Warfare Results 12/12/2022

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Warfare Results 12/12/2022

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After the opening credits for Warfare had finished, the words "The following announcement has been paid for by Maxwell Jacob Friedman" appeared on the screen under the Burberry-checked logo of the dWo.

Grainy black and white footage began to play, full of quick cuts between camera angles and with a guitar riff looping in the background. Eric Bischoff was shown sitting in a black leather chair, smiling at the camera. His right hand was holding a thick chain, the other end of which was attached to a dog collar around the neck of PCO, Perfect Creation One.

Eric Bischoff: Kane...the big, red machine...last week's match was certainly interesting...but to be honest, I didn't think much of the ending, or lack thereof...we went to a lot of effort to bring in our own monster...but you didn't even give us the satisfaction of finishing the match...and that hurt our feelings...so what we'd like to propose, seeing as how regular match rules can't constrain the two of you, is that at Christmas Eve of Destruction...we see who the real monster is, in a Monster's Ball match...24 hours of isolation...no food...no water...no light...then no holds barred action straight from hell...no disqualification, no count out, falls count anywhere...

Eric Bischoff began to laugh as the screen went black, "the preceding announcement has been paid for by Maxwell Jacob Friedman." The camera then cut to Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness at ringside.


Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks… it’s time for Warfare! Tonight we are live from the Capital, Washington DC, on the final stop before Christmas Eve of Destruction!

Nigel McGuinness: We’ll see MJF in action later on tonight as he takes on the debuting Johnny Gargano, and we’ve also got Matt Riddle going one on one with Christian Cage!

Mauro Ranallo: Up first though, we’ve got the former Women’s Champion, Dr Britt Baker DMD, taking on the woman who will challenge Tam Nakano for the Women’s Championship at Christmas Eve of Destruction, Arisa Hoshiki!

Britt Baker made her ring first, followed by Arisa Hoshiki. When both women were in the ring, the referee called for the bell. Baker got in Hoshiki’s face and stared her down, as if daring her to throw the first punch. Hoshiki did so, but Baker blocked it, then grabbed Hoshiki and threw her down onto the mat! Hoshiki landed hard on the mat, and began clutching the back of her head.

Nigel McGuinness: This could be a concern, given Arisa Hoshiki’s history… don’t forget she had to retire in 2020 due to head and neck injuries, and was only cleared to return to the ring a few months ago!

The referee checked on Arisa Hoshiki, and even Britt Baker looked concerned… but Hoshiki shoved the referee away and got back to her feet, then charged towards Baker and hit her with a flurry of punches. Hoshiki knocked Baker back into the corner, where she hit her with a flurry of kicks.

Mauro Ranallo: I think that knock to the back of the head has fired Arisa up, Nigel… she’s looking very aggressive here!

Hoshiki pulled Baker out of the corner and whipped her against the ropes, then hit her with a clothesline. As Baker got back to her feet, Hoshiki lifted her up, hitting a brainbuster. She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Baker kicked out! Hoshiki pulled Baker to her feet and dragged her towards the corner, before slamming her head off the top turnbuckle. Hoshiki then whipped Baker into the opposite corner and charged towards her, hitting a running high knee strike! Baker fell into a sitting position and Hoshiki stomped on her chest several times, before placing her foot on Baker’s neck and choking her! The referee threatened to disqualify Hoshiki and began counting - 1… 2… 3… 4… Hoshiki removed her foot just before the 5 count.

Nigel McGuinness: Arisa Hoshiki is in complete control here, Mauro. It’s rare we’ve seen Britt Baker looking so vulnerable!

Mauro Ranallo: That is true, but knowing Britt Baker and how determined she is, I’m sure we’ll see her mount a comeback!

The referee ordered Hoshiki to take a step back, allowing Baker time to get to her feet. When Baker was up, Hoshiki went for a forearm smash… but Baker blocked it and hit Hoshiki with a reverse STO into the middle turnbuckle! She then pulled Hoshiki away from the corner and set her up for a fisherman’s neckbreaker… but Hoshiki broke free and got behind Baker, hitting her with a bridging German suplex! Both of Baker’s shoulders were down and the referee counted - 1… 2… Baker kicked out! Hoshiki pulled Baker to her feet and set her up for the Diamond Buster… but Baker countered it into an Air Raid Crash! Baker hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Hoshiki kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: A great counter there by Britt Baker… now can she swing the momentum of this match in her favor?

