risking collapse – not just the lung. For younger viewers at home, we will keep images from last week brief for the remainder of our program, however, the fact is it is our duty to inform you all that Rhea Ripley furthered the injury last week that was started by Utami Hayashishita two weeks ago. The reality is that, as of this moment, Alexa Bliss has not and will not be medically cleared. The suspicion, unless her results come back negative regarding the collapsed lung and is proven to be something far less severe to cause the bleeding last week, Alexa Bliss will not be allowed to further compete here in the EBWF for the foreseeable future. We here at the EBWF would like to wish Alexa Bliss a speedy recovery and we cannot wait to see her back as soon as she is medically able.

The fans across the arena booed at the news as the EBWF made sure to announce it over the speaker system for the live audience. “Get-well-soon” and “We-miss-Lexi” chants rose across the arena and echoed for what felt like ages before it was interrupted as the camera quickly showed the ramp. A green countdown timer counted down on the tron! The fans erupted to their feet in cheers as they knew what this timer signified!

Nigel McGuiness: Well, this may help the mood!

The countdown hit zero as “My Last Breath” emitted from the speakers. “Christian” chants echoed across the crowd that only magnified in volume with the actual physical appearance of the Instant Classic. Cage, dressed in street clothes, sporting his latest merchandise wasted little time as he stood on the rampway crowded by the other members of the Coalition. The most notable attendance, up front, the honorary member: Liv Morgan. She was also dressed in street clothes, however slightly more ragged as if worn in a street fight. The group moved in unison down the ramp, as they did not spend much time for fanfare or hyping the already beloved audience to their appearance. It was evident that not a single member of the Coalition had a smile on their face as they made their way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: It certainly has, Nigel! And you must imagine this will all focus on the recent assault that the no good “Reaper” Rhea Ripley forced on Alexa Bliss! Though let us not forget the heart that this young lady, Liv Morgan, displayed standing up to that monster! She never laid down, she didn’t quit, she put everything into trying to protect her best friend!

Nigel McGuinness: She certainly did. And tonight, not a single member of the Coalition looks happy at the outcome of last week.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Christian Cage, Liv Morgan, Kane, Maven, and the Dudley Boyz! The Coalition!

The Coalition all entered the ring in 2-by-2 unison as the group of six people surrounded the ring. Christian made his way to Christy and asked for the microphone politely, which the former Women’s Champion obliged. Before she exited the ring, it was caught on camera Christy hugging both Christian and Liv and said “I am sorry about Alexa. Know we are all pulling for a fast recovery.” Hemme then exited the ring as Christian’s attention was directed to the crowd.

Christian Cage: I would first want to say, I know there is a match scheduled right now to see Aalyah Gutierrez and Mina Shirakawa. The Peeps here want to see that match, right?!

The crowd cheered and Christian didn’t even smile as he continued.

Christian Cage: Well, I certainly do too. I think all of us do. We all here, in not just the Coalition but across this business, got involved to entertain you people and compete in the confounds of rules of sporting matches. We agreed when we entered this business that from bell to bell, we will give our all to not just try and delight you people here, entertain the people at home across the world, but EARN for ourselves spots at the front of the line! Every member here in this Coalition has been beaten and has also won big matches that we EARNED in between that bell!

The people again cheered as Christian paused briefly to allow them this moment.

Christian Cage: We all EARNED OUR spot to be in the front of the line! So, you all can imagine how much it boiled my blood to see last week some psychotic skank from Australia get in this ring-

The crowd immediately “oohed” at the jab as Christian paused and signaled to the ring.

Christian Cage: And then blindside an already injured Alexa Bliss outside the boundaries of a sporting contest! You can imagine it got to old Christian Cage when after, Liv Morgan-

The audience cheered as Christian gestured to Liv behind him as he continued.

Christian Cage: A woman who is a former Women’s World Champion, and one of the most courageous women this business has ever seen, got into this ring to protect her best friend in one of the most fearless acts I think wrestling has seen come down its pike – and then also get assaulted by this monster! Then on Twitter all week I got to see recap, after recap, clip after clip of this assault. There was one thing that stood out, though!

Christian, again, had his attention towards the crowd.

Christian Cage: During this assault last week, where was Rhea Ripley’s punishment? She assaulted another human being live on television! Were there any cops called to take Rhea Ripley away for further questioning? I mean right now, as we speak, and I would love to be fun and games – but a good friend of mine can’t even laugh without potentially coughing up blood! So frankly, in another moment where celebrities are protected, like when Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock at the Oscars-

The crowd again responded to the reference as Christian didn’t miss a beat and continued.

Christian Cage: It is no surprise we at the EBWF can’t keep some psycho BITCH under control! I frankly don’t care if Rhea was involved with Utami or not. That doesn’t matter as this should have been handled two weeks ago with Utami! So, we here in the Coalition decided, since the EBWF cannot protect us, we will protect ourselves! Tonight, the Coalition will prevent any assaults outside of any match to any of us. And I know you’re there somewhere backstage Kevin, playing with yourself at watching a real competitor with Cheetos staining your stupid t-shirt, but this also includes you! If you or your curtain jerking Indy friend want to test our resolve tonight, you will find out how WE roll!

The crowd cheered and laughed at the remark. Christian’s demeanor did not become less serious.

