Warfare Results - 05/29/2023

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Warfare Results - 05/29/2023

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Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks! It’s time for Warfare.

The Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle was sold out as EBWF went live on the air.

Nigel McGuinness: Tonight is our final first round matches for the King of the Ring Tournament as we prepare for Total Supremacy on June 25th!

Mauro Ranallo: And we’re going to get the action going to night with a newcomer to EBWF taking on one of wrestling’s most famous luchadors!

The crowd gave a mixed reaction as Damian Priest made his way to the ring for his EBWF debut. Pentagon was to the ring next and the two men stared across the ring at one another as the bell rang. As the match kicked off, Damian Priest showcased his agility and athleticism, using his speed to evade Pentagon Jr.'s initial attacks. Priest seized the momentum, launching a series of high-flying maneuvers that left the audience in awe. With each move, he displayed his incredible strength and acrobatic prowess.

Nigel McGuinness: Damian Priest trying to prove he belongs here in EBWF.

Pentagon Jr., showcased his ruthless style and retaliated with a barrage of strikes and submissions, attempting to wear down his opponent. However, Damian Priest showed resilience and determination, refusing to succumb to Pentagon Jr.'s relentless assault.

Mauro Ranallo: Pentagon can’t keep Priest down!

The match escalated to new heights as both competitors traded impactful strikes and executed breathtaking aerial maneuvers. Damian Priest managed to catch Pentagon Jr. off guard with a thunderous roundhouse kick, momentarily stunning his opponent. Sensing an opportunity, Priest seized the moment, executing a devastating spinning heel kick that sent Pentagon Jr. crashing to the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: The Reckoning!

Nigel McGuinness: Damian Priest with the pin!


Mauro Ranallo: Priest has done it!

Nigel McGuinness: What a victory for Damian Priest.

Priest celebrated in the ring as the crowd gave a tepid response. An advertisement for Total Supremacy began to play.


Mauro Ranallo: Well Pentagon Jr was unsuccessful in his first round match, but let’s see how his brother and tag team partner Ray Fenix fares when he goes one on one with the returning Matt Cardona!

The crowd booed as Ray Fenix made his way to the ring. When Fenix was in the ring, “When The Lights Go Down” by Downstait hit and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as Matt Cardona stepped out onto the stage.

Nigel McGuinness: It’s been over seven years since we saw this man in an EBWF ring, and a lot has happened in Matt Cardona’s career since then. In the past three years, Cardona has competed all around the world, most notably in GCW and NWA, where he has been a World Champion. He defeated Nick Gage in a deathmatch, which is no mean feat!

Upon entering the ring, Cardona locked eyes with Ray Fenix, and flashed him a cocky grin. The referee called for the bell and the two men locked up. Fenix applied an arm twist, but Cardona overpowered Fenix and whipped him into the corner, then hit him with a series of knee strikes. Cardona pulled Fenix out of the corner and whipped him against the ropes, but as Fenix hit the ropes, he held onto them. Cardona reacted quickly, charging towards Fenix and hitting him with a clothesline, sending him to the outside. As Fenix tried to get back in the ring, Cardona caught him with a baseball slide, then exited the ring and grabbed Fenix, throwing him into the ringside barrier.

Mauro Ranallo: What an aggressive start by Matt Cardona! He seems to have completely changed his style and attitude since I last saw him wrestle, Nigel.

Nigel McGuinness: He certainly has, Mauro. Zack Ryder is no more!

Cardona dragged Fenix towards the ramp, then set him up for a piledriver, but Fenix countered with a back body drop! Fenix then threw Cardona back into the ring, before hitting him with a brainbuster. He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Cardona kicked out! Fenix pulled Cardona to his feet and hit him with a series of punches, then whipped him against the ropes before hitting a dropkick. As both men got to his feet, Fenix went for a superkick, but Cardona ducked underneath it, then threw Fenix shoulder first into the ring post! As Fenix slumped to the mat, clutching his shoulder, Cardona set him up in a sitting position in the corner, then stepped back. Cardona punched the air three times, chanting “Woo woo woo!” then charged at Fenix, hitting him with the ReBoot! Cardona moved Fenix away from the ropes and hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Fenix kicked out! Cardona pulled Fenix to his feet and dragged him towards the corner, then went to slam his head off the turnbuckle, but Fenix blocked it and hit an enzuigiri, then climbed to the top rope. Fenix hit a diving crossbody, then hooked both legs - 1… 2… Cardona kicked out! Both men got to their feet and exchanged right hands. Cardona was able to gain the upper hand, and he hit Fenix with a suplex before stomping on him several times. Cardona then pulled Fenix to his feet and whipped him against the ropes, and as Fenix ran back towards him, Cardona hit Radio Silence! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Mauro Ranallo: This one is over! Matt Cardona gets the victory and he will take on Edge or Stone Cold Steve Austin in the second round!

