Warfare Results - 10/16/2023

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Warfare Results - 10/16/2023

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Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks… it’s time for Warfare! Tonight, we are live from Wichita, Kansas, and kicking things off we’ve got a Breakout Championship open challenge match!

“All About Tha (Boom!)” hit and the crowd cheered as Adam Cole made his way to the ring. Upon entering the ring, Cole held up both the Breakout and Gateway Championships, then handed them to the referee and stared towards the stage, waiting to see who would answer the open challenge. “Stone Pitbull” hit, and the crowd cheered as Tomohiro Ishii made his way to the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: Oh my goodness, Mauro… Adam Cole is in for a fight tonight! Answering the open challenge is a former Breakout Champion, the Stone Pitbull himself, Tomohiro Ishii!

As Ishii entered the ring, he locked eyes with Adam Cole, who nodded at him respectfully. The referee called for the bell, and Cole went to lock up with Ishii, but Ishii broke free and hit Cole with a series of punches, then whipped him against the ropes. As Cole ran back towards him, Ishii hit Cole with a shoulder tackle, taking Cole down. As Cole got back to his feet, Ishii set him up for a brainbuster, but Cole blocked it and whipped Ishii into the corner, before hitting Ishii with a series of kicks. Cole took several steps back, then charged towards Ishii, going for a knee strike… but Ishii moved out of the corner and hit Cole with a lariat!

Mauro Ranallo: A vicious lariat there by Ishii… he almost took Cole’s head off!

As Cole hit the mat, he rolled out of the ring, giving himself a chance to recover. Ishii followed Cole to the outside and hit him with a series of punches, then went to whip Cole into the ringside barrier… but Cole reversed it, whipping Ishii into the ring post! Cole then threw Ishii back into the ring and pummeled him with a series of punches against the mat, before pulling him to his feet and hitting a hangman’s neckbreaker. He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Ishii kicked out! Cole pulled Ishii back to his feet and hit him with a series of punches, but they seemed to have little to no effect on the Stone Pitbull. As Cole began to tire, Ishii smiled at him, then hit Cole with a headbutt, followed by a vicious forearm smash! Cole stumbled backwards, looking dazed, and Ishii grabbed him, lifting him up and hitting a spinning powerslam! Ishii hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Cole kicked out!

Nigel McGuinness: That was a close one!

Ishii pulled Cole to his feet and set him up for a backdrop… but as he lifted Cole up, Cole landed on his feet behind Ishii! Ishii turned around and Cole hit an ushigoroshi, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Ishii kicked out! Both men got to their feet and Ishii went for another lariat, but Cole ducked underneath it, then hit a superkick. Cole lowered his kneepad and ran against the ropes, then hit Ishii with The Boom! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It’s over! That might be Adam Cole’s toughest defense yet!

Cole celebrated and made his way to the back as Warfare went to a commercial break.


“Immortal” by Adema hit and the crowd cheered as Alexa Bliss made her way to the ring in an all Black version of her ring gear and a jacket with a hood over her head.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa Bliss is set to go one on one with AZM and after what Oedo Tai did to Liv Morgan last week you have to think that Alexa is looking for revenge.

Alexa entered the ring and asked Christy Hemme for the microphone and she obliged as Alexa’s music cut.

Alexa Bliss: You know judging by everything that’s happened over the last few months, some people might think that I just have the worst luck in the world or some higher power is punishing me for whatever reason. But the reality is that a certain trio has decided to make everyone a target and one of them in particular has taken it upon herself to be the hitwoman and that is Jamie Hayter.

The crowd booed at the mention of Jamie’s name.

Alexa Bliss: Jamie, you have attacked damn near everyone in the woman’s division for Oedo Tai. A few months ago, you attacked me. I came back and then you attacked me again at Gateway to Glory. I bet it pisses you off that you can’t get rid of me. You failed to take me out for good twice. Is that why you decided to do what you did last week? Jamie, when you put Liv through that glass table you awoke a part of me that’s been dormant for a long time. As I saw Liv lying in broken glass, this part of me wanted to play again and I’m gonna let it. Jamie, you’ve tried to take me out. You’ve taken both of my best friends out, and now you must deal with the darkest part of my soul.

