Warfare Results - 07/31/2023

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Warfare Results - 07/31/2023

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Mauro Ranallo: We are live from Columbia, South Carolina and get ready folks… it’s time for Warfare!

“Barawa Utsaukushiku Chiru” by Hiroko Suzuki played as Neo Biishiki-Gun made their way to the ring to boos from the crowd.

Christy Hemme:The following contest is a Tag Team match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Versailles, France - Sakisama and Utami - this is Neo Biishiki-Gun!

Mauro Ranallo: These two have been accused of attacking Alexa Bliss two weeks ago and leaving her with a concussion. Utami flatly denied those accusations earlier tonight.

Nigel Mcguinness: They can deny it all they want but the evidence says otherwise. Remember Alexa had rose petals all over her body when she was found laid out. Not to mention they had motivation to do it since Alexa was supposed to face Sakisama that night.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa also stopped them from interfering in the Queen of the Ring finals back at Total Supremacy.

When Neo Biishiki-Gun entered the ring “Reach for the Sky” by Social Distortion played and Liv Morgan arrived on stage as the boos from the crowd turned into cheers. The cheers continued as “Immortal” by Adema played and Alexa Bliss joined Liv on the stage.

Mauro Ranallo: October 3rd 2022 was the last time Liv N Bliss teamed up. Interestingly, Utami was one of their opponents at that time.

Nigel Mcguiness: A lot has changed since then but Mauro the real story here is Alexa’s condition. We know she suffered a concussion two weeks ago and we saw last week that it was affecting her. With all that being the case, you have to wonder if it’s a mistake for her to compete tonight.

Liv N Bliss made their way to ringside and stared Neo Biishiki-Gun down for a moment before they rushing the ring. Immediately a brawl broke out between the two sides.

Nigel Mcguiness: Here we go!

Liv and Sakisama fought to the outside of the ring as Alexa and Utami fought inside. Alexa rained down punches on Utami in the corner. All the fury of the past year was unleashed in the ferocious blows from the Goddess. Utami slumped a bit under the assault and Alexa whipped her across the ring to the opposite corner. She buckled on the impact and Alexa let out a scream as she rushed in to continue the attack, accompanied by cheers. These turned to a groan of sympathy as Utami side stepped the attack and used Alexa’s momentum to slam her into head first into the top turnbuckle. Alexa’s head whipped back from the impact and Utami followed up with a quick release German suplex to the center of the ring! The Goddess accordioned on impact, sitting up just in time to eat a running knee!

Outside the ring Liv was doing her best to hold her own, but the taller Sakisama had worn down her defenses. As Alexa was hit by the knee strike Sakisama knocked Liv to the ground with a combo of stiff punches. She then gracefully stepped over Liv, stopping only to kick her away like litter on the ground. Utami stomped Alexa’s chest and ribs, turning her over onto her stomach. She followed up with a running knee drop to Alexa’s back. Sakisama had returned to the ring and dramatically motioned for Utami to tag her in. Utami nodded demurely, then pulled Alexa to her feet and threw her into the Neo Biishiki-Gun corner. She held the Goddess in the corner with one hand while bowing her head and holding the other out. Sakisama’s elegant gloved hand tapped her servant’s and the Rose of Versailles entered the match.

Nigel McGuinnes: That initial burst of fury from Liv N Bliss has gotten overwhelmed by the power of Neo Biishiki-Gun. Alexa Bliss is in a lot of trouble here!

Mauro Ranallo: How long can the Goddess last in this match? How much punishment can she take before she just can’t get back up.

Sakisama used her long right leg to choke Alexa in the corner as the ref admonished her and counted to five. Right before he could DQ her, Sakisama released the hold and snapmared Alexa to the center of the ring. There she nailed Alexa with a stiff penalty kick right to the back! Alexa gritted her teeth and screamed “IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT?”. Sakisama responded with another stiff another penalty kick. Before Alexa could respond Sakisama wrapped her long legs around Alexa’s throat, locking in the VERSAILLES CHOKE! Alexa’s face contorted in agony as she struggled with all her might to escape the Rose of Versailles’ lethal submission hold! Utami clapped in approval as Sakisama wrenched in the hold and the Goddess began to fade.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa Bliss may already be on her last legs! This vicious move is depriving her recently concussed brain of much needed air. Every second she’s in it, she’s losing more and more of her ability to fight on.

Nigel McGuinness: No matter how resilient she is, Sakisama’s superior size and power may be too much for her to escape from the Versailles Choke.

The crowd suddenly popped as Alexa seemed to be fading away.

Mauro Ranallo: Here comes the knight in shining armor!

