Warfare Results 12/04/2023

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Warfare Results 12/04/2023

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Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks, it’s time for Warfare! Tonight, we are live from Providence, Rhode Island. I’m Mauro Ranallo, joined by Nigel McGuinness.

Nigel McGuinness: What a treat we have to open the show, Mauro… we’re kicking things off with one of my favorite wrestlers, Maxwell Jacob Friedman!

Mauro Ranallo: Your favorite wrestler is one of my least favorite Nigel…

The camera cut to Cathy Kelley, who was standing in the ring, holding a microphone. “Better Than You” hit and the camera cut to the stage. The crowd booed as MJF stepped out onto the stage and made his way down to the ring. MJF was carrying a microphone in his hand, and as he entered the ring he began to speak.

MJF: Cut my music, cut my music. It’s great to be back in the most magical place in the world-

MJF acted as if Cathy had interrupted him, which she hadn’t.

MJF: Forget what I just said, apparently this is only Rhode Island, not Long Island, and we all know there is nothing remotely magical about Rhode Island. People say that when you drive through Rhode Island, if you blink, you might miss it. Well, if that isn’t great marketing for blinking, I don’t know what is. I could have slept a lot better tonight if I’d missed having to see the faces at ringside, let me tell you that. You know what really grinds my gears?

He paused, allowing the reference to rile up some of the audience.

MJF: When you come to Rhode Island to find Quahog, only to discover that it doesn’t exist. But as impossible as it is to find Quahog, Peter Griffins are a dime a dozen here. Just looking out into this sea of dumb, fat poors is like attending a Family Guy cosplay contest.

Cathy Kelley: Max, if we could begin, I was told that you’d requested this time to address the crowd, and that you made a special request for me to be your interviewer tonight…

MJF: Let me just stop you there. It wasn’t so much that I wanted you to interview me, as that I didn’t want that jackass Marvez to do it, so let’s just hurry things along, alright? Daddy’s got places to hang and rats to bang, if you know what I’m saying? Why am I asking that, of course you know what I’m saying.

For a split second, a hint of disgust and repulsion crossed Cathy’s face, before she caught it, regained her composure and continued.

Cathy Kelley: A few weeks ago, you were booked to take part in a triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the Gateway championship. Now as we all know, that match was abandoned due to a ring invasion carried out by United Empire, that saw both Christian Cage and Matt Riddle outnumbered, and inevitably beaten down as we went off air. There were more than a few fans on social media that criticized you quite heavily for not coming down to the ring to defend not only Christian and Matt, but EBWF as a whole.

MJF’s face contorted into a mask of bewilderment, before looking around the ring, as if to find somebody. He scoffed.

MJF: Have you forgotten who you’re out here to interview, Lexy… Chrissy… Cathy, Karen, whatever your name is. People actually expected me, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, to run to the defense of a drug addict and Christian Cage? Did everybody forget when we printed cry baby Christian on our merch? Has everybody forgotten me coming out here week after week to condemn this company for their reliance on elderly, Attitude Era chumps to put on a show? Even if I didn’t hate Christian, which I do, why would I object to new blood being infused into this bloated, rotten, festering corpse of a wrestling promotion? I wish United Empire well in their invasion, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I completely understand where they’re coming from, and I can assure them that they will meet no resistance from me.

Cathy Kelley: Could that possibly be because you’re afraid of being booked against them?

MJF: You’re starting to make me wish I’d let Marvez have the spotlight here, doll, but I’m going to be honest with you anyway. Am I afraid of United Empire? I’m not afraid to be booked against anybody. I have full confidence in my ability in this ring, and against any opponent, because nobody here in EBWF, or over in Japan, is on the level of the Devil. HOWEVER, when you see Jeff Cobb heading in the same general direction as you, completely unannounced, without a single mention on the card, you turn on your heels and walk quickly back the way you came. You see, I’m not a coward, but I’m also not an idiot.

Cathy Kelley: Does that mean we can expect you to challenge a member of United Empire at Christmas Eve of Destruction?

MJF winced at the sound of the pay-per-view name.

MJF: Year after year I ask Wes to change the name to be more inclusive and to embrace diversity, but I guess an antisemite’s gotta do what an antisemite’s gotta do. What was your question? Oh yeah, will I be facing one of United Empire at…that show. I mean, I guess it’s possible. As you know, Cathy, despite Wes’ clear hatred of all things Jewish, he has given me somewhat of a gift in allowing me to choose my own partner and match type for the big event. I did think about United Empire, sure. You have the “Billy GOAT” Will Ospreay. You have the man beast that is Jeff Cobb, and you have some dude who calls himself Great… I don’t know, I don’t watch that All Japan crap… I barely watch our own product. Then there are other potential opponents. People like Big Show, or Adam Cole Bay Bay. But you see, I figure this is the last big show of the year, and I should aim higher than all of those people. I got to thinking about some of the legends of this industry, some marquee names to appeal to the basic bitches that watch this 90s nostalgia-fest. The Rock? No. Austin? I already stomped a mudhole in his ass. The more I thought about it, the more that one name stood out above all others.

Mauro Ranallo: Who could he possibly be talking about? A bigger name than the Great One?

MJF smirked as the lights dimmed, enveloping the crowd in darkness. Then the immortal words echoed throughout the arena: “I am a real American…Fight for the rights of every man…”

Nigel McGuinness: I think you might need to pinch me Mauro, I must be dreaming. This cannot be happening, surely?

