Fallout Results - 03/26/2023

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Fallout Results - 03/26/2023

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After the opening video package and a pyrotechnics display on the stage, the camera cut to a shot of the Breakout Championship, which was hanging above the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks… it’s time for Fallout! We are live from Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens for the very first time, and kicking things off we’ve got a four way ladder match for the Breakout Championship!

Johnny Gargano made his way to the ring first, followed by Christopher Daniels, MJF, and finally the Breakout Champion, Brock Anderson. When all four men were in the ring, the referee called for the bell. MJF immediately rolled out of the ring, leaving the other three to fight it out, but Johnny Gargano followed MJF to the outside and the two men began brawling at ringside. Meanwhile in the ring, Anderson locked up with Daniels and put him in a headlock. Daniels fought out of it and whipped Anderson against the ropes, then went for a dropkick, but Anderson held onto the ropes. As Daniels got to his feet, Anderson grabbed him, hitting a DDT! Anderson then rolled out of the ring and grabbed a ladder, which he set up in the center of the ring. Anderson began climbing the ladder, but a second later, Johnny Gargano re-entered the ring and climbed the ladder on the other side. As the two men got to the top of the ladder, they began exchanging punches… but then MJF entered the ring and pushed the ladder over, knocking both men to the floor!

Nigel McGuinness: MJF is the only man standing… could he win this ladder match in record time?

MJF set the ladder back up, but before he could climb it, Daniels grabbed him and whipped him into the corner. Daniels hit MJF with a series of punches in the corner, then grabbed the ladder, setting it up in the opposite corner. Daniels then went back to MJF and grabbed him, whipping him across the ring into the ladder! MJF cried out in pain, then rolled out of the ring, yelling that he needed a medic. Daniels then walked towards the ladder, but before he could grab it Johnny Gargano entered the ring with a second ladder, hitting Daniels in the face with it! As Daniels fell to the mat, Gargano set the second ladder up underneath the Breakout Title, but before he could climb it, Brock Anderson went after Gargano, hitting him with a series of punches. Gargano fought back with some right hands of his own, then went to whip Anderson against the ropes… but Anderson reversed the Irish whip, sending Gargano into the ropes before taking him down with a clothesline. As Gargano got back to his feet, Anderson threw him onto the ladder in the corner, then charged at Gargano, going for a spear… but Gargano moved out of the way at the last second, causing Brock Anderson to collide with the ladder instead!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! Did you see the force at which Brock Anderson hit that ladder, Nigel? Our Breakout Champion might be seriously hurt!

Gargano then began climbing the ladder in the center of the ring, but as he neared the top of the ladder, MJF dragged him down before clubbing Gargano with a forearm smash to the face. MJF threw Gargano out of the ring, then began climbing the ladder. MJF got to the top of the ladder and reached up for the Breakout Championship… but before he could get to it, Christopher Daniels climbed up the other side of the ladder and hit MJF with a series of punches. MJF fought back with several punches of his own, but then Daniels grabbed him and lifted him over his shoulders, hitting a Death Valley Driver off the ladder!

Nigel McGuinness: Oh my God! Daniels might have broken MJF in half, but with a fall from that height, surely he’s hurt himself in the process!

The crowd began chanting “holy shit!” as referees and EMTs checked on both Daniels and MJF. At this point, Johnny Gargano re-entered the ring and began climbing the ladder, but as he did so Brock Anderson grabbed another ladder, which he set up alongside the first ladder, then grabbed the ladder Gargano was climbing and pushed it over! Gargano landed awkwardly on the ropes, and Anderson looked around to make sure both Daniels and MJF were still down, then began climbing. The crowd cheered as Anderson neared the top of the ladder… but then began to boo as Lucha Bros entered the ring and attacked Brock Anderson!

Mauro Ranallo: Oh come on, this isn’t right! The Lucha Brothers aren’t even in this match!

Lucha Bros placed a ladder on the mat and then as Ray Fenix grabbed Brock Anderson, Pentagon Jr climbed to the top rope. Fenix slammed Anderson onto the ladder, then Penta hit Anderson with a diving double foot stomp! At this point, Christopher Daniels tried to fight off both Lucha Brothers, but Penta and Fenix overpowered him, before hitting the LB Driver. After making sure both Anderson and Daniels were out of the ring, Penta and Fenix dragged MJF to his feet and helped him climb the ladder. The crowd booed and began chanting “bullshit!”... then suddenly began to cheer as Johnny Gargano entered the ring with a steel chair! Gargano hit both Lucha Brothers over the head with the chair, then threw it at MJF, catching him in the back. MJF cried out in pain and Gargano climbed up the ladder after MJF, then powerbombed him off the ladder to the mat!

Nigel McGuinness: Gargano has taken out both Lucha Brothers, and their leader MJF. Could this be Johnny Wrestling’s moment?

Gargano looked up at the Breakout Championship, then was about to begin climbing the ladder… but before he could, Brock Anderson re-entered the ring. Gargano ran at Anderson, going for a clothesline… but Anderson ducked underneath it, then lifted Gargano up, hitting a spinebuster onto the ladder on the ring mat! Anderson then climbed the ladder in the center of the ring, and reached up for his title. Daniels slid back into the ring, but he couldn’t get there in time! Anderson unhooked the championship belt and the referee called for the bell as Anderson raised the title in the air!

Mauro Ranallo: What a win for Brock Anderson!

Anderson celebrated as a video package began playing for the next match.


Christy Hemme: The following contest is a Hardcore Tornado Tag Team match and is scheduled for one fall.

“Recognition” by CFO$ hit the PA System and the crowd’s reaction instantly changed from neutral to booing. The entrance curtain opened and the duo of Charlotte Flair and Zahra Schreiber walked out onto the stage with Christian, the latter of whom walked between them. After they soaked up the boos, the trio began making their way down the long entrance ramp.

Christy Hemme: Introducing first… Accompanied by Christian… The team of Charlotte Flair and Zahra Schreiber!

Mauro Ranallo: It was a couple months ago that Christian decided to turn on Alexa Bliss and later on cost her the EBWF Women’s Championship.

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah, and he said that he did it because he felt he was being disrespected by Alexa. Alexa was coming back from being injured heading into the match and had the match won, but what happened happened and now we’re here at Fallout.

Charlotte, Zahra, and Christian finally made it to ringside and they climbed up onto the apron before they entered the ring. “Recognition” faded out and the trio decided to soak up the boos while they waited for their opponents.

The sounds of motorcycles revving up echoed throughout the arena and the lighting went dark as the crowd began cheering. “Shitlist” by L7 hit the PA System and a spotlight shone on the center stage. There were the opponents, the Man and the Goddess. Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss sat atop their respective motorcycles, revving them up. More spotlights shone on the stage, and showed that Becky and Alexa weren’t alone for this.

Nigel McGuinness: Oh, my god… Are they… Is that…?

Mauro Ranallo: It is. It’s the local chapter of the Hell’s Angels and Christian had better be terrified!

Side by side, the infamous bikers started riding down the entrance ramp in two by two formation. When the bikers made it to ringside, Becky and Alexa started riding their motorcycles down the entrance ramp.

Christy Hemme: Their opponents… The team of Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss… The Rebellious Angels!

Mauro Ranallo: Never in my life did I think I’d see a group of outlaws like the Hell’s Angels circling around the ring like they’re doing tonight.

Nigel McGuinness: This is only the beginning. Like I said, Christian had better be terrified. The Hell’s Angels are among the most dangerous groups in the world.

Once Becky and Alexa made it to ringside, they circled around the ring before they parked on the sides of the entrance. The duo hopped off of their motorcycles and climbed into the ring. Meanwhile, Christian slipped out of the ring while “Shitlist” cut abruptly and both teams immediately started brawling in the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: There they go! They’re not wasting any time here! Becky going right for Charlotte and Alexa going for Zahra.

Nigel McGuinness: Within five seconds flat, it’s now devolved into a prison riot!

Alexa and Zahra fought to the outside of the ring as the Hell's Angels kept an eye on Christian Cage. In the ring Charlotte went for a Clothesline but Becky ducked and hit a Bexploder. Becky went to the outside and grabbed a Kendo Stick from under the ring. Becky got back in and started to strike Charlotte across the back multiple times as the crowd cheered.

Mauro Ranallo: The sickening sound of that Kendo Stick is echoing throughout the building.

On the outside Alexa had Zahra and threw her face first into the ring post. A few moments later blood could be seen dripping down Zahra's face.

Nigel Mcguinness: We're only a few minutes into this and already someone is bleeding.

