Warfare Results - 3/25/2024

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Warfare Results - 3/25/2024

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Mauro Ranallo: Get ready folks… it’s time for Warfare! Tonight, we are live from Biloxi, Mississippi, and kicking things off we’ve got Io Shirai in action as she goes one on one with Jade Cargill!

Jade Cargill made her way to the ring first, followed by Io Shirai. When both women were in the ring, the referee called for the bell. As the bell rang, Cargill immediately charged towards Shirai, hitting her with several right hands and knocking her back into the corner before hitting her with a series of shoulder thrusts. Cargill then sat Shirai on the top rope, setting her up for a superplex… but Shirai fought back with some right hands of her own, knocking Cargill down off the ropes, before leaping from the top rope and hitting Cargill with a hurricanrana!

Nigel McGuinness: Incredible athleticism from Io Shirai!

As both women got to their feet, Shirai whipped Cargill into the corner, then hit her with a running dropkick. As Cargill stumbled out of the corner, Shirai set her up for a double underhook backbreaker, but Cargill blocked it, then took Shirai down with a big boot. As Shirai hit the mat, Cargill stomped on her several times, then pulled Shirai to her feet and lifted her up, hitting a body slam. Cargill hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… Shirai kicked out! Cargill pulled Shirai to her feet once more and whipped her into the corner, where she hit Shirai with a series of kicks. Cargill then went to whip Shirai into the opposing corner… but Shirai reversed the Irish whip, sending Cargill into the corner, then ran at her, hitting another corner dropkick. Cargill fell into a sitting position, and Shirai took several steps back… then charged towards Cargill once more, this time hitting a Meteora!

Mauro Ranallo: Mamma Mia! Did you see the force with which Io Shirai’s knees collided with Jade Cargill’s face there, Nigel? Jade might have been knocked out cold!

Shirai moved Cargill away from the ropes, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Cargill kicked out! As both women got to their feet, they began exchanging right hands back and forth. Shirai was able to gain the upper hand, and after taking Cargill down with a snapmare, she hit her with a double foot stomp! Shirai then climbed to the top rope… and hit Cargill with a Moonsault! She hooked the leg and the referee counted - 1… 2… 3!

It’s over! Io Shirai gets the victory!

Shirai celebrated as a video package began to play, recapping the first round of the Gateway Championship tournament.


Green strobes went off on the stage as the cameras settled back at the commentary table.

Mauro Ranallo: Biloxi is giving Warfare another electrifying night of action here at EBWF! We've got an absolute blockbuster of a match lined up for you tonight as the Gateway Championship Tournament continues!

Nigel McGuinness: That's right, Mauro! Tonight, we have two of EBWF's very best going one on one. The Texas Rattlesnake himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin, goes head-to-head with the incomparable Adam Cole!

Mauro Ranallo: This match is sure to be a barnburner, folks. Let's not waste any time, let's head down to the ring!

The crowd erupted into cheers as the opening chords of "Glass Shatters" hit the arena, signaling the arrival of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The rattlesnake emerged from behind the curtain, clad in his trademark black trunks and knee braces. He made his way down to the ring, jawing with fans along the way.

Nigel McGuinness: Listen to this ovation for Stone Cold! The fans are on their feet for the Texas Rattlesnake!

Mauro Ranallo: But he's got his work cut out for him tonight, Nigel. Adam Cole is no pushover.

The arena darkened as the pulsating beat of "All About Tha Boom" filled the air. Adam Cole stepped out onto the stage, continuing to the ring, exuding confidence with every step.

Nigel McGuinness: Adam Cole is as cocky as they come, Mauro, but he backs it up in the ring. This is going to be a clash of styles for the ages.

The bell rang, signaling the start of the match. Austin and Cole circled each other in the ring, eyes locked in a fierce stare-down. The tension was palpable as the crowd waited with bated breath.

Mauro Ranallo: And here we go, folks! Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Adam Cole, one-on-one!

Cole made the first move, lunging at Austin with a quick jab. But Austin countered with lightning-fast reflexes, ducking under the blow and responding with a series of stiff punches of his own.