Cardona celebrated as Warfare went to a commercial break.


When Warfare returned from the commercial break, “Cosmic Kuduro” hit to cheers from the fans and Mina Shirakawa emerged onto the entrance stage for the first time in several months. She wore a confident smile on her face as she danced to her music, then began to strut her way to the ring. Along the way she slapped the fans’ outstretched hands and posed for a few selfies along the way.

Christy Hemme: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan and representing Cosmic Angels, she is ‘The Venus’, Mina Shirakawa!

Nigel McGuinness: This is the first time we’ve seen Mina in action in several months. She seems very confident heading into her return match tonight. It doesn’t look like she’s slowed down any since we last saw her in action.

Mauro Ranallo: She’s got a tall task ahead of her tonight though. Maika was among the women who helped ambush Mina after her last match with Jamie Hayter. As much as MIna’s got revenge on the mind, Maika’s made it clear she’s incredibly dangerous on her own. We can only hope Mina knows what she’s getting herself into tonight.

Mina posed seductively in the middle of the ring as her music faded. “Flower Party” hit a moment later and there was a mixed reaction as Maika marched through the curtain. She posed with a large golden fan emblazoned with the kanji for ‘HIMEKA’ on it. Her eyes were locked in on the ring and she stormed toward it with great purpose as her opponent limbered up.

Christy Hemme: And introducing her opponent, from Fukuoka, Japan, Maika!

Mauro Ranallo: Since the shocking incident that ended Queen’s Court, Maika has been focused on one mission. She’s out to destroy Utami and Sakisama whatever it takes. However she seems perfectly happy to destroy anyone else who happens to cross her path.

Nigel McGuinness: A woman scorned - wait, things are underway!

Sure enough, Maika had shed her entrance robe and fan and was now in the ring glaring right at Mina. Mina responded by quickly storming out of her corner to slap Maika right across the face to a collective “OOOOOOOOOH!” from the fans. Maika’s head snapped right back around and she snarled. With a grin Mina landed a forearm to Maika’s chest, then another before Maika whipped her violently to the ropes. On the rebound Mina shot up and went for her tilt-a-whirl headscissors into Russian leg sweep - no! Maika caught her and hit a backdrop slam! Mina clutched her back and Maika kneed her in the face. As Mina fell toward the mat from the impact, Maika seized her in her arms and dead lifted the Venus up by the waist. With a shout she threw Mina back with a German Suplex! Mina hit hard but nearly rolled through to a recovery - no, Maika was there with a big boot right to Mina’s face!

As Mina held her head in pain Maika pressed the attack, stomping on her downed opponent. Through the barrage of stiff strikes Mina managed to get to her knees and hammered away at Maika’s left leg. When Maika didn’t even stumble or stagger, Mina hit her with a stiff closed fist punch to the face! Thus creating an opening for herself, Mina returned to her feet and chopped away at Maika’s left leg with kicks. Maika returned the favor with a haymaker to Mina’s face that spun her around! Mina used the momentum and hit a spinning elbow, then spun the other way to nail Maika with a spinning backfist! Only now did Maika stagger back, and Mina went for the Glamorous Sword - no! Maika shoved her to the mat face first! With a roar Maika picked Mina up and threw her across the ring with a judo toss. Mina hit hard, staggered to her feet and turned around right into a spear from Maika! Before Mina could even cry out in pain, Maika picked her up again and raised her into a Canadian backbreaker. The Venus screamed in pain as Maika wrenched it in.

Mauro Ranallo: Mina is in serious trouble already! Maika’s dead set on destroying her in quick fashion.

Nigel McGuinness: Maika is one of the strongest women in the sport today, partner. If Mina can’t turn this around quickly, this is going to be a painful night for her.