Alexa smiled at the sight and noticed a nearby ladder that was set up for the previous match and grabbed it and went to hit Zahra but…


Zahra had found a chair underneath the ring and hit the ladder. This caused Alexa to fall with the weight of the ladder on top of her. Zahra took advantage by hitting the ladder a few times with a chair.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra Schreiber saved herself from serious damage there.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Becky continued wailing on Charlotte with the Kendo Stick. She whacked Charlotte - one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten times. Becky attempted to hit Charlotte an eleventh time but Charlotte caught the Kendo Stick and managed to pull it away from Becky. With the Kendo Stick now in her hands, Charlotte cracked Becky in the head with it. This caused the Kendo Stick to split in half.

Nigel McGuinness: What a shot from Charlotte. She caused the Kendo Stick to split in half.

Mauro Ranallo: You’re not kidding. Mama mia!

Charlotte left the ring and looked underneath the ring before she pulled out a chair while Becky started to stir. Charlotte slid into the ring with the chair in her hands, stood up, and lied in wait. Once Becky got to her feet, she turned to face Charlotte and…


Charlotte cracked Becky in the head with the steel chair. With Becky down, Charlotte went for the pin.


Becky kicked out and a camera did a close up on her face.

Mauro Ranallo: There you see the end result of that vile chairshot from Charlotte to Becky.

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah, I hope we have the Red Cross on standby.

Outside the ring, Zahra had picked up the ladder and chucked it, hitting Alexa in the head. A few moments later and now Alexa was wearing a Crimson mask.

Nigel Mcguinness: The trainer is gonna earn their pay tonight.

In the ring, Charlotte went to hit Becky with the chair again, but Lynch fought back with several punches and forearms. The momentum didn't last as Charlotte managed to hit a big boot. Outside, Alexa crawled towards the ring with Zahra stalking her with the ladder. Schreiber went to strike again, but was shocked literally as Bliss got her with a taser.

Nigel Mcguinness: Why was a taser under the ring?

Mauro Ranallo: After all these years, you're questioning random objects being under the ring?

Back in the ring Charlotte hit another big boot and went for the pin.


Alexa entered the ring and quickly broke up the pin. Zahra continued convulsing from being shocked by the taser as she slowly rolled into the ring. Alexa and Charlotte started exchanging blows.

Alexa punched Charlotte. YAY!
Charlotte punched Alexa. BOO!
Alexa punched Charlotte. YAY!
Charlotte punched Alexa. BOO!
Alexa punched Charlotte. YAY! Alexa punched Charlotte again. YAY! Alexa punched Charlotte a third time. YAY! Alexa started picking up steam and she ran to the ropes. After Alexa bounced off the ropes, Charlotte knocked her down with a Big Boot. BOO!

Mauro Ranallo: Once again, we almost saw a spark of momentum steer toward Alexa and Becky.

Nigel McGuinness: And once again, Zahra and Charlotte were able to put a stop to it.

Becky got up to her feet and Charlotte approached her. Becky threw a forearm to Charlotte’s face, and another, and another, and another. The crowd was rallying behind Becky. They wanted the Rebellious Angels to turn this around, and it looked like it would finally happen.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky has Charlotte reeling.

Nigel McGuinness: But for how long? Zahra and Charlotte seem to have an answer for everything that has been thrown at them so far.

Charlotte hit Becky in the face with a Big Boot before she ran toward the ropes. After Charlotte bounced off the ropes, she attempted a Running Big Boot, but Becky saw it coming and caught Charlotte’s leg. With Charlotte’s leg in her clutches, Becky pulled her close and threw her overhead with the Exploder Suplex as the crowd cheered.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky Lynch with a Bexploder on Charlotte, and this crowd is really getting back into this.

With Becky’s back to her, Zahra ran at Becky and took her down with a Bulldog. Alexa got back up, and she and Zahra ran at each other, and they took each other down with a Clothesline. Now, all four women were down.

Mauro Ranallo: Now, everyone is down. Becky, Charlotte, Alexa, Zahra. They’re all down.

Nigel McGuinness: The first person to get up will definitely have the advantage.

Zahra and Charlotte rolled out of the ring. Charlotte went under the ring and grabbed a pizza cutter before going back into the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: This isn't going to end well.

Flair approached Alexa, who was getting up and attempted to attack. The Goddess grabbed her wrist and the two struggled. Bliss kneed Charlotte in the gut and delivered a Chokehold STO. Alexa looked down at the pizza cutter with an evil smile.

Nigel McGuinness: We've seen that look before and it never ends well.

Alexa picked up the object and pulled Charlotte into a seated position. Bliss put the pizza cutter to Flair's forehead and then sliced it. Charlotte rolled around in pain as Alexa enjoyed every bit of it. Zahra entered the ring with a barbed wire baseball bat and when Alexa turned around she was struck in the stomach.

Nigel McGuinness: Oh, my god!

Zahra followed up by striking Alexa in the back with the barbed wire and Alexa fell down in pain.

Becky got up to her feet and staggered a little bit. Zahra ran at Becky, attempting to hit The Man. When Zahra closed in on her, Becky kicked her in the stomach with a Side Kick. This caused Zahra to stir and she ran at Becky again. This time, Becky jumped up and took Zahra down with a Leg Lariat. Both women quickly got up, and Becky knocked Zahra back down with another Leg Lariat. Becky and Zahra got back up, and Becky took her down with a Japanese Arm Drag. Becky and Zahra got back up again, and Becky took her down with another Japanese Arm Drag. Finally, Zahra dropped the Barbed Wire bat. A few moments later, Becky kipped up and the crowd cheered.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky is now a house of fire. She’s got the momentum on her side now.

Nigel McGuinness: When the momentum’s on her and Alexa’s side, there’s no stopping them.

Becky picked up the Barbed Wire Bat and lied in wait. Zahra slowly but surely got back up to her feet with her back to Becky. Once Zahra turned to face Becky, Becky swung for the fences.


The Barbed Wire bat violently and aggressively connected with Zahra’s head, and blood came gushing out of her head like a geyser. Charlotte and Alexa got up their feet, and they turned to face each other. Alexa took Charlotte down with the DDT. Meanwhile, Becky lied in wait for Zahra. Zahra slowly got up to her feet and Becky at her.


Becky connected with the Straight Fireball (V-Trigger) and went for the pin.

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma mia! The Straight Fireball!

Nigel McGuinness: It should be over now!


What happened? Becky was pulled off of Zahra. A quick zoom out would reveal that it was Christian that broke up the pin.

Mauro Ranallo: Why that sneaky, creepy little bastard!

Nigel McGuinness: How’d he get past the Hell’s Angels?

Christian laughed as the crowd booed, but his joy didn't last long as he turned around and saw the Hell’s Angels behind him. Christian quickly rolled into the ring to escape the bikers, but he soon realized the situation he was in now.

Nigel McGuinness: I think Christian Cage has jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

Christian mouthed "shit" and turned right into a Straight Fireball from Becky. Christian staggered to his knees and looked up to see Becky holding a chair. Cage started to back away until he bumped into Alexa Bliss. Christian turned to see the Goddess. Fearing for his safety, he began to apologize to Alexa.

Mauro Ranallo: Christian has made this young woman's life a living hell for the last two months and now he's in trouble.

Alexa revealed a chain in her hand and punched Christian in the face to the crowd's delight. Alexa grabbed a chair from outside the ring and re-entered as she and Becky waited for Christian to get up.

Christian stumbled to his feet and when he turned around…


A Con-Chair-To from Becky and Alexa to Christian. The sound of steel on skull would normally make people cringe, but this crowd loved it. The crowd broke out into chants of “You Deserve It” as Christian fell to the mat and his face was shown to be wearing the crimson mask. Becky and Alexa stomped at Christian viciously until he rolled out of the ring and to the floor.

Mauro Ranallo: Christian has been neutralized. What a con-chair-to!

With Christian on the floor, the Hell’s Angels circled around him and started kicking the ever-loving shit out of him.

Nigel McGuinness: Now, the Hell’s Angels are getting involved. They’re really putting the boots to Christian.

Back in the ring, Becky and Alexa turned to face Charlotte and Zahra. Zahra took Alexa down with a Face buster. Charlotte kicked Becky in the shin, and this forced Becky to drop to her knees. Charlotte took Becky down with the Natural Selection before she went for the pin.


Becky got the shoulder up at the last possible millisecond, and the crowd cheered wildly as Charlotte started throwing a fit.

Mauro Ranallo: With all that they’ve gone through, Becky and Alexa are still in this. I thought that was it for sure.

Nigel McGuinness: That was like 2.99.

Charlotte attempted a figure 4, but Becky pulled her into an inside cradle.


Charlotte kicked out and booted Becky in the face before going back to the figure 4. This time, Charlotte successfully applied and transitioned into the Figure 8.

