Warfare Results 02/13/2023

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Warfare Results 02/13/2023

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After the Warfare intro played "My Last Breath" began to play and the crowd booed the arrival of The Instant Classic Christian Cage.

Mauro Ranallo: Well folks it looks like we're kicking off tonight's show with quite possibly the most hated man in EBWF today.

Nigel McGuinness: Christian Cage has certainly not made friends with his recent actions especially what he did at Last Survivor.

Christian entered the ring with a smug look on his face and grabbed a microphone as his music cut. The crowd continued to boo Christian which only got louder when he reached into his pocket and pulled out brass knucks.

Mauro Ranallo: I bet those are the same knucks he used to cost Alexa Bliss the Women's title match at Last Survivor.

Christian smirked as he spoke.

Christian Cage: Judging by your reaction you all watched the pay-per-view so I guess I don't need to explain that.

Christian put the knucks back in his pocket before continuing to talk.

Christian Cage: But I guess I do have some things to explain so right now I would like Alexa Bliss to come down to this ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa is scheduled to compete in our opening match tonight but Christian Cage wants her out here right now.

"Papercut" by Linkin Park played and the crowd went from booing to cheering as Alexa Bliss came out in her ring gear. Alexa's usual confident smile was nowhere to be seen as she made her way to the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: I wonder what's going through Alexa's mind right now.

Alexa entered the ring and grabbed a microphone.

Christian Cage: Alright cut the music.

Upon Christian's command Alexa's music was cut. The two stared at each other down for a few moments before Christian spoke.

Christian Cage: I called you out here tonight for one simple reason. I'm going to give you what you've wanted for the last month and that's an explanation.

Alexa Bliss: Oh you're finally gonna explain why you've spent the last month hurting me.

Alexa sarcastically yelled "yay" off mic.

Christian Cage: This whole thing started before last month in fact it started back in October before Fanniversary. Alexa, do you remember the conversation we had six days before Fanniversary.

Alexa nodded.

Christian Cage: Well these people have forgotten it let's show the footage.

Footage on the tron began to play from a few months ago.

Alexa Bliss: Hey.

Alexa stood up and hugged Christian but she soon noticed that something was wrong.

Alexa Bliss: What's wrong?

Christian sighed.

Christian Cage: Oh nothing it's just that I'm wondering what the hell possessed you to want a Hell in a Cell match with Utami Hayashishita this Sunday.

Alexa chuckled.

Alexa Bliss: Look I know you're concerned about me but I'll survive this.

Christian Cage: You didn't answer my question?

Christian's voice had a bit of an aggressive tone.

Alexa Bliss: What's your problem?

Christian Cage: My problem is that you're putting your career at risk by stepping into the most dangerous structure in our business and need I remind you that your ribs are still injured.

Alexa shook her head.

Alexa Bliss: They're healing, Jay.

Christian sighed.

Christian Cage: You're gonna get yourself hurt badly.

The two looked at each other in silence with deadly serious looks for a moment before Christian walked out of the locker room. The footage stopped as we cut back to the ring.

Christian Cage: I tried to explain why you shouldn't have made that match and you disrespected me. Fast forward to Fanniversary, you go through with the Hell in a Cell match and you actually do fairly well but when Utami Hayashishita was knocked onto the announce table you decide to go up and jump off the cell and it backfired. I came out to check on you but as I looked at your unconscious body, as I looked at the blood pouring out of your mouth I realized that my point had been proven, I realized that I was proven right so I walked away.

Alexa looked at Christian in disgust as he continued.

Christian Cage: After that I tried to move on as you were away recovering but I began to hear people criticize me for what I did and soon I realized that it was all your fault and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. So long story short Alexa you have no one to blame but yourself.

Alexa chuckled in disbelief.

Alexa Bliss: Are you serious? All of that is why you stabbed me in the back? You want to talk about how I disrespected you, all I did was defend myself because you were being a dick to me. At Fanniversary as I was on the floor losing blood, all you thought about was that your point was proven? When everyone rightfully criticized you for walking away you blame that on me? I trusted you, I looked up to you, hell I thought you considered me to be an equal, and because I was defending myself you turned on me.

Christian shook his head.

Christian Cage: You really thought we were equals? Alexa I have been in this business longer than you, while I spent years winning championships you were participating in meaningless things like cheerleading and gymnastics. While I was wrestling people like The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, and Triple H, you were going home in tears everyday because you were being bullied. Alexa I almost killed myself to become great in this ring, you on the other hand almost killed yourself to look great outside of it.

The crowd booed as loud as they could and Alexa looked stunned.

Nigel McGuinness: That’s uncalled for!

Christian smiled and went to leave, but “Celtic Invasion” by CFO$ hit the PA System, and instantaneously, the crowd rose to its feet collectively and gave an ovation. The entrance curtain opened and out walked Becky Lynch holding a sign. The sign itself said “Christian has a microdick.” Becky held it up high with one hand while she walked down the entrance ramp.