In a blur Liv Morgan flew into the ring, hitting a low dropkick on Sakisama! The French Aristocrat’s grip was released and Alexa had literal breathing space thanks to her friend. Liv shouted at Alexa, trying to rouse her back into action as Sakisama furiously got to her feet and glared down at Liv. Sakisama hit another combo of punches and kicks, staggering Liv back. But Liv screamed in fury and retaliated with a LIV KICK! Sakisama was the one staggered back toward the ropes, though she didn’t fall. Liv unloaded a vicious series of punches on her, then looked back to see Alexa had gotten back to her feet. Liv nodded to Alexa and then whipped Sakisama towards the Goddess - Alexa hit a standing dropkick and staggered the much taller woman back. Liv hit a second Liv Kick, and then Alexa rushed in and hit a CODE RED! She went for the pin.

Utami broke up the pin!

Mauro Ranallo: Mama Mia what a rally by Liv N Bliss! Alexa might’ve had Sakisama finished!

Liv and Utami started exchanging punches, Utami starting to get the upper hand - until Alexa dropkicked her hard, knocking Utami out of the ring to the arena floor! Seeing her opportunity, Liv returned to her corner and held her hand out as Alexa held the back of her neck. To a roar she tagged in Liv just as Sakisama rose to her feet. Liv surged in looking to keep up the momentum, laying into Sakisama with more punches and forearm strikes. She tried to whip Sakisama to the ropes but the taller woman planted her feet and reversed the whip! On the rebound Liv had her head nearly taken off by a boot! Liv crashed to the mat, only to have Sakisama pull her up by the hair. Sakisama lifted the smaller woman onto her shoulder and carried her like that to the Neo Biishiki-Gun corner. There she dropped Liv right onto the top turnbuckle with snake eyes, then motioned to Utami. Utami nodded and walked down the apron, getting the referee’s attention.

WIth the ref distracted, Sakisama reached down and grabbed a single red rose from her corner. She wielded it with a flourish, then hit Liv across the face with it - rose petals scattered everywhere as Liv fell to her knees. Only then did Utami return to her corner, and Sakisama hit a running kick to the chest! She arrogantly pinned Liv with one knee on the smaller woman’s chest.

Liv got her shoulder up!

Rolling her eyes in frustration, Sakisama pulled Liv up and landed a slap across the face so loud it echoed to the rafters! Liv just barely remained upright on rubbery legs as Sakiama ran the ropes and hit an ACADEMY AWARD KICK! She went for the cover again.


The fans nearly blew the roof off the place as Alexa saved her friend and the three women lay in the middle of the ring like they’d just been in a car crash.

Mauro Ranallo: MAMA MIA! Alexa Bliss leaving it all out there in this heated battle!

Nigel McGuinness: She’s doing everything humanly possible to get the win tonight, but how much is this taking out of her already injured body?

Sakisama was first to her feet, locking eyes with Utami from across the ring. Liv rolled out of the ring to recover and Alexa pulled herself up using the ropes. It looked like the Goddess and the French Aristocrat would lock up again when Sakisama nodded to Utami. Sakisama demanded the ref’s attention, pointing to someone in the crowd and forcing him to try and figure out what she was concerned about. Utami stepped into the ring with a heavy looking silver platter in her hand, eyes locked on Alexa. SMACK! The platter was brought down hard on Alexa’s head - Alexa collapsed to the mat, holding her head in agony. The platter clattered to the mat, bent in half by the impact. Unfortunately for Neo Biishiki-Gun, the ref turned around right as Utami’s blow struck, and he immediately called for the bell.

Christy Hemme: “Your winners by disqualification: LIV N BLISS!!”

The bell rang again as Sakisama elegantly stepped across the ring, her eyes on Utami. Utami loomed over Alexa as the Goddess writhed in agony. The serving tray remained on the mat nearby, severely dented from being used as a bludgeon. Sakisama shot a disappointed look to her servant, though it was clear she didn't disapprove of the action itself. Cheers rang out as Liv rushed into the ring to help her friend. However Utami instinctively stepped between the friends to prevent a rescue. Sakisama smirked callously and planted a foot on the downed Alexa's chest.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa Bliss in a dangerous situation here after Utami hit her with a silver platter! Liv Morgan is courageous, but she's just one woman against two!

Nigel McGuiness: No doubt about it, things have gone from bad to worse for Liv N Bliss. I think they're about to suffer the consequences of calling out the Rose of Versailles.

Liv held her hands up, ready to fight both members of Neo Biishiki-Gun at once. Suddenly there was a surprised pop from the crowd. Before anything further could go down, the camera caught a built woman hopping the ringside barrier. Her street clothes made her hard to identify at first but the shock of crimson hair revealed her to be Maika! She rolled under the bottom rope and charged right for Utami as the fans cheered.