Baker got to her feet and stomped on Hoshiki several times, then placed a glove on her right hand and went for the Lockjaw… but Hoshiki got to the ropes before she could lock it in. Both women got to their feet and Baker whipped Hoshiki into the corner, then sat her on the top rope. Baker tried to set Hoshiki up for a superplex, but Hoshiki blocked it and hit Baker with a series of punches, knocking her off the ropes. Hoshiki then hit Baker with a missile dropkick! Both women got to their feet once more, and Hoshiki hit a swinging neckbreaker, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Baker kicked out! Hoshiki then went for the Anaconda Vice, but Baker was able to get her feet on the ropes. The referee ordered Hoshiki to break the hold, and after doing so Hoshiki cried out and began pounding the mat in frustration. The camera then cut to the stage, where Tam Nakano had just walked out to watch the action.

Mauro Ranallo: And here comes the Women’s Champion… she wants to get a closer look at the woman she defeated for the title and her next challenger!

Hoshiki was distracted when she noticed Tam Nakano at the top of the ramp, and Baker took advantage, grabbing Hoshiki and hitting her with the Rainbaker! Baker then ran against the ropes and hit The Stomp, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Hoshiki kicked out just before the 3! After getting her shoulder up, Hoshiki began clutching her neck, and once again the referee checked on her. Baker shook her head, looking frustrated.

Nigel McGuinness: I don’t think Britt Baker can believe she only got a 2 count!

When Hoshiki was on her feet, Baker went for a superkick… but Hoshiki ducked underneath it, then lifted Baker up and hit the Diamond Buster! Hoshiki stood over Baker, looking fired up… and when Baker got back to her feet, Hoshiki hit her with the Pulsar Kick! She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It’s over! What a match!

The referee called for the bell and raised Hoshiki’s arm in victory. Hoshiki still seemed to be in discomfort, and as she rubbed her neck, Tam Nakano made her way down to the ring. As Nakano entered the ring, she tried to talk to Hoshiki, but Hoshiki shoved her away then pointed at the title. Nakano responded by holding up the title, reminding Hoshiki who was champion! Hoshiki glared at Nakano and clenched her fist, as if preparing to throw a punch… but then shook her head and exited the ring, heading back up the ramp.

Nigel McGuinness: There is clearly some tension between these two, Mauro… I can’t wait to see them go one on one at Christmas Eve of Destruction!


After the match, the cameras were backstage where Wes Ikeda was shown walking toward his office door. The logo on the door was just in view as Renee Young came into frame following after him.

Renee Young: Excuse me! I’m sorry. Mr. Ikeda?

Wes Ikeda: Hi Renee.

Renee Young: Mr. Ikeda, last week we saw Randy Orton come speak to you about Edge, and…

Wes Ikeda: I’m not going to comment on this right now, Renee. I’m sorry. It’s just…

A voice could be heard off screen.

Female Voice: Oh, you won’t comment right now?!

Wes flexed his jawline, but turned toward the voice. Trish Stratus stepped up to him. Her chin was just at his chest level as she raised her voice indignantly. Renee stood watch, the microphone between them.

Trish Stratus: You know that Adam and I don’t like to put our personal lives on television, but he is missing, Wes. And I’m talking to you right now, because I think that you might think Randy and Adam are working you. This isn’t a work, Wes. No one has heard from Adam since Fanniversary and you aren’t doing anything.

Wes Ikeda: I don’t think this is a wo-

Wes stopped short, sighing heavily.

Wes Ikeda: Edge is allowed to disappear, Trish!

Trish Stratus: He wouldn’t leave me without saying anything.

Wes Ikeda: We took the ring apart. He wasn’t there. No one was there. I can’t explain that. Can you?

Trish Stratus: You haven’t even talked to Paul. You haven’t talked to that maniac either!