Christian Cage: But, and this is for everyone at home and all of you amazing people here in Portland –

The crowd cheered at the mention of their city.

Christian Cage: Last week did show something to everyone that is valuable. While it showed that Rhea Ripley couldn’t handle Alexa in a real fight, it more importantly showed Liv Morgan as one of the toughest wrestlers in this company. This is about all of us but, we all should give Liv respect for proving how tough she really is! Tonight, this will be about her wishes as she did more to try and prevent that assault than anyone on staff. We are here as support if you need us, Liv.

Christian handed the microphone to Liv, as he gave her a side hug. The Coalition all exited the ring together and surrounded the ring. They made do on their promise to protect from unofficial assaults.

Liv Morgan: The fact is, despite the reality that I should be honored to have Christian Cage recognize how tough and talented I am, the assault Rhea Ripley committed last week STILL haunts me!

The crowd booed at the established unfair, vicious, and destructive assault that Rhea Ripley had caused.

Liv Morgan: Not because of what Rhea Ripley did to me, but because I now know it is possible Rhea Ripley ended the career of my best friend!

Liv’s voice broke a little before she continued.

Liv Morgan: So, I am not going to sit here and wax poetic about how I feel to you people. I know there is a match scheduled that we are taking time away from, and don’t get me wrong, I DON’T FORGIVE MINA EITHER! However, Rhea Ripley, you wanted to come assault Alexa? I don’t care how many matches you have scheduled tonight; I am calling you out to FIGHT ME! I know you prefer to fight outside of any professional match, so I challenge you to fight me unsanctioned, tonight!

The crowd erupted in cheers as Liv walked to the edge of the ring and faced the rampway.

Liv Morgan: Come on down, Rhea! I know from the Bleacher Reports you’re not currently getting any fines back there! So come down here and FIGHT ME!

Liv began bouncing in place as the camera transitioned to the rampway. The crowd booed after moments of this realizing Rhea Ripley wasn’t making her way out.

Liv Morgan: I am sure you and Mina and that sanctimonious, self-righteous, conceited Queen BITCH are all in this together! So, I will say clearly, if you don’t come down here right now, I will wait in this ring until your match tonight and you’ll be getting your ass kicked by ME instead of Natalya! So, I would suggest-

Rhea’s familiar gong had hit as “Hail to the King” blared from the speakers. The crowd was already on their feet in boos and the camera panned across the crowd showing all the negative crowd signs about Rhea. The camera transitioned back and showed Rhea Ripley without any stage fare. She already had a microphone in hand and was clearly surrounded by arena security.

Rhea Ripley: Liv, Liv, Liv! You know, it is funny seeing you like this. Downright humorous. It is my second favorite version of you with your squeaky threats and cute little squad around the ring protecting you. I’ll give you credit, it is clear in your little group, you are the only one that has any balls.

The crowd “oohed” as the camera transitioned briefly and showed the frustrated faces of Christian and the rest of the Coalition.

Liv Morgan: Why are you wasting time talking and gloating? You want to remind us you hurt me? That you did what you did to Alexa? That is fine! I’ll remind YOU what you did once you send that crew with you home, the Coalition will leave, and you and I can settle this right now!

The crowd cheered as Rhea smirked and brought their mood down.

Rhea Ripley: Ooh, listen to the little dog bark! Tell you what Liv, I’ll let you in on something. This crowd of paid yes men with me wasn’t MY call! This wasn’t me protecting myself, this was all these people’s darling EBWF’s hand!

The crowd booed as Rhea continued.

Rhea Ripley: Now, don’t get me wrong, I know they did it for YOUR protection! Thanks to me killing Alexa Bliss’ career, I have broken the code. I have become the ONLY Legend in this business! I ENDED the career of the former Women’s World Champion, Alexa Bliss! I have the only title that is worth worship: The Reaper of Professional Wrestling. And don’t worry little Liv! That Alexa Bliss gravestone won’t be alone! I’ll be happy to bury you with her. However, it cannot be tonight.

The crowd booed as Rhea scoffed at them, then raised her hands slowly before the security turned to force her back into the position she was in. They demonstrated to the fans that the security was to prevent Rhea’s actions and not to protect Rhea from Liv.

Rhea Ripley: For you all in the ring bitchin’ and moanin’, you should know that I have been prevented from going anywhere in this arena without security and police escorting me. They claim I am too much of a threat to travel alone. So, Liv, please enjoy the rest of your career and rest easy knowing for now you’re protected by these and those clowns! I cannot wait to be back though to Reap what you have left too! Prepare yourself for the ground and don’t mock death again. But don’t worry, Liv, you’re not mediocre! Just like little Lexi, be patient and you’ll be calling me God soon enough!

Rhea threw the microphone at Liv and missed but her actions forced the security to push her back off the rampway through the curtain! In retaliation, the Coalition began marching up the ramp when another round of police and security stomped down the aisle and forcefully escorted the Coalition out from ringside to a chorus of boos!

Mauro Ranallo: Well fans, we must announce that it has come from EBWF management that in the best interest of the EBWF, Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan will NOT be allowed to have any further altercation either physically or verbally tonight! If either Liv Morgan or Rhea Ripley attempts to break this ruling, there will be further determination of punishment that will occur and be announced as soon as decided!