Utami just barely ducked a lariat and rolled out of the ring in a hurry. Sakisama likewise made a scene of exiting the ring, waving off the furious Maika. Maika stood tall between Neo Biishiki-Gun and the downed Alexa, daring them to come and fight. They dismissed her and flex up the ramp to safety as the fans booed. Meanwhile Maika grabbed a mic and glared into the camera.

Maika: Hey, Neo Biishiki-Gun! You think I'm all talk? You think I'm a disappointment in this ring? I'm going to show you the real power of Maika Style. I'm not finished with you!

She then turned around to stare down Liv, who'd gone to Alexa's side. The two locked eyes for a tense moment before Maika nodded solemnly and left the ring. We faded out on the scene of Liv helping Alexa to her feet.


The scene suddenly faded out from the conclusion of the previous match to a corridor backstage. There was no interviewer, just the Last Survivor and Queen of the Ring, Arisa Hoshiki. Wearing her new brighter colored t-shirt, Arisa smiled for the camera.

Arisa: Hello Columbia! And hello EBWF fans around the world! I usually get to just enjoy getting to entertain and inspire while I fight in this ring. I wanted to just keep showing you all the drama of the Shining Star's resurgence. I wanted to talk about what it means to achieve two of the toughest accomplishments in the sport in the same year. But with what happened last week, unfortunately I don't get to talk to you about that

She rolls her eyes as she runs it back in her mind.

Arisa: Because a legend decided to show up and ruin everyone's fun. Everyone's been excited about the heart pounding showdown between myself and Tam. Dream Shine fight part 3 in EBWF! The seemingly unstoppable champion against the comeback story of the year! But Trish strutted out to that ring and demanded attention, so now I'm compelled to respond.

Arisa's expression sours at the legend's name.

Arisa: Trish, you're a legend. Everyone respects what you've done. I'd like to think you of all people would believe that opportunities have to be earned through hard work and fighting against a world that's telling you no. Isn't that what you always tell us about? How you had it so much harder than women now? And with that in mind, if you wanted your shot at Tam, you should've won the Last Survivor match or Queen of the Ring. You had multiple chances to stop Tam from reaching 310 days, and you failed.

Her tone gets more aggressive, not unlike her Dark Star days.

Arisa: You couldn't get the job done with all your experience and accomplishments. Yet you came out last week complaining about your legacy being in danger and demanding to jump to the front of the line because you're so important and special. That's not how it works, Trish. You don't get to just take someone else's spot. Even the legendary Trish Stratus doesn't get to cut in line.

Arisa points accusingly down the camera.

Arisa: With all due respect, Trish? YOU'RE the one who needs to get in line. Because I've earned this spot with a year of blood, sweat and tears. I'M the one who's fought against a world telling her no for the past three years! I came back from injuries that left me physically unable to even perform with my band or even get out of bed some dagsy. I've come back better than I was before. I keep fighting when anyone else would've given up.

Arisa grins that somewhat goofy grin.

Arisa: So if you try using your Stratus status to push your way into the main event? I'll be happy to remind you of who I am. I stopped you in the Queen of the Ring, and I'll do it again. That weak Chick Kick is nothing compared to my Pulsar Kick, and I'm happy to use it to shatter the idea that you can just push me aside. AFTER I win the EBWF Women's Championship, THEN we can consider if you get a shot.

At this moment Tam Nakano steps on screen, eyebrow raised at the proclamation.

Tam: Hold up, Arisa. You might be my friend, but you're not taking this beautiful championship away from me. If you want to try and be Tam, with your own Cinderella story capped by a title win, I have no choice but to give you a bad ending. I'm so close to making history, I can't let anyone stop me.

Arisa: I'm done with your warnings, Tam. I like you, but this is only getting settled in the ring.

Arisa shakes her head and walks off. Tam remains there, anxiously watching her friend leave. A beat later she turns to face the camera.

Tam: Oh, my thoughts about this mess? I have nothing to prove to Trish while I'm getting ready to fight Arisa. All I have to say is this-

She lifts up the EBWF Women's Championship belt to remind everyone who the champion is. The crowd pops loudly as she winks playfully to the camera. Statement made, she shoulders the belt and walks off confidently as the scene faded to a match graphic.


As EBWF returned from commercial, Warfare cut to backstage where Christian Cage was raining down punches on Taz.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh my God Christian is attacking Taz.

Taz was bleeding from a cut on his forehead as Christian continued the vicious beating and the camera picked up some words from him.

Christian Cage: You're bastard son wants to cost me the title and thinks he can get away with it?

