Warfare Results 11/21/2022

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Warfare Results 11/21/2022

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EBWF Warfare went live from Montreal, as the Canadian crowd cheered and pyro went off from the staging area.

Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks... it's time for Warfare!

Nigel McGuinness: And we are on the road to Christmas Eve of Destruction!

Christian's theme hit as the crowd began to boo and Christian Cage came from behind the curtain.

Nigel McGuinness: Cage has had a change in attitude in recent weeks, Mauro, and this crowd is not in support of it.

Mauro Ranallo: I don't think Christian cares at all what these fans are thinking of him tonight.

As Christian got to the ring, "I Walk Alone" hit and the crowd cheered for the arrival of Dave Batista.

Mauro Ranallo: The Animal Batista is back in professional wrestling and he has his sights set on Christian Cage.

Once Batista was in the ring, the bell rang and the match was underway. Christian trash talked at the start, and Batista laughed at him. They locked up, and Batista laughed in his face before throwing him to the mat. Christian went behind Batista and grabbed a side headlock, but Batista lifted Christian and placed him in the corner. Then Batista gave him a mocking, light slap across the face. Batista hit a pair of shoulder blocks, then rammed Christian into the turnbuckles repeatedly.

Nigel McGuinness: The animal has unleashed on Christian.

Batista went for a backdrop, but Christian went for a sunset flip, which had no effect on the bigger man. Batista smirked and lifted Christian off the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: Incredible!

Christian charged Batista, but Batista backdropped him over the top rope and to the floor. Batista went outside and rammed Christian into the security wall, then decked him. Batista rolled Christian into the ring, and Christian poked him in the eyes. Christian dodged a charging Batista, then rammed him shoulder first into the ring post. Christian got on the apron and yanked Batista’s arm across the top rope, then hit a second rope dropkick. Christian scrambled for the pin.


Mauro Ranallo: And it's no good! Batista kicks out.

Christian applied an arm bar, but Batista broke out. Christian went to the ropes, but Batista met him there, and backdropped Christian from the second rope. Batista rammed Christian in a corner and hit a series of shoulder blocks to the midsection. Batista whipped Christian across the ring and hit a lariat, then a side slam. Christian floated over a bodyslam, but then charged into a spine buster. Batista called for the Batista Bomb, and the crowd went wild as he hit it. Christian was down.


Mauro Ranallo: Wait a minute!


Nigel McGuinness: Stone Cold! Stone Cold!


The bell rang as Batista got up and walked right into a kick to the midsection from Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Mauro Ranallo: He came from nowhere!

Nigel McGuinness: Stunner! Stunner!

Batista was down and Austin threw up the middle fingers as the crowd continued to cheer. Austin called for some beers and drank two before calling for two more. He cracked them open and poured them all over Batista as the camera cut to the back.


As the preceding match concluded, the camera cut backstage where Renee Young was waiting with a microphone in hand. After a moment she smiled and motioned to her left.

Renee Young: Fans, at this time I’m joined by the EBWF Women’s Champion, Tam Nakano. Tam, thanks for giving us a moment of your time tonight. Last week we saw you issue a challenge to the Crimson Queen Utami Hayashishita. However it was someone you know very well, Arisa Hoshiki, who responded to you. What are your thoughts a week later after that intense confrontation?

While Renee spoke the camera zoomed out and we saw Tam at her side, the EBWF Championship around her waist over her ‘magic circle’ t-shirt. The very sight of the champion drew a big pop from the crowd. Tam tried to smile a little, but she was clearly conflicted.

Tam Nakano: You’re right, I do know Hosiki-san very well. Or at least, I thought I did before she came out to answer my challenge instead of her queen. When I looked into those eyes I’ve seen countless times before, though, she wasn’t quite what I expected. She’s been hurt. She’s angry. I can’t believe that she’s become who is now, and there’s part of me that hopes she’ll change her mind. But if she’s serious about fighting, I’m serious about facing her.

Tam nodded as if to convince herself of those words. As Renee Young began to ask her next question, the clatter of several sets of footsteps echoed in the nearby corridor.

Renee Young: Now that you're once again EBWF Women's Champion, are there any other opponents you'd like to defend your title against?

Tam's eyes drifted to the right toward the increasingly loud footfalls.