The camera transitioned back to the announcement desk as Nigel responded.

Nigel McGuinness: Well, I think it is the right call by the EBWF staff to get a handle on this chaos! Liv Morgan understandably wants to destroy Rhea Ripley, but this cannot happen in an unsanctioned fight. This must be controlled in the rules of sanction and then Rhea Ripley has the right to decline the officially organized match as a competitor. This has boiled up to an unbelievable start for us on Warfare though, but really it cannot overshadow the injury of Alexa Bliss. We will do our best to continue updates with her throughout the next few weeks.

Mauro Ranallo: That is for certain! Also, keep in mind that coming up next is a rival of Liv Morgan’s, Mina Shirakawa, taking on a woman who knows a lot about the destruction Rhea Ripley can cause! Aalyah Gutierrez! That is coming up right after the break!


As Warfare returned from the commercial break, Aalyah Gutierrez was on her way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back! Up next, we’ve got our first match of the evening as Aalyah Gutierrez takes on the “Bloody Angel”, Mina Shirakawa!

When Aalyah was in the ring, “Everytime We Touch” by Jonathan Young hit and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as Mina Shirakawa headed to the ring. Upon entering the ring, Mina locked eyes with Aalyah, glaring at her with a look of bloodlust on her face. The referee called for the bell and Mina immediately charged towards Aalyah, knowing her into the corner and hitting her with a series of punches. Mina then lifted Aalyah up, placing her legs on the top rope before hitting her with a DDT onto the mat!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! I’ve seen the rope-hung DDT a log of times, Nigel, but never off the top rope like that!

Nigel McGuinness: That’s the sort of thing you can expect from the Bloody Angel, Mauro. Mina Shirakawa has tapped into a more aggressive side of her personality.

Aalyah cried out in pain, clutching her neck. The referee checked if she was okay to continue and Aalyah nodded, then slowly got to her feet. Mina hit her with a spinning forearm smash, knocking her back down, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Aalyah kicked out! Mina got to her feet and stomped on Aalyah several times, then pulled Aalyah to her feet and dragged her towards the corner, slamming her head against the turnbuckle. Mina kicked Aalyah in the corner several times before stepping back; she then ran towards Aalyah and hit her with a hip attack! Aalyah staggered out of the corner and Mina hit her with a spinning kick, then hooked the leg once more. The referee counted - 1… 2… Aalyah kicked out! Mina pulled Aalyah to her feet and set her up for a powerbomb. She lifted Aalyah up… but Aalyah countered with a hurricanrana!

Mauro Ranallo: What a counter!

Both women got to their feet and Aalyah hit Mina with a swinging neckbreaker, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Mina kicked out! Aalyah pulled Mina to her feet and hit her with a series of punches, then went to whip her against the ropes… but Mina reversed the Irish whip, sending Aalyah into the ropes before taking her down with a Lou Thesz press! Mina punched Aalyah against the mat several times, then grabbed her by the legs, putting her in a Boston crab! Aalyah was able to get to the ropes, and the referee ordered Mina to break the hold. Aalyah used the ropes to pull herself up, and once she was up, Mina grabbed her, dragging Aalyah towards the corner. Mina sat Aalyah on the top rope, setting her up for a superplex, but Aalyah kicked her away, then hit a diving crossbody! Both women got to their feet and Aalyah hit a leg trap sunset flip powerbomb, then hooked both legs. The referee counted - 1… 2… Mina kicked out! Aalyah pulled Mina to her feet and hit a suplex, then climbed to the top rope. Aalyah went for a frog splash… but Mina got her feet up and blocked it! Mina pulled Aalyah to her feet and set her up for Glamorous Driver MINA… then hit it! She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Nigel McGuinness: It’s over! Mina Shirakawa gets the victory!

Mina smiled as the referee raised her arm in victory, then made her way to the back, leaving Aalyah laid out in the center of the ring.


"My Last Breath" hit as EBWF returned from commercial.

Mauro Ranallo: The Instant Classic is going to take on a man who is quickly becoming an EBWF fan favorite.

Nigel McGuinness: Matt Riddle is certainly a formidable opponent. It will be very interesting to see if Christian Cage can keep up with him here tonight.

Christy Hemme announced Christian. The leader of the Coalition pulled on the ropes to stretch his arms as he turned his attention to the entrance.


The crowd started a "Bro" chant as Riddle came down to the ring on his Razr Scooter.

Nigel McGuinness: Don't you have a difficult time taking him seriously though, Mauro.

Mauro Ranallo: I think his body of work is speaking for itself, Nigel.

Christy announced Riddle as he got into the ring and the two men squared up as the bell rang. Christian took Riddle down. Riddle quickly fought back and took Christian down. Riddle hit a gutwrench suplex and went for a quick pin, but Christian kicked out at one. Christian got to his feet and floored Riddle with an uppercut. Christian choked Riddle on the ropes until the referee broke it up and backed him up. Christian got a cheap shot in on Riddle.

Nigel McGuinness: Now that's just uncalled for!

Christian bounced Riddle in the corner, but Riddle countered into a triangle before pulling Christian over the top rope. Riddle went for a springboard, but Christian punched him down to the floor. Christian hit a suicide dive and sent Riddle hard into the steel ring steps.