“Fight for what’s right…Fight for your life.” Red and yellow lights began flashing, as the word HULKAMANIA appeared on the tron.

Mauro Ranallo: Oh for heaven’s sake… it looks like you were right that it couldn’t be happening.

Nigel McGuinness: I’m not sure what you mean, Mauro. The immortal Hulk Hogan is making his way down the ramp as we speak.

Mauro Ranallo: That isn’t Hulk Hogan and you know it. That’s Al Snow in a bald cap and a feather boa.

Nigel McGuinness: I guess it must be Hulk Snowgan. Either way, we have a legend of the Attitude Era making their way to the ring, so it seems MJF is a man of his word.

Cathy Kelley had an exasperated look on her face as she put the pieces of what was happening together. She sighed loudly as she left the ring, shaking her head, clearly having had enough. MJF backed away from the ramp, towards the back of the ring, a melodramatic expression of terror on his face. Hulk Snowgan stopped on the ramp and looked around at the crowd, before pointing at MJF and shouting “You!” MJF quickly rolled under the bottom rope and jumped the barrier as he escaped through the crowd, with Hulk Snowgan in slow pursuit.

Mauro Ranallo: What are we even watching right now?

Nigel McGuiness: We are watching the needle move, Mauro.


After a promotional video for EBWF Shop, “All About Tha (Boom!)” hit and the crowd cheered as Adam Cole made his way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Up next, we’ve got the Breakout Championship Open Challenge! Adam Cole made his tenth successful defense of the Breakout Championship last week, defeating Chris Jericho in what was arguably his toughest defense yet. Who will answer the open challenge here tonight?

Nigel McGuinness: You know Mauro, I did some research to see if there were any famous wrestlers from Providence, Rhode Island, in case one of the locals decided to answer the challenge, and it turns out Spike Dudley is from Providence! If he answers the open challenge, Adam Cole might die laughing!

When Cole was in the ring, he posed for the crowd and then crouched down, staring towards the stage. “Dance Away” by Damn Valentines hit, and the crowd gave a mixed reaction as Bobby Fish headed to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Well here is someone who knows Adam Cole very well, Nigel… it’s Bobby Fish! These two competitors have a storied history together.

After Fish had entered the ring, Cole offered to shake his hand, but Fish slapped Cole’s hand away. The bell rang, signaling the start of the match, and the two competitors circled each other cautiously. The tension was palpable as they locked up in the center of the ring, jockeying for position. Bobby Fish was able to gain the early advantage with a well-executed dragon screw, targeting Adam Cole's left leg.

Mauro Ranallo: Bobby Fish showing his technical prowess early on. He's got a game plan, and it involves dismantling Adam Cole's limbs.

Nigel McGuinness: It’s a smart strategy, Mauro. If Adam Cole can't stand, he can't hit that Panama Sunrise, The Boom, or even those superkicks he loves so much!

Fish continued his assault, continuing to target the leg. Fish put Cole in a kneebar, but Cole was able to get to the ropes. The referee ordered Fish to break the hold, then told Fish to back up, giving Cole a chance to get back up. Cole used the ropes to pull himself up, and when he was on his feet, Fish went for a knee strike... but Cole ducked underneath it and grabbed Fish from behind, hitting a backstabber.

Nigel McGuinness: Incredible counter by Cole! It’s those kinds of quick reflex reactions that have made him a top-tier competitor.

Cole hooked the leg and the referee counted – 1... 2... Fish kicked out! Cole stomped on Fish several times, then set Fish up for a brainbuster... but Fish blocked it, whipping Cole into the corner before connecting with a vicious Space Rolling Elbow. Cole stumbled out of the corner looking dazed, and Fish tried to drag him down to the mat and put him in a cross armbreaker... but Cole blocked it, then hit a leaping enzuigiri!

Mauro Ranallo: Did you hear the sound of that enzuigiri connecting with Bobby Fish’s head, Nigel? Adam Cole rocked his opponent with that move!

Nigel McGuinness: The back-and-forth action between these two men has the crowd on the edge of their seats, Mauro!

Mauro Ranallo: This is what wrestling is all about, Nigel! Two athletes giving it their all for that coveted Breakout Championship!

Feeling the momentum shifting into his favor, Cole grabbed Fish from behind and hit the Florida Keys, a straitjacket German suplex. As Fish got back to his feet, Cole hit a superkick, then pulled down his kneepad. As Fish sat up, Cole ran against the ropes, before connecting with The Boom! He hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1... 2... 3! The referee called for the bell, and handed Adam Cole the Breakout Championship before raising his arm in victory.

Mauro Ranallo: What a match! Adam Cole retains the Breakout Championship with another stellar performance here tonight.

Nigel McGuinness: No doubt about it, Mauro. These two left it all in the ring, and Adam Cole came out on top. The Boom proved to be the difference-maker once again!

Cole continued celebrating as Warfare went to a commercial break.


After the commercial break we saw a graphic promoting Christmas Eve of Destruction, backed by the upcoming PPV’s official theme. Within moments the audio became distorted, then turned entirely to static. The show’s logo morphed into the Oedo Tai logo and the live crowd booed loudly in response. A distorted voice made a short proclamation.

“bE CaREfUl WHaT yOu wISH FoR.”

There was a pause, and then the voice spoke again.