Alexa removed the hood, revealing white face paint with dark blue lines on one side of her face.

Nigel McGuinness: Oh no. We’ve seen this version of Alexa before.

Alexa let out an unhinged chuckle as she spoke again..

Alexa Bliss: You want to use glass? Then let’s use glass. At Fanniversary, I don’t want our match to be a normal one. Oh no. I want a match where we tape our fists and dip them in glue and broken glass. Jamie, I want a Taipei Deathmatch!

“I am a shadow… I am tomorrow… I am a hero with a buggy whip…”

That line bellowed throughout the arena as the lighting changed instantly to shades of orange and red as “Teenage Nosferatu Pussy” by Rob Zombie hit the PA system, and the crowd instantly booed. The booing only intensified as Jamie Hayter walked through the entrance curtain onto the stage. Not wasting any time, Jamie walked down the entrance ramp with a sour look on her face.

Mauro Ranallo: And here comes Jamie Hayter, who has been running amok in EBWF ever since she rejoined Oedo Tai.

Nigel McGuinness: Mayhem, despair, destruction. Three words that describe Jamie’s actions.

Jamie climbed up onto the apron and entered the ring, still with a sour look on her face. After entering the ring, Jamie snatched the microphone from Alexa. “Teenage Nosferatu Pussy” faded out and Jamie raised her microphone to address Alexa.

Jamie Hayter: You just don’t get it, do you, Alexa? You’re a multiple time champion, so you’ve had your time in the sun, and I gave you the perfect sendoff twice. Now you’re back with a different look. Is the face paint supposed to be intimidating, because I don’t feel intimidated. In fact, I think you look even more ridiculous than normal. You already look like a bloody Keebler elf crossed with Lolita.

A small smattering of laughter could be heard coming from the crowd.

Jamie Hayter: A sawed-off half-pint like you wants to fight me in a match type that you’d think would give you the advantage. That’s cute. As a matter of fact, that’s adorable, because no type of match will ever give you an advantage over me. No matter how hard you think you can punch, with or without glass glued to your fists, it still pales in comparison to the easiest day that I had in Japan. So, beating you in a match type that you chose will be simpler than Oedo Tai taking over this company.

Alexa received another microphone and spoke.

Alexa Bliss: Oh, no. You're not intimidated by the face paint? Whatever shall I do?

Alexa had a look of worry but soon laughed.

Alexa Bliss: It's not the face paint that you should be worried about Jamie. You should worry about what I'm going to do you at Fanniversary. Jamie, you’ve caused me to go to a place inside of me that has no remorse. So, I don't care how hard you hit me, and I don't care if I bleed. I've bled before and I'm not afraid to bleed again. I don't care if I bleed out and my heart can't provide anymore. All I care about is beating you and getting revenge not just for myself, but for Liv and Becky.

Jamie Hayter: That’s cute. You think that your change in appearance somehow makes you tougher, but it won’t change a thing come Fanniversary. At Fanniversary, I will destroy you. You see, I can take a person and I can reduce them to a random pile of body parts. You can’t be the first, but you will be the next. There won’t be a storybook ending for you, only pain and misery. When I’m done with you, I’ll send you back to the lollipop guild in pieces.

Jamie dropped the microphone and left the ring as her theme played again.

Mauro Ranallo: It looks like Jamie is not intimidated by this darker version of Alexa.

Nigel McGuinness: She might not be intimidated but she better be prepared for such a brutal match type.

Alexa stared after her as a Fanniversary promo began to play.


When Warfare returned, AZM's theme hit and she made her way to the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: If I was AZM I would be worried,this version of Alexa is extremely dangerous.

AZM entered the ring and the ref rang the bell. Alexa charged and took down AZM with a Lou Thez press and rained down punches. AZM rolled out of the ring but Alexa followed her,Alexa grabbed AZM and sent her head first into the ring post causing a sickening thud.