Nigel McGuinness: Austin isn't wasting any time, Mauro! He's taking the fight right to Adam Cole!

Cole managed to create some distance between himself and Austin.

Mauro Ranallo: It looks like Adam Cole is rethinking his approach here, Nigel. He knows he can't underestimate the Texas Rattlesnake.

With renewed determination, Cole slid back into the ring, ready to resume the fight. But Austin was one step ahead, catching him off guard with a sudden Lou Thesz Press! The crowd roared with approval as Austin rained down blows on his stunned opponent.

Nigel McGuinness: What a display of raw power from Stone Cold! He's absolutely manhandling Adam Cole right now!

As the match wore on, both competitors traded momentum back and forth, each refusing to back down. But in the end, it was Stone Cold Steve Austin who delivers the decisive blow.

Mauro Ranallo: Look out, Nigel! Stone Cold is signaling for the end! He's setting up for the Stone Cold Stunner!

With lightning speed, Austin grabbed hold of Cole's head and dropped him to the canvas with his patented finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner! The arena explodeed with cheers as Austin made the cover.

Nigel McGuinness: He's done it! Stone Cold Steve Austin picks up the victory with the Stone Cold Stunner!

The referee raised Austin's hand in victory as "Glass Shatters" blares throughout the arena. The Texas Rattlesnake stood tall in the center of the ring, triumphant once again.

Mauro Ranallo: What a match, what a victory for Stone Cold Steve Austin! He will move on to face Aiden English or Seth Rollins in the final!

Nigel McGuinness: Absolutely, Mauro. And if tonight's action is any indication, we're in for one hell of a final!

Austin continued to jaw off to fans as Warfare went to commercial.


“Immortal” by Adema hit and Alexa Bliss walked out to cheers from the audience. Bliss had a serious expression on her face as she went straight to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa Bliss has promised to call out Nikki Cross tonight after what Nikki did to Alexa's friend Liv Morgan a couple weeks ago.

Nigel McGuinness: I respect Alexa sticking up for her friend but calling out a psycho like Cross does not sound like the best idea.

Alexa grabbed a microphone as her music faded.

Alexa Bliss: You know the world is currently buzzing in anticipation of Fallout this Sunday and considering the fact that one of my best friends Becky Lynch is challenging for the Women's Championship that night I should be happy and while I am happy for Becky, there is something that has happened in the last couple of weeks that's put a dampener on things.

Alexa shook her head.

Alexa Bliss: Two weeks ago Nikki Cross decided to ambush my other best friend Liv Morgan, costing us a match against Oedo Tai and putting Liv on the shelf for a few weeks.

The crowd booed.

Alexa Bliss: Now I don't exactly know why Nikki did what she did but I plan to find out right now so Nikki get your ass out here.

The crowd cheered in anticipation of the showdown but those cheers turned to boos when “My Last Breath” hit.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa called out Nikki Cross but is getting The Instant Classic.

Christian Cage arrived on stage, microphone in hand.

Christian Cage: Who the hell do you think you are?

Alexa Bliss: The one that's about this close to sticking a foot up your ass.

The crowd cheered as Christian chuckled.

Christian Cage: Oh Lexi, always so full of fire. You know it takes guts calling out a member of Team Cage in general as I like to call it, but calling out Nikki Cross makes me think that you are stepping over the line between bravery and stupidity, it certainly tricks people into believing you're from Mississippi.

The crowd booed loudly.

Christian Cage: Now Lex, we’ve all seen this game before,you are gonna try and face a challenge that you can’t overcome because you are in over your head and then you end up falling, usually ending up in a hospital bed. Whether it be your brain or fragile ass ribs you always pay the price and trust me if you step into the ring with Nikki you will pay the ultimate price because you cannot handle the psychotic fury that she possesses.

Alexa rolled her eyes.

Alexa Bliss: Well since Nikki is apparently too much of a coward to face me, why don't you get your turtleneck loving ass in this ring and see how fragile I am.

Alexa dropped her microphone and signaled for Christian to bring it. Christian walked down the ramp with a smirk on his face. As Christian got in the ring Alexa was suddenly knocked down from behind.