Christian pushed Taz to the ground and walked away from him while shaking his head.

Christian Cage: No no no that's not gonna happen.

Taz attempted to crawl to his feet and leaned on a nearby wall for support when Christian came back with a steel chair.

Nigel McGuinness: Oh dear God no Christian don't do this.

Christian smashed Taz's head with a variation of the con-chair-to and threw the chair down as Taz fell to the ground. Christian walked away with a sick smile on his face.

Mauro Ranallo: We need some help for Taz.

Nigel McGuinness: Christian Cage needs to be stopped.

Officials ran up to check on Taz as Warfare went to commercial.


The crowd was electric as EBWF Warfare returned from commercial. The spotlight shined brightly on the wrestling ring, setting the stage for an epic battle between two formidable opponents.

Mauro Ranallo: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight's main event! We have a high-octane clash between Damian Priest and Matt Riddle, the recently crowned King of the Ring takes on the current World Champion's best friend!

Nigel McGuiness: That's right! This is going to be an incredible match-up. These two have a history of hard-hitting encounters, and tonight will be no different.

The bell rang, and both Damian Priest and Matt Riddle approached each other, circling the ring with intensity. Priest reached in with a fist bump, which Riddle reciprocated, and the two locked up.

Mauro Ranallo: The bell has rung, and here we go! Damian Priest and Matt Riddle, sizing each other up and showing some mutual respect, trying to find an opening.

Displaying their strength and determination, the both jockeyed for position. Priest started to get Riddle towards the corner with his size and strength advantage, but Riddle gained a step with a swift knee strike. Priest retaliated with a powerful elbow to the head.

Nigel McGuiness: This is going to be a hard-fought match. Both of them are evenly matched, and neither is giving an inch. Riddle's MMA experience is going to be key to winning against the big heavy-hitter Damian Priest.

Priest and Riddle continued to exchange strikes and counters, showcasing their grappling skills. Riddle attempted to go for a takedown, but Priest blocked it and leapt up, hitting Riddle with a spinning heel kick.

Mauro Ranallo: Damian Priest with a beautiful counter there! He's showing off his agility and striking ability.

Riddle regained his composure and responded with a series of stiff kicks to Priest's legs and midsection. Priest winced in pain but fired back with a massive clothesline, sending Riddle crashing to the mat.

Nigel McGuiness: That's the power of Damian Priest on display! He can turn the tide of a match in an instant.

Priest started to build momentum, delivering a flurry of punches to keep Riddle on the defensive. He then whipped Riddle into the ropes and sets up for the Razor's Edge finisher.

Mauro Ranallo: Could we be seeing the Razor's Edge? Damian Priest is looking to put this one away!

Riddle managed to counter at the last moment, twisting out of Priest's grasp and landing on his feet. He caught Priest with a knee strike to the jaw, staggering the larger opponent.

Nigel McGuiness: Matt Riddle escaped the Razor's Edge! He's not going down without a fight.

Riddle took advantage of the situation and applied a standing arm triangle choke, trying to get Priest to tap and and end the match.

Mauro Ranallo: Riddle is attempting to weaken Priest's upper body, and this could set up the BroMission submission later.

Priest fought through the pain and managed to power out of the hold, lifting Riddle onto his shoulders once again for the Razor's Edge.

Nigel McGuiness: Damian Priest is going for it again! Can he hit it this time?

Priest steadied himself and delivered the Razor's Edge, lifting Riddle high into the air and slamming him down with devastating impact.

Mauro Ranallo: He did it! Damian Priest hit the Razor's Edge!

Priest quickly collapsed on top of Riddle, and the referee counted: One! Two! Three!

The crowd erupts in cheers as Damian Priest's hand is raised in victory. He takes a moment to acknowledge the fans as "Bow" by Zeal & Ardor played. Paul Heyman, who was ringside, watched as Priest offered his hand to help Riddle back up. Heyman yelled at Priest "This is your opportunity! Take him out!". Heyman slid a chair into the ring at Priest's feet. Priest picked up the chair with a confused expression on his face. He could be heard saying "I don't do biz like this!" Riddle got up and noticed Priest with the chair, and took a step backward. He was on high alert.

Mauro Ranallo: I think Riddle thinks that Priest was going to hit him with the chair! But that's not how it was going--

The crowd cheered as "I Came to Play" hit the speakers and the EBWF World Champion, The Miz, sprinted to the ring and slid in, getting in Priest's face. Priest dropped the chair and put his hands up. The two exchanged heated words as Paul looked on with a smirk.

Nigel McGuiness: I think Paul did exactly what he set out to do, Mauro!

The Miz and Damian Priest continued jawing at each other as EBWF Warfare went off the air.
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