Warfare Results - 01/15/2024

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Warfare Results - 01/15/2024

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The Target Center in Minneapolis, MN was buzzing as pyrotechnics exploded on the entranceway, heralding the start of Warfare.

Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks... it's TIME for Warfare!

Nigel McGuiness: We are counting down the days until Last Survivor! We've got Becky Lynch in action tonight! Hook faces Riddle, and a Women's Championship celebration!

Mauro Ranallo: But first, we'll hear from the EBWF World Champion for the first time since Adam Cole cashed in his Gateway Championship for an opportunity at the most prestigious title in EBWF!

"To the Wolves" by Stitched Up Heart blasted out of the speakers. The crowd erupted as Damian Priest slowly walked out from behind the curtain, the EBWF World Championship draped over his shoulder. His hair was braided and tied back, and he wore a "Live Forever" tank top and leather pants. Paul Heyman flanked him, a proud look on his face. The two men descended down the ramp and stepped into the ring, the crowd on their feet as Priest held the EBWF World Championship in the air, inaudibly talking smack to people in the front of the crowd.

Nigel McGuiness: As far as debuts go, it doesn't get any better than Damian Priest, who is not only the EBWF World Champion, but is STILL undefeated!

Mauro Ranallo: But he may face his greatest challenge yet in Adam Cole, who is cashing in his Gateway Championship for a shot at the biggest prize in the sport.

Paul Heyman grabbed a microphone as Damian folded his arms, a confident smirk on his face.

Paul Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen...

The crowd reacted to the familiar catchphrase from Heyman.

Paul Heyman: My name...is PAUL...HEYMAN... and I represent the REIGNING! DEFENDING! UNDISPUTED! UNDEFEATED! EBWF Heavyweight Champion of the World... DAMIAN....PRRRRIIIEST!

The crowd cheered as Priest grinned, remaining stoic in the center of the ring.

Paul Heyman: Tonight we are here to talk about the EBWF Gateway Champion-- excuse me, FORMER EBWF Gateway Champion...

Heyman smirked as the crowd booed him.

Paul Heyman: I don't make the rules. Adam Cole...

Crowd: BAY-BAY!

Heyman rolled his eyes.

Paul Heyman: THAT guy, is giving up his Gateway Championship. Well my, my. I have to commend Adam Cole...

Crowd: BAY-BAY!

It became obvious that Paul was getting irritated by his expression.

Paul Heyman: While I must commend THAT guy, I wonder why now, of all times? You could donate money to charity. You could go work in a soup kitchen. If you're feeling charitable, there are many ways of scratching that itch without donating your Gateway Championship to the EBWF front office.

The crowd booed.

Paul Heyman: Because that is EXACTLY what Adam Cole is going. He is handing his Gateway Championship belt to Wes Ikeda and saying "Here! I don't feel like defending this! Book me in a match to get my ass kicked while I'm at it!"

Priest smirked and nodded as the crowd rained boos down on Heyman for attacking the crowd favorite Adam Cole.

Paul Heyman: Mr. Cole, please listen to me, and listen well. I like you. You're one of the most talented individuals in this company. Breakout Champion. Gateway Champion. Your influence in this company is only exceeded by my client. You have nothing to prove here, other than the fact that you have a death wish. My client beat multiple time World Champion ths Miz...twice. He beat the Messiah within an inch of his life. Twice. He has faced a murderers row of opponents and contenders, and yet here he is, still asking for more. I beg for the sake of your career, consider going to Mr. Ikeda and asking him for your belt back. You don't want to do this. You don't want to face my client in THIS time and THIS period of his career. He is a wolf, Adam. An alpha predator. And the thing about wolves...

Heyman smirked.

Paul Heyman: You'll never see 'em coming.

Paul flipped the microphone to the ground as "To the Wolves" by Stitched Up Heart played. Priest raised his World Championship in the air. Heyman walked to the live camera and looked directly into it, speaking barely audibly into it.

Paul Heyman: Think about it, Adam! Don't waste it!

Heyman smirked as they both went back up the ramp and Warfare went to commercial.


Once EBWF returned from commercial, Mauro Ranallo could be heard and Nikki Cross was shown already standing in the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: It’s time to get into the action with The Man!