Mauro Ranallo: Mama Mia

Alexa threw AZM into the ring and went to grab her but got a finger to the eye. AZM was stunned a bit and hit a Suplex,she threw Alexa into the corner and charged at her but Alexa moved and AZM went shoulder first into the ring post.

Nigel McGuinness: Alexa is now back on offense.

AZM slumped down in the corner and Alexa began to stomp her as the referee started a 5 count. Alexa stepped back before getting down and choking AZM. The referee began to count but Alexa wouldn't let go and the ref reached 5 and called for the bell.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa has been disqualified.

Nigel Mcguinness: I don't think she cares.

Alexa continued to choke AZM in the corner as the referee yelled at her to let go. The camera cut and showed Jamie Hayter running to the ring and she pulled Alexa out and the two started punching each other.

Nigel McGuinness: These two aren't waiting until Fanniversary,they're going at it right now.

Mauro Ranallo: And imagine what it's going to be like in the Taipei Deathmatch.

The two brawled up to the stage and Alexa hit a Forearm Smash causing Hayter to stumble a bit but Jamie picked her up and ran her into the set. Alexa arched her back in pain and Jamie turned to leave but Alexa got back up and jumped on her back and dug her fingers into Jamie's eyes.

Nigel McGuinness: This is chaos

Jamie eventually threw Alexa off her back and officials ran out to stop the fight as the crowd booed. Jamie clutched her eyes as she walked through the curtain and Alexa sat on the stage laughing.


Warfare cut to the backstage area where Christian Cage was standing getting ready to speak.

Christian Cage: A couple weeks ago Johnny Gargano challenged me to a match at Fanniversary.

Christian smirked.

Christian Cage: Johnny I don't get it, a month ago you decided to disrespect me for no good reason and when I decided to let it slide instead of moving on you decided to disrespect again and now you think you're worthy of facing The Instant Classic on EBWF's biggest stage?

Christian chuckled.

Christian Cage: What a joke you don't deserve to be in the ring with me and normally I would tell you to piss off but I see you need to be taught a lesson and I'm gonna have to teach that lesson. So as far as your challenge goes,I accept but just remember when you are on your back looking up at the lights that this is your fault. If you don't know…now you know.

Christian walked off as Warfare went to commercial.


EBWF Warfare returned from commercial on a wide angle shot of the crowd.


The crowd cheered loudly as Matt Riddle danced out to the ring, extremely relaxed and smiling at the crowd.

Mauro Ranallo: Matt Riddle has an opportunity to get some revenge after being defeated by Damian Priest on Damian's road to becoming the EBWF World Champion.

Nigel McGuinesss: A win by Matt Riddle could propel Matt into contendership for the EBWF World Championship!

As Riddle got to his corner, his music was replaced by "To the Hellfire" by Lorna Shore. The blistering deathcore riffs heralded the entrance of the EBWF World Champion, Damian Priest. Flanked by Paul Heyman, Priest slowly made his way down to the ring, the EBWF World Championship draped over his shoulder. He smirked at the mixed reaction the crowd gave him. Heyman hyped him up constantly as they walked down to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Priest may have a challenge ahead of him tonight. It's always hard to beat someone twice.

Nigel McGuiness: That's true. With two top tier competitors like this, you have to imagine they both watched the tape from their last match and picked up on improvements.

Heyman stepped between the ropes into the ring and Priest stepped over the top rope to get in the ring. Priest lifted his EBWF World Championship up in the air. Heyman grabbed a microphone and stared at Matt Riddle before bringing the microphone up to his mouth, the crowd booing him.

Paul Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen...

The boos intensified.

Paul Heyman: My name... is Paul Heyman. And quite frankly, I'm not sure what I'm doing here. What WE are doing here. In this city, I mean.

The crowd booed as Paul took the easy heat.

Paul Heyman: I'm not sure that there is a reason that Damian Priest needs to stoop to this level to--

Paul was interrupted as Matt Riddle put his hand over the microphone and took it out of Paul's hands. The crowd cheered as Riddle tossed the microphone outside the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: I guess Matt Riddle is ready for this match to happen!