Nigel McGuinness: There's Nikki Cross.

Mauro Ranallo: This was a damn set up.

Nikki rained down punches on Alexa with wild fury as Christian watched with satisfaction. Nikki began to choke Alexa who struggled to get free. After a moment Nikki pulled Alexa to her feet and hit The Purge.

Mauro Ranallo: Alexa is out.

Upon Christian's command Nikki grabbed Alexa by her arms and held her up so Christian could start trash talking.

Christian Cage: I am better than you,I have always been better and smarter than you. I vow that we are going to bring about the end of your career.

Christian rolled up his sleeves,prepared to inflict some damage but before he could “Rebel Heart” by CFO$ hit and Johnny Gargano sprint to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: Here comes the calvary.

Christian and Nikki bailed out of the ring as Gargano slid in. Johnny picked up a microphone as he music cut.

Johnny Gargano: What's the matter Christian,you and your nutcase can't fight when you don't have the numbers advantage?

On the outside Nikki made an attempt to run in but was held back by Christian and inside Alexa was starting to recover.

Johnny Gargano: How about this Christian, since you two love trying to end people's careers, how about you try to end ours at the same time. This Sunday at Fallout how about you and Nikki take on me and Alexa in a Mixed Tag Team Match?

The crowd cheered, clearly wanting to see it. Christian nodded his head and could be heard saying “You're on.” Gargano smiled at Christian's acceptance.

Johnny Gargano: This Sunday we're really gonna see how you roll when I Superkick your head off and if you don't know..

The crowd finished the catchphrase with “Now you know” as “Rebel Heart” played again.

Mauro Ranallo: At Fallout we'll see the issues between these four come together and explode in a Mixed Tag.

Gargano helped Alexa to her feet as Warfare went to commercial.


Still to come, we’ve got the Breakout Champion Aiden English in action, as he takes on Seth Rollins in the main event… but first, we’ve got the Women’s Champion Sakisama versus Oedo Tai’s Jamie Hayter!

Hayter and Sakisama both received a mixed reaction from the crowd as they made their way to the ring. Once they were both in the ring, the referee called for the bell and the two women locked up. Hayter was able to overpower Sakisama, and after taking her down with a snapmare, Hayter stomped on Sakisama several times. Hayter then pulled Sakisama to her feet and hit her with a series of punches, but Sakisama fought back with some right hands of her own. Once again, Hayter was able to overpower Sakisama… but as she went to whip Sakisama against the ropes, Sakisama reversed it, sending Hayter into the ropes before taking her down with a drop toe hold, which she transitioned into a modified figure four headscissors!

Nigel McGuinness: What a great transition there by Sakisama! Jamie Hayter isn’t used to being in such a vulnerable position, Mauro!

Hayter was able to get to the ropes, and the referee ordered Sakisama to break the hold. Sakisama did so, but then she immediately dragged Hayter away from the ropes, pulled her to her feet, and whipped her into the corner. Sakisama then ran at Hayter, hitting her with a big boot, before taking her down with a DDT. Sakisama followed up with a jumping knee drop, then hooked the leg. The referee counted - 1… 2… Hayter kicked out! Sakisama then got to her feet and signaled for the Academy Award Kick… but Hayter ducked underneath it and hit Sakisama with a Blue Thunder Bomb! She hooked both legs, and the referee counted - 1… 2… Sakisama kicked out!

Mauro Ranallo: An impressive display of power there by Jamie Hayter… but Sakisama isn’t going down easy!

As both women got to their feet, Hayter shoved Sakisama back against the ropes and hit her with a series of forearm strikes, then whipped Sakisama against the ropes. Hayter then whipped Sakisama against the opposing set of ropes, and went for Hayterade… but Sakisama ducked underneath it, then hit Hayter with a roundhouse kick! As Hayter fell to the mat, Sakisama hooked the leg, and the referee counted - 1… 2… Hayter kicked out! Sakisama then pulled Hayter to her feet, setting her up for a powerbomb, but Hayter blocked it, countering with a back body drop. As Sakisama got to her feet, she exchanged right hands with Jamie Hayter.