Becky’s theme hit and she came out to the stage to thunderous applause from the crowd. She went in under the bottom rope, and the fans were on their feet as the bell rang, and they circled the ring. Lynch went for a roll-up, but Cross rolled through and knocked Lynch back. Cross took her down, but Lynch bent up. They traded takedowns before Cross applied a backslide pin for a one-count. They bridged up, and Lynch hit an inside cradle for a two-count. Cross got out of a Bexploder and pushed her off. Lynch quickly hooked the head with a side headlock and took her down, but Cross rolled through and applied a side headlock. Lynch fought up, but Cross soon took her down with a shoulder tackle. Lynch took Cross down for a two-count. Cross rolled through and picked up a two-count. Lynch caught her with La Magistral for a two-count. Lynch then shoulder tackled her. Cross hit an arm drag, so Lynch responded with one of her own.

Nigel McGuinness: This one is so fast paced, and the crowd is rooting for Becky!

Mauro Ranallo: We’re at a stalemate here!

Lynch kicked her and bounced her into the corner. Lynch talked a little trash and bounced her into two more corners. Cross reversed a whip to the opposite corner. Lynch went for a springboard kick, but Cross blocked it and kicked Lynch’s arm. Cross bounced Lynch off the turnbuckles before hitting a pair of running uppercuts. Cross connected with a snapmare, followed by a running forearm to the back of the neck for a two-count. Lynch quickly booted Cross back before putting her on the apron. Lynch forearmed away at her and went to the second rope. Cross avoided a diving leg drop, so Lynch landed on her feet. Cross snapped Lynch off the top rope. Cross went to the top rope, but Lynch attacked her and knocked her off to ringside. Lynch hit Cross with a baseball slide. Lynch went for a diving clothesline, but Cross moved. Cross kicked Lynch in the face and hit a cannonball off the apron! Cross got Lynch in the ring and covered for a two-count. Lynch rolled out of the ring to recover.

Mauro Ranallo: Becky is having a hard time solving the puzzle of Nikki Cross.

Becky looked frustrated and charged back into the ring. She teed off on Cross with forearms and a kick. Lynch hit a running shoulder tackle. Lynch hit a running forearm in the corner and followed up with a Bexploder for a two-count. Lynch put Cross on the apron, but Cross tripped her. Cross went to the top rope and hit a low cross-body block for a two-count. Lynch avoided a kick and rolled her up for a two-count. Lynch grabbed the arm, but Cross fought it. Lynch connected with a double-arm suplex before trying for the Dis-Arm-Her, but Cross blocked it. Lynch yanked on the arm, but Cross kicked her into the turnbuckles. Cross avalanched her with a cannonball in the corner for a two-count.

Nigel McGuinness: I thought Nikki Cross had Becky beat there!

Cross charged, but Lynch dropped her on the apron. Cross kneed her down and went to the top rope. Lynch cut her off and tried for a superplex. Cross slid under, but Lynch punched her away. Cross fought back and put her in the tree of woe. Cross hit a cannonball on a prone Lynch for a two-count. Cross applied a cross-arm breaker to the injured arm, but Lynch fought out. Cross got out of a Manhandle Slam, but Lynch elbowed her back. Lynch kicked her in the face and came off the top rope with a missile dropkick for a two-count.

Nigel McGuinness: Becky Lynch cannot believe it! She thought she had Cross there, but Nikki will not stay down!

Lynch got the crowd going and hit the ropes. Cross caught her with a fallaway slam into a bridge for a two-count. Cross went to the second rope and jumped over Lynch. Cross avoided a Manhandle Slam and rolled Lynch up for a two-count. Lynch rolled through and grabbed the arm, but Cross countered into a roll-up for a two-count. Lynch kicked out and immediately grabbed the arm again transitioning into the Dis-Arm-Her.

Mauro Ranallo: Nikki Cross is holding on but Becky cinched it in!

Nigel McGuinness: Becky is really applying the pressure.

Nikki Cross was finally forced to tap, and Becky was victorious. She dropped Nikki’s arm and stood up, thrusting her fist in the air as her music began to play. The crowd cheered for Becky as a promo for Last Survivor began to play.


The shot shifted out to the Target Center crowd who cheered their hearts out as Warfare ramped up for the final match of the evening. Before they could get too excited, however, the Tron’s looped video of the Warfare logo became distorted. There was the sound of static, followed by a distorted woman’s voice.