Wes Ikeda: Trish, I have spoken with Paul, and unfortunately, human resources says the contents of that conversation are private.

Trish made a disgusted noise in her throat.

Trish Stratus: Has Randy told you how all of this is affecting his daughter? Your niece? Do you think for a second that her Uncle Adam would miss Christmas?

Wes Ikeda: I appreciate you trying to play on my emotions, but Trish, EBWF has done everything we can do.

Trish’s face turned desperate, and she chewed her lower lip for a moment.

Trish Stratus: But have you done everything you can do, Wes? I’m not asking you as my boss. I’m asking you as my friend for the last twenty years. You know he didn’t just walk away.

Wes nodded.

Wes Ikeda: I will get with legal and see what I can do to um… convince Bray to talk, okay?

She nodded.

Trish Stratus: And if we still can’t find him?

Wes Ikeda: I can’t stop you from making this a police matter.

Before Wes could react, Trish wrapped him in a hug.

Trish Stratus: If we haven’t heard from him by Christmas, that’s what I’ll do. Thank you. Thank you. I’m going to go call, Randy.

Trish dabbed at her eyes and quickly hurried off. Wes shifted his eyes toward Renee

Wes Ikeda: There’s my comment.

He let out an annoyed sigh and slipped into his office as EBWF went to commercial.


When Warfare returned, Xavier Woods the EBWF World Champion stood outside his locker room addressing the people.

I apologize to my people for not being in action tonight, but I am here tonight with a very important message for one Roman Reigns. You see, having him come back to EBWF might be considered a great move by most but for me I smelled trouble. He came back here thinking he could have whatever he wanted. He wanted to challenge me to a match thinking it would give him the right to challenge for my EBWF World Title, the one I fought hard to get. I had to battle the entire men's roster during King Of The Ring. It was daunting but I put in the hard work and made it happen. What makes you so damn different Roman? Do you really want to proclaim that you're head of the table? That's funny considering you don't have any experience here in EBWF. No one wants to acknowledge you and in order to be head of the table you must be a leader.

He laughed.

Xavier Woods: You are far from a leader Roman. I know this because a leader wouldn't run their mouth about demands they haven't earned yet. I'm all for giving people title opportunities just not guys who feel entitled to it. So let me cut to the chase and spell it out for you.

He cleared his throat.

The only way you're getting a title shot at me is if you go out and earn it. You can start by winning the Last Survivor match. You know that huge event that gets you the main event at Fallout? That one. You win that and I will have no chance but to give you the match. Outside of that there are a line of people I'd rather give an opportunity to then you. So, I will not acknowledge you. I will not give in to you. I've already expressed my thoughts to the higher ups about my expectations for 2023 and Roman being champion is never going to happen with me holding the EBWF World Championship. Deal with it, Roman.

The camera cut to the ring for the next match.


“Rebel Heart” by CFO$ hit and the crowd cheered as Johnny Gargano made his way to the ring for the next match.

Mauro Ranallo: Up next, we’ve got Johnny Gargano making his EBWF debut as he takes on Maxwell Jacob Friedman!

When Gargano was in the ring, “Better Than You” hit and the crowd booed as MJF headed down the ramp. Once MJF had entered the ring, the referee called for the bell. MJF immediately exited the ring, trying to play mind games with Gargano… but Gargano ran towards the ropes and dived through them, catching MJF with a suicide dive! Gargano then threw MJF back into the ring and climbed to the top rope, before hitting a diving hurricanrana! Both men got to their feet and Gargano took MJF down with a superkick, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… MJF kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: Gargano going all guns blazing here… he almost beat MJF in less than a minute!

Gargano pulled MJF to his feet and went to whip him against the ropes… but MJF reversed it, sending Gargano into the ropes before taking him down with a hip toss. MJF stomped on Gargano several times, then sat him up and applied a chinlock. Gargano fought out of it, and as both men got to their feet, Gargano went for an overhead belly-to-belly suplex… but MJF blocked it, then put Gargano in a headlock. The crowd booed and began chanting “you suck” at MJF.

Mauro Ranallo: MJF trying to slow this match down to his pace, and these fans don’t like it!