Nigel McGuinness: These two women are going to war, Mauro! What a match this has been so far!

Sakisama was able to gain the upper hand, and she set Hayter up for an STO… but Hayter blocked and countered with an Ushigoroshi! Sakisama looked dazed as she got to her feet, and Jamie went for the Hayterade… but once again, Sakisama ducked underneath it! She then grabbed Hayter from behind, putting her in the Versailles Choke! Hayter tried to fight out of it, but she was unable to do so, and she passed out! The referee called for the bell, then ordered Sakisama to break the hold.

Mauro Ranallo: An impressive victory for Sakisama as she prepares to defend her Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch at Fallout!


Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back, EBWF fans! We are live and in living color and do we have a main event for you!

Nigel McGuinness: We are in the midst of the Gateway Championship tournament, and tonight's last semi-final match promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Seth Rollins squares off against Aiden English for a shot at glory!

Mauro Ranallo: Both of these competitors have been on fire as of late, Nigel. Seth Rollins, the Architect, has been on a mission to prove that he is still the future of this industry. But Aiden English, the former world champion, with his theatrics and charisma, has been turning heads left and right.

Nigel McGuinness: Absolutely, Mauro! And tonight, they collide in what is sure to be an unforgettable encounter.

The lights dimmed as a hush fell over the crowd, anticipation building as they awaited the arrival of Seth Rollins. Suddenly, "The Second Coming" blared through the speakers, and the Architect made his grand entrance, soaking in the adulation of the EBWF faithful.

Mauro Ranallo: Seth Rollins is popular in Biloxi tonight!

Nigel McGuinness: And rightfully so, Mauro. Rollins has proven time and time again that he is one of the most dynamic competitors in the world today.

As Rollins entered the ring, the lights flickered to reveal the silhouette of Aiden English standing on the stage. The crowd erupted into cheers as "Crazy = Genius" filled the arena, and the Drama King made his way down the ramp with a flourish.

Mauro Ranallo: And here comes Aiden English, Nigel! The Drama King looks focused and determined tonight!

Nigel McGuinness: You can never count out Aiden English, Mauro. He may be known for his work on the mic, but he's also a fierce competitor between the ropes.

The bell rang, and the match was officially underway. Rollins and English circled each other in the ring, eyes locked in a fierce stare-down. The tension was palpable as they both prepared to lock up.

Mauro Ranallo: Here we go, folks! Seth Rollins versus Aiden English in the semi-finals of the Gateway Championship tournament!

The two competitors locked up in the center of the ring, each jockeying for position. Rollins gained the early advantage with a snapmare takedown, but English quickly kipped up to his feet, showcasing his agility.

Nigel McGuinness: Aiden English showing off his athleticism early on, Mauro! But Seth Rollins is not one to be outdone.

As the match progressed, Rollins began to assert his dominance, wearing down English with a series of devastating strikes and high-flying maneuvers. But just when it looked like Rollins had the match in the bag, English mounted a comeback.

Mauro Ranallo: Wait a minute, Nigel! Aiden English with a burst of momentum here! He's fighting his way back into this match!

Nigel McGuinness: That's the resilience of Aiden English on full display, Mauro! He refuses to go down without a fight!

With the crowd firmly behind him, English unleashed a flurry of offense, catching Rollins off guard. And then, in a stunning turn of events, English connected with his signature move, the Director's Cut!

Mauro Ranallo: Oh my goodness, Nigel! Aiden English with the Director's Cut! This could be it!

Nigel McGuinness: He's got him, Mauro! Aiden English with the cover!

The referee counted to three, and the bell rang, signaling the end of the match. The crowd erupted into cheers as Aiden English's hand was raised in victory.

Mauro Ranallo: What a match, what a victory for Aiden English! He's punched his ticket to the finals of the Gateway Championship tournament!

Nigel McGuinness: Absolutely incredible, Mauro! Aiden will take on Stone Cold Steve Austin for the coveted prize.

English climbed up on the top turnbuckle and celebrated with the fans. He threw his arm in the air in victory as Warfare went off the air.
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