Tam Nakano: That's a good question, Renee. And there are quite a few, each one would make for a special, heart pounding defense. I think first I-

She didn't get any further as the approaching group of people caught her full attention.

Tam Nakano: Hold that thought, just a second.

The camera followed Tam as she purposefully strode into the corridor to confront whoever was approaching. A thundering boo was heard from the live Bell Centre crowd as Queen's Court was revealed as the owners of those footsteps! At their head was Utami Hayashishita, who immediately stopped when she spotted Tam heading in her direction. Tam wasted no time closing the distance and called out the Crimson Queen as she moved.

Tam Nakano: Hayashishita Utami!! Just what do you think you're doing?!

Queen's Court all stopped dead in their tracks as Tam blocked the corridor. The champion stepped right up to Utami, glaring right in the Crimson Queen's eyes. Without words she dared the Queen to make a move. Utami's face remained cold as she returned the intense glare.

Utami Hayashishita: I do not have the faintest idea what you are talking about.

Tam angrily put her hands on her hips.

Tam Nakano: Oh you don't? How about using dirty tactics, weapons and ambushes to try and end people's careers? How about twisting Mina-san's mind around and then tossing her away like garbage when she started thinking for herself?

Utami stiffened at the accusations, while Himeka and Arisa both stepped up right behind her.

Utami Hayashishita: I have only done what I had to in order to conquer the idiotic peasants who think they are equal or better than the true Queen of wrestling. What does it matter to you?

Tam stabbed her right index finger into Utami's chest accusatorily.

Tam Nakano: It matters because you're ruining the lives of my friends! It matters because you're trying to destroy this place that's so special to me! It matters because you constantly talk about how you're going to conquer this place and look down on everyone else. If you're as good as you say you are, speak for yourself! You want a crown, come try to take mine! But leave my best friend out if it.

The fans roared in approval at Tam's aggressive response. It was clear Tam wanted to fight right there, right now! Utami's cool mask slipped a bit, her brow and the corners of her mouth twitching. Himeka's arm shot forward and shoved the champion, causing her to backpedal a little. Tam immediately stepped right back up to Utami, so close their faces almost touched.

Utami: Do not worry, I will come to take that crown of yours. But not right now. I have more.. important things to do. And as far as your 'best friend' goes, she made the choice to join Queen's Court herself. You were not there for her in her darkest days. I was. Which one of us is actually concerned about her, really?

As the fans booed Utami's response, the fire in Tam's eyes burned like an inferno.

Tam Nakano: You don't actually care about anyone but yourself! I just know you're just doing the same thing to Hoshiki-san that you did to Mina-san! I can't let you just walk away from me!

She raised her hand to strike Utami, but Utami stepped out of reach! With her face contorted into fury, Utami motioned toward the champion from behind her two acolytes.

Utami: She's out of her mind! Arisa, deal with this!

Arisa Hoshiki stepped forward, lips curled into a sarcastic grin.

Arisa Hoshiki: Tam-chan, you don't need to pretend we're friends. You proved that we weren't the moment I left the ring. Utami's the only person who actually cares about me, so if you've got a problem with her, you've got a problem with me.

The two glared into each other's eyes like a pair of apex predators about to tear into each other.

Tam Nakano: Hoshiki-san-

Arisa Hoshiki: Stop calling me your best friend if you can't even call me by my name. I'm still just Hoshiki to you, huh? You know what, you've always resented me anyway, so let's be best enemies instead.

Tam Nakano: That's not what I want!

There was a momentary pause as Arisa's eyes looked down at the gold around Tam's waist. In that moment there was a very real desire playing out in Arisa's expression. When she looked back up at Tam, she snarled.

Arisa Hoshiki: You know what I want? I want to show the world that the only thing you're better at than me is losing titles.

The fans reacted with a shocked 'ohhhhhh!', and Arisa reached to tap the EBWF Women's Championship around Tam's waist. With a laugh Arisa turned on her heels and tried to follow Queen's Court back down the corridor. Tam suddenly reached out and grabbed Arisa's wrist to stop her from leaving! Arisa had no choice but to do so, turning to glare first at the hand around her wrist and then at Tam. The anger was palpable on the Dark Star's face as she swatted away Tam's hand. In the opening created by this she suddenly nailed the champion with a Brazilian Kick! From all around the arena shocked sounds rose from the fans.