“THe fOLLoWiNg mEsSaGe iS bRoUgHt TO yOu bY OeDo tAi.”

For a moment it looked like it would simply be a pre-recorded video, but then ‘Oedo Ranbu’ hit and the shot centered on the entrance stage. After the music had played for several anxious moments, Tam Nakano finally emerged in her casual attire. The Providence fans welcomed her with deafening boos, which grew even louder as AZM and Jamie Hayter stepped up behind her.

Maruo Ranallo: The boos are deafening! Tam Nakano is making her first appearance since her record-breaking championship reign ended at Fanniversary, but the fans haven’t forgotten how they feel about her.

Tam barked out a demand for a mic, which arrived in short order. The music faded out as she received it, looking more annoyed than anything.

Tam Nakano: Oh, I missed you all too.

She smiled in satisfaction as the boos rang out again.

Tam Nakano: Look, you’re lucky you even get to set eyes on the greatness of Tam. And you wouldn’t even be getting that treat if that eternal sidekick hadn’t come out here and run her mouth. I’m surprised she was stupid enough to come out here after what happened the last time she crossed Oedo Tai’s path.

As the fans booed more Tam grinned ear to ear and her teammates laughed.

Tam Nakano: You can say everything you want about Tam but that doesn’t make ANY of it true. Yes, Tam’s been away for a while, but calling me the names you called me suggests I consider you and your friends a threat. There’s nothing further from the truth than that. The fact is that Tam wasn’t here because Tam didn’t WANT to be here. I was taking a much deserved holiday away from this dumpster fire of mediocrity. Carrying the entire division - hell, the entire COMPANY - on my back for a year got pretty exhausting. Constant losers like you and your friends made that load even heavier, so if anything it’s your fault the fans were deprived of Tam.

As the boos crescendoed again, Tam made an expression of exaggerated false shock as AZM and Jamie followed suit.

Tam Nakano: Maybe you forgot after being battered so many times, but Oedo Tai runs this place. You demanding we fight your little friends’ club is an insult to the greatness and domination Oedo Tai has exerted since day one. We don’t answer to you. You answer to us, and you LIKE it. And Tam’s the Final Boss, so Tam’s the one who makes the decisions about what matches involve Oedo Tai.

Tam licked her lips as she gave her next statement some thought. AZM applauded Tam’s proclamation while Jamie looked ready to deck the next person who looked at her wrong.

Tam Nakano: Oedo Tai doesn’t play games, Liv. When we fight it’s all business - well, maybe a bit of pleasure too. We DO love beating the hell out of little girls who think they’ve earned a spot at the grown women’s table. But you’re not going to shut the hell up about it if we just ignore you. And it’ll be way more fun to break every last one of you. Hell, Jamie already broke Becky again, but I’m sure she’ll come storming back with her body held together by tape like she always does. You’re going to lose all of your friends after this, Liv, because it’s all your fault that they all have to pay the price for your stupid, stupid words.

Tam glared down the camera with a look that said the gloves were off.

Tam Nakano: A fragile goddess, an eternal sidekick, a self indulgent movie star? Thanks for making me laugh. But I guess you must have taken a blow to the head because you can’t count anymore. War Games requires four women per team, idiot. Go ahead and dig whoever you want out of the trash heap. Oedo Tai’s going to bury whatever’s left of every last one of you after we win this war. And Tam knows exactly who the fourth woman for Oedo Tai will be.

She laughed evilly, her face filled with the joy of all the pain she imagined dishing out.

Tam Nakano: Oedo Tai accepts the invitation to your funeral. Enjoy the last few days before we put you and your friends out of your misery. I know that you hate Tam, but you will never get better than Tam.

At that she dropped the mic unceremoniously and Oedo Tai all glared down the camera before departing.


After a video package played recapping Arisa Hoshiki issuing a challenge to Sakisama, the camera cut to Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness at ringside.

Mauro Ranallo: A few weeks ago, we saw the new Women’s Champion Arisa Hoshiki challenge NEO Biishiki-gun’s Sakisama to a match, offering to put the Women’s Championship on the line. Up next, we understand that Sakisama will respond to Arisa’s challenge!

Just as the fans in Providence were expecting the arrival of NEO Biishiki-gun, “Shining Star” hit instead and there was a big pop for the EBWF Women’s Champion. Arisa Hoshiki wasted no time coming out in her full ring gear and an expression half playful, half spoiling for a fight. She waved to the crowd on her way down the ramp, the championship glimmering in the arena lights. On the way down she stopped by a fan holding a sign that read ‘KICK HER HEAD OFF, ARISA!” and nodded knowingly in response.

Mauro Ranallo: Another warm welcome from the EBWF fans here in the Amica Mutual Pavilion for the new EBWF Women’s Champion!

Nigel McGuinness: We’re expecting Sakisama to respond to the champion’s challenge but it seems like Arisa Hoshiki is done waiting for it.

Arisa climbed up into the ring after fetching a mic and grinned as the fans cheered her arrival. She waited a few moments for the noise to die down before she raised the mic up.

Arisa Hoshiki: That reaction? That’s why I’m proud to be your EBWF Women’s Champion. You’re the best fans in the world and honestly, you deserve a main event level championship match at Christmas Eve of Destruction!

The fans cheered in response and she smiled a bit wider before continuing.