Heyman quickly shuffled out of the ring as the referee called for the bell. Priest immediately stepped in and locked up with Riddle, using his imposing size and strength to muscle Riddle into the corner. The referee counted to four and Priest gave Riddle a clean break, even though Riddle expected a sucker punch. They locked back up in the middle of the ring and Riddle immediately shifted his weight and moved around behind Priest, lifting him up and slamming him onto his stomach, rolling over into a headlock. Priest, the stronger of the two, slowly forced himself up to a vertical base and threw Riddle towards the ropes. Riddle ducked underneath a clothesline attempt, but Priest connected with a high drop kick on the return, stunning Riddle.

Nigel McGuiness: Damian Priest is the living embodiment of the common wrestling trope of "No man that size should be able to move that fast." The man flies around like a Luchador, but he's 249 lbs.

Priest picked Riddle up and went for a roundhouse kick, but Riddle ducked underneath and grabbed Priest's leg, ripping it down towards the mat with a dragon screw takedown. Priest clutched his leg in pain as Riddle followed up with a quick leg bar.

Mauro Ranallo: This is where Matt Riddle shines. His mat technical skills are second to none.

Nigel McGuiness: He may be a chill, lackadaisical dude, but when he's in the ring he's a trained killer.

As Riddle tightened his grip on the leg bar submission hold, Paul Heyman quickly mounted the apron, yelling at the referee.

Mauro Ranallo: What is he doing?!

The referee barked at Heyman and ordered him to get off the apron. Heyman refused and kept distracting the referee, to the point where Riddle released the hold on Priest and rolled out of the ring, storming towards Heyman:

Nigel McGuiness: Get out of there, Paul!

Heyman attempted to escape Riddle, but Riddle grabbed a fistful of his collar. The crowd cheered as Riddle reared back with his fist as Heyman cowered. Before he could strike, a loud crack could be heard throughout the arena and Riddle fell to the ground in a heap. The camera panned out and revealed Priest holding a half bent steel chair. The referee called for the DQ as Priest grabbed Riddle and threw him back into the ring, picking up the chair.
Mauro Ranallo: Somebody stop him! What is he doing?!

Nigel McGuiness: He's just defending his manager, Mauro! Riddle came out here like a psychopath and tried to attack a defenseless Paul Heyman!

The crowd booed as an incensed Priest got back into the ring with a chair, aiming the end of the chair at Riddle's skull.


The crowd erupted as the Miz sprinted down to the ring as fast as he could, diving underneath the ropes and immediately exchanging blows with Priest. The two went shot for shot as Miz grabbed Priest and threw him into the ropes. Riddle got up and his a spinning heel kick right on Damian's jaw, sending him flipping over the ropes and tumbling out to the floor. The crowd cheered as Priest stumbled backwards as he tried to get up. The Miz and Riddle amped up the crowd as Heyman handed Priest his World Championship and they retreated up the ramp.

Mauro Ranallo: The Miz sending a message here that he's coming for his shot at the EBWF World Championship as Bro Awesome stands tall!

The camera focused on Priest's seething anger as Warfare went to commercial.


When EBWF returned the INTRUST Bank Arena was buzzing with electricity after a night’s worth of top-notch wrestling. As the camera swept over the crowd, we saw plenty of differing signs: ‘JUSTICE FOR LIV’, ‘OEDO TAI FEARS SAKISAMA’, ‘10 YEARS OF BLISS’, ‘WE LOVE ARISA’ and ‘TAM’S DAYS ARE #’D!’. A good number of fans in the crowd wore the newly released Arisa Hoshiki Shining Star Shirt, though there were some scattered Oedo Tai ones as well. Then the camera settled on the entrance stage as “Senbonzakura” hit to thundering boos.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time please welcome the EBWF Women’s Champion, Tam Nakano!

As the words “FINAL BOSS” and “TAM NAKANO” appeared on the entrance tron, Tam strutted out onto the stage in the same attire she wore for her championship celebration rather than her ring gear. With the EBWF Women’s Championship strapped around her torso, Tam winked cheekily into the camera before making her way to the ring. AZM was close behind, trying her best not to let on how much the assault from Alexa Bliss had taken out of her.