Mauro Ranallo: Christian trying to make short work of Riddle here tonight!

Christian threw his arms in the air to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He went back to Riddle and helped him up from the floor. They worked back into the ring where Christian took Riddle down with an enzuigiri. Christian backed up and charges for a running hip attack and went for the pin.


Nigel McGuinness: No good!

Christian argued the count with the referee. Riddle fought back at Christian and hit a snap kick to the head. Christian was stumbling on his feet and fell into the corner. Riddle kipped up and avalanched Christian in the corner before hitting an exploder suplex. Riddle went for a senton, but Christian got the knees up.

Nigel McGuinness: Riddle is grasping the lower back.

Mauro Ranallo: Riddle may be in a bad way here.

Riddle tried to fight back at Christian, but Christian sent him up in the air for a big drop. Christian went for the pin again, but Riddle kicked out at two.

Mauro Ranallo: The grit and determination of Riddle!

Christian was frustrated at the inability to put Riddle away. Christian went to the top rope, but Riddle cut him off up there. Christian fought Riddle and knocked him down to the canvas. Christian went for a splash, but Riddle got the knees up. Riddle elbowed Christian in the jaw. Christian rolled Riddle up, but Riddle reversed, and grabbed the tights!


Mauro Ranallo: What?!

Nigel McGuinness: Riddle stole one from Christian!

Mauro Ranallo: But this crowd is loving it.

Riddle hopped to his feet before climbing the turnbuckle and pumping his fist to the beat of the crowd's "Bro" chants. The tron lit up and an advertisement began to play for Gateway to Glory.


After the match, Warfare cut to the backstage area where we saw Liv Morgan and The Dudley Boyz walking while being followed by security.

Liv Morgan: You know you guys don't have to be here with me, I'm pretty sure this security is just for me.

Bubba Ray Dudley: You heard what Christian said earlier,The Coalition have gotta look out for each other and you are a part of us.

Liv smiled briefly at those words until she stopped when she heard a familiar voice..


Mina Shirakawa walked up to the trio from their right. Bubba and D-Von acknowledged Mina while Liv didn't look at her. Mina looked serious as she began to speak.

Mina Shirakawa: I need to tell you something. I'm really sorry about what happened last week.

Liv still didn't look at Mina as she spoke.

Liv Morgan: Sure you are.

Mina Shirakawa: I'm honestly sorr…

Liv interrupted Mina.

Liv Morgan: Where's Rhea?

Mina looked confused.

Mina Shirakawa: How would I know? Why are you asking me?

Liv was starting to get extremely frustrated.

Liv Morgan: Drop the act Min. I know you, Rhea,and Utami are all in cahoots.

Mina shook her head.

Mina Shirakawa: Utami and I had no idea that Rhea was gonna do that last week. Look, I hope that Alexa is going to be okay.

Liv turned to Mina with a look of anger. After a few seconds D-Von stepped in between them.

D-Von Dudley: Come on Liv, let's go.

Liv had a noticeable tear going down her face. As Liv walked away from her, Mina made one last attempt to get her attention to no avail. The last of the security guards rounded the corner, Mina walked down the hallway looking absolutely distraught. With her hands on her hips she appeared to be in deep thought. Deep thought which was interrupted by Utami Hayashishita stepping up to Mina from the opposite direction. As soon as the Crimson Queen was fully visible on screen, the fans in the arena could be heard booing at the top of their lungs. Though their eyes met briefly, Mina averted her eyes toward the floor. With a bit of unnerving forcefulness, Utami lifted Mina’s chin so that they were once again eye to eye. After several tense moments Utami lowered her hand, though her eyes remained icily cold.

Utami Hayashishita: There you are, my trusted knight. I have been searching for you all night, where have you been?

Mina sighed and shrugged.

Mina Shirakawa: Oh, you know, just walking off some of those post match nerves.

Utami raised an eyebrow.

Utami Hayashishita: Is that so? Interesting.

Mina cocked her head to the right.

Mina Shirakawa: Did you need something? I’m at your service as always.

Utami didn’t react to this question, but instead made a seemingly unconnected remark.

Utami Hayshishita: You know what else is interesting? The fact that that little false idol invited you onto her show last week. What is more interesting to me is that you decided to accept. Would you kindly explain what you were thinking when you went out there to make polite conversation with her?

Mina held her hands up defensively.

Mina Shirakawa: I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble, Utami! I just thought it’d be best for someone to go out and feel out what that ‘important thing’ she wanted to tell me was. It could’ve been something that revealed a weakness to be exploited! Alexa is someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, so I was hoping she’d give me some nice juicy secrets.

Utami rolled her eyes.

Utami Hayashishita: But she did not. She just pathetically tried to poison your mind against me. I suppose she did show us a weakness - she is too naive to realize how these things actually work, or to see the truth in my words. But that is still no excuse for you to go speak with her like that. Granting her even the slightest favor will just make her take more and more from you, and then you will grow weak. Just like her.

Mina nodded reluctantly.

Mina Shirakawa: Of course, I won’t make that mistake again. Not with her or anyone else, I promise.

Utami smirked and leaned in closer.

Utami Hayashishita: I am glad to hear that, Mina. You have so much more potential than 90% of the women in this locker room. Please do not disappoint me. I hate to be disappointed.