As the ref checked on her, Mina shook her head furiously. She clutched at Maika’s muscular arms so tight that her knuckles turned white, but still Maika refused to let her go. After a few more agonizing moments, Mina began to slip out the back of Maika’s grip. Before she could Maika let out another shout and charged toward the ropes with Mina still in her grasp. At the ropes she hurled Mina over the top rope and out to the floor to a shocked reaction from the crowd. Mina hit the floor hard and Maika glared down at her from the ring. As Mina continued to lay mostly motionless on the floor, clutching her ribs, Maika climbed out to the ring apron. Before she could pursue Mina, the crowd popped at a sudden arrival. Running down the ramp, then to ringside, was Alexa Bliss! Maika glared at her and motioned for her to get out of the way. Alexa shook her head defiantly while putting herself between Mina and Maika.

Nigel McGuiness: Alexa Bliss has just inserted herself into this matchup! What in the world could she be thinking standing in the way of someone like Maika?

Mauro Ranallo: After everything Alexa suffered at the hands of Queen’s Court, she’s not about to just let someone else hurt people like Utami was dead set on doing. So far Maika’s been manhandling Mina, and that power bomb to the outside might’ve injured the Venus. Alexa must just be concerned about a woman who once helped her.

Rather than attacking Alexa, Maika just stood there glowering down at her. Mina slowly began to regain her wits and placed a hand on the ringside barrier to steady herself. Alexa turned around to check on her, but MIna waved the Goddess off. Favoring her ribs, Mina got to her feet and forced a grin as she nodded to Alexa. Alexa reluctantly moved out of the way and Mina rolled into the ring where Maika was waiting. When she reached her feet Mina desperately kicked away at Maika’s legs, then got whipped to the ropes. Maika went for a lariat but Mina ducked, ran through to the other ropes and hit a dropkick that took Maika down!

Seeing an opportunity, Mina grabbed Maika’s left leg and tried to step through for a figure four! Before she could hook it, Mina was forcefully kicked off and hit the turnbuckles face first. Maika kipped up and grabbed Mina around the waist, then hit another German suplex. Mina ragdolled and Maika pulled her into the powerbomb position. Without hesitation she lifted Mina up, then hit a JP Coaster across the ring that planted the Venus in the mat. With Mina already motionless, Maika called out ‘FINISH!” and stalked over to Mina. She pulled Mina up by the hair, then got her up for the Sakura! With no fight left in her, Mina sagged in her opponent’s grasp as Maika hit the Michinoku Driver II and hooked her leg.


Christy Hemme: Here is your winner, Maika!

Maika rolled off of Mina, then glared down the camera. She held up a single finger - one down. With that she stood up to have her hand raised as Alexa looked on with concern. Maika made a point of climbing out of the ring and staring down the Goddess. WIth a slight nod, she brushed shoulders with the smaller woman and headed to the back. Alexa rushed into the ring to check on Mina, who still wasn’t moving.

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma mia, what a dominant performance by Maika in her EBWF debut!

Nigel McGuinness: Mina came into this match confident, but that cost her tonight. Maika’s no joke, and she’s very capable of destroying her opponents just like she’s promised to do. She’s a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming Queen of the Ring Tournament. Whether Mina will be able to compete at all, and how this affects Alexa’s approach to it, we’ll find out in the coming weeks.

We faded out on a shot of Alexa tending to the just then stirring Mina, then Maika standing on the entrance ramp with fire in her eyes.


Mauro Ranallo: Still to come, we’ve got Edge versus Stone Cold Steve Austin in our main event… but up first, we’ve got Adam Cole going one on one with The Rock!

Adam Cole made his way to the ring first, followed by The Rock. The crowd cheered for both men, and there were dueling Cole/Rock chants as the referee called for the bell. Rock hit Cole with a series of punches, then whipped him against the ropes. As Cole ran back towards him, Rock went for a clothesline, but Cole ducked underneath it, then hit a series of punches and kicks. As Rock stumbled backwards, Cole hit him with a superkick to the knee, then as Rock fell to his knees, Cole took him down with a kick to the face. Once Rock was down on the mat, Cole stomped on his knee several times, before locking in a figure four leglock!

Mauro Ranallo: Interesting strategy here by Adam Cole… Nigel, when was the last time you saw The Rock tap out? I can’t remember ever seeing it happen!

Nigel McGuinness: I’m not sure Cole is trying to make The Rock submit, Mauro… I think he just wants to wear him down, and targeting the legs is an effective way to do that!