Mauro Ranallo: Uh-oh. This won’t be good.

Nigel McGuinness: Look at the sign she brought with her. That’ll pour gas on the fire.

Becky made it to ringside and climbed up onto the apron before she entered the ring. In the ring, Becky got right into Christian’s face with her sign in hand. “Celtic Invasion” cut out but the reaction from the crowd didn’t waver. Becky snatched the microphone from Christian and raised it up to her lips.

Becky Lynch: So, that’s yer justification fer attackin’ Alexa, fer costin’ her matches? Ya felt disrespected because she didn’t take yer advice, she decided to put it all on the line?

Becky pushed the sign into Christian’s face.

Becky Lynch: Ya feel disrespected now? If anythin’, what Alexa did was deservin’ of respect. I respected her long before that, and my respect for her increased after that. That’s what a wrestler does. No matter how hurt a wrestler is, if they can go, they go. I’ve done it. Alexa’s done it. Yer nothin’ more than a fookin’ coward. Not only that, yer mockin’ her havin’ a disorder that kills over ten thousand people a year. The fact that she overcame that goes to show that she has a stronger desire to live, and her bein’ able to overcome it earns respect as well.

Becky booped Christian’s face with the sign.

Becky Lynch: Alexa has bigger metaphorical balls than you have real ones.

Becky could see the anger building up in Christian.

Becky Lynch: I bet yer wantin’ to foyt me. Ya want a foyt? I’ve been lookin’ to foyt ya since ya turned on Alexa. I want to rip yer fookin’ arm off.

Christian Cage: Don't test me Becky I have concussed more people than the entire sport of football. I have sent plenty of people to the hospital, and at this point I don't care who I have to hurt whether it be you…

Christian turned to the still shook Alexa.

Christian Cage: Or you!

Becky glared at Christian and pushed Christian with the sign before she responded.

Becky Lynch: Let me tell ya somethin’, ya creepy little shite. The only one here that’ll be sent to the hospital, if they’re lucky, is you, ya microdick gobshite.

Christian turned to face Becky, anger in his eyes.

Becky Lynch: I bet yer wantin’ to hit me right now.

Becky sticks her chin out.

Becky Lynch: Go ahead. I’ll give ya the first shot. Take yer best shot. Oh wait, I’ll make it easy fer ya.

Becky set the sign down and turned her back to Christian with her arms spread out.

Becky Lynch: Do it, ya fookin’ coward. Hit me!

With that said, Becky dropped the microphone. Christian smirked as he reached into his pocket and pulled the knucks back out and placed them on his hand.

Mauro Ranallo: Wait a minute Christian’s gonna use the brass knucks.

Christian went for the punch but he didn't realize that Becky pulled out a baseball bat from her jacket and she jabbed him in the gut before he could deliver the punch.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky outsmarted Christian there.

Nigel McGuinness: That baseball bat looks similar to the ones Liv N Bliss have used in the past.

Christian rolled out of the ring holding his stomach as Becky picked up a microphone and spoke.

Becky Lynch: Ya think I’m the village idiot, Christian? It’s insultin’ to think that I haven’t anticipated yer every move. I knew ya would attack me from behind given how much of a coward ya are. I want ya to foyt me. I want to rip yer arm off and beat ya over the head with it. Accept my challenge, because if ya don’t…

Becky holds up her aluminum bat.

Becky Lynch: I’m shovin’ this bat up yer arse!

With that declaration, the crowd cheered.

Christian yelled for a microphone and after a few moments Alexa picked up the other microphone in the ring and threw it at him. Christian caught the microphone and began to speak.

Christian Cage: You want a match with The Instant Classic… You got it! March 26th at Fallout.

The crowd cheered.

Becky Lynch: As I’m sure that yer wife has said many times, ‘That wasn’t so hard.’

The crowd laughed. Becky smirked before she turned her head to Alexa to nod at her. She left the ring to her close friend, so she could do battle with Jamie Hayter as the show went to a break.


When Warfare returned from the commercial break, Jamie Hayter’s music hit and she made her way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back! It is time for our first match of the evening, and you have to wonder what frame of mind Alexa Bliss is in as she prepares to go one on one with Jamie Hayter.

Once Hayter was in the ring, the referee called for the bell. Bliss charged at Hayter and hit her with a low dropkick, then jumped on Hayter’s back, putting her in a sleeper hold. Hayter fought out of it, lifting Bliss over her shoulder before slamming her onto the mat. As Bliss got back to her feet, Hayter went for a Lariat, but Bliss ducked underneath it, then hit Hayter with a series of kicks. Bliss then set Hayter up for a DDT, but Hayter countered it into a northern lights suplex! Alexa’s shoulders were down and the referee counted - 1… 2… Bliss kicked out! Hayter pulled Bliss to her feet and hit her with a series of punches, before whipping her into the corner. Hayter punched Bliss several more times in the corner, then sat her on the top rope and hit a superplex! She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… again Bliss kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: Another near fall for Jamie Hayter!

