Warfare Results 10/23/2023

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Warfare Results 10/23/2023

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Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks… it’s time for Warfare! We are one week away from Fanniversary, and kicking things off tonight we’ve got the latest open challenge for Adam Cole’s Breakout Championship!

“All About Tha (Boom!)” hit and the crowd cheered as Adam Cole made his way to the ring, the Breakout and Gateway Championships draped over his shoulders. Upon entering the ring, Cole held up both titles, then handed them to the referee as he waited for his opponent. Samoa Joe’s theme hit, and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as Joe made his way to the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: It’s Samoa Joe, a former Gateway Champion and the 2017 Royal Rumble winner! We haven’t seen him in EBWF in over a year… Adam Cole had a tough match against Tomohiro Ishii last week, but his title defense tonight could be even tougher!

The referee called for the bell and the two men locked up. Joe overpowered Cole and shoved him into the corner, then hit him with a series of punches. Joe then hit a running back elbow in the corner, followed by a jumping kick. As Cole stumbled out of the corner, Joe hit a headbutt, but Cole fought back with an elbow strike, then whipped Joe against the ropes. As Joe ran back towards him, Cole hit a superkick, and as Joe hit the mat, he rolled out of the ring. Cole followed Joe to the outside and hit Joe with a series of punches, before whipping him into the ring post! Joe’s shoulder collided with the ring post, and as he clutched his shoulder in pain, Cole whipped Joe back into the ring. Cole then climbed to the top rope, and went for the Panama Sunrise… but Joe caught Cole in midair and hit him with a huge powerslam!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! What a counter!

Joe hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Cole kicked out! Joe pulled Cole to his feet and set him up for a powerbomb, but Cole slipped out of it and kicked Joe on the back of the head, before hitting a backstabber. Cole then put Joe in an armbar, but Joe fought out of it, and as both men got to their feet, Joe whipped Cole against the ropes. As Cole ran back towards him, Joe went for a clothesline, but Cole ducked underneath it, ran against the opposing set of ropes, and hit Joe with a running high knee strike! Cole hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Joe kicked out! As Joe got the shoulder up, Cole turned him over and put him in a crossface, but Joe was able to get his foot on the ropes and the referee ordered Cole to break the hold.

Nigel McGuinness: Cole continuing to work the arm of Samoa Joe here… it’s an interesting strategy, trying to make the big man tap.

As both men got to their feet, Cole went for another superkick, but this time Joe sidestepped it, before grabbing Adam Cole and hitting him with a powerbomb! Joe hooked both legs and the referee counted - 1… 2… Cole kicked out! Joe immediately applied the STF, but Cole was able to get to the ropes. After Joe had broken the hold, Cole used the ropes to pull himself up, but as soon as Cole was on his feet, Joe threw him into the corner and hit him with a series of punches. Joe sat Cole on the top rope, trying to set him up for the Muscle Buster, but Cole kicked Joe away, then hit the Panama Sunrise! He hooked both legs and the referee counted - 1… 2… Joe kicked out! As both men got to their feet, Cole hit a superkick, but Samoa Joe was able to stay on his feet. Cole looked momentarily stunned, but hit a second superkick, this time knocking Joe down. As Joe tried to sit up, Adam Cole hit a third successive superkick, then pulled down his kneepad and ran against the ropes, hitting Joe with The Boom! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

Mauro Ranallo: It’s over! Another successful title defense for Adam Cole!

The referee called for the bell and raised Adam Cole’s arm in victory. As Cole celebrated, an entrance theme unfamiliar to EBWF fans began to play…

The crowd gave a mixed reaction as Zack Sabre Jr stepped out onto the stage.

Nigel McGuinness: I can’t believe this, Mauro! It’s my fellow countryman, Zack Sabre Jr… he’s currently signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he is the World Television Champion. What is he doing here in EBWF?

ZSJ waited for his music to be cut, then began to speak.

Zack Sabre Jr: Congratulations, Adam. Another successful Breakout Title defense. I see you quickly gave up on trying to make Samoa Joe tap, which is probably for the best. I don’t think submission moves are your forte… if I were you mate, I’d stick to the superkicks and knee strikes.