Gargano broke free and hit MJF with a series of punches, but MJF fought back with some right hands of his own. Gargano was able to gain the upper hand, and he hit MJF with an enzuigiri, then followed up with a dropkick. MJF rolled out of the ring, and Gargano ran against the ropes, then went for another suicide dive… but this time MJF caught Gargano with an uppercut! Gargano fell to the ground and MJF stomped on him several times, then pulled Gargano to his feet. He went to throw Gargano into the ring steps, but Gargano blocked it, then grabbed MJF and hit a suplex onto the ramp! Both men were down, and the referee exited the ring to check on them. As he did so, “The Chairman’s Intent” by Action Bronson hit, and the crowd cheered as Hook stepped out through the curtain.

Nigel McGuinness: Uh oh… here comes Hook, who has some unfinished business with MJF and the dWo!

As MJF got to his feet, he saw Hook and tried to hide behind Gargano… but Gargano grabbed MJF, and shoved him away! Hook then charged towards both men, hitting them with a double clothesline! The referee called for the bell, ruling the match a no contest. As Gargano got to his feet, he went to hit Hook with a right hand, but Hook blocked it and threw Gargano into the ringside barrier, then turned his attention to MJF. MJF got to his knees, pleading for mercy… then went to hit Hook with a low blow! As MJF did so, he cried out in pain, and Hook smiled. He reached into his shorts and pulled out a metal cup, which he had been using to protect his groin!

Mauro Ranallo: Hook is showing he’s used to MJF’s tricks!

Hook then hit MJF with a kick to the head, before throwing him into the ring. As Hook entered the ring, he took MJF down with an arm drag, then put him in the STF! MJF cried out in pain, and Richard Holliday ran down the ramp to try and help him… but Hook saw him and released MJF, then got to his feet. As Hook locked eyes with Holliday, Holliday stopped in his tracks, then held up his hands and retreated up the ramp. Smiling, Hook grabbed MJF and threw him out of the ring, then asked for a microphone. When he had been given one, Hook began to speak.

Hook: You know what, Maxwell… enough is enough! I am tired of you, Holliday, Hobbs and the rest of your crew causing shit around here. So at Christmas Eve of Destruction, you and I are going to settle things, once and for all. You said you want to see Hanukkah celebrated here in EBWF, so I’m going to give you what you want… well, kinda. On Christmas Eve, you bring Hobbs and I’ll bring a partner of my choosing, and we’ll have the first ever Hanukkah Havoc match! Bring dreidels, bring a menorah, bring the Mensch on a Bench if you want… but be warned, when we step into the ring together, it’s going to be a WAR!

Hook dropped the microphone and his music hit. He made his way back up the ramp as Warfare went to a commercial break.


When Warfare returned from the commercial break, all attention in the arena was immediately drawn to the entrance tron as it turned crimson. The live feed itself switched over to this as well. There were immediately boos as a golden crown with the initials 'UH' appeared at the top of the screen. More erupted from the crowd as Arisa Hoshiki's voice read out the statement which scrolled across the screen.

Arisa Hoshiki: The following message is brought to you by Queen's Court.

As the solid red faded out, Utami's throne room was revealed. Added to the opulent furnishings were four Queen's Court banners on flag poles lining the back wall, each with golden fringe trim. Utami Hayashishita sat upon her throne, expression dour as she glared down the camera. Himeka Arita stood to her left, dressed in her fancy red entrance gown. Arisa Hoshiki stood to her right, wearing an elaborate new black entrance robe with gold and silver trim. All of Queen's Court looked deadly serious as Utami began her proclamation.

Utami Hayashishita: I will dispense with the pleasantries because there is nothing pleasant to discuss. Instead tonight I must address the insidious recent incidents which have occurred here. It is not enough that my dear Himeka was so heinously assaulted by the criminals calling themselves Liv N Bliss. Nor is it enough that the much lesser half of that unit attempted to commit regicide. No, last week was one of the greatest injustices in the history of EBWF.

Utami growled under her breath before continuing.