Hayter pulled Bliss to her feet and set her up for the Ushigoroshi, but Bliss blocked it, then hit Hayter with a series of punches. Bliss took Hayter down with a swinging neckbreaker, then followed up with a standing moonsault! She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Hayter kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: An impressive standing moonsault from Alexa Bliss, but it’s not enough to get the 3!

Bliss dragged Hayter to her feet and hit her with some more right hands, then went to whip her against the ropes… but Hayter reversed the Irish whip, sending Bliss against the ropes before taking her down with a hip toss. As Bliss sat up, Hayter hit her with a series of knee strikes to the face, then pulled Bliss to her feet and hit the Ushigoroshi! She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Bliss got the shoulder up! Hayter grabbed Alexa’s arm and put her in an armbar, but Bliss was able to get to the ropes, and the referee ordered Hayter to break the hold. Bliss used the ropes to pull herself up, and when she was on her feet, Hayter grabbed her, hitting her with a forearm smash. Hayter then went to whip Bliss against the ropes, but Bliss blocked it, then caught Hayter with a kick to the midsection before following up with a snap DDT! Bliss then climbed to the top rope, and the crowd cheered in anticipation as Alexa hit Twisted Bliss! She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Nigel McGuinness: It’s over! A big victory for Alexa Bliss!

Bliss celebrated, then made her way to the back as Hayter argued with the referee.


After the match, "The Truth Reigns" sounded off throughout the arena to a huge chorus of boos.

Mauro Ranallo: It's the Tribal Chief...

Nigel McGuinness: And the Last Survivor!

Roman Reigns stepped out from the back with his right index finger raised above pointing towards the rafters.

Mauro Ranallo: It was just this past Sunday, Nigel... Roman Reigns entered the Last Survivor match at number 30 and walked out victorious outlasting twenty-nine other superstars!

Nigel McGuinness: And with that victory Mauro, Roman Reigns will challenge The Miz for the EBWF World Heavyweight Championship at Fallout!

Roman Reigns walked down the aisle towards ringside, climbed inside the ring and stood center of the ring. He raised up his right index finger pointed towards the rafters high above the arena, and right then another huge set of pyro blasted off from upon the top of the stage. Roman Reigns took a microphone from the ring announcer and stood center of the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: Listen to this place Mauro, it's deafening in this arena right now.

Mauro Ranallo: I can barely hear myself think right now!

Roman Reigns: Phoenix, Arizona...

This sold out crowd booed.


The crowd booed even louder.

Roman Reigns: I told y'all... I told each and every one of y'all man, I was going to enter the Last Survivor match at number 30... and I was going to win the Last Survivor match, because ain't no one could stop me!

Roman Reigns shouted out showing off his arrogance as usual.

Roman Reigns: None of y'all listened to me then, and none of y'all is going to listen to me now. But make no mistake about it, when Fallout comes around... The Miz will have no choice but to defend the EBWF World Heavyweight Championship against me, and well I'm not usually one to give out any spoilers but I'll make an exception for once... because what y'all are going to see at Fallout? Y'all are going to see Roman Reigns do what he does best, right here in MY RING on MY SHOW! I told y'all a little over a month ago... MY REIGN OF TERROR WOULD BEGIN! No one wanted to believe the hype. No one wanted to believe anything I had to say, and to be honest I don't really care whether y'all believed it or not. Because everything I've said has come true, and that's not going to change at Fallout. The Miz... I'M GON' SMASH HIS ASS! And that EBWF World Heavyweight Championship is going to be MINE!

The crowd booed.

Roman Reigns: So let me just talk to you for a minute Mike, because while you're walking around the joint now... like some big time Hollywood actor who just won a Grammy award, Fallout is just right around the corner so if I were you... I'd cherish every single moment you have with the EBWF World Heavyweight Championship, because when Fallout comes around I'm going to expose you and show the entire world why I am the greatest of all time! I am going to show the entire world why they call me the Head of the Table, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it Mike. You know why? Because you're just a fraud. You're just a small shell of what The Miz used to be, and you're still trying to cling onto every little hope and prayer imaginable, because deep down inside Mike even you know... YOU CAN'T WIN! THIS IS MY RING! THIS IS MY SHOW!

Roman Reigns walked over and grabbed the camera the cameraman was holding.

Roman Reigns: THIS IS MY CAMERA!

The crowd booed as Reigns paced the ring.

Roman Reigns: I'm the shot caller now Miz. But I mean, you should know that already. You see, I'm sure you're going to live on the fact that you did something I couldn't do. You defeated Xavier Woods for the EBWF World Heavyweight Championship! Both times I've competed against Xavier, yeah, I'll admit... he's had my number and I lost both matches against him, but do you wanna know something Miz? Since I've come back, since I lost to Xavier Woods for a second time... I haven't been pinned, I haven't been submitted... I've been flawless in every single match, because that's what I do! I was forced to leave the EBWF due to suspension for NINE... LONG... MONTHS! I came back... I couldn't finish the job against Xavier, but you did. You got the job done Mike. I want to stand here and give you a round of applause, you did what I couldn't do... congratulations! Enjoy the moment Miz, because it doesn't last forever...