“lAdiEs anD GEntleMeN, thE fOllOwIng mEsSagE is bRouGHt tO yOu by OedO TaI.”

Instantly the crowd erupted in boos at the return of EBWF’s most hated faction. ‘Oedo Ranbu’ hit, the Oedo Tai logo filled the tron’s screen, and the four members of the unit emerged onto the entrance ramp. Jamie Hayter wore a leather jacket and looked more pissed off than usual. KAIRI looked disinterested in everything going on around her. AZM was bandaged up after the events of Warfare Games, but looked determined all the same. Tam, meanwhile, stood at the center of the group in full ring gear and wore her best shit eating smile.

Mauro Ranallo: These four haven’t been seen since they lost to Rebellious Angels at Warfare Games, and you can tell by looking at them that they’re not happy with how things went down. What on e-

Mauro was cut off as his mic suddenly went dead, and Tam’s grin just grew a little more.

Tam Nakano: Oh, did your mic break? Sorry about that, but when Tam has something to say everyone else needs to just shut up and listen. Maybe you’ll learn something.

She winked playfully at the camera as the group theme faded out, then gave the audience a moment to shower her with their distaste. When she’d had enough, she laughed and raised the microphone up.

Tam Nakano: Mic’s up, mouth shut.

The fans did not follow her instructions, but the leader of Oedo Tai continued on anyway.

Tam Nakano: Now then, did you really think we’d just go away after that little hiccup a couple weeks ago? You’re all delusional if you think Oedo Tai is doing anything but continuing to dominate this sorry excuse of women’s wrestling. Now yes, the ‘Rebellious Angels’ won the battle. They got their brief shining moment before the hammer falls down on them HARD. Congratulations on getting lucky, ladies, but this is a war. And you all just tore your bodies up and aggravated your past injuries to get that lucky.

Her free hand patted her lower back a little and she sneered.

Tam Nakano: Now we’re going to finish this. It will not be over quickly, and it will be excruciating. Especially for the Goddess who thinks she’s SO clever. There’s a receipt with her name on it, and she can look forward to paying it soon. We’re going to start by dominating Last Survivor. We have the strength in numbers, and we will brutalize and toss out every other woman who thinks they’re good enough to go toe to toe with the Final Boss and Oedo Tai. I’m going to make this match a living hell for everyone who steps through these ropes.

She pauses for a moment, looking to her allies before continuing.

Tam Nakano: But first - KAIRI!

KAIRI steps forward with a mic in hand, suddenly more animated and engaged.


Tam Nakano: You’re a terrific athlete, one of the best wrestlers in the world. You’ve held titles back home and in the land of Sports Entertainment. Don’t let that get to your head, Pirate Princess. You might be a big star elsewhere, but this is Tam’s world. This isn’t five minutes in the Tokyo Dome. You keep doing what I say and things will be great for you. If not...

KAIRI looked down at her feet, frowned, then snapped her head up to glare into Tam’s eyes. Tam just smiled meanly, speaking quickly in Japanese as her Warfare Games teammate glared daggers through her.

KAIRI: Well, I think-

And she slapped Tam across the face to a big pop! KAIRI dropped her microphone and stormed off as Tam rubbed her cheek in surprise. There were cheers for KAIRI as Tam looked back into the camera and smiled.

Tam Nakano: Good riddance. Now, one more thing to take care of. Oedo Tai is only as strong as its weakest link - AZM, listen up. You talked a big game, promised Tam that you could break all the ‘grandmas’ across the ring from you. But who was it that lost that battle for Oedo Tai? Who is it that got pinned and made a fool of herself?

She waved dismissively at AZM as the younger woman looked on in anger.

Tam Nakano: As of today, you’re no longer a member of Oedo Tai. We’ve made an upgrade.

Before AZM could say anything, a larger woman stormed in and speared her to the ground! AZM clutched her ribs in pain and we saw a face that has been missing in action since last spring - HIMEKA! The Jumbo Princess glared down at AZM, then lifted her up onto her shoulders - JP COASTER OFF THE STAGE THROUGH A TABLE! AZM laid there motionless as the fans booed even louder. Himeka marched over to Tam’s side, striking a cute pose as Tam’s smile widened.