Cole shrugged, seemingly amused by ZSJ's advice.

Zack Sabre Jr: However, credit where credit is due. I respect you for defending that championship each and every week. And I like the fact that you’re willing to defend it against anyone, no matter where they’re from and regardless of whether or not they’re under EBWF contract. Although it could be pretty awkward for you, and for EBWF, if someone were to take that title from you, and take it away to Japan or the UK… on the bright side, maybe if that did happen, we’d finally get that EBWF world tour Wes Ikeda has been talking about for years…

The crowd cheered, partly in approval of an EBWF world tour, but also because they knew what ZSJ was hinting at.

Zack Sabre Jr: Now I know you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, Adam, so let me spell it out for you. I want to know if the Breakout Championship open challenge is taking place at Fanniversary on Sunday, because if it is… you’re looking at your next opponent.

Adam Cole grabbed a microphone to respond to ZSJ’s challenge.

Adam Cole: You know what, Zack? Credit where credit is due, you’re funnier than people give you credit for. When I won the Breakout Title, I said I wanted to defend it each and every week, and take on all comers… so you’re damn right that includes Fanniversary, and I accept your challenge. But be warned, “mate”... if you want to take this title to Japan, you’re going to have to give me everything you’ve got, and that still might not be enough. Because while you might be one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, I am the one, the only…

Cole crouched down, then raised his arms in the air as the crowd shouted in unison…


The camera cut back to ZSJ, who applauded sarcastically.

Zack Sabre Jr: Nice. Keep that title warm, and I’ll see you Sunday.

ZSJ headed to the back as a match graphic appeared on the tron for ZSJ versus Adam Cole, making the match official!


Warfare cut to the backstage area where Renee Young was standing by with Johnny Gargano.

Renee Young: Johnny, last week Christian Cage accepted your challenge and now it's official, you will face him at Fanniversary. What are your thoughts on this match?

Johnny smiled.

Johnny Gargano: You know I'm not really surprised Renee, you see I knew if I insulted him and told the truth about him long enough that he would want to fight me. Christian Cage has quite the large ego, hell it's so huge that just the tiniest thing can cause him to go after someone.

Renee Young: Speaking of huge, this match has to be huge for you, to face someone like Christian Cage on the biggest stage in EBWF. Am I right?

Johnny chuckled.

Johnny Gargano: You're right this match is huge for me and I'm not letting that opportunity go to waste. Johnny Wrestling is set for big things around here and beating Christian at Fanniversary is gonna bring me closer to the EBWF World Championship.

Gargano turned to the camera.

Johnny Gargano: So Christian I hope you're ready for this Sunday because I'm ready to make you tap and prove why I am one of the best professional wrestlers in the world and hopefully I'll shut you up for good so we don't have to hear you whine anymore.

Johnny walked away as Warfare went to commercial.


When Warfare returned from the commercial break, “Love is Blind” by Def Rebel hit and the crowd cheered as Ava Johnson made her way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back! Up next, we’ve got fourth generation superstar Ava Johnson making her EBWF in ring debut… she’ll go one on one with “The Doctor”, Britt Baker DMD!

When Ava was in the ring, “The Epic” hit and the crowd continued cheering as Britt Baker made her way to the ring. Upon entering the ring, Britt shook hands with Ava, and could be seen mouthing “good luck” to her opponent.

Nigel McGuinness: You have to wonder, is that sportsmanship by Britt Baker, or is it gamesmanship? I don’t know if it was just me, but there seemed to be something a little threatening in the way she wished Ava good luck there…

The referee called for the bell, and the two women began circling the ring before locking up in the center of the ring. Britt set Ava up for a snapmare, but Ava broke free, then hit Britt with a forearm to the back of the head, knocking her down. As Britt got back to her feet, Ava lifted her up, hitting a body slam, before stomping on Britt several times. Ava then pulled Britt to her feet and whipped her into the corner, where she hit her with a series of punches.

Mauro Ranallo: An aggressive start by Ava Johnson… she’s taking the fight to Britt Baker!