Roman Reigns got up close and personal with the cameraman.


The crowd booed.

Roman Reigns: Your reign as EBWF World Heavyweight Champion will come to an end when I say it ends, you see that's how this works Miz because this ain't MizTV... THIS IS MY SHOW! This ring I'm standing in right now... THIS IS MY RING! At Fallout... I TAKE... WHAT IS MINE! And I take the EBWF World Heavyweight Championship...

The crowd booed as Roman started to exit the ring, as soon as he got one foot through the ropes he was interrupted by.



The crowd erupted as Matt Riddle emerged through the back in a "Bro Awesome" T-Shirt on his trademark scooter. Michael Cole was second with the same shirt on and a sideways hat. Both men comically in unison looked toward the curtain and after a few beats, the cheers grew louder as The Miz emerged, sunglasses over his eyes, hair slicked back and the same "Bro Awesome" t-shirt. He had the EBWF Championship over his right shoulder and a shit eating grin on his face. He held the microphone to his lips, but the crowd chanted "Miz is AWESOME" so loud that he had to wait a couple beats to begin speaking.

The Miz: Your show? Your ring? Your camera? Your EBWF Title?

The Miz looked at Cole and Riddle who had facial expressions that could have said "PSHH"

The Miz: Really?

The crowd cheered and Reigns was pissed off at the disrespect.

The Miz: Really? Listen tiger. I don't know what fantasyland you're living in right now, but is what you just said supposed to be an insult or a love letter just in time for Valentine's Day? I mean what did you actually just say to me outside of the nonsense I just listed? You explained how I easily beat a guy who you have never beat.. you told me that you're gonna smash my ass.. like honestly man I'm starting to get uncomfortable.. you're a good looking guy.. but I'm already married.

Riddle craned in.

Matt Riddle: He's spoken for bro!

Cole craned in.


The crowd cheered again and Reigns looked extremely annoyed.

The Miz smiled and held his hand up to calm down his cohorts.

The Miz: Look man, I'm going to talk slow so that even someone who's having trouble putting thoughts together can understand. There's plenty that I'm acknowledging right now - there's a list of things - included but not limited to the fact that you won the Last Survivor match. Which puts you in a position that you've never really been before in this company, the position of being relevant, albeit for a very short period of time. I'll acknowledge the fact that yes, I have been walking around here like I'm a star, the reason being.. oh I don't know.. because I AM a star. I don't know how you got to the point where you have self proclaimed yourself as the head of the table.. I mean who the hell is at this table? What is it a table of? Because if this metaphorical table is the EBWF, there's only one person at the head of it, and it's most certainly not you, Roman. Any guesses as to who it might be? I'll give you a hint because I know you're not exactly a scholar.

Miz held the EBWF World Title up and the camera zoomed in on it.

The Miz: So Roman, buddy, pal, I'm going to do you a solid.

Riddle craned in.

Matt Riddle: Not a liquid bro.

Michael Cole: Not a gas bro!

The Miz: Here it comes.. I'm going to let you pick the type of match we have at Fallout. It can be any kind of match you want, any match in the whole wide world.

Roman went to answer, but again Miz cut him off.

The Miz: Ah ah.. do something you don't usually do. Think. Think it over, and next week you can come out here and give me your answer. Until then.. best of luck with your 'Hooked on Phonics' tape, cupcake.

Roman Reigns: Miz listen to me you son of a...

The Miz: Ahh ahh.. Roman.. less is more man. Next week. Next week you can talk. That should give you plenty of time to practice pronouncing all the words.

Roman Reigns: How about I come down there and let m...

"I Came To Play" hit one more time while Reigns was still trying to talk to Miz. Miz, Riddle, and Cole were infuriating him because they were all holding their hands to their ears, mocking the fact that they couldn't hear Roman. The crowd was cheering and loving it, as Bro Awesome went back through the curtain, leaving an angry Reigns stomping around the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: The Tribal Chief has spoken, Nigel, and he sounds confident in his chance of becoming the new World Champion, but correct me if I'm wrong, Miz doesn't seem to lack confidence himself. Proclaiming that his challenger can pick the type of match, next week.

Nigel McGuinness: What a match this is going to be!

Warfare went to a commercial.



The crowd cheered as Warfare returned from commercial.

Mauro Ranallo: Matt Riddle tried to show us a more serious side this week!

Nigel McGuinness: Is that what you call it, Mauro! This guy is a clown!

Mauro Ranallo: He's proven to be very successful so far in his time here in EBWF...

Nigel McGuinness: But is he the Breakout Champion?

As Christy Hemme did his introduction, Riddle rode his scooter down to the ring to a chorus of "Bro!" from the crowd. He got into the ring and kicked off his sandals as the Four Horsemen theme hit and Brock Anderson came to stage.