The blow didn't fully connect due to the distance between them, but Tam still fell to the floor. While Arisa stood over Tam, Utami could be heard shouting for Arisa to rejoin her. As Arisa turned away and marched out of the shot, boos mixed with 'Let's Go Tam!' chants. Tam held her head in as much shock as pain, and only slowly stood up from the floor. The anguish was clear on her face as she looked down the hallway after the departed Dark Star. Finally she sighed and looked down at the EBWF Women's Championship as the feed faded out and we went to a commercial break.


Warfare came back from commercial and Paul Heyman was backstage, talking to several members of EBWF staff. Renee Young quickly approached him as the technical staff members dispersed.

Renee Young: Uh, Mr. Heyman? I was hoping to get a word from you on what happened to--

Renee shrieked as a frenzied figure appeared from the shadows grabbed two handfuls of Heyman's sport jacket and violently threw him into the wall, pinning him up against it. The camera had a tough time adjusting to the chaotic scene, but once the cameraman got his bearings, the picture focused in on the assailant. He spoke with an intimidating growl.

Randy Orton: WHERE IS HE?

Heyman's eyes were as wide as they could be. He had a look of abject terror on his features as he looked up at the 6'5" frame of the Silent Assassin. Heyman choked out a reply, barely able to scrape a few words together.

Paul Heyman: I, he, I'm just...

Randy shook him aggressively.

Randy Orton: Spit it out. Where is he?

Paul's face suddenly bore the expression of fear and confusion. He shamefully eked out his response:

Paul Heyman: ...who?

Randy's eyes narrowed.

Randy Orton: If you enjoy spending the rest of your life being able to WALK, you'll tell me where Edge is right. Now.

Heyman was at a loss for words. He stuttered but finally managed to reply.

Paul Heyman: You... you mean you haven't heard from him?

Randy roared and pulled Heyman away from the wall. Using his grip on Heyman's sport coat, he flung the hapless advocate into a nearby stack of folded steel chairs. Heyman's body crashed through the chairs as he tumbled to the ground, whimpering the whole way. Randy stalked him like prey, turning him over onto his back and pressing a knee against his chest.

Randy Orton: You have 5 SECONDS to give me an answer before I send you back to the Bronx in a pine box.

Heyman had his hands up in surrender the whole time, replying as if his life depended on it.

Paul Heyman: I don't know where he is! I assumed he had turned up a week ago! Bray said he didn't have anything to do with it so I figured...

Paul paused, a thought crossed his mind, and Randy noticed.

Randy Orton: You're not buying his story either. Are you?

Paul Heyman: Look, I'm just an advocate. Bray said he had nothing to do with what happened to Edge at Fanniversary. But, after Wes sent us back to gorilla, Bray was really quick to leave the building. That's all I know! I don't know where Edge is, I swear! Please don't hurt me!

Randy pulled his fist back and Heyman flinched, but Orton ultimately stopped. He slowly lifted his knee off Heyman's chest and leaned in close. Heyman shuddered with fear.

Randy Orton: If anything happened to Edge and I find out that you or Bray were involved, I will personally see to it that you AND Bray will have precious little time left on this earth, and you will spend it in agonizing pain. Do you understand?

Paul Heyman: D-definitely hard to misinterpret.

Randy Orton: Good.

Randy stood up and walked off, pushing the camera out of the way as he left. After a brief tumble, the camera focused in on Heyman, still on the ground, as the scene faded back to the ring.


In the ring, Veer Mahaan was already waiting for MJF. "Better Than You" hit and MJF came to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He cocked his head at Veer in the ring, and got into the ring. Mahaan charged him before he could even remove his scarf, and the crowd booed.

Mauro Ranallo: Veer Mahaan isn't here to entertain this crowd or MJF!

Mahaan took MJF down and hit a series of rights. The referee pulled him off but Mahaan didn't care and hit a series of clotheslines and elbows in the corner. MJF poked Mahaan’s eyes but ran into a series of arm drags. Mahaan hit a hip toss and then a big backdrop. Mahaan chopped MJF and went for a backdrop and as MJF went for a kick and swept the legs.