Ava whipped Britt into the opposite corner, then ran at her, going for a corner clothesline… but Britt moved out of the way, causing Ava to collide with the turnbuckles! As Ava moved out of the corner, Britt hit the ripcord elbow strike, then whipped her against the ropes before hitting a slingblade. Both women got to their feet, and Britt went for a superkick… but Ava ducked underneath it, then grabbed Britt, hitting a DDT! She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Britt kicked out! Ava pulled Britt to her feet, and set her up for a suplex. She lifted Britt in the air, and held her there for several seconds, showing off her strength! But this gave Britt the opportunity to break free from the hold! Britt wriggled free, landing on her feet, then grabbed Ava and hit a fisherman’s neckbreaker. She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Ava kicked out! As Britt got to her feet, she pulled out her black and red glove, then put it on her hand and placed Ava in the Lockjaw! Ava quickly tapped out, and the referee called for the bell.

Nigel McGuinness: It’s over! Ava started strongly, but her inexperience cost her… she took too long with that suplex, and gave Britt Baker a way into the match!

Mauro Ranallo: What a tremendous effort from the young superstar though, Nigel. I think the future is bright for Ava Johnson here in EBWF!

As Ava got to her feet, Britt hugged her, then made her way to the back. The crowd applauded Ava’s efforts, which made her smile, but it was clear she was disappointed as she exited the ring and followed Britt up the ramp.


“Teenage Nosferatu Pussy” by Rob Zombie hit the PA System and the crowd instantly rose their collective feet as they began to boo. The entrance curtain opened, and Jamie Hayter walked out onto the stage, greeted by the reaction intensifying. She wore a smirk on her face as she began walking down the entrance ramp.

Christy Hemme: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… She is from Southampton, England… JAMIE HAYTER!!!

Mauro Ranallo: Jamie Hayter has been destroying everyone in sight. Ever since she rejoined Oedo Tai, she has felt rejuvenated. Tonight, she’ll be facing Becky Lynch in Becky’s first match since Jamie took her out.

Nigel McGuinness: Not only that, but Jamie could give us a preview of what could happen at Fanniversary.

Jamie made it to ringside with great haste and climbed up onto the apron. She entered the ring and turned her attention to the entrance as her theme faded out.

As the anticipation grew, the crowd became restless with each passing moment. Once “Celtic Invasion” by CFO$ hit the PA system and the lighting turned to shades of green and orange, the roof blew off the arena. The entrance curtain opened, and Becky Lynch walked out onto the stage and the reaction from the crowd intensified even further. Becky began making her way down the entrance ramp while she glared at Jamie.

Christy Hemme: Her opponent… From Dublin, Ireland… She is The Man… BECKY LYNCH!!!

Mauro Ranallo: It was a little over two months ago that Jamie Hayter attacked Becky Lynch just as she was about to make her way out here. Being the fighter that she is, Becky went ahead with the match.

Nigel McGuinness: You have to believe that Becky is looking to exact revenge on Jamie. Given how Jamie is and how she’s been rejuvenated since her rejoining Oedo Tai, that’ll be a tall order to fill.

Becky made it to ringside and climbed up onto the apron as she glared at Jamie. Once Becky entered the ring, she immediately ran toward Jamie and the two women began trading punches. The opening bell rang as “Celtic Invasion” abruptly cut while Becky and Jamie continued slugging it out.

Mauro Ranallo: There they go at a hundred miles per hour already.

Nigel McGuinness: These two ladies are wanting to destroy each other right here and now.

Back in the ring, Jamie wasted little time as she started asserting her dominance by throwing forearms. She hit Becky in the back of the head with her forearm – once, twice – and Becky stumbled around the ring right into the southeast corner. With Becky in the corner, Jamie grabbed her by both sides of the head and brought her out of the corner. With both hands on the sides of Becky’s head, Jamie threw her to the mat. Becky quickly got to her feet and Jamie headbutted her, backing her into the northwest corner. Becky stumbled out of the corner and dropped to her hands and knees.

Mauro Ranallo: It didn’t take long for Jamie to start dominating.

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah, and this doesn’t bode well for Becky if Jamie keeps it up.