Nigel McGuinness: And here's our champion!

Mauro Ranallo: He's looking like he has a score to settle, Nigel!

Nigel McGuinness: As he well should! Riddle complained that Brock Anderson threw him out of the Last Survivor match, but that's the name of the game! That's how the match goes. Who is Riddle to complain?

Mauro Ranallo: I didn't see it as complaining, so much as stating a fact.

Nigel McGuinness: You would, Mauro.

With Brock in the ring, the bell rang. Riddle circled him. Anderson grabbed a front facelock and rolled him around the ring. Riddle fought up and went for a key lock, but Anderson backed him to the corner. Anderson chopped him before hitting a back suplex for a two-count. Riddle kicked at him, but Anderson hit a dragon screw. Riddle tried to fight back, but Anderson hit a second dragon screw. Riddle fought back with some gutwrench suplexes, but Anderson got the knees up on a Broton. Anderson attacked, but Riddle fought back. Riddle climbed to the top rope, but Brock followed after and then turned Riddle inside out with an inverted superplex.

Nigel McGuinness: Brock Anderson's superior wrestling prowess coming into play!

Anderson attacked one of Riddle's legs. Riddle kicked him away, but Anderson quickly kicked him in the leg. Riddle came back with a fisherman driver. Riddle and Anderson exchanged blows until Riddle unloaded on him, kicked him back, and crushed him with a Ripcord Knee. Riddle kipped up and hit a pair of running forearms. Riddle followed up with an exploder suplex and a Broton. Anderson avoided a kick, but Riddle came right back with a powerbomb followed by another knee to the face.

Mauro Ranallo: Riddle with the pin!


Mauro Ranallo: It's no good!

Nigel McGuinness: Brock Anderson barely avoided disaster there!

Riddle set up for Bro Derek, but Anderson slid through. He took Riddle down, and applied an ankle lock. Riddle rolled through and applied a triangle choke. Anderson fought out and hit the superplex!

Nigel McGuinness: Cover by Anderson!


Mauro Ranallo: And a kickout by Matt Riddle.

Anderson was clearly frustrated, and tried rolling Riddle up, but Riddle flips through. Anderson charged after right into a high knee to the face!

Nigel McGuinness: No!

Riddle grabbed Anderson by the arm and set him up for the Bro Derek!

Mauro Ranallo: With authority!


Mauro Ranallo: That one was so close!

Nigel McGuinness: That fool Matt Riddle has gotten one over on the Breakout Champion!

Mauro Ranallo: You have to think that Brock Anderson will not take this lightly!

Riddle hopped out of the ring and celebrated as Brock Anderson looked on in disbelief. Warfare faded out as a promotional video for Fallout began to play.


As Warfare returned to the ring, we saw Christy Hemme standing in the ring with a microphone on hand. She smiled for the camera and then made an announcement.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time please welcome the winner of the 2023 women's Last Survivor match: representing Queen's Court, the 'Dark Star' Arisa Hoshiki!

"Shadowmaker" by LoveBites hit to a mixed reaction, but still a noticeable pop. The shot panned across the Footprint Center as the music echoed through the building. A few close ups showed at least a few 'Dark Star' t-shirts in every shot. Meanwhile signs ranged from 'Becky did nothing wrong' to 'We hate Christian' to 'The Twilight Dream continues'. The fan reaction grew louder as the cameras focused on the entrance ramp, where Arisa Hoshiki emerged from the back. Dressed simply in black track pants and her t-shirt, Arisa carried a suitcase with the Last Survivor show logo on it. She looked across the horizon and smirked at the greeting the Phoenix fans gave her, seemingly unsure what to make of it. There were definitely more cheers than boos.

Mauro Ranallo: Two weeks ago Arisa Hoshiki made waves by entering the Last Survivor match at #2 and outlasting 11 other women to punch her ticket for another shot at the EBWF Women's Championship. It was a wild ride, but the Dark Star pulled out a gutsy victory with the odds stacked against her.

Nigel McGuiness: Yes, but in the process she eliminated Utami Hayashishita from the match in what had to be an accident. Considering that Queen's Court made it their goal to win the match and earn the Crimson Queen a shot at the gold, Utami can't be happy with how things went. And what must be going through Arisa Hoshiki's head right now. She earned her rematch but at what cost?"

Arisa reached the ring steps and stared up at the ring earnestly. She put a foot on the steps but then hesitated to climb up. For a moment she hung her head and gathered her thoughts as the music continued to play. Then her free hand clenched into a fist and she shot up into the apron and then into the ring. Once there she was handed a mic, which she lifted up just as her theme faded out.

Arisa Hoshiki: I told you all that I was the ultimate survivor, and here's the proof!

She held up the briefcase proudly and drew a loud mixed reaction as before. There was clear pride on Arisa's face as she raised the case aloft like the title she aimed to capture. After a long moment she lowered it and smiled.