Utami Hayashishita: Liv Morgan clearly understood she had no chance of victory. Her ridiculous thirst for vengeance drove her to do something somehow worse than her attempt to assault me. Last week a cowardly brigand hiding her identity under a mask interfered with Queen's Court's business. Dear Himeka had defeated Liv Morgan when this villain of the highest degree attacked her. Whoever that woman is, I will find her and expose her before the world! She will suffer at the hands of Queen's Court. My efforts to locate her so far have not turned up her identity. It is only a matter of time before I put that masked woman down for good.

She motioned to the camera, a furious expression upon her regal face.

Utami Hayashishita: For now there is the matter of the even greater coward Liv Morgan. I refuse to utter her rubbish title. She clearly hired a mercenary to assist her in an ultimately losing effort, because she knows deep in her heart she is incapable of matching the skill and prowess of real wrestlers. This is the final insult! I have been merciful thus far in only seeking to banish her for these actions. Enlisting a masked thug to attack us from behind us has earned her a most severe punishment.

The Crimson Queen leaned forward in her chair and snarled.

Utami Hayashishita: I have grown tired of your constant assaults. I am out of patience for your childish defiance. You have no respect for the rules of engagement and take every opportunity to launch these heinous attacks in any location. You have shown your willingness to make any location the battlefield for your ultimate demise. Therefore-

She stood up and thrust her hand toward the viewer.

Utami Hayashishita: I demand satisfaction! You will face me at Christmas Eve of Destruction! Destroying you in the ring is not enough punishment for your many, many crimes. Therefore this shall be a battle where falls can be counted anywhere. I wish to make use of everything at hand to beat you into submission once and for all. I'm going to snap every bone in your body until you reveal the identity of that masked woman to me!! You are going to regret every criminal thought you have ever had! When I am finished ripping you apart, whatever scraps are left of you will beg for the merch you have turned away so far. Pray that I am in a merciful mood when you do.

She smiled sadistically.

Utami Hayashishita: This will be the end of Liv Morgan. There is no other possible outcome but for her to bow down to the Queen - 's Court!

'Crusade' played as the screen went red again. The last thing we saw were the words 'Bow down to the Queen' in golden lettering.


We cut to Liv Morgan hanging out backstage when she was approached by Renee Young.

Renee Young: Liv, we heard from Utami Hayashishita a few moments ago, where she challenged you to a Falls Count Anywhere match at Christmas Eve Of Destruction. Do you accept?

Liv laughed.

Liv Morgan: Of course I accept this is what I've wanted ever since Fanniversary and there's nothing that's gonna stop me from getting revenge on Utami for everything she's done since coming here.

Renee Young: Well there's been speculation regarding the identity of the masked woman who aided you last week. Do you have any idea who she is?

Liv went to answer but was interrupted by the sound of clapping and the source walked up to reveal Christian Cage.

Christian Cage: You know I have to congratulate you, not only did you win last week but you even hired someone to help you so tell me friend to friend, who was that woman anyway?

Liv Morgan: As I was about to say I don't know who that woman was and I didn't want any help to beat Himeka.

Christian smirked.

Christian Cage: Sure. Anyway I got a plane to catch so see ya later.

Christian laughed and walked away leaving Liv very annoyed as Warfare went to commercial break.


Warfare returned from commercial to the tron lighting up and the PA blasting.


The crowd chanted "Bro" to the beat as Matt Riddle rode his scooter down to the ring and entered by kicking off his flip flops to their wild applause. He turned toward the entrance. The crowd started to boo as Christian came to the ring and the allowed the referee to check his boots before the bell rang.

Mauro Ranallo: It is time for our main event.

Nigel McGuinness: These two may put on a clinic here tonight.

They locked up, and Christian powered Riddle to the corner. Riddle fought out of the corner and powered Christian back. Christian then threw him down. They locked up again, and Riddle applied a body scissor. Riddle went for a Kimura, but Christian fought it. Christian countered into a slam attempt, but Riddle countered into a sleeper hold. Christian then hit a backpack senton. Riddle quickly came back with another sleeper attempt, but Christian got to the ropes. Riddle avoided a back elbow, and they circled the ring. Riddle hit a headlock takeover, but Christian grapevined the head. Riddle fought out and went for a kick, but Christian avoided it. They shoved each other before ducking a bunch of strikes. Riddle hit a gutwrench suplex followed by a Broton. He went for the cover.