Rock was able to get to the ropes, and the referee ordered Cole to break the hold. Both men got to their feet and Cole hit Rock with a series of punches, but Rock fought back with some right hands of his own, then whipped Cole against the ropes. As Cole ran back towards him, Rock lifted his opponent over his shoulders, hitting a Samoan drop. Rock then grabbed Cole by the legs, putting him in a sharpshooter! Cole tried to get to the ropes, but as he did so, Rock dragged him back towards the center of the ring. The referee asked Cole if he wanted to submit, but Cole shook his head defiantly then rolled over, breaking free of the hold. Both men got to their feet and Rock went for a spinebuster, but Cole was able to counter it with a DDT!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia, what a counter! That might have knocked The Rock out cold!

Cole hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Rock kicked out! As Cole got to his feet, he climbed to the corner and beckoned Rock towards him, signaling for the Panama Sunrise. When Rock was up, Cole went for it… and hit it! He hooked the leg once more and the referee counted - 1… 2… again Rock kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: Another near fall! Adam Cole is in control here, but The Rock isn’t going down easily!

As Cole got to his feet, he stomped on Rock several times, then dragged him to his feet and whipped him against the ropes. As Rock ran back towards him, Cole went for a superkick, but Rock ducked underneath it then hit a flowing snap DDT, followed by a kip-up! Rock crouched down, signaling for the Rock Bottom, and the crowd cheered in anticipation as Cole stumbled to his feet. When Cole was up, Rock grabbed him and put him in position for the Rock Bottom… but Cole blocked it, hitting Rock with a series of elbow strikes before hitting a dropkick to the knee! As Rock fell to his knees, Cole hit a series of kicks, before pulling down his kneepad and running against the ropes, hitting Rock with The Boom! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It’s over! Adam Cole gets the victory, and advances to the second round!


The camera focused on Christy Hemme in the center of the ring.

Christy Hemme: Seattle, this match is the final match in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament, and it is your main event of the evening.

The glass shattered and the crowd cheered.

Christy Hemme: First, making his way to the ring, from Victoria, Texas. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin came to the ring with his usual swagger, and got up on the turnbuckle, throwing middle fingers in the air as the crowd continued to cheer. His music cut off and “Metalingus” hit as Edge came out onto the stage and hyped up the crowd.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… he is the Rated R Superstar…. Edge!

Edge went down he ramp and got into the ring, removing his trench coat and staring across at Austin as the referee rang the bell. The arena crackled with electricity as the crowd roared in anticipation.

Mauro Ranallo: This crowd knows they’re about to witness an epic encounter!

As the bell rang, Stone Cold Steve Austin, wasted no time in unleashing his relentless assault on Edge. Austin, a brawler by nature, targeted Edge's limbs with punishing strikes and holds, aiming to weaken his opponent's resolve. The Texas Rattlesnake's tenacity and unyielding attitude became evident as he battered Edge from pillar to post.

Nigel McGuinness: Austin is stomping a mud hole in him!

Mauro Ranallo: Edge is a master strategist, Nigel! Don’t count him out yet.

Edge used his cunning and resilience to weather Austin's storm. He withstood Austin's onslaught and began mounting his own offense. With each maneuver, Edge demonstrated his technical prowess, countering Austin's attacks and wearing him down. The momentum shifted back and forth as both competitors exchanged devastating blows and high-impact maneuvers. The crowd stood on their feet, absorbed in the unfolding drama of the match. Edge displayed his versatility by using his technical know how while Austin relied on his trademark intensity and brawling tactics. In a pivotal moment, Edge managed to dodge Austin's signature Stone Cold Stunner, leaving the Texas Rattlesnake momentarily stunned. Sensing an opportunity, Edge seized the moment and delivered his own finishing move.

Mauro Ranallo: Spear! Spear!

Stone Cold hit the mat with a thunderous impact. The arena shook as Austin crashed to the mat, struggling to recover. Edge quickly pinned Austin’s shoulder’s to the mat.


Nigel McGuinness: Edge has done it!

Mauro Ranallo: Edge walked into Warfare and did exactly what he said he would do. Now he goes on to face Matt Cardona in round two of this tournament.

Edge through the horns up as pyro shot off from the turnbuckles. The crowd continued to cheer as Warfare went off the air.
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