Nigel McGuinness: MJF quick on his feet there.

Mahaan picked up MJF but MJF slapped him only for Mahaan to respond in kind! MJF pulled Mahaan into the turnbuckles by his tights and beat him down. MJF stomped on Mahaan’s hand and put him in a top wristlock. Mahaan fought him off and then hit a Sunset Flip for two. Mahaan followed up with a backslide for two but MJF used a wristlock to slam Mahaan to the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: MJF trying to keep Mahaan off his feet.

Nigel McGuinness: It's the only way to win this one!

Mahaan hit a springboard flying cross body out of the corner but couldn’t get up to make a cover.

Nigel McGuinness: I think Veer's arm has had enough!

Mahaan hit a series of clotheslines and a big kick. Mahaan threw MJF into the turnbuckle repeatedly but MJF fought out only to eat a snap power slam from Mahaan for two. MJF rolled to the floor and Mahaan went for a dive. MJF moved out of the way, and Mahaan tried to get back to his feet, MJF hit him with a clothesline. MJF helped Mahaan back into the ring, and as he tried to make it back up, MJF locked on Salt of the Earth. The crowd reacted strongly as MJF wrenched on the submission. Mahaan tapped!

Nigel McGuinness: This one is over!

Mauro Ranallo: What seemed like an almost impossible task has been accomplished by MJF! Veer Mahaan can't believe it.

MJF backed up the ramp, telling Mahaan he was better than him as EBWF went to commercial.


After the match, the camera cut to the backstage area, where Britt Baker was standing beside Cathy Kelley.

Cathy Kelley: Good evening, EBWF fans! My guest at this time is the former EBWF Women’s Champion, Dr Britt Baker, DMD. Britt, this is the first chance I’ve had to speak to you since Fanniversary, and I think what everyone is wondering is… how do you feel about losing the Women’s Championship.

Baker took a moment before answering Cathy’s question.

Britt Baker: I think it’s pretty obvious how I feel, Cathy. I’m crushed, just like anyone would be when they lose something they’ve worked so hard for. But I have to give Tam Nakano credit, she put up one hell of a fight and deserved the victory. I’m happy for her, even if it does feel a little… bittersweet.

Cathy Kelley: There was a nice show of sportsmanship - or should I say, sportswomanship - between you and Tam at the end of the match, which was lovely to see. We’re a little short of time so I just have one more question… what’s next for Britt Baker? I presume there will be a rematch with Tam Nakano at some point?

Baker smirked.

Britt Baker: There better be! But first, there’s someone else I need to deal with. Arisa Hoshiki… you attacked me a few weeks ago, and don’t think I’ve forgotten. You looked good when you beat Aalyah last week, so I guess your injury problems are well and truly behind you… for now at least. But how confident are you feeling in that ring, Arisa? Are you confident enough to step into the ring with The Doctor? Let me know, I’ll be waiting.

Baker walked away as Warfare cut to Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness at ringside.


Mauro Ranallo: Still to come, we’ve got Kevin Steen versus Adam Cole in our main event. Up next though, we’ve got the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, in action as he goes one on one with Matt Riddle!

“Hey Bro” hit and the crowd cheered as Riddle made his way to the ring, accompanied by The Miz. When Riddle was in the ring, “The Truth Reigns” hit and the cheers quickly turned to boos as Roman Reigns headed down the ramp.

Nigel McGuinness: And here comes Roman Reigns, who looks like he means business here tonight!

After Reigns had entered the ring, the referee called for the bell. Riddle hit Reigns with a series of punches and kicks, but Reigns came back with an uppercut punch, then whipped Riddle into the corner. Reigns punched Riddle in the corner several times, then threw him into the opposite corner. Reigns charged towards Riddle, going for a corner clothesline, but Riddle got his feet up and blocked it! As Reigns staggered backwards, Riddle moved out of the corner and grabbed the Tribal Chief, hitting him with a suplex. Reigns rolled out of the ring, but as he did so Riddle climbed to the top rope, then hit Reigns with the Floating Bro on the outside!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia!