Jamie approached Becky and Becky started punching Jamie in the stomach. Becky punched Jamie in the stomach – once, twice – before Jamie kneed her in the stomach and followed it up with another headbutt, and it dropped Becky to the mat. Becky got back up to her feet and staggered around the ring. Jamie hoisted Becky up and slammed her down with a Uranage Slam. Becky slowly got back up to her feet and punched Jamie in the stomach – once, twice, three times – before Jamie pushed her away. Jamie pushed Becky with such velocity that it sent the Lass Kicker into the southwest corner. With one arm, Jamie whipped Becky to the opposite corner. With Becky in the northeast corner, Jamie grabbed her by the throat with both hands and pulled her out of the corner. Jamie lifted Becky up with both hands, and it seemed as though she'd throw Becky down to the mat. However, Becky had the wherewithal to rake Jamie in the eyes, which caused Jamie to drop Becky to her feet. Becky walked up to Jamie stomped on her left foot. She stomped on Jamie’s left foot – one, two, three, four times. Becky followed it up with kicking Jamie’s shin – one, two, three, four times – before Jamie headbutted her, knocking Becky for a loop. Jamie grabbed Becky by the head and headbutted her again, this time sending Becky down to the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: Down goes Becky!

Nigel McGuinness: Becky might be outpowered here, but I’m not throwing in the towel for her. She’s very resourceful.

With Becky down, Jamie went for the pin. ONE! TWO! Becky kicked out, keeping the match alive. Jamie brought Becky to her feet and backed her into the northeast corner before she whipped Becky to the southwest corner. With Becky in the opposite corner, Jamie charged at her and attempted to hit her with an elbow, but Becky ducked out of the way, and that caused Jamie’s rib cage to collide with the top turnbuckle. Jamie staggered out of the corner and Becky climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Once Jamie turned around, Becky jumped off of the top turnbuckle and Jamie caught her in a bearhug. Jamie squeezed and then rammed Becky into the southeast corner. With Becky in the corner, Jamie hit her in the chest with a knife edge chop and the crowd let out a “WOO” as Becky screamed in pain. Jamie hit Becky in the chest with another knife edge chest and the crowd let out another “WOO” as Becky screamed in pain again, and Becky fell to the mat.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky’s down again.

Nigel McGuinness: I’m not surprised. Jamie’s an impressive and imposing figure.

With Becky on the mat, Jamie stepped on the back of her neck while she grabbed the top rope as Becky continued writhing while the crowd booed. The referee started the count. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! Jamie let up and looked over at the referee as Becky got up to her hands and knees. Jamie picked Becky up and grabbed her left hand. Jamie wrenched Becky’s arm and the Lass Kicker writhed in pain again. Jamie applied more pressure, forcing Becky down to her knees. Becky managed to get back up to her feet, and Jamie lifted Becky up with her other arm and threw her down to the mat. With Becky down, Jamie went for the pin.

ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Becky kicked out and staggered to her feet. Jamie grabbed Becky’s left arm and tried to wrench it again, but Becky raked Jamie’s chest with her nails, which forced Jamie to back off momentarily. As Jamie checked her chest, Becky approached her and started punching Jamie in the face. Becky punched Jamie in the face – one, two, three, four, five times – before she ran to the ropes. After she bounced off the ropes, Becky jumped up but before she could attempt a move, Jamie caught her with a bearhug and threw her across the ring. Becky used the ropes to prop herself up and Jamie charged at her. Becky ducked and held the top rope down, which caused Jamie to tumble over the top rope and to the floor.

Mauro Ranallo: There you have the craftiness of Becky.

Nigel McGuinness: She was smart enough to use Jamie’s own momentum against her.

Becky got to her feet in the ring and waited for Jamie to get back to her feet. Once Jamie got to her feet, Becky ran to the ropes and dove through them in a suicide dive attempt, but Jamie managed to catch her in midair. Jamie hoisted Becky up onto her shoulder so Becky’s in the snake eyes position, and it seemed as though Jamie was about to ram Becky face first into the ring post. Becky managed to slip out of the hold and landed behind Jamie, and she pushed Jamie into the ring post, slamming Jamie face first into the ring post instead. Being slammed into the ring post caused Jamie to drop to the floor.

Mauro Ranallo: I didn’t think it was possible, but Becky just floored Jamie.