Arisa Hoshiki: I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and now that I’ve finally got this belt I’m going to be a fighting champion. But I also don’t want to spend my reign constantly looking over my shoulder for someone who keeps talking about how she’s got her eye on me. That’s why I issued the challenge to Sakisama three weeks ago. It took her two weeks to even show up, and she didn’t answer me. That’s why I’m here tonight - I’m going to get that answer right now.

She motioned to the stage.

Arisa Hoshiki: Sakisama, there are plenty of women back there who want a shot at this title. If you want yours, come on out and take it!

Arisa threw her arms out to either side, inviting Sakisama to come out and answer her. It took a few moments but in short order “Bara Wa Utsukushiku Chiru” hit and the shot changed to the stage. Utami was out first, clearing the way for the tall elegant figure of Sakisama. NEO Biishiki-gun glared down at the ring for a long moment before making their way down the ramp with cold confidence. On their way down, Sakisama pointed to the same fan who held that sign about her head getting kicked off, which was a direct order for Utami to take the sign away from the fan and rip it into pieces. Needless to say, the former Crimson Queen obliged without a second thought.

They soon made their way to the ring as Utami held the ropes open for Sakisama’s graceful figure to enter easily. After both members of the NEO Biishiki-gun were in the ring, their music faded, leaving silence between both parties in the ring.

Arisa Hoshiki: Now before you say anything, I have one other surprise. I’ve seen what the factions in this division have pulled and I’m not about to face you two alone. Especially someone like her-

She pointed right at Utami.

Arisa Hoshiki: I don’t trust her, so I brought backup.

With that she nodded to the crowd at ringside and suddenly one of the fans climbed over the ringside barrier. She removed the baseball cap that had been obscuring her face - it was Maika! Maika grinned savagely as the crowd gave a loud but mixed reaction, then climbed up into the ring and stood behind Arisa. Sakisama immediately grabbed a microphone after that, but when she was about to speak … she suddenly burst into laughter.

Sakisama: Her? Oh dear, you got Maika Style to watch your back? Arisa, oh Arisa, your sense of humor never ceases to amaze me, darling. If this is an elaborate joke then you gave me just another reason to like you.

Arisa and Maika stared at each other for a while before turning to the aristocrats once more as Sakisama was still laughing her graceful bottoms off.

Sakisama: Because I just can’t think of a reality where this isn’t a joke! You got the most hapless, most useless woman in this roster to back you up?

Her amused smirk turned into a cruel one as Sakisama gave Maika quite the catty grin.

Sakisama: Your hopeless sidekick can’t be anyone’s equalizer to save her life, let alone you, Arisa. Don’t you remember what happened to the last few people she was supposed to protect?

And it got even crueler as it dawned on Maika what she was talking about.

Sakisama: Tell me, Maika-chan. How’s Himeka these days? Is she out of hospital yet?

Maika tried to make a dash at Sakisama after hearing that, but Arisa was quick enough to hug and partially restrain her from starting a fight. Utami still got in front of her Mademoiselle to protect her anyways.

Sakisama: I thought so as well. It is clear to me that you, Shining Star, are purely driven by your instincts and desires. You hardly think things through. You reject me more than once and then you go ahead and hire the pathetic Maika Style for help. Before I came out here, I did question your life choices thoroughly, my dear Arisa, trust me. But now, you paint a clear picture here: You can’t be trusted to make your own life choices. Your beauty is wasted on your brain. Maybe you were this dumb from the very beginning or it was the several concussions you suffered throughout your career. It’s not up to me to judge that, but it’s up to me to judge you. It is quite ironic to me that you hate my Utami this much because to me, you two are very alike.

Sakisama put her hand on Utami’s head, gently patting her maid.

Sakisama: So, with your moronic antics, you have convinced me to take you up on your offer, congratulations.

There was some good reaction from the crowd as Sakisama’s last sentence meant that she was accepting her match.

Sakisama: Don’t be too hasty, people.

Sakisama turned around and gave the crowd a smirk. Of course there was a catch in this.

Sakisama: I said before that I don’t want to fight you, Arisa. Under normal circumstances, that statement would still be holding up. Because of that, I’m going to bring in my own circumstances here. If you want a piece of your Mademoiselle so bad, then you’re going to have it while sitting at my own dinner table.

Both Arisa and Maika intently listened to Sakisama’s conditions, though Maika was still struggling with controlling her anger.

Sakisama: Just like I did it to Utami, I’m going to save you from yourself as well, Shining Star. My condition is very simple: If I beat you at Christmas Eve of Destruction … not only will I take your shiny title … but you will also join NEO Biishiki-gun, where you can truly be one of us and refine that raw beauty of yours into something truly unforgettable. If you ask me, this is an offer you should take right here and right now … but you are the sort who only understands things when your head is kicked enough to give you a concussion … and I’m a lady who makes exceptions for special people like you, Arisa. So yes, rejoice, I’m accepting the match! At Christmas Eve of Destruction, it will be Arisa Hoshiki against yours truly, your Lady and Mademoiselle, the one and only Rose of Vers-

Arisa suddenly knocked the microphone out of Sakisama’s hand as she took a step forward. Her gaze locked in on Sakisama’s as she took her turn to speak.

Arisa Hoshiki: First of all, I’m nothing like HER.

She nodded to Utami, who was unmoved by her former ally’s words.