Arisa Hoshiki: When Tam beat me a month and a half ago, I knew that I had to get back in this ring against her. When you're a split second from being champion, it's all you think about. Instead of just sitting and wondering what went wrong or why I couldn't win, I went out and worked even harder to get another shot. I knew that even though she makes her decisions on a whim, I wasn't going to just get another shot so soon. So I went to war with the strongest women's locker room in the world and came out on top. I survived the worst they could do and now I'm here staring at my future. It's been a wild ride..

Her smile gets a little awkward as she lets that settle for a moment.

Arisa Hoshiki: And I'm sure you all know what's coming next, don't you?

The familiar 'YES!' chants erupt and despite some initial annoyance, Arisa can't help but smile a little wider.

Arisa Hoshiki: Tam, you and me. One more time.

This drew a huge pop as the fans are clearly very excited for a Christmas Eve of Destruction rematch. We briefly heard chants of both 'TAM NA-KA-NO!' and 'A-RI-SA!' before the Dark Star spoke up again.

Arisa Hoshiki: Last fall I thought Tam was weak. I thought the fact that she couldn't see who I became was disrespect or stupidity, but now I know it's different than that. I know that Tam Nakano's very, very strong and that she saw something in me that I'd forgotten. Now I've woken up, I'm ready to get the job done this time. It's been three years since I was a champion - I think it's time to end that drought.

This got another mixed reaction and Arisa nodded.

Arisa Hoshiki: A week ago I would've said I don't care if you cheer or boo. But now-

She paused for a second but shook her head.

Arisa Hoshiki: Maybe another time. For now I've got something else to take care of. It's been on my mind a lot since I kicked Becky Lynch out of the ring in San Francisco. You see, Tam asked me to look at something she found if I lost to her. I've been so busy getting ready for Last Survivor that I never got around to it. At first I thought it was just her trying to trick me. But after I realized what she saw in me, I started wondering if there was more to it. It's been on my mind a lot, clawing at my thoughts. It's my night, so I can do whatever I want right? Let's see what it is.

As she pulled out her phone, "Riot of Flowers" hit and was met with thunderous boos. Immediately the camera shifted to the entrance ramp where Utami Hayashishita stood in full ring gear. At her side was Himeka Arita as usual. The pair stormed down to the ring while the boos almost drowned out Utami's entrance theme. All the while Utami had her eyes immovably locked on the ring.

Nigel McGuiness: The Crimson Queen has arrived, and she doesn't look very happy for her ally tonight.

Mauro Ranallo: She nearly won the Last Survivor match but was eliminated by Arisa. Whether that was an accident or not, Utami can't be happy with the result. Considering how aggressive Utami's been lately about getting a title shot, you have to wonder if this is about to get ugly.

Utami slowly ascended the ring steps onto the apron, then waited as Himeka held the ropes open for her. After entering the ring we saw that Utami held a mic of her own. With Himeka looming behind her, Utami locked eyes with her ally Arisa. The smile that crossed the Crimson Queen's face was smarmy and not quite on the level.

Utami Hayashishita: Congratulations, Arisa! You have achieved one of the greatest feats in professional wrestling! Very few women could have lasted from the beginning of the match to the end. It is only expected that a member of Queen's Court is the one to do it. Arisa, you have my thanks.

The fans booed all the same, but Arisa smiles at the praise from the woman responsible for her return to the ring. Utami glared out at the fans as she continued speaking.

Utami Hayashishita: Now you all understand that we are simply superior to everyone else in EBWF. Queen's Court is at the top, and then there is everyone else. We told you that we would dominate the Last Survivor match, and we did. We promised you that Queen's Court would win the Last Survivor match, and we did. When my court makes a promise, we keep it. And now it is time for us to fulfill our destiny...

Utami looked back to Arisa and grinned. Arisa shifted her weight a little and stepped back. Her hand gripped the briefcase so tightly her knuckles were pale.

Utami Hayashishita: Arisa, I do not care that you eliminated me from the match. Your victory is Queen's Court's victory. And now, I ask you to give your queen what belongs to her.

Utami's eyes drifted down to the briefcase in Arisa's hand. It was clear that the Crimson Queen was asking Arisa to surrender her hard earned title shot. The boos were deafening.

Mauro Ranallo: This is ridiculous! There's no way Arisa Hoshiki would give up her shot at the EBWF Women's Championship.

Nigel McGuiness: She's expressed how she feels indebted to Utami for her career resurrection, but this might be a bridge too far.

Arisa gazed down at the briefcase with trepidation, unsure what to do. When she looked up at Utami, the Crimson Queen nodded to Arisa in encouragement. All the while the fans chanted 'NO! NO! NO!'. Finally Arisa raised her mic.

Arisa Hoshiki: Utami, I'm going to ask you the same thing I asked you in December. Let me do this by myself. Let me beat Tam my way!

This small defiance got a pop, which was immediately quashed as Utami spoke again.