Nigel McGuinness: Like you said, Mauro, she’s crafty.

Mauro Ranallo: This match continues after the commercial break.

Warfare went commercial break and returned to Becky pinning Jamie in the ring. ONE! TWO! Jamie kicked out. Jamie sat up and looked up at Becky who yelled, “You’re done! I’ll beat you like the bitch you are!”

Mauro Ranallo: Becky is exuding confidence now that she’s in control.

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah, but it’s a bit early to be popping the champagne.

Jamie got up to her hands and knees, and Becky kicked her in the side of the head – one, two times – before Jamie pushed her away. Becky approached Jamie again and punched her in the face – one, two, three, four times – before Jamie pulled Becky’s feet out from under her. Jamie grabbed Becky by the throat and choked her. The referee started to count. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! Jamie released the hold and looked at the referee as Becky got to her feet. Jamie grabbed Becky’s left arm and wrenched it again, which caused Becky to drop to her knees. The referee checked on Becky while Jamie used her free hand to squeeze Becky’s left shoulder, which caused her even more pain. The referee asked Becky if she wanted to give up, and she yelled, “NO!”

Mauro Ranallo: Jamie is back in control with the arm wrench.

Nigel McGuinness: Becky isn’t giving up despite the punishment she’s been through.

Becky managed to get back up to her feet and she stomped on Jamie’s right foot – one, two times – before Jamie elbowed her arm. Becky clutched her arm and writhed in pain as she staggered to the southwest corner with her back to Jamie. Jamie approached Becky and placed her left arm into a hammerlock. The referee counted. ONE! TWO! THREE! Jamie elbowed Becky’s arm again, and the Lass Kicker staggered out of the corner while clutching her arm and writhing in pain. Jamie grabbed Becky’s left arm and headbutted it, which backed her into the ropes. Jamie grabbed Becky’s left arm and headbutted it again, dropping Becky to the mat. While she clutched her arm, Becky scurried to the northeast corner and propped herself up in a seated position. Jamie approached Becky and Becky kicked Jamie in the left shin – one, two, three times – before Jamie stomped on Becky’s chest – one, two, three, four times. Jamie followed the stomping up by standing on Becky’s left shoulder while the Brit held the top rope. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! Jamie let up. Becky staggered to her feet and punched Jamie in the face with her right hand. She followed it up with another punch to Jamie’s face and Jamie answered with a headbutt to Becky’s head, which knocked the Lass Kicker for a loop. Becky dropped to her knees and was leaning on the middle rope. Jamie approached Becky and grabbed her left arm, using the top rope to aid her with an arm lock. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! Jamie released the hold.

Mauro Ranallo: For almost this entire match, Jamie has been dominant.

Nigel McGuinness: I’m not saying that Becky can’t win, but at this point, it would take a miracle.

Jamie grabbed Becky’s left arm and wrenched it before she lifted Becky up. Before Jamie was able to apply pressure, Becky was able to slide down to the mat and attempted a sunset flip pinfall. Her attempt was in vain as Jamie lifted her up by the throat and placed her into a bearhug. The referee asked Becky if she wanted to give up, and she yelled, “NO!”

Becky managed to drop to her feet and clapped her hands against the sides of Jamie’s head, which forced the Brit to release the hold. Becky backed into the ropes and ran right into a big boot from Jamie. With Becky on the mat, Jamie took the time to shake the cobwebs from her head before turning her attention back to Becky. As Becky staggered to her feet, Jamie approached her and grabbed her left arm. Jamie smashed Becky’s left arm with her forearm, which caused Becky to drop to her knees while writhing in pain. Becky got back to her feet, and Jamie smashed Becky’s left arm with her forearm, which caused Becky to drop to all fours in pain.

Mauro Ranallo: Jamie has been very methodical in this match.

Nigel McGuinness: No kidding. She’s almost as methodical as Becky’s known to be.