Nigel Mcguinness: The figure 8 is locked in. Will Becky tap?

Alexa broke the hold and unloaded several punches on Charlotte until..


Zahra grabbed the taser and tased Alexa to get her off.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra getting revenge for earlier in the match.

Charlotte went outside the ring and pulled out a razor wire board.

Nigel Mcguinness: Oh no!

Charlotte got in the ring with the board and picked Becky up for a Powerbomb.

Mauro Ranallo: This isn't going to be good.

Lynch managed to slip out. Charlotte went for a Clothesline, but Becky ducked and gave her a Manhandle Slam into the razor wire.

Becky went for the pin.


Zahra tased Becky in order to break up the count. With Becky convulsing, Zahra mounted her and started throwing punches. She punched Becky in the face - one, two, three, four, five times. Zahra went for a sixth punch but Becky managed to grab her arm and turned the tables. Now that she was on top of Zahra, Becky started throwing punches of her own as the crowd cheered. Becky punched Zahra in the face - one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten times - before she let up.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky managed to turn the tables on Zahra and now a flurry of punches.

Nigel McGuinness: I’m not sure how she has any fight left. It must be rage.

Meanwhile, Alexa mounted Charlotte and started rapidly punching her in the face. Becky and Alexa pulled their opponents to their feet and gave each other a nod before Becky hit Zahra with a Manhandle Slam and Alexa hit Charlotte with a DDT. They weren't done yet as Alexa climbed the middle rope and Becky dragged Zahra over to her. Becky lifted Zahra in a Piledriver position and Alexa jumped off the rope for a Spike Piledriver.

Mauro Ranallo: Zahra's neck might be broken.

Nigel McGuinness:I think that's the intent.

The Rebellious Angels then went over to Charlotte and whipped her into the ropes for a..

Nigel McGuinness: 3D!

As their opponents laid motionless Becky and Alexa picked up chairs. Charlotte managed to get up to her feet and she staggered for a few moments until…



Zahra used the ropes to pull herself up to her feet and turned around.


Mauro Ranallo: A CON-CHAIR-TO TO ZAHRA!!! Both of them are out!

Nigel McGuinness: This is without a doubt one of the most violent matches I’ve seen in a long time.

Becky and Alexa left the ring. Becky looked under the ring and pulled a table out from under the ring, and placed it into the ring. Alexa pulled a can of lighter fluid and a Zippo lighter out from under the ring. The Rebellious Angels re-entered the ring. Becky set up the table and Alexa dumped the can of lighter fluid on it. Alexa ignited the Zippo lighter and threw it onto the table. The table exploded into flames.

Mauro Ranallo: The table’s on fire! This can’t be good!

Becky and Alexa picked up Charlotte. They placed Charlotte on Becky’s shoulders in a powerbomb position. Aided by Alexa, Becky powerbombed Charlotte through the flaming table.


Nigel McGuinness: We knew that this match would be brutal, but we didn’t know how brutal.

Zahra got up to her feet on wobbly legs. Alexa grabbed a chair and placed the head up against Zahra’s throat. Alexa slammed the feet of the chair against the mat, and this drove the chair into Zahra’s throat.

Mauro Ranallo: A CHAIR GUILLOTINE!!!

Alexa climbed up to the top rope and Becky picked up Charlotte. Alexa jumped and landed on Zahra with the Twisted Bliss.

Mauro Ranallo: TWISTED BLISS!!!

At the same time, Becky pulled Charlotte into a standing variation of the Straight Fireball. Simultaneously, Becky and Alexa pinned Charlotte and Zahra. The referee counted both.


The bell sounded and “Shitlist” by L7 hit the PA System, and the crowd let out a huge ovation.

Christy Hemme: Here are your winners… Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss… THE REBELLIOUS ANGELS!!!

Mauro Ranallo: Months of hell has come to an end as The Rebellious Angels did it.

Nigel McGuinness: They may be bloodied and battered, but they're also victorious tonight.

The two hugged and had their hands raised in victory to the crowd's delight. The two left the ring and celebrated on stage when a woman on crutches came out.

Mauro Ranallo: IT’S LIV MORGAN!!!

Nigel McGuinness: She’s here to see Becky and Alexa’s triumph.

Becky and Alexa turned to face Liv, who had a smile on her face. Both Becky and Alexa pulled Liv into a hug. The trio embraced as Fallout cut to a video package promoting the upcoming King and Queen of the Ring tournaments.


Static noises come from the titantron to draw the attention of the crowd once again. The static lasts shorter this time compared to the last. The semi-robotic voice once again greets us, accompanied by the same thread that visualizes this voice.

???: "I was there when monarchy was weak. I was there when monarchy was defeated. I was there when a crown was only given to the so-called royals to keep them in check. I was there when it was the nobility who commanded over the kings and the queens. Seasons change but this remains the same. Some people aren't fit for true power, no matter how fancy they dress or how they address themselves. The monarchy is going to crumble once again and I will be there to watch it fall again. Enjoy the spring, EBWF, the winter shall soon be no more."

Just like the last time, the voice is gone and a short period of static concludes this message before we can move on with the rest of the show.


After a video package hyping up the EBWF Women’s Championship match played, we saw Christy Hemme standing in the center of the ring.

Christy Hemme: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is an elimination rules Triple Threat match. And it is for the EBWF Women’s Championship!”

Arthur Ashe stadium erupted in cheers at the announcement, but this quickly turned to boos as “Riot of Flowers” hit. On the tron a pattern of red roses played in a loop as the words ‘Queen’s Court’ appeared in gold. Columns of gold pyro went off as Utami Hayashishita emerged onto the stage, resplendent in her long black entrance coat. She held a single red rose out to the camera, and then strode confidently down the ramp toward the ring.

Christy Hemme: “Introducing first, the challenger: from Amami, Kagoshima, Japan. She is the leader of Queen’s Court, the Crimson Queen, Utaaammiiiii Hayaaaashiiiishiiiiitaaaaaa!”

The boos became deafening as Utami haughtily approached the ring, expression cold and focused. Noticeably Himeka and her masked servant were absent. For the first time in recent memory Utami had come to the ring alone, not that it made any difference for the fans. Utami ascended the ring steps, then the turnbuckles where she posed dramatically and drank in the hatred of the crowd.

Mauro Ranallo: “There are few people in EBWF as despised as the Crimson Queen. Since last July she’s made it her mission to go out of her way to hurt any opponent who steps into the ring with her. She sidelined Alexa Bliss with injuries, ambushed countless women including the champion Tam Nakano and turned on her own allies when they showed any resistance to her methods. Tonight she steps into this triple threat match thanks to a favor from Wes Ikeda, though to Utami it’s simply an opportunity she was due.”

Nigel McGuinness: “Whether you approve of her actions or not, Utami has been dominant in singles competition in EBWF. She’s never been pinned or tapped out, with victories over Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan. Tonight she has her sights set on Tam Nakano, who she last defeated in 2018 and whom she says has pushed her to this point. Also on Arisa Hoshiki, her former Dark Star, who turned on Queen’s Court to protect Tam Nakano from an assault a few weeks ago. If Utami has her way tonight, both women’s bodies will be broken and battered. It’s important to note that the last time she held a world title, Utami held it for over 400 days. Should the Crimson Queen reign in EBWF, she’s likely to sit on the throne for a long, long time.”

Utami stepped into her corner and glared at the ramp as “Star Ship” by Unlimited Dream Navigator hit to a huge pop. On the tron we saw a pitch dark night sky at first, just a single silvery star twinkling in it. As the guitars hit the star pulsed, grew larger and turned golden. By the time the vocals by Arisa Hoshiki herself began, the words “SHINING STAR” and “ARISA HOSIHKI” appeared on the screen to another loud cheer from the crowd. Arisa stepped through the curtain onto the stage, wearing white ring gear with gold and orange trim under a sleeveless golden entrance robe. Colorful pyro went off as she threw a spinning kick and then held one arm up to the sky. With a confident smile on her face Arisa marched down to the ring while a chant of “A-RI-SA!” started up unexpectedly.

Mauro Ranallo: “No longer a Dark Star, Arisa Hoshiki has been on a tear since returning to professional wrestling last fall. Since falling short against Tam Nakano at Christmas Eve of Destruction, she’s redoubled her efforts to grow strong enough to end her three year championship drought. No one would question that she’s at the top of her game after a huge win over Jamie Hayter and then going the distance from the number two spot to win the women’s Last Survivor match. Now she’s got her eyes set on Tam Nakano and the EBWF Women’s Championship.”