Tam Nakano: Now that we’re free of the dead weight holding us down, there’s just two things left to say. First of all, Oedo Tai is open to anyone who wants to be on the winning team. That even goes for the Red Empress who pinned her hopes on the Faded Star. Your Himeka is here, and we’ve got a spot open for you.

She then looked over at Jamie and nodded; Jamie picked up the microphone that KAIRI left and lifted it up.

Jamie Hayter: The other thing’s a reminder to everyone else: you’re all targets. Oedo Tai’s taking over this company, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us!

Tam nodded in approval, then posed cutely herself.

Tam Nakano: You can try to prove us wrong by fighting your very best at Last Survivor. But you’re going to find out the hard way that you may hate us... But you will NEVER be better than us.

With that she dropped the microphone and made the Oedo Tai hand gesture with her powerhouse teammates. ‘Oedo Ranbu’ hit as the trio left the stage to boos, and the camera shifted to show one last lingering shot of the motionless AZM laying in the shattered remains of the table as medics rushed in to check on her.


As Warfare returned from the commercial break, Matt Riddle was standing in the ring for the next match.

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back! Still to come, we’ve got Sakisama’s Championship Celebration, but first we’ll see “The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil” Hook in action as he goes one on one with the “King of Bros”, Matt Riddle!

“The Chairman’s Intent” by Action Bronson hit and the crowd cheered as Hook made his way to the ring. Upon entering the ring, Hook turned his back on Riddle, and kept his back turned until the referee called for the bell. As the bell rang, Hook turned to face Riddle, a stoic expression on his face as locked eyes with one half of “Bro Awesome”. Despite his usual laid-back demeanor, Riddle looked focused. Riddle used his striking ability to hit Hook with a series of stiff kicks, but Hook was able to use his grappling expertise to counter Riddle's aggressive style, blocking a roundhouse kick from Riddle and hitting a fisherman’s suplex! Hook continued to hook the leg as Riddle hit the mat, and the referee counted - 1… 2… Riddle kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: Hook with a masterful display of evasion and counter wrestling. He's living up to the hype, Nigel!

Nigel McGuinness: Absolutely, Mauro. But Riddle won't be taken down easily. His striking game is top-notch.

As both men got to their feet, Riddle changed offense, taking Hook down to the mat and applying a Kimura Lock, but Hook fought out of it, then put Riddle in a kneebar! Riddle was able to get to the ropes, and the referee ordered Hook to break the hold. As Hook released Riddle and stepped back, Riddle used the ropes to pull himself up, then hit Hook with a flurry of punches before whipping him into the corner. Riddle then ran at Hook and hit a knee strike, followed by a gutwrench suplex. Riddle then went for the Floating Bro… but Hook moved out of the way! As both men locked up, Hook hit a sudden Judo throw, catching Riddle by surprise.

Nigel McGuinness: Hook is showing a level of composure and skill beyond his years. This is impressive, Mauro.

Mauro Ranallo: Hook is not letting the high-paced offense of Riddle throw him off his game. He’s showing that he’s a force to be reckoned with!

Hook continued to target Riddle’s legs, then went for a figure four leglock, but Riddle kicked him away before he could lock it in, then got to his feet and grabbed Hook from behind, hitting a bridging German suplex. Hook’s shoulders were down and the referee counted - 1… 2… Hook kicked out! Riddle then grabbed Hook and hit him with a series of punches against the mat, but Hook managed to block one of Riddle’s right hands and get on top of him, putting Riddle in a Fujiwara armbar!

Nigel McGuinness: Riddle is trying to shift the momentum, Mauro. But Hook's submission game is proving to be quite the puzzle!

Mauro Ranallo: It's like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube in there, Nigel. Hook is keeping Riddle off balance!

Riddle got to the ropes once more, and Hook broke the hold, but he then pulled Riddle back towards the center of the ring and dragged him to his feet, setting him up for a t-bone suplex. Riddle blocked it and hit Hook with a series of knees to the midsection, then lifted Hook up for the Bro to Sleep… but Hook wriggled free and managed to lock in his signature submission finisher, Redrum!

Nigel McGuinness: Redrum locked in! Riddle is in deep trouble!