Both men were down on the outside, and the referee began counting them out. As the referee reached the count of 5, Riddle got to his feet and he grabbed Reigns, throwing him back into the ring. Riddle then slid back into the ring and hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Reigns kicked out! Riddle pulled Reigns to his feet and tried to set him up for BroDerek, but Reigns blocked it and lifted Riddle over his shoulders, hitting him with a Samoan drop. Reigns hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Riddle kicked out! Reigns sat Riddle up and applied a chinlock, but Riddle fought out of it and came back with a series of punches and slaps to the face, then followed up with a big boot. Reigns stumbled backwards and Riddle ran against the ropes, then hit a running forearm, knocking Reigns down. Riddle then climbed to the top rope and went for the Floating Bro… but Reigns moved out of the way! Both men got to their feet and Reigns hit Riddle with a Uranage Slam, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Riddle kicked out just before the 3!

Nigel McGuinness: Roman Reigns is in control here, but Riddle isn’t going down easily!

Miz shouted words of encouragement to his tag team partner, but Reigns yelled at Miz to shut up, then signaled for the Superman Punch. As Riddle got to his feet, Reigns went for it… but Riddle avoided it, then hit Reigns with a knee to the face! Reigns looked momentarily dazed and Riddle whipped him against the ropes, then hit a powerslam. As Reigns got to his feet, Riddle lifted him up for the Bro to Sleep, but Reigns wriggled free and hit Riddle with the Superman Punch! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Riddle kicked out! Reigns looked stunned at only getting a 2 count, and yelled at the referee to count faster.

Mauro Ranallo: Roman Reigns is not happy, but I’ve got to say Matt Riddle is showing impressive resilience!

Miz led the crowd in chanting “Bro” as Reigns kneeled in the corner, getting ready for the Spear. When Riddle was up, Reigns charged towards him, going for the Spear… but Riddle moved out of the way, then grabbed Reigns from behind, hitting a bridging German suplex! The referee counted - 1… 2… Reigns got his shoulder up! Riddle immediately grabbed Reigns by the arm and put him in the Fujiwara armbar! The referee asked Reigns if he wanted to submit, but Reigns shook his head and managed to fight out of the hold. As both men got to their feet, Riddle went for a cutter, but Reigns blocked it and shoved Riddle against the ropes, then hit him with the Spear! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Nigel McGuinness: It’s over! Reigns gets the victory!

Reigns celebrated his big win as Warfare went to a commercial break.


"All The Things She Said" by Tatu played and the crowd were conflicted for a bit but cheered when Liv Morgan came out wearing a Liv N Bliss shirt and jeans while holding a baseball bat.

Mauro Ranallo: Liv is looking deadly serious tonight.

Nigel McGuinness: Last week she nearly took Utami Hayashishita's head off with that baseball bat and I assume that she hasn't been in a good mood since Fanniversary.

Liv entered the ring and grabbed a microphone with her free hand and began to talk.

Liv Morgan:The last few weeks have been bad to say the least. At Fanniversary my best friend Alexa Bliss was injured in her Hell in a Cell match with Utami Hayashishita. She suffered a few broken ribs and an injured sternum as a result of the match and as of right now there is no exact point of time for her return.

The crowd booed and began to chant "We miss Lexi" and Liv could be seen mouthing "I do too".

Liv Morgan: Now while Lexi is at home recovering I'm still here and I plan to get revenge so Utami get your ass out here NOW!

There was a delay as Liv glared toward the entrance ramp, growing more impatient with every moment. As time stretched on and there was no response Liv began pacing as the crowd chants shifted from ‘We miss Lexi!’ to ‘Kill her Liv!’. It was only after almost a full minute of silence that ‘Crusade’ hit at last and was immediately accompanied by a thundering chorus of boos. First through the curtain was Himeka Arita, carrying the banner of Queen’s Court on her shoulders. Arisa Hoshiki emerged through the curtain next and she flashed a sarcastic smile as the camera zoomed in on her. Then finally Utami herself emerged through the curtain, expression haughty and disgusted at the scene before her.

Nigel McGuinness: Queen’s Court has emerged in full force tonight to answer Liv Morgan’s demands. Last week we saw the new EBWF Women’s Champion Tam Nakano call Utami out and instead Arisa responded on her own. Perhaps the actions of Liv Morgan last week have earned the full attention of Utami Hayashishita and her unit.