Utami leaned in closer, her hand reaching up to cup Mina’s chin again.

Utami Hayashishita: I was quite pleased to see you brought out the aggression of the Bloody Angel tonight as well. That is the true power that you hold, Mina. If you embrace it you will be the strongest woman to ever stand at my side. Show no weakness, grant no mercy, and you will be feared by every woman in EBWF. More importantly I will be well and truly pleased that you have proven me right about you.

Mina’s expression grew sterner as she nodded again. Her hand reached up and took Utami’s and gently from her chin. Mina took Utami’s hand in hers and smiled.

Mina Shirakawa: You have my word, Utami. I’m going to show everyone just how strong I am. Liv Morgan and whoever she drags to the ring with her at Gateway to Glory will find out just how different I am from what Alexa Bliss thinks I am.

Utami cracks a sly smile.

Utami Hayashishita: Good. Now go get our things in order, I am tired of this backwater town. We will be leaving the building as soon as everything is ready.

Mina’s smile grew wider and slightly relieved.

Mina Shirakawa: You’ve got it!

Mina let go of Utami’s hand and headed into the nearby locker room. As soon as Mina was out of sight, Utami pulled out her phone and hurriedly typed a message to someone. After it was seemingly sent, Utami looked toward the locker room door and smirked confidently again. With that she headed into the locker room herself, slamming the door behind her. The show went to a commercial break after lingering on the door for a moment.


As Warfare returned from the commercial break, “The Epic” hit and the crowd cheered as Britt Baker made her way to the ring for the next match.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back! Up next, we’ve got the Women’s Champion Britt Baker in action as she takes on an opponent of Allysin Kay’s choosing!

When Baker was in the ring, she began pacing back and forth, awaiting the arrival of her opponent. “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness hit, and some of the crowd began to cheer as they worked out who the mystery opponent was. There were more cheers as Candice LeRae stepped out onto the stage, but the cheers were quickly followed by boos as the crowd realized Candice was being accompanied to the ring by Allysin Kay.

Nigel McGuinness: Well this is an interesting choice by Allysin Kay, Mauro… Candice LeRae trained Britt Baker! Can the student beat the master?

As Candice entered the ring, Baker smiled and offered Candice her hand, but Candice slapped it away!

Mauro Ranallo: Well it seems there won’t be any niceties tonight, Nigel… it’s all business as far as Candice LeRae is concerned!

The referee called for the bell and the two women locked up. Candice put Baker in a headlock, but Baker fought out of it and applied an arm twist, which she transitioned into a hammerlock. As Candice tried to fight out of it, Baker whipped her against the ropes, before hitting a slingblade. She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Candice LeRae kicked out! Baker pulled Candice to her feet, but as she did so Candice shoved her away, before hitting a series of punches. Baker fought back with some right hands of her own, then lifted Candice up for a bodyslam… but Candice countered it into a headscissors takedown!

Nigel McGuinness: Candice had that move well scouted!

As both women got to their feet, Candice hit Baker with some more right hands, then went for a clothesline, but Baker ducked out of the way and hit Candice with a spinning forearm smash. Candice staggered backwards and Britt tried to pull her down to the mat, but Candice blocked it, then hit a knee smash! As Baker clutched her jaw, Candice hit a reverse STO, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Baker kicked out! Candice pulled Baker to her feet and set her up for a DDT, but Baker blocked it and shoved Candice into the corner, then ran at her, hitting a corner clothesline. As Candice staggered out of the corner, Baker hit her with a superkick, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Candice kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: You can tell how well these women know each other… neither one of them can seize the advantage!

Baker pulled Candice to her feet and set her up for the fisherman’s neckbreaker, but Candice countered it, rolling Baker up into a small package! The referee counted - 1… 2… Baker kicked out! Both women got to their feet and began exchanging right hands back and forth. The intensity increased with every punch, and after gaining the upper hand, Candice set Baker up for a Russian legsweep… but Baker blocked it, then hit Candice with a ripcord elbow! Candice fell to the mat, and Baker pulled out a black glove, which she placed on her hand before putting Candice in the Lockjaw! Candice was unable to get to the ropes, and she tapped out!

Nigel McGuinness: It’s over! What a victory for Britt Baker!

The referee called for the bell and raised Baker’s arm in victory. As Baker celebrated, the camera cut to Allysin Kay at ringside, who looked furious. The camera cut back to the ring as Candice LeRae got to her feet, and Baker once again offered her hand to the woman who had trained her. As Candice debated whether or not to accept the handshake, Allysin Kay climbed into the ring and attacked Britt Baker from behind! The crowd booed as Allysin knocked Baker down and began stomping on her. Candice pulled Allysin away from Britt, and the two women exchanged a look… then Candice started to attack Britt Baker! Laughing, Allysin joined in and the two women dragged Baker to her feet. As Allysin stepped back, Candice threw Baker towards her and Allysin hit the Discus from Detroit! Allysin then pulled Baker to her feet, and as she held Baker in place, Candice hit a big boot. Baker fell to the mat and Allysin picked her up, hitting the AK47! Allysin and Candice then dragged Britt to the corner, and Candice set the Women’s Champion up on the top rope, before hitting Ms LeRae’s Wild Ride!