Mauro Ranallo: It's a dangerous predicament for Riddle. Does he tap out, or risk being choked out?

Riddle fought valiantly to try and escape the hold, but was unable to do so. The referee checked on Riddle, who was unable to respond, and subsequently called for the bell, declaring Hook the winner.

Mauro Ranallo: What a victory for Hook! Another big win for the young superstar, who surely has a bright future ahead of him.

Nigel McGuinness: It’s a good time to start building momentum, Mauro, with Last Survivor less than two weeks away!

Hook celebrated as Warfare cut to a video package recapping Sakisama’s journey to the EBWF Women’s Championship.


Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back to Warfare, ladies and gentlemen. As we return from the commercials … we go straight into the main event where our new EBWF Women’s Champion will appear in the ring for the first time since her title victory!

For the inevitable parade, we turn our cameras to the ring. The servants of NEO-Biishiki Gun estate (at least the non-named ones) have finished decorating the ring in the most appropriate fashion. Over four corners stand the crimson red and black banners of NEO-Biishiki Gun alongside smaller banners displaying the famous French fleur-de-lis that signifies the French royalty. The regular mat of the ring is now covered with a velvet burgundy curtain. Two long tables cover the two long edges of the ring, each one filled with special red wine and some high-brow looking food items, yes, too high-brow to be called ‘snacks’. The piece de resistance of this whole set-up seems to be a Renaissance-style painting of Sakisama posing with her new title.

Nigel McGuinness: No expenses spared by NEO-Biishiki Gun estate here! This is simply going to be glorious!

Mauro Ranallo: Do her servants even get paid to call this lavish set-up ‘expenses’?

Nigel McGuinness: Of course Mauro, they get paid by their Mademoiselle’s attention and adoration!

Mauro Ranallo: Should’ve expected something like that.

After the camera is done with giving the feed a nice tour of this ensemble, the silence is finally broken as “Bara Wa Utsukushiku Chiru” finally hits the speakers and thus the arrival of NEO-Biishiki Gun is heralded to the EBWF faithful.

Our new Women’s World Champion, however, is not the first arrival as Utami emerges on the stage first in her usual maid dress. She has the same blissful smile on her face she had since her official recruitment by her Mistress. She is holding a platter in her hand and spreads rose pedals onto the stage for a few moments.

Mauro Ranallo: Last week’s loss at the hands of Natalya does not seem to phase Utami that much, but I’m willing to bet that Sakisama hasn’t been the happiest with how last week turned out for Utami Hayashishita here!

Nigel McGuinness: Hayashishita? Have you not been paying attention to Mademoiselle’s words, Mauro? There is no Hayashishita anymore! Under Mademoiselle’s leadership, she’s just Utami!

Then, there she is. The Rose of Versailles herself steps onto the stage. On her shoulder, the biggest shared dream of all the women in the industry is nicely wrapped as she holds that with one hand. With the other, she fixes her big hat and gives Utami a stare before her gaze turns to the entrance once more. There is no microphone to pick up on it but Sakisama is heard saying something.

Sakisama: Come on dear, do not be shy!

And after a few more seconds to pass … someone finally comes out.

Nigel McGuinness: That’s Arisa Hoshiki!

Mauro Ranallo: Her title was not the only thing on the line Arisa put against Sakisama at Christmas Eve of Destruction … and her loss certified that she had to join NEO Biishiki-Gun. It seems like Shining Star has kept to her word.

Nigel McGuinness: Of course she did! To be in Mademoiselle’s very own faction is the greatest honor anyone can afford!

Arisa shows up in a beautiful purple ballroom dress. She doesn’t look very happy with how she is dressed. She doesn’t look very happy in general. Sakisama pulls Arisa closer and gestures her to walk down the ramp.

Utami is already on the ramp, spreading the rose petals over the ramp. Arisa follows her quickly and Sakisama, the champion, is in the tail of this small queue as they make their way to the ring. Utami steps on the apron and spreads the ropes to give room for Sakisama to enter more easily and gracefully. Arisa, on the other hand, enters the ring on her own and just stands. Sakisama takes advantage of the room Utami had left for her and enters the ring.

And soon, all three members of the NEO Biishiki-Gun stand in the ring.