Nigel McGuinness: “More than that, she’s got to have her eyes on her former ally Utami Hayashishita. She credited Utami for helping her get cleared to wrestle again, but evidence has surfaced showing Utami manipulated that process. Arisa fought many battles for Utami and risked her resurrected career for the Crimson Queen, but now she’s broken free. After her defiant attack on Utami weeks ago, she’s promised to tear the Crimson Queen apart. Just like the Crimson Queen, she’s got that history of long title reigns. Her last reign three years ago in Japan lasted well over a year and only ended when she retired. She’s determined to prove she’s still capable of that level of performance, and she’s about to put it all out there in pursuit of gold and revenge tonight.”

Arisa circled around the ring, glaring murderously at Utami as she neared the Crimson Queen’s corner. Once on the other side of the ring, Arisa climbed up to the apron and motioned for the crowd to get louder. As they obliged her, she smiled that goofy smile that’d been missing since August.

Christy Hemme: “And introducing the challenger, from Chiba, Japan. She is the Shining Star, Ariiiisaaaaaa Hooooshiiiikiiii!”

Arisa basked in the cheers and chants from the crowd, then climbed into the ring where she began to limber up for the match. Finally, “Twilight Dream” hit to an even louder pop. The entrance stage filled with white smoke. A purple celestial scene played out on the tron behind the alternating words “EBWF Dream”, “Twilight Dream” and “Tam Nakano”. Once more we saw the purple and white magic circle of light rotating on the stage as a door opened at its center. To loud cheers Tam Nakano rose up through the center of the circle, heavenly robes over her ring gear and the EBWF Women’s Championship on top around her waist. She held a spear with white and purple tassels attached to it in her left hand as she stared down the camera from under her hood. Tam pushed back her hood, smiled brightly into the camera and made her way down the ramp. Chants of “TAM NA-KA-NO!” rang out as the champion made her entrance. Jets of flame fired off as well as Tam headed for the ring.

Christy Hemme: “And introducing the champion, from Tokyo, Japan, she is the reigning EBWF Women’s Champion. The Twilight Dream, Taaaaaam Nakaaaanooooo!”

A huge pop rose from the crowd as the champion gracefully strode to the ring, her smile as serene as her visage was focused on the fight to come. At ringside she lifted the hem of her robe with her right hand and ascended the steps to the apron. She then hopped through the ropes and climbed the turnbuckles, where she waved her arm across the horizon and traced a star shape with her right hand. This encourages the fans to get even louder in support of the champion, who beams with pride in response.

Nigel McGuinness: “These two very dangerous challengers face a champion who’s been on quite the rub since returning to EBWF last summer. She arrived back in EBWF with the singular dream of reclaiming the EBWF Women’s Championship she briefly held in 2021. After defeating Dr. Britt Baker, DMD at Fanniversary, Tam’s defended the title successfully against Arisa Hoshiki at Christmas Eve of Destruction and Alexa Bliss at Last Survivor. When it comes to a big match there’s no one quite like the Twilight Dream.”

Mauro Ranallo: “Tam’s a woman who prides herself on her ability to fight using her emotions. In such an emotionally charged environment as this triple threat match, that makes her even more dangerous to her challengers. This is a fight she wanted - she called out Utami in November, and she’s made it clear she welcomes the challenge of Arisa Hoshiki one more time. She’s held her own against every opponent she’s faced since returning to EBWF, but perhaps her greatest opponent is her past. Two years ago, her first reign as EBWF Women’s Champion ended in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania. Tonight at Fallout, she’s fighting not only to retain her championship but also to prevent history from repeating itself.”

Tam hopped down from the turnbuckles and handed her spear and robe to EBWF staff at ringside. After staring removing the EBWF Women’s Championship from around her waist, Tam stared down at it lovingly. Though she clearly didn’t want to let it go, she leaned down and kissed the center plate before handing it to the referee. He showed it to Arisa, who took a deep breath and nodded solemnly as she prepared for the battle to come. When he showed it to Utami, the Crimson Queen smiled evilly and then glared over at Tam. With that the ref held the belt up for all to see and the match was on.

As the bell rang, Tam stared at both of her challengers intensely, waiting to see if Utami or Arisa would make the first move. Utami for her part had eyes only for the champion, the woman whom she’d been unable to beat since her rookie year. The Crimson Queen stormed out of her corner right toward Tam, intent on taking the fight to the champion. She wound her arm back for a lariat - no! A flash of white and gold filled the screen as Arisa launched her own assault on Utami. Her knee slammed right into Utami’s face, staggering Utami back toward the ropes. Arisa’s face was full of pent up fury as she stayed on top of Utami, peppering the Crimson Queen with forearms and kicks to the chest and legs. She let out a guttural roar as she nailed a super kick right to Utami’s chin, causing the queen’s head to snap back. With the fans roaring in approval, Arisa took a few steps back and then sprinted toward Utami, looking for a jumping knee. But Utami caught her mid leap, arms wrapped around Arisa’s waist and eyes full of fire. With a vicious shout of her own, Utami hurled Arisa overhead and over the top rope onto the apron.
With a sadistic grin, Utami took a few steps back and then charged the surprised Arisa. She lifted her leg up for a big boot, but Arisa bridged under it to cheers from the crowd. As Utami spun around to try something else, Arisa seized her by the hair and violently dropped her throat down on the top rope. Utami stumbled backwards right into a roundhouse kick from Tam, and then a Brazilian kick from Arisa that knocked her down to one knee. Tam and Arisa looked to each other, nodded in understanding and Arisa nailed Utami right in the face with another super kick. Just as Utami fell backward toward the mat, Tam grabbed the Crimson Queen around the waist and slammed her backwards with a Tenku Otoshi! The fans roared as Utami bounced off the mat and then out of the ring.

With the Crimson Queen out of the picture, Tam and Arisa sized each other up. Neither made a move at first as they tried to determine the best course of action. Finally Arisa nodded to Tam, eyes full of fiery determination. Tam flashed a smile, nodded in some unspoken agreement and the two circled each other. Both of them watched the other closely, knowing full well what the other was capable of. Chants of “TAM NA-KA-NO” and “A-RI-SA” rose up as they bode their time, until finally Arisa closed the distance and hammered Tam right in the chest with a forearm. Tam staggered back, grinned and fired back with her own. Arisa flinched at the blow but readily responded with her own, earning herself another from Tam in the process. The pair exchanged forearms to raucous approval from the crowd who were quite eager to see the proper rematch. After several exchanges, Tam’s strikes weakened and she was overwhelmed by the aggressiveness of Arisa’s offense. As Tam’s arms dropped, Arisa nailed her with sharp kicks to the chest and back. She then snap mared Tam to the center of the ring and slammed her foot into Tam’s back with a penalty kick! The sound echoed throughout the arena as Tam screamed in pain, and Arisa hesitated just a moment before she landed another to Tam’s back. Yet Tam remained in a sitting position, so Arisa ran the ropes and then hit Tam with a knee to the face! She went for the cover.

Tam kicked out!

Arisa nodded gravely, knowing it would definitely take more than that to put away the Twilight Dream. She pulled Tam up by the hair, but Tam slapped her arms away and hit Arisa with a kick to the gut. Tam followed this up with an axe kick to Arisa’s back, forcing the challenger down to the mat. Arisa held her back but was fairly quick to get back to her feet. Tam wasted no time running the ropes and hitting Arisa with a dropkick! As soon as Arisa hit the mat Tam ran the ropes, then went into a cartwheel that ended with her landing both knees on Arisa’s chest! Tam went for the cover.

Arisa kicked out!

The fans cheered loudly at each kick out, and Tam stomped Arisa a few times while the Shining Star tried to get to her feet. She slammed a knee into Arisa’s chest, causing Arisa to double over, then ran the ropes again. Tam went for a bicycle knee but Arisa side stepped it and hit a standing dropkick that floored the champion. As Tam fought her way back to her feet, Arisa moved behind her and landed a German Suplex right onto Tam’s back! Though Tam managed to land near the ropes and pull herself up to the second rope, Arisa stayed on the attack and charged in to hit a charging boot right to the head! Tam fell forward over the middle rope and lay there limply as Arisa pumped her fist and shouted “Let’s go!”. At first the fans cheered in excitement, but this quickly became a collective gasp of horror as Utami returned to the battle, hitting Arisa with a lariat right to the back of the neck. Before Arisa could respond, Utami grabbed her around the waist and slammed her into the center of the ring with a Judo throw. Arisa was on her hands and knees as she tried to recover her senses, only to be punted right in the side of the head by Utami.

Mauro Ranallo: “That was uncalled for! With her history of head and neck injuries, Arisa Hoshiki is in real danger of suffering another career ending injury here!”

Nigel McGuinness: “We’ve seen how ruthless Utami Hayashishita has become in pursuit of the crown she believes rightfully belongs to her. That clearly extends to attempting to retire her former ally Arisa Hoshiki tonight.”