Nigel McGuinness: This woman has been the face of EBWF women’s wrestling since her return last summer, but none of the good will from that return remains. It makes you sick to see the monster she’s become since revealing she was the mastermind behind Oedo Tai arriving in EBWF

Mauro Ranallo: Once a favorite of the fans, the Twilight Dream’s turned EBWF into a Twilight Nightmare for everyone who doesn’t swear loyalty to Oedo Tai. After all the heinous actions of her unit, what in the world could Tam Nakano have on her mind tonight?

AZM climbed onto the ring apron and smirked as she held the ropes open for Tam. Tam gingerly stepped through the ropes, then struck a sarcastically cute pose in the center of the ring as the fans booed more. For a moment she feigned shock, then laughed as the boos got louder. AZM could be seen ripping the mic out of Christy Hemme’s hand and slightly shoving the ring announcer. Once she had the mic she rolled into the ring and handed it to Tam, who smiled confidently as her music faded out.

Tam Nakano: Good evening! Cutest Final Boss in the cosmos here! It’s an exciting time of year, isn’t it? Every wrestler who ever steps onto that stage always dreams about what their road to Fanniversary will be like. It’s professional wrestling’s biggest show, and this is the last stop on that road. And in the main event of the final show before that special night you get to see the greatest champion in EBWF history! Aren’t you excited?

The fans booed again as Tam blew a kiss to the camera.

Tam Nakano: Whether you like it or not, the biggest stage of them all belongs to Tam. Just like this beautiful championship belongs to Tam. Since I returned last July, I have repeatedly proven that I am the most dominant wrestler in the world. Every last loser in the back who’s stepped up got knocked right back down again. Last year I was the biggest story in EBWF as I called my shot on the road to Fanniversary. When I beat Britt Baker, it was the biggest moment of the night. And this year? It’s all about Tam again.

She gave the belt a pat as the fans got in more boos.

Tam Nakano: So really, it’s the Road to Tammiversary! Because at the show of shows, I reach THREE HUNDRED and SIXTY-FIVE DAYS as EBWF Women’s Champion. I am the longest reigning, most dominant champion this company has ever seen. For one year I’ve made women’s wrestling must watch in a way that Natalya, Allysin Kay, Aliyah Gutierrez, Liv Morgan, Britt Baker, Alexa Bliss, Utami Hayashishita and Trish Stratus never could! Every time Tam sets foot in this ring it becomes an instant classic. So, you’d all better thank Tam for making things better. And you’d better tune in for my Tammiversary.

AZM applauded Tam’s bragging as the champion removed the belt from around her torso. She held it in her hand for a moment before hefting it onto her shoulder.

Tam Nakano: This is MY house now, and Fanniversary is MY show. Last year it was all about making my Twilight Dream come true. This year it’s all about shattering the idiotic dream of someone who should’ve just gone home already.

Chants of “A-RI-SA!” started rising from the crowd as Tam rolled her eyes.

Tam Nakano: Yes, yes, Hoshiki. The girl who disappeared from pro wrestling because her body just kept falling apart. The one who thinks that just because she wears a crown on her head, she deserves to share a ring with Tam. Every time I think I’ve finally rid her from my life, she keeps coming back in. Look, it’s not my fault that she wants to bask in my glory and coast on my success. It’s the only way people will care about her.

She laughed as the boos rose again, mixing with chants for the challenger.

Tam Nakano: Hoshiki, I’m going to be as clear as I possibly can be - that’s the only way this message is going to get through that thick head of yours. I gave you plenty of warnings. I told you what would happen if you flew too close to the sun. You had every opportunity to just take your accomplishments this year and be happy with them. But no, you have to try and be Tam. Fine. Just realize that when you chase after this dream-

Tam held the championship belt up high.