Becky staggered to her feet and Jamie grabbed her left arm again. This time, Becky poked her in the eye and followed it up with a dropkick, which knocked Jamie for a loop. Becky hit Jamie with another dropkick, which caused Jamie to back into the ropes. Becky charged at Jamie and hit her with a clothesline, trying to knock her out of the ring. Becky hit Jamie with another clothesline before she ran to the ropes. After she bounced off the ropes, Becky ran right into a clothesline from Jamie, which sent Becky back to the mat. With Becky down, Jamie took the time to shake the cobwebs loose. Jamie turned her attention back to Becky and brought her to her feet. Jamie hit Becky’s head with another headbutt, which caused the Lass Kicker to drop to the mat, and she rolled to the outside. On the outside, Becky looked under the apron and found a toolbox. She took a wrench out of the toolbox as Jamie approached her. Jamie bent down over the top rope to grab a hold of Becky’s head, and Becky placed the wrench in Jamie’s left boot. Jamie backpedaled and pulled the wrench out of her boot and the referee saw the wrench in her hand. The referee started screaming at her, thinking at first that Jamie would use it as a weapon. Jamie dropped it immediately and the referee took it. Becky slid back into the ring and charged at Jamie, punching her in face – one, two, three, four, five, six, seven times – Jamie was forced back into the southwest corner – eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty one times.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky’s mounting a comeback!

Nigel McGuinness: It might be a miracle after all!

Becky attempted to whip Jamie to the opposite corner, but Jamie reversed and sent Becky to the corner instead. Jamie charged at Becky, and she dropkicked the Brit in the left shin, which caused Jamie to stumble and ram her face into the top turnbuckle, and that knocked Jamie for a loop. Becky climbed up to the top turnbuckle in that same corner as Jamie staggered towards her, and jumped off, catching Jamie with a diving clothesline. Both competitors were now down.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky managed to use Jamie’s own momentum against her.

Nigel McGuinness: Not only that, but Becky also took Jamie down with a flying clothesline.

Becky slowly crawled over to Jamie and covered her. ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Jamie managed to push Becky off her. Jamie got up to her feet and backed up several feet and lied in wait. Becky staggered up to her feet. Once Becky turned to face her, Jamie ran at her full speed, and attempted the HAYTERADE. Things didn’t go as planned as Becky managed to grab Jamie’s arm at the last second and took Jamie down. Becky attempted to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her, but Jamie was too close to the ropes and grabbed the bottom rope.

Mauro Ranallo: Jamie went for the HAYTERADE and Becky managed to reverse it into the Dis-Arm-Her!

Nigel McGuinness: Yeah, but Jamie was too close to the ropes.

ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! Becky released Jamie from the hold. Once Jamie got back up to her feet, Becky pulled her close and attempted the Manhandle Slam. Before Becky could hoist Jamie up, Jamie elbowed Becky in the side of the head – one, two, three times – before she completed the reversal. To complete the reversal, Jamie hoisted Becky up and dropped Becky on her bent knee. With more damage done to Becky, Jamie pushed the Lass Kicker off her knee.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky attempted the Manhandle Slam, but Jamie reversed.

Nigel McGuinness: It cost Becky. It might cost her the match.

Jamie moved to the southwest corner and waited for Becky. Becky used the ropes to pull herself up and right when Jamie started running, something happened.

Alexa Bliss: Jamie! Hey Jamie!

This caused Jamie to stop, and she looked around. The tron lit up and there she was. Alexa Bliss was on the big screen, and this caught the attention of Jamie.

Alexa Bliss: You put me and my friends through hell for the last few months, and I guarantee that the hell you put us through is nothing compared to the hell I’ll put you through in our Taipei Deathmatch. Oh, we’ll have such a good time together!

With Jamie’s attention directed toward the big screen, Becky came up from behind her and rolled Jamie up in a schoolgirl pin. ONE! TWO! THREE! Jamie kicked out a split second too late and Becky quickly rolled out of the ring while “Celtic Invasion” hit the PA system as the crowd erupted in a thunderous ovation for Becky.

Christy Hemme: Here’s your winner… The Man, BECKY LYNCH!!!

Becky celebrated on the ramp, while Jamie began arguing with the referee as Warfare went to a commercial break.


"Ladies and Gentlemen..."

Warfare returned from commercial with the crowd booing as Paul Heyman came down the ramp to no music. Halfway down the ramp, Paul looked out to the crowd booing him, giving a feigned look of shock.