To a massive chorus of boos Utami dropped a nasty knee onto Arisa’s head, then stomped it a few times for good measure. Arisa clutched her head in pain, only escaping Utami’s wrath by virtue of Tam recovering herself. The champion grabbed Utami by the shoulder and spun her around, drawing a snarl from the Crimson Queen. In response Tam slapped Utami across the face so loud you could hear it in the rafters! Utami responded with a closed fist punch to the face, and Tam fired back with a spinning toe kick that staggered the Crimson Queen back. Tam pressed the attack with a dropkick that briefly knocked Utami down. As Utami hurried back to her feet Tam rushed in and hit a bicycle knee, then got behind Utami and hit a bridging Tiger Suplex for a pin!

Utami kicked out!

Tam slapped the mat in frustration and grabbed two handfuls of Utami’s hair. After pulling her up to her feet, Tam peppered Utami with kicks to the legs and chest. She then tried to whip Utami to the ropes, but Utami reversed. On the rebound Utami went for a lariat - no! Tam uses her momentum to counter into Andromeda! She gets all of it and pins Utami to the mat again.

Utami kicked out!

Tam released the pin, hopped to her feet and hit Violet Shoot! Instead of going for the pin, Tam gazed up at the top turnbuckle and smiled. She shouted enthusiastically to the crowd and then jumped up to the top rope. With the crowd cheering her on, Tam shouted down at Utami to get up. The Crimson Queen staggered to her feet, just barely getting any semblance of control back before Tam flew through the air for a crossbody. To the horror of the thousands in the stands, Utami plucked Tam out of mid air and countered into a powerslam! Tam held her back in pain as Utami grinned evilly and planted a series of boots to the champion’s back and ribs. Given the opening to hurt her hated rival the same way she’d hurt Alexa Bliss, Utami was all too willing to take advantage of it. She punted Tam in the ribs again, then pulled Tam up by her long brown and purple locks and taunted her. Tam fired off a forearm, but Utami cut off the comeback attempt by slamming a knee into Tam’s ribs. The Crimson Queen clubbed Tam in the back with a forearm, then moved behind her and hit her with a spiking German Suplex!
Boos rang out as Utami didn’t release the waistlock and instead powered her way back up to a standing position with the champion in her arms. She hit another German Suplex, then rolled into position and hit a third! Tam ragdolled on impact and Utami grinned that sadistic grin that could only mean more pain was incoming. She taunted Tam as the champ struggled to get to her feet, then slapped Tam across the face with just as much force as Tam had slapped her. Those boos got louder as Utami hefted Tam up and drove her into the center of the mat with a BT Bomb! Tam’s back and neck bounced forcefully off the mat and Utami planted a foot on the champion’s chest for the pin.

Nigel McGuinness: “This could be it!”

Maruo Ranallo: “Is the Crimson Queen one step closer to destiny?!”

Thr- Tam rolled her shoulder off the mat to a huge pop!

Utami screamed in fury and punted Tam in the back just as the champ was rolling onto her side. She then buried her hands into Tam’s hair and pulled the champion off the mat, locking Tam into a sleeper hold. Chants of “LET’S GO TAM!” echoed through the venue as Tam struggled desperately against the raw physical strength of Utami. She slowly managed to inch her way toward the ropes, feet digging into the mat with each and every step. Yet just as she reached out grab the top rope to break the hold, Utami roared ferociously and hit Tam with a sleeper suplex! Tam hit the mat with a sickening thud and Utami once again covered her for a pin.

Tam got her shoulder up!

Utami slapped the mat in frustration this time, then shouted “YOUR DREAM IS OVER!”. She once again pulled Tam up by her hair, then to the terror of every fan in the building lifted Tam up onto her shoulders. Utami cinched in the torture rack, drawing anguished screams from the champion. Each flex of Utami’s arms cause Tam to scream louder, but Tam shook her head in a stubborn refusal to submit. Utami’s expression turned increasingly angrier as she worked the hold, yet Tam still wouldn’t tap. When it became clear that Tam wasn’t submitting, Utami began to swing her forward for the Rose’s Thorns - no! The moment Tam began to swing forward from Utami’s shoulders, Arisa hit her square in the face with a Brazilian Kick! The fans popped huge for the sudden intervention by the Shining Star. Tam collapsed to the mat as Utami fell back into the ropes and looked to be dead on her feet. Arisa grinned triumphantly as she prepared to swing her leg around for a Pulsar Kick that’d surely finish off Utami. It arced through the air but no one was home as Utami dropped to one knee!

Before Arisa could react, Utami surged upward with an uppercut to the jaw that snapped Arisa’s head back painfully. She then managed to just barely get to her feet and scoped Arisa up onto her shoulder. Her expression showed the lights weren’t totally on for Utami, but she managed to hit Arisa with a Tombstone piledriver right onto the neck! The fans groaned in sympathy as Utami knelt over Arisa. The Shining Star clutched her neck and kicked the mat in pain as Utami seemed to be regaining her ring awareness. Just as she grinned evilly again, Utami’s next plan was ruined as Tam charged into the picture again and hit a Violet Shoot to a big pop. Utami spun around and hit the mat face first, but Tam was right on top of her. She laced her arms around Utami’s waist, screamed with exertion and dead lifted the Crimson Queen off the mat. With the fans gasping in shock at the display of strength, Tam spun into position and hit the Twilight Dream! She gritted her teeth and bridged for the pin.


Christy Hemme: Utami Hayashishita has been eliminated!

The moment was greeted with a huge ovation, the fans being overjoyed at Utami’s failure. As soon as the ref’s hand slapped the mat for the three count, Tam collapsed to the mat clutching her back. Arisa also remained on the mat, holding her neck in pain as she tried to regain her senses. Utami rolled over to the ropes and then out underneath them. Slowly she realized what’d happened and she furiously slammed her fists down on the ring apron. The Crimson Queen glared at the two women in the ring, then staggered her way over to the timekeeper. She shoved the man out of his chair and folded up his chair. This she hurled against the nearby ring steps, screaming in Japanese at her inability to fulfill her destiny. She next went over to the ring steps and ripped the top step off, tossing this into the ringside barrier. As Himeka and the masked woman appeared on the stahe, Utami looked up into the camera and we could see tears in her eyes. The emotions pent up over five years had gotten to be too much, and she was overwhelmed at the realization that she’d failed to beat Tam once again.
Rather than attack the remaining two combatants, though, Utami staggered toward the back with the fans booing her the whole way. On the stage Himeka and her cohort eyed Utami expectantly, ready to dish out punishment for her. To the shock of the crowd Utami waved them off and walked past them. The last we saw of the Crimson Queen was her stepping through the curtain with her head hung in defeat. Soon after, the remaining members of Queen's Court also exited through the curtain, leaving Tam and Arisa to battle over the title.

Mauro Ranallo: “Mama Mia! The Crimson Queen’s come up short in her quest to the throne of EBWF! She does not look happy about it!”

Nigel McGuinness: “She’s a highly competitive and confident athlete, and this loss appears to have shaken Utami to her core. No amount of ruthlessness in the ring could earn her the victory tonight. It’s shocking to see her eliminated first, and now it's down to the champion Tam Nakano and the challenger Arisa Hoshiki.”

After she left we returned to the ring where Tam was pulling herself up using the ropes in one corner, Arisa in the opposite one. Chants of “TAM NA-KA-NO!” and “A-RI-SA!” dueled as the battle was rejoined by the two battered fan favorites. Slowly Arisa began to circle the ring, clearly favoring her neck as she eyed Tam like a hungry shark. Tam herself circled as well, favoring her back as her eyes locked onto Arisa. Both women watches their opponent's every movement with extreme care. As the chants reached a fever pitch, Arisa suddenly cut across the ring and met Tam in the center.
She let loose a high kick, only to have Tam kick at the same time - their legs hit one another in the air. Tam attacked next, laying into Arisa with a high angle kick of her own - Arisa kicked at the same time, and both women staggered back from the simultaneous impact. A moment later both women charged in and went for a dropkick at the same time! After they hit the mat, the pair struggled to their feet to continue the attack. Arisa was up first but had to duck immediately after reaching her feet as Tam went for a roundhouse kick. Arisa popped back up and went for a bicycle knee out of nowhere - no one home as Tam batted Arisa's knee to the side. Tam seized Arisa's arm in hers and whipped her to the ropes. On the rebound Tam unleashed a knee strike of her own - no! Arisa rolled under it and rolled Tam up with a schoolboy!

Tam kicked out with enough momentum to get Arisa into a pin.

Arisa kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: “Back and forth in this superbly competitive match! These women know each other so well that they must know what the other is thinking.”