Tam Nakano: That dream turns into a nightmare. I’m not going to hold your hand or take it easy on you. If you choose to step into this ring with Tam, Tam’s going to break you for good. The fact that you’ve won Last Survivor and Queen of the Ring in the same year is just going to make my third victory over you that much more impressive. Everything you’ve done here will just make me look better. Your road to Tammiversary ends with me standing over your broken body, raising this belt up once again. Because you may hate me, but you will never get b-
She was cut off as ‘Shining Star’ hit to a huge pop from the crowd. As the camera panned to the entrance ramp, the fans came unglued as Arisa Hoshiki stepped through the curtain. She smiled at the warm reception, then locked eyes on the ring and marched down the ramp. It was a matter of mere moments before Arisa climbed into the ring with a mic of her own. Tam glared at her and AZM started pacing behind her. “A-RI-SA!” chants rang out as the Shining Star gathered her thoughts.

Arisa Hoshiki: So that’s it? This is what my best friend’s become? You know, you talk a lot about how I’m apparently trying to be you. But really the only one of us who’s trying to be someone else is you. Final Boss? Oedo Tai? Get better than you? I’ve heard all of those things before, Tam. And we both know what happened when the last person who met that description fought me for a title.

She glared at Tam as the champion just rolled her eyes.

Arisa Hoshiki: Now yes, you’ve been champion longer than any other woman in EBWF history. You’re very, very good. I know how good you are because I’ve fought you twice for this belt. And even though you came out on top both times, you know deep down that I pushed you to your limit both times.

Arisa’s eyes drifted to the title before she continued.

Arisa Hoshiki: And both times, I came back from the wars we fought even stronger. I outlasted every other woman on the roster to become Last Survivor in January. I went through three of the most dangerous women in pro wrestling to earn this crown in June. You saw me get stronger, you knew how close I came to ending your reign before, and so you pushed me to the side to cheat Trish at Gateway to Glory. But now nothing’s standing between me and that rematch. The match the entire world’s been waiting for, for half a year!

The crowd cheered as Arisa stepped forward and jabbed a finger at Tam.

Arisa Hoshiki: I know you, Tam. Despite all your big words about no one being able to compete with you, I know that deep down you know how much better I’ve become. You know the Shining Star shines brighter than the Dark Star ever could. I know that deep down, you’re afraid of what’s coming at Fannviersary.

The two stepped closer to each other, close enough to throw blows.

Arisa Hoshiki: And you should be. Because everything I’ve done since last December’s been with the one goal of taking you down. Every waking moment, every breath I take, it’s all to get myself ready to make my own history. At Fanniversary, this ends with one kick.

Her eyes glanced up to the title Tam was holding up again, and there was movement from behind as AZM rushed Arisa from behind. She went for a kick - no! Arisa spun out of the way and clocked AZM with a Pulsar Kick! AZM crashed to the mat hard, and then Arisa turned her attention to Tam. She threw another Pulsar Kick, but Tam dropped to the mat and rolled out of the ring. However, the EBWF Women’s Championship rested on the mat, Tam having dropped it in her escape! Arisa spotted it, smiled, and picked it up to a huge pop from the crowd!

Arisa stared down at the belt hungrily, debating if she should raise it up. In the end she decided it wasn’t time and dropped the belt - just as Tam rushed her from behind with a roundhouse kick. Tam then laid the belt out in the center of the ring and flashed an evil smile. She picked Arisa up and hit a Violet Screwdriver RIGHT ON THE BELT! Tam then collected the belt and raised it up to remind the world who was champion. Tam then exited the ring with AZM, laughing as she held the belt up.

Mauro Ranallo: MAMMA MIA! Tam Nakano just dropped Arisa Hoshiki head first onto the belt!

Nigel McGuinness: With her history of head and neck injuries, is Arisa even going to be able to compete at Fanniversary?!

Arisa lay motionless as EBWF trainers rushed to the ring to check on her. However, as they arrived, she started to crawl to the ropes inch by inch. Before they could enter the ring, she pulled herself one rope at a time. The last shot of the night was that of Arisa Hoshiki, blood dripping from a cut on her face, glaring with determination at the entrance ramp as Tam taunted her and EBWF went off the air.
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