Mauro Ranallo: Well Britt Baker might have got the victory, but Candice LeRae and Allysin Kay have certainly done the damage after the bell!

Allysin and Candice exited the ring and the referee checked on Baker as Warfare went to a commercial break.


As the show returned from a commercial break, we saw a wide shot of the crowd who appeared a bit restless from the action on the night so far. Rather than a hype package or commentary by Mauro Ranallo or Nigel McGuinness, an unannounced arrival took place. “Twilight Dream” hit and the packed house popped for the arrival of Tam Nakano. Shots of the crowd showed a pair of fans holding up ‘T-A-M’ in large purple letters and a scattering of fans wearing her newly re-released shirt featuring white lettering and images. Tam stepped out onto the entrance ramp wearing that same shirt over her ring gear and the fans cheered louder. She smiled for the camera, waved to the fans and made her way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: You can tell how much the EBWF fans missed the “Twilight Dream” Tam Nakano just by listening to that reaction. What a welcome even without her being in action tonight!

Nigel McGuiness: Coming off that huge win last week over the Queen of the Ring, I have to wonder what she has to say tonight.

Tam climbed into the ring, where she drew out a star with her right index finger before asking for a mic. Once she had that in hand she looked up and gathered her thoughts for a few moments. The crowd’s cheers quieted down and Tam raised the mic to her lips.

Tam Nakano: I might not be in a match tonight, but I wanted to come out here to talk about what happened last week in Anaheim. A match against the most violent woman in EBWF, a woman who put Becky Lynch on the shelf and stood a good chance of doing that to me too. Last week she came to the ring with all the momentum in the world and I know that a lot of people expected her to pick up another victory heading into her title match against Britt Baker. Except she didn’t.

The crowd cheered that last statement and Tam paused a moment.

Tam Nakano: Allysin Kay found out that none of her violence or callousness could keep down a courageous heart. I showed her that while she says she’s the baddest in the building, I’m the best in the building. It was such a rush to hear the referee’s hand hit the mat to count three and realize I actually beat her! And I wouldn’t have had the strength to keep fighting against her without every single one of the fans who cheered me on. There’s no magic without you!

She laughed a little as the fans cheered in approval, and put her left hand on her hip.

Tam Nakano: I just beat the Queen of the Ring, the #1 contender for the Women’s Championship in the middle of the ring! And I’m not saying that Allysin does not deserve to fight Britt Baker for that championship, far from it. Allysin earned that right when she won the tournament, and she absolutely deserves to fight Britt Baker at Gateway to Glory. I don’t expect to be handed anything either, I intend to earn whatever I get here. But I’m here to send a message to whoever walks out of Gateway to Glory as EBWF Women’s Championship. Whether it’s Britt Baker, DMD or the AK47 Allysin Kay, Tam Nakano is waiting for you on the other side!

This drew louder cheers, to which Tam smiled widely. After some chants of “LET’S GO TAM!”, Tam motioned to the ring around her.

Tam Nakano: In the coming weeks I really hope to keep sharing this ring with the best talent EBWF has to offer. If I have to go after the monster Rhea Ripley and fight her fire with fire of my own, I’ll do it. If I have to go up against someone as heroic and motivated as Liv Morgan I’ll do it. If it’s a high speed match against our resident rookie Aalyah Gutierrez, I’m in. If I get the chance to face the Crimson Queen Utami Hayashishita and strike down the woman who took my friend away from me, it’s my pleasure. If I have to face that friend, Mina Shirakawa, I’ll fight to bring out the woman she really is! Whoever it is that I step into the ring with, I will keep fighting with all the determination and fire I’ve had the last two weeks!

Another roar from the crowd as Tam gave a little shrug.

Tam Nakano: For now I have another problem on my hands. You see, in two weeks I don’t have a ring date for Gateway to Glory and that doesn’t sit well for me! It’s a big show and I want to be there to keep fighting on my journey to the Championship. I thought about this a lot, and maybe I can just do some behind the scenes things and enjoy the local scenery! Maybe I should just catch up with an old friend when she’s not on the Japanese language commentary team! Maybe I’ll get a match and be able to continue testing myself. But you can be sure that Tam Nakano is going to be at Gateway to Glory! Until then, let’s all keep Twilight Dreaming!

The crowd cheered as Tam dropped the microphone and made her way to the back.


Mauro Ranallo: Still to come, we’ve got King Xavier Woods versus Jeff Hardy in our main event, but first we’ll see Rhea Ripley take on Natalya!

Natalya came to the ring first to cheers from the crowd. When Natalya was in the ring, “Hail to the King” hit and the crowd booed as Rhea Ripley headed to the ring, accompanied by security. Once Ripley had entered the ring, the referee called for the bell and the two women locked up. Natalya put Ripley in a headlock, but Ripley broke free and dragged Natalya down to the mat, locking her in an armbar. Natalya managed to counter it, grabbing Ripley and rolling her up… 1… 2… Rhea countered into a crucifix pin… 1… 2… Natalya kicked out! Both women got to the feet and Natalya whipped Ripley into the corner, then hit her with a series of knee strikes. Natalya then pulled Ripley out of the corner and set her up for a suplex, but Ripley broke free and hit Natalya with an elbow to the throat! As Natalya staggered backwards, Ripley hit a big boot, and as Natalya hit the mat she rolled out of the ring, giving herself a moment to regroup. Ripley followed Natalya to the outside and went for another big boot, but Natalya ducked out of the way, then spun around and hit Ripley with a discus clothesline! Natalya then grabbed Ripley by the legs, going for a sharpshooter on the outside… but Ripley kicked her away, sending Natalya into the ringside barrier! Ripley got to her feet and grabbed Natalya, slamming her head off the steel steps before rolling her back into the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: Rhea Ripley showing that aggressive streak once again!