Paul Heyman: I don't know why you're booing me, I find that I'm typically right about most things.

He smirked as the boos got a measure louder after that, continuing his descent down to the ringside area. The camera panned towards the ring, which was already set up with a table and two chairs, and pens. Paul held the EBWF World Championship contract in the crook of his arm.

Paul Heyman: Typically a neutral authority figure would be the one to preside over a contract signing of this magnitude. However, since I am the only authority figure that can bother to show up for work nowadays, you're getting me.

Paul stepped into the ring, allowing the jeers to wash over him as he positioned himself at the head of the table.

Paul Heyman: Rest assured to all of my amazing fans here in the arena tonight, I will conduct this contract signing with complete neutrality. Do you know why? Because I am actually a fan of The Miz. You might not know this, since most of you only have enough brain cells to remember you're from this hellhole called Missouri, but the Miz and I have done lots of business together in our time in EBWF. And with that out of the way, allow me to introduce to you the challenger for the EBWF World Championship. From Cleveland, Ohio, TTTTTTHHHHHEEEEEEE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZ!



The fans jumped out of their seats and erupted as the 7 time EBWF World Champion emerged from behind the curtain. For the first time in a while, he was solo and not flanked by his running mates of ‘Bro Awesome’. He looked extremely serious as he made his way down the ramp, he slapped a couple of high fives at the end of his walk, before he jumped up on the apron going through his signature entrance. His look of seriousness turned to a confident, more Miz-esque smirk. Heyman noticed this and smiled. Miz entered the ring and locked eyes with Heyman, who had a sinister grin on his face. Miz extended his hand for a handshake, when Heyman went to return it, Miz pulled his hand away and slicked his hair back. Miz laughed, as Heyman had a look on his face that could have said “I walked right into that”. Miz sat down at his chair and put his feet up on the table awaiting the man he would try to defeat to regain the title.


“To the Hellfire” by Lorna Shore blasted out of the speakers, the blistering riffs heralding the entrance of the World Champion. Damian Priest smirked as he looked out at the crowd that gave him a mixed reaction. His pace was steady as he did the signature strut of Scott Hall, giving homage to his favorite wrestler. He patted the EBWF World Championship that was clasped around his waist. Paul Heyman clapped heartily as Priest stepped over the top rope and entered the ring, unclasping his championship title and displaying it on the table, facing The Miz as he sat down. Heyman went to speak, but Miz cut him off.

The Miz: I’m just going to go ahead and stop you right there, Mr. “Moderator.”

The crowd cheered. Heyman smiled at the Miz’ brashness. Miz took his feet off the table and began.

The Miz: Let’s just cut to the chase as unlike you Damian, this isn’t exactly my first rodeo when it comes to this kind of stuff. We all know how these go, both guys come out, they strut the strut, they try to intimidate each other - and then it ends up being a big brawl and a big melee, and all this nice furniture gets all ruined and everyone gets hyped up for the match that is to come. Am I right?

Heyman nodded as if to say “can’t argue with that”. Damian remained stone faced, staring a hole through The Miz.

The Miz: So as much as I love a good melee, I’m going to save that part for when I take that belt right back from you, and become the EBWF Champion for the 8th time!

The crowd cheered.

The Miz: Damian, this started off with me not knowing much about you, frankly because you haven’t really done anything until recently that would allow me to know you existed. When this whole Damian Priest thing started, I got to admit, I actually bought into the fact that you were a stand up guy. I bought into the fact that even though you align yourself with one of the biggest villains in the history of this company, that you truly wanted to carry yourself in a respectable way, and be an honorable champion. Now I’ll be the first to admit, as I ‘8 Mile’ you and say all the things you are surely thinking right now about me, I know that over the years I’ve done vindictive, dastardly, dare I say it.. EVIL things to reach the top of this company.

Paul couldn’t help himself.

Paul Heyman: Indeed.

The Miz smirked and continued.