Nigel McGuinness: Three of the last four EBWF Women’s Champions in the same group. Such is the glory of NEO-Biishiki Gun!

Mauro Ranallo: One might have opinions about how high and mighty Sakisama carries herself, but no one can deny that the group we see in the ring is brimming with star power.

Utami hands Sakisama a microphone and Sakisama raises it to her lips.

Sakisama: This is the longest day … in the middle of January. The brightest sun that shines … in midwinter. The biggest triumph of NEO-Biishiki Gun in the landscape of the garden we all call EBWF. The weather, the nature, they all have their own pace. But over here, I found this place in a winter of our discontent … and brought an eternal spring. The birds have flocked back from their winter destinations. Gardens are filled with the most beautiful flowers and fruits to their brim. This is the victory of beauty and strength over the tar pits of ugliness and weakness. Ladies and gentlemen, I am very overjoyed to stand before you as your new EBWF Women’s Champion!

Utami is clapping immediately, but most of the reaction from the crowd are not that positive.

Sakisama: Not only did I bring this title to the hands of the strongest and the most beautiful of them all … but I also brought my opponent home with me. An opponent turned into a disciple. A beautiful soul that will only shine brighter in my orbit. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you, the new NEO-Biishiki Gun member … the former EBWF Women’s Champion … The Shining Star … Arisa Hoshiki!

Sakisama’s hand gesture at Arisa. Utami is once again clapping … and Arisa is seemingly getting better reactions. Arisa herself is not that pleased with how things are playing out, but she is not acting out, not doing anything rebellious to her new leader other than maybe looking angry and even embarrassed.

Sakisama: Her own resolve has carried her this far … and with me, her beauty will be much more refined. More powerful. I will mold her into something even greater than her wildest dreams.

The camera zooms in on her cocky grin as Sakisama proclaims these things about the master of the Pulsar Kick.

Sakisama: I am not a selfish woman … so, I will let my pretty ladies over here share their thoughts about this achievement of mine.

The boos rise once again after those ironic last sentence. She contemplates holding the microphone to Utami’s lips … but pull it away at the last moment.

Sakisama: Utami. The former Red Queen. It seems that you were trying too hard to be my perfect maid … and forgot to be a sufficient enough fighter. Your loss last week disappointed me, you made NEO Biishiki-Gun look weak.

Utami’s face falls down and she looks upset.

Sakisama: And if Miss Neidhart plans to capitalize on that success … well … she can try and demand a shot at this. I will simply kick her face so hard that … maybe her facial structure will morph into something that is considered at least a four out of ten on a scale. An improvement from an obelisk she calls a face, if you ask me.

Insulting one of EBWF’s greatest draws even more boo’s.

Sakisama: Utami, as a punishment … I will be taking away your voice for this and move onto … of course, Arisa herself! Arisa-chan, what will your first words as a full-fledged member of NEO Biisihki-Gun will be?

Sakisama holds the microphone to Arisa’s lips … and does not draw it back immediately. Arisa looks at the microphone … but refuses to say anything. At this time, “Shining Star” chants rise out from the audience.

Sakisama: I think everyone is very curious here, Arisa!

Still, Arisa does not say anything. She remains silent, frustrated with her situation … but silent. Finally, Sakisama takes the microphone back.

Sakisama: I suppose you are still getting used to having a proper support system for the first time in your life … so I will … look beyond this discretion of yours, Arisa-chan. Ah, such a generous Mademoiselle am I!

The crowd is mixed between supporting Arisa and booing Sakisama after this bit.

Sakisama: Now that all that needs to be said is said … I think there isn’t much point in drawing this out longer than intended. EBWF, this is the start of something beautiful and I can only wish that through this spring, you can grow to appreciate it. If not, then you will simply be left in our dust.

With one last smirk, she holds the title high up in the air.

Sakisama: Rejoice.

With the title held up in jubilation, the confetti go off …

Mauro Ranallo: This is no mere confetti … rose petals are raining from the sky!

Nigel McGuinness: This is brilliant!

The rose petals come down from the sky. The ring, the ramp, even the audience, it falls everywhere …

Mauro Ranallo: With the roses puting the cherry on top for NEO Biishiki-Gun’s finest hour, we come to the end of another Warfare … perhaps in the most elegant way possible! See you next week!
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