Arisa Hoshiki: And the fact that I survived the constant lying, mental abuse and risking of my life for her benefit proves that I’m far stronger than you’re willing to admit. As much as it still hurts just thinking about what she did to me, what she made me do, the only person here I’m worried about is the woman who acts like she’s the queen of this place. Claim that you’re the queenmaker all you want, but we both know you’d take a crown if you could get your hands on it.

Arisa grinned confidently as she continued, one eye occasionally drifting to Maika as the strong woman began to pace behind her.

Arisa Hoshiki: And you’re right, I never bothered calling myself a queen even after I won the Queen of the Ring tournament this year. I don’t need a fancy title to feel better about myself. This-

She gave the championship around her waist a pat.

Arisa Hoshiki: Is all the proof I need of how good I am. Three years of hard work, heartache and pain you could never imagine is what it took for me to finally become a world champion. I’m sure you wouldn’t understand that, you live in a different world where everything revolves around you. Mademoiselle, that might be how it works in your rose tinted bubble, but out here in the real world it’s different. Accolades like this are earned, not given. I know that you’re confident you’ll take this from me, but how can you be so sure? After all, winning the top prize is one of the few things you’ve always failed to do isn’t it?

Arisa stepped forward and glared right into Sakisama’s cold eyes.

Arisa Hoshiki: I know about you. And I know that despite how big that ego of yours is, there was one woman back home who you could never beat. She has the most destructive kicks in that promotion, and not even you could overcome that. I promise you, I’m no Pink Striker, I’m even MORE dangerous than her, and I’m not about to roll over in the face of someone who thinks she can order me around. Tell Utami she’d better be ready to console you, because I’m going to make your Christmas the worst day you’ve had since the Bastille was stormed.

The fire in her words drew cheers, and Arisa’s smiling face turned to one of grim determination.

Arisa Hoshiki: I’m glad that you accepted my challenge, though. And if those terms are what it’s going to take to get you in this ring and show you how much stronger I am, then I accept… on the condition that if I win and retain the greatest prize in professional wrestling.. Well, I don’t need anything else from you, but I did promise Maika something if she backed me up against you two. Utami’s been hiding behind you since she lost her mind, so let’s change that. If I win she’s got nowhere to hide - if I win, Utami must face Maika one on one, no holds barred, with you banished from ringside.

Maika suddenly stopped pacing and smiled in satisfaction at the proposal. Arisa grinned mischievously as another idea came to mind.

Arisa Hoshiki: And I get to pick the guest referee.

The fans cheered the idea loudly and the champion nodded to Sakisama.

Arisa Hoshiki: And before you accept those terms, remember what happened the last time we fought. You came into this ring looking to bring home a crown. My Pulsar Kick took your head off like a guillotine. And this time, that guillotine blade is even sharper.

She lowered the mic and invited Sakisama to respond. But instead of taking the gracious offering of a microphone from her future opponent, Sakisama had Utami pick the previously dropped microphone from the floor.

Sakisama: Crude. That’s the reason number one for why you should be taught proper manners from a proper Lady like me.

Sakisama then tapped the microphone a few times before handing it back to Utami, ordering her to bring a new microphone, preferably one that hadn’t been dropped to the floor.

Sakisama: You know what, Arisa, that little fiery tirade of yours only told me how unprepared you are for what you brought upon yourself. I still had the decency to not interrupt you and even showed you the courtesy to listen to every single word that came out of your mouth. Quite frankly, that’s on me. If this was any other person, I’d left already. Know your worth, know how much would your worth rise if you just listened instead of blabbering and know who you are facing. So far, you are showing none of that awareness.

Sakisama pitifully shook her head to the sides.

Sakisama: You tried to refer to my past but you couldn’t even do your quick Google search right. Why would Bastille’s storming be my worst day, do you think I was out there defending the castle? Do you think of me as a common soldier? Let’s get your facts straight real quick, darling: Bastille was scheduled for demolition far before that night and only seven prisoners were held there at the time. Nothing but a symbolic victory. But if you are trying to refer to what that night had achieved in the long run … well …

A catty smirk once again appeared on her beautiful face.

Sakisama: You claim to know how real life works but then cry about Utami’s gaslighting and your cutesy three years of hard work and heartache and you take pride in the fact that you survived all that. Then what does it say about me that I survived the very French Revolution itself? Do you think those guillotines existed in my rose tinted bubble as well? Be consistent with yourself. Why are you trying to act smug about me not refusing a crown when it is you who had been calling me out and offering your crown to me? Don’t you think it’s pathetic to try and pull rank on me with that shiny trinket of yours when in fact it is your very first world title win in your career which you couldn’t have won anyway if I didn’t graciously open your path to victory by curbing Tam’s lackeys? And to make matters worse, you’re just telling me that you had to give Maika Style a concession just to have her back you up. After I beat you, I’m going to have Dr. Yukio conduct a very thorough examination of you so that he can finally find out what is wrong with you.

Sakisama flipped some of her hair back as she continued to speak.

Sakisama: But if I have to theorize, well, by the way you only motivate me to beat you even harder, by the way you choose lackluster help, by the way you don’t even try at putting distressing stipulations on my end, by the way you constantly challenge me and by the way you immediately accepted my stipulation tells me that … you want this as much as I do and you’re just playing hard to get. Utami was resistant to my words at the beginning too, you know?

She was rightfully booed for her conclusions, but Sakisama’s smirk remained ever the same.