Christian kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: Christian is back on his feet!

Christian fought back and took him down before punching away at him. Christian threw Riddle to the corner, but Riddle caught him with a triangle and pulled him over the top rope. Riddle ran at him with a big boot, and Christian was down. Riddle pulled Christian up, which got him in position to apply the surfboard stretch. Riddle fought up and hit a Ripcord Knee. Christian fought him off, but Riddle came right back with an exploder. Christian rolled out of the ring, so Riddle hit a kick to the chest. Riddle hit a scary springboard Floating Bro to the floor. Riddle got Christian in the ring and hit a powerbomb followed by a vicious knee to the face.


Nigel McGuinness: How did Christian kick out?

Riddle was showing frustration and went to the top rope, but Christian shoved him off the top rope into the barricade. Riddle held his ribs in pain. Christian went to ringside and picked Riddle up before throwing him into the barricade. Christian rolled Riddle back into the ring, and Riddle quickly scaled the ropes, catching Christian by surprise and hitting a fisherman’s superplex. Riddle rolled over and covered!

Mauro Ranallo: Another kickout at two!

Christian grabbed Riddle by the hair and hit him with a forearm.

Nigel McGuinness: This is a new side of Christian. Not sure what's happening to him here.

Riddle fought back, but Christian responded with some strikes. Christian quickly gave him the uppercut, and Riddle rocked him with a knee. Christian blocked another knee and clapped Riddle in the ears. Riddle took him down to his knees with a kick to the head. Christian quickly pushed him to the corner, so Riddle tried to slingshot over him. Christian tried to catch him, but Riddle slid off and hit Bro Derek!

Mauro Ranallo: That's got to be it!


Mauro Ranallo: Matt Riddle does it! He beats Christian here tonight.

The crowd began to chant "Bro" as Riddle climbed up to the top turnbuckle to celebrate with the crowd.



Mauro Ranallo: What is this?

Nigel McGuinness: Are we still on the air?

The Miz: Wait a minute... wait a minute...

The crowd cheered as Miz came from behind the curtain.

The Miz: Riddle, bro, congratulations. I don't mean to interrupt your celebration.

The camera focused on Riddle who said "It's all good, bro!".

The Miz: Congrats on the win. But the boys in the production truck were trying to tell me we were short on time, so I had to take this opportunity to remind all of these fans that I beat the EBWF World Champion on Warfare last week.

The crowd continued to cheer.

The Miz: I went to Wes Ikeda and I demanded to face Woods at Christmas Eve of Destruction.

The cheer grew to an approving roar.

The Miz: And Wes told me no.

The crowd booed.

The Miz: Wes said Woods was unavailable for Christmas Eve of Destruction: Which, I mean fine. I have a suit fitting and get to celebrate Christmas with my hot wife. Wes went on though and said Xavier wasn't available until the new year for an undisclosed reason. If the internet is to be believed Woods is nursing an ankle injury or a shoulder injury or... well, you get the idea. The Skull Crushing Finale can really do a number on the body, can't it Woods?

Miz pulled his sunglasses down his nose to look intensely into the camera.

The Miz: So, I asked Wes, what about Roman? And he scoffed and said, "Just got here." And, come to think of it, Edge didn't get to finish his match before Bray Wyatt dragged him to hell, what about him? And Wes said, "to be determined". I have to tell you, all I could do was shrug and say, "Well, January 2nd at Warfare works for me." And do you know what happened next?

Nigel McGuinness: Oh no.

Miz whipped his sunglasses off and grinned.

The Miz: He made the match.

The crowd came unglued as Miz had to shout into the microphone to be heard.

The Miz: After Christmas Eve of Destruction, we're going to keep it rolling with a no disqualification match for the EBWF World Championship at Warfare on January 2nd. And 2023? It's going to be... AWESOME!

"I Came to Play" hit again and Miz tossed down the microphone. He hyped up the crowd as Warfare went off the air.