Mauro Ranallo: And that could be a very bad turn of events for Liv Morgan tonight. Whatever her motivations, she tried to assault the Crimson Queen and was only prevented from doing damage by the timely arrival of Himeka Arita. We’ve seen what happens when you get Utami’s attention, and the results have been nothing short of devastation.

The trio of Queen’s Court came together on the stage and all glared right at Liv. We switched back to Liv in the ring who aggressively motioned for Utami to dare and set foot in the ring with her. When the camera swung back to Utami, the Crimson Queen had a mic and the disgust was still just as palpable on her face.

Utami Hayashishita: First of all, I resent a second rate minion like you demanding an audience with wrestling royalty. This is an insult to every woman who actually has talent. Liv Morgan of all people believing that she can order around the Crimson Queen is the most pathetic joke I have heard in quite some time. And considering that I was just forced to spend three months obliterating the last person who started something with me, that is really saying something. The only reason I even bothered to come out here is because you assaulted me with a dangerous weapon last week. If I had my way you would have been fired on the spot for your actions. However as you said you are still here.

She shook her head at the very notion.

Liv Morgan: That’s right, I’m still here. And I want to get my hands on you so I can finish what I started last week! You need to pay for what you did to Lexi.

This made Utami laugh mockingly.

Utami Hayashishita: Is everything you do in service to that broken shell of a Goddess? Even when she is back in the hospital yet again after being annihilated in a match of her choosing, unlikely to step back into an arena to defy me ever again, you still can not think for yourself. You are a joke, Liv Morgan. And you think yourself worthy of an audience with me?

Liv leaned over the top rope and waved her hand for Utami to come get some.

Liv Morgan: Drag your ass in here and I’ll show you how a real woman fights.

Utami shook her head.

Utami Hayashishita: No.

Boos thundered down anew as the Crimson Queen and her two acolytes laughed.

Utami Hayashishita: I have decided I am not going to fight you. It is not even a matter of you not deserving to be in the same ring as me, though you do not. Really it is just that I do not feel like wasting my time with you when there are so many more important things for me to do. You see I am quite the popular woman, despite what you may have thought. Everyone wants a piece of the Crimson Queen, so your little demand? No. I will not fight you. There is no reason for me to do so, Liv. Queen’s Court has already conquered Liv N Bliss, and I have already proven that I am the most dominant wrestler in the world. You are a waste of time.

She began to turn toward the curtain to even more boos, but then she turned around as a thought occurred to her.

Utami Hayashishita: I will not fight you, but perhaps my dear princess Himeka Arita would entertain you. Not because you are a worthwhile opponent but because poor dear Himeka has yet to get her justice for your heinous attack upon her. You have shown your true colors twice now, a coward who will only attack from behind with weapons. So sad. But I wonder how you would fair when you have to fight on Himeka’s terms. If you wish to receive a beating from Queen’s Court yourself, you may fight Himeka.

Liv snarled, but after a moment she lifted her mic up and responded.

Liv Morgan: I can’t believe you’re still making up stories to make yourself feel better. But fine, I’ll happily fight Himeka.

Utami smirked evilly.

Utami Hayashishita: Very well. If you somehow manage to defeat dear Himeka, I may reconsider fighting you. That is not a promise, but it is the best you will get from me.

Liv Morgan: You’re on. And once I’ve taken out your princess there I’m coming to kick you off that throne.

Utami rolled her eyes dismissively.

Utami Hayashishita: Oh, and when dear Himeka drives you through the ring and pins your shoulders to the mat, your contract will be revoked. When she beats you you will leave EBWF. Those are Queen’s Court’s terms.

Liv grinned savagely.

Liv Morgan: Fine. She’s going down just like you.

Utami Hayashishita: You will try, and you will fail. Just like that cripple of a friend you insist you are fighting for. Think of it this way - once Himeka has put an end to you, you will have plenty of time to spend at broken little Lexi’s side.

Utami let out an evil laugh and then turned on her heels and headed back through the curtain with Himeka and Arisa in tow. Liv shouted after them, then got the crowd to get loud with more ‘Kill her Liv!’ chants.

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma mia! We just got a high stakes contest set up between Liv Morgan and Himeka Arita for the next Warfare! If Liv wins she gets her shot at Utami, but if she loses she’ll have to leave EBWF!