Utami Hayashishita: Arisa - do you remember who it was that reached out to you when you were abandoned by the world? Who was it that gave you a hand up and saw to it that you had the chance to compete again? If it were not for me, you would not be standing here right now. Now I am proud of you beyond measure, but you and I both know that that briefcase belongs to me.

Arisa stood her ground and tried to reason with the Crimson Queen.

Arisa Hoshiki: Utami, I can beat Tam! I promise you that I will.

Utami suddenly became more animated, brow furrowing at the response. She took two heavy steps toward Arisa and scowled.

Utami Hayashishita: And you think that I cannot? Do you actually think that some stupid idol would defeat the destined queen of professional wrestling?! I do not fear anyone, let alone Tam Nakano! And I do not need you to fight this battle for me. Give me what I want.

Just then the crowd popped huge as "Twilight Dream" hit. Utami visibly jumped at the burst of sound and shouted for Himeka. As the Dangerous Princess stood between Utami and the ramp, Arisa stepped away and glared at the entrance ramp. A beat later the camera shifted to a shot of the ramp as the EBWF Women's Champion, Tam Nakano, raced down to the ring. She took was in her ring gear, ready to fight if that's what was necessary. The EBWF Women's Championship was prominently slung across her chest like a sash.

Nigel McGuiness: This just got even more volatile. The champion has clearly heard enough out of Queen's Court.

Mauro Ranallo: Tam Nakano has tried to get through to Arisa Hoshiki since last November, so I wonder if this is more about the Dark Star than Queen's Court.

Tam rolled in under the bottom rope, then hopped to her feet and shot a glare at Utami. Utami made a point of looking away as if she didn't care the champion had emerged from the back. Chants of "TAM NA-KA-NO!" rang out as the champion glared at the Crimson Queen, then turned her attention to Arisa. The Dark Star smirked at Tam but didn't emerge from the corner she'd moved into.

Tam Nakano: Utami, what's it going to take for you to realize that you don't get to make demands? Everyone here and at home saw your feet hit the floor at Last Survivor! And before that I challenged you to the match you're trying to steal now. But you didn't answer me then, and you couldn't win the Last Survivor match either. Meanwhile Arisa's the one who stepped up and earned her spot both times. So I have to wonder - are you ducking me, Utami? Why didn't you take your chance when you had it? And why are you hiding behind Himeka now? I'm tired of you throwing your weight around and sneak attacking everyone. I'm right here. Come get me!

The fans roared with approval while Utami began to flip out. Her face was filled with disgust and fury at the accusations the champ was making. She even pushed Himeka aside and took purposeful steps toward Tam. Her eyes were focused on the championship around Tam's chest. Meanwhile Tam glared into Utami's eyes, her tensed posture daring the Crimson Queen to make the first move. Chants of "LET'S GO TAM!" rose up along with some "A-RI-SA!". Before anything could go down, Arisa stormed in and pushed herself between the Twilight Dream and Crimson Queen. At first she frowned and nodded gravely to Tam, reminding her they had one more battle to fight. Then she turned and glared at Utami, the most overt displeasure she'd shown towards her queen.

Arisa Hoshiki: Hold on, this isn't right! This is my night, not either of yours! Bow because both of you have helped me in the past, I'm gonna be as polite as I can. Utami-

She turned to face the Crimson Queen, her expression a bit apologetic.

Arisa Hoshiki: I do appreciate everything you've done to help me. I really wouldn't be here without that help. But I need to do this on my own! It'll prove that you were right about me and Tam was wrong, right? I'm gonna do this myself.

She then spun around and faced Tam.

Arisa's Hoshiki: Champ, enjoy that beautiful belt while you can. Because that passion you reignited in me is gonna be the thing that ends your reign. I fought everyone to get this chance, and I'm gonna make it count. That championship's gonna be around my waist.

She lowered the mic as Tam smiled knowingly. The champion gave the center plate of her title a loving tap to remind everyone who was champion, drawing a loud cheer from the crowd. Arisa responded by lifting her briefcase to remind Tam who the number one challenger was. Utami meanwhile had her eyes firmly locked on that championship belt. She took a step forward and dramatically jabbed a finger toward it.

Utami Hayashishita: I will get what I want, it is only a matter of time.

With that Utami dramatically exited the ring, making a point to brush shoulders with Arisa. The Crimson Queen lingered there, staring at her ally as if demanding she reconsider her refusal. Arisa stood tall and shook her head, and Utami left the ring with Himeka. As Queen's Court exited, the camera stayed focused on Tam and Arisa, the former best friends who were destined to fight for the top prize one more time. Both women nodded gravely to each other as the shot faded out into a graphic for the next match.


Mauro Ranallo: Up next, it’s time for the main event! Max Caster and Anthony Bowens impressed at Last Survivor, making it to the final five of the men’s Last Survivor match, but how will they fare tonight as they team up to take on the Lucha Brothers?