Mauro Ranallo: “Absolutely partner, and that means they’re going to have to go outside their comfort zone to find that one move or set of moves that can catch their opponent off guard. That’s the key to picking up the win and walking out the EBWF Women’s Champion!”

Both women rolled to the side and stared daggers at the other as the fans cheered their respective efforts. Tam favored her back as she shot to her feet, but she managed to land the next blow with a kick to Arisa's right leg. Arisa shouted in pain as Tam connected with a series of low kicks below Arisa's right knee and just above the ankle. As the Shining Star stumbled forward, Tam connected with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head! Arisa pitched forward and hit the top turnbuckle face first; the impact was so great that she spun around and walked right into the waiting arms of Tam. The champion wrapped her arms around Arisa's waist and lifted her up, right leg bent at the knee. She hit a stiff knee breaker, then with a scream of exertion hit Arisa with a Tiger Suplex! Arisa landed on her back and neck hard, but Tam didn't capitalize immediately. She looked on from one knee as she clutched her back, the suplex having strained the back that Utami had worked over. She looked down at Arisa, then up to the top rope.

She pushed herself back to her feet and rushed to the corner, climbing to the top rope. Just as Arisa rolled onto her back, still out of sorts from the prior assault, Tam stared down at her. Competitive fire and determination filled Tam's eyes as she launched herself from the top rope and hit a diving senton! The impact caused her to shout in pain, but Tam managed to hook Arisa's leg for a pin.

Arisa's arm shot up off the mat to a huge ovation!

Tam growled a little at Arisa's resilience, but rolled off the challenger clutching her back. A few tense moments passed as Arisa grabbed the bottom rope and started pulling herself back to her feet. Tam lay on the mat, blinking as she cleared out the cobwebs. Just as Arisa got to her feet, Tam suddenly kipped up! Though favoring her back, Tam went on the attack again and hammered away at Arisa's chest with a trio of forearm strikes. This backed Arisa into the corner where Tam exchanged defiant gazes with the challenger. She then whipped Arisa into the opposite corner, causing the challenger to buckle slightly. The fans let out a collective audible gasp as Tam then crossed the ring to hit a handspring elbow to the face! Just as Tam rebounded out of the corner, Arisa got her legs up onto the middle rope. To another shocked gasp from the fans on attendance, Arisa flew off the ropes and hit Tam with a 1399!

Tam pitched forward but the resilient challenger caught her and pulled Tam into the suplex position. She screamed as she lifted Tam up and hit a vertical suplex. Just after impact she rolled over and tried to lift Tam back up for another. Arisa's right knee buckled a little as Tam desperately grabbed onto it to block the attempt. In response Arisa clubbed away at Tam's back, but the champ wouldn't budge. So Arisa changed gears and swung Tam around to hit a swinging neck breaker instead! This knocked Tam for a loop and the challenger shouted out "LET'S GO!" while once again lifting Tam into the suplex position. Though her leg wavered, Arisa clenched her teeth and managed to get Tam up for a stalling brain buster! After the impact she went for the pin.
Tam kicked out!

Maruo Ranallo: “Arisa Hoshiki somehow managing to get Tam up for a huge pair of moves despite her leg’s condition! How long can she keep this up?!”

Nigel McGuinness: “She wants that title so bad she can taste it, and here comes the Anaconda Vice! The move she nearly tapped Tam Nakano out with at Christmas Eve of Destruction!”

A moment later the fans cheered as Arisa tried to cinch in the Anaconda Vice. She wrapped her arms around Tam's upper body and worked the hold aggressively. Tam screamed in pain as Arisa managed to get the hold locked in, then tried to bridge up and out of it. Halfway up she fell back to the mat as the pain in her back was too much in the moment. Arisa wrenched in the hold and tried to bridge in order to gain more leverage. However, Tam fought the attempt with desperate punches to Arisa's right knee. The challenger lost her purchase and fell to the mat as Tam managed to slip out of the hold.

Those dueling cheers rose up again as Arisa and Tam both struggled to return to their feet. As soon as Arisa was standing she glared at Tam and hit her with a sudden Brazilian Kick! Tam's head snapped to the side of impact, she staggered back and then let out a primal shout as she hit a super kick on response! Arisa stumbled, but then her leg sailed through the air for the Pulsar Kick! No one was home as Tam just barely bridged under it. Arisa brought her leg down sharply in an axe kick but her foot crashed into the mat as Tam escaped and ended up behind Arisa. She reached around Arisa's waist and lifted Arisa off the mat for the Twilight Dream! No! She couldn't get Arisa up as the Shining Star shifted her weight to her legs. Back on her feet, Arisa tried another Pulsar Kick, but Tam side stepped it by centimeters and then hit Arisa with a cutter instead! With the fans roaring in response Tam went for the cover.

Arisa kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: “Tam avoiding that lethal Pulsar Kick again, she’s learned from her last encounter to watch out for it above all else!”

Mauro Ranallo: “Despite Tam’s counter attacks, Arisa refuses to give in, and this fight continues!”
Back in control, Tam slowly got to her feet while breathing heavily from the exertion of the fight so far. She motioned for Arisa to get up, which the Shining Star did through gritted teeth. Just as Arisa closed the distance, Tam hit her with another bicycle knee strike. Arisa staggered back and Tam got behind her to hit a German Suplex! Arisa hit the mat but rolled through it and rushed up to Tam to hit her with a German in return. The fans grew louder and louder with each move, and the crowd seemed evenly split between Tam and Arisa. Arisa grinned ferociously as she stepped back to get some space while Tam struggled to her feet. Tam stood bent over at the waist and clutching her back and then suddenly the fans popped loudly as Arisa leapt over Tam to the ropes. From there she propelled herself backwards and nailed Tam with a springboard star cutter! Tam crashed to the mat but rolled out under the bottom rope before Arisa could cover her. Chants of "THIS IS AWESOME!" rang out as Arisa looked down at Tam on the arena floor.

Her grin widened as she saw Tam pulling herself back to the ring apron. Time to pull out all the stops with the biggest prize in wrestling on the line! She ran to the opposite side of the ring, bounced off the ropes for momentum and then dropkicked Tam off the apron just as she'd gotten back up! Tam flew off the apron and crashed into the ringside barrier face first before collapsig to the floor. Arisa shouted "LET'S GO!" again and propelled herself to the top rope. To the astonishment of the crowd she leapt off and hit Tam with the ADAMAS! Both women lay on the floor, Tam clutching her back and ribs while Arisa held her right knee. "HOLY S**T!" chants sounded for a few moments before morphing first into "FIGHT FOREVER!" and then "THIS IS AWESOME!" once more. The referee had begun counting both women out, and reached five before Tam began to stir.
Maruo Ranallo: “Oh god what a move by Arisa Hoshiki! She hasn’t pulled out that move in three years, and now both women might be down for the count!

Nigel McGuinness: “Both women throwing caution to the wind here, neither one wants to let the other have even an inch to breath. What else do they have tucked up their sleeves? What else will they try to claim the greatest prize in the sport?”

Her expression showed the lights were on but no one had quite made it home. Six! Tam realized where she was and rolled onto her belly to try and push herself up off the floor. Seven! Arisa's hand reached up and grabbed the ringside barrier. Tam got onto all fours. Eight! Tam pushed herself up to one knee and eyed the ring. Arisa pulled herself up onto wobbly legs. Nine! Tam rolled under the bottom rope. Te- no! Arisa flew back in under the bottom rope just in time as the fans cheered both women loudly.

Mauro Ranallo: “After everything these two have put each other through in this incredibly physical match, what’s it going to take to seal the victory?”

Nigel McGuinness: “Arisa Hoshiki’s shown she’s willing to go big and put her body on the line so far. Tam Nakano’s fighting spirit has kept her in this fight and helped her get the advantage for brief periods. It’s all coming down to a few big moves and whose body can hold up longer.”

Tam and Arisa stared across the ring at each other, each favoring a different part of her body. Both had a supreme focus clear in their eyes, each a prize fighter knowing one or two big moves was likely to end the match. For a long few moments the two women just stood there, watching the other, perhaps wondering what she really had left. Finally Tam stood up straight, still favoring her back a bit as she motioned for Arisa to bring it on. Arisa flashed a predatory smile and nodded. The fans cheered loudly again as Arisa and Tam closed the distance, meeting in the center of the ring. Arisa made a feint to the right and Tam covered up, leaving her left side open for a rolling savate kick! Arisa followed up by kneeing Tam sharply in the gut and ribs, then running the ropes. Tam tried a clothesline but Arisa ducked underneath, springboarded off the opposite ropes and went for a flying knee! Tam countered with a reverse roundhouse that cut Arisa down out of the air. Tam covered Arisa, expression showing confidence that this kick might be it.