Nigel McGuinness: This is going to be an impassioned match between two talented combatants, but Liv Morgan’s desire for revenge may come back to bite her. Queen’s Court is certain to do whatever they can to ensure that her match against Himeka Arita is her last in EBWF.


After a promotional video for Christmas Eve of Destruction, “All About Tha (Boom!)” hit and the crowd booed as Adam Cole made his way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: It’s time for our main event as the Lone Wolf, Adam Cole, goes one on one with Quebec’s own, Kevin Steen!

When Cole was in the ring, “Unsettling Differences” by Blue Smock Nancy hit and the crowd cheered as Kevin Steen headed down the ramp. Once Steen was in the ring, the referee called for the bell and Steen charged towards Cole, hitting him with a series of punches. Steen then whipped Cole into the corner and went for a bodypress… but Cole moved out of the way! As Steen stumbled backwards out of the corner, Cole hit him with a dropkick to the knee, then followed up with a DDT before locking Steen in a figure four leglock. Steen was able to get to the ropes… but Cole refused to break the hold! The referee threatened to disqualify Steen and began counting, but Cole released Steen just before the count of 5.

Nigel McGuinness: Adam Cole targeting the knees… Kevin Steen has had knee problems in the past, so this could give Cole an advantage!

Cole pulled Steen to his feet and set him up for a piledriver, but Steen countered with a back body drop. As Cole got back to his feet, Steen threw Cole out of the ring, then followed Cole to the outside. Steen then lifted Cole up, hitting a powerbomb onto the ring apron!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! A brutal powerbomb by Kevin Steen!

Steen threw Cole back into the ring, then climbed to the top rope and hit a senton bomb. He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Cole kicked out! Steen pulled Cole to his feet and lifted him up onto his shoulders, setting him up for the F-5… but Cole wriggled free and hit Steen with a shoulder block to the knee! As Steen fell to the mat, Cole stomped on his knee repeatedly before putting Steen in a kneebar. Steen cried out in pain, but when the referee asked him if he wanted to submit, he shook his head defiantly. Steen was unable to get to the ropes, but he used his free leg to kick Cole several times, forcing him to break the hold. As both men got to their feet, Steen hit Cole with a series of punches, then went for the F-5 again… but this time, Steen’s knee buckled out underneath him!

Nigel McGuinness: That knee is giving Kevin Steen all kinds of problems… he could be in real trouble here!

Cole hit Steen with a superkick, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Steen kicked out! Cole then got to his feet and grabbed Steen by the legs, putting him in a sharpshooter! The crowd booed as Cole yelled at Steen, telling him to tap out.

Mauro Ranallo: You can feel the heat from this crowd, Nigel… but I think Adam Cole is thriving on it!

Steen tried to get to the ropes, but just before he could reach them, Cole dragged Steen back towards the center of the ring. Steen then tried to get out of the hold by rolling over, and he was able to kick Cole away… but as he did so, Cole collided with the referee, knocking him down! Cole was momentarily stunned, but he quickly turned his attention back to Kevin Steen, who was on his feet. Steen grabbed Cole and tried to set him up for the Package Piledriver, but Cole broke free and hit Steen with a low blow! As Steen fell to the mat, Cole exited the ring and grabbed a steel chair. Cole then went to take the chair into the ring, but as he did so Chris Jericho ran down the ramp, snatching the chair off Adam Cole before pummeling him with a series of punches!

Nigel McGuiness: It’s Chris Jericho! We haven’t seen him since Adam Cole attacked him at Fanniversary a few weeks ago!

Cole fought back with some right hands of his own, then went for a superkick… but Jericho ducked out of the way, then hit Cole with the Judas Effect! Jericho picked up the steel chair and hit Cole with it for good measure, then threw him back into the ring. At this point, the referee was coming to, and Jericho ducked down at ringside as Kevin Steen covered Adam Cole. The referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It’s over! Kevin Steen gets the victory, but maybe not in the way he wanted…

Nigel McGuinness: I don’t think Steen cares how he wins, Mauro, just as long as he wins!

The referee called for the bell and raised Steen’s arm in victory. As he did so, Jericho headed back up the ramp, locking eyes with Kevin Steen. Steen and Jericho stared each other down as Warfare went off the air.