Lucha Bros made their way to the ring first, accompanied by Eric Bischoff. As Pentagon Jr and Ray Fenix entered the ring, they began pacing back and forth, awaiting the arrival of their opponents. But instead of The Acclaimed’s theme, “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 hit and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as the Dudley Boyz headed down to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: What are the Dudleys doing out here? They’re not scheduled to be in this match!

Nigel McGuinness: Well Pentagon Jr eliminated D-Von Dudley in the Last Survivor match… so maybe Bubba Ray and D-Von are out here for revenge.

As the Dudley Boyz entered the ring, Eric was shown taking a microphone from a member of the ring crew before positioning himself between the two teams.

Eric Bischoff: Whoa guys, hold on a second. There doesn't need to be any violence here today.

D-Von took a step closer towards them, shouting angrily.

Eric Bischoff: I'd hoped it wouldn't come to this, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't think this showdown was inevitable. That's why I took it upon myself to take out a, shall we say, insurance policy… I think you know him well...

Eric gestured towards the entranceway, and D-Von turned towards the ramp while Bubba Ray kept an eye on the Lucha Brothers. A confused look spread across D-Von's face as "The Beaten Path" played over the arena's sound system and the words "Bully Ray" appeared on the Tron. He turned around, straight into a clothesline from his brother and tag team partner. Bubba, now Bully, Ray stomped on D-Von, forcing him under the bottom rope and to the floor outside, before returning to the middle of the ring, removing his Dudley Boyz shirt to reveal a dWo shirt underneath!

Mauro Ranallo: Oh come on… the dWo have not only recruited Bubba Ray, but got him to betray his brother!

Nigel McGuinness: MJF can be very persuasive, Mauro!

Mauro Ranallo: Well, his money certainly can be…

Bully Ray exited the ring and grabbed D-Von, lifting him up and powerbombing him onto the ramp! As referees rushed from the back to stop Bully Ray from inflicting any more damage, finally The Acclaimed’s theme hit and out came Max Caster and Anthony Bowens.

Max Caster: Yo, listen! Listen!
So Bully Ray’s joined the dWo,
Try’na stay relevant like it’s 12 years ago!
The fat man’s desperate to make an impact,
But no one cares man! That’s a straight fact.
Pentagon, Fenix, tonight’s about us,
We’re gonna beat you so bad, you’ll need to call the fuzz!

Anthony Bowens: Phoenix, Arizonaaaaaaaa! The Acclaimed, have arrived!

Bowens and Caster scissored at ringside, then entered the ring. The referee called for the bell and Caster started the match with Ray Fenix. The two men locked up and Caster went for a headlock, but Fenix fought out of it then hit Caster with a jawbreaker. Fenix then whipped Caster towards the ropes, and as Caster hit the ropes, Penta caught him with a kick! Penta then entered the ring, and the two Lucha Brothers hit Caster with a double superkick! Bowens entered the ring to even the odds, but Fenix whipped him into the corner, then hit him with a leaping forearm smash. As Fenix threw Bowens out of the ring, the referee ordered Penta to get back to his corner. Fenix then grabbed Caster and set him up for a suplex, but Caster blocked it, countering with a suplex of his own! Caster hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Fenix kicked out! As Caster got to his feet, Bowens was back on the ring apron and he called for the tag. Caster tagged him in, while Fenix tagged in Penta. As Penta and Bowens entered the ring, Bowens charged towards Penta, taking him down with a clothesline. Penta got to his feet and Bowens hit him with a series of backhand chops, then whipped him into the corner. Bowens then charged towards the corner, going for a big boot… but Penta moved out of the way at the last second, then got behind Bowens, hitting him with a backstabber! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Bowens kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: Well it took a while for this match to get going due to the shenanigans before things started, but there has been some great back and forth action between these two talented tag teams!

Penta dragged Bowens towards the corner and tagged in Ray Fenix. As Fenix entered the ring, he stomped on Bowens several times, then went to whip him against the ropes, but Bowens blocked the Irish whip and hit Fenix with a series of punches, before following up with a superkick! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Fenix kicked out! Bowens pulled Fenix to his feet and went to whip him against the ropes… but Fenix sprung back off the ropes, leaping up and catching Bowens with a cutter!

Nigel McGuinness: Incredible athleticism there by Ray Fenix!

Both men were down for several seconds, then as they got to their feet, they began exchanging right hands back and forth. Bowens was able to gain the upper hand and after hitting Fenix with a rolling elbow strike, he lifted him up, hitting a powerslam. Bowens then tagged in Caster, who climbed to the top rope, going for the Mic Drop… but Bully Ray shoved Caster off the turnbuckle! The crowd booed, and Bowens protested, but the referee didn’t see it! Fenix got to the corner and tagged in Penta, and the two Lucha Brothers hit Caster with the LB Driver! Penta hooked both legs as Fenix ran across the ring, knocking Bowens off the apron. The referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It’s over! Lucha Brothers get the win with an assist from their new teammate, Bully Ray!

Lucha Bros celebrated with Eric Bischoff and Bully Ray as Warfare went off the air.