Arisa’s shoulder shot up off the mat to a huge ovation!

Tam frowned and looked down at her opponent, wondering what else she’d have to do to put away the challenger. She grabbed Arisa and pulled her up on wobbly feet, looking to hit that one big move. Tam signaled for the finish, then with a shout of exertion lifted Arisa up for the Violet Screwdriver! Just as she got the Shining Star up, Tam’s grip wavered and she fell to one knee holding her back. Arisa slipped out in front of Tam and wasted no time in lifting Tam up onto her shoulder for a Diamond Buster - she got all of it! Tam slammed into the mat with a sickening thud as Arisa hooked her leg.

Thr- Tam’s shoulder rolled off the mat to another thunderous ovation!

Arisa exhaled deeply in frustration at her inability to put away the champion. But seeing Tam lying there, face contorted in pain, Arisa suddenly nodded at the visual confirmation of the damage she’d done. She rolled to her feet and held her arm out, sizing up the champion as Tam struggled to get to her feet. “LET’S GO TAM!” chants echoed through the arena as the champ crawled over to Arisa’s feet, seemingly unaware of where she was. She grabbed onto Arisa’s leg and pulled herself up to her feet using her opponent’s lanky frame. As soon as she was up, Arisa shoved Tam back and went for the deadly Pulsar Kick. It hit Tam full on in the face - wait, no! Tam was still standing, and we saw that she’d caught Arisa’s right foot in her hands. Though her arms were tensed from the strain of containing Arisa’s power, Tam stood there glaring at the challenger, face full of fire and defiance. As Arisa looked on in horror, Tam used the leverage to flip the Shining Star over onto the mat and locked in an ankle lock! Arisa screamed in anguish as Tam wrenched the hold in on her weakened appendage. Arisa’s fingers dug into the mat, making indentions as she desperately tried to stave off defeat. She crawled a few paces before Tam slammed her knee into the mat, then wrenched the hold in more. Arisa clutched her head at the pain, but kept shaking it no when the ref checked on her. A moment later Tam dropped to the mat and wrapped her legs around Arisa’s knee for extra pressure. The camera zoomed in on Arisa’s face as she screamed in pain but kept holding on!

Nigel McGuinness: “Tam’s worked that leg all match and now she’s not just trying to take away Arisa’s greatest strength. She’s trying to use that damage to force the challenger to tap out! The pain must be unbearable!"

Mauro Ranallo: “Arisa Hoshiki’s fought through pain before, but this might be too much even for her! She needs to break this hold before Tam cripples her! What an intense match this has been! Can Arisa find the strength to get to safety?!”

Tam worked the hold again, causing Arisa to scream loudly again. Chants of “A-RI-SA!” returned as the Shining Star shook her head no and clawed her way to the ropes inch by inch. As Tam wrenched the hold, her face grew ever more concerned at Arisa’s progress. Finally Arisa got close enough that her arm was able to shoot out and grab the bottom rope! The ref counted to four before Tam released the hold. The champ looked incredibly frustrated that Arisa had escaped, and motioned for Arisa to get back up. Arisa took a deep breath, flinched at the pain wracking her body and fought her way back to her feet. Despite her balance being uneasy, Arisa motioned for Tam to come after her. Tam nodded and nailed Arisa with a super kick. Arisa staggered but remained on her feet, and Tam hit a reverse roundhouse that spun the challenger around to a loud “OOOOOOOOO!” from the crowd. Tam then moved up behind Arisa and grabbed both of Arisa’s wrists - time for the Twilight Dream! Arisa planted her legs in the mat and managed to break Tam’s grip, using the opening to spin behind Tam where she locked in a full nelson grip and lifted Tam into a wheelbarrow position. With a shout of “OWARI!” Arisa plantd her with a dragon suplex! Face contorted in pain, Arisa wasn’t able to bridge but she did get on top of Tam for the pin.

Thr- Tam kicked out at 2.9!!!

Mauro Ranallo: “That might’ve been Arisa’s best chance to win the title, and it still wasn’t enough!”
Nigel McGuinness: “She just used the finishing move of their mutual former teammate back in Japan, Mayu Iwatani, out of desperation! Arisa’s been very good at avoiding the Twilight Dream in this match. She knows if Tam hits that, it’s game over. But how much does Arisa Hoshiki have left in the tank? Can Tam Nakano capitalize on this energy Arisa’s expending?”
Arisa shook her head in disbelief, then slowly rose to her feet and stared down at Tam as the champion also began to rise to her feet. Posture showing clear exhaustion, Arisa grabbed Tam’s arm and moved behind her to try for the Queen Killer to another collective gasp from the fans. Tam elbowed Arisa sharply in the fact once, twice, three times! Arisa’s grip slipped and Tam quickly moved behind Arisa, where she got a full nelson grip locked in. Tam lifted Arisa into that same wheelbarrow position, spun around and hit the dragon suplex! She covered Arisa for the pin and the ref counted.

Th- Arisa kicked out at 2.9 too!

Tam slapped the mat energetically and let out a fearsome shout in response to Arisa’s escape. She buried her hands in Arisa’s newly brunette hair and lifted the Shining Star to her feet. Arisa’s legs barely kept her up as Tam moved behind her and hit a Tenku Otoshi! Arisa’s back and neck hit the mat hard and Tam covered her again.

Th- Aisa’s shoulder rolled off the mat to a big pop!

Tam growled again and struggled to lift Arisa off the mat. After dropping the challenger a couple times she got her up and lifted her up overhead! Arisa’s eyes went wide as Tam carried her to the center of the ring and got all of the Violet Screwdriver! Again Arisa landed on her shoulders and neck, and Tam covered her for the pin.
The crowd went quiet, expecting this to be the end.
You could hear a pin drop.
Thr - Arisa’s shoulder rolled up off the mat at 2.99! The crowd came unglued as Arisa somehow managed to stay alive after another big move!

Nigel McGuiness: “That still wasn’t enough! What’s it going to take to put away Arisa Hoshiki?!”

Mauro Ranallo: “She’s taken nearly every move in Tam Nakano’s arsenal and she’s still ticking! Her determination to walk out as champion tonight is remarkable, but all this damage to her neck and back can’t be safe for her. How much more can she withstand?”

Tam sat up, clutching her back as she stared down at Arisa in total disbelief. “THIS IS AWESOME!” chants rang out alongside “A-RI-SA!” and “TAM NA-KA-NO!” ones. Tam labored her way back to her feet once more and watched as Arisa somehow managed to rise to one knee, then to a crouched position. The fans cheered loudly as Arisa got to her feet, but her slouched posture and the exhaustion on her face showed she was running on empty. Tam was as well, and it was Arisa that landed the next blow, punching Tam right in the face. The blow was soft, and Tam responded with a stiffer blow. Arisa fired back with a stiffer one, and Tam hit her hard enough to knock her down to one knee. Arisa wailed away at Tam’s midsection as she got back up, then headbutted Tam hard enough to cause Tam to stagger back.
Arisa let out a deep, dangerous shout as she went for a Brazilian Kick with her left foot. No one was there! Tam spun around behind her, locked her arms around Arisa’s waist and hit a German suplex! Rather than covering her, Tam rolled through and with an anguished scream managed to lift Arisa off the mat and hook Arisa’s wrists in front of her. Arisa slouched in Tam’s grip and Tam lifted Arisa off the mat to finally hit the Twilight Dream on her! She tried to bridge but her back gave out. Tam rolled over onto Arisa and hooked her leg.


The place came unglued, the pop louder than Tam’s first win against Arisa two months before.

Christy Hemme: “Here is your winner, and STILL EBWF Women’s Champion, Taaaaaam Nakaaaaanoooo!”

Mauro Ranallo: Through an absolute war, Tam Nakano has come out the other side with her championship reign intact! Somehow, some way, Tam found a way to remain champion tonight.”

Nigel McGuinness: “This was the most impressive win of her reign by far. Surviving both the Crimson Queen and the Shining Star and erasing the lingering bad taste of losing her title in a triple threat two years ago at this very event. Arisa Hoshiki fought with everything she had tonight, and she should be proud of her effort. Tam just barely found a way to dig a little deeper to get a win in what could already be the match of the year.”

Slowly Tam rose off the mat, the exhaustion of the match clear on her face. She flinched and held her back as she got to her knees, the toll of the match fully setting in. The referee presented her with the beautiful championship she’d fought so hard to protect, which Tam clutched close to her chest as if it might fly away. Arisa slowly rose to her knees again as well and stared at Tam in disbelief that the match had ended in such a manner. Despite tears in her eyes, Arisa nodded to Tam in acknowledgement of her victory. Tam nodded back, tears in her own eyes as she offered a handshake. Arisa shook her head and then leaned forward to hug Tam close. The fans popped loudly as Tam and Arisa rose to their feet, each clearly in pain but overjoyed that the match was over.