As Ripley re-entered the ring, she hit Natalya with a couple of clotheslines, followed by a headbutt. Ripley then hit a snapmare and as Natalya sat up, Ripley caught her in the face with a low dropkick. As Natalya rolled around on the mat, Ripley began pounding her chest and slapping herself in the face, as if to psych herself up. She then dragged Natalya to her feet and hit her with a spinning kick, knocking Natalya into the corner. Ripley ran towards Natalya, going for a shoulder charge, but Natalya moved out of the way, causing Ripley’s shoulder to collide with the ring post! As Ripley clutched her shoulder, Natalya lifted her up, hitting a back drop. As Ripley sat up, Natalya kicked her across the back, before running against the ropes and hitting a low dropkick to the face. She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Ripley kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: Some good offense from Natalya there to swing the momentum in her favor, but Rhea Ripley showing impressive resilience!

Natalya pulled Ripley to her feet and hit her with a series of punches, then whipped her against the ropes. As Ripley ran back towards her, Natalya went for the discus clothesline, but Ripley blocked it, hitting Natalya with a kick. She then grabbed Natalya and hit a bridging Northern Lights suplex! The referee counted 1… 2… Natalya kicked out! Ripley shook her head in frustration, and as she got to her feet she stomped on Natalya several times, before grabbing both legs. Ripley tried to put Natalya in the Prism Trap, but Natalya countered it into a roll up! The referee counted - 1… 2… Ripley kicked out! Both women got to their feet and Ripley went for a clothesline, but Natalya ducked out of the way, then grabbed Ripley from behind, hitting a release German suplex. As Natalya got to her feet, she grabbed Ripley by the legs and dragged her towards the center of the ring, before going for the Sharpshooter… but Ripley countered it, rolling Natalya up into a small package! The referee counted - 1… 2… Natalya kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: You know Mauro, considering this is the first time these women have ever wrestled each other, they seem to have one another well scouted!

As both women got to their feet, Ripley set Natalya up for the Riptide, but Natalya broke free and lifted Ripley up, hitting her with the Alabama slam! She grabbed Ripley by the legs once more, and this time she was able to lock in the Sharpshooter! Ripley tried to get to the ropes, but Natalya dragged her back towards the center of the ring! The referee asked Ripley if she wanted to submit, but she shook her head defiantly, then managed to roll over and kick Natalya away! As Ripley got to her feet, she hit Natalya with a headbutt, knocking her down, then locked her in the Prism Trap! Natalya was unable to get to the ropes, and she tapped out!

Mauro Ranallo: It’s over! What a match.

Nigel McGuinness: Rhea Ripley is now 2 and 0!

Ripley celebrated as a promo for Gateway to Glory played.


After the match had ended, Rhea Ripley made her way backstage through the curtain with the security still surrounding the Reaper to her visual annoyance. As the camera transitioned back to the announce desk, it wasn’t even a second before Mauro Ranallo had his finger on his headset looking away from the camera.

Mauro Ranallo: Ladies and gentlemen, we just have received word that our camera crew has caught something happening backstage, so we are going to take you there now!

The scene transitioned to a much more hazardous shot as the person behind the camera could be heard saying loudly “go” “go” while the camera shook only showing bits and pieces of the wall and floor in the hallway! The person was obviously sprinting to the scene of the situation, as the first thing heard was Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley yelling at one another! As the camera person behind the film leveled the camera from being moved, we can make out this was happening around the famous Gorilla position as we see along with security and police, now Alex Shelley and other former producers had surrounded the two women to prevent any damage! In a blur, Liv Morgan jumped over the men and women surrounding her to crash directly into the security team surrounding Rhea as well as knocked Rhea back to where she was almost entirely knocked off her feet! The fall of men then had knocked the camera person down distinctly and had forced the monitors behind them down! The constant professional, this camera person moved the camera to the action from the ground which continued to allow audio and visual cues from the unexpected assault!


Before Liv could get back to her feet, Rhea attempted to viciously stomp down on the head of the former Champion looking to try and curb stomp her to the concrete floor below! Within her motion, the action was narrowly avoided when Rhea was grabbed in a Full-Nelson by the security team and had the other members of the surrounding arena tasked police force and security use force to push her backwards! As Liv rose, she also was forced back by the team as they rose to their feet as we could hear Rhea’s voice echoing down the hallway from the split!


Rhea’s voice becomes fragmented by the distance as she continued to be forced down the hallway with her shadow eventually no longer in sight. Meanwhile, on the other end, not long after Rhea said she would fight Liv next week, Liv began her response!


Again, like Rhea, the camera audio couldn’t continue to catch Liv’s words before she was forced away by the security team away from the camera. The camera person slowly rose to their feet as the Producers remained and began to clean up the backstage area. The scene transitioned back to Mauro and Nigel as they stood by at the announce desk.