The Miz: I’ve owned them all, I’ve leaned into them all, and I’ve said multiple times that the reason I did them is because aside from my family, the one thing that I would literally KILL for is the EBWF Championship. This fact about me has been true since I stepped foot in a wrestling ring. It’s OK to be like that Damian, it really is. Last week when you grabbed a chair hell bent on ending my buddy Riddle’s career, you weren’t the stand up guy, the honorable champion, the guy who carries himself in a respectable way, you were a guy who was trying to send a message to his upcoming challenger. You were a guy who would stop at nothing to make sure that I knew that you weren’t messing around here. All I’m asking Damian, is that you freaking OWN THAT. Enough of this, “I don’t need Heyman” or the “I don’t want to do underhanded things” crap that you’ve been spewing to all my Mizfits. You do need Heyman, first of all you need him because as much as I hate him, he’s the only one out of the two of you that has enough brain cells to put a sentence together.

The crowd laughed and cheered. Heyman side-eyed Priest who was still staring at Miz with no emotion.

The Miz: You also need him because though his way of doing things goes against your fake “boy scout” thing you got going on, he realizes that the only way “this”...

The Miz motioned to Priest.

The Miz: Works, is if you are that vindictive, dastardly, EVIL champion. That’s the only way you’re going to make anyone feel anything for you. Did you hear these people when you came out, there were some light boos, some light cheers, and then 70 percent of the audience saying “finally, I can go to the bathroom”.

The crowd cheered once more.

The Miz: The ONLY thing that makes you interesting right now, is the fact that you are holding the EBWF Title. Rest assured though Damian, that I will be fixing that very, VERY soon. I will see to it that the next time you and I share a ring like this, I will dismantle you, regain MY championship, and see to it that you will be NOTHING but another flash in the pan champion- like SO many before you. I am The MIZ, I am the constant, I am the standard, and until you actually embrace who you REALLY ARE, you will be nothing but can’t talk fluke, need to take it way easier on the eye-liner, FRAUD.

The Miz emphatically slammed his mic down on the table, crossed his arms, and put his feet back up on the table as he awaited the reply. Damian had a smirk plastered across his features as he twirled his microphone. Finally he brought the microphone to his lips as he patted the EBWF World Championship title.

Damian Priest: That's a fine speech, Miz. But it's all bunk, and you know it. You didn't know I existed?! Boy, you KNOW who I am. I'm the EBWF World Champion, because I beat you in the center of the ring. Shoulders to mat, you. Lost. You can pretend like Paul Heyman cost you that match, but the truth is that Paul just made your L arrive a little faster. I'da beat you either way. And before I pinned your ass to the mat and took your championship? I beat every single chump that stood in my way of becoming King of the Ring. So you can tell me you didn't know I existed, but you'd be lying. Unless you're just that clueless, in which case, seems like I did you a favor.

Priest smirked as he picked up the belt and draped it over his shoulder.

Damian Priest: So if anyone ought to be here ownin' things, it oughta be you. Own the fact that you couldn't get the job done. Own the fact that you got beat. Don't come out here with your sour grapes, tryin' to minimize what I've done in my short time here. The real truth is, you had yourself a nice, cozy route to the record for longest reign with the World title. You had that in the bag, until your worst nightmare walked through the door and beat the brakes off an entire tournament. And that's what you got sitting right here in front of you today. Another crack at the impassable mountain. And you'll slip and fall on your ass. Like you always do. Can't wait to see what your excuse is this time, Miz. After I beat you, you'd better be ready to own that. These....Mizfits of yours? They smell bullshit a mile away. And they'll be all over you if you choke again.

Damian smirked and opened the leather bound notebook and signed his name on the contract. He closed the notebook and put the pen on top of it, sliding it to Miz. Miz did the same, both men keeping their eyes locked on each other. Miz picked up the notebook and shoved it into Paul's hands, who stumbled backward with it. Both men stood up, and it was the Miz who threw the table to the side, allowing them to stare each other down nose to nose. The crowd noise swelled in anticipation of a possible brawl, but the Miz defiantly brushed past the Champion on his way out of the ring. Damian folded his title up and gestured like he might clobber Miz in the back of the head with the belt, but Miz quickly turned around, seeing Priest poised. Damian smirked and shrugged as the crowd heat got even more intense. EBWF Warfare went off the air with Damian and The Miz jawing at each other inaudibly in the center of the ring.