In the middle of the ring, Tam gave Arisa a pat on the back and spoke quietly to her friend. Arisa could be seen nodding in response, then whispering something back that made Tam laugh. Arisa finally released the hug and raised Tam’s hand up in victory to more cheers from the crowd. Tam nodded slowly, then just as Arisa lowered her arm, Tam raised Arisa’s to another pop! They held the pose for a few moments before Arisa stepped back and fist bumped the champion. With this done she slowly climbed out of the ring and let Tam have some space.

Tam climbed the turnbuckle and held the championship aloft as her music continued to play. Purple and white confetti fell around her as she celebrated. She then hopped down and posed in the center of the ring with the title held over her head as the fans cheered. A few moments later she gingerly exited the ring, where Arisa waited for her. With a half sad, half relieved grin Arisa watched the champion start to leave. Yet Tam stopped, looked down at Arisa's right leg, and then offered her arm. Arisa smirked, then put her arm around Tam's shoulder and limped up the ramp with her. At the top, the pair turned around and posed with their free arms outstretched. It was this image that we left as the feed faded into a video package promoting the main event.


Christy Hemme: New York City! This is your main event of the evening. And it is for the EBWF World Championship.

The lights dimmed and "Truth Reigns" hit the PA. Roman Reigns came to the stage alone, and the crowd gave a mixed reaction.

Christy Hemme: Introducing first, the challenger, from Pensacola, Florida. He is Roman Reigns!

Mauro Ranallo: Roman Reigns has a lot to prove here tonight and...

Nigel McGuinness: Reigns has absolutely nothing to prove! It's a foregone conclusion that Reigns will leave Arthur Ashe Stadium EBWF World Champion this evening.

"I Came to Play" filled the arena and the crowd cheered as Miz did his usual entrance on the stage.

Mauro Ranallo: The Miz has come alone too! Bro Awesome is nowhere to be seen!

Nigel McGuinness: A brilliant move from the Miz.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent, he is the EBWF World Champion... residing in Hollywood, California he is... The Miz!

Miz pointed out to the audience and proceeded down to the ring. As the lights came back up the sound of fans cheering filled the arena. The championship belt gleamed around Miz's waist. He raised his arms in victory, soaking in the energy of the crowd.
The two wrestlers locked eyes as they stood in the center of the ring, the anticipation building. The Miz took off the belt and held it up to Roman's face as Roman talked smack. The crowd reached a fever pitch as the referee called them off, and took the belt from Miz. He presented it to the crowd and then gave it to the timekeeper. The referee signaled for the bell, and the match began.

Mauro Ranallo: Here we go!

Nigel McGuinness: A match that has been two months in the making!

The two wrestlers circled each other, sizing each other up. Reigns took the first move, charging at The Miz with a spear, but The Miz managed to dodge the attack and hit Reigns with a punch.

Mauro Ranallo: Reigns tried to unload on Miz and...

Miz tapped the side of his head as if to tell Reigns he needed to think.

Nigel McGuinness: That was uncalled for!

Mauro Ranallo: He tried to hit him with a spear! What would you expect?

The two wrestlers continued to exchange blows, neither gaining a significant advantage. The Miz landed a series of kicks, but Reigns countered with a Samoan drop.
As the match continued, it became clear that The Miz had the upper hand. He landed a series of kicks and punches, stunning Reigns. The Miz then hit Reigns with a Skull Crushing Finale.


Mauro Ranallo: A kick out in the nick of time!

The Miz, looking frustrated but determined, continued to attack Reigns, hitting him with a series of power moves. Reigns struggled to keep up, but managed to counter with a spear, catching The Miz off guard. The crowd booed as Reigns went for the cover!


Reigns looked visibly frustrated, and The Miz capitalized on his momentary lapse of concentration. The Miz hit Reigns with a series of punches, then climbed to the top rope and hit him with an elbow drop. Reigns was down, and The Miz went for the cover.

Mauro Ranallo: One, two, thr- no! Reigns kicks out once more!

Nigel McGuinness: Neither of these men are willing to give an inch!

The match continued each wrestler exchanging blows and trying to gain the upper hand. The Miz hit Reigns with a series of kicks, but Reigns managed to counter with a Superman Punch.

Mauro Ranallo: Miz is down!

The Miz kicked out once again, much to the surprise of Reigns and the crowd. The Miz was showing his resilience and determination, and it seemed like nothing could stop him.The two wrestlers continued to battle it out, their exhaustion evident.

Nigel McGuinness: I don't know how they can go on.

Reigns ducked a right hand and knocked Miz out of the ring with a punch. Miz teased getting in the ring, and Reigns laughed at him. Reigns got out of the ring, and Miz quickly slid back in under the bottom rope applying a headlock to Reigns when he got in. Reigns powered out and applied a side headlock. Miz whipped him off, but Reigns shoulder blocked him down. The referee checks on The Miz. Reigns stood over him, only for Miz to surprise him by booting Reigns in the face twice. He quickly went for the pin.


Reigns kicked out! Miz stayed on top of him, and elbowed away at Reigns before applying a chin lock. Reigns eventually powered out of it and punched him down.

Nigel McGuinness: The absolute strength of Roman Reigns!

Miz quickly pulled Reigns out of the ring. Reigns stumbled and Miz threw him into the turnbuckle before getting him back into the ring for another two count. Miz started with the It Kicks in the corner. Reigns countered a third kick with a Samoan Drop for another near fall. The crowd was on fire as a This is Awesome chant went up.

Mauro Ranallo: This crowd is showing their appreciation!

Reigns clotheslined him down twice before hitting a jumping clothesline. Miz went to the corner, so Reigns clubbed away at him ten times with the crowd counting along. Reigns then big booted him down. Reigns sets up in the corner, but Miz caught him with his patented corner clothesline. Miz started up more It Kicks, but Reigns blocked the big one and went for a powerbomb. Miz slid off and went for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Reigns got out. Reigns hit Miz with a Superman Punch. Reigns covered.

Nigel McGuinness: This is it. One, two, thr- what?

The crowd couldn't believe it. Reigns held up two fingers to the referee. Miz did not quit and hit a big kneeling DDT and both men were down. The referee started to count.


Miz was groggy, but tried for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Reigns fought out and hit a headbutt. Reigns launched Miz over the top rope, and followed him out, and back first into the ring barricade. The referee began his count again as Reigns again sent Miz into the barricade. Reigns tossed Miz back in, but Miz rolled out.

Mauro Ranallo: The champion tries for a breather on the outside.

Miz tripped Reigns up on the ring apron and tossed Reigns into the steel ring steps at ringside. Miz dumped Reigns over the barricade into the crowd. Miz rolled back inside the ring and waited for the referee count to begin. The referee got to 7, and Reigns dove back in to beat the count, but Miz immediately connected with a spike DDT. Miz caught Reigns with a boot to the face, got a two count and then went to the headlock to keep Reigns grounded. Miz landed another big boot that dropped Reigns.

Nigel McGuinness: Roman is on his knees and...ouch!

Miz started the It Kicks again on Reigns' reddening chest. Reigns countered lifting and dropping Miz with a big sitdown powerbomb!


Nigel McGuinness: So close!

Reigns was calling for a Superman Punch. Miz avoided it and connected with the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz hooked the leg.


Mauro Ranallo: Roman Reigns powers out! How did he kick out of the... whoa!

Reigns landed a Superman Punch from out of nowhere.


Mauro Ranallo: Just a little life left in the champion. What an unbelievable match!

"This is Awesome" reverberated from the rafters, and Reigns couldn't believe it. Reigns was getting fired up in the corner. Reigns exploded out of the corner and ran right into the running knee lift into the neck breaker!

Nigel McGuinness: The Reality Check! Miz hasn't...


Mauro Ranallo: Perhaps poetic!

Nigel McGuinness: Miz had to pull out a move we haven't seen in years to disorient Roman Reigns.

Miz sat up slowly, and put his head in his hands as the crowd cheered and "I Came to Play" hit. The referee presented Miz with the championship as he moved to his feet, unsteady. Once he had his balance, Miz moved to the turnbuckle and celebrated with the crowd.

Mauro Ranallo: It was this week, 22 years ago that EBWF had it's first pay-per-view event, and tonight there will be no Reign of Terror as The Miz's seventh championship reign continues!

Nigel McGuinness: What an unbelievable night, Mauro. I cannot wait to hear what these two men have to say on Warfare.

Reigns remained seated on the mat, staring up at the Miz in disbelief as Fallout went off the air.
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