Mauro Ranallo: Well fans, I don’t know if the EBWF will allow this, but it appears Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan are willing to fight next week in an actual sanctioned match! Nigel, do you in your professional opinion from years in this industry, believe that the EBWF could contain that match to not just devolving into a fight?

Nigel McGuinness: No, I honestly don’t believe it will be possible. Look, the truth is most times we see matches where both competitors want to win and are willing to put their bodies on the line to gain one step closer to the ultimate prizes in our business. However, in this instance, Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley ABSOLUTELY want to end each other’s career! That is such a rare combustible element not usually in a match that I don’t think any official walking the face of the earth could contain them from keeping the fight legal.

Mauro Ranallo: Well, as a fan of this great sport, I must admit that I hope you’re wrong here! We will have further word on if the EBWF officials, given Liv’s recent actions breaking the ruling, will even allow Liv to enter the building next week! But if so, and Liv and Rhea are allowed to wrestle, I think all of us can guarantee that it WILL BE a fight you don’t want to miss! Especially coming LIVE on WARFARE! So, we hope, fans, you stay with us next week to see what will happen given everything that has occurred tonight!

Nigel McGuinness: That is for sure! But tonight, there remains OUR MAIN EVENT of the evening! Tonight, King Xavier Woods is facing off against that Extreme Enigma, Jeff Hardy!


"No More Words" hit and the crowd cheered as Jeff Hardy bounced from behind the curtain and did his usual entrance.

Nigel McGuinness: The crowd is pumped to see Jeff Hardy back in EBWF.

Mauro Ranallo: Well, he has his work cut out for him as he faces the Breakout Champion, our reigning King of the Ring and number one contender for the World Championship, Xavier Woods.

Nigel McGuinness: King Xavier will take on World Champion Bray Wyatt in just two weeks at Gateway to Glory. Bray Wyatt has been playing mind games with Xavier the last two weeks and you have to wonder how that's impacting the king!

With Jeff in the ring, Christy Hemme introduced him and "New Day, New Way" hit. The crowd cheered as King Xavier came to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Xavier looks pumped to be here in Portland, Oregon tonight!

Xavier came down to the ring, and gave his crown, scepter and the Breakout Championship to the time keeper. He got into the ring and the bell rang.

Nigel McGuinness: This main event is underway!

They locked up, and Hardy wrenched the arm before clubbing him. Woods got to the ropes to break Hardy's grip. Woods grabbed a waistlock, but Hardy turned it on him before applying a side headlock. Woods tried to whip Hardy off, but Hardy held onto the headlock. Woods finally whipped him off, but Hardy shoulder blocked him down. Woods kicked and punched Hardy to the corner. Woods hit a running forearm and clubbed away at him. Hardy sidestepped a second charge and kicked Woods. Hardy bounced Woods off the turnbuckle and shouldered him in the corner. Hardy hit a snapmare followed by a low dropkick and went for the cover.


Mauro Ranallo: It's no good!

Woods powered Hardy to the corner and whipped him to the opposite corner before delivering a shoulder to the midsection. Woods went for a whip but Hardy reversed, and connected with a back body drop. Hardy splashed Woods for a two count. Hardy bounced Woods off the turnbuckles a few times to take him down. Hardy dropped a leg.


Nigel McGuinness: King Xavier kicks out again!

Hardy kicked Woods and whipoed him toward the corner, but Woods reversed and met Hardy with a kick. Hardy quickly took him down again. Jeff punched away at Woods in the corner. Woods reversed a whip to the corner, but Hardy was able to slingshot over him. Hardy immediately rolled out of the ring to recover. Woods went to the outside and chop blocked Hardy down. The referee got to an 8 count, and Woods got back in the ring to break the count-out before going back outside and hitting a knee breaker. Woods got Hardy up and rolled him back into the ring. The referee had started their count and just as he was about to slide under the bottom rope the familiar laugh of Bray Wyatt filled the arena.

Mauro Ranallo: This is the third week in a row! Woods has to get back in the ring.


Nigel McGuinness: Woods has to get back in the ring!


Hardy was on his feet, and egging Xavier on, trying to taunt him back in the ring when the arena lights suddenly went red causing the crowd to boo.


Xavier went over to the time keepers area and got a chair.


Xavier started yelling for The Fiend to come out already as the crowd started a "Wyatt Sucks" chant.


Mauro Ranallo: If Xavier Woods doesn't get back in the ring he's going to be disqualified!


The lights went completely out and the iron lit up showing the grotesque mask of The Fiend. The lights came on and suddenly the bell rang.

Nigel McGuinness: The 10 count! This match is over.

Xavier appealed to the referee but he was already raising Jeff Hardy's hand in victory.

Mauro Ranallo: Bray Wyatt has caused a defeat for King Xavier here.

Nigel McGuinness: Jeff Hardy using his years of in-ring experience to pull this one out, but you have to believe Jeff didn't want to win this way. It's clear that this upcoming match is getting to Woods.

Mauro Ranallo: Xavier has got to reign this in next week at Warfare.

"No More Words" hit and Hardy threw up the Xtreme sign to the crowd as EBWF Warfare went off the air.
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