Sakisama: I think you just know how out of your depth you are. You know that you can’t pull the same miracle twice. You know that our previous match was your best performance ever and you can’t even come close to replicating that ever again. You know all of that Arisa. You know what would entail by inviting me to your garden, but you chose to do it anyway. I’m not a Lady who turns down invitations like that… so… I’ll be seeing you at Christmas Eve of Destruction.

Sakisama did a little bow to more booing before seemingly heading out of the ring. But when she was in the middle of the ropes that were held open by her helper Utami, she turned her face back to the ring again.

Sakisama: I think we will both receive some incredible Christmas presents that day. You’ll finally have somewhere to belong … and I’ll have you. Au revoir.

After a graceful hand-wave, Sakisama finally left the ring, heading backstage under watchful eyes of the EBWF Women’s Champion and Maika. Arisa rolled her eyes at the French Aristocrat’s departure, then nodded confidently to the camera.

Arisa Hoshiki: I found the place I belong. And at Christmas Eve of Destruction, I’m going to put Sakisama in hers.

With that she dropped the mic and “Shining Star” hit as the fans cheered and Warfare went to a commercial break.


When Warfare returned from the commercial break, “The Epic” by Downstait hit and the crowd cheered as Britt Baker made her way to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back! Up next, we’re supposed to have Britt Baker go one on one with Becky Lynch, but after what happened earlier, I’m not sure Becky will be cleared to compete…

Warfare switched to picture in picture, showing Jamie Hayter attack Becky Lynch backstage and throw her through a wall. As Britt Baker entered the ring, she requested a microphone, then signaled for her music to be cut and began to speak.

Britt Baker: Providence, Rhode Island… I was supposed to be wrestling Becky Lynch tonight, but I’m pretty sure she’s on her way to a hospital right now after what Jamie Hayter did to her. I was told I’d be wrestling tonight though, and I have every intention of doing just that. So Jamie, if I’m “next” as you said, how about you wrestle me instead? I was looking forward to beating Becky Lynch, but I’m just as happy beating you instead.

Baker dropped the microphone and waited to see if Jamie Hayter would respond to her challenge. "Teenage Nosferatu Pussy" by Rob Zombie hit and the crowd booed as Jamie Hayter made her way to the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: Well this is interesting, Mauro… it looks like we’re going to get to see Britt Baker versus Jamie Hayter!

As Hayter entered the ring, she locked eyes with Britt Baker, and the animosity between the two women was palpable. The bell rang and Hayter charged towards Baker, hitting her with a series of punches. Baker fought back with a series of quick strikes, then followed up with a beautifully executed butterfly suplex. The crowd roared in approval as Baker gained the upper hand. As both women got to their feet, Baker ran against the ropes, going for a slingblade, but Hayter caught her off guard with a well-timed big boot. The momentum swung as Hayter unleashed a series of suplexes, showcasing her raw power and tossing Baker around the ring like a ragdoll.

Mauro Ranallo: Those suplexes by Jamie Hayter look devastating! She’s not here to play nice, Nigel.

Nigel McGuinness: Jamie Hayter is a powerhouse, Mauro, and Britt Baker needs to find a way to weather this storm.

After hitting an Ushigoroshi, Hayter hooked the leg. The referee counted – 1... 2... Baker kicked out! Hayter pulled Baker to her feet and whipped her against the ropes, then went for Hayterade... but Baker ducked underneath it, then hit Hayter with a superkick! As Hayter got back to her feet, Baker set her up for the Baker Buster, but Hayter countered with a back body drop, then hit a hangman's neckbreaker.

Mauro Ranallo: Jamie Hayter takes control once again! She's not letting Britt Baker build any momentum!

Hayter hooked the leg once more and the referee counted – 1... 2... Baker kicked out! Hayter then whipped Baker into the corner, and went for a running knee strike... but Baker got her feet up and kicked Hayter away, then climbed the turnbuckle and hit Hayter with the Panama Sunrise!

Nigel McGuinness: Panama Sunrise... or as Britt Baker calls it, the Pittsburgh Sunrise!

Baker hooked both legs and the referee counted – 1... 2... Hayter kicked out! Baker got to her feet and placed a black and red glove on her right hand, signaling for the Lockjaw. She grabbed Hayter to try and lock it in, but Hayter fought Baker off, then got to her feet and dragged Baker towards the corner, slamming her head off the top turnbuckle. Hayter then tried to set Baker up for a tornado DDT, but Baker blocked it, then climbed up to the top rope and lifted Hayter over her shoulder, hitting an avalanche Air Raid Crash!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! That shook the ring! This could be it for Hayter!

Baker made the cover and the referee counted – 1... 2... Hayter kicked out just before the 3! Baker looked momentarily stunned, but she quickly regained composure, turning Hayter over and putting her in the Lockjaw!

Nigel McGuinness: Lockjaw locked in, and Jamie Hayter is right at the center of the ring! She’s going to struggle to get to the ropes from there... is The Doctor about to make Hayter tap?

Just when it looked like Hayter was about to submit, her fellow NEO Biishiki-Gun members, Tam Nakano and AZM, stormed down to the ring. They entered the ring and attacked Baker, forcing her to break the hold on Jamie Hayter as the referee called for the bell, ending the match in a disqualification. Baker tried to fight off both Tam Nakano and AZM, but the numbers game overwhelmed her, particularly when Jamie Hayter recovered and joined in the beatdown.

Mauro Ranallo: Come on, this isn’t right! Someone needs to put a stop to this!

Just when it seemed like Baker couldn't withstand the onslaught any longer, the fans inside the arena erupted with cheers. The camera cut to the ramp to show two unexpected saviors – Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan – making their way to the ring!

Mauro Ranallo: Here comes Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan! They're not going to let NEO Biishiki-Gun have their way.

Nigel McGuinness: I don’t think this is about saving Britt Baker though, Mauro... for Alexa and Liv, this is about avenging what Jamie Hayter did to Becky Lynch earlier, and about getting their hands on the three villainous members of NEO Biishiki-Gun!

Bliss and Morgan stormed the ring, evening the odds. A brawl ensued, with Bliss taking on AZM, Morgan tangling with Tam Nakano, and Baker attempting to fend off Jamie Hayter. The three NEO Biishiki-Gun members exited in the ring, retreating up the ramp as Bliss, Morgan, and Baker stood tall in the ring. Baker nodded to Bliss and Morgan, as if silently thanking them for their help, as Warfare went to a commercial break.


The darkness faded after the last commercial and returned back to a rabid crowd accompanied by “Addicted to Pain”. The crowd were on their feet as we heard the commentators for the evening.

Mauro Ranallo: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Warfare! For those just joining back with us, you have chosen a perfect time to tune in! We still have our main event of the evening on deck, and you will not want to miss a moment of this match. Tonight, we will see the World Heavyweight Champion back in action as Damian Priest goes up against a man who proved last week to be more than a test against the rising United Empire, Seth Rollins! However, let us quickly recap what just happened before the break.

The shot transitioned into a replay of the previous match between Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter and the post match brawl that ensued.

Nigel McGuinness: Britt Baker defeated Jamie Hayter, but not in the way she would have liked to… she thought she was about to make Hayter submit, but instead Baker won via disqualification when Oedo Tai ran in!

Mauro Ranallo: Britt Baker then found two unlikely allies in Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan… and you have to wonder, will the Rebellious Angels ask The Doctor to be the fourth woman on their War Games team?

Nigel McGuinness: The real question is, Mauro… if asked, would Britt Baker accept?

The scene went back from the video replay and rested in a flat angle on the commentators in front of an audacious crowd.

Mauro Ranallo: With that said folks, tonight, we promised at the top of the hour we would have official word on just who in the United Empire would be the number one contender for the Gateway Championship! For those who couldn’t join us these past few weeks, let's go back to see what has led to this moment.

The scene went back to the United Empire’s debut and recapped all the way up to last week’s six-man tag where Will Ospreay defeated Seth Rollins with a shooting star press despite Christian’s best efforts. As the Warfare logo flashed across the screen we did not return back to ringside but instead to another shot elsewhere.

The camera focused on a tan wooden wall and zoomed out expanding our view. We saw a large video screen right above where we were focused, graced by the digitally waving United Empire Flag. Next to the screen, hanging off the walls were many championships that diehard fans would identify as Championships belonging to other promotions. For those familiar with last week’s internet video, the shot returned to the United Empire Press Conference room that looked very similar to the room in Los Angeles. We saw flashes of light as cameras went off and in front of the podium this time was Cathy Kelley in a gray off-the-shoulder v-neck mini dress. The cameras flashed in front of her as she began to speak.

Cathy Kelley: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome and thank you for attending the EBWF Christmas Eve of Destruction Number One Contendership for the Gateway Championship Press Conference! Tonight’s press conference is hosted by a combined effort of the EBWF and the United Empire. I’m Cathy Kelley -

The reporters in attendance applauded as Cathy herself nervously paused just long enough to acknowledge the reaction and praise.

Cathy Kelley: I am your host and moderator for tonight’s press conference. We will see in just a few short weeks the most highly contested matches you may have seen all year. As we are broadcasting live tonight on EBWF Warfare, please also check in with your local PPV providers to see how you can get access to Christmas Eve of Destruction or watch us live on Hulu Premium! Christmas Eve of Destruction is our last pay-per-view of the year and you could see everything we know going into that night change, just-like-that.

Cathy snapped her fingers as the reporters applauded, flashes of cameras went off again as Cathy smiled.

Cathy Kelley: Tonight we are going to hear from the United Empire and see just who will be signing this official EBWF contract to go on and face Adam Cole for the Gateway Championship! At this time, I would like to ask that whoever that man is going to be from the United Empire, to please come out on stage and officially sign this contract! With us on hand will also be EBWF Chairman and CEO, Wes Ikeda, to co-sign for this important night!

The crowd of reporters applauded. They maintained applause for a few moments but nothing occurred, there was silence. Awkwardly, Cathy stood silently until the Translator walked onto the stage. Coming out dressed in a red off-the-shoulder cocktail dress, the Translator walked with a purpose towards the podium with a clipboard in hand.

Cathy Kelley: I’m sorry I thought we would hear directly from the United Empire.

The Translator ignored Cathy’s confusion as she politely smiled and asked for the podium. Cathy gave it as the Translator began.

The Translator: Thank you for your time this evening, however, the Commonwealth Kingpin, Will Ospreay, has decided that tonight we will not disclose who will be the number one contender.

The reporters gasped as Cathy Kelley looked shocked next to her.

The Translator: We apologize for any inconvenience, however, we do promise something better. Last week, Will Ospreay may have pinned Seth Rollins, however, all three United Empire members fought and handled key roles for their win. Further, because of the challenge Christian Cage, Seth Rollins, and Big Show presented, Will was not happy in just accepting a default contract. As a result, Will decided that next week should be a showing to who most deserves the number one contendership and wants the number one contendership placed on the line in a Triple Threat! Next week live in Hartford, Connecticut, we will announce the number one contender between our own Commonwealth Kingpin, Will Ospreay! The Dominator, Great-O-Khan! And Jeff Cobb! Thank you again for your time, and we will see you at the XL Center.

The Translator handed the clipboard with the match contract for next week visibly hanging off it to a totally surprised Cathy. The translator bowed in front of her as the cameras zoomed in to the contract showing the three signatures of the United Empire. The cameras cut back to ringside, the podium microphones caught Cathy Kelley’s protests to close the scene.


Warfare returned from commercial as the camera circled around the Amica Mutual Pavilion. "The Rising" by def rebel played as Seth Rollins strolled out to boos from the crowd, wearing his signature one-gloved ensemble.

Mauro Ranallo: As usual, Seth Rollins is not particularly interested in making friends here in Providence.

Nigel McGuinness: EBWF fans wouldn't know The Messiah if he walked up to them and smacked them upside the head, and he just might!

Rollins had a cocky smirk as he made his way down to the ring, waiting for his opponent.

Seth's music was replaced by "To the Wolves" by Stitched Up Heart as Damian Priest walked out to cheers, the crowd anxious to see Rollins beaten. Priest had a scowl on his face as he unfastened the EBWF World Championship from his waist and raised it in the air to the crowd.

Mauro Ranallo: Damian Priest seems to be in a bit of a mood tonight.

Nigel McGuinness: He's scary enough when he isn't pissed.

Priest walked down the ramp and got into the ring, stepping over the top rope and raising the title in the air again, glaring venomously at Rollins, who looked largely unconcerned by Priest's intimidating stare.

Mauro Ranallo: A win here could vault Seth Rollins to the top of the list for an EBWF World Championship match! He's gotta be interested in that, Nigel.

Nigel McGuinness: If you aren't here to win the big one, go home.

The referee called for the bell and Seth Rollins and Damian Priest circled each other in the ring, exchanging intense stares. The tension was palpable as they finally locked up in the center, vying for control. Rollins attempted to gain the upper hand with a series of quick holds, but Priest's sheer power proved too much to handle. Priest pushed Rollins towards the corner and the referee stepped in to break them up. Rollins took the opportunity to disrespect Priest with a slap to the face.

Nigel McGuinness: Not sure that was a good idea...

Priest growled and chopped Rollins in the throat, sending him to the mat. Priest picked the "Messiah" back up and threw him into the ropes, going for a clothesline that Rollins ducked underneath. Rollins bounced off the other side of the ropes and jumped into the air, catching Priest with a mid-air DDT that caused the fans to gasp. Rollins rolled Priest over for a two count.

Mauro Ranallo: Seth Rollins was close to ending Damian Priest’s undefeated streak there!

As the match progressed, Rollins attempted to continue to use his agility and high-flying moves to gain an advantage. He executed a flawless springboard knee strike, which sent Damian stumbling backwards. However, Damian Priest showcased his resilience, not going down to the mat. Rollins vaulted to the top rope and hit a top rope Pele kick which hit Priest square in the forehead. Still, Priest didn't go down. Seth, getting antsy, climbed the top rope again. He leapt off going for a top rope axehandle smash, but Priest caught him by the throat, countering with a devastating Chokeslam that left Rollins stunned. Priest hooked Rollins leg and got a two count.

Mauro Ranallo: Impressive series of offense by Seth, who is motivated to win this match!

Rollins, refusing to back down, fought back with another relentless offensive assault. He targeted Priest's legs, trying to weaken the big man with a series of hard MMA style kicks. Priest began hobbling, wincing in pain as Seth hit a chop block on the back of Priest's knee. This sent Priest down to one knee. Rollins grabbed Priest's leg and rolled outside, repeatedly slamming Priest's knee into the turnbuckle corner, causing Damian to writhe in pain, clutching his knee. Not wanting to hesitate, Rollins rolled back into the ring and locked in a figure-four leg lock on Priest, applying pressure to Priest's damaged knee. However, Damian Priest's unyielding determination shone through as he absorbed the punishment and pulled himself to the ropes, forcing a break.

Rollins cursed in frustration and tried to drag Priest to his feet, but Priest clobbered him with a hard right hand. Rollins retaliated with a right hand of his own. The two men exchanged haymakers back and forth, until Priest clapped his hands on either side of Seth's ears, disorienting him for a brief second. That was enough for Priest to hit a Flatliner. Before Rollins could even stir, Priest grabbed his head and stuffed Rollins between his knees, lifting him up and hitting a devastating Razor's Edge.

Mauro Ranallo: The Razor's Edge! This could be it, Nigel!

Priest dropped to the mat and casually hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1...2...3!

The referee called for the bell and held Priest's hand in the air. "To the Wolves" by Stitched Up Heart played again as Priest celebrated in the ring, holding his EBWF World Championship in the air.

Mauro Ranallo: Another win notched for Damian Priest. Who could be his next challenger?

Warfare went off the air on the image of Priest holding the championship